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Chat log

00:00:06mansikka noniin ulalalal tuskar
00:00:13Kamikatzee teams are not right ? Why arent they?
00:00:20enison wtf...we join as a team
00:00:20edgarass its all right i think Aaaa Well
00:00:20enison what is this forshit platform even with teams or friends It has to make fair teams
00:00:20enison we said...join as group
00:00:20Kamikatzee xD
00:00:20edgarass gc do the balance but it was not psssible eith u as team
00:00:20enison we played both over 6k games Come on think a little bitches Pls i mean like 3 best players in gc Go play as friends or group And en dup in same team Vs llike other 80,70% guys?
00:00:20fUNCh xin That would be even more retarded
00:00:20mansikka hmm anyone want something? im goin for tuskar so i can pick for others also Let me know
00:00:20mansikka tide or sd someone?
00:00:20enison xin is autobanned?
00:00:20Kamikatzee wtf happened
00:00:20fUNCh xin is autobanned ?
00:00:20mansikka :d
00:00:20Kamikatzee banane `?
00:00:20mansikka read rule
00:00:20mansikka s
00:00:20mansikka sd
00:00:47Kamikatzee i have to buy chicken?!
00:00:51fUNCh y
00:00:52Kanpu3a ye
00:00:58edgarass yea last pick buys
00:01:56edgarass me bot?
00:01:58Kamikatzee up asap been long time i said gg ff before the game started
00:02:30enison -clear
00:02:35cooper chif
00:02:35Kamikatzee lanes ?
00:02:37cooper top
00:02:37edgarass dazzle top
00:02:43mansikka osaanko pelaa razor mitä luulet
00:02:49Kanpu3a skype
00:02:49Kamikatzee tripple line ? why no wards for bottom?
00:02:54edgarass no ttriple
00:02:55Kanpu3a with dazzle
00:02:55mxL- joo
00:03:01mansikka okei sit ei hävitä
00:03:01mansikka :D
00:03:03Kanpu3a stupied
00:03:06Kanpu3a fucking
00:03:17mansikka -ms
00:03:31Kanpu3a ss
00:03:33edgarass ss
00:03:57Kamikatzee O.o
00:04:33cooper ss ss top care re
00:05:07Kamikatzee wtf
00:05:09Kamikatzee dazzle
00:05:18Kamikatzee how to ff oom told u before How to
00:05:50Kamikatzee tell again ff
00:05:57Kamikatzee ff 25 th min
00:06:13Kamikatzee -.- suh duh*
00:07:10mxL- take
00:07:43edgarass wp veno oom only snowball
00:08:13Kanpu3a ss2
00:08:22edgarass me b pfft bullshit game eat tango not die pfft
00:09:57mansikka tc coming bot
00:09:58mansikka care kill comin for u now bs tide care
00:10:57edgarass tauren build?
00:11:14casper ss the fuu ffs
00:12:36edgarass tauren item builfd?
00:12:45Kamikatzee O.o
00:12:51mxL- misblood
00:12:53mxL- care top
00:13:21edgarass killl mid care mid blood coming nvm
00:14:22Kamikatzee mid okay Dont do nothing while team aint there just pointless dont even def tower since others doesnt give a fck aobut them
00:16:21edgarass oush bot
00:16:53mansikka just
00:17:09edgarass b
00:17:09Kanpu3a wisp
00:17:14Kamikatzee what
00:17:14fUNCh tnx
00:17:36cooper mana
00:17:55Kamikatzee kill bot
00:18:16Kamikatzee gj 17 min radi not bad
00:19:16cooper up chick
00:19:19cooper plz
00:20:01Kamikatzee ffs
00:20:28edgarass dont fucking gfo like that
00:20:40Kamikatzee why we go 2 meka ffs
00:20:59Kamikatzee -.-
00:21:15Kamikatzee ffs
00:21:30edgarass all mid
00:21:31edgarass goi why did u guys engaged without tides ulti?
00:23:14edgarass tauren build?
00:23:32Kamikatzee just get a tank+
00:23:32edgarass all top
00:23:56edgarass wisp always link stryg
00:24:09Kamikatzee i know hot to play ffs :DD
00:25:19Kanpu3a )
00:25:21edgarass wp stryg
00:25:22Kanpu3a LOL Gg
00:25:23edgarass at least
00:25:26edgarass cause all opthers sucks
00:25:34mansikka huoh ku floppasin static linkin
00:25:43edgarass i go why u dso fucking slow? any chance we will win this turtleing for u mansikka?
00:26:04mansikka sure why not
00:26:05edgarass rosh?
00:26:12edgarass a?
00:26:18edgarass stryg come omfg
00:26:51mansikka ok nicely ruined
00:26:52mxL- pff
00:27:01edgarass go if smth i stun
00:27:43mansikka .DDDDDDD
00:27:49mansikka SURe
00:28:06mansikka näitkö
00:28:09mxL- e
00:28:15mansikka just yks salama puuttu
00:28:18Kamikatzee go miod
00:28:19mansikka ultista mut loppu
00:28:25mansikka ja kuolin
00:28:27casper why didnt you attack him :D
00:28:29mxL- xd
00:28:37mansikka cos i thought my ulti kill him
00:28:53edgarass all midagain?
00:30:18fUNCh -ms
00:30:26edgarass all mid
00:30:27edgarass now
00:30:38edgarass stryg?
00:31:08mansikka mitä ostan
00:31:29mxL- emt
00:31:40mansikka hoodi
00:31:41mansikka vai sange
00:31:46mansikka vai muuta
00:32:07Kamikatzee I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:27edgarass I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:34Kanpu3a lols
00:32:39edgarass u molrrons dont fucking go kjill thenm just harras tower little by littlwe
00:32:45edgarass fucking idiotsd nicely done enison nicely caught
00:32:57edgarass farm top fast
00:32:59edgarass deny tower
00:33:00Kanpu3a ????????????????????????????
00:33:38edgarass all mid again and pls dont fuck up
00:34:05mxL- b
00:34:14fUNCh no
00:34:18fUNCh need wards for that
00:35:16Kanpu3a where strug?
00:35:17Kanpu3a xd
00:35:22Kanpu3a -4 and all?
00:35:35Kanpu3a more farm
00:35:36Kanpu3a )))
00:35:38Kanpu3a MORE
00:35:40edgarass u are morrons idiots u cant fucking be in one group?
00:35:42edgarass retards
00:35:45Kanpu3a lol
00:35:49Kanpu3a i fuck you
00:35:56Kanpu3a and your stans bs going for bkb
00:36:26Kanpu3a ward buy
00:36:27edgarass check rosh masnikka
00:36:29mxL- so go for manta imo
00:36:36edgarass kill rosh
00:36:40edgarass all
00:36:43mansikka ur the boss
00:36:49fUNCh we dont need rosh
00:37:09mxL- at tower
00:37:11Kanpu3a b tosh
00:37:15Kanpu3a ?
00:37:32edgarass all mid wisp mid
00:37:38edgarass use youtr fucking aurta
00:37:38fUNCh i'll get bkb
00:37:39fUNCh 250
00:37:49Kanpu3a bbbbbbbbbbb
00:37:50Kanpu3a bbbb
00:38:33Kanpu3a bbbb
00:38:40Kanpu3a 3
00:38:42Kanpu3a 3x5
00:38:43Kanpu3a bb
00:38:53Kamikatzee O.o k to base now
00:39:08edgarass go 5v5 battle
00:39:11edgarass rax i go for hood + pipe
00:41:14mansikka b
00:41:17Kamikatzee run b blue out will use bot
00:41:45Kamikatzee w8 not
00:41:47Kamikatzee bot mansikka that was very stupid of u I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:42:27mansikka why Who do you go 1v1 with him
00:42:34mansikka ? when theres 4 hereos moving there
00:42:37mansikka it was 2v1 i pinged No it wasnt the moment i got there
00:42:46edgarass rax no kills
00:42:47mansikka we could kill him and b they all were there
00:42:53mansikka but i missed 4 timese nop we couldve not
00:42:58mansikka easily
00:43:06mansikka u just went further stupidly cause he was low and i wanted to sacrifice
00:43:20mansikka Y 1v4
00:43:32edgarass top lets ff it now
00:43:37enison I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:44:25edgarass lol
00:44:26Kanpu3a xd
00:44:27edgarass wp
00:44:58enison wp wisp
00:45:03edgarass lol rly?
00:45:07edgarass u idiot
00:45:09edgarass Wisp sucked
00:45:38Kamikatzee y and u asked what to build xD
00:45:45edgarass so ?
00:45:48Kamikatzee wp thrall
00:45:56edgarass lol u friends or what?
00:46:01Kamikatzee no Thrall did play good so
00:46:22edgarass all top?
00:47:52cooper m
00:47:57Kamikatzee u copy my build dazzle ?
00:47:58edgarass all top
00:48:47casper I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:49:01Kamikatzee dont kill my chick
00:49:20casper we had it but then
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