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+19 X
-2 TS

59% | 1261 X | 1335 TS

-4 X
-2 TS

58% | 1239 X | 1346 TS

-47 X
-1 TS

54% | 1217 X | 1322 TS

-19 X
-8 TS

35% | 1093 X | 1264 TS

-31 X
-5 TS

29% | 1051 X | 1248 TS

-12 X
+3 TS

75% | 1430 X | 1353 TS

+35 X
+9 TS

61% | 1268 X | 1338 TS

+33 X
+9 TS

56% | 1219 X | 1351 TS

+33 X
+2 TS

39% | 1107 X | 1279 TS

+1 X
+14 TS

6% | 854 X | 1178 TS

Chat log

00:00:02Fxx. -ap
00:00:25edgarass where is undfying?
00:00:31moods str sourge
00:00:33BeSt0ned top pull pls
00:00:42siemenlinko orange
00:00:43siemenlinko ?
00:00:45moods remember chick pls viper
00:00:46BeSt0ned casper
00:00:48BeSt0ned lion
00:00:49Dodo ok
00:00:56siemenlinko -afk
00:01:03BeSt0ned ud you pull pls
00:01:03siemenlinko he afk
00:01:05siemenlinko not
00:01:08edgarass yea yeah
00:01:17moods ud is our hope
00:01:22edgarass u think so?
00:01:24moods y
00:01:24edgarass -ma
00:01:39edgarass i willl fail ;)
00:01:40Fxx. anyway
00:01:43moods ?
00:01:44Fxx. dont understand
00:01:49Fxx. this "balance system"
00:01:53Fxx. check site and % ...
00:01:54moods why?
00:01:54siemenlinko why
00:02:06moods u get better balance btw
00:02:17Fxx. we have got 4 lower
00:02:25moods but no 8%
00:03:59BeSt0ned thx
00:04:05edgarass be careful
00:04:06edgarass hgARD LANE
00:05:24Fxx. Ss
00:05:28moods nah
00:06:32casper ___Ü????
00:06:54sebralane bat no slow?
00:06:55sebralane nice
00:06:55moods ss mid
00:06:58moods care
00:06:59siemenlinko slow
00:07:01siemenlinko have ofc
00:07:14edgarass SS LION
00:07:14moods top care
00:07:32Fxx. JUMP
00:07:35Fxx. starfall ?
00:07:54moods omw top
00:07:55Fxx. epic team
00:07:58Fxx. again
00:08:03Buttons ffs
00:08:06Dodo sry
00:08:07Buttons GO
00:08:07moods ?!
00:08:10casper '
00:08:13casper cant movce
00:08:28Buttons ss 2 bot
00:08:49Buttons re husk ss bat
00:09:21moods ss mid
00:09:25Buttons re bat
00:09:26BeSt0ned pls god, critluck pls
00:09:26BeSt0ned ^^
00:09:54Fxx. OMG
00:09:57Fxx. how epic tem
00:10:05Buttons dude
00:10:21Fxx. FUCK U TEAM
00:10:23Fxx. FUCK U
00:10:24Fxx. FUCK
00:10:25Fxx. U
00:10:35Fxx. THIS IS
00:10:38Fxx. BALANCE TEAM
00:10:41Fxx. LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!
00:10:47Fxx. totaly tards only in team
00:10:53siemenlinko nope
00:10:59siemenlinko u suck only flamer blue
00:11:41Fxx. FUCK U MIRANA
00:12:00BeSt0ned carry gang
00:12:02siemenlinko gank
00:12:03moods ^^
00:12:15Buttons -afk
00:12:32sebralane well this bs
00:12:35sebralane maxing healing
00:12:36sebralane will do
00:12:37siemenlinko yeah
00:12:42BeSt0ned ^^
00:12:49BeSt0ned no fire skiled?
00:12:52sebralane bs maxing healing
00:12:55sebralane no vision
00:12:59sebralane Too imba bs srry
00:13:11BeSt0ned ?
00:13:19BeSt0ned thats the reason why you dont skill fire? XD
00:13:40sebralane U went into fog...asdfg
00:13:41PriMo b
00:13:57edgarass WHEN I HAVE TOMB GO
00:14:09edgarass GATHER MID
00:14:10edgarass MORE
00:14:11BeSt0ned stay mid
00:14:45BeSt0ned leave me alone -__-
00:14:51Fxx. .....
00:14:54edgarass GJ
00:15:00Fxx. its imposible win with this team
00:15:01Fxx. ff
00:15:09edgarass MID CARE
00:15:21edgarass GO AGAIN MID
00:16:09Buttons dick
00:16:29edgarass LUCKY ASS
00:16:30siemenlinko sry
00:16:41Buttons pa
00:16:45edgarass dont let stryg farm
00:16:59siemenlinko which boots i make?
00:17:19edgarass toerr mid gho
00:17:31siemenlinko all mid
00:17:37siemenlinko i have dust
00:18:37edgarass towert
00:18:39siemenlinko lol
00:18:43edgarass viper dfont back u full
00:18:51Fxx. all kills have got this noob mirana :(
00:18:58edgarass viper vanguard
00:19:19moods -ii
00:19:22Buttons COME
00:19:54Buttons get aggro
00:19:55Buttons pls
00:20:35Fxx. fucking dota-gc balance system
00:21:29moods b
00:22:40edgarass go mid
00:23:27edgarass stun him
00:23:33siemenlinko gj
00:23:40sebralane 200 hp
00:23:57edgarass farm top
00:23:59edgarass mort
00:24:00siemenlinko i make hex?
00:24:12Fxx. u go dager
00:24:13Fxx. batr
00:24:14siemenlinko ok
00:24:20edgarass go bot
00:24:23edgarass all take tps
00:24:36edgarass or tlet go top
00:25:03moods kk mid
00:25:46edgarass go top
00:25:50edgarass a;ll4[
00:26:45siemenlinko omg
00:27:14edgarass go have tomb
00:27:26Fxx. use combo
00:27:28Fxx. lion
00:27:28edgarass mana
00:27:47Buttons b
00:27:47casper simple
00:27:48Buttons ?
00:27:50Fxx. !!!
00:27:54edgarass b
00:28:03sebralane nice
00:28:20siemenlinko sery
00:28:41Fxx. please
00:28:42Fxx. god
00:28:49edgarass reuse
00:28:57siemenlinko if no help gg
00:28:57edgarass go bot all
00:29:00moods gogo
00:29:01Fxx. how can exist so lowbrain people
00:29:06edgarass around ogre
00:29:11siemenlinko ur lowbarain
00:29:27PriMo I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:34BeSt0ned -.-
00:29:37sebralane !ff
00:29:40casper I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:42siemenlinko no ff
00:29:43Fxx. 0 hited arrows
00:29:55BeSt0ned 5 kills for 27
00:29:57BeSt0ned well done^^
00:30:06Fxx. hate this 1vs5 dotas
00:30:10Fxx. rly hate it
00:30:13Fxx. im rly angry
00:30:13edgarass b
00:30:14Fxx. !!!
00:30:21siemenlinko ofc 3 x
00:30:21BeSt0ned so play support^^
00:30:23siemenlinko ult
00:30:25BeSt0ned 2v5^^
00:30:27Fxx. and suport WHAT ?
00:30:40BeSt0ned like jesus
00:30:53BeSt0ned he was supporter, but carry the hole biebel^^
00:30:53Fxx. and where is my 2. ?
00:30:55siemenlinko u have only dagon for lasthit blue
00:30:57siemenlinko -.-
00:31:13Fxx. no
00:31:19Fxx. i have got dagon vs feedeed mortred
00:31:22siemenlinko yes idiot item
00:31:41edgarass mid go all
00:31:47edgarass nort
00:31:47Fxx. endi tplease
00:31:49sebralane u didnt silence him
00:31:52Fxx. i dont wanna play this booring game
00:32:11sebralane and a denay
00:32:12sebralane wp
00:32:40Fxx. -afk
00:32:42edgarass gj
00:32:44siemenlinko 'sure
00:32:49Buttons idd gj multicast
00:32:52siemenlinko always 3x
00:33:15Fxx. i cant pown 1vs5
00:33:18Fxx. vs feeded enemy
00:33:20moods b
00:33:23Buttons cant pown
00:33:24BeSt0ned you even pwn 1v1
00:33:24Buttons fullstop
00:33:25BeSt0ned MAN XD
00:33:27edgarass go?
00:33:31edgarass b
00:33:49Buttons fu
00:33:53Fxx. -ST MIRANA ?
00:33:58edgarass all bnot now
00:33:58PriMo -st
00:33:58Fxx. -100% ?
00:34:02PriMo 53
00:34:03BeSt0ned -cs stry?
00:34:09Fxx. -cs
00:34:14Fxx. 110
00:34:17BeSt0ned -cs
00:34:17moods -cs
00:34:19edgarass all bnot
00:34:20BeSt0ned 124/4^^
00:34:26edgarass come nbot all
00:34:28Fxx. u have got free farm
00:34:31Fxx. all the time
00:34:35moods u 2 mid
00:34:37BeSt0ned not rly
00:34:37Fxx. i have got totaly monkeys in team
00:34:40edgarass viper nerub
00:34:41edgarass bot
00:34:41BeSt0ned in the early i cant farm top
00:34:42edgarass opls
00:34:43Fxx. i had free farm ?
00:34:45Fxx. U dont know
00:34:47Fxx. what is FREE ?
00:34:48BeSt0ned irana and lion splapped my ass
00:34:50moods .d
00:34:51moods :D
00:35:02Buttons ?
00:35:02edgarass viper
00:35:03edgarass bot
00:35:06edgarass nerub bot
00:35:10Fxx. I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:14Fxx. FF IT OMG
00:35:16Buttons care
00:35:17Buttons wards
00:35:28siemenlinko bb
00:35:28moods stop flame pls
00:35:28siemenlinko b
00:35:29siemenlinko n
00:35:31Fxx. i cant
00:35:34Fxx. hate this games
00:35:39Fxx. dota-gc allways give me this team
00:35:44Fxx. like banana players
00:35:55BeSt0ned you play like a banana 2^^
00:36:02moods hm :D
00:36:13moods hes little bit better than banana
00:36:28Buttons f
00:36:28edgarass ff u all bitches
00:36:28Buttons f
00:36:28Dodo why ?
00:36:28Buttons s
00:36:32Buttons retards
00:36:32edgarass fucking nerub why u idiot go top?
00:36:35edgarass say it to me?>
00:36:37edgarass u morron?
00:36:45edgarass lets go all one side and gfinish it
00:36:49edgarass ua re like fucking pussies
00:36:57edgarass mort bkb
00:37:06Buttons it was said go bot
00:37:08edgarass all now go mid
00:37:11Fxx. lion
00:37:15Fxx. or s1 upgr
00:37:15Buttons why all jumping creeps and going outnumbered
00:37:16Fxx. chick
00:37:18edgarass wait fopr us
00:37:26edgarass mort mid
00:37:49edgarass mort
00:37:50edgarass mid
00:38:00Fxx. def in mid
00:38:02Fxx. all mid now
00:38:04Fxx. IN BASE """"
00:38:07edgarass mid
00:38:13edgarass mort mid
00:38:37edgarass go
00:38:47siemenlinko crit
00:38:48siemenlinko dead
00:38:56Fxx. ULTY MIRANA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:38:59siemenlinko I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:03sebralane !ff
00:39:03casper I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:09Fxx. this is SOOO fucking monkeys
00:39:16edgarass rax
00:39:22BeSt0ned heal? XD
00:39:41Fxx. mirana
00:39:42edgarass b
00:39:42edgarass b
00:39:42edgarass b
00:39:43edgarass b
00:39:44Fxx. use brain next time
00:39:46Fxx. if u can
00:39:46edgarass ee
00:40:31sebralane care all 40min radi inc
00:40:43Fxx. ...
00:40:45moods :D
00:40:46sebralane 45min
00:40:47moods afk shopping
00:40:51siemenlinko was not idea to steal
00:41:03Buttons pls
00:41:04Buttons do
00:41:05Buttons smth
00:41:12Fxx. btw afk help u
00:41:13Dodo rosh ?
00:41:15Fxx. cause u dont move :-)
00:41:25moods :D
00:41:28moods forcestuff
00:41:44Dodo can we go rosh ?
00:42:19Fxx. ........
00:42:25BeSt0ned that was my ultra xD
00:42:26Fxx. MOOOOOM
00:42:28Fxx. please
00:42:33siemenlinko run with full hp
00:42:34edgarass mana
00:42:39siemenlinko stryg run with full hp
00:42:40Fxx. yeah
00:42:41siemenlinko -.-
00:42:44Fxx. GO 1vs5
00:42:45Fxx. vs mortred
00:42:48Fxx. with bkb
00:42:49Fxx. !!!
00:42:52Fxx. HOW SMART !
00:42:56siemenlinko its clever
00:43:01siemenlinko u cpild win
00:43:40Buttons i don't understand
00:43:48moods dunno :D
00:43:50Fxx. another unfair game
00:43:53moods nah
00:43:54Fxx. cause dota-gc is sux
00:43:58casper just ff it
00:43:59Buttons shut the fuck up.
00:44:04Buttons this is a game you whiney bitch
00:44:05BeSt0ned can you stop crying the hole time?^^
00:44:05PriMo leave dota=gc?
00:44:21moods hes crying since minute 5
00:44:23moods till now
00:44:23PriMo and play garena
00:44:25moods constantly
00:44:37Fxx. and u are happay
00:44:38Buttons buy dagon forcestaff vs this lineup gg
00:44:42Fxx. cause this system give u free win
00:44:46moods no
00:44:50Fxx. ogre
00:44:51moods ure dagon give us freewin
00:44:52Fxx. u rly dont know
00:44:57Buttons yes, i do
00:44:58Fxx. U RLY DONT KNOW
00:45:01Fxx. RLY DONT KNOW
00:45:03Buttons viper, UD, ogre
00:45:03siemenlinko eah dagon fail item
00:45:04sebralane dagon lvl 4 btw
00:45:04Buttons all laugh it off
00:45:07edgarass all bot after i revive?
00:45:14Fxx. RLY DONT KNOW !
00:45:18Buttons lol
00:45:21siemenlinko stil idiot
00:45:21Buttons there goes your argument
00:45:26siemenlinko to buy dagon lvl 4
00:45:28Fxx. yes
00:45:34Buttons gj man
00:45:35Buttons hf with that
00:45:36Fxx. u rly dont know
00:45:39siemenlinko I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:41Fxx. u are now geroy
00:45:46Fxx. but u are normal noob
00:45:49Fxx. like my team
00:45:49Buttons what does that even mean
00:45:55BeSt0ned ssusususususu
00:46:09BeSt0ned get me aggro ogre
00:46:11Fxx. 50. min
00:46:15Fxx. batr still no dager
00:46:19Fxx. and u wanna guinso ?
00:46:33siemenlinko cru
00:46:40Fxx. end this fucking game please
00:46:48Fxx. i dont wanna play dota again , today
00:46:54Buttons thats great
00:46:57Buttons noone cares about you
00:47:04siemenlinko fuckign blue he is idiot
00:47:08siemenlinko totally noob he
00:48:08edgarass wp team
00:48:11Fxx. :-)
00:48:15Buttons wp
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