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Chat log

00:00:16NwC.CooL-T phx
00:00:16NwC.CooL-T phoenix
00:00:16xenix- plz ban weaver
00:00:16xenix- ih he get weaver its the end
00:00:16Jerkku i wanted it :(
00:00:16moods lycan and ck sme
00:00:16moods or naix
00:00:16xenix- all go abba or ud
00:00:16moods weaver
00:00:21xenix- ill
00:00:24xenix- *
00:00:29moods me naix
00:00:34moods and some1 ck pls
00:00:35xenix- go then
00:00:40KolleBolle get rubick plz swap me it or play it
00:00:45edgarass who want ck?
00:00:48moods u take
00:00:50edgarass i go ogre
00:00:50moods gogo
00:00:53xenix- edgrass u can do it
00:00:54NwC.CooL-T picn und
00:00:57NwC.CooL-T now
00:01:00edgarass i dont plauy carries
00:01:08xenix- same here
00:01:10xenix- :>
00:01:13aLtekas i can
00:01:16Jerkku can i
00:01:17moods cmon ck pls
00:01:18Bollitsch do it alt
00:01:18KolleBolle mamyka play it or swap?
00:01:19xenix- go ck then
00:01:21moods or aba/ud
00:01:21Jerkku mid ?
00:01:23mamyka i play him
00:01:26KolleBolle okok
00:01:26NwC.CooL-T mamyka mid
00:01:32moods or lich last
00:01:33Jerkku i go solo bot then ?
00:01:35xenix- last lich ?
00:01:35Bollitsch lich
00:01:37NwC.CooL-T invo go mid
00:01:37Djora-_- what i should pick?
00:01:38Bollitsch sure
00:01:39xenix- yy
00:01:39NwC.CooL-T mamy both
00:01:39Jerkku kk
00:01:41Bollitsch grrr
00:01:43KolleBolle lina is nice
00:01:44KolleBolle or
00:01:45KolleBolle dazzle
00:01:46Bollitsch telle me
00:01:48mamyka pick aba
00:01:49moods necro/aba/dazzle
00:01:50NwC.CooL-T bolle and bollebro go top
00:01:53xenix- abba
00:02:01xenix- or dazzel
00:02:11Djora-_- -clear
00:02:13aLtekas can i mid ?
00:02:15moods y
00:02:17moods if u can^^
00:02:20moods im forest
00:02:26moods ganging with ogre
00:02:30Jerkku yhhh
00:02:32Jerkku hate abba
00:02:32Djora-_- -hhn
00:02:34Djora-_- -don
00:02:34KolleBolle lina you or me gett first ward pack!? for pull spott etc
00:02:36Djora-_- -clear
00:02:41Jerkku they got
00:02:45aLtekas /w DotaKeys: You control Chaos Knight [c,e,r,t]
00:02:45Jerkku funny tank team
00:02:46Djora-_- i will
00:02:48Djora-_- get
00:03:40edgarass lina?
00:03:42moods y
00:03:53moods b
00:04:04edgarass shit
00:04:16moods earlier b
00:04:17moods bra
00:04:18edgarass should not be so aggresive
00:04:27moods na slow + stun
00:04:33Bollitsch ss
00:05:34Djora-_- ward?
00:05:37KolleBolle y
00:05:42edgarass ss2
00:05:42Djora-_- u type
00:05:50Jerkku SS MID
00:05:51aLtekas buy ward
00:05:51aLtekas pls
00:05:55aLtekas i place
00:05:58Djora-_- ss1
00:06:01Jerkku re
00:06:22aLtekas ward pls
00:07:07NwC.CooL-T ???? ???? ??
00:07:13Djora-_- i gank wood
00:07:32Bollitsch we are not able to gang lyc
00:07:41moods wards
00:07:44moods on creepspots
00:07:46moods and hecant forest
00:07:54Djora-_- goog
00:08:02xenix- omg
00:08:12xenix- why u diidnt shield me ?
00:08:18Bollitsch cause it was on cd
00:08:33xenix- and dont shiel creeps
00:08:35Djora-_- give me ward
00:08:39Jerkku SS MID
00:08:41xenix- shield me or ur self
00:08:46Jerkku re
00:09:08aLtekas naix come
00:09:25aLtekas LOL
00:09:34Jerkku OGRE MID
00:09:37Jerkku ss ck
00:09:39edgarass me no boots
00:09:47Jerkku ss both
00:09:52xenix- shild me
00:09:55xenix- omg
00:09:58Jerkku re oger
00:10:07aLtekas go
00:10:23Djora-_- omg
00:10:25Djora-_- where is naix
00:10:28Jerkku woods
00:10:29Jerkku ?
00:10:35Djora-_- i chacked
00:10:38Djora-_- a twice
00:11:05Jerkku b top
00:11:07KolleBolle gogo
00:11:11KolleBolle go ulti
00:11:14Djora-_- ok ok
00:11:21aLtekas ward
00:11:57KolleBolle wtf
00:12:04aLtekas gj
00:12:08Djora-_- fail ulty
00:12:20KolleBolle fail since he gott haste! so he moved far from him all the time
00:12:28KolleBolle so dident have any chanse to good ulti
00:12:40Djora-_- nvm]
00:12:47Jerkku gank naix woods ?
00:12:49Bollitsch ss invop
00:12:55Djora-_- I TRYED
00:12:58Djora-_- THEY HAVE WARDS
00:13:19aLtekas naix kill lich
00:13:21NwC.CooL-T ???? ???
00:13:32moods cant solo yet
00:13:36aLtekas i come
00:13:39Bollitsch ss bot
00:13:43xenix- wait
00:14:43aLtekas -ma
00:14:44edgarass gang bot pls
00:15:07xenix- wait
00:15:12edgarass i stun rubnik and kill
00:15:12xenix- cd
00:15:15xenix- cd
00:15:38edgarass undying u noob?
00:15:49edgarass what u waited for?
00:15:51edgarass fycking idiot
00:15:53edgarass and heal me
00:15:54Jerkku lina b
00:15:54edgarass noob
00:15:57xenix- for tombstone ?
00:16:00xenix- i sad cd
00:16:00edgarass oh my god
00:16:02xenix- cd
00:16:05xenix- ..
00:16:10Bollitsch unnecessary
00:16:16mamyka hjie njkz
00:16:19mamyka ???? ????
00:16:20aLtekas -ma
00:16:26Djora-_- w8 us
00:16:27Djora-_- ffs
00:16:33Bollitsch ss bot
00:17:13mamyka ??????? ,
00:17:16mamyka invoke?
00:17:28mamyka noob
00:17:39mamyka gg
00:17:55mamyka 3 noobs
00:17:58Jerkku :D:D
00:18:01KolleBolle you are so pro
00:18:02KolleBolle :D
00:18:05Jerkku y :D
00:18:07edgarass bot
00:18:07Djora-_- he is
00:18:08xenix- to
00:18:10KolleBolle not you
00:18:14xenix- tp
00:18:14KolleBolle i mean mamyka
00:18:19Djora-_- me2
00:18:29mamyka i am much better than you
00:18:36KolleBolle ofc you are
00:18:37KolleBolle always
00:18:39KolleBolle everday
00:18:39edgarass abba save mana
00:18:40KolleBolle :D
00:18:43KolleBolle love ya
00:18:47moods can some1 up chick?
00:18:50Bollitsch yy...planed to backed anyway
00:18:56Djora-_- we are going to gank naix
00:19:00Djora-_- and u aways
00:19:01Djora-_- fail
00:19:02Djora-_- ..
00:19:09edgarass b
00:19:13edgarass no?
00:19:25edgarass help bot
00:19:28Bollitsch omw
00:19:56xenix- get !!
00:20:04edgarass come mana
00:20:22mamyka go gang
00:20:26Jerkku reuse
00:20:28Jerkku chick
00:21:03edgarass alkll bnot?
00:21:11aLtekas -ms
00:22:49NwC.CooL-T noobs dont steal
00:22:53NwC.CooL-T fucking nigger
00:22:53edgarass undfying pipe pls
00:23:02Djora-_- american boy..
00:23:06edgarass akll def mid
00:23:08KolleBolle ofc he will do it again when you act like that
00:23:18KolleBolle just say can you plz let me gett the kill!?
00:23:20Djora-_- ignore him lich
00:23:27Bollitsch ior just no def mid
00:23:36Djora-_- fat american boy..
00:23:37NwC.CooL-T su noob
00:24:02moods dont
00:24:04mamyka b?>
00:24:07edgarass undyiong wait for momemnt on tomb
00:25:09edgarass ff
00:25:10mamyka noob
00:25:12mamyka lina
00:25:14Djora-_- why?
00:25:21KolleBolle dident take lasthitt
00:25:23KolleBolle on tower
00:25:24mamyka you can get money
00:25:24KolleBolle :P
00:25:28Djora-_- i dont want
00:25:34mamyka coz you noob
00:25:36Djora-_- k
00:26:08edgarass all together?
00:26:10Bollitsch y
00:26:14edgarass abvba make meka
00:26:21mamyka push
00:26:25edgarass unfdyuing u suck
00:26:35KolleBolle cd
00:26:36KolleBolle on
00:26:36KolleBolle ulti
00:27:20edgarass tomg noob
00:27:24edgarass fucing idiuotr
00:27:34Djora-_- i go to wc
00:27:36Djora-_- fack
00:27:40edgarass u all suck
00:28:09edgarass I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:12edgarass abba u noob
00:28:17edgarass undying u noob
00:28:23Bollitsch 1. sorry for not shielding you ogre..u were outa range
00:28:33Bollitsch 2. why dont we chase when they back ?
00:28:42Bollitsch 3. why u flee from solo lyc
00:28:48Bollitsch 4. why was there no backup
00:29:00edgarass heal me?
00:29:04edgarass shield me?
00:29:35edgarass use fduxking magic wand
00:29:37edgarass u are nooob abba
00:29:40edgarass fucking morrosn
00:30:04Bollitsch oh yeah...all time bash..i use magic wand..cause it makes me stay for ONE HIT longer
00:30:06Bollitsch shut up ogre
00:30:13Bollitsch big talk, no awereness
00:30:18moods fast before lycan gets
00:30:40KolleBolle hahhaha
00:30:44NwC.CooL-T bob
00:30:45Djora-_- omg
00:30:46Djora-_- :)
00:30:51Djora-_- i buyed item..
00:31:36moods :D
00:31:39moods I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:31:47Jerkku gg
00:31:49edgarass I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:31:53moods just ff
00:31:56edgarass fucking bronze games
00:31:57Djora-_- u bastards//
00:32:01Djora-_- i dont buyed item -.-
00:32:02edgarass u get couple of idiots and its ruined
00:32:04moods and remembera lways ban lyca
00:32:30xenix- or weaver
00:32:32moods nah
00:32:36moods weaver not that dangerous
00:33:22edgarass my god anbba just running around
00:33:22aLtekas happy birthday
00:33:23moods pls ff
00:33:26aLtekas I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:33:30edgarass fucking abba just running arounf
00:33:32xenix- I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:33:34edgarass what an idiot
00:33:34Bollitsch mimii....u suck too ogre
00:33:43edgarass i cand do shit
00:33:54Bollitsch yeah...cause u have only 2 fingers...
00:33:55edgarass when undying and u are fucking garena players
00:34:34Djora-_- lycan rlx?
00:34:37aLtekas :D
00:34:51moods buya
00:34:54Jerkku iv5
00:34:56Jerkku 1*
00:35:02Jerkku gg
00:35:08edgarass vbad game
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