Game #3123256

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-29 X
-1 TS

82% | 1441 X | 1447 TS

-17 X
-1 TS

82% | 1491 X | 1377 TS

+28 X
-1 TS

80% | 1448 X | 1396 TS

-1 X
-1 TS

79% | 1472 X | 1353 TS

-31 X
-1 TS

52% | 1201 X | 1314 TS

+16 X
+1 TS

87% | 1488 X | 1489 TS

+29 X
+1 TS

76% | 1408 X | 1390 TS

+3 X
+1 TS

75% | 1381 X | 1406 TS

+34 X
+1 TS

70% | 1237 X | 1484 TS

-20 X
+1 TS

66% | 1291 X | 1366 TS

Chat log

00:00:02ESA_93 Jew
00:00:06ESA_93 Want to hear something?
00:00:09TheyCallMeHaci så meget tabt
00:00:14TheyCallMeHaci ye
00:00:14TheyCallMeHaci really
00:00:17KredeC wanna trilane sven lina ogre?
00:00:17KredeC and mirana top?
00:00:17TheyCallMeHaci i can nevermore mid or bala
00:00:17slc2 start ban ns....
00:00:17TheyCallMeHaci ye
00:00:17KredeC rather bala
00:00:17TheyCallMeHaci ban ns
00:00:17Laier that fucking jensefar was some sick shit
00:00:17KredeC dont ban ns
00:00:17KredeC get it
00:00:17ESA_93 I'll ban Night Stalker.
00:00:17yeW- ^^
00:00:17Laier for real
00:00:17slc2 then he bans ck, and we get lich
00:00:17KredeC get mirna for top
00:00:17Laier we played really 4v6 whole game
00:00:17TheyCallMeHaci esa ?
00:00:17yeW- fo shizzle mate
00:00:17ESA_93 Ull ban Lich, and its ON
00:00:17creeeeeee ban ck
00:00:17yeW- haha
00:00:17ESA_93 SUIT UP
00:00:17TheyCallMeHaci esa
00:00:17TheyCallMeHaci do ns
00:00:17TheyCallMeHaci again
00:00:17ESA_93 shut up.
00:00:17yeW- u seen
00:00:17yeW- suits
00:00:17yeW- the series?
00:00:17slc2 go ban yew
00:00:17KredeC its wicked imo
00:00:17TheyCallMeHaci you just banned lich idiot
00:00:17ESA_93 Im whatching Himym atm.
00:00:17creeeeeee rewrote ur ban esa
00:00:17ESA_93 NS
00:00:17creeeeeee write
00:00:17yeW- cks out
00:00:17yeW- CK
00:00:18ESA_93 bastard
00:00:18slc2 get lich
00:00:20ESA_93 bastard
00:00:21ESA_93 bastard
00:00:21yeW- eat it mate
00:00:23ESA_93 stfu
00:00:25slc2 get lich gor me
00:00:31yeW- shudda said "ban ck and its on"
00:00:31Laier stronk pool
00:00:34Laier such a nice heroes
00:00:34ESA_93 : D
00:00:34TheyCallMeHaci Esa ?
00:00:35yeW- mb i wuddna bannd ck xD
00:00:37yeW- -clear
00:00:40TheyCallMeHaci can i nevermore mid ???
00:00:45ESA_93 do what u want
00:00:47slc2 no sf this game
00:00:50Laier ill go sven or lina
00:00:51Jerkku yep
00:00:51ESA_93 u fail it anyways
00:00:53Vangelis i go mid
00:00:56slc2 micheal ingen sf i denne her pool
00:00:57Jerkku no sf
00:01:00Laier and then comes yew
00:01:03Laier and hes LUNAPICK
00:01:04Laier <3
00:01:06TheyCallMeHaci go orge
00:01:10TheyCallMeHaci and sven
00:01:14KredeC y
00:01:15Jerkku es there
00:01:16ESA_93 pick me lina.
00:01:19KredeC and lich can solo top with wards
00:01:24yeW- watz wrong wid luna ((
00:01:25Laier and vangelis keeps ruining games
00:01:26KredeC ogre es
00:01:26zonskass ff
00:01:27KredeC then
00:01:28yeW- -clear
00:01:30Laier wp vangelis
00:01:30KredeC or ench
00:01:30ESA_93 pick me lina
00:01:31TheyCallMeHaci get orge
00:01:34TheyCallMeHaci get orge lina
00:01:34ESA_93 slc
00:01:35KredeC lina ogre
00:01:35creeeeeee wtf tinker
00:01:38yeW- bot tinker
00:01:39slc2 -swap 1
00:01:40ESA_93 -swap 4
00:01:40KredeC fine too
00:01:42slc2 im bot
00:01:49KredeC some1 gget wards for lich
00:02:00KredeC if lich get wards can solo top
00:02:03ESA_93 u wanna try that slc?
00:02:10ESA_93 soloing top?
00:02:13slc2 jep
00:02:23ESA_93 well its on
00:02:24yeW- mira go rune try b
00:02:24TheyCallMeHaci stay
00:02:25TheyCallMeHaci here
00:02:25KredeC go go
00:02:26yeW- fb
00:02:29TheyCallMeHaci for see if they wards
00:02:30KredeC luina check rune
00:02:30creeeeeee sure
00:02:30TheyCallMeHaci and get kills
00:02:32slc2 es bot
00:02:35slc2 es bot
00:02:38Vangelis gg tinker needs mid
00:02:39Jerkku lich solo?
00:02:41KredeC i farm right?
00:02:41ESA_93 yup
00:02:42yeW- fine go
00:02:43TheyCallMeHaci ye its good
00:02:43Jerkku kk
00:02:44yeW- but dont fucin fail
00:02:47TheyCallMeHaci and let slarder farm
00:02:50ESA_93 KredeC, u are taking the cs
00:02:54Vangelis last game
00:02:55KredeC good
00:02:55Vangelis i played
00:02:56TheyCallMeHaci care
00:02:56Vangelis geo
00:02:57ESA_93 ill pull
00:02:58KredeC i get fast dagger
00:02:58zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:03:00Vangelis and i owned
00:03:01zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Ogre Magi [f,g,b,c]
00:03:01Vangelis big time
00:03:06Laier no1 cares what you played last game
00:03:07Jerkku same
00:03:08yeW- ^^^^^^
00:03:10Laier fucking picking tinker after potm and luna
00:03:12Laier is bad anywayt
00:03:12slc2 i cant put wards right now
00:03:17zonskass you will 65%
00:03:18TheyCallMeHaci do lathder
00:03:19KredeC we go for fb
00:03:20zonskass vangelis
00:03:24KredeC ies go get stun of
00:03:24Jerkku try fb asap
00:03:25KredeC then line
00:03:35ESA_93 go luna
00:03:53ESA_93 stupid s
00:04:06creeeeeee 1 top
00:04:06ESA_93 sec
00:04:06slc2 ?
00:04:06ESA_93 torrents
00:04:06KredeC that was soo bad
00:04:06yeW- e
00:04:06yeW- ye
00:04:06creeeeeee 3 bot
00:04:06yeW- bit late ceeeee
00:04:06creeeeeee sry
00:04:06ESA_93 rdy
00:04:06yeW- cr*
00:04:06ESA_93 3
00:04:06ESA_93 2
00:04:06KredeC dont get how u can fail soo much
00:04:06ESA_93 1
00:04:06ESA_93 go
00:04:11ESA_93 had delay, it was my bad
00:04:39yeW- shar*
00:05:03slc2 ss sven
00:05:16ESA_93 es
00:05:17ESA_93 come
00:05:38zonskass care
00:05:48KredeC how
00:06:01Jerkku we keep on failing
00:06:04creeeeeee ss
00:06:05creeeeeee t0p
00:06:11zonskass he bot
00:06:17creeeeeee dont mean that one
00:06:20KredeC u keep on failing
00:06:27Laier ye but i mean come kill hem
00:06:30Jerkku i failed once
00:06:35KredeC twice
00:06:47ESA_93 your stuns are bloking us
00:06:49yeW- es roamin
00:06:51TheyCallMeHaci why no wards on rune ?
00:06:58Laier sf miss mid
00:07:07zonskass es here
00:07:31ESA_93 es
00:07:31ESA_93 now
00:07:35TheyCallMeHaci sven
00:07:36slc2 ss sven
00:07:36TheyCallMeHaci care
00:07:37TheyCallMeHaci coming down
00:07:46zonskass sven care ES
00:07:52slc2 h
00:07:52TheyCallMeHaci how can u guys fail down ?
00:07:53creeeeeee ss lich
00:07:58creeeeeee re
00:07:58yeW- up courier
00:08:24Laier i fucking leave that haste for you
00:08:26Laier and you dont come bot
00:08:26KredeC dont get all this fail
00:08:35ESA_93 ff
00:08:36ESA_93 :D
00:08:36KredeC 4 btm
00:08:43creeeeeee ss
00:09:26Laier wait
00:09:27Laier wait
00:09:32KredeC y
00:09:34TheyCallMeHaci es
00:09:42TheyCallMeHaci still ss
00:09:42ESA_93 go
00:09:46slc2 ss potm
00:09:57TheyCallMeHaci omfg
00:10:01yeW- jeez
00:10:05yeW- its like the 5th gang
00:10:05yeW- xd
00:10:10zonskass :D
00:10:13ESA_93 es
00:10:14ESA_93 stun again
00:10:18Laier well they got 3lane if you didnt notice :D
00:10:19zonskass lina failed so hard
00:10:22TheyCallMeHaci ss care
00:10:25yeW- go
00:10:25Laier oom
00:10:31creeeeeee he is lvl 6
00:10:33creeeeeee so care
00:10:49KredeC not bad
00:10:54KredeC oom
00:10:55yeW- this ble
00:10:56yeW- w
00:11:01slc2 vange lis top
00:11:12TheyCallMeHaci he have wards rune
00:11:12TheyCallMeHaci so
00:11:16TheyCallMeHaci he got all runes
00:11:23KredeC ss
00:11:26yeW- care tiner
00:11:27slc2 jep is needed alot
00:11:39KredeC come btm again
00:11:53KredeC well call ss anyways
00:12:05yeW- cmn
00:12:05yeW- f
00:12:07Laier luna keeps feeding
00:12:09TheyCallMeHaci well he is not on lane
00:12:12ESA_93 where is your coin now
00:12:13TheyCallMeHaci never
00:12:14ESA_93 : D
00:12:14KredeC let me farm
00:12:18Laier fucking tard why you go there when you know they got 3x stunner @bot
00:12:35KredeC come gang btm
00:12:49KredeC i got no famr now
00:12:56KredeC 3 btm
00:13:00KredeC dont pull som uch kill more
00:13:01TheyCallMeHaci you have no support from es
00:13:02TheyCallMeHaci ofc
00:13:03TheyCallMeHaci he is noob
00:13:06TheyCallMeHaci allways pull
00:13:07KredeC su
00:13:09slc2 ss
00:13:11KredeC we can kill
00:13:12Laier dont fucking go there? :D
00:13:13Laier okey?
00:13:15TheyCallMeHaci ss mid
00:13:16TheyCallMeHaci again
00:13:20TheyCallMeHaci he got rune top or bot
00:13:21Laier tink top
00:13:22TheyCallMeHaci dont know
00:13:31KredeC dont farm
00:13:36zonskass 3 bot
00:13:37TheyCallMeHaci gank mid
00:13:56slc2 i need those fuckin wards
00:14:04slc2 are u guys so fuckin stupid
00:14:14slc2 we got a roam sven and tinker mid???
00:14:16slc2 and sf mid
00:14:22ESA_93 jesus
00:14:22slc2 damn u guys are bad
00:14:23ESA_93 those stuns
00:14:42Laier b
00:14:43Laier oom
00:14:46ESA_93 jerkku mikset venannu
00:14:49ESA_93 olin nii vitun kaukana
00:14:50slc2 mid tprn
00:15:02Jerkku emmätiä :S
00:15:02yeW- ogre courier pls
00:15:12creeeeeee ogre?
00:15:12KredeC 3 btm
00:15:39Jerkku :D:D:D:D
00:16:00Jerkku gj
00:16:04creeeeeee wtf laier
00:16:14Laier what yuo want me to do
00:16:15creeeeeee you had so much time to stun back there at towers
00:16:18TheyCallMeHaci lol
00:16:19TheyCallMeHaci Tr
00:16:20Laier cd
00:16:21creeeeeee jsut after u teled
00:16:21TheyCallMeHaci low
00:16:23TheyCallMeHaci gj
00:16:53TheyCallMeHaci we need wards
00:17:09Jerkku siis
00:17:14Laier mid tower
00:17:21slc2 get mid def
00:17:27Jerkku no ainaki sai tietää et niil o wardit tos
00:17:32slc2 no ulti
00:18:32yeW- fuckin
00:19:02slc2 get top tower
00:19:03KredeC get smoke and rosh with my ult?
00:19:07KredeC and frost armor
00:19:13ESA_93 haste mirana
00:19:24Laier we so dead
00:19:26slc2 dive him
00:19:29TheyCallMeHaci go
00:19:33zonskass care
00:19:34KredeC 3 btm
00:19:42creeeeeee top
00:19:43creeeeeee most
00:19:49slc2 es fuck ur bad
00:19:50TheyCallMeHaci imba stun
00:19:50TheyCallMeHaci hahah
00:19:55slc2 damn u suck
00:20:03KredeC any1 wanna coime btm for kills`?
00:20:04Laier im b
00:20:05Laier oom
00:20:55ESA_93 :>
00:21:00zonskass lich no ulti
00:21:12TheyCallMeHaci b
00:21:13TheyCallMeHaci cant
00:21:15slc2 sven
00:21:20slc2 camp dcome
00:21:47KredeC go kill
00:21:53Laier 3 top
00:21:56Laier come
00:21:57Laier now
00:21:59Laier before they 5
00:22:03KredeC smoke and rosh?
00:22:06Jerkku inv
00:22:29KredeC kill
00:22:45ESA_93 all
00:22:45ESA_93 here
00:22:47KredeC come
00:22:47ESA_93 teal
00:22:48ESA_93 come
00:22:50KredeC omw
00:22:53slc2 sf join
00:22:55KredeC rock them
00:22:57zonskass lich has ulti
00:23:07KredeC reg
00:23:07slc2 sf
00:23:11TheyCallMeHaci kwait
00:23:24slc2 tower
00:23:24KredeC just push top
00:23:25Laier potm ulti
00:23:26Laier go
00:23:29TheyCallMeHaci 1 bait
00:23:32TheyCallMeHaci b
00:23:33creeeeeee they push top
00:23:34Laier potm ulti
00:23:35Laier ffs
00:23:35TheyCallMeHaci 1 bait
00:23:37TheyCallMeHaci frost me
00:23:38yeW- ULTI
00:23:44Laier fucking tard
00:23:48yeW- creee
00:23:54Laier wp cree
00:23:55TheyCallMeHaci frost me
00:23:56KredeC twr
00:23:56Laier nice
00:24:01yeW- what the fuck is the matter with u
00:24:06zonskass def top
00:24:09KredeC rosh after
00:24:19Laier CREEEE CAN YOU READ CHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!
00:24:25creeeeeee yes?
00:24:29Laier wtf you were waiting then
00:24:31zonskass def top
00:24:32slc2 get nexdt also
00:24:32Laier for another xmas?
00:24:33creeeeeee may you shut your flame now
00:24:39KredeC y
00:24:39Laier im not flaming
00:24:40KredeC come
00:24:43Laier im asking why didnt you ulti
00:24:51yeW- tinker tp top
00:24:51KredeC ffs es
00:24:51slc2 gogo
00:24:51Vangelis ofc
00:24:51KredeC font stun creeps
00:24:51ESA_93 jerkku säästä toi cooldown
00:24:51yeW- ogre can u up courier
00:24:51zonskass yuo stun?
00:24:51zonskass sven
00:24:51ESA_93 ne sai nyt aika hyvän entryn
00:24:51TheyCallMeHaci to risky
00:24:51zonskass i can
00:24:51slc2 gogo
00:24:51yeW- s_p
00:24:52slc2 gogo fucker
00:25:04yeW- easy
00:25:04yeW- b
00:25:22KredeC omrfg
00:25:26KredeC this team
00:25:31TheyCallMeHaci lol
00:25:39KredeC get smoke and we rosh when i wake
00:25:40ESA_93 sf mid
00:25:41yeW- up ourier
00:25:44yeW- zons
00:25:47KredeC k`?
00:25:49zonskass ff
00:25:54KredeC guys?
00:26:10TheyCallMeHaci need ageis
00:26:21TheyCallMeHaci smoke in
00:26:24Laier creee you need to start using that ulti earlier :/
00:26:27TheyCallMeHaci need rune
00:26:28TheyCallMeHaci bot
00:26:31Laier would win fights with it
00:26:34ESA_93 cant go
00:26:36KredeC get smoke ffs
00:26:38TheyCallMeHaci b
00:26:44ESA_93 back
00:26:44ESA_93 it
00:26:45ESA_93 off
00:26:46ESA_93 slardar
00:26:47ESA_93 and
00:26:48ESA_93 ses
00:26:53ESA_93 mitä teet
00:26:54yeW- -ma
00:27:01yeW- ROSH GO
00:27:15zonskass warded rosh
00:27:18yeW- hm
00:27:20KredeC come
00:27:24Laier this is big mistake
00:27:25ESA_93 rosh
00:27:26KredeC smoke here
00:27:27KredeC come
00:27:27KredeC ffs
00:27:28KredeC all
00:27:33TheyCallMeHaci eazy
00:27:35KredeC fst
00:27:37TheyCallMeHaci need all
00:27:49TheyCallMeHaci gogo
00:27:50yeW- gj
00:28:05Jerkku joo ei ehi ees stunnaa ku kuolee
00:28:24Laier thats just bullshit
00:28:29TheyCallMeHaci my ulti was perfect but, moons ulti killed me
00:28:32ESA_93 HEY
00:28:32yeW- shudda just backed imo
00:28:38ESA_93 ASSHOLE
00:28:49creeeeeee cant hide from robin hood
00:28:52ESA_93 :D
00:29:07ESA_93 kredec
00:29:08ESA_93 get blink
00:29:10ESA_93 we need it
00:30:03KredeC vb
00:30:04KredeC b
00:30:11ESA_93 fuck off tinker
00:30:13ESA_93 :<
00:30:21yeW- lucky sf there
00:30:45KredeC ward up gang 2 and open mid?
00:31:02yeW- care mid
00:31:36KredeC omg
00:31:53Laier care top
00:31:54Laier all inc
00:32:07KredeC come
00:32:13TheyCallMeHaci soooooooo
00:32:16TheyCallMeHaci bitchy
00:32:18zonskass hi
00:32:21KredeC stop the feed ward their woods and end
00:32:29creeeeeee you just cant leave that tinker alone
00:32:30creeeeeee :D
00:32:46TheyCallMeHaci he fucked with me in the start
00:32:47TheyCallMeHaci i wont
00:32:49TheyCallMeHaci want
00:32:52TheyCallMeHaci revanche
00:32:57KredeC gogogo
00:33:14ESA_93 b
00:33:16Laier b
00:33:18Laier ill get my lothars
00:33:37TheyCallMeHaci need souls
00:33:44KredeC can we plz ban
00:33:50KredeC gang
00:33:50TheyCallMeHaci ye ban me
00:33:56slc2 can we please gank and open mid
00:33:56KredeC no no
00:33:58KredeC just gang
00:34:05KredeC guys
00:34:07KredeC gather
00:34:10Jerkku got blink
00:34:12Jerkku FINALLY
00:34:13KredeC come to me and smoke
00:34:18TheyCallMeHaci they rosh
00:34:28slc2 den er der ikke?
00:34:48yeW- b mid
00:34:57Laier should go with potm ulti
00:34:59KredeC come
00:35:04ESA_93 its not alive yet
00:35:04creeeeeee and insta lich
00:35:08Jerkku dd
00:35:13TheyCallMeHaci mine
00:35:15TheyCallMeHaci I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:16TheyCallMeHaci gj
00:35:24ESA_93 comemid
00:35:26ESA_93 sf
00:35:29KredeC come to me?
00:35:29TheyCallMeHaci suck me
00:35:31ESA_93 are u a retard
00:35:37Laier potm ulti
00:35:37Laier now
00:35:38TheyCallMeHaci he took my dd
00:35:42KredeC go
00:36:06Jerkku always all stuns on me
00:36:25TheyCallMeHaci you are so stupid
00:36:26TheyCallMeHaci u took dd
00:36:27KredeC if sf was there for starters we would have owned
00:36:30TheyCallMeHaci dont you know
00:36:30KredeC lol
00:36:37KredeC like it would have matterd
00:36:40Jerkku he was mad about dd
00:36:40TheyCallMeHaci that you cant use it to anything ?
00:36:44yeW- -ma
00:36:46KredeC i make more physical hits then y
00:36:52TheyCallMeHaci no you dont
00:36:53TheyCallMeHaci lol
00:36:53KredeC well i went to kill
00:37:01KredeC ofc i do
00:37:03TheyCallMeHaci so stupid
00:37:21Laier Esa hienoi stunnei
00:37:21ESA_93 sssssssssssssssssss
00:37:25Jerkku b
00:37:25Jerkku b
00:37:27ESA_93 mun s ei vittu toimi
00:37:32KredeC I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:40ESA_93 kaadoin kyl kaljat tähä näppäimistölle
00:37:41ESA_93 mut np
00:37:42ESA_93 :D
00:37:57KredeC smoke
00:38:00TheyCallMeHaci def
00:38:09slc2 def it
00:38:15KredeC b
00:38:15KredeC b
00:38:16KredeC b
00:38:16KredeC b
00:38:16KredeC bb
00:38:22Jerkku jes
00:38:25Jerkku I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:38TheyCallMeHaci I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:39creeeeeee lol
00:38:39TheyCallMeHaci gj slarder
00:38:40creeeeeee so fast
00:38:42TheyCallMeHaci you retard
00:38:44yeW- ofc
00:39:00KredeC can u stfu
00:39:03KredeC u failed mid
00:39:07ESA_93 I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:07Vangelis rosh
00:39:08Vangelis re
00:39:09KredeC and tdo nothing
00:39:11TheyCallMeHaci failed mid ?
00:39:15TheyCallMeHaci he ganked you guys
00:39:16TheyCallMeHaci not me
00:39:16ESA_93 en ymmärrä
00:39:23Laier mitä niin
00:39:23ESA_93 eikö tää s enää toimi
00:39:27KredeC well he is just as farmed as you
00:39:29ESA_93 kun cancelaa stunnin
00:39:30KredeC and u didnt gang
00:39:50TheyCallMeHaci well you guys failed down
00:39:52TheyCallMeHaci so stfu
00:40:01Jerkku go smoke
00:40:09KredeC i finish deso first
00:40:28TheyCallMeHaci they rosh
00:40:35TheyCallMeHaci only def
00:40:43TheyCallMeHaci only way to win
00:40:47Laier dont go mid
00:40:49Laier ill need 300
00:40:52yeW- hm
00:40:54KredeC get ready to rock
00:41:01KredeC come to me
00:41:05KredeC and we smoke them
00:41:05Laier b
00:41:08TheyCallMeHaci b plz
00:41:14creeeeeee i wonder if es has dagger
00:41:16TheyCallMeHaci we win in defending
00:41:18yeW- he does
00:41:21creeeeeee k
00:41:21KredeC come smoke?
00:41:23yeW- since 10 mins or o
00:41:23TheyCallMeHaci no
00:41:30slc2 micheal kom
00:41:31TheyCallMeHaci luna
00:41:32TheyCallMeHaci rape
00:41:33TheyCallMeHaci us
00:41:33creeeeeee he havnt had chance to use it tho
00:41:38creeeeeee always insta
00:41:38creeeeeee :D
00:41:40TheyCallMeHaci maybe wait on me
00:41:42TheyCallMeHaci retardo
00:41:45slc2 no beacuase slardar will focus
00:41:47KredeC well ur never there
00:42:03creeeeeee hooly shiit
00:42:18ESA_93 taas
00:42:18KredeC rax
00:42:19zonskass all bkbed
00:42:19creeeeeee i thought we get him faster
00:42:19slc2 go mid
00:42:24ESA_93 ei cancelannu
00:42:26Laier so... you went? >.<
00:42:35creeeeeee lich failed
00:42:37creeeeeee but then
00:42:40creeeeeee we failed on top of it
00:42:42slc2 get the rax please
00:42:51slc2 dont hunty
00:43:01slc2 tower
00:43:02ESA_93 me rox
00:43:02Jerkku b
00:43:03Jerkku b
00:43:03Jerkku b
00:43:03slc2 fast
00:43:14creeeeeee go with my ult now
00:43:15slc2 get tower
00:43:22yeW- omfg
00:43:25slc2 get mid dumbass
00:44:10ESA_93 vitun turhauttava peli
00:44:10KredeC smoke?
00:44:15KredeC and then get mid?
00:44:18Laier tottakai ku feilaat
00:44:24Laier ainaha se o turhauttavaa
00:44:24KredeC would be so easy
00:44:27KredeC to engage them
00:44:30TheyCallMeHaci k
00:44:32TheyCallMeHaci all 5 soke
00:44:35ESA_93 en näe failausta
00:44:42Laier jos missaat stunnit tol = fail
00:44:43ESA_93 näen paskat warkeyt tai näppäimistön
00:44:46creeeeeee YAAAAAA
00:44:47yeW- OWNED
00:44:48slc2 worth it?:D
00:44:49creeeeeee 4x bounce
00:44:50creeeeeee wtf
00:44:54slc2 why not :D
00:44:58creeeeeee kidding me
00:45:04TheyCallMeHaci just farm
00:45:04KredeC let me farm top for hyperstomne
00:45:59Laier why you keep going without me
00:46:01Laier or alone?
00:46:07KredeC get mid fast
00:46:16Laier just tell me why
00:46:24zonskass why tinker?
00:46:27Laier luna tp
00:46:27KredeC just mellee and b
00:46:27yeW- i'll
00:46:27TheyCallMeHaci omg
00:46:27Jerkku y
00:46:27TheyCallMeHaci die for melee
00:46:28ESA_93 lol?
00:46:35zonskass -afk
00:46:38Jerkku i tp
00:46:38slc2 focus the melee
00:46:38Jerkku blink*
00:46:38zonskass miran afk
00:46:38Jerkku forl una
00:46:38Jerkku ?
00:46:38TheyCallMeHaci go
00:46:38slc2 no rax
00:46:38KredeC y
00:46:38KredeC ho
00:46:38slc2 get the rax first
00:46:38Laier or plug :D
00:46:38KredeC nope
00:46:38KredeC luna first
00:46:38TheyCallMeHaci 2 dead
00:46:38TheyCallMeHaci go luna
00:46:38KredeC y
00:46:38KredeC kill luna
00:46:38TheyCallMeHaci BAN REQ
00:46:38Jerkku i try
00:46:38TheyCallMeHaci the admin
00:46:56Jerkku for the team
00:46:57KredeC wtf lina
00:47:10Jerkku np got rax
00:47:20Laier vittuku pittää kaikki theä ite!
00:47:20creeeeeee yes yes
00:47:21Laier :D
00:47:21KredeC well could have bin executed way better
00:47:22creeeeeee i plug
00:47:23creeeeeee for sure
00:47:25Laier :D
00:47:26ESA_93 one question boys: why are u going for luna?
00:47:27Laier joke mby?
00:47:27yeW- LAIER'ED!
00:47:33KredeC mirana starts to hurt
00:47:38Laier go mid?
00:47:39Laier all
00:47:41Vangelis ok
00:47:42Vangelis boss
00:47:51yeW- -ms
00:47:52creeeeeee pipe would rock but
00:47:56KredeC let them have first twr
00:48:02Laier mid and top tower
00:48:16Jerkku they rosh
00:48:20Jerkku go fast
00:48:24TheyCallMeHaci def it
00:48:25TheyCallMeHaci go ulti
00:48:29creeeeeee fcin inet
00:48:31Laier b
00:48:31Laier b
00:48:41TheyCallMeHaci b
00:49:01KredeC smoke
00:49:03Jerkku ¨slard
00:49:06Jerkku slard
00:49:07TheyCallMeHaci no
00:49:07TheyCallMeHaci me
00:49:07KredeC y
00:49:09TheyCallMeHaci he have haste
00:49:11TheyCallMeHaci with magic
00:49:23Laier ill get gem
00:49:24Laier and go?
00:49:26TheyCallMeHaci fast
00:49:27Jerkku i stay b
00:49:28KredeC justgo
00:49:28TheyCallMeHaci and tp top
00:49:30Jerkku if they come
00:49:30KredeC es stay back
00:49:39Laier b mby? :D
00:49:41KredeC stay back
00:49:46ESA_93 jesus boys
00:49:47KredeC we gotta def first
00:49:49TheyCallMeHaci omg
00:50:07ESA_93 get gem
00:50:18KredeC come
00:50:18ESA_93 they smoked
00:50:18Laier wait here
00:50:19Laier wait
00:50:20Laier ill smoke
00:50:20TheyCallMeHaci b all
00:50:25Laier ahh
00:50:27ESA_93 BACK
00:50:29Laier fuckin chicken
00:50:31yeW- xdd
00:50:39KredeC come here
00:50:41slc2 gogogogo
00:50:41TheyCallMeHaci gogo
00:50:42TheyCallMeHaci fast
00:50:42yeW- mira scout
00:50:48TheyCallMeHaci earth u start
00:50:59ESA_93 b
00:51:06slc2 go get bot?
00:51:08Laier go mid
00:51:10Vangelis care
00:51:10Laier after
00:51:11KredeC y
00:51:11slc2 guy gather please
00:51:13KredeC go btm
00:51:15Vangelis you
00:51:16Jerkku got smoke
00:51:16Vangelis got gem
00:51:17Vangelis ?
00:51:17Laier mid all
00:51:19KredeC we need to be gathered all the time
00:51:19Laier no
00:51:20Laier no room
00:51:26Vangelis i buy it
00:51:28slc2 get fucking bot
00:51:29KredeC just come to us
00:51:31Vangelis you carry
00:51:40Vangelis takje
00:51:40Vangelis gem
00:51:55TheyCallMeHaci stun
00:51:55TheyCallMeHaci go
00:52:15creeeeeee wtf is this
00:52:18ESA_93 I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:52:27slc2 I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:52:28TheyCallMeHaci its auto
00:52:29yeW- lol
00:52:30Laier sorry
00:52:30creeeeeee lol
00:52:30zonskass :D
00:52:31yeW- lolol
00:52:31creeeeeee :D:D:D
00:52:34yeW- haha
00:52:37yeW- loled irl
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