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-8 X
-3 TS

87% | 1480 X | 1498 TS

-13 X
-6 TS

73% | 1364 X | 1376 TS

-1 X
-4 TS

65% | 1306 X | 1346 TS

-37 X
-3 TS

63% | 1258 X | 1367 TS

-14 X
-3 TS

58% | 1195 X | 1397 TS

+28 X
+3 TS

74% | 1413 X | 1346 TS

+42 X
+6 TS

72% | 1378 X | 1348 TS

-17 X
+4 TS

71% | 1326 X | 1401 TS

+22 X
+3 TS

70% | 1344 X | 1353 TS

+9 X
+3 TS

69% | 1315 X | 1381 TS

Chat log

00:00:02Galgar -hhn
00:00:03slc2 -rd
00:00:03Vangelis -rd
00:00:08Vangelis -hhn
00:00:16Galgar almost same teams
00:00:18slc2 any body wants some thing?
00:00:18infect ck only imba here
00:00:19Galgar as last game
00:00:19Vangelis galgar
00:00:19Rotkiv can i have pit or ud
00:00:20Maier lastpick !
00:00:20-ToKe- ck:P
00:00:21Vangelis i need to know
00:00:21Maier i like
00:00:21Vangelis what you will pick
00:00:21infect ck or ud
00:00:21Maier oh
00:00:21Maier anna ud
00:00:21mansikka i can ud
00:00:21slc2 ill get u ud
00:00:21Galgar i cant see poll even
00:00:21Vangelis :/
00:00:21infect everybody can ud
00:00:21Galgar if gyro is in i can go that
00:00:21Rotkiv pit or ud if i can
00:00:21infect ban like
00:00:21slc2 ck
00:00:21Vangelis ud
00:00:21zonskass vangelis can i mid like always?
00:00:21Vangelis i pick you pit
00:00:21Fxx. gyro is
00:00:21Fxx. in pool
00:00:21-ToKe- xD
00:00:21Rotkiv ok
00:00:21Galgar nice
00:00:21slc2 any body sd?
00:00:21Maier get sd
00:00:21Maier not for me
00:00:21Vangelis zonskass
00:00:21slc2 any body sd?
00:00:21Vangelis it depends on picks
00:00:21Galgar what agis in pool?
00:00:21Vangelis nothing else
00:00:21infect niop
00:00:21slc2 comon guys
00:00:21infect nop :(
00:00:22slc2 its important
00:00:23Vangelis ck ud banned
00:00:25zonskass sd for me
00:00:29zonskass and i go mid
00:00:32zonskass i pro with sd
00:00:37Galgar what r bans?
00:00:37slc2 get lion and pit
00:00:40Vangelis ck ud
00:00:43zonskass sd for me pls
00:00:43Vangelis get
00:00:44Vangelis sd
00:00:45Maier get bat + pit
00:00:46Vangelis for zonskass
00:00:47Maier :D
00:00:48Vangelis nvm
00:00:52slc2 get lion
00:00:54Maier viper too
00:00:58slc2 no viper
00:01:02slc2 get lion now
00:01:04Maier silencer
00:01:05infect maier goes lastpick carry
00:01:06infect nice
00:01:10Maier jea
00:01:14Galgar and try to buy chik asap
00:01:19Galgar not on 7min or 8
00:01:19Rotkiv Vangelis your pick is?
00:01:22Galgar like last time
00:01:24Vangelis we will see
00:01:27Vangelis wait a bit
00:01:30Vangelis i need to see their picks
00:01:30slc2 maier u can go storm if u wnats
00:01:36slc2 ¨get chen
00:01:38slc2 get chen
00:01:40Maier -ii
00:01:42Galgar take bh
00:01:43Maier -water red
00:01:43-ToKe- chen cool
00:01:44Maier -weather rain
00:01:44Galgar its good asap
00:01:47Maier tahtsid ise võtta ? :D
00:01:49Vangelis ok bh it is then
00:01:49infect i aint that good micro
00:01:49-ToKe- if u can play with it
00:01:52Fxx. they have got 4 free kills
00:01:52Rotkiv bh?
00:01:53Galgar its imba agains sil lion on start
00:01:55Vangelis gondar
00:01:55Fxx. if i farm good
00:01:57infect tahad bati ?
00:01:59Fxx. i cant totaly pown this game
00:02:00Vangelis -swap 5
00:02:02Rotkiv -swap 1
00:02:03zonskass who mid?
00:02:03Maier noup :D
00:02:04slc2 lion and bat bot
00:02:07infect chicken
00:02:07-ToKe- jamad
00:02:08slc2 maier ur top
00:02:08Vangelis galgar
00:02:08Galgar i
00:02:08infect btw
00:02:09Vangelis i am afraid
00:02:10Vangelis i am mid
00:02:11Maier umm
00:02:12-ToKe- pickid
00:02:14Maier sile + storm top ?
00:02:15Galgar what?
00:02:16Maier 2 carries ?
00:02:20zonskass let me with gyro line
00:02:21zonskass then
00:02:22Fxx. why u pick 2. invis hero ?
00:02:22-ToKe- kinda shit
00:02:24Vangelis gyro sd top
00:02:24Galgar agains stomr or doom bh get assrape
00:02:25Maier agreed
00:02:26slc2 yea i know.... it sucks but u die to much in bot
00:02:31Vangelis vs doom?
00:02:31Maier nah
00:02:31Fxx. they will be now spam dust , sentrys , gems
00:02:32Maier once im 6
00:02:32Vangelis how do i get
00:02:34Galgar well goodluck then
00:02:34Maier im unkillable
00:02:35zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:36Vangelis owned by doom
00:02:37Vangelis tell me
00:02:37zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control The Shadow Demon [d,c,w,g]
00:02:39Galgar try not to fail
00:02:40-ToKe- kui kui just bat ei oska forestida
00:02:46Vangelis how can i fail vs doom
00:02:47Vangelis tell me
00:02:48Vangelis :D
00:02:49Galgar u need fast midas
00:02:50slc2 guys just focus out sd very fast
00:02:52Galgar + bf
00:02:53slc2 and gyru
00:02:55zonskass gyro, yuo do rocket, then i 1spell. and they dead
00:02:55slc2 gyro
00:02:56Maier guru
00:03:00Maier FUCK
00:03:02Galgar i got rocket
00:03:03Maier didnt buy chick
00:03:03Galgar y
00:03:05Vangelis you need to do fast first spell tho
00:03:06slc2 its ok
00:03:08-ToKe- kama ma laksin essat
00:03:08Vangelis sd
00:03:09zonskass you start always
00:03:09slc2 buy when u can
00:03:11Vangelis otherwise rocket
00:03:14zonskass no no
00:03:14Vangelis wont work
00:03:15Fxx. pit
00:03:18Fxx. can u let me farm please ?
00:03:21zonskass i checked that, perfect works
00:03:23Maier thing is, i need bottle to roam
00:03:29Maier ma pullin
00:03:30-ToKe- sa mine mingi 6-7 roami
00:03:32Galgar move?
00:03:41zonskass ohh
00:03:46Maier gyro on easybash kill
00:03:47infect lion
00:03:48infect let me
00:04:04zonskass do rocket
00:04:12Galgar oin sd?
00:04:32zonskass not near him
00:04:32Galgar u use that toi fast
00:04:34zonskass :D
00:04:42Maier lahmi
00:04:45zonskass we need some range
00:04:47zonskass then good
00:05:01infect türa
00:05:02zonskass now
00:05:03infect skillisid valet
00:05:14infect skilled wrong spell
00:05:16Galgar gain tard
00:05:19Galgar use that late
00:05:23zonskass ok ok
00:05:26Galgar diiot
00:05:27Galgar sk
00:05:29Galgar what ook
00:05:29Maier :D
00:05:29Galgar ok
00:05:32-ToKe- :P
00:05:32Galgar u fuck
00:05:34Galgar 2 kills up
00:05:34Galgar tard
00:05:40Galgar i stun first then u use it
00:05:42zonskass when i was playing with another gyro, it was fine
00:05:44Galgar nab
00:05:52Galgar well u cant time ur skill on them
00:05:53Galgar i see
00:05:55Fxx. so stop spam now
00:05:57Fxx. and play
00:05:57Fxx. !
00:06:08Fxx. ss
00:06:09Fxx. care mid
00:06:40Galgar this
00:06:40Galgar guy
00:06:40Maier :D:D::DD
00:06:41Galgar sucks
00:06:45Galgar dont do that again
00:06:46-ToKe- this is how we doit :D
00:06:54Galgar u use ur shit on totaly wrong time
00:06:56Galgar 3time
00:06:57Maier nad ei saa aru
00:06:57Maier et
00:06:58zonskass that silencer anoying
00:07:04Maier ma teen lvl 2-st niiiiii palju dammi lihtsalt
00:07:06Galgar well uy
00:07:07Galgar u
00:07:12-ToKe- y
00:07:14Galgar use skill on storm when i use rockets
00:07:15Galgar idiot
00:07:21Galgar think whit ur head not ur ass
00:07:28Galgar hes lvl 6
00:07:28zonskass shut up bitch
00:07:29slc2 bounty goin top
00:07:30slc2 re
00:07:31Galgar coz u cant playu
00:08:21slc2 ss goin bot
00:08:21Fxx. fuck this
00:08:44slc2 need chick
00:08:58slc2 dead?
00:09:00zonskass no
00:09:04slc2 miss on sd?
00:09:05zonskass ;]
00:09:16slc2 miss on sd?
00:09:17Maier yea
00:09:18Galgar gank top
00:09:18Maier sorry
00:09:19Galgar bh
00:09:20Vangelis y
00:09:29-ToKe- ai kus vend saab
00:09:37Galgar cant to shit
00:09:41Galgar ty to this sd
00:09:44Galgar timing
00:09:49slc2 ss mid
00:09:52Galgar lvl 7 sil top whit storm
00:09:53infect ss bot 2
00:10:06Maier puutsasid tahaks
00:10:18Fxx. ss 2 down
00:10:29-ToKe- vittu noh
00:10:36Maier on geid herod
00:10:37Rotkiv ss
00:10:41-ToKe- mhmh
00:10:42Vangelis gank mid again
00:10:44Maier mul 6 vaja
00:10:45zonskass ok
00:10:45Maier siis surevad
00:10:59Vangelis ss doom
00:11:02Vangelis wait
00:11:03-ToKe- tipatapa ülesse :D
00:11:04Vangelis rune
00:11:08Rotkiv tra
00:11:21Fxx. we need gang down
00:11:29slc2 3 mid
00:11:35Maier twr gone
00:11:37Maier and they ran
00:11:38slc2 ¨miss on gyro and sd
00:11:42mansikka XD
00:11:45slc2 that say ss
00:12:00infect 4 bot :D
00:12:04zonskass gang mid?
00:12:05Galgar leave me
00:12:09Galgar bottl
00:12:13Maier ütle ka misse
00:12:14Maier toke
00:12:18zonskass go mid
00:12:26Maier use
00:12:44slc2 come and gank mid now
00:12:46Vangelis i shop
00:12:46slc2 lion
00:12:54infect with dust
00:12:57slc2 they are 2 or 3 mid all the time
00:12:58zonskass me too
00:12:59infect useless otherwise
00:13:12Galgar bh kill more sil
00:13:13Vangelis mine
00:13:13zonskass ddd
00:13:24infect btw, we should get
00:13:27Galgar kill
00:13:28slc2 wards
00:13:28infect fast gem
00:13:28Galgar kill
00:13:33Galgar go take dd
00:13:34Galgar and go
00:13:35Galgar kill
00:13:36Galgar sil
00:13:46Maier got doom ?
00:13:49slc2 2 mid
00:13:49Vangelis omg
00:13:58Fxx. hahahah
00:14:01Maier doom sd
00:14:06Rotkiv jep
00:14:09Maier he got dd
00:14:10Fxx. this tower change target on me :-)
00:14:39Vangelis deny
00:15:24Maier how fucking idiotic heroes
00:15:26Maier good combos
00:15:39Galgar riki
00:15:42Galgar u die if u go
00:15:42Fxx. whaaaat ?
00:15:46Fxx. i know
00:15:49slc2 im b
00:15:52Galgar rune
00:15:53infect me too
00:16:10Vangelis take it
00:16:10Vangelis riki
00:16:17Galgar lion
00:16:18Rotkiv need mana
00:16:28Vangelis -st
00:16:31slc2 i come bot
00:16:37infect got track
00:16:38infect on me
00:16:52infect 4 bot
00:16:55Galgar 3bot
00:16:58slc2 get here guys
00:16:59Maier võtame midist
00:17:05Rotkiv gyro?
00:17:19Maier gj
00:17:21Rotkiv omg
00:17:23Vangelis pit
00:17:24Vangelis :/
00:17:41Vangelis p
00:17:43Vangelis take
00:17:44Vangelis tower
00:17:48infect tp?
00:17:55-ToKe- low hp
00:18:01infect maier, see oli pask
00:18:03infect easy killid
00:18:15infect go
00:18:16infect go
00:18:30Galgar kill
00:18:43Maier heaaaaaaaaaaa
00:18:54Rotkiv gj
00:18:55-ToKe- tra see riki
00:18:58Maier we need a gem
00:19:01infect yeah
00:19:01Galgar b
00:19:14infect get tanky doom
00:19:15infect fast
00:19:17-ToKe- ok mul kohe forka ka :D
00:19:24Vangelis -st
00:19:48slc2 get mid
00:19:53Maier oh wow
00:19:57Maier we really need a gem
00:19:59Vangelis mana
00:20:31Vangelis cloud
00:20:47Maier ASSRAPE
00:21:07-ToKe- my curse own :D
00:21:08Fxx. :-)
00:21:09Galgar why u dive?
00:21:14zonskass tp
00:21:18Galgar play safe u made ur kills come back
00:21:21Galgar take towers
00:21:22Vangelis had to wait
00:21:22Vangelis a bit
00:21:31infect see oli meie pask :D
00:21:33-ToKe- need doom tank
00:21:34Vangelis -st
00:21:37zonskass -st
00:21:38-ToKe- and then give him gem
00:21:40Maier ma tõin dusti
00:21:40zonskass 2k
00:21:41infect yeah
00:21:51infect ma mõtlen, et minu pask ka nagu
00:21:52infect :d
00:21:58slc2 kill gyro
00:21:58-ToKe- tra laske mull forka lõppetada :D
00:22:43Maier sorry
00:22:44Maier was oom
00:22:54Galgar take tower
00:22:55Galgar now
00:23:07zonskass mana
00:23:15infect come
00:23:19infect for riki
00:23:23-ToKe- mul dustid ka
00:23:25Vangelis cant
00:23:25infect even nub riki is ownage
00:23:26Vangelis kill
00:23:33Rotkiv b
00:23:33Vangelis cant
00:23:35Vangelis he has ult
00:24:06infect my fire does imba damage?
00:24:07infect :D:D
00:24:09Fxx. dust end and u still see me ?
00:24:12Rotkiv top rune
00:24:13infect u attacked
00:24:15infect idiot :d
00:24:17infect idiot
00:24:23Fxx. my fucking hero rly do this ?
00:24:26Rotkiv come someone top
00:24:28-ToKe- heelo
00:24:31Maier tra
00:24:33Maier sorri
00:24:34-ToKe- vaadake minimappi
00:24:49Rotkiv someone
00:24:51Fxx. coming
00:24:58Vangelis riki you need
00:24:59Vangelis diffusal
00:25:04Fxx. i dont need
00:25:16infect could use some towers
00:25:20Galgar diffu for sure
00:25:23Maier come
00:25:25Maier got dust
00:25:37-ToKe- got dust in bot to :)
00:25:44Fxx. haters :_)
00:25:47-ToKe- push up
00:25:50-ToKe- we push bot
00:25:52infect get twrs
00:25:53zonskass mana
00:25:58Fxx. 0 wards
00:26:02Fxx. its allways bad
00:26:04Galgar so easy to spot u if u stan next to creeps
00:26:26Vangelis why not
00:26:26Vangelis bot
00:26:27Vangelis :D
00:26:33Rotkiv fuck didnt notice
00:26:42Maier toke
00:26:43Maier tee
00:26:45Maier rod of atos
00:26:50Galgar look woods
00:26:54infect doom
00:26:58infect get hp and tank items
00:26:58-ToKe- mõtlesin rohkem orcide peale
00:27:00infect now
00:27:01Maier imba lion
00:27:02Maier no wards
00:27:11mansikka ok
00:27:16infect dust for botr
00:27:48Vangelis plz
00:27:49Vangelis dont solo
00:27:50Vangelis ....
00:27:53Maier get armor
00:27:53Maier insta
00:27:54Maier slc2
00:27:58slc2 shiv
00:28:00Maier ye
00:28:02infect gank riki
00:28:12Vangelis def mid
00:28:16slc2 im goin top
00:28:21Fxx. they came gang me
00:28:22-ToKe- well we need that wards still
00:28:23zonskass riki manta?
00:28:33Fxx. no
00:28:38Galgar manta is good only if he got diffu
00:28:41Galgar what he dosent have
00:28:49Fxx. i go eos
00:29:18Galgar ward need there
00:29:20Maier wards there
00:29:46Vangelis riki
00:29:47Galgar b
00:29:47Vangelis ????
00:29:50Galgar wtf
00:29:51Vangelis k nvm b
00:29:51Fxx. what ?
00:29:52-ToKe- wait doom
00:29:53Galgar r u doing
00:29:56Fxx. i dont go
00:29:56-ToKe- then go in
00:29:58Fxx. they focus me 1.
00:29:59Galgar get her
00:30:00Maier doom
00:30:01Galgar tard
00:30:02Maier doom like
00:30:02infect i reg
00:30:03Maier riki
00:30:04Maier or smth
00:30:04infect ostke
00:30:05Galgar fuckk
00:30:05infect clarity
00:30:07Galgar gert ur ass top
00:30:08infect saan daggeri
00:30:11Fxx. 100 to item
00:30:14Vangelis no entry anymore
00:30:15Vangelis no go
00:30:17Fxx. i rly dont go die
00:30:18Galgar go back
00:30:20Galgar push bot
00:30:21Fxx. and lose 500
00:30:23infect or not
00:30:25Galgar allb
00:30:26zonskass pit ulti
00:30:27zonskass bot
00:30:33Rotkiv no ulti
00:30:34Maier dont
00:30:35Maier go there
00:30:38-ToKe- ward
00:30:45Maier ah yea
00:30:49Maier 4
00:30:49Maier 4
00:30:50Maier go
00:30:50Maier go
00:30:51Maier go
00:30:54Rotkiv b
00:31:12Vangelis care
00:31:14Vangelis bat dagger
00:31:30infect shit ward
00:31:44Rotkiv i go ac?
00:31:52Vangelis hex???
00:31:56Rotkiv k
00:31:56Galgar hex yh
00:32:08Maier im base
00:32:08infect get gem on me
00:32:08Maier oom
00:32:10Galgar b
00:32:14Fxx. oh , rly ?
00:32:15infect go five when gem
00:32:23-ToKe- y
00:32:37Maier care
00:32:41Maier dont solo
00:32:42Maier ever
00:32:44mansikka fu
00:32:48zonskass fuck of vbitch
00:32:48mansikka i solo if i want
00:33:01slc2 hardcor
00:33:19infect no gem dust :(
00:33:35infect we cant
00:33:49Fxx. luci ...
00:33:51Maier b
00:33:52Maier all
00:33:55Fxx. with your uara ...
00:34:01Maier -ms
00:34:09slc2 need 600 then we go mid
00:34:14infect las ma
00:34:16infect ma ostan gemi
00:34:19-ToKe- need 200 :D
00:34:24Maier a
00:34:25Maier tra
00:34:27Maier ei näind
00:34:34Vangelis go with 5 now
00:34:37Galgar i needago
00:34:39Galgar 100gmisisng
00:34:40Maier riki skadi
00:34:43Maier o.O
00:34:50zonskass i need 1500
00:34:53Maier reuse
00:34:53zonskass w8 1 hourt
00:34:57Fxx. i need 10k +-
00:34:57Galgar stfu
00:35:09Galgar play more smartass
00:35:13infect 70 to gem
00:35:20slc2 go reg then we go
00:35:22Vangelis illu doom
00:35:24Vangelis he has nice auras
00:35:26slc2 any body have gem?
00:35:30Maier come quick
00:35:31Maier almost dd
00:35:32Vangelis gather 5 mid now
00:35:34-ToKe- take
00:35:49infect k gem
00:35:53slc2 go get towers now
00:35:54Vangelis all come
00:36:01slc2 go 5
00:36:01Vangelis riki
00:36:02Vangelis ?
00:36:18Galgar go farm and fed
00:36:18Fxx. hmmmmmmmm
00:36:19Galgar same time
00:36:23Galgar like a boss
00:36:37Maier go bot
00:36:38Maier all
00:36:39Vangelis gyro
00:36:39Vangelis :D
00:36:44infect we cant
00:36:46zonskass fucking silence
00:36:49Galgar what gyro
00:36:50Galgar u go in
00:36:52Vangelis why not
00:36:53Vangelis come
00:36:54Galgar 5 if riki is dead?
00:36:56Galgar think plz
00:36:56Fxx. use ulty
00:36:57Fxx. gyro
00:37:11-ToKe- ward
00:37:15-ToKe- and come with gem
00:37:15zonskass gem on bat
00:37:28zonskass dd
00:37:30Fxx. cause mr"captain"
00:37:34Fxx. pick 2. invis hero
00:37:37Fxx. as i said
00:37:39Vangelis why
00:37:39Vangelis do
00:37:41Vangelis you solo
00:37:41Vangelis ?
00:37:43Galgar riki
00:37:44Galgar u suck
00:37:45Galgar jhust
00:37:47Galgar tht is it
00:37:48Fxx. so ok
00:37:53Fxx. i suck
00:37:56Fxx. so u DONT NEED ME
00:37:56infect i get mana
00:37:58infect then dust
00:38:05zonskass riki leave then
00:38:09zonskass we dont need you
00:38:09-ToKe- smoke? :D
00:38:10Maier tee hex
00:38:11Maier nüüd
00:38:19Vangelis they would
00:38:21infect gather mid
00:38:23Vangelis make gem anyway
00:38:24Vangelis vs riki
00:38:31infect doom strom
00:38:32-ToKe- let doom bait
00:38:33Galgar ofc
00:38:36Fxx. u destroy my game gondar
00:38:47Fxx. so i must now farm
00:38:47Maier we need
00:38:48Maier doom
00:38:49Fxx. like hell
00:38:49Rotkiv lets use my ulti somewhere
00:38:52Galgar lol
00:38:54Vangelis no point
00:38:55Galgar u farm time
00:38:55Vangelis going with 4
00:38:56Galgar if over
00:38:57Galgar idiot
00:39:00Galgar u cant kill evne no1
00:39:03Galgar whit ur farm
00:39:22zonskass riki
00:39:24zonskass go
00:39:26Galgar look
00:39:33Galgar lol
00:39:33Galgar nab
00:39:35Galgar I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:36Galgar idiot
00:39:37Galgar fucking nab
00:39:41slc2 go mid
00:39:44Vangelis why
00:39:45Vangelis do you not
00:39:46Galgar enter if other r then not then run mofo
00:39:50Vangelis hit 20% heroes
00:39:51Vangelis ?
00:39:52Galgar tghat thard
00:39:52zonskass riki back with 80% hp
00:39:53Vangelis you are full hp
00:39:55Galgar and umust smoke sill
00:39:57Galgar not other
00:39:57Fxx. we lost this cause u fucking pick 2. invis hero
00:39:58-ToKe- ma teen asuldi
00:40:00Galgar ifu play first time riki
00:40:02Galgar tard fuck
00:40:03Maier asuldi ? :D
00:40:03-ToKe- mul armorit vaja
00:40:04Galgar he make most dam
00:40:11Fxx. gyro
00:40:12infect our lanes are fucked
00:40:12-ToKe- ja as
00:40:13infect :(
00:40:13Galgar stuf
00:40:14Fxx. i rly ignore your spam
00:40:16Galgar and learn to play
00:40:16Maier aaa k
00:40:17Fxx. i rly dont read it
00:40:19Galgar do that
00:40:20Fxx. so stop it
00:40:25Galgar we loose coz ur fucking nab
00:40:27Galgar and cant playu
00:40:27slc2 storm guinso now?
00:40:27Maier im base
00:40:29Maier need mana
00:40:30Galgar play riki at all
00:40:39slc2 storm is goin guinso?
00:40:45slc2 and the same are silencer right?
00:40:50-ToKe- no
00:40:52Maier now, yes
00:40:53-ToKe- after ac
00:40:54infect u all should
00:40:55Maier i'm going hex
00:40:58infect ja maier, su linken sitt
00:40:59slc2 dont do ac
00:41:02Galgar skadi on riki is shit
00:41:05Maier ei ole
00:41:07Maier sitaks hea
00:41:08Galgar no diffu no win
00:41:09Fxx. guys
00:41:12Fxx. he still spam ?
00:41:17-ToKe- well i still doit
00:41:19Fxx. read it s1 ?
00:41:23infect tee hex
00:41:24Maier kuna sd banish
00:41:24Maier asjad
00:41:32Maier tracki võtab ära
00:41:35Maier missile
00:41:36infect hex riki ja gondari vastu parem
00:41:52-ToKe- ok tapame :D
00:41:57infect gather mid
00:42:06-ToKe- lähme
00:42:12Vangelis goi with
00:42:13Vangelis 5 plz
00:42:22Vangelis again
00:42:23Vangelis someone
00:42:24Vangelis ....
00:42:29Fxx. focus batr
00:42:34Vangelis b
00:42:36Vangelis at tower
00:42:37Vangelis we def
00:42:48zonskass bitrider and silencer focus
00:42:52Vangelis b
00:42:53Vangelis need
00:42:53Vangelis sd
00:42:56Vangelis no point in 4v5
00:43:05zonskass 10s
00:43:09infect cd oli
00:43:13infect b rdy
00:43:34Galgar I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:42infect why are you fucking farming doom
00:43:44infect when we kill ?
00:43:48infect sleep less
00:43:51infect told you be rdy
00:43:52slc2 no
00:43:54infect i go in
00:43:57slc2 i was;)
00:43:57Fxx. gj
00:44:01-ToKe- wheres gem
00:44:01Fxx. next time pick 2. invis
00:44:03Fxx. please
00:44:07infect i got killed cause you slept
00:44:10Galgar next time leave before 10min
00:44:12Galgar tard fuck
00:44:12zonskass next time dont make skadi
00:44:13-ToKe- b
00:44:15-ToKe- after
00:44:16Galgar nab
00:44:19Galgar skadi on riki
00:44:19infect now buy me a new one
00:44:21Galgar how pro is that
00:44:32Fxx. go teach me
00:44:34Fxx. gyro please
00:44:34Fxx. !
00:44:35infect buy me
00:44:36infect the gem
00:44:45infect lion?
00:44:48Fxx. captain
00:44:49mansikka NO
00:44:49zonskass destry gem?
00:44:51infect wtf is wrong with this team
00:44:52Fxx. never again pick 2. invis
00:44:52Vangelis ofc
00:44:54mansikka u have money
00:44:57Fxx. they cause of this spam more dust
00:44:59-ToKe- ok ac koos
00:45:00Fxx. sebntrys
00:45:01Fxx. gems
00:45:04Fxx. and i cant farm
00:45:05infect so, me as tank abt
00:45:06infect bat
00:45:09Fxx. if i only farm
00:45:09infect need to buy gem
00:45:12Fxx. no gang
00:45:14infect when support lion doesnt?
00:45:15Fxx. they dont shop it
00:45:17mansikka y
00:45:19infect :D
00:45:21Fxx. and i came with imba farm
00:45:25infect u x farmer
00:45:26infect fucker
00:45:29-ToKe- gem is our win in this game
00:45:34infect yeah
00:45:35mansikka lol
00:45:38-ToKe- oota ma farmin sulle gemi
00:45:39mansikka buying gem gives x
00:45:55Vangelis -st
00:45:58Maier 0:5-st 6:5-ni
00:45:59-ToKe- tra kus ma lammutan :D
00:46:02Vangelis coming
00:46:13zonskass why
00:46:17Fxx. b
00:46:40infect doom no tp :D:D?
00:46:41Fxx. they had no gem
00:46:42-ToKe- tra tapse se sd ära :D
00:46:43slc2 nope:D
00:46:45mansikka died cos i had to buy gem
00:46:45Fxx. and when u came gondar
00:46:45Galgar ward?
00:46:50infect :D ?
00:46:54Fxx. they chick came with gem
00:46:59infect explain us that now
00:47:01mansikka ok
00:47:05-ToKe- rosh?
00:47:09zonskass you should w8 us
00:47:19infect need lion to ward up
00:47:20mansikka i had money for force staff if i didnt buy gem
00:47:20infect then we can
00:47:33-ToKe- take ward
00:47:38Fxx. they rosh now
00:48:02-ToKe- võttan?
00:48:07infect võid jah
00:48:19Maier anan gem
00:48:20Maier silele
00:48:29slc2 go mid
00:48:37slc2 got money for buy out guys?
00:48:38infect selli
00:48:40infect see
00:48:42infect talisman
00:48:51Galgar rofl
00:48:56Fxx. FUCK U
00:49:04Maier ilus
00:49:05-ToKe- go bot
00:49:08infect mid
00:49:12zonskass skadi doesnt kill them?
00:49:16-ToKe- miks?
00:49:20infect we cant push when they psuh
00:49:21Galgar ofc not
00:49:21Vangelis cant
00:49:22Vangelis def
00:49:22Vangelis bot
00:49:25Vangelis give bot tower
00:49:25Vangelis ?
00:49:26Rotkiv where the fuck tyou
00:49:27Rotkiv omgh
00:49:32-ToKe- 106 inti
00:49:36Vangelis why
00:49:40Vangelis you go 1 by 1
00:49:46zonskass i was go place ward
00:49:49Vangelis dont ward
00:49:51Vangelis they have gem
00:49:55Maier sec
00:49:59Fxx. gondar pick lost this game
00:50:01Maier im fking oom
00:50:01Galgar awrd
00:50:02Galgar ward
00:50:06-ToKe- teen ma heci või teen
00:50:09-ToKe- mkb?
00:50:10Galgar comebot
00:50:11infect hex
00:50:11Maier hex
00:50:11Galgar def bot
00:50:17infect dmg ja hex lahe
00:50:23Vangelis remember
00:50:24Vangelis silencer
00:50:26Vangelis has aegis
00:50:36zonskass 4s
00:51:01zonskass perma silence
00:51:10Maier tra
00:51:10Maier :D
00:51:10Rotkiv I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:12-ToKe- ahahhahaha 20 hp
00:51:12infect tp
00:51:15Vangelis fxx
00:51:16Fxx. perma all cast on me
00:51:17Vangelis you are a noob
00:51:17Maier NO NEED
00:51:20Vangelis we should have pushed
00:51:24Vangelis when we had the advatage
00:51:26Vangelis but instead
00:51:27Vangelis you farm skadi
00:51:29Vangelis gg ff
00:51:30Vangelis I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:30-ToKe- meil pole naq nii vaja hexi
00:51:47Maier miks ka mitte tglt
00:51:53Vangelis skadi riki too stronk
00:51:56infect miks sa hexi ei taha teha?
00:52:00-ToKe- teeme naq nii 5 0 batteleid
00:52:01infect hex annab dammi kõvasti
00:52:02Galgar diffu ripe
00:52:02zonskass :D
00:52:04Galgar skadi sucsk
00:52:07-ToKe- mkb lahedam :D
00:52:08infect ja sheep imba
00:52:19slc2 ff guys?
00:52:20Maier go top
00:52:21Fxx. only skadi is not good
00:52:22zonskass not in this ga,me
00:52:23-ToKe- mull mkb koos ka kohe
00:52:30Fxx. but i have got zero farm cause iu fucking pick gondar !
00:52:33Vangelis skadi first item
00:52:33-ToKe- 400
00:52:34Vangelis is bad
00:52:39Vangelis regardless of what you say
00:52:41infect go top
00:52:47infect otoa
00:52:48infect maier
00:52:49infect oota
00:53:16Maier :DDD
00:53:18Fxx. TOOOOO LATE
00:53:18Rotkiv I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:53:18Fxx. !
00:53:19Galgar ?
00:53:21-ToKe- jälle :D
00:53:23Maier ikka elus
00:53:29Vangelis I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:53:30Fxx. and ty pit
00:53:31slc2 -cs
00:53:34Fxx. for sending me to suicide
00:53:36Vangelis 1 more ff
00:53:36Vangelis plz
00:53:38Vangelis this is boring
00:53:39zonskass dd
00:53:40zonskass I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
00:53:41-ToKe- tavaiks mkb ftw :D
00:53:42Fxx. i had again gold on next item
00:53:43infect damn
00:53:47-ToKe- nooooooooo
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