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-34 X
-2 TS

89% | 1490 X | 1522 TS

-16 X
-2 TS

87% | 1490 X | 1486 TS

-30 X
-2 TS

78% | 1429 X | 1389 TS

+7 X
-2 TS

78% | 1422 X | 1393 TS

+0 X
-2 TS

66% | 1306 X | 1353 TS

+16 X
+10 TS

94% | 1748 X | 1346 TS

+40 X
+2 TS

84% | 1445 X | 1468 TS

+11 X
+2 TS

83% | 1425 X | 1478 TS

+11 X
+5 TS

67% | 1311 X | 1362 TS

+5 X
+2 TS

58% | 1257 X | 1361 TS

Chat log

00:00:03Maier ap
00:00:03valiante -ap
00:00:10infect palju 2 bracerit hp-d kokku annavad
00:00:19Maier 12str
00:00:20Maier mingi
00:00:22Inuusini let me farm top
00:00:23valiante hmm
00:00:25Maier 228
00:00:27zonskass can i mid?
00:00:40valiante hmm
00:00:41Galgar i think
00:00:41valiante bat
00:00:42valiante mid
00:00:43Galgar maxy go mid
00:00:43valiante me and veno
00:00:45valiante top
00:00:46valiante slark
00:00:46Galgar hes good
00:00:47valiante bot
00:00:51Galgar i hope
00:00:52KeLToS -clear
00:00:52Galgar whit sil
00:00:53infect gondar
00:00:55Maier k
00:00:55que2stress pudge come bot with me
00:00:58Maier -ii
00:01:00Maier -water red
00:01:01Maier -weather rain
00:01:02Galgar share
00:01:03valiante veno
00:01:04Galgar chiken
00:01:07valiante oh nice
00:01:07zonskass 2 melees bot?
00:01:07Inuusini pudge?
00:01:17infect thought you are too stupid to buy anyways
00:01:20Inuusini idc, i just want to farm top
00:01:28infect only wards you gonna see from me
00:01:28que2stress if u want farm pudfe
00:01:29Galgar imakepulls
00:01:33que2stress u must come bot
00:01:37Maxy imo dont pull
00:01:39Galgar lvl 3 can kill them
00:01:41zonskass i dont need farm
00:01:42Maxy if you dont push
00:01:44zonskass i need level
00:01:45Maxy if you want to push
00:01:46creeeeeee oh shit
00:01:47Maxy or if it's pushed
00:01:49Maxy than pull
00:01:54valiante ?
00:01:55zonskass /w DotaKeys: off
00:01:56creeeeeee nvm
00:01:56zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:01:58zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Butcher [t,r,d,x]
00:02:03Galgar well i stack then
00:02:06creeeeeee took firefly as first
00:02:06Galgar and pull then
00:02:07Maxy y
00:02:09creeeeeee but sile mid
00:02:18Galgar if no ward there
00:02:24Galgar i rush bkb
00:02:39Galgar ward
00:02:44Inuusini or illu block
00:03:37zonskass :DDDD
00:03:39Maier fucking creeps
00:03:40KeLToS )
00:03:46que2stress he would be dead
00:03:46zonskass fil hard go pro
00:04:16valiante lvl
00:04:16valiante 3
00:04:17valiante g
00:04:54infect nice, nub ts
00:05:00infect with ligghning
00:05:27Maxy ss
00:05:31creeeeeee mid miss
00:05:57infect mid ss
00:05:58infect re
00:06:14que2stress stay base plz
00:06:14zonskass why stun
00:06:17zonskass crix
00:06:22que2stress why even
00:06:24KeLToS flying?
00:06:25que2stress go there with 400 hp
00:06:26creeeeeee ss mid again
00:06:26Galgar 'c,pm
00:06:27Galgar tb
00:06:28Galgar u suck
00:06:32creeeeeee re
00:06:34Galgar low 1 hit
00:06:35Galgar and u cant kill
00:06:38creeeeeee kill bot
00:06:47valiante hmm
00:07:13infect oom
00:07:17infect 10 mana
00:07:53Maier right
00:07:54Maier fucking
00:07:57KeLToS i tried
00:08:02Maier was my bad
00:08:03Maier anyway
00:08:29Galgar stop
00:08:30Galgar fed
00:08:30Galgar plz
00:08:39infect gj
00:08:44zonskass yeas, give best line ever
00:08:47valiante u2
00:08:51que2stress oO
00:08:53que2stress u play shit
00:09:01zonskass i play good, but line shit
00:09:03infect i go reg
00:09:07zonskass look my pudge statistic
00:09:08KeLToS omfg
00:09:10zonskass in web
00:09:12Maxy like a boss
00:09:20zonskass -st
00:09:31valiante track gold now
00:09:31valiante veno
00:09:32valiante :)
00:09:39zonskass omg
00:09:42infect coming
00:09:46KeLToS go
00:09:59creeeeeee lets top now
00:10:01creeeeeee kill
00:10:08Galgar 'ss1
00:10:19Galgar omg
00:10:20Galgar noice
00:10:21Galgar mid
00:10:31Maxy last time i said
00:10:32zonskass shit capitan
00:10:33Galgar can go ff asap
00:10:34Maxy no1 even goes back
00:10:36zonskass shit lines
00:10:44zonskass i failed
00:10:44Galgar no not shitlines
00:10:48Galgar shit playr
00:10:50que2stress how can other lanes turn ur brains on?
00:10:53valiante nice
00:10:54valiante _:D
00:11:11creeeeeee mid ss
00:11:13zonskass if i was top with lesh, we pwned them
00:11:15Galgar i give all farm to terror
00:11:18Galgar and he got no boots even
00:11:19infect top
00:11:25creeeeeee :/ he was killed
00:11:26Galgar omg
00:11:26creeeeeee sry
00:11:31Inuusini what farm?
00:11:31Galgar nicefarm
00:11:36Galgar all creesp
00:11:41Inuusini there was no farm on that lane
00:11:48Galgar there where
00:11:52Galgar but u cant lasthit
00:11:57Inuusini yeah, that was it
00:11:58Inuusini ofc
00:11:59que2stress make flying
00:12:30valiante care
00:12:31valiante for mc
00:12:47Maxy ?
00:12:48Galgar wtf
00:12:53Maxy you could just walk
00:12:55Maxy and get a kill
00:14:24zonskass :D
00:14:28valiante -st
00:15:18que2stress come with me
00:15:19que2stress i plant
00:15:59que2stress plz buy
00:16:00que2stress sentry wards
00:16:05que2stress pudge
00:16:33valiante :D
00:16:34zonskass imba
00:16:35zonskass shit
00:16:38Galgar well that bad
00:16:39creeeeeee imba tank pudge :D
00:16:39infect tp top some1
00:16:43infect go for tb
00:16:43Galgar is to fat allrdy
00:16:51Galgar if he get dagger then we can go ff
00:16:51Galgar fast
00:16:52KeLToS wait
00:16:53KeLToS omw
00:16:54zonskass car etop
00:17:25Maier wait
00:17:46valiante track gold
00:17:47valiante is so nice
00:17:51creeeeeee -st
00:17:54creeeeeee oo
00:17:55Maier -st
00:18:06infect 4 there :(
00:18:12Maier yup 1.9k
00:18:15zonskass need gem
00:18:18Galgar why u dont give carry kills?
00:18:25valiante -st
00:18:32Galgar bh end bf soon
00:18:35que2stress why do wolves shit in the forest?
00:18:47creeeeeee lets kill
00:18:48creeeeeee sile
00:19:11zonskass come to ward
00:19:13zonskass terror
00:19:39valiante u have sentries
00:19:43valiante at pull spot?
00:19:46que2stress y
00:19:49Galgar taketower
00:19:49que2stress everywhere
00:19:57infect push bot
00:19:58infect hard
00:19:59infect all top
00:20:40valiante i clicked first towr
00:20:42valiante and yet
00:21:30zonskass care
00:22:39Maxy chase
00:22:41Maxy ir no
00:22:49valiante lol
00:22:50KeLToS stay at tower
00:22:50valiante was illus
00:22:51valiante :D
00:22:51KeLToS dagger rdy
00:22:55Inuusini wp
00:22:57creeeeeee he died
00:22:58creeeeeee already
00:22:58creeeeeee :DD
00:23:01valiante omfg
00:23:05valiante -st
00:23:17que2stress get wards too leshrac
00:23:18Galgar go mid push
00:23:24Galgar place
00:23:45que2stress sk dagger and invis
00:23:46que2stress tb
00:23:55que2stress sk dagger
00:23:56que2stress and invis
00:23:58Galgar getback
00:23:59Galgar 2 inc top
00:24:03Galgar dead
00:24:06zonskass -st
00:24:07que2stress WTF
00:24:10que2stress ARE U RETATED=
00:24:10creeeeeee go twr
00:25:07valiante down
00:25:08valiante to me
00:25:24zonskass gondar top
00:25:44Maxy MEKA>STICK
00:25:45creeeeeee should of stayed
00:25:48creeeeeee there :/
00:26:00infect MIDA VITTU SA TEGID??
00:26:05infect ta oleks srnud
00:26:11infect aga ei, pead ikka killi saama
00:26:17valiante we should just keep sticking together 5
00:26:19Maier Mul sai ulti läbi
00:26:25infect so ?
00:26:26Maier rahune
00:26:33creeeeeee go for ogre
00:26:37infect ta oleks surnud nii ilusti, aga sul vaja kill rottida
00:26:42Maier Mida ?
00:26:45Maier Ole rahulikult vait
00:26:52valiante all bot
00:26:52valiante come
00:26:53valiante slark
00:27:01Maier will tp
00:27:22Galgar 3bot
00:27:26Galgar mid go back
00:27:57Maxy farm top
00:27:57Galgar push sm
00:28:12creeeeeee stf
00:28:21creeeeeee wtf is stunning so many times
00:28:26que2stress gw
00:28:29KeLToS lesh
00:28:30zonskass fucking slark
00:28:32Maxy i farm
00:28:34zonskass need gem
00:28:35Galgar sm1 top
00:28:36Galgar and farm
00:28:38creeeeeee well he can stun 1 time
00:28:40infect teed ise piibu
00:28:44KeLToS then ogre
00:28:45creeeeeee ogre also 1 time
00:28:47KeLToS but lesh stun aoe
00:28:49KeLToS and nuke
00:28:50Galgar farm woods
00:28:50creeeeeee well i got 3 times
00:28:51Galgar tb
00:28:54infect tee piip, ma agha
00:28:55valiante anyways
00:28:58valiante we shouldnt push
00:29:02valiante get rosh
00:29:03valiante farm
00:29:05valiante get entry
00:29:07zonskass -st
00:29:13Maxy -st
00:29:15Maxy 17
00:29:16Maxy you?
00:29:18creeeeeee oot
00:29:22creeeeeee infec teed piip v?
00:29:24infect ei
00:29:25infect sina
00:29:25creeeeeee ma võin ise teha
00:29:26infect teed
00:29:26zonskass 12
00:29:27infect ma agha
00:29:34Maxy "total bounty gold"
00:29:35creeeeeee k
00:29:35Maxy when i do -st
00:29:36Galgar take
00:29:37Galgar dd
00:29:37creeeeeee -st
00:29:37Galgar tb
00:29:38Maxy what does that mean?
00:29:38Galgar and farm
00:29:40infect -st
00:29:43Maier -st
00:29:47Inuusini -st
00:29:48Galgar take dd
00:29:49infect bounty has got 3500 gold from bounty
00:29:50Galgar and farm
00:29:50zonskass for all team
00:29:52zonskass gold
00:29:53valiante no
00:29:54valiante thats team
00:29:56Maxy Why i see it?
00:29:57Maxy lol
00:29:57creeeeeee team gets it
00:29:58valiante u idiot
00:30:01valiante not only me
00:30:02zonskass dont know ;d
00:30:14que2stress any goign pipe?
00:30:18Galgar not me
00:30:19zonskass me
00:30:19Maxy not me
00:30:21que2stress k
00:30:21Galgar i gto 600 to bkbk
00:30:37Galgar sick
00:30:38que2stress 800
00:30:42Galgar 3hit
00:30:45Maxy tb
00:30:46Maxy get new item
00:30:49Maxy dont go sange and yasha
00:30:49Galgar hes there
00:30:52Inuusini y
00:30:52Maxy also get manta
00:31:05Galgar pudgewt
00:31:08Galgar aru doign
00:31:11Maxy fight
00:31:24zonskass crreeps blocked me
00:31:31Maxy OOK
00:31:47que2stress this tb D
00:31:56Maxy not his bad
00:32:06que2stress y but he runs like idiot
00:32:11valiante veno?
00:32:20que2stress i get jango
00:32:21Maxy wait pudge
00:32:22Galgar thyerosh
00:32:24que2stress did we have 1?
00:32:24valiante -st
00:32:29Maxy do we have*(
00:32:31Maxy no we dont
00:32:38Maxy go mid
00:33:02creeeeeee fuck this silence
00:33:06infect going agaisnt five
00:33:08infect is nice as well
00:33:10Maxy -st
00:33:12que2stress who loves ogre?
00:33:29Maier valiante
00:33:30Maier u soloing ?
00:33:31Maxy f
00:33:32Maxy f
00:33:32Maxy s
00:33:37Maxy missed
00:33:38Maxy 90%
00:33:39Maxy creeps
00:33:40Maxy -.-
00:33:43que2stress i go them np
00:33:46Maxy XD
00:33:46zonskass -st
00:33:48valiante ?
00:33:50valiante ive been with tem
00:33:52valiante all along
00:33:54valiante i died
00:33:55valiante last battle
00:33:57Maxy let me
00:33:58valiante then u all stayed
00:33:58Maxy farm
00:34:00valiante so wtf is ur problem
00:34:01Maier ah
00:34:01Maier k
00:34:03Maxy ...
00:34:08que2stress plant wards leshi
00:34:26Galgar rege
00:35:11Maier -ms
00:35:20Maier -ms
00:35:46que2stress get the wards from base leshrac
00:35:51Maxy let me courier
00:36:10que2stress b
00:36:16infect 5 sentries on ogre
00:36:18infect nana :D
00:36:46infect sile and tb will rape us :)
00:36:48que2stress 4x mc firebalst
00:36:49Maier silencer is fat
00:36:49valiante ye
00:36:50que2stress on creep
00:36:51que2stress :D
00:36:53Maxy XD
00:36:53Maier let me focus tb
00:36:55creeeeeee well last fight
00:36:58creeeeeee i just went for sile
00:36:59creeeeeee alone
00:36:59Galgar gogogo
00:37:01Galgar rosh
00:37:01creeeeeee and insta killed
00:37:03Galgar i got bkb rdy
00:37:03creeeeeee then it was np
00:37:05valiante he didnt have orchied
00:37:06zonskass clear
00:37:10creeeeeee but I dont think i can do it now
00:37:12KeLToS lesh and sile must die first
00:37:20infect b
00:37:21infect ogre
00:37:22infect sentries
00:37:29Galgar igetgem
00:37:34Galgar pudge u takeok?
00:37:35que2stress k
00:37:39que2stress i could take too
00:37:51zonskass ok
00:37:56valiante they will come
00:37:57valiante come
00:37:58valiante our woods
00:38:00Galgar put1
00:38:01Galgar here
00:38:02valiante b
00:38:05Galgar sentry
00:38:09zonskass i have gem
00:38:17creeeeeee gem also
00:38:17creeeeeee pudge
00:38:22Galgar tv
00:38:22valiante veno
00:38:22que2stress go
00:38:23Galgar rosh
00:38:23valiante come!
00:38:23Galgar og
00:38:31que2stress u can use
00:38:58Maier fuck me
00:39:01Maier how long is that silence
00:39:04Galgar rosh
00:39:22Galgar ogorosh
00:39:50Maier get pudge
00:39:54Galgar bghere
00:40:04valiante NOTHING+0
00:40:07valiante U HAVE NO FIRE
00:40:09valiante NO NOTHING!`?
00:40:20creeeeeee ???
00:40:22creeeeeee wtf
00:40:23valiante we could have owNED!
00:40:24creeeeeee dont blame me
00:40:30creeeeeee why the fuck you even go
00:40:30KeLToS u suck
00:40:33infect bat should have gone in
00:40:34creeeeeee could of stealed that aegis
00:40:35valiante because we had shot
00:40:39valiante no
00:40:40valiante way
00:40:41creeeeeee yes
00:40:42valiante stun
00:40:44que2stress go top
00:40:44valiante dismember
00:40:44que2stress push
00:40:46Galgar y
00:40:48Maxy need hex
00:40:49Maxy first
00:40:51Maxy let me
00:40:52creeeeeee 90% i could of stolen that
00:40:52Maxy whole woods
00:40:53que2stress take wards
00:40:55que2stress leshrac
00:40:57creeeeeee you fucked it up
00:40:58que2stress il
00:41:08valiante he has gem
00:41:15Galgar omg
00:41:16infect destory
00:41:16Galgar lol
00:41:17valiante destroy it
00:41:19Galgar 69+hp
00:41:25Maxy b
00:41:42zonskass buy if if can
00:41:45zonskass gem
00:41:50valiante I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:58infect sk, why u go for ogre?
00:42:00valiante silencer
00:42:01Maier destroy
00:42:02valiante does
00:42:05valiante 1 million damage
00:42:07Galgar endtop
00:42:37zonskass -st
00:42:42Maxy how much
00:42:43Maxy -st
00:42:44zonskass 37
00:42:47que2stress -st
00:42:51Maxy 28
00:42:53que2stress ridicules
00:42:56que2stress my statsa
00:42:58Maxy -st
00:43:38Galgar u got hex?
00:43:41Maxy y
00:43:48Galgar group
00:43:50Galgar and then go
00:43:50que2stress whre is our team
00:43:50Galgar edn
00:43:51Galgar end
00:43:52que2stress actually
00:44:00Maxy you went
00:44:02Maxy 1by1
00:44:06zonskass slark, lothar?
00:44:06Maxy let it
00:44:22Galgar kill
00:44:23Galgar bg
00:44:26Galgar tower
00:44:27Galgar deny
00:44:36que2stress tb
00:44:38que2stress makes the game
00:44:39que2stress now
00:44:39valiante where was slark?
00:44:40que2stress so what
00:44:42Maxy LOL
00:44:44Maxy LOL
00:44:45Maxy LOL
00:44:47Maxy LOL
00:44:49Maier im not gonna go under tower
00:44:51zonskass :D
00:44:52Maxy LOL
00:44:53Galgar 'he should make vlad or
00:44:54zonskass LOL
00:44:58Galgar help
00:45:02Galgar helm
00:45:17Maxy ...
00:45:17KeLToS sucker
00:45:17Maier yup
00:45:18valiante but there u wanna go?
00:45:18Maxy you guys
00:45:19Maxy really
00:45:20valiante :D
00:45:21Maxy should stop it
00:45:23valiante not under twr with team
00:45:23KeLToS rly
00:45:25Maxy tb 2 last hits
00:45:25valiante but 1 v 2
00:45:27Maxy now pudge
00:45:27valiante versus hex
00:45:28zonskass i wanted save you
00:45:30Maxy y =/
00:45:34Maier how long is his aura ?
00:45:35Maier silence ?
00:45:37valiante 3
00:45:44Maier that's too fucking long
00:46:16valiante I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:19Maier I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:27creeeeeee I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:28valiante nice comeback silencer
00:46:30KeLToS I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:40Maxy ty =/
00:46:43que2stress not
00:46:44Maxy my team don't appriciate it
00:46:53que2stress actually
00:46:53zonskass urn me
00:46:53valiante ur the win
00:46:55infect sile won this for you
00:46:57que2stress rofl
00:46:59que2stress ogre
00:47:00KeLToS why
00:47:00KeLToS ?=
00:47:01que2stress did sth too
00:47:13valiante I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:13KeLToS man u fucked up
00:47:15infect I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:17Maxy got full items
00:47:20Maxy and you say
00:47:22Maxy me suck =/
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