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+14 X
-2 TS

89% | 1553 X | 1465 TS

-46 X
-1 TS

82% | 1440 X | 1449 TS

-32 X
-1 TS

82% | 1476 X | 1395 TS

-8 X
-2 TS

78% | 1471 X | 1352 TS

-41 X
-2 TS

74% | 1388 X | 1388 TS

+35 X
+7 TS

94% | 1772 X | 1370 TS

+8 X
+3 TS

88% | 1571 X | 1429 TS

-2 X
+4 TS

81% | 1474 X | 1376 TS

+38 X
+2 TS

63% | 1231 X | 1398 TS

+42 X
+2 TS

58% | 1204 X | 1385 TS

Chat log

00:00:10slc2 get me ud
00:00:13KredeC y
00:00:14slc2 or sd
00:00:15XXL imba
00:00:15Maier anna xin kui saad
00:00:16XXL draft
00:00:17TheyCallMeHaci i would like to play furi
00:00:18KredeC would be sweet
00:00:19Zajeb ban xin
00:00:19XXL get ud wl
00:00:19XXL and
00:00:19XXL gg
00:00:19slc2 get me this ud
00:00:19TheyCallMeHaci soulyah eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
00:00:19Zajeb and ban xin
00:00:19XXL someoen can ud=
00:00:19Soulyah -xin
00:00:19KredeC would be sweet
00:00:19XXL or wl?
00:00:19Maier anna xin
00:00:19Maier mulle
00:00:19Maier tra
00:00:19Zajeb i can either
00:00:19Maxy am
00:00:19TheyCallMeHaci lets trialne top
00:00:21slc2 get me ud
00:00:22XXL eaither means both?
00:00:23TheyCallMeHaci ud wl pit ?
00:00:24Soulyah I HEARd
00:00:26Soulyah u
00:00:26Soulyah THE
00:00:28Soulyah FIRST
00:00:29Kastrup we need pit lord
00:00:29Soulyah TIME
00:00:29slc2 first time?
00:00:30Kastrup imo
00:00:30Zajeb roof also
00:00:31slc2 haha
00:00:32Kastrup aswell
00:00:32XXL so
00:00:34Soulyah :PPP
00:00:35XXL zajeb
00:00:36XXL u wl
00:00:38TheyCallMeHaci get roof
00:00:39Zajeb y
00:00:39KredeC y lets push
00:00:43Soulyah i want sf
00:00:44KredeC i get krob
00:00:46Maier get roof
00:00:48Maier roof
00:00:50TheyCallMeHaci maxy ?
00:00:50XXL maxty
00:00:51XXL wtf
00:00:53KredeC u want roof?
00:00:54XXL asdfkj
00:00:55TheyCallMeHaci roof more important
00:00:55XXL ffs
00:00:55Maier no
00:00:56Soulyah sf för me
00:00:57Maier just get it
00:01:06XXL zajeb
00:01:06Maier roof !!
00:01:06Maxy Nope, furi is first pick in every fucking game.
00:01:06Soulyah ah ur 4th
00:01:08Soulyah pick
00:01:09Soulyah :D
00:01:09XXL get bara to me
00:01:14Zajeb ok
00:01:15TheyCallMeHaci get roof
00:01:19TheyCallMeHaci i dont play but get roof someone
00:01:21Maxy Zajeb, serb?
00:01:25Zajeb da
00:01:27slc2 u dont want sd ?
00:01:33Zajeb u?
00:01:34GottHasstMich let me farm then with that fuck
00:01:36Maxy i ja
00:01:36Maxy ;D
00:01:37slc2 u dont wnat sd ?
00:01:38Soulyah -swap 4
00:01:39KredeC now we cant push
00:01:40Soulyah i want sf
00:01:41Zajeb pa to bre
00:01:41Soulyah i told u
00:01:42Zajeb "D
00:01:43Soulyah -swap 4
00:01:43slc2 -swap 1
00:01:45GottHasstMich maxy
00:01:47GottHasstMich give me farm lane
00:01:52GottHasstMich then
00:01:55XXL haha
00:01:57Maxy wl with agha/refresher
00:01:58Maxy wins
00:01:59XXL -swap 5
00:02:05Zajeb -swap 2
00:02:15Maxy You can pull top
00:02:17KredeC gather at the 15 min. and push some twrs
00:02:17Maxy for more farm/lvl up
00:02:25slc2 try at 10:D
00:02:26KredeC k?
00:02:29Maier do some gangs
00:02:30Maier then
00:02:32KredeC whiile sf farms
00:02:33Maier get twrs
00:02:34Maier -ii
00:02:35GottHasstMich lol
00:02:35Maier -water red
00:02:36GottHasstMich ill take farm
00:02:37Maier -weather rain
00:02:38GottHasstMich with storm lane
00:02:39Kastrup maier u pull?
00:02:39GottHasstMich ....
00:02:47XXL got u can double pull
00:02:47Maier pit
00:02:48Maxy y u know souljah?
00:02:49XXL u know=
00:02:49Soulyah make meka
00:02:50Maier i hope u let me farm
00:02:52Soulyah +pipe
00:02:52Kastrup i wont
00:02:53Soulyah ppl
00:02:55Kastrup u 5. pick
00:02:56Maier lol ?
00:02:58Kastrup and was stupid pick
00:02:58Maier and ?
00:02:58XXL also
00:02:59XXL this
00:03:00XXL creeps
00:03:01Maxy ey
00:03:01Maier hell no
00:03:01Maxy ey
00:03:06Soulyah stupid pick y
00:03:08Maier i take out storm
00:03:13Maier he cant do shit
00:03:14Soulyah y
00:03:15Soulyah 1 hero
00:03:18Soulyah what abot other 4
00:03:26Kastrup bara will eat you
00:03:26Kastrup bigtime
00:03:27Maier silence for them
00:03:34GottHasstMich ss 1
00:03:34GottHasstMich re
00:04:03Kastrup !?
00:04:11Maier ?!
00:04:21Kastrup u lasthit like shit
00:04:50Kastrup go?
00:04:54Soulyah :D
00:04:54Soulyah :D
00:04:56Soulyah the fuck
00:04:57Zajeb to bre
00:04:58Soulyah u noob
00:05:01Maier sure
00:05:23Soulyah ss
00:05:23Soulyah ss
00:05:24Soulyah ss
00:05:38slc2 go help ghim
00:05:40XXL lvl 3
00:05:41XXL go
00:05:43XXL pit
00:05:45Zajeb ok
00:05:52KredeC well we just lost top lane
00:05:55slc2 sf there was 3 easy kills
00:06:00Soulyah i dont
00:06:01Soulyah have
00:06:01Soulyah tp
00:06:07slc2 u have legs?
00:06:10Soulyah no
00:06:17XXL let
00:06:18XXL em
00:06:20XXL push
00:06:21Zajeb y
00:07:07XXL shit
00:07:15XXL uh y.y
00:07:17Maier 1hp
00:07:18Maier left
00:07:18Maier ffs
00:07:20XXL t.t*
00:07:29XXL lets go sile
00:07:31XXL when i come
00:07:38Zajeb oom
00:07:39Kastrup -1
00:07:39Kastrup SB
00:07:39GottHasstMich ss 2
00:07:43GottHasstMich re
00:07:50Maier stun wl
00:07:51Maier if u can
00:07:53Soulyah ss
00:07:54Maier and let's wkill
00:07:54Kastrup now?
00:07:58Maier well
00:07:59Maxy no tp
00:08:00Kastrup sb is charing someone
00:08:02Kastrup so we can't
00:08:02Maier if he's out of position
00:08:05Maier me
00:08:06Kastrup u
00:08:13Maxy go fight bot
00:08:14Maxy i ulty
00:08:29Soulyah omw
00:08:30Maxy care
00:08:32Maxy sf invis
00:08:46XXL isee
00:09:09Maxy let me
00:09:09Soulyah did i hit:D?
00:09:10Zajeb oom
00:09:10Maxy get dagon
00:09:11Maxy first
00:09:14TheyCallMeHaci need gang
00:09:18Zajeb nope
00:09:44Maxy can come top
00:09:45XXL so u was oom
00:09:45Maxy if you go
00:09:46XXL uh
00:09:51Zajeb i said
00:09:59GottHasstMich go krobe then
00:10:10Kastrup fsdfsdf
00:10:18XXL tp
00:10:19XXL max
00:10:46XXL tp wl
00:10:47XXL and heal me
00:10:47Kastrup -2
00:10:48Kastrup bot
00:10:52Kastrup go
00:11:23XXL what moron
00:11:23Maier sb lucks too much
00:11:24XXL :p
00:11:26Kastrup yea
00:11:33Soulyah rofl
00:11:36XXL xD
00:11:40Soulyah as if that raze didnt hit u
00:11:45Maxy As that second raze
00:11:47Maxy Should hit me
00:11:51Soulyah :/
00:11:58TheyCallMeHaci canu ulti
00:11:58GottHasstMich we can make go krobe
00:11:59GottHasstMich if u want
00:12:01XXL lets
00:12:03XXL kill ud
00:12:04GottHasstMich tp furi
00:12:05Soulyah razes bug
00:12:10Soulyah hit bt no dmg
00:12:11Maxy wait
00:12:11KredeC no
00:12:13Maxy need to heal
00:12:15Maxy wont risic
00:12:15XXL go guys
00:12:17Soulyah ss
00:12:20Kastrup tower?
00:12:21KredeC u just missed it
00:12:27Maier MISS
00:12:40GottHasstMich HELP
00:12:42GottHasstMich STORM
00:12:42GottHasstMich FFS
00:12:48GottHasstMich FFS
00:12:49slc2 fuck dig micheal
00:12:49Maxy ss
00:12:51GottHasstMich RLY WAIT MORE
00:12:52GottHasstMich ...
00:12:58KredeC i come btm and we get twr
00:13:01TheyCallMeHaci sry
00:13:05XXL uh
00:13:06XXL finally
00:13:07XXL u got
00:13:08Soulyah xD
00:13:11slc2 invi
00:13:13KredeC get twr
00:13:14XXL was too oom
00:13:16XXL :((
00:13:40XXL bot
00:13:47TheyCallMeHaci *bitch
00:13:56XXL i will go
00:13:58Soulyah we need to stick together
00:13:59slc2 tower
00:14:14KredeC well u picked sf
00:14:20KredeC we cant really do anything
00:14:23KredeC so useless
00:14:28Soulyah i got 4 kills
00:14:30Soulyah u got notn
00:14:31KredeC and silencer pick just topped it of
00:14:37XXL kk
00:14:39XXL sile
00:14:45Maxy dont sile
00:14:45TheyCallMeHaci wait 15sec
00:14:46Maxy i dago him
00:14:46TheyCallMeHaci for ulti
00:14:47Maxy he dead
00:14:49XXL kk
00:14:55Kastrup we tp top?
00:14:55TheyCallMeHaci go
00:15:01GottHasstMich 3 top
00:15:01Soulyah y
00:15:11Kastrup 4 bot..
00:15:50Soulyah go mid all?
00:15:52KredeC y
00:16:02Zajeb dd
00:16:03XXL lemme
00:16:03Maxy take
00:16:04Zajeb uzmi
00:16:10Soulyah come
00:16:11Soulyah people
00:16:12XXL kk
00:16:12Kastrup -5
00:16:52KredeC im b
00:17:08Maxy brb
00:17:20Soulyah brb
00:17:21Soulyah getting rne
00:17:27KredeC go
00:17:38Soulyah so cool
00:17:40KredeC lol
00:18:16Soulyah dagon 4
00:18:17Soulyah furi
00:18:17Soulyah :d
00:18:33KredeC we just lost the picking phase
00:18:37Maier reuse
00:19:03KredeC all come top
00:19:06KredeC but sf
00:19:07KredeC all
00:19:11KredeC or?
00:19:13KredeC what u wanna do?
00:19:15Soulyah i come too
00:19:16Soulyah y
00:19:19Kastrup wl invis
00:19:32Maxy cd tp
00:19:40Maxy got it
00:19:44GottHasstMich ulti rdy
00:19:47Maxy go
00:19:48Maxy go
00:19:49Maxy go
00:19:50TheyCallMeHaci gogo
00:19:55slc2 come bitch?
00:20:03Soulyah YES
00:20:27Soulyah b
00:20:29Soulyah rebuy
00:20:30Soulyah furi
00:20:34Soulyah ?!?!
00:20:48KredeC this is just a joke
00:20:51Kastrup how can he outfarm u mid
00:20:54Kastrup going dagon
00:20:56Kastrup i can't see that
00:21:09Soulyah happened
00:21:10Soulyah :D
00:21:15Maxy y
00:21:16XXL furi
00:21:17XXL go
00:21:21GottHasstMich furi
00:21:40Maxy he silenced me
00:21:42Maxy couldn't tp
00:21:44XXL wtf
00:21:45Maier should have healed me
00:21:45XXL sdfghjhk
00:21:47slc2 yea
00:21:49slc2 srry dude
00:21:54XXL furi was silenced -.-
00:22:00Soulyah xD
00:22:04XXL he was comin
00:22:07Maier no shit
00:22:07XXL then silence came
00:22:12Maxy the pro maier
00:22:13Maxy silenced me
00:22:14XXL xD
00:22:14Soulyah Stpü bullying
00:22:25Maier atleast we got the kill
00:22:27Maxy i dagoned him 2late
00:22:33KredeC go mid?
00:22:37XXL i farm
00:22:39Soulyah i got bkb..
00:22:39XXL little
00:22:40Maier get sentry
00:22:41XXL to bkb
00:22:42TheyCallMeHaci its lost
00:22:43Maier for roof
00:22:43TheyCallMeHaci i think
00:23:25Soulyah hmm
00:23:27Soulyah what tomb
00:23:28Soulyah hmmm
00:24:07Maxy go?
00:24:08GottHasstMich y
00:24:22Soulyah lol men
00:24:24Soulyah so low ppl
00:25:05KredeC ure gonna have so much fun :D
00:25:19GottHasstMich HEAL WL ?
00:25:26Maxy cd
00:25:27Maxy man
00:25:28Zajeb used on sb
00:25:28Maxy watch
00:25:32KredeC try mid again?
00:25:40KredeC well
00:25:50Soulyah if all alive then y
00:26:29Kastrup go with my dark rift?
00:26:30Kastrup gather
00:26:33Kastrup and we go them
00:26:33Soulyah sure
00:26:34Kastrup direct?
00:26:43Soulyah krobe
00:26:44Soulyah baits
00:26:50KredeC i go ?
00:26:50Soulyah ud
00:26:52Soulyah where the
00:26:53Soulyah fuck
00:26:54Soulyah u going
00:27:00slc2 im goin to shop?
00:27:01Soulyah goog
00:27:04slc2 getting hp
00:27:15Maxy they smoked or something O_O
00:27:24Maxy i wont fail
00:27:25Maxy tp now
00:27:25XXL furi
00:27:25Maxy XD
00:27:26XXL be rdy
00:27:31XXL tp
00:27:32slc2 gogo mid
00:27:35Soulyah fast
00:27:36Maxy still?
00:27:37Maxy b
00:27:37Soulyah b4 lanes
00:27:37KredeC y
00:27:37Maxy imo
00:27:39Soulyah are pshing
00:27:42Maxy cant tb
00:27:43Soulyah rape
00:27:43Maxy tp
00:27:44Maxy in fog
00:27:44Soulyah them
00:28:09TheyCallMeHaci treant
00:28:09TheyCallMeHaci come
00:28:25TheyCallMeHaci wtf
00:28:26TheyCallMeHaci treant
00:28:27TheyCallMeHaci come
00:28:32Maxy go ?
00:28:33TheyCallMeHaci go ulti
00:28:33Maxy -.-
00:28:34TheyCallMeHaci treant
00:29:00Soulyah almost tower
00:29:01Soulyah lol
00:29:08GottHasstMich srsly
00:29:08GottHasstMich wl
00:29:10GottHasstMich u staying in base
00:29:11GottHasstMich have urn
00:29:14GottHasstMich and heal urself
00:29:15GottHasstMich with spell
00:29:18Zajeb suck my cock
00:29:21GottHasstMich instead of just b into shadow
00:29:22GottHasstMich nad heal
00:29:26GottHasstMich they fucking focus me
00:29:27GottHasstMich not u
00:29:32GottHasstMich and u always spread heal first on u
00:29:33GottHasstMich so gr8
00:29:33Soulyah :D
00:29:37XXL :DD
00:29:42XXL hide atack
00:29:53Soulyah miks sa pead teine pela failpickima:d
00:30:04XXL i egt bkb
00:30:06XXL its comin
00:30:12Maier pit mängis munni lanel
00:30:13Kastrup they ros?
00:30:13KredeC i get pipe
00:30:15XXL can u heal
00:30:22XXL ty
00:30:25Zajeb np
00:30:30Soulyah if we had meka
00:30:32Soulyah and pipe
00:30:34Soulyah so easy win
00:30:42TheyCallMeHaci bkb or link ?
00:30:44KredeC y
00:30:46KredeC i get pipe
00:30:48Soulyah but sile
00:30:50Maier i can mek
00:30:52Soulyah wont meka
00:30:59Kastrup they ros?
00:31:06Soulyah dno
00:31:07Soulyah no wards
00:31:09Soulyah cant tell
00:31:23KredeC let me farm pipe and we go mid
00:31:31Maxy almost assist
00:31:31Maxy XD
00:31:31slc2 def in base
00:31:34XXL xD
00:31:35XXL fu
00:31:35XXL !
00:31:38Maxy <3
00:32:02KredeC got it
00:32:04slc2 need 2 creeps
00:32:07Soulyah wana go mid then
00:32:09Kastrup need one for jango :D
00:32:10Maxy shouldn't get dagon 5
00:32:13Maxy thought we win easy
00:32:13Maxy =/
00:32:19KredeC lets all go mid
00:32:27XXL yea
00:32:29XXL but np
00:32:33slc2 comon furi?
00:32:41Maxy Sup? =/
00:32:51Maxy b
00:32:52Maxy b
00:32:53Maxy zz
00:33:01XXL omg
00:33:04XXL what was that
00:33:05XXL atacj
00:33:06TheyCallMeHaci treant
00:33:07TheyCallMeHaci imba
00:33:10Maier -st
00:33:10Soulyah why ulti kron
00:33:11Soulyah :D
00:33:13GottHasstMich well couldnt smell 5 there
00:33:14KredeC sry
00:33:18GottHasstMich nothing to do with treant imba lol
00:33:20KredeC thought it would be longer battle
00:33:22GottHasstMich u bulld in too
00:33:24TheyCallMeHaci blind or sthn ?
00:33:28GottHasstMich 2 were visible
00:33:32GottHasstMich nothing to do with blind pro
00:33:49XXL sile
00:33:51XXL ud
00:33:55KredeC bafter
00:33:55Soulyah and tp all
00:33:56Soulyah home
00:34:01Soulyah tp home
00:34:02Soulyah man
00:34:21Soulyah nice
00:34:23Soulyah we got mid
00:34:25Maier -st
00:34:25Soulyah coz they fked up
00:34:26KredeC got meka now`?
00:34:26Soulyah :d
00:34:47KredeC gopt meka?
00:34:48XXL i gank
00:34:50XXL 1 of em
00:34:51Maier no
00:34:54Soulyah hes not even close to it
00:34:54Maier no cash whatsoever
00:35:00slc2 gio top all?
00:35:02KredeC want me to get t=
00:35:06TheyCallMeHaci tp
00:35:12Maier nah im good
00:35:21Maxy lol at ulty
00:35:21Maxy ;D
00:35:26Soulyah thats
00:35:26Soulyah bad
00:35:27TheyCallMeHaci push middle or top
00:35:28Soulyah rly bad
00:35:31KredeC y
00:35:36Maxy push both
00:35:38Maxy i get mid
00:35:38Maxy you to
00:35:54Soulyah se fire
00:35:56Soulyah use
00:36:01KredeC gg i guess
00:36:04Maxy b
00:37:07Soulyah fatal bonds
00:37:08Soulyah op skil
00:37:09Soulyah gg
00:37:16Kastrup it hurts like hell :D
00:37:35KredeC go all top?
00:37:39slc2 go mid?
00:37:39Soulyah cant
00:37:41Soulyah furi pshes
00:37:51Soulyah y
00:37:52Soulyah top
00:37:54KredeC wjhat then
00:37:55Soulyah just go
00:38:10XXL die
00:38:19KredeC ggoogogo
00:38:32Kastrup im omw
00:38:35Soulyah im
00:38:36Soulyah ch
00:38:50Soulyah dont use tomb man
00:38:50Soulyah :D
00:39:13Soulyah why dont u use spells
00:39:15Soulyah when all alive
00:39:17Soulyah ???
00:39:21Kastrup me?
00:39:33Soulyah krobe
00:39:35KredeC we cant do shit no more..
00:39:37Soulyah ud
00:39:39Soulyah etc
00:39:44Soulyah i was getting targeted by bara
00:39:48KredeC y i saw
00:39:49Zajeb go ro?
00:39:52Soulyah u had all the free time to use tomb and shit
00:40:10KredeC plan?
00:40:13Soulyah smokegang
00:40:19Soulyah after i get sols
00:40:30KredeC ..
00:40:33slc2 cool
00:40:56Maxy b
00:40:56Maxy b
00:41:09XXL ok
00:41:11XXL i fialed
00:41:13XXL there was 5
00:41:32Kastrup i come
00:41:35Soulyah im tanking
00:41:37Soulyah and silener
00:41:38Soulyah runs
00:41:39Soulyah :D
00:41:40TheyCallMeHaci well we didnt have
00:41:44TheyCallMeHaci all ulti rdy
00:41:47Maier ta läks invisse ma arvasin et ta võtab minu ette
00:41:48XXL true
00:41:57XXL but i dived so stupidly inside
00:41:59Kastrup tp top for furi?
00:42:04TheyCallMeHaci try
00:42:12TheyCallMeHaci to be 5 with all ulti ready
00:42:12XXL tgouht was 2
00:42:13XXL only
00:42:15XXL vut 5
00:42:17XXL but 5 !
00:42:19XXL uh
00:42:34Maier -st
00:42:46Maxy once they die
00:42:48Maxy when i get desol
00:42:49Maxy and ac
00:42:50Maxy it's over
00:42:52KredeC what to do?
00:42:54Maxy we can take whole base
00:42:55Maxy in one attack
00:42:57Maxy i solo can
00:42:57KredeC we gotta gather
00:43:00XXL u go ac=
00:43:00Maxy so if they do one mistake
00:43:01Maxy gg wp
00:43:02GottHasstMich i go ac
00:43:02Maier meka in 50
00:43:04slc2 then go bot
00:43:06Maxy lol
00:43:07GottHasstMich or shivas
00:43:07Maxy XD
00:43:07GottHasstMich :D
00:43:08slc2 gogo bot
00:43:09Maxy we all want ac
00:43:10GottHasstMich shivas now np
00:43:11Maxy bara get it
00:43:13Maxy since you have
00:43:14XXL i go
00:43:16XXL then
00:43:16Maxy y
00:43:20XXL mjöll
00:43:21Soulyah come
00:43:22Soulyah fast
00:43:25TheyCallMeHaci well we can go
00:43:27Soulyah i get charged
00:43:28TheyCallMeHaci we have all ulti ready
00:43:29Soulyah 100%
00:43:33GottHasstMich bara do ac
00:43:35GottHasstMich i go shivas
00:43:36GottHasstMich np
00:43:38slc2 they are top
00:43:41XXL kk
00:43:43Maier let them be
00:43:44Maier PIT
00:43:45Maier COME
00:43:54Soulyah lets
00:43:54Soulyah def
00:43:54Maier wtf is pit doing
00:43:54Maxy you tp now
00:43:55Maxy dont wait
00:44:02Maier k
00:44:02Soulyah def
00:44:03Maier go def
00:44:03KredeC just push it
00:44:03Soulyah all
00:44:07KredeC hope for the best
00:44:36GottHasstMich OFC
00:44:36TheyCallMeHaci get mid
00:44:39Soulyah I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:42Soulyah "DEF ALL"
00:44:44Soulyah " DEF ALL"
00:44:48Soulyah what can it mean
00:44:49Soulyah lets think
00:44:59TheyCallMeHaci get mid
00:44:59Soulyah i think its a tough one
00:45:04slc2 bara is fat
00:45:05XXL need
00:45:05Kastrup well we are able to open bot now
00:45:07XXL creeps
00:45:09XXL .p
00:45:17slc2 with pit ulti
00:45:17TheyCallMeHaci b
00:45:23Soulyah fucking
00:45:25Soulyah if all 5 men
00:45:27Soulyah def
00:45:28Soulyah top
00:45:31Soulyah we woulda
00:45:32Soulyah win
00:45:34Soulyah but no
00:45:36Maxy rofl
00:45:40Maxy wl only one death
00:45:41Maxy ;D
00:45:43Soulyah using ur brain to do some imba ideas
00:45:44Soulyah fails
00:45:47XXL wot
00:45:48XXL ;D
00:45:49Zajeb kukavica
00:45:51Maxy XD
00:45:51Zajeb haha
00:45:52Kastrup try tp with me
00:45:54Kastrup bot?
00:46:00Soulyah go
00:46:05Soulyah ud
00:46:06Kastrup with my ulti`?
00:46:06Soulyah come
00:46:07Soulyah to s
00:46:15TheyCallMeHaci well one mistake we lose
00:46:19Maxy not really
00:46:21XXL wow
00:46:22XXL ;D
00:46:23Soulyah YO
00:46:27XXL np
00:46:28KredeC hoho
00:46:33KredeC like it matters
00:46:35Kastrup more?
00:46:40Soulyah y
00:46:46Kastrup fuck roof
00:46:46Soulyah tree there
00:46:47Kastrup rufk him
00:46:48Soulyah fuck him
00:47:02Maxy GOGO
00:47:06Maxy FUCK
00:47:07Maxy SILENCE
00:47:08Maxy AAAAA
00:47:17GottHasstMich PERMA SILENCE
00:47:17GottHasstMich ffs
00:47:40slc2 towers rax
00:48:12XXL fat
00:48:13XXL pit
00:48:14XXL uhu
00:48:25XXL get him
00:48:27Kastrup ? :_D
00:48:36Kastrup we go mid
00:48:38Maier -st
00:48:39Kastrup and take bot after?
00:48:41Kastrup i got ulti
00:49:03Kastrup DFgdfjklgdf
00:49:04Kastrup NO
00:49:09Kastrup lost target
00:49:11TheyCallMeHaci b
00:49:20Maxy have to get bkb
00:49:24Maxy cuz blademail ;D
00:49:29XXL :D
00:49:29XXL ah
00:49:36Kastrup b
00:49:45XXL nend 30
00:49:47XXL needÄ*
00:49:49Soulyah go mid
00:49:50Soulyah ?
00:49:53KredeC rather btm
00:49:58KredeC or?
00:50:01Maier get some sould
00:50:01Kastrup 1 min for my new ulti?
00:50:01Maier first
00:50:04Kastrup they rosh?
00:50:04Maier souls *
00:50:04TheyCallMeHaci stramt game
00:50:04KredeC u decide
00:50:05Kastrup now?
00:50:08slc2 totalt
00:50:26Kastrup they got wards
00:50:28Maier ward
00:50:29XXL come
00:50:29XXL furi
00:50:34Maxy they all
00:50:34Maxy there
00:50:37Kastrup ½ min
00:50:38XXL i see
00:50:39Kastrup and i got ulti
00:50:40KredeC just gogogogo
00:50:50Zajeb go ro?
00:50:51KredeC he thrione
00:51:02Kastrup go?
00:51:09Maier b
00:51:09Maier b
00:51:10Maier b
00:51:11Soulyah so pssy hero
00:51:12XXL me?
00:51:13Soulyah u have
00:51:13slc2 gogo
00:51:21TheyCallMeHaci gogo
00:51:50slc2 wtf we got rax
00:51:53GottHasstMich 25 assists
00:51:54GottHasstMich ftw
00:52:04Maxy 23 kills 20 assist
00:52:05Maxy ftw.
00:52:08GottHasstMich :P
00:52:11Maier pit
00:52:12Maier ulti us
00:52:14Maier somewhere
00:52:16Maier so we get kill
00:52:17Kastrup ofc
00:52:17Maier and push top
00:52:20Soulyah top tower left..
00:52:20Maxy i can take down
00:52:21Maxy throne
00:52:23Maxy anytime
00:52:28TheyCallMeHaci go then
00:52:32Maxy ;D
00:52:33Maxy mb i die
00:52:35Kastrup what to do
00:52:36Maxy need money to rebuy
00:52:36Kastrup i got ulti
00:52:37slc2 wwe should go straigt trhone
00:52:39TheyCallMeHaci k
00:52:40KredeC jerk it off
00:52:41Soulyah mid
00:52:42Soulyah mid
00:52:42Soulyah mid
00:52:43KredeC bithc
00:52:44Soulyah got gem
00:52:50Soulyah hmm
00:52:53KredeC roof here
00:52:53Soulyah tp mid
00:53:23TheyCallMeHaci go
00:53:28Maxy =/
00:53:29Soulyah nice skip
00:53:31Soulyah so banned
00:53:31Soulyah :)
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