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Chat log

00:00:12Yuriko any wishes?
00:00:19McNabb im going tide
00:00:19Soulyah wishes?
00:00:19Yuriko anyone wants anything?
00:00:19Maier võtan stormi
00:00:19edgarass slard?
00:00:19Soulyah omg
00:00:19Mercury oni
00:00:19Soulyah miks
00:00:19Soulyah lol
00:00:19Mercury omni
00:00:19Yuriko you can do a decent slard?
00:00:19Soulyah le omniknight
00:00:19Maier mis see sinu asi on
00:00:19Yuriko yes or no?
00:00:19edgarass nonothning else to play
00:00:19Mercury ban naix
00:00:19Maier -ii
00:00:19Maier -water red
00:00:19Yuriko thinking naix or weaver
00:00:19Maier -weather rain
00:00:19Soulyah Das omnischtein
00:00:19Yuriko naix is easier to counter
00:00:19Mercury k
00:00:19Soulyah Omg
00:00:19Maier yurikoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
00:00:19Soulyah today?
00:00:19Maier today
00:00:19Yuriko actually I might play naix
00:00:19Yuriko nah
00:00:19Soulyah leave and rmk
00:00:19Yuriko let them have it
00:00:19Yuriko weaver
00:00:19Soulyah Without him
00:00:23Maier naix
00:00:25Maier dont let them
00:00:26Maier have it
00:00:27Soulyah tahad?
00:00:33Soulyah i swap
00:00:33Mercury soulyag y u hate omni?
00:00:39Yuriko slard for you
00:00:40Wrench letsa see
00:00:42edgarass k
00:00:43Soulyah get me meepo
00:00:58Wrench is someone already playing naix ?
00:00:59Yuriko if you guys can play rhasta or pugna
00:00:591m4n5h0w SHREDDAR
00:01:00Yuriko or both
00:01:02Wrench i can play naix pretty well
00:01:03Yuriko would be alright
00:01:03Soulyah i swap it
00:01:05Maier wrench u wanna play it ?
00:01:06Yuriko even doc
00:01:10Maier k wrench plays itr then
00:01:10Wrench y sure
00:01:13Kastrup me top?
00:01:15Wrench wd with naix mby ?
00:01:17McNabb wd i would say
00:01:22Wrench nv
00:01:23Wrench m
00:01:23Maier rhasta imo
00:01:24Wrench y
00:01:25Wrench rhasta
00:01:28Maier im gonna get storm
00:01:29DayDream lanes?
00:01:33Wrench meepo then ?
00:01:35Maier love that hero
00:01:36Soulyah y
00:01:38Soulyah -swap 5
00:01:41Soulyah -swap 5
00:01:42Wrench -swap 1
00:01:42Yuriko pugna tide
00:01:43edgarass what u want???
00:01:45Yuriko luna
00:01:59Yuriko -swap 5
00:02:01edgarass -swap 1
00:02:10Kastrup naix woods?
00:02:23Yuriko pugna tide and doc slard lanes
00:02:44Soulyah they have some badass heros lol
00:02:54Soulyah meepo wasnt the smart choice by me xD
00:02:55Maier bleh
00:02:57Maier fucking
00:02:571m4n5h0w y
00:02:58Maier pugna
00:02:58Kastrup ope
00:02:59Kastrup nope
00:02:59Maier :D
00:03:06Kastrup care for gank top
00:03:14Soulyah wd hasted
00:03:53Wrench does anyone know how to get ECHO sounds off from wc3?
00:05:02Wrench dont take lasthits pls :)
00:05:05Kastrup i jhave !?
00:05:06Kastrup 1?
00:05:08Wrench y
00:05:11Wrench but u ruin them
00:05:13Wrench by trying
00:05:15Kastrup lol
00:05:16Wrench then i cant get either
00:05:38Wrench dont take it as a whine, im a nice person
00:06:35Mercury bot ss 2
00:06:49Soulyah BOOYA
00:07:48McNabb atleast your not gonna plug again this game blue
00:07:54Yuriko ????
00:08:02Soulyah ss
00:08:04Maier MISS
00:08:05McNabb like u did the othr day
00:08:12Yuriko i dont plug
00:08:14Soulyah lol rege?
00:08:23McNabb 9 min 30 sec 11/3 score
00:08:25Yuriko problem sir?
00:08:27Wrench ashh
00:08:28Kastrup dON?
00:08:29Wrench :p
00:08:32DayDream ss2
00:08:46Soulyah ah u killed without lti b4?
00:08:49edgarass ss2
00:08:49Soulyah that shhedder
00:08:54DayDream ss3
00:08:57Yuriko clearly
00:09:05Soulyah Perfect
00:09:18DayDream still ss3
00:09:20edgarass me
00:09:21DayDream nvm
00:09:22Soulyah rhasta gang luna
00:09:22Yuriko heal me
00:09:24Soulyah or
00:09:26Yuriko tango
00:09:49Soulyah 0 misses
00:09:50Soulyah so far
00:09:51Soulyah :D
00:09:52Kastrup my mistake
00:09:57Soulyah but only 3 mid
00:10:01Yuriko DD shredder ganked me mid earlier
00:10:04Yuriko just sayin
00:10:22Kastrup -2
00:10:34Kastrup got war
00:10:38Kastrup go tower?
00:10:42Wrench kk
00:10:56DayDream omw
00:10:57Maier 3 bot
00:11:20Maier MISS
00:11:25Wrench 5 top
00:11:27Wrench nvm
00:11:30Wrench 3tped
00:12:03edgarass gj
00:12:49Maier mid
00:13:01DayDream 3 top
00:13:04edgarass 3 top
00:13:06Wrench k
00:13:51Soulyah soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fucked
00:13:56Kastrup -ii
00:14:25Wrench we got great carries but not too good team synergy :[
00:14:37Soulyah y well
00:15:23Kastrup -3
00:15:48Soulyah they can even dive
00:15:50Soulyah we cant do shit
00:15:51Soulyah :D
00:15:55Wrench yah
00:16:06Wrench well we got what... 2 stuns ?
00:16:07Wrench =D
00:16:19Maier TULEN
00:16:22Wrench omw
00:16:23Wrench kill
00:16:27Wrench used ult
00:16:42Soulyah B*ITCH
00:16:53Yuriko oh well
00:16:55Yuriko shit happens
00:16:59edgarass b
00:17:26Maier wrench
00:17:28Maier why dont u have
00:17:28Wrench y
00:17:29Maier any farm ?
00:17:34Wrench coz there was no freefarm top
00:17:37Wrench :<
00:17:47Mercury gj slardar
00:17:521m4n5h0w get luna
00:17:56Kastrup hmm
00:17:57Kastrup doubt we can
00:18:01edgarass thought they are 4 threre
00:18:01Kastrup tide there aswell
00:18:05Wrench ss top
00:18:15Soulyah yy
00:18:15Kastrup hes in wodos
00:18:17Kastrup wait for mepo
00:18:30Maier 2 coming
00:18:30Wrench using chick
00:18:37Yuriko fast
00:18:39Maier care
00:18:521m4n5h0w xD
00:18:571m4n5h0w all 5
00:18:57Soulyah that didnt go good
00:18:58Soulyah :D
00:19:00McNabb pro trap
00:19:02Kastrup they got wards..
00:19:05Soulyah lol
00:19:071m4n5h0w they didnt see us there
00:19:10Soulyah play tide and press ur button
00:19:13Soulyah and feel like pro
00:19:48Wrench y
00:19:49Wrench noticed
00:19:51Wrench tp most likely
00:20:091m4n5h0w 5 inc
00:20:09Soulyah :D
00:20:10Soulyah :D
00:20:11Soulyah :D
00:20:11Soulyah :D
00:20:121m4n5h0w B
00:20:23Yuriko very good try
00:20:38Wrench too bad my bkb killed u
00:20:38edgarass b
00:20:43Wrench or whatever the skill is called
00:20:46Soulyah rage
00:20:48Wrench y
00:21:47McNabb got ulti
00:22:28Kastrup lol
00:22:34Soulyah :(
00:23:02Soulyah all low
00:23:02Soulyah lol
00:24:05Kastrup :)
00:24:37McNabb push some towers_
00:24:39McNabb ?
00:24:48Maier lemme ward
00:24:53Maier so we can do something atleast
00:24:54edgarass top?
00:25:10Kastrup no dust?
00:25:18McNabb top guys
00:25:27DayDream ill tp in sec
00:25:51Kastrup ff
00:25:53Wrench ff
00:25:56Wrench ggwp
00:25:56Maier yea, nice bash
00:25:57Soulyah i think so too
00:25:57Soulyah :D
00:26:06Kastrup and naix going vanguard
00:26:08Kastrup that rocks
00:26:11Wrench lol
00:26:19Soulyah doesnt matter much
00:26:21Wrench at this point its more important to finish an item
00:26:28Wrench than wait for an item U NEVER Get
00:26:29McNabb Zzzz
00:26:29Kastrup well threats would be a start then
00:26:43Wrench pro naix goes phase tbh
00:26:45Wrench :)
00:26:48Wrench if farmed well
00:27:461m4n5h0w we really def as 3 with 2 standing at fountain
00:27:52Soulyah doesnt matter
00:27:56Soulyah they have too badass picks
00:28:04Mercury b
00:28:05Yuriko go b
00:28:11Wrench yeah gg
00:28:11Kastrup storm is useless pick
00:28:12Kastrup shredder is
00:28:16Kastrup and meepo was in this pool
00:28:20Soulyah ye
00:28:26Wrench storm wouldve been fine if mid
00:28:34Soulyah I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:36Wrench I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:37Soulyah NEVAH
00:28:37Wrench gg wp
00:28:40Kastrup I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:28:50Maier I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:29:21Maier to much disable
00:29:23Wrench :p
00:29:23Wrench y
00:29:27Wrench just ff it
00:29:33Wrench gonna get huge - x anyway
00:29:34Maier I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:29:35Wrench no neesd to prolong
00:29:40Soulyah :D
00:29:42Soulyah IDEA WAS GOOD
00:29:47Soulyah but failed to do so
00:29:52Soulyah I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:29:54Soulyah DO IT FFFS
00:29:571m4n5h0w neva
00:30:35Soulyah pugna tankiest hero in game
00:30:40Soulyah thats a sight u dont see mch
00:31:49Wrench we almost damaged them!
00:31:51Wrench almost!
00:31:54Soulyah close
00:31:55Soulyah :D
00:31:56Wrench :D
00:32:05Kastrup pugna only got 1600 left
00:32:08Kastrup we almost got him
00:32:21Soulyah lol
00:32:22Soulyah 3 hit
00:33:03Soulyah SPARTAA
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