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-14 X
-2 TS

70% | 1321 X | 1396 TS

-10 X
-12 TS

53% | 1256 X | 1264 TS

-49 X
-2 TS

51% | 1177 X | 1324 TS

-51 X
-2 TS

47% | 1190 X | 1261 TS

+1 X
-1 TS

22% | 993 X | 1241 TS

+37 X
+1 TS

95% | 1652 X | 1532 TS

+37 X
+2 TS

33% | 1012 X | 1327 TS

-13 X
+2 TS

32% | 1032 X | 1298 TS

+38 X
+17 TS

29% | 1045 X | 1260 TS

+28 X
+3 TS

24% | 1013 X | 1243 TS

Chat log

00:00:11xTimmins- i read this site will close anyway?
00:00:11NeverbACKdOwn ban slark
00:00:16VictoriaJrocks no it wonto
00:00:17VictoriaJrocks wont
00:00:18Banana it wont
00:00:18JasonStatham never
00:00:18JasonStatham :D
00:00:18NeverbACKdOwn it has been running over 5 years
00:00:18xTimmins- enough people donate
00:00:18NeverbACKdOwn so i dont think its true
00:00:18xTimmins- yeah but as it gets bigger
00:00:18xTimmins- he may be sick
00:00:18xTimmins- of paying the costs
00:00:18VictoriaJrocks i doubt itll get much bigger
00:00:18xTimmins- 110 euro a month for server ?
00:00:18VictoriaJrocks yea
00:00:18xTimmins- = 1.3k a year
00:00:18VictoriaJrocks yea i dont know he has managed it
00:00:18VictoriaJrocks hes not even working steadily ithink
00:00:18xTimmins- XD
00:00:18xTimmins- i get 0 income myself..
00:00:18NeverbACKdOwn hes programmer i think he works from home
00:00:18VictoriaJrocks you under 18
00:00:18NeverbACKdOwn imo
00:00:18VictoriaJrocks or why 0?
00:00:18xTimmins- 19
00:00:18VictoriaJrocks :p
00:00:18xTimmins- but becaus eof college i cant get full time job
00:00:18VictoriaJrocks you would get atleast 305 euros here then
00:00:18VictoriaJrocks ok
00:00:18VictoriaJrocks everyone gets 305e :D
00:00:18xTimmins- nah i shoudl get 100pound
00:00:18xTimmins- every 2 weeks
00:00:18VictoriaJrocks in finland
00:00:18xTimmins- but mistake was made
00:00:18xTimmins- im from england
00:00:18VictoriaJrocks i love england
00:00:18VictoriaJrocks so good chilli products
00:00:18xTimmins- XD
00:00:18xTimmins- LOL
00:00:18xTimmins- im rofling
00:00:18VictoriaJrocks i spent like 100euros a month to those ;D
00:00:18xTimmins- LOL
00:00:18VictoriaJrocks sf
00:00:18xTimmins- all i do
00:00:18xTimmins- is get some money off weed
00:00:18xTimmins- but not much
00:00:18VictoriaJrocks ;DD
00:00:18NeverbACKdOwn :D
00:00:18NeverbACKdOwn hahah
00:00:18Banana :D
00:00:18JasonStatham im stoned finishing my 4th beer
00:00:18JasonStatham :D
00:00:18HuaRong hahahhaa
00:00:18VictoriaJrocks sandii is drunk :D
00:00:18VictoriaJrocks sf
00:00:18xTimmins- i sell one ounce every 2 weeks
00:00:18xTimmins- roughly
00:00:18sandii ok im back
00:00:18xTimmins- so im slow
00:00:18sandii hum
00:00:18xTimmins- make about 30 pound a week thats it :/
00:00:18sandii damn shit theres a lot of gay hroes
00:00:18VictoriaJrocks :)
00:00:18xTimmins- after my own smoke
00:00:18xTimmins- but i get uk cheese
00:00:18sandii -doom
00:00:21xTimmins- one of the best strains u can get
00:00:26xTimmins- won awards in amsterdam etc
00:00:28sandii havent played dota for a while
00:00:32VictoriaJrocks pick sometihng
00:00:32Banana nice
00:00:41Banana fuck that slark
00:00:42xTimmins- its a satvia smoke
00:00:44VictoriaJrocks 15% luna
00:00:47VictoriaJrocks im so gonna own your whole team :D
00:00:48xTimmins- so completely fucks u up
00:00:50VictoriaJrocks 15% of 900+
00:00:51sandii oh i was second pick
00:00:52HuaRong all agi pls :D
00:00:54sandii D:
00:00:56sandii gtfo
00:01:01sandii gondar
00:01:12VictoriaJrocks you can remove it with dark pact whats the problem ;P
00:01:17xTimmins- U WANT TRUESIGHT ?
00:01:18sandii true
00:01:20sandii heh
00:01:20sandii :P
00:01:22xTimmins- U GOT IT MOTHERFUCKER
00:01:22VictoriaJrocks everytime i try to smoke weed drunk i just end up puking
00:01:26xTimmins- XD
00:01:29sandii :D
00:01:29xTimmins- i dont really drink
00:01:33sandii im at lan lols
00:01:33xTimmins- but i got a litre bottle
00:01:36sandii and im wasted
00:01:36xTimmins- of southern comfort
00:01:38JasonStatham first timers thing victoria
00:01:42xTimmins- belles southern comfort
00:01:44xTimmins- its whisky
00:01:47xTimmins- but
00:01:50xTimmins- i drink with redbull
00:01:52sandii nice got a support team
00:01:53xTimmins- or lemonade
00:02:02Banana HAHAHAH
00:02:03Banana IMBA
00:02:07xTimmins- XD
00:02:07VictoriaJrocks i got 4x agi
00:02:08xTimmins- u lose
00:02:11VictoriaJrocks you got phoenix abba KOTL ZEUS
00:02:11Multi_Ljep abba down
00:02:15xenix- k
00:02:17Banana atleast fast game
00:02:20HuaRong wtf, i didnt see :D
00:02:21VictoriaJrocks nope i never ff
00:02:24xTimmins- pugna can hold back pushes
00:02:26sandii :P
00:02:26VictoriaJrocks ok i do
00:02:27VictoriaJrocks ff
00:02:27xTimmins- with his imbaness
00:02:29VictoriaJrocks but
00:02:33VictoriaJrocks not agains xTimmins
00:02:37xTimmins- ffs
00:02:38xTimmins- reported
00:02:41VictoriaJrocks :D
00:02:42xTimmins- for discrimination
00:02:48VictoriaJrocks too fun to play against you
00:02:49xTimmins- XD
00:02:52Banana -ma
00:02:54xTimmins- I AM TO MUCH OF A CHALLANGE
00:02:57xTimmins- FOR UR PUNY BRAIN?
00:03:15xTimmins- from btw?
00:03:17sandii i even failed this
00:03:18sandii :D:D
00:03:19VictoriaJrocks Finland
00:03:27sandii nii joo
00:03:28sandii nii ootki
00:03:31sandii :D
00:03:54xTimmins- ^^
00:04:02VictoriaJrocks not used to luna damages
00:04:04VictoriaJrocks after so much xin
00:04:09xTimmins- not used
00:04:11xTimmins- to normal hero
00:04:17xTimmins- i played fuckin
00:04:19xTimmins- rhasta vs xin
00:04:20xTimmins- wtf
00:04:32sandii :DDDDDDD
00:04:34sandii :DDDDDDD
00:04:35sandii :DDDDD
00:04:37sandii :DDDDDD
00:04:53sandii been playing hon for like
00:04:54sandii lols
00:05:09xTimmins- banned?
00:05:20sandii no?
00:05:22sandii this lag
00:05:51VictoriaJrocks zeus top
00:05:56VictoriaJrocks if its invi i murder
00:06:10VictoriaJrocks zeus top
00:06:22VictoriaJrocks sahre chick
00:06:24VictoriaJrocks share chick
00:07:30xTimmins- soz let luna long freefarm
00:07:30xTimmins- xD
00:07:33Multi_Ljep pls mana
00:08:08VictoriaJrocks 160s cd wasted cool
00:08:08xTimmins- im to pro to die like that
00:08:17Multi_Ljep mana
00:08:18Multi_Ljep asap
00:08:18Multi_Ljep pls
00:08:19VictoriaJrocks zeus bot
00:08:54sandii i used to like
00:09:27xTimmins- soz
00:09:27sandii fag.
00:09:28HuaRong fuck :D
00:09:28xTimmins- no miss
00:09:29VictoriaJrocks y u no use ulti :D
00:09:38sandii well im drunk lol
00:09:44sandii didnt have time to skill it
00:09:45sandii :
00:09:46sandii D
00:09:50NeverbACKdOwn top gone soon
00:09:59xTimmins- DRUNK IS ALWAYS EXCUSE
00:10:04sandii IT IS!
00:10:08NeverbACKdOwn tp top
00:10:12sandii im playing so bad
00:10:13sandii :DD
00:10:16sandii for real
00:10:40Multi_Ljep mana
00:10:40Multi_Ljep me
00:10:42xenix- get sniper
00:10:46xTimmins- up chick
00:10:49VictoriaJrocks i lead you in levels coolface
00:11:02Multi_Ljep KOTL FFS
00:11:05xTimmins- MAN
00:11:05xTimmins- WTF
00:11:06Multi_Ljep can u play with me
00:11:11xTimmins- KOTL I HAVE BOTTLE
00:11:12Aleks875 )
00:11:12xTimmins- FUCK U
00:11:16Aleks875 ((
00:11:23xTimmins- now i die
00:11:38xTimmins- its gj to kotl for taking invis rune from me
00:11:45VictoriaJrocks bad bad kotl
00:11:58Multi_Ljep i dont like Tim,bt hes right
00:12:00sandii :DD
00:12:01xenix- guys come
00:12:06sandii second time i buy wrong item
00:12:20sandii .
00:12:29sandii i thin im gonna plug
00:12:32VictoriaJrocks NO
00:12:38VictoriaJrocks you have better team
00:12:45sandii yeah but im failing
00:13:12xTimmins- ulti cd
00:13:15sandii b
00:13:29xTimmins- lothar kotl
00:13:50Multi_Ljep rtrd
00:14:00sandii well sry
00:14:04sandii i really am drunk
00:14:08sandii rapuska forced me to play
00:14:43NeverbACKdOwn pugna
00:14:44NeverbACKdOwn jäta top
00:14:45NeverbACKdOwn mulle
00:14:48NeverbACKdOwn ära steali
00:14:51Banana :D:D
00:14:54Banana 2ra steali :D:D:D
00:15:01NeverbACKdOwn no tra sa aint spellfarmid
00:15:08Banana 2ra aja vigast
00:15:53xTimmins- kuan
00:15:55xTimmins- luna
00:16:14sandii OOL
00:16:16sandii missed
00:16:18sandii yea rihtj
00:16:33Multi_Ljep rune down
00:16:34Multi_Ljep zeus
00:16:42xTimmins- its not
00:16:48Multi_Ljep 15 secs
00:16:50Multi_Ljep nvm
00:17:02Multi_Ljep rge
00:17:02Multi_Ljep me
00:17:47VictoriaJrocks ulti people
00:17:48VictoriaJrocks sniper
00:17:54VictoriaJrocks i cant kill anyone if you dont weakne
00:18:15VictoriaJrocks stop saving your mana you asshole
00:18:16VictoriaJrocks sniper
00:18:19JasonStatham sry
00:18:40VictoriaJrocks it doesnt matter if you get the kill or someone else
00:18:42VictoriaJrocks just try to kill those
00:19:18VictoriaJrocks invi?
00:19:27Banana seems so
00:19:48VictoriaJrocks go
00:20:33VictoriaJrocks ulti
00:20:37xTimmins- tracked
00:20:39sandii i just lold
00:20:40sandii .
00:20:41xTimmins- = gg for slark
00:20:43Multi_Ljep xDDDDD
00:20:46Aleks875 slark pro
00:20:52Multi_Ljep hehe
00:20:54Aleks875 when all dead he go atackk 1vs4
00:20:55sandii slark drunk
00:20:56Multi_Ljep slark
00:21:00Multi_Ljep u there
00:21:04sandii noi
00:21:07Multi_Ljep drink some water
00:21:08Multi_Ljep man
00:21:08Multi_Ljep :D
00:21:32sandii wtf do i even build to this shit
00:21:36VictoriaJrocks basher
00:22:05Multi_Ljep gp
00:22:17VictoriaJrocks b sniepr
00:22:26VictoriaJrocks got ulti
00:22:28VictoriaJrocks need a chance to use
00:22:32NeverbACKdOwn i go regn
00:23:00Multi_Ljep mana
00:23:02Multi_Ljep ezalor
00:23:04Multi_Ljep fuck off
00:23:05Multi_Ljep MAN
00:23:06Multi_Ljep :D
00:23:20Multi_Ljep MOFO
00:24:06JasonStatham c
00:24:50VictoriaJrocks dont fight before i get my ulti
00:25:04VictoriaJrocks might need you soon
00:25:25VictoriaJrocks got ulti soon
00:25:26sandii cant push
00:25:36VictoriaJrocks void go ulti
00:25:39HuaRong y
00:25:53VictoriaJrocks all
00:25:54sandii this lag.
00:25:54VictoriaJrocks gondar
00:26:36VictoriaJrocks tower
00:26:52VictoriaJrocks nice ulti phoenix
00:27:20xenix- farming
00:27:27sandii ASd.
00:27:31Banana :D
00:28:18VictoriaJrocks manaleak
00:28:51VictoriaJrocks come def bot
00:29:13sandii he has ulti
00:29:24sandii aSHDa
00:29:46VictoriaJrocks your phoenix and kotl seems to have interest in teamwork :D
00:29:51VictoriaJrocks seem
00:29:54VictoriaJrocks LOST
00:29:57VictoriaJrocks im sor tired
00:30:00VictoriaJrocks so
00:30:09Multi_Ljep looks like u act like asshole
00:30:12VictoriaJrocks :O
00:30:15VictoriaJrocks you go ulting creeps
00:30:19VictoriaJrocks dont gang with others
00:30:22Banana would be nice if u type "ff"
00:30:23VictoriaJrocks kotl goes invi pushing mid alone
00:30:24Multi_Ljep cuz no mana from kotl at start
00:30:25Multi_Ljep so no kills
00:30:27Multi_Ljep no nothing
00:30:32Multi_Ljep frustrated
00:30:36xTimmins- no mana from start
00:30:40xTimmins- never help team
00:30:42xTimmins- = never
00:31:21VictoriaJrocks vaik osuisitki mul o ghost scepter
00:31:25Aleks875 I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:26sandii Y
00:31:39Multi_Ljep ok..
00:31:45sandii mut siis rapuska.
00:31:50VictoriaJrocks NNI?
00:32:10JasonStatham aaah stupidi
00:32:25xenix- k
00:32:27xTimmins- I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:29VictoriaJrocks :D 15% lunalla
00:32:31VictoriaJrocks tuttua puuhaa
00:32:32VictoriaJrocks a
00:32:44xTimmins- well u didnt get a single gank
00:32:45Aleks875 we had luck
00:32:46xTimmins- so
00:32:53Aleks875 with alchogolik
00:32:55Aleks875 slark
00:33:02VictoriaJrocks you were ganking elsewhere
00:33:03xTimmins- ignor eza
00:33:06xTimmins- he is a noob
00:33:17xTimmins- a huge one at that
00:33:39VictoriaJrocks whres chick
00:33:41sandii iha hervee kiinnostus
00:33:47VictoriaJrocks tuun loptetaa sekasa
00:33:52sandii jooh
00:33:54sandii pls
00:34:11VictoriaJrocks go finish
00:34:47sandii :DD
00:34:59xTimmins- I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:01xTimmins- I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:02sandii :DDDDDDDD
00:35:04sandii :DDDDDD
00:35:04Banana :D:D:
00:35:04xTimmins- fucking ff
00:35:05xTimmins- u bitches
00:35:06xTimmins- noob
00:35:07VictoriaJrocks finish
00:35:10sandii i think im gonna selfkill myself soon
00:35:15xTimmins- how the fuck
00:35:17Aleks875 i had half of body void ultis
00:35:17xTimmins- can a phoenix
00:35:23xTimmins- feed
00:35:25xTimmins- its embarassing
00:35:42Multi_Ljep simple
00:35:44Multi_Ljep just watch
00:35:47xTimmins- y
00:35:47xTimmins- i see
00:36:13VictoriaJrocks SIIKA
00:36:24sandii voitan tän vie
00:36:26VictoriaJrocks :D
00:36:27VictoriaJrocks :D
00:36:34sandii jos pelaat noin huonosti
00:36:46Multi_Ljep mana mofo
00:36:52xenix- all !
00:37:03VictoriaJrocks :D:D
00:37:10VictoriaJrocks oh you are pushing
00:37:12sandii mitä just sanoin
00:37:20VictoriaJrocks but ezalor is soloign again <3
00:37:29VictoriaJrocks ULTI SLARK
00:37:32sandii ok.
00:37:37sandii joku void
00:37:41sandii siis ok
00:37:47sandii menis roskii
00:37:54sandii teil 3 carryy
00:37:58Multi_Ljep TY!
00:38:03sandii mun pitäs tappa teijät ku roskaa
00:38:23Banana zeus ulti
00:38:23VictoriaJrocks teiän kotl on kyl surulline tapaus
00:39:48VictoriaJrocks bad ulti
00:39:50VictoriaJrocks so bad ulti
00:39:57xTimmins- our support doing absolutely
00:39:58xTimmins- nothing
00:40:07xTimmins- I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:10xTimmins- FFUCKING NOOBS
00:40:10xTimmins- I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:30VictoriaJrocks enpä jaksa finishaa ku voidi pilas
00:41:33sandii vittu mua vittuttaa oikee
00:41:36Multi_Ljep I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:45sandii joku thoumi tos vieres "noob :D"
00:41:49sandii ku se on ihan pask
00:41:51sandii a
00:41:56sandii .....................................................................
00:41:59VictoriaJrocks sehän pelas tääl pari vuotta sitte
00:42:01sandii en juttele sulle enää rapuska
00:42:04sandii noshit
00:42:15sandii sain sen takia bannitkin 4v sitte gc:lle kun pelasin sen luona
00:42:18sandii ja trollattiin
00:42:20VictoriaJrocks :D
00:42:32xTimmins- I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:33xTimmins- I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:33xTimmins- f
00:42:34xTimmins- f
00:42:35xTimmins- I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:56xTimmins- purge > bkb
00:42:56sandii teil iha paperiheroi ja vipeen
00:42:59sandii ...........................
00:43:01sandii :::::::::::::::::::
00:43:03sandii D:::::::::::::
00:43:06VictoriaJrocks mul yli 30 armoria
00:43:18sandii no oot poikkeus muutenki tol staffil
00:43:20sandii mut noi muut
00:43:25xTimmins- I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:25xTimmins- I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:26xTimmins- I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:26xTimmins- I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:27xTimmins- I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:27xTimmins- I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:28xTimmins- I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:28VictoriaJrocks damage reduction 69%
00:43:28xTimmins- I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:29xTimmins- I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:31VictoriaJrocks nuo peelot ottaa roshania
00:43:33sandii pitäs ol iha paperii mul
00:43:43sandii jooh
00:44:20sandii :DDDDD
00:44:29sandii tuhotkaa se paska vaa ny
00:44:40sandii ty
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