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Chat log

00:00:14Maier if u are fp, will u give me xin ?
00:00:16Maier damn
00:00:16Maier ban it
00:00:16fUNCh -clear
00:00:16NwC.CooL-T give me legioner plz
00:00:16fUNCh asdf
00:00:16XXL yea
00:00:16XXL i will ban it
00:00:16Maier mkay
00:00:16XXL if they dont
00:00:16fUNCh its 31% win ratio hero
00:00:16fUNCh dont wanna lose
00:00:16Maier u pick ?
00:00:16Maier -ii
00:00:16Maier -water red
00:00:16RumGone -ii
00:00:16Maier -weather rain
00:00:16RumGone -water red
00:00:16XXL anyone rhasta?
00:00:16XXL or sd
00:00:16fUNCh i see guys failing with everyday
00:00:16Dovahkiin sd
00:00:16fUNCh fail fai fail
00:00:16XXL okay
00:00:16NwC.CooL-T ok
00:00:16fUNCh pick something else plx
00:00:16RumGone mirana rhasta seams neat
00:00:16Maier i will prolly qop
00:00:16fUNCh xin
00:00:16mamyka relax
00:00:16Maier ban
00:00:16Maier sd
00:00:16XXL so
00:00:16fUNCh anyone wants sandking ?
00:00:16Maier he will potm
00:00:16XXL sd
00:00:16XXL np
00:00:29fUNCh want this cool ?
00:00:34NwC.CooL-T no
00:00:36Nickless me sk
00:00:38Maier someone take axe
00:00:38mamyka i wanna potm
00:00:40Maier u mid ?
00:00:43XXL get supports
00:00:43Maier i wanna solo top
00:00:44XXL u can
00:00:45RumGone ill take axe then
00:00:46mamyka iam good rly
00:00:47XXL what ever
00:00:49XXL i can mid
00:00:50XXL also
00:00:52mamyka swap?
00:00:56fUNCh will see
00:01:00fUNCh asdf
00:01:00fUNCh gg
00:01:01fUNCh ff
00:01:11fUNCh wont swap
00:01:14RumGone oh shit
00:01:15fUNCh since leggioner in team
00:01:18RumGone axe?
00:01:20mamyka potm swap?
00:01:21XXL axe
00:01:25mamyka he is good comander
00:01:27XXL crix
00:01:29XXL also
00:01:29RumGone should i jungle?
00:01:30XXL someone
00:01:34XXL good
00:01:36Maier yea
00:01:38Maier go jungle
00:01:42fUNCh take me rhasta then
00:01:42Maier and come gang when im lvl 5
00:01:45RumGone we needed silencer
00:01:46fUNCh -swap 4
00:01:46RumGone but wahtever
00:01:47Maier i will nuke them
00:01:50fUNCh potm mid
00:01:51RumGone their lineup is sick
00:01:52mamyka -SWAP 1
00:01:55fUNCh leggioner + me bot
00:01:57XXL lastone takes nerub
00:01:58Maier get
00:02:02Maier krobe
00:02:14fUNCh dk go top ?
00:02:15XXL krob or nerub
00:02:17PriMo y
00:02:21Maier fuck na
00:02:23XXL but nerub can burst 1 dead
00:02:25XXL easily
00:02:26Maier they can't play it that good
00:02:31Dovahkiin qop solo?
00:02:35Maier yes
00:02:35RumGone y
00:02:45Maier tanelli go tank
00:02:48Maier axe u can pull btw
00:02:50Maier if u wanna
00:02:52RumGone ill take 2 lvls of call
00:02:55RumGone i will
00:02:57Maier take hunger
00:03:08XXL xD
00:03:09fUNCh got shackle
00:03:11RumGone 2 lvls of helix?
00:03:11XXL mamyka potm
00:03:17RumGone max hunger?
00:03:17Maier yea
00:03:19NwC.CooL-T try?
00:03:20Maier aye
00:03:22fUNCh k
00:03:23RumGone 2 lvls of call?
00:03:26Maier yea
00:03:37RumGone pullin
00:05:32Maier come gang soon
00:05:50RumGone on my way
00:05:53RumGone 1 lvl of eac
00:06:09Dovahkiin fucking dota 2 ruined my skills in classic
00:06:35RumGone gj
00:07:10XXL GJ
00:07:10mamyka SS naga
00:07:20Maier u2
00:07:49mamyka SS naga
00:08:16mamyka RE NAGA
00:08:16XXL SS
00:08:28Nickless upg chick
00:08:34XXL CARE BOT
00:08:34tanelli miss
00:09:01RumGone im low
00:09:02RumGone bot ok
00:09:22Maier gj
00:09:28RumGone u2
00:09:33Maier MISS
00:09:33Maier SILE
00:09:43fUNCh i'll char
00:09:43Dovahkiin 3 ss
00:09:52XXL late
00:10:07fUNCh ffs
00:10:19XXL ss
00:10:20XXL al
00:10:21mamyka B NOOB
00:10:30fUNCh damn nagga
00:10:30fUNCh :D
00:10:31fUNCh 12hp
00:10:45fUNCh creephit me before shackle so ruioned 1 bottle drink W-AEHJTRREantARENS
00:11:15Maier rune still bot ?
00:11:49Maier gj
00:11:53Maier hunger feeds
00:12:14RumGone vguard or blink rush?
00:12:18Maier go blink
00:12:21XXL blink
00:12:23RumGone half way
00:12:28XXL crix
00:12:46Dovahkiin not lvl 7 yet
00:12:47Dovahkiin no range
00:13:15XXL greedy bitcches
00:13:17XXL get tower
00:13:19XXL mid
00:13:23XXL then b
00:13:24Maier get wards
00:13:35XXL krob
00:13:36XXL get wards
00:14:15RumGone -ms
00:14:17RumGone 1800 gold
00:14:41RumGone 1900
00:14:53Dovahkiin we can see it ...
00:14:53XXL mine
00:14:55RumGone 2000
00:15:00RumGone :P
00:15:06XXL ffs
00:15:08XXL funch
00:15:10XXL maier
00:15:11XXL mean
00:15:19Maier i know
00:15:19RumGone dagger
00:15:21Maier i'm mean
00:15:22RumGone im useful now
00:15:40mamyka B
00:15:56RumGone b
00:16:04mamyka GJ
00:16:08RumGone go farm down
00:16:11XXL t
00:16:22Maier fuck
00:16:25Maier why isn't anybody solo
00:16:41Maier axe
00:16:42Maier go with me
00:16:44fUNCh -ms
00:16:44Maier lets hunt
00:16:45mamyka AXE DAGER
00:16:51Maier top
00:16:53RumGone ALL UP
00:17:00mamyka DK 7 LVL
00:17:03XXL comin
00:17:04RumGone rhasta first
00:17:06RumGone and silencer
00:17:08Maier yea
00:17:41RumGone NBAGA?
00:18:01RumGone bah
00:18:02RumGone ;:D
00:18:05XXL omfg
00:18:06XXL l2op
00:18:10Maier axe
00:18:11mamyka ?1
00:18:12Maier that was bad
00:18:13Maier very bad
00:18:16mamyka N1
00:18:22tanelli b
00:18:27XXL omg
00:18:40fUNCh got so much lvls
00:18:40XXL i go farm -.-
00:18:45fUNCh could upg skills
00:18:46fUNCh :D:D:D:
00:18:49fUNCh couldn't
00:18:54fUNCh took so much time to hex him
00:18:55fUNCh tfkwzehdkygu
00:18:58Maier get a vang
00:18:59Maier naga
00:19:01Maier you're paper
00:19:03RumGone y
00:19:11XXL i go hot
00:19:16RumGone lol
00:19:17Dovahkiin cant cast ult with this fucking nort
00:19:26fUNCh -ms
00:19:28XXL get dagger?
00:19:59RumGone lmao
00:20:18RumGone shit im running back and forth...
00:20:37RumGone ill get that new item sange+dissarm next
00:20:40RumGone so im more tank
00:21:27fUNCh urn
00:21:28mamyka EHYE
00:21:45fUNCh why didnt you urn krob
00:21:48XXL b
00:21:48XXL mid
00:22:25XXL -ma
00:22:33XXL -cs
00:22:57XXL aka
00:22:57XXL ?
00:22:59Maier RIGHT
00:23:07RumGone b
00:23:09Maier what ?
00:23:10Maier i had cd
00:23:11Maier ulti
00:23:11Maier ffs
00:23:22RumGone b
00:23:22Maier axe
00:23:23Maier please
00:23:38RumGone arcane boots?
00:23:43XXL yep
00:23:47Maier phase
00:23:48Maier better
00:23:50Maier or arcane
00:23:52XXL na
00:23:53XXL we need mana
00:24:06XXL i take creeps
00:24:11XXL get him
00:24:26XXL ???
00:24:27RumGone crew me
00:24:28RumGone :(
00:24:30Maier guys
00:24:31Maier wards
00:24:34Maier in good places please
00:24:37RumGone sry :(
00:24:41Maier runes dont give a fuck anymore
00:24:59Maier those places
00:25:01Maier we need wards
00:25:11fUNCh my rune
00:25:53Maier yup
00:25:55Maier no wards
00:25:59Maier = fucked
00:26:04XXL krob
00:26:07XXL get wards
00:26:08XXL now
00:26:17tanelli two wards on map
00:26:22Maier those
00:26:23Maier are
00:26:24Maier kinda
00:26:26Maier useless ones
00:26:34Maier WARD THERE
00:26:36tanelli well i need some hp, get some yourself
00:26:41Dovahkiin -.-
00:27:00fUNCh try mid
00:27:06Maier ma ei saa aru kuidas sa suudad nii idiootset herot pelada
00:27:07RumGone b
00:27:08RumGone they invis
00:27:12fUNCh ?
00:27:13Maier niiiiiiiiii faking igav
00:27:22fUNCh all bot
00:27:58Dovahkiin cool
00:28:07XXL wtf
00:28:08XXL akasha
00:28:15XXL leave
00:28:18XXL ^^
00:28:27fUNCh not like this
00:28:27fUNCh ffs
00:28:28fUNCh asghedrjtfg
00:28:28XXL wot
00:28:34Maier i got silence + taht spell
00:28:37Maier so i was oom
00:28:49Maier that spell which needs u to use some spell
00:29:07Maier and stop, 14 assists
00:29:07RumGone imo naga needs more hp :(
00:29:10mamyka ?? ???? ????
00:29:10fUNCh take wards
00:29:12Maier naga is useless
00:29:12fUNCh and plant
00:29:13fUNCh silencer
00:29:15Maier he dies in 3 hits
00:29:16mamyka we need pipe
00:29:20XXL maier
00:29:24XXL shut up
00:29:28RumGone at least put treads to str in clash
00:29:40XXL trying to teach me?
00:29:43RumGone no
00:29:43XXL check %
00:29:45XXL and tel
00:29:48RumGone giving advice
00:29:50Maier % here means nothing
00:29:52RumGone but u probably are doing that
00:29:55XXL it means
00:30:00fUNCh plant
00:30:01fUNCh ward
00:30:04XXL in fights
00:30:05XXL y
00:30:34RumGone mid?
00:30:35Maier wtf ?
00:30:41Maier take wards
00:30:41fUNCh ward top
00:30:42Maier someone
00:30:57RumGone b all
00:31:16RumGone b
00:31:26XXL go ult
00:31:41Maier cant
00:31:42Maier KROBE
00:31:42Maier ULTI
00:31:43Maier FFS
00:31:46Maier WHAT ARE U DOING
00:31:49XXL omfg
00:31:54RumGone friken silence
00:32:05Maier tanelli
00:32:05Maier leave
00:32:09Dovahkiin krob cant ult
00:32:11XXL thats bronze
00:32:12XXL games
00:32:15XXL no brains
00:32:18Dovahkiin he cant silence properly
00:32:21tanelli no brains no mana
00:32:22Dovahkiin n/c
00:32:22XXL with 4 and 5
00:32:23Maier we need silenver
00:32:24Maier dead
00:32:28Maier else i cant do shit
00:32:35Maier so i will focus him
00:32:40XXL glaive
00:32:41XXL kull it
00:32:42RumGone blink + stun?
00:32:43XXL omfg
00:32:45XXL crizx
00:33:22RumGone gank rhasta
00:33:26Maier bait
00:33:36RumGone i dont care
00:34:20Maier push
00:34:26fUNCh silencer saving for hex ?
00:34:28mamyka imba
00:34:29Nickless y
00:34:54tanelli dd
00:34:55RumGone take
00:34:55Maier mine
00:34:58XXL my
00:35:07Maier then im oom
00:35:10XXL np
00:35:38RumGone gj
00:35:43Dovahkiin fucking nort
00:35:48XXL thats
00:35:49XXL ulti
00:35:50RumGone gj krob
00:35:51XXL pretty bad
00:36:14RumGone i used wrong spell on rhsata
00:36:18RumGone i ultied him full hp :P
00:36:19tanelli gj or "gj"?:P
00:36:22RumGone "gj"
00:36:27tanelli :(
00:36:29fUNCh if we cant push soon
00:36:30RumGone well
00:36:30fUNCh its los
00:36:32fUNCh lost
00:36:36RumGone did you do well?
00:36:49RumGone nice
00:37:02RumGone lets just push
00:37:10XXL need manta
00:37:15RumGone kk
00:37:16Maier silly build
00:37:29Maier 2 hits from dk and your illus are dead
00:37:34XXL np?
00:37:53RumGone hes warding
00:37:53Nickless care
00:38:20fUNCh go mid
00:38:24RumGone naga
00:38:26fUNCh try raxxes with wards
00:38:26XXL yep
00:38:33fUNCh guys
00:38:33fUNCh ffs
00:38:34RumGone warded imo
00:38:36XXL kill sile
00:38:37RumGone care mid
00:38:38XXL 1st
00:38:40XXL next time
00:38:43RumGone y
00:38:44XXL he is so anying
00:38:49mamyka first we must gang
00:38:53Nickless y
00:38:56Maier mid
00:38:57Maier def
00:39:05RumGone initiate before the base
00:39:22RumGone we had no sight
00:39:28Dovahkiin potm ult
00:39:28Maier called potm ulti
00:39:28RumGone sry for 2 soon
00:39:34RumGone i know
00:39:35Maier and naga wasnt there
00:39:41RumGone i was thinking ill get him
00:39:58RumGone b KROB
00:39:58RumGone b
00:40:01RumGone omg krob
00:40:04XXL so noob
00:40:06XXL that krob
00:40:25XXL next time
00:40:29XXL if u w8 me
00:40:30XXL we win mby
00:40:34Maier axe
00:40:34Maier died
00:40:36Maier idiotically
00:40:42RumGone well i was hoping i get a few
00:40:45RumGone becaus eif they silenced
00:40:49RumGone in middle of us
00:40:52XXL u got soon blaid mail-+
00:40:54XXL or u got?
00:40:56RumGone at least u saw them
00:41:00mamyka ward on rosh plz
00:41:04XXL axe
00:41:05XXL ?
00:41:07RumGone sure
00:41:12RumGone maging it next
00:41:13Maier mine
00:41:19RumGone i know
00:41:26Maier silencer needs to die
00:41:28fUNCh we could kill riosh
00:41:31RumGone push mid?
00:41:32XXL gank someone 1s
00:41:33XXL then go
00:41:35Maier but yea, this is lost
00:41:41RumGone its not
00:41:41XXL what is
00:41:42Maier cos few wards, no smokes
00:41:42XXL u are?
00:41:45mamyka here
00:41:54tanelli there are wards and smokes in base
00:42:09RumGone awsome
00:42:29RumGone problem is we have to initiate them
00:42:37Dovahkiin YOU have to
00:42:43XXL omfg
00:42:44mamyka ????
00:42:47XXL crix
00:42:51XXL how stupid u are
00:42:52fUNCh commander -st ?
00:42:53XXL u try ult
00:42:55Dovahkiin i cant initiate into nort
00:42:56XXL when rhasta
00:42:57XXL and
00:42:58fUNCh will it show bonud dmg ?
00:42:58Dovahkiin u fucking noob
00:43:01XXL dk
00:43:01RumGone ?
00:43:02XXL close u
00:43:04NwC.CooL-T -st
00:43:04XXL fuck off
00:43:06XXL what noobs
00:43:07XXL here
00:43:11Dovahkiin gtfo
00:43:12Dovahkiin srsly
00:43:35XXL why i even joined that shit
00:43:39XXL they rush
00:43:40XXL 1 vs 5
00:43:41XXL and die
00:43:44XXL once to once
00:43:49Maier told u that this is lost
00:43:56XXL if silver
00:44:00XXL this wont be lost
00:44:03XXL rly
00:44:10RumGone lost cuz we had no wards or no truesight
00:44:13RumGone when we needed it
00:44:21RumGone we have no real supports
00:44:31XXL def
00:44:33XXL y
00:44:33RumGone everyone was farming for himself
00:44:44Dovahkiin i didnt farm
00:44:51XXL i am the only
00:44:53XXL who should farm
00:44:59RumGone well to be honest
00:45:07RumGone akasha is a no no pick in this game imo
00:45:17Dovahkiin naga too
00:45:18Dovahkiin vs dk
00:45:18RumGone u played well im not saying that
00:45:19Maier they just countered easily with sile
00:45:22Dovahkiin but we cant know
00:45:25Dovahkiin that they pick like this
00:45:34Dovahkiin silencer pick was shitty
00:45:45mamyka ?????
00:45:46XXL prob
00:45:48XXL is that u rush
00:45:51XXL and do bad moves
00:46:03Maier i didnt get crucial kills
00:46:14Maier and that's why no agha and linkens, refu
00:46:15RumGone sry :(
00:46:18RumGone i was kinda ksing :(
00:46:28RumGone we are 2 magical
00:46:34Maier qop can rape them alone
00:46:36Nickless hex rdy
00:46:40mamyka wow
00:46:43mamyka 45 min
00:46:54Nickless wow im also a support
00:46:59Nickless scumbag
00:47:05mamyka one time wards?
00:47:15Dovahkiin so alone
00:47:19RumGone silence again
00:47:29RumGone gg
00:47:33Nickless a bit more than that
00:47:33XXL not gg
00:47:34Maier only silencer won this
00:47:37XXL but lost
00:47:38Maier only his aura
00:47:39Maier ONLY
00:47:45mamyka only
00:47:46mamyka ofc
00:47:52RumGone nah wp
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