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+40 X
+1 TS

55% | 1179 X | 1362 TS

+47 X
+2 TS

43% | 1104 X | 1318 TS

-2 X
+1 TS

39% | 1040 X | 1354 TS

+4 X
+3 TS

26% | 989 X | 1287 TS

+42 X
+54 TS

NEW | 1054 X | 986 TS

+4 X
-1 TS

49% | 1150 X | 1321 TS

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-1 TS

35% | 1069 X | 1288 TS

-58 X
-8 TS

34% | 1132 X | 1211 TS

-21 X
-5 TS

30% | 1119 X | 1185 TS

-39 X
-1 TS

18% | 954 X | 1226 TS

Chat log

00:00:18techaholic can go sd
00:00:18zonskass -husk
00:00:18zonskass y
00:00:18Firoga nick, ready for what?
00:00:18Cookie_MONSTER i pugde
00:00:18techaholic ofc if u got balls
00:00:18zonskass :D
00:00:18Swagga -es
00:00:21Nickless for not going frenzy on your teammates! :D
00:00:27zonskass lich , sd nice
00:00:32Marhalt me lich
00:00:32Banana cookie whats your %?
00:00:34Firoga no
00:00:36Firoga this game
00:00:38Firoga i'm good
00:00:41Firoga the important
00:00:42Nickless gald to hear that
00:00:44Firoga is too win
00:00:46Cookie_MONSTER going up
00:00:47Nickless glad'
00:00:51zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:00:55Nickless lets do it then
00:01:00Nickless wkat to take
00:01:01KolleBolle cookie is better then you both! % dont say a frigging shit
00:01:02zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:01:04zonskass /w DotaKeys: off
00:01:10Cookie_MONSTER just my words
00:01:11Banana i know
00:01:13zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:01:16Banana thats why i am asking
00:01:16Cookie_MONSTER % says something
00:01:19Banana why is he below me
00:01:25zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:01:28zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Butcher [t,r,d,x]
00:01:30Firoga i want to do meka
00:01:32Firoga ok necxro?
00:01:32Marhalt lich or sd?
00:01:36Firoga or u want?
00:01:36Nickless k
00:01:37Cookie_MONSTER i had like twenty games
00:01:40Nickless do it
00:01:40Cookie_MONSTER how much u have?
00:01:41Firoga k
00:01:46KolleBolle Oh se my pick now :D
00:01:47Banana 400 :D
00:01:50Cookie_MONSTER u know how to play that huarong
00:01:52Cookie_MONSTER buy chicken
00:02:00zonskass pugna sd down
00:02:05KolleBolle facking pawn
00:02:07Cookie_MONSTER mesolo top
00:02:09Cookie_MONSTER enigma woods plz
00:02:16zonskass necro go top
00:02:27zonskass sd down
00:02:30Banana i pull and then woods
00:02:31Swagga share
00:02:33Cookie_MONSTER u played goblin before
00:02:34Cookie_MONSTER thanx
00:02:37Nickless 4 int
00:02:45HuaRong 1 time
00:02:46Nickless we gotta feed up pusge on ganks and finish it fast
00:02:47zonskass pugna get max ward ok?
00:02:51KolleBolle dont understand why ppls dont pick krobe
00:02:54KolleBolle its a sick hero
00:02:56Firoga i can lay pugna
00:02:57Cookie_MONSTER it is
00:02:59Cookie_MONSTER but boring :D
00:03:04KolleBolle nah! :D
00:03:07zonskass care top
00:03:09zonskass rune top
00:03:14techaholic so perverted -_-
00:03:16KolleBolle skill stun
00:03:16Nickless which one
00:03:19KolleBolle and gett fb topp
00:03:23Banana nah
00:03:28Banana skilled smth else
00:03:29zonskass who make pipe who meka?
00:03:31HuaRong care fb
00:03:34Firoga me emka
00:03:46zonskass lich or necro pipe
00:03:56Nickless necro
00:04:30Nickless so calm..
00:05:13Cookie_MONSTER flying plz
00:05:32Cookie_MONSTER thanx
00:06:22zonskass akasha going top
00:06:24zonskass care top
00:06:26zonskass b
00:06:38zonskass she have rune
00:06:39Cookie_MONSTER ss
00:06:40Cookie_MONSTER care enigma
00:06:43zonskass re
00:06:45zonskass re mid
00:06:53Nickless yu no come?
00:06:55Nickless :D
00:07:03Cookie_MONSTER re 1
00:07:11Cookie_MONSTER re
00:08:11Nickless b
00:08:13zonskass ss mid , low hp she
00:08:13Swagga ss mid
00:08:19zonskass re
00:08:21Swagga re
00:08:50zonskass be rdy
00:08:56Cookie_MONSTER come gang got 6 soon
00:08:58Swagga ss mid
00:09:00Banana hjep
00:09:02Swagga care
00:09:02Banana base
00:09:07Banana and i'll get ulti
00:09:09Nickless gj bro
00:09:15Nickless ^^
00:09:19HuaRong late ss
00:09:20zonskass ss mid
00:09:20Firoga :D
00:09:21zonskass care
00:09:38HuaRong miod noob
00:09:44Swagga yup :p
00:09:44zonskass failer akasa
00:09:45zonskass :D
00:09:47HuaRong mid mega noob
00:09:49Firoga i avoided ulti
00:09:51Firoga so proud
00:10:03Swagga i said ss like 100 times just read
00:10:06techaholic ;p
00:10:26zonskass more wards pls, if can
00:10:30techaholic wtf does 'A Phoe Gyi' means
00:10:37Cookie_MONSTER ss
00:10:44Nickless apology?
00:10:52Swagga ss mid still
00:11:07HuaRong its over
00:11:10techaholic dont think its connected with necro
00:11:11techaholic :S
00:11:11Cookie_MONSTER its not
00:11:12KolleBolle yes it is
00:11:13Cookie_MONSTER shut up
00:11:13Cookie_MONSTER noob
00:11:16Cookie_MONSTER one lane
00:11:22KolleBolle bob qop farms insted of gang
00:11:38Swagga he has no farm
00:11:46Cookie_MONSTER haha
00:11:51Banana :D
00:12:00Nickless those fuckers last pretty long
00:12:49Marhalt i pipe ok?
00:12:49Nickless ill up
00:12:56Nickless ok
00:13:33HuaRong pudge constant gank
00:13:37Cookie_MONSTER ofc
00:13:38HuaRong we cant farm]
00:13:44Cookie_MONSTER he pudge
00:13:47Cookie_MONSTER get a ward
00:13:49KolleBolle qop is useless
00:13:50Cookie_MONSTER here
00:13:55Cookie_MONSTER dont whine
00:13:58zonskass go
00:13:59zonskass sd
00:14:25Cookie_MONSTER gj
00:14:27zonskass oh, that nigar
00:14:53zonskass i will come pugna
00:14:55zonskass w8
00:15:13Cookie_MONSTER plz krob
00:15:17Cookie_MONSTER u noob we miss creep
00:15:48Swagga go def bot
00:16:01Cookie_MONSTER come
00:16:02HuaRong stfu noob
00:16:21KolleBolle sedf
00:16:21KolleBolle f
00:16:26zonskass epic luck
00:16:34zonskass -st
00:16:44zonskass def bot
00:16:45zonskass all
00:16:56techaholic sadfa
00:17:35Cookie_MONSTER hook to trees?
00:17:55Cookie_MONSTER u can hook to trees and live any gang
00:17:58Cookie_MONSTER 4 sec cd
00:18:11Cookie_MONSTER wait
00:18:13Cookie_MONSTER ulti soon
00:18:14zonskass i going for pipe
00:18:37Swagga pudgfe
00:18:44zonskass omg
00:18:46Cookie_MONSTER b
00:19:40Swagga was oom sry
00:19:45Cookie_MONSTER its okay
00:19:47zonskass more wards place
00:19:48Cookie_MONSTER enigma shoiuld have been back
00:19:53Cookie_MONSTER we have so good team fight aoe
00:19:55Nickless im on it
00:19:58Swagga yea
00:19:59Marhalt if u pipe me?
00:20:06Cookie_MONSTER b goblin
00:20:10Cookie_MONSTER don be so noob
00:20:13Swagga just ward
00:20:29Marhalt ?udge
00:20:34Marhalt if u pipe me?
00:20:37zonskass me pipe
00:20:47Marhalt ok
00:20:48Marhalt me?
00:21:11Swagga kill the ward always
00:21:12Cookie_MONSTER i couldnt target that damn ward
00:21:17zonskass gj
00:21:18Cookie_MONSTER u had chance also
00:21:24Swagga he decripyfied it
00:21:26Nickless towa
00:21:31Cookie_MONSTER ah
00:21:32Cookie_MONSTER wp
00:21:34Cookie_MONSTER of him
00:21:39Swagga thats normal
00:21:41Banana deny
00:21:42zonskass necro make aghanim
00:21:46Cookie_MONSTER normally u decryp jug
00:21:55Swagga we need wards
00:22:00Cookie_MONSTER enigma has
00:22:06Swagga place them there
00:22:10Banana where?
00:22:22zonskass tower mid
00:22:33zonskass all mid
00:22:44zonskass focus enigma akasha
00:23:07KolleBolle fuck me sideways
00:23:11KolleBolle what a bob team
00:23:23Cookie_MONSTER krob u the bob no off
00:23:24Firoga dd
00:23:31KolleBolle you se them all! enigma jump i ulti
00:23:34KolleBolle qop ulti
00:23:36KolleBolle all dead
00:23:45KolleBolle dont watch them! we need to start to get a good combo
00:23:48Swagga i did u fuck
00:24:00Swagga team wasnt there
00:24:02KolleBolle rest of them just wanked
00:24:06KolleBolle and tuch the penis
00:24:28zonskass b
00:24:30Swagga jugg just farm
00:24:39Cookie_MONSTER they take my farm
00:24:39KolleBolle faster=
00:24:41Cookie_MONSTER or fail it
00:24:42zonskass ulti have lich?
00:24:44Marhalt y
00:24:46zonskass go
00:24:59Swagga b
00:25:01KolleBolle care now
00:25:05KolleBolle for hook
00:25:13Swagga ;)
00:25:13Cookie_MONSTER ward here
00:25:35Cookie_MONSTER put ward on top plz
00:25:38Nickless come for smoke
00:25:40Cookie_MONSTER u stood there forever
00:25:46zonskass just take top wower
00:26:15KolleBolle kill ward
00:26:17zonskass lich ulti
00:26:47Swagga regen
00:26:49Cookie_MONSTER stop blink noob
00:26:57Firoga b
00:27:21Marhalt care
00:27:23Cookie_MONSTER plz let me farm
00:27:24Cookie_MONSTER creeps
00:27:28Cookie_MONSTER i get shit and u feed
00:27:30zonskass -st
00:27:32Cookie_MONSTER and lose ur farm
00:27:37techaholic -ms
00:27:51Nickless tellm e when u want to smkoke
00:28:08zonskass tower
00:28:15zonskass focus enigma akasa
00:28:16Cookie_MONSTER i tp
00:28:42Swagga that ward
00:28:45Swagga killed us
00:28:50Cookie_MONSTER haha
00:29:01Cookie_MONSTER huarong plz leave game
00:29:02Nickless so calm
00:29:04Cookie_MONSTER so they have to balance
00:29:09HuaRong no
00:29:10Cookie_MONSTER u are no good for us
00:29:15Cookie_MONSTER u have no idea what your hero can
00:29:22Nickless mana?
00:29:25zonskass cd
00:30:43Cookie_MONSTER gj
00:30:47Nickless such a shame
00:31:02Cookie_MONSTER u can pull your ulti back goblin and use rest
00:31:04Cookie_MONSTER 1
00:31:40Cookie_MONSTER keeep wards
00:31:48Swagga b
00:31:52Marhalt wards in courier me no room
00:31:54Swagga don t engagte
00:31:58Cookie_MONSTER im not there
00:32:00zonskass tower top
00:32:00Cookie_MONSTER and no tp
00:32:06zonskass all come
00:32:12Swagga b
00:32:13HuaRong b
00:32:16Swagga dont try it
00:32:21Cookie_MONSTER wait me coming invis
00:32:24Cookie_MONSTER put not much mana
00:32:33zonskass mid
00:33:28zonskass tower
00:33:33Nickless is your passive maxed?
00:33:40Cookie_MONSTER we really need pipe
00:33:42zonskass my?
00:33:44Nickless y
00:33:46zonskass y
00:33:50Nickless k
00:33:51Cookie_MONSTER and me bkb
00:33:52KolleBolle we rly need ONE ONE ONE ONE Nigma ulti
00:33:53zonskass -st
00:33:57zonskass 37str
00:33:58Banana lol
00:33:58Swagga he cant
00:33:59Banana mae
00:33:59Cookie_MONSTER that one was okay
00:34:03Swagga cuz of ward
00:34:08Nickless good number
00:34:08Cookie_MONSTER wow krob
00:34:10Swagga pugna focus
00:34:15Nickless and rising
00:34:16Swagga he has to die first
00:34:21Nickless ;D
00:34:52Cookie_MONSTER krob got team killed again
00:34:53Cookie_MONSTER :D
00:34:55Cookie_MONSTER and he whines
00:35:00Banana jep
00:35:00zonskass rax and b
00:35:48Swagga check
00:35:49Cookie_MONSTER let me plz farm
00:35:53Cookie_MONSTER u idiots
00:35:55zonskass regen and go all smoke
00:35:56Cookie_MONSTER u take my farm and die
00:35:59Banana you?
00:36:03Cookie_MONSTER krob stole all farm and fail last hits
00:36:07Banana idiots?
00:36:20Banana yous said idiotS
00:36:20HuaRong b
00:36:29Swagga no wards
00:36:31zonskass go mid
00:36:32zonskass all
00:36:36Cookie_MONSTER they rosh
00:36:39HuaRong well pudge is pro
00:36:42Swagga no
00:36:44KolleBolle hahahha
00:36:45KolleBolle hahhahah
00:36:47KolleBolle hahhahah
00:36:47HuaRong our mid noob
00:36:48KolleBolle hahhahahha
00:36:49KolleBolle hahhahah
00:36:50KolleBolle hahhahah
00:36:51Cookie_MONSTER they have no carry
00:36:52KolleBolle hahahhaha
00:36:53Cookie_MONSTER they just nuke
00:37:11Cookie_MONSTER leave huarong plz
00:37:15Swagga u just suck
00:37:16HuaRong no
00:37:20Cookie_MONSTER u are no help
00:37:20Firoga -ms
00:37:22Cookie_MONSTER u are 0 10
00:37:25Cookie_MONSTER just lag out
00:37:27Cookie_MONSTER its okay
00:37:30HuaRong i pick hero that i dont now how to play
00:37:48HuaRong i have to learn
00:37:59Banana I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:38:02Swagga 2 play yes
00:38:13Cookie_MONSTER u learn in this place
00:38:24HuaRong y
00:38:27HuaRong why not
00:38:35zonskass -st
00:38:37Cookie_MONSTER dont ruin it for your team?
00:38:44HuaRong i didnt ruin
00:38:46HuaRong mid did
00:39:02Swagga no i didnt he had no farm until u started to feed him
00:39:24Cookie_MONSTER 0 11
00:39:25Cookie_MONSTER lvl 10
00:39:35Cookie_MONSTER maybe go bnet 6 more months?
00:39:39Cookie_MONSTER and check back in here?
00:39:43Cookie_MONSTER learn some more heroes?
00:39:54HuaRong man i am not playing this
00:40:11Banana kill ward
00:40:11HuaRong we will see another game
00:40:22techaholic fu
00:40:24techaholic so gasy
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