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Chat log

00:00:03Maier -rd
00:00:08Maier go rd
00:00:10Idioteque not xd?
00:00:10NwC.CooL-T -rd
00:00:13Maier it's xd but ingame its rd -.-
00:00:17Idioteque oh
00:00:17keevin Can someone reserve me potm?
00:00:17Idioteque ye D
00:00:17keevin -clear
00:00:17keevin there is no -XD mode
00:00:17keevin in WC3
00:00:17Idioteque I KNOW
00:00:17siemenlinko bannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
00:00:17Idioteque i know
00:00:17mansikka XDD
00:00:17Maier if it doesn't get picked, then i can pick it
00:00:17Maier ROOF any1 ?
00:00:17keevin ok
00:00:17mansikka ban pit already
00:00:17NwC.CooL-T akasha
00:00:17mansikka ok
00:00:17NwC.CooL-T qop
00:00:17Maier roof
00:00:17Idioteque wl would good, or tide
00:00:23Idioteque or necro
00:00:23keevin potm! :D
00:00:27Maier ye
00:00:44keevin what would u like
00:00:45siemenlinko vois ottaaa ogren
00:00:50mansikka joo
00:00:52mansikka otanko sulle
00:00:54siemenlinko ok
00:00:55Doomy ake krob someone
00:00:57Maier hm
00:01:01siemenlinko minkä otan sulle
00:01:04mansikka katotaa
00:01:13Grool oww nice picks yet
00:01:17Maier get me
00:01:22Grool but tiny will fuck you low hp fuckerzzz
00:01:25keevin fast:D
00:01:26Maier sb
00:01:33mansikka ota
00:01:33Maier -swap 3
00:01:33keevin -swap 1
00:01:34mansikka warlock
00:01:34keevin -clear
00:01:37keevin me mid?
00:01:37keevin -clear
00:01:38Idioteque hm..
00:01:39mansikka -swap 5
00:01:40Maier was a shit pick but i love him
00:01:40Idioteque what should i
00:01:41siemenlinko -swap 2
00:01:44siemenlinko ty
00:01:44Maier ow shit
00:01:45mamyka tide
00:01:46Maier get
00:01:47Maier tide
00:01:52Maier we need tide
00:01:53Idioteque yea
00:01:53keevin ehm
00:01:58Grool tide!
00:02:00Idioteque or rexxaer
00:02:03Maier tide better
00:02:05mansikka tuu top
00:02:07Maier go mid yea
00:02:10Maier pit
00:02:11Maier go bot
00:02:15Maier krobe top
00:02:15siemenlinko joo
00:02:16Maier with me
00:02:29Idioteque kevin btw.
00:02:29Grool tzz
00:02:32keevin yes?
00:02:35Idioteque weakest player have to buy courir
00:02:35Doomy ill make pipe
00:02:37Grool bara who will fuck anyone but gondar maybe
00:02:39Idioteque so orange and brown
00:02:41Grool said bad pick
00:02:42Grool TZZZZZ!
00:02:44Maier i cant fuck tiny
00:02:45Maier -.-
00:02:49Idioteque dont forget that
00:02:50Maier tiny has that armor thingy
00:02:51Grool ofc u can
00:02:53keevin I know that
00:02:55keevin but it was like
00:02:56Idioteque kay
00:02:58keevin after 4 games
00:02:58Grool and u got bladmail
00:02:58Maier share
00:02:59keevin I had
00:02:59Grool for that
00:03:01keevin 1200 rankings
00:03:02keevin already
00:03:03keevin -clear
00:03:08siemenlinko plokkaan
00:03:08Maier -ii
00:03:09keevin so never really had to buy one
00:03:09Maier -water red
00:03:11Maier -weather rain
00:03:11mansikka juu
00:03:12keevin only in the first 2 games or so
00:03:19keevin share btw
00:03:30siemenlinko oho
00:03:31Idioteque aww
00:03:36mamyka pulll plz necro
00:05:03keevin ..
00:05:38Shinja shall i conuterward
00:05:39Shinja *ou
00:05:46Maier hm
00:06:03Maier yea
00:06:05Maier good iidea
00:06:21keevin upg pls
00:06:41Maier gj
00:06:44Doomy ss bot
00:06:45mamyka ss PIT
00:07:02siemenlinko sori
00:07:06mansikka mun moka
00:07:11Maier gj
00:07:40siemenlinko ty
00:07:43keevin gondar mid
00:07:43keevin :S
00:07:46keevin wiht dd.
00:07:47Idioteque invis
00:07:53keevin tiny has
00:07:54keevin 0 farm
00:07:58Maier we could kill again
00:08:14Idioteque gondar stil lss
00:08:17keevin Tiny had to stay back all the time
00:08:18keevin :S
00:08:23keevin care top gondar.
00:08:29keevin tiny going top
00:08:57Idioteque i slow next one
00:09:00Grool k
00:09:08Doomy y
00:09:14Idioteque wl bo
00:09:16Idioteque bot
00:09:19Idioteque ss
00:09:25Idioteque re
00:09:29Maier gj
00:09:31keevin gondar
00:09:31keevin mid
00:09:32keevin again
00:09:33keevin ffs
00:09:39siemenlinko need more gank top
00:09:40Grool both healers
00:09:40Idioteque roamin
00:09:41siemenlinko ss1
00:09:43keevin y
00:09:44keevin annoying
00:09:44Grool forget about it :?
00:09:47keevin im raping tiny so hard
00:09:48Idioteque y
00:09:48Idioteque ..
00:09:51keevin []but this gondar..
00:09:51Doomy ss bot 2
00:10:14Maier tiny
00:10:15Maier is
00:10:16Maier top
00:10:17Maier come
00:10:18Idioteque this is so useless
00:10:18Maier potm
00:10:21keevin k
00:10:23keevin but
00:10:24keevin no boots
00:10:29Idioteque necro oom
00:10:31keevin upg
00:10:32keevin pls
00:10:36Grool i get cs atleast :P
00:10:47Maier MISS
00:10:48Maier TOP
00:10:51Idioteque i got shell, nto much dmg :D
00:11:05siemenlinko sry
00:11:06Idioteque gang em
00:11:08mamyka np
00:11:14Idioteque WTF?!
00:11:19Grool fuck who silenced me oO
00:11:34Maier 3 top
00:12:23siemenlinko omg
00:12:29Idioteque gj
00:12:37Shinja why do u tp bot pit, when up 3 ? ><
00:12:39Grool manaboots here i cum
00:12:48keevin no need to cum
00:12:48Grool i tped bot?
00:12:50keevin over manaboots
00:12:50keevin :D
00:12:55Grool thats new to me :O
00:12:56keevin disgusting
00:13:19Idioteque gj
00:13:23Maier ult
00:13:27Grool bb mb
00:13:36Doomy ss potm mid
00:13:42Doomy re
00:13:46siemenlinko ei vittu
00:13:52Doomy ss
00:13:53Doomy care bot
00:14:08Maier go mid
00:14:08Maier potm
00:14:15siemenlinko gank
00:14:16Idioteque ah sure thing
00:14:29Idioteque get tiny
00:14:57keevin sorry
00:14:58keevin for being late.
00:15:06Maier don't stress it
00:15:14Idioteque dude
00:15:14Grool xD
00:15:17Grool omfg
00:15:18Idioteque kiddin?
00:15:20Grool xD
00:15:22Grool kind of
00:15:27Maier k
00:15:29Maier can charge someone
00:15:33Grool creeps backstabbed me
00:15:34Grool xD
00:15:38Maier omw
00:15:38Idioteque kinda
00:15:39Maier GO
00:15:50Idioteque ulti rdy
00:16:07siemenlinko tiop inc
00:16:09Idioteque arrow
00:16:29Maier no fucking way
00:16:39Idioteque b
00:17:31keevin b
00:17:32keevin bara
00:17:32keevin OOM
00:17:43Grool stupid low hp pit always dies in teamfihghts~~
00:17:51Grool and makes all the killz >_<
00:17:53Idioteque get shiva
00:17:58keevin oh damn gondar.
00:17:59Grool vang before
00:18:10keevin gondar u are so annoying
00:18:12keevin =D
00:18:33keevin Need to gank gondar a bit
00:18:33Maier up
00:18:34Maier chick
00:18:35Maier please
00:18:36keevin he's becoming a problem
00:18:37keevin for late.
00:18:38Maier just get dust
00:18:48Maier ty
00:19:34Idioteque mirnaa?
00:19:35Idioteque no hit?
00:19:37Idioteque hes dead
00:19:44keevin necro
00:19:45keevin ulti
00:19:57siemenlinko ogm
00:20:10keevin XDD
00:20:14keevin the great escape
00:20:37keevin krobe
00:20:37keevin man
00:20:40keevin u cant go in like that
00:20:43keevin u need vanguard and pipe.
00:20:45Shinja this fucking tide
00:20:48keevin Krobelus
00:20:49Shinja why so late ulti
00:20:50Shinja wtf
00:20:50keevin ...
00:20:52keevin Get
00:20:55keevin treads vnaguard pipe
00:20:57keevin not this itembuild
00:20:57Shinja stfu
00:21:03keevin u see what happens
00:21:06Grool awwwk
00:21:09Shinja u fucking brick
00:21:09keevin they focus u
00:21:11Shinja what do u think
00:21:11keevin and u die in 1 combo
00:21:16Grool gondar fucks krobe early
00:21:19Grool that easy .P
00:21:20Shinja i get outfarmed cause nobody comes to gank
00:21:26Shinja and we get fucked cause u noobs dont tell any misses
00:21:34keevin hi gondar.
00:21:41Grool logical explanations
00:21:44mamyka hi
00:21:47Shinja 0:5 speaking
00:21:48Grool i love that shit...
00:21:58Grool y im supp
00:22:00Grool ur ganker
00:22:05Shinja WHERE ARE U WARDs
00:22:05Grool that easy ²
00:22:07Shinja U CAN FUCK MY ASS
00:22:09Shinja ARE U SERIOUS
00:22:10Grool xD
00:22:13Shinja ff
00:22:15Grool i would
00:22:16keevin ..
00:22:18Idioteque ff
00:22:21Grool couse u seem rly girl like
00:22:22Grool LOL
00:22:25keevin please
00:22:31keevin dont pick krobe if u dont know how to play him
00:22:34Shinja :D
00:22:37keevin ur just feeding like this
00:22:40Shinja i go farm, this game is lost
00:22:40mamyka b
00:22:44Idioteque b
00:22:44Idioteque b
00:22:47keevin Thats exactly
00:22:49keevin what u should do
00:22:49Grool good idea
00:22:53keevin krobe needs farm to be effective
00:22:57Grool get some hp and come back
00:22:57keevin he needs his vanguard and pipe up
00:23:02keevin especially against these opponents.
00:23:04keevin Tiny gondar etc
00:23:07keevin kill u so easily.
00:23:15Grool my 30
00:23:19Grool mhhh..
00:23:22Grool w8 a mom
00:23:25Grool whats the comm
00:23:26keevin ?
00:23:37Grool !pause
00:23:38Grool ?
00:23:38Maier we need wards
00:23:42Maier cant pause here
00:23:42Idioteque menu
00:23:51Grool .pause
00:23:53Grool -pause
00:23:56Grool lord...
00:24:02Grool MY 30!
00:24:11NwC.CooL-T suck
00:24:13Grool 321!?
00:24:16Idioteque GO!?
00:24:18Idioteque menu
00:24:20NwC.CooL-T only cap
00:24:23Maier no
00:24:23keevin lol
00:24:24Maier u cant pause
00:24:28keevin wtf
00:24:36Grool fuck yasall!
00:24:39Grool whats the command
00:24:40Grool xD
00:24:42Shinja mirana, u shouldnt die
00:24:44Shinja u carry
00:24:46Grool pause
00:24:47Grool 3
00:24:48Grool 2
00:24:49Shinja u need more items
00:24:49Grool 1
00:24:52keevin yeah
00:24:52Grool U SURE?
00:24:52keevin if
00:24:55mamyka yes
00:24:55keevin gondar didnt gank me mid
00:24:56Shinja go farm
00:24:56keevin thens ure
00:24:56Grool FUCK OFF LIAR!
00:24:57Maier without a reason
00:24:58keevin sure*
00:25:00Maier u cant pause
00:25:03Grool I HAVE TO PISS
00:25:05Shinja where is your manta
00:25:07Grool IS THAT A REASON?
00:25:07Shinja where is your diffu
00:25:07Maier 321
00:25:08Shinja get them fast
00:25:09keevin I got 6 deaths out of which 4 by gondar.
00:25:09Shinja oh really
00:25:09Maier quick
00:25:09Maier run
00:25:09Shinja u need items guy
00:25:09Shinja play better
00:25:09Shinja u need hp
00:25:09keevin yeah because diffu is gonna help me against them? xDD
00:25:09keevin stop making me cry
00:25:09Maier we need a gem
00:25:09keevin now u say " u need hp"
00:25:09Maier on someone
00:25:09keevin and 1 min ago
00:25:09siemenlinko hmmm
00:25:09keevin " where is manta where is diffu ? "
00:25:09siemenlinko 10 minutes
00:25:09keevin makes sense nah?
00:25:09mamyka 30 passed
00:25:09mamyka 321
00:25:09Maier chill
00:25:11Shinja There is no pause rule, just go on wtf
00:25:28Idioteque c
00:25:39Maier def
00:26:16keevin :D
00:26:18Shinja i cant farm hmpf :D
00:26:21Shinja where are our wards
00:26:22Shinja ah :D
00:26:26Shinja its not my fault, i c
00:26:43keevin what do u need mana boots for?
00:26:47keevin ur itembuild is crazy
00:26:48Shinja still no wards, pit ?
00:26:58Grool stop crying about wards
00:27:05Grool ur time to gank is 5 min up!
00:27:11Grool after that
00:27:15Grool u need wards y
00:27:24Grool bulast min u did not much
00:27:37keevin WF
00:27:39Idioteque cmon mirana
00:27:40Maier mirana
00:27:40Idioteque wtf :D
00:27:41Maier we
00:27:42Maier need
00:27:44Maier your
00:27:44Maier ulti
00:27:45Maier ffs
00:27:49keevin FML
00:27:56keevin failed leap
00:28:01keevin krobelus
00:28:02keevin game ruining
00:28:10Idioteque reportablw?
00:28:13Maier and now he goes dieing
00:28:27Idioteque WTF IS THAT?
00:28:34keevin I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:36keevin !ff
00:28:37keevin !gg
00:28:38Grool krobe dude
00:28:38Idioteque krobelus
00:28:39keevin how can u ff here
00:28:41Grool might it be
00:28:44Idioteque krobelus
00:28:45Grool that u never...
00:28:46Grool KINDA
00:28:47Maier shinja
00:28:48Idioteque planted wards at base
00:28:52keevin THe guy has totally 0 idea on how to play
00:28:53Grool were in arelationsship xD?
00:28:57keevin and blames us for not buying wards
00:29:07Maier shinja
00:29:12Maier u will get banned
00:29:21Shinja yawn, its a game guys
00:29:26keevin then stop crying
00:29:27Grool y a game
00:29:28keevin if its only a game
00:29:29Shinja u react like kids^^
00:29:31Grool in wich u totally sucked
00:29:32Idioteque still
00:29:35Grool know what else bro?
00:29:35Idioteque no reason to rtuin it
00:29:37keevin you whine for 20 minutes and now u say ' its only a game'
00:29:39Maier grool stfu
00:29:39Shinja 0:7 speaking :D supp^^
00:29:40Grool lives just agame too
00:29:40Maier u suck
00:29:44Grool said all bout u
00:29:45Grool xD
00:29:55Shinja lives jsut a game too :D learn english, kid
00:30:01Grool oww
00:30:04siemenlinko b
00:30:04siemenlinko b
00:30:06Grool my english isnt bad u know
00:30:11Grool but ofc i can do better
00:30:14Grool but i KINDA
00:30:15Maier mamyka
00:30:16Shinja life - lifes, to live^^
00:30:17Maier is a total noob
00:30:18Grool PLAY the same moment
00:30:23mansikka tuu bot
00:30:28Idioteque hey pit
00:30:30Idioteque mirana
00:30:31Grool and ofc...
00:30:32Maier hard to see a noob owning -.-
00:30:33siemenlinko joo
00:30:33Grool im also
00:30:36Grool DRUNk at the same mom
00:30:38Grool HAHAHAHHA
00:30:45Idioteque you react rly like kids
00:30:48Idioteque cant you just ignore it?
00:30:50Idioteque ant report?
00:30:58Idioteque goddamn..
00:31:02Maier mamyka owning
00:31:06Maier that's a new one
00:31:07Grool ants r the rulers of this polnaet!
00:31:10Grool *planet
00:31:15Maier stfu grool
00:31:19Maier and start playing
00:31:19Grool xD
00:31:26Grool try my best :P
00:31:41Idioteque saved my ass
00:31:43Idioteque wasted but nvgm
00:32:07Maier krobe u gotta silence mooooore
00:32:12Grool but...
00:32:20Grool if tiny kills me with 2 spells every TIME
00:32:22Idioteque gotcha
00:32:25Grool what should i do dude^^
00:32:30Idioteque defensive
00:32:32siemenlinko push
00:32:35Idioteque or get resistence
00:32:38Grool DEFENSIVE?
00:32:40Grool JUST
00:32:42Idioteque or hp
00:32:43Maier yea
00:32:45Maier play sage
00:32:45Grool 100 AOR BEFOR
00:32:46Maier safe *
00:32:48Grool THRONE?
00:32:48keevin magic resistance and hp
00:32:50Idioteque tell me
00:32:55Idioteque tell why he didnt kill me so often
00:33:00Idioteque coz i evade al ot
00:33:02Grool tell me
00:33:05Grool he did focus me
00:33:07Grool every time
00:33:08Idioteque no
00:33:10Grool on lane :\\
00:33:11Idioteque hell no
00:33:22Idioteque thats what you thing
00:33:29Grool *k
00:33:40Grool but totally
00:33:42Idioteque its always when one kills one alot
00:33:43Grool u got more hp
00:33:44Idioteque "he fucs me
00:33:46Grool ~~
00:33:52Maier I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:33:55Maier wp team
00:33:55Grool dude
00:33:57siemenlinko ehk back
00:33:57Grool pit----
00:34:02Grool that simple
00:34:02Idioteque i see your point anyway
00:34:04keevin !ff
00:34:04keevin I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:34:06Grool mana THEN hp
00:34:07keevin how do u surrender
00:34:07keevin guys
00:34:10keevin ?
00:34:10Idioteque I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:34:10Maier write ff
00:34:12keevin I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:34:14Grool i was just at the gap of
00:34:15keevin doesnt work
00:34:17Grool enoguhb mana
00:34:19Idioteque it worked
00:34:21Maier it does
00:34:22Grool no need to worry about hp
00:34:22Idioteque you just dont see it
00:34:23Grool xD
00:34:24keevin oh.
00:34:28Maier go ff
00:34:30Maier this is over
00:34:33Maier you guys fed gondar
00:34:34NwC.CooL-T ?? ????????
00:34:37Grool i rly much see whats going on
00:34:38Idioteque we received the masage that you surrendert
00:34:39mamyka ble
00:34:46Grool i shgoulda picked krobe
00:34:52Maier grool
00:34:52keevin its just
00:34:53Maier go to
00:34:55keevin the itembuilds are totally wrong.
00:34:58mamyka noob
00:35:00Grool xD
00:35:05mansikka REUSE
00:35:06Idioteque srsly exiting?
00:35:09Grool #nah sry dude
00:35:15Grool to repeat krobe
00:35:19Grool "its just a game"
00:35:22Shinja 0:9 pwning^^
00:35:23mamyka bl me plz
00:35:24Idioteque mirana
00:35:26Grool i rather go to mensa meeting tomorrow
00:35:27Grool :O
00:35:28Idioteque you report him or not?
00:35:33siemenlinko fuck u
00:35:53keevin Lol
00:35:53keevin ok
00:35:55mamyka HAHAHa
00:35:56keevin rapier
00:35:57keevin haha
00:36:00keevin dat crit
00:36:01Maier WRITE
00:36:01Maier I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:36:02Idioteque lol
00:36:03Maier FUCKING
00:36:05keevin I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:36:07keevin I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:36:11Maier idiot of a team
00:36:13Grool will u now explain to me
00:36:17Grool what the ff command is
00:36:20Grool SO I CAN FF?
00:36:20Maier forfreit
00:36:23Grool HELL JEZUZ
00:36:25Maier forfeit ***
00:36:29Grool luv intelligent ppl
00:36:32Maier COS THIS IS OVER
00:36:35Grool forfeit
00:36:35Maier write ff now
00:36:38Grool I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:36:41Grool ~~
00:36:43Grool luv it
00:36:48Idioteque its so imple
00:36:52Idioteque for gods skae
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