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-12 X
+2 TS

94% | 1623 X | 1520 TS

+9 X
+2 TS

57% | 1198 X | 1362 TS

+48 X
+4 TS
51% | 1134 X | 1370 TS

-18 X
+14 TS

41% | 1182 X | 1216 TS

-1 X
+2 TS

20% | 926 X | 1274 TS

-14 X
-4 TS

80% | 1459 X | 1380 TS

+28 X
-4 TS

75% | 1315 X | 1460 TS

-39 X
-4 TS

66% | 1319 X | 1336 TS

+21 X
-2 TS

44% | 1133 X | 1291 TS

-11 X
-2 TS

11% | 877 X | 1224 TS

Chat log

00:00:09zonskass thx god, Kole not in my team
00:00:14Cookie_MONSTER what i thought
00:00:17pWny- -roof
00:00:17VictoriaJrocks -eredar
00:00:18KolleBolle pci es
00:00:20KolleBolle for me
00:00:22KolleBolle plz
00:00:27Cookie_MONSTER counter weaver
00:00:28moods me clock or tc
00:00:29KolleBolle pick
00:00:32KolleBolle es
00:00:33KolleBolle es
00:00:34KolleBolle es
00:00:34KolleBolle es
00:00:39KolleBolle ff
00:00:41KolleBolle omni
00:00:43Cookie_MONSTER we dont want weaver?
00:00:47KolleBolle get ES now
00:00:53VictoriaJrocks boring shit imo
00:00:57Cookie_MONSTER ogre = counter weaver
00:00:58zonskass we won
00:01:02mby_next_time GET SOME UGLY BITCHES HERE
00:01:03mby_next_time !
00:01:03KolleBolle gett ES ffs
00:01:06KolleBolle NOW
00:01:06Cookie_MONSTER nokolle is win .d
00:01:10KolleBolle i can play it
00:01:14KolleBolle ffs
00:01:15mby_next_time :>
00:01:15KolleBolle ffs
00:01:16KolleBolle ffs
00:01:17KolleBolle ffs
00:01:17KolleBolle ffs
00:01:18KolleBolle ffs
00:01:21zonskass Kole = autolose
00:01:22mby_next_time you go es?
00:01:24KolleBolle what a tard team
00:01:24pWny- KolleBolle u wish report? u truly hate him dont u?
00:01:28Cookie_MONSTER es last
00:01:29mby_next_time go pwny report
00:01:29pWny- -hhn
00:01:30KolleBolle do it!
00:01:30pWny- -di
00:01:30moods get ur es now
00:01:31pWny- -don
00:01:32pWny- -ii
00:01:33zonskass i hate that noob
00:01:33mby_next_time i want to laugh at you :)
00:01:41Cookie_MONSTER i hate is retarded whine and flame
00:01:51moods carry mmm maybe cookie comes?
00:01:57NwC.CooL-T riki with his stun + slow?
00:02:13zonskass ok
00:02:15mby_next_time tc Ok our last pick was
00:02:19mby_next_time dont play like pussy ok ?:D out of any league of bullshit
00:02:20Cookie_MONSTER riki OH NO
00:02:20mby_next_time -hhn
00:02:21zonskass we won instead
00:02:23mby_next_time -don
00:02:23zonskass i can go top
00:02:24zonskass :D
00:02:25pWny- share
00:02:25mby_next_time -water red
00:02:26Cookie_MONSTER pojetz?
00:02:27mby_next_time -clear
00:02:28Cookie_MONSTER wtf
00:02:28pWny- chicken
00:02:30Cookie_MONSTER go top
00:02:31mby_next_time im gonna play aggro
00:02:34Cookie_MONSTER im not going with a lastpick riki
00:02:44pWny- -ma we already talked ur coming bottom duh move ur lil ass
00:02:54Cookie_MONSTER sure hon
00:02:55zonskass Pojetz, you are kolebole brother? (k)
00:02:59Pojetz y
00:02:59KolleBolle Ofc always do that with that hero!
00:03:00Cookie_MONSTER riki why pick sa?
00:03:05Cookie_MONSTER we have jug and mid hero
00:03:06Pojetz because i want
00:03:06mby_next_time rege top
00:03:07Cookie_MONSTER pick fucking support
00:03:08Pojetz i dont care
00:03:09Pojetz stfu
00:03:09pWny- k
00:03:12Cookie_MONSTER dont join dota-gc maybe
00:03:16mby_next_time nono husk loves being passive gay bitch useless
00:03:20Cookie_MONSTER bnet garena is 5v5 carry heroes
00:03:21KolleBolle you are the only one that can maby win for us now
00:03:24zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:03:27zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Omniknight [r,e,g,h]
00:03:28moods who?
00:03:34KolleBolle husk
00:03:37moods lol not
00:04:12zonskass blink riki
00:04:15zonskass i heal
00:04:23Pojetz sec
00:04:24Pojetz lvl 2 need
00:04:40KolleBolle rewg
00:04:40KolleBolle g
00:04:40KolleBolle gre
00:04:41KolleBolle er
00:04:41KolleBolle re
00:04:41KolleBolle re
00:04:42KolleBolle er
00:04:45VictoriaJrocks how the fuck does it target me
00:04:48NwC.CooL-T leave noob
00:04:48pWny- dunno ^^
00:04:49pWny- lucky mwe
00:04:51zonskass kill
00:04:55zonskass husk dude pls dont :p
00:05:06Pojetz now
00:05:12Cookie_MONSTER want my mana boots mhm i get
00:05:16Cookie_MONSTER we have neough carreis but u got fb
00:05:25Pojetz :D
00:05:27VictoriaJrocks mid miss lion
00:05:32VictoriaJrocks re
00:05:59zonskass blink huskar
00:06:02Pojetz y
00:06:20mby_next_time blah
00:06:21VictoriaJrocks lion top
00:06:23VictoriaJrocks lio top
00:06:35VictoriaJrocks lion top
00:06:37VictoriaJrocks re thought ud stun
00:06:57Cookie_MONSTER yeah sorry
00:07:02Cookie_MONSTER far away
00:07:21zonskass blink
00:07:36Pojetz shit
00:07:45VictoriaJrocks lion going top
00:07:45pWny- inc top pull?
00:08:03Cookie_MONSTER y
00:08:08Cookie_MONSTER sjot
00:08:21pWny- FUCK
00:08:23zonskass i was eating
00:08:31pWny- i was CD for 1 more sec -.-
00:08:38pWny- sad
00:08:49VictoriaJrocks mid miss
00:09:06Pojetz lets kill
00:09:06Cookie_MONSTER care
00:09:07NwC.CooL-T ss
00:09:09NwC.CooL-T top riki
00:09:15pWny- hes base
00:09:19VictoriaJrocks mid still msis
00:09:26VictoriaJrocks re
00:09:45mby_next_time rofl
00:09:47Cookie_MONSTER got em reg me pls
00:09:56VictoriaJrocks liong going top
00:10:03Cookie_MONSTER not two hundred hp hp :D
00:10:06moods ss bot kk
00:10:06Cookie_MONSTER after i will
00:10:09VictoriaJrocks lion top shit
00:10:28Cookie_MONSTER doh
00:10:45pWny- kill
00:10:48pWny- mom
00:10:49pWny- oom
00:10:54pWny- go for ruen
00:10:55pWny- moment
00:10:59zonskass xin take items pfft bad that u didint get that stun
00:11:18moods gj
00:11:19Cookie_MONSTER shit they got ton of range
00:11:21Cookie_MONSTER those three heroes hehe well our lane is owned i mean we ownt them
00:11:34Cookie_MONSTER y
00:11:36Pojetz sry
00:11:39moods me
00:11:40moods ...
00:11:57Pojetz be rdy
00:12:07moods omw es
00:12:14mby_next_time ss 2
00:12:14pWny- u killed him with rocket?? ^^
00:12:15pWny- good job
00:12:17moods y
00:12:21mby_next_time re
00:12:23pWny- someone dust please
00:12:25pWny- i wanna kill rikimaru again
00:12:32pWny- someone Dust
00:12:34pWny- or hes imba
00:12:52pWny- dust someone?
00:12:59pWny- no money yet ;(
00:13:18pWny- u start i join
00:13:19pWny- huskar
00:13:51zonskass xin get bfury
00:14:36Cookie_MONSTER omni can u ward some also?
00:14:38KolleBolle do smth bot
00:14:41pWny- coming
00:14:42Cookie_MONSTER i can place
00:14:44Cookie_MONSTER if someone buy wards
00:14:50pWny- no ulti yet
00:14:54moods sry
00:14:55Cookie_MONSTER tahxnx
00:15:00pWny- i check rune
00:15:13Cookie_MONSTER care
00:15:16pWny- huskar
00:15:17Cookie_MONSTER gj
00:15:17pWny- oh
00:15:18Cookie_MONSTER fail huskar
00:15:37pWny- miss mid
00:15:39pWny- plz stop feed him
00:15:46pWny- kill
00:15:56pWny- juggernaut
00:15:56pWny- go
00:16:12Pojetz :)
00:16:17KolleBolle ff
00:16:18pWny- loool FUCK
00:16:19moods thaaat sucked
00:16:21moods .D
00:16:24Cookie_MONSTER noce omni y
00:16:30pWny- we need TC and huskar
00:16:33moods y
00:16:34pWny- they was nearly all
00:17:08Cookie_MONSTER slow em
00:17:21Pojetz FUCK
00:17:22Pojetz FUCK
00:17:23Pojetz FUCJ
00:17:33Cookie_MONSTER slow em eearlier
00:17:47moods lol
00:17:52Cookie_MONSTER just remembered
00:17:54Cookie_MONSTER and walked back :D
00:17:59moods :D
00:18:37pWny- OMFG es
00:18:40pWny- really WP
00:18:48KolleBolle tell me what i shuld do!?
00:18:54pWny- why u dont go in fog?
00:18:56pWny- like me
00:18:56Cookie_MONSTER gj jug though :)
00:19:03KolleBolle i did!
00:19:03pWny- juggernaut hits me only cause he can target you for ulti
00:19:07KolleBolle and dident have mana
00:19:08pWny- i dont sheeped him for fun 1,6k to battlefury
00:19:15Cookie_MONSTER nice
00:19:22mby_next_time ss top riki
00:19:24pWny- ya
00:19:26pWny- wait invi
00:19:26pWny- i come
00:19:28pWny- he will attakc
00:19:32mby_next_time with tc useless
00:19:39mby_next_time i mean he wont come.
00:19:42Cookie_MONSTER all you carries gonna love my bloodlust soon
00:19:45mby_next_time ;>
00:19:48pWny- ya awww yea
00:19:52pWny- i go for gem soon
00:20:15Pojetz gg
00:20:22pWny- why u take every kill with TC btw?
00:20:28Cookie_MONSTER b
00:21:11pWny- care Now its already worth it. :)
00:21:13pWny- riki near maybe ill go farm bottom go take top tower guys
00:21:27pWny- we need some tower
00:21:41Cookie_MONSTER i denie mid
00:22:13Pojetz heal ,me
00:22:15zonskass coem mana
00:22:33zonskass warded
00:22:35pWny- please
00:22:37pWny- stop juggernaut
00:22:39zonskass fucking silence always
00:22:51zonskass riki silence lion always ok?
00:22:55pWny- they got wards in team fight i aim him
00:23:14pWny- ghopgh
00:23:15Cookie_MONSTER u miss
00:23:37pWny- b
00:23:56zonskass go mid sec
00:24:01pWny- no battlefury
00:24:02pWny- they got wards
00:24:04pWny- wati for gem
00:24:09Cookie_MONSTER focus l ffs riki
00:24:50pWny- nice job thats what happens if last pick takes riki :D
00:24:56zonskass again fas permastuned mhm we saw sick all riki can do is last hit with his blink i go top
00:25:31pWny- coming
00:26:09Cookie_MONSTER still dust on huskar riki
00:26:22moods why xin got roof ulti as normal ability?
00:26:42Cookie_MONSTER mana
00:26:46zonskass cd
00:26:56Cookie_MONSTER dont waste mana like that
00:26:59Cookie_MONSTER need ur shit
00:27:02pWny- save gem
00:27:04moods have
00:27:08pWny- fine
00:27:14pWny- i hate juggernaut
00:27:14Cookie_MONSTER can u buy next wards omni?
00:27:15pWny- so much
00:27:18zonskass ok agha is best item right now?
00:27:21moods this is lost guys im sry :D
00:27:25Cookie_MONSTER depends
00:27:27moods too many imba picks i need to ulti them
00:27:32pWny- they are nothing until they are using spells kinda
00:27:35Cookie_MONSTER or bkb huskar : /
00:27:48moods gem in base woudlnt be afraid but this riki cant smoke right
00:28:06Cookie_MONSTER we knew that
00:28:08Cookie_MONSTER he did okay im no ulti
00:28:37KolleBolle heal me
00:28:37VictoriaJrocks same
00:28:37mby_next_time tp me ?
00:28:38zonskass 15s
00:28:42mby_next_time b
00:29:02KolleBolle soon dagger
00:29:03KolleBolle if i not die
00:29:04pWny- go woods
00:29:05pWny- destroy wards
00:29:06pWny- cmon
00:29:11moods def mid
00:29:30zonskass b
00:29:53Cookie_MONSTER ddint see him pick invis sorry
00:30:04VictoriaJrocks riki can only stalk invi :D
00:30:10VictoriaJrocks they have gem
00:30:12Cookie_MONSTER gem
00:30:13Pojetz gem -.-
00:30:14Cookie_MONSTER they have gem
00:30:16Cookie_MONSTER look at their items
00:30:18Cookie_MONSTER before u go
00:30:21VictoriaJrocks -ii
00:31:09zonskass b
00:31:13zonskass warded here
00:31:14pWny- he farm ancients omfg
00:31:25pWny- gj this fog
00:31:41pWny- k
00:31:42pWny- get him wouldve been so sweet double i was waiting for them. :S :p
00:31:55Cookie_MONSTER to bad mhm
00:32:03zonskass who has gem?
00:32:07Pojetz lio
00:32:19Cookie_MONSTER i target lion
00:32:22mby_next_time come/
00:32:28pWny- why?
00:32:29pWny- -.-
00:32:29Cookie_MONSTER ward ere
00:32:30Cookie_MONSTER here
00:32:34pWny- k
00:32:35pWny- omni
00:32:35pWny- first
00:32:40Pojetz JAJAAJ ill get top
00:33:06moods xin is hilarious
00:33:13pWny- hm..
00:33:14zonskass next
00:33:42pWny- wait with jump
00:33:51moods lol
00:33:52pWny- i told you
00:33:52moods why?
00:33:58Cookie_MONSTER sick
00:34:27Cookie_MONSTER we got gem?
00:34:33VictoriaJrocks not risking
00:34:37VictoriaJrocks riki would never fight
00:34:44zonskass where gem?
00:34:47VictoriaJrocks destroyed
00:34:49pWny- oh
00:35:03Cookie_MONSTER upsp
00:35:08Cookie_MONSTER they always five lol well its a team game :D
00:35:23Cookie_MONSTER yeah its goo i go for other crits
00:35:33KolleBolle lol hero
00:35:44VictoriaJrocks lok like 50hp
00:35:46KolleBolle turn on of
00:35:48KolleBolle armelt fast
00:35:57mby_next_time ya in smog vs riki
00:35:57mby_next_time wise
00:36:01Cookie_MONSTER come basher?
00:37:12Cookie_MONSTER just get hp sounds like a plan?
00:37:13pWny- roshß
00:37:14pWny- ? sy?
00:37:18mby_next_time ward prolly
00:37:19Cookie_MONSTER yeah
00:37:21KolleBolle to riky
00:37:23Cookie_MONSTER or manta
00:37:23pWny- i go for next gaem
00:37:24KolleBolle risky
00:37:24Cookie_MONSTER if u like
00:37:25pWny- ghem with manta i need baser
00:37:52Cookie_MONSTER s/y
00:37:54Cookie_MONSTER good hp and ms
00:37:58moods reuse
00:37:58KolleBolle tc shuld carry it + slow but vs huskar
00:38:14pWny- NO ??? i need that basher
00:38:16pWny- i carry it ffs
00:38:17zonskass go rosan with smoke
00:38:19KolleBolle no
00:38:20KolleBolle jesus
00:38:23KolleBolle you are paper Charge guys im omw
00:38:28pWny- im imba
00:38:33Cookie_MONSTER repel me :D
00:38:42mby_next_time who take/
00:38:44moods husk
00:38:47VictoriaJrocks no cloud gg
00:38:51Cookie_MONSTER wow Riki didint smoke
00:38:59Cookie_MONSTER gem Gg
00:38:59Cookie_MONSTER gem
00:39:02Cookie_MONSTER gem
00:39:04Pojetz GEWM Fuck u riki
00:39:05pWny- GEM l2p pls
00:39:05pWny- GEM
00:39:05Pojetz GEM
00:39:07pWny- GEM
00:39:08pWny- take gem
00:39:09VictoriaJrocks dont give shit
00:39:09VictoriaJrocks about gem ur useless
00:39:14Cookie_MONSTER one hit :D i should go for 2 nd crits though
00:39:29VictoriaJrocks i
00:39:38VictoriaJrocks crits dont stack
00:39:40Cookie_MONSTER you need to live they do imo
00:39:53VictoriaJrocks nope i finish my sange yasha
00:39:57Cookie_MONSTER just get hp, scepter y s or something
00:39:57zonskass ember
00:40:01Cookie_MONSTER we have TONS of damage
00:40:04Cookie_MONSTER we need some tanking
00:40:04zonskass ember. make mjolnir now 2 battlefurys lol
00:40:14VictoriaJrocks nope im going glass cannon i make sange yasha then new basher
00:40:29pWny- gimme gem
00:40:39pWny- k
00:40:44KolleBolle 1100 hp anf 4 armor
00:40:47KolleBolle PAPER
00:40:49pWny- 5 armor riki please start smoke-ing
00:40:54pWny- 2 disable
00:40:57moods and rnged
00:40:59KolleBolle check clock or TC
00:41:10zonskass mana
00:41:29pWny- back
00:41:30pWny- back
00:41:34VictoriaJrocks dont
00:41:36VictoriaJrocks to me
00:41:40zonskass ok
00:41:42VictoriaJrocks i jump in last
00:41:44mby_next_time mmt and bkb...
00:41:52zonskass riki i repel you
00:41:53Cookie_MONSTER i jump first
00:41:55Cookie_MONSTER give me repel
00:41:57zonskass ok
00:41:57pWny- shaker have to initiate
00:41:59pWny- + TC
00:42:02pWny- first shaker
00:42:03pWny- then TC
00:42:03mby_next_time shaker get back
00:42:04pWny- and its gg
00:42:06mby_next_time to ulti propelly
00:42:07pWny- dagger in
00:42:09pWny- ES
00:42:16moods gg
00:42:21pWny- ES noob
00:42:32NwC.CooL-T I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:42:32Cookie_MONSTER he got heal stick
00:42:33Cookie_MONSTER toon
00:42:35Cookie_MONSTER ember
00:42:36Cookie_MONSTER push!
00:42:36pWny- no ulti?
00:42:37Cookie_MONSTER u noob
00:42:38moods hes mby not the best but this lost is not es fault
00:42:39moods I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:42:43KolleBolle i used ulti
00:42:45KolleBolle jesis
00:42:50Cookie_MONSTER heal
00:43:06Cookie_MONSTER wtf our captain doing
00:43:07Cookie_MONSTER we had base
00:43:09Cookie_MONSTER he goes farm
00:43:10VictoriaJrocks farming
00:43:20Cookie_MONSTER we had a tower and rax
00:43:21Cookie_MONSTER !
00:43:24Cookie_MONSTER three dead
00:43:25pWny- usually its very easy to defend
00:43:28pWny- ES jumps
00:43:32pWny- while TC make stun,too
00:43:34pWny- with ulti
00:43:37moods y but
00:43:38pWny- all dead
00:43:45VictoriaJrocks im not ready to finish until i get divine
00:43:45moods we got repel from omni
00:43:47zonskass where gem?
00:43:49moods magic barrier of xin
00:43:52pWny- ya versus 1 hero
00:43:53Cookie_MONSTER on them maybe'
00:43:55moods and ult of jugger
00:43:57Cookie_MONSTER on lion
00:43:59pWny- it blocks 500 magic dmg
00:44:00pWny- its not enough
00:44:02Cookie_MONSTER sick farm lion, gems=
00:44:03pWny- if ES make a good ulti
00:44:04Cookie_MONSTER gem=
00:44:04zonskass lion has
00:44:07Cookie_MONSTER gem?
00:44:07pWny- with fissuare + TC stun etc
00:44:12KolleBolle this one was perfekt
00:44:12VictoriaJrocks i feeded him good mid :D
00:44:18moods its fed br
00:44:19Cookie_MONSTER place wards plz
00:44:20pWny- ;)
00:44:21Cookie_MONSTER one on chicken
00:44:23KolleBolle and they dident even get some DMG even if i had 1241§241§23421 creeps
00:44:25Cookie_MONSTER reuse
00:44:29KolleBolle and all was there
00:44:37VictoriaJrocks 2000 then im ready to push .D:D
00:44:42Cookie_MONSTER really very big risk.
00:44:48VictoriaJrocks fun
00:44:48zonskass dont lose devine :/
00:44:54VictoriaJrocks you can repel me when i have divine
00:44:58VictoriaJrocks before that someone usefuo
00:45:00Cookie_MONSTER haha no plz
00:45:29moods oh pipe on omni
00:45:40pWny- for that reason we should initiate
00:45:43pWny- adn instant kill omni
00:45:46pWny- before he can use anything
00:46:00Cookie_MONSTER no jug
00:46:03mby_next_time pls tango anyone buy
00:46:05KolleBolle well be rdu then
00:46:05mby_next_time for bkb/
00:46:08zonskass go 5
00:46:08KolleBolle ill just jump
00:46:10zonskass or lose omw sorry
00:46:21mby_next_time thx
00:46:26Pojetz sec
00:46:26Cookie_MONSTER riki no hp
00:46:29pWny- np
00:46:36VictoriaJrocks farming 400
00:46:37zonskass sop farm riki
00:46:42pWny- activate your armlet at the end of fight
00:46:46Cookie_MONSTER give me 100 u need 100? ill buy
00:46:57VictoriaJrocks i do divine
00:46:58Cookie_MONSTER why we spend so long on this shit game
00:47:00Cookie_MONSTER we could finish
00:47:03VictoriaJrocks because i had shit start
00:47:06VictoriaJrocks and i get -x shes out for x obv :D
00:47:16Cookie_MONSTER ts better he or she
00:47:18Cookie_MONSTER ¨x easy w/e
00:47:20VictoriaJrocks i got 1517 ts
00:47:25pWny- ES back
00:47:25zonskass catre
00:47:25pWny- dont die
00:47:27zonskass b
00:47:28zonskass b
00:47:34VictoriaJrocks ok if i die now
00:47:36pWny- now u are lvl 16
00:47:36zonskass go all
00:47:38pWny- amke a great jump
00:47:38VictoriaJrocks :D:D
00:47:39pWny- dudy
00:47:40Cookie_MONSTER ait need euls
00:47:42Cookie_MONSTER on chicken
00:47:43zonskass say in back
00:48:01mby_next_time KK
00:48:05VictoriaJrocks :D
00:48:07VictoriaJrocks you saw
00:48:10VictoriaJrocks noo
00:48:18pWny- go
00:48:19pWny- ES
00:48:19mby_next_time 2 hits and i got 1/2 hp
00:48:35KolleBolle fail
00:48:39pWny- gem
00:48:40pWny- gem
00:48:42KolleBolle wtf shuld i go there
00:48:42pWny- take gem
00:48:46pWny- GEM
00:48:46pWny- GEM
00:48:47Cookie_MONSTER gem
00:48:48pWny- GEM
00:48:49pWny- GEM
00:48:53mby_next_time CHIK FLY
00:48:54Cookie_MONSTER riki kill the gem=
00:48:57mby_next_time CHILL.
00:49:13Cookie_MONSTER rax plz
00:49:25mby_next_time xin got rapier
00:49:26mby_next_time youknow?
00:49:27pWny- 2 battlefury + divine
00:49:27pWny- lol
00:49:29Cookie_MONSTER fucking ego vain captain well victoria is acting like worst captain ever this game
00:49:31Cookie_MONSTER how annoying
00:49:35Cookie_MONSTER go play diablo
00:49:36Cookie_MONSTER solo player
00:49:37mby_next_time one good focus
00:49:41mby_next_time and we can make it win. i get bottom go help them mid
00:49:49mby_next_time if all focus xin.
00:49:49pWny- coming
00:50:02Cookie_MONSTER u ikke
00:50:16NwC.CooL-T kollebolle delete war3
00:50:20NwC.CooL-T fucking lowbob
00:50:28Cookie_MONSTER ff new game
00:50:40mby_next_time DIE BITCH
00:50:43Cookie_MONSTER rohsa
00:50:55VictoriaJrocks naah i do vampirism
00:50:55NwC.CooL-T ff it
00:51:02VictoriaJrocks dont need no rosh
00:51:02Cookie_MONSTER come jug
00:51:02mby_next_time wont
00:51:02pWny- !ff
00:51:06Cookie_MONSTER write ff
00:51:07mby_next_time get rapier and win it.
00:51:08Cookie_MONSTER just ff
00:51:11pWny- omfg Ogre
00:51:13zonskass satanic?
00:51:17pWny- can you SU please?
00:51:22mby_next_time !ff
00:51:27NwC.CooL-T 4-8 pro player
00:51:34pWny- worst player of sentinel His support Teh fuck
00:51:38pWny- and still talking
00:51:51VictoriaJrocks im not pushing until i get my vamp
00:51:55pWny- lol
00:51:58pWny- xin still no aegis
00:52:00pWny- with divine
00:52:01moods why not rapier dude with aegis? :D
00:52:04VictoriaJrocks i dont wan
00:52:07VictoriaJrocks more fun
00:52:07moods :D his cocky
00:52:08Cookie_MONSTER u diots Doesnt want it
00:52:15moods xin is imba enough
00:52:16VictoriaJrocks i dont want to finsih
00:52:21Cookie_MONSTER ff ember doent want to push
00:52:22VictoriaJrocks im playing till ff
00:52:27mby_next_time i wont ff
00:52:29mby_next_time so cool
00:52:30VictoriaJrocks :D
00:52:32mby_next_time :>
00:52:38pWny- def it
00:52:42VictoriaJrocks il push as soon as courier respawns nice blink :D
00:53:14moods funky
00:53:20VictoriaJrocks go when you sapwn
00:53:24Cookie_MONSTER u think
00:53:25mby_next_time i got blade maiil.
00:53:25Cookie_MONSTER ?
00:53:27Cookie_MONSTER sure
00:53:28Cookie_MONSTER ?
00:53:29mby_next_time let's see xin
00:53:32pWny- thats great For real?
00:53:37VictoriaJrocks :D
00:53:41VictoriaJrocks i make another divine
00:53:47pWny- lets kill omni
00:53:48pWny- i come
00:53:56VictoriaJrocks +753 dam
00:54:00Cookie_MONSTER i want to get force staff and make u loose it
00:54:00VictoriaJrocks :D:D
00:54:00mby_next_time ;ddddd
00:54:02mby_next_time HAHAHAH
00:54:02VictoriaJrocks 70% cleave
00:54:05mby_next_time wp
00:54:06VictoriaJrocks :D:D
00:54:13VictoriaJrocks if you all together i wanna see it
00:54:15Cookie_MONSTER omni dead
00:54:20Cookie_MONSTER or
00:54:23Cookie_MONSTER he smart
00:54:27mby_next_time come top then bro
00:54:29zonskass what?
00:54:30VictoriaJrocks om
00:54:32VictoriaJrocks w
00:54:37Cookie_MONSTER now mid and bottom
00:54:37mby_next_time get rdy dude
00:54:38Cookie_MONSTER or bottom
00:54:39mby_next_time kill him
00:54:42mby_next_time w8
00:54:43Cookie_MONSTER ember=
00:54:46mby_next_time i want xin dead
00:54:49pWny- same
00:54:50mby_next_time dont split
00:54:54Cookie_MONSTER where we push
00:55:03Cookie_MONSTER yeah
00:55:04Cookie_MONSTER two devines
00:55:16mby_next_time !!!:D
00:55:30VictoriaJrocks who got divines .D
00:55:36mby_next_time RAPIER
00:55:36Cookie_MONSTER devine
00:55:38pWny- now Jugger got divine
00:55:38mby_next_time back
00:55:39moods jugger rapier
00:55:39mby_next_time GZ
00:55:42moods even worse :D
00:55:42mby_next_time GOGO
00:55:43VictoriaJrocks :D:D
00:55:46pWny- xD
00:55:46VictoriaJrocks FFUU
00:55:46mby_next_time TC GOT !
00:55:47mby_next_time HAHAHAHAHA
00:55:49mby_next_time WP
00:55:53moods yeey tc
00:55:54moods :D
00:55:56pWny- there are 2 divines ingame
00:55:57Cookie_MONSTER how annoying to support u guys all game
00:56:01mby_next_time rofl
00:56:02mby_next_time ...
00:56:03pWny- juggernaut got divine,too
00:56:03Cookie_MONSTER and then waste my time like this
00:56:03mby_next_time :D
00:56:08mby_next_time fags: d
00:56:11mby_next_time make more divs!
00:56:11Cookie_MONSTER fcuking diablo players
00:56:13mby_next_time all wants!
00:56:15mby_next_time ;d
00:56:18Cookie_MONSTER we end up losing
00:56:19VictoriaJrocks jugger do another divine no
00:56:24VictoriaJrocks think off all the cleaving youll do :D
00:56:28VictoriaJrocks with your ulti
00:56:29mby_next_time so let's focus jug now ?:D
00:56:34moods y
00:56:35pWny- i try to sheep
00:56:36Cookie_MONSTER what does it look jug is dong
00:56:39pWny- before he can set ulti
00:56:44pWny- or we are dead instant -.- new basher item?
00:56:47Cookie_MONSTER care if they go blademail on u
00:56:50Cookie_MONSTER dead in one hit
00:56:56VictoriaJrocks yea huskar activated thats why i couldnt own him against me to didint do nothing on me
00:57:14VictoriaJrocks .. oh yeah you are invulnerable
00:57:16VictoriaJrocks while
00:57:18VictoriaJrocks ....
00:57:19VictoriaJrocks FUCK
00:57:22VictoriaJrocks why didnt i think of that
00:57:34pWny- riki will rock us,too nopw
00:57:36pWny- now
00:57:38pWny- they got 3 carrys
00:57:42Pojetz bloodlust me
00:57:42Cookie_MONSTER top
00:57:42mby_next_time yep
00:57:47mby_next_time anyway still funny
00:57:58pWny- TC needs blademail,too
00:57:59mby_next_time LAMERS
00:58:00VictoriaJrocks please kill jugger i wnt my divine back D:
00:58:02zonskass yurnero just fight
00:58:04mby_next_time same :DD
00:58:09mby_next_time it was mine :D
00:58:29mby_next_time gg omni won it.
00:58:57pWny- 3 carrys allways win versus no teamplay ;)
00:59:08mby_next_time blue you got your fun on xin/:>
00:59:16VictoriaJrocks yea!
00:59:16Cookie_MONSTER yeah we fail picked
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