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Chat log

00:00:11Bollitsch am
00:00:15Bct_Murder ooo zonaaaa
00:00:15Bct_Murder :D
00:00:17Bollitsch riki ?
00:00:18Banana ban pa
00:00:18JihadKebab okay murder, i am going to feed your mouth with your noobass
00:00:19Bollitsch ^^
00:00:19JihadKebab i know u dont understand this, but you will feel it, noob shit
00:00:19TheSitchZ well
00:00:19TheSitchZ so we ban now
00:00:19TheSitchZ ?
00:00:19JihadKebab y
00:00:19Banana yes
00:00:19Bollitsch yor team will feed more :)
00:00:19Banana you first
00:00:19JihadKebab ban or pick AM
00:00:19Bct_Murder jihad you angry me ;]
00:00:19TheSitchZ aight
00:00:19TheSitchZ aa
00:00:19JihadKebab because u fail and cry
00:00:19Bollitsch riki or am ?
00:00:19JihadKebab hate that combo
00:00:19Bollitsch ^^
00:00:19Bct_Murder i hate bad fight
00:00:19Bct_Murder how team dont help
00:00:19Fxx. ud
00:00:19Fxx. ud
00:00:19JihadKebab you wouldnt know a good fight if i bit you in the ass
00:00:19Bollitsch :-/
00:00:19JihadKebab it
00:00:19Bct_Murder just play ok ?;]
00:00:19Bct_Murder pick AM !
00:00:19JihadKebab and again i know you do not understand anything i say
00:00:19TheSitchZ is new ab?
00:00:19Bct_Murder i know
00:00:19Bct_Murder man waht you sayu
00:00:19JihadKebab get a fucking dictionary before u start writing stuff
00:00:20dotahero start the pick?
00:00:20JihadKebab so pick AM farm fat and win?
00:00:21Fxx. zonkas , u playd last game ?
00:00:23JihadKebab or let me play AM
00:00:26HuaRong dont play range heroes
00:00:33Bct_Murder omg ...
00:00:34JihadKebab we need good lanes
00:00:36Bct_Murder i hate am
00:00:46Bct_Murder tu zaisi uz ck?
00:00:48JasonStatham finally
00:00:51JihadKebab anyone want something
00:00:52dotahero can i take axe?
00:00:52zonskass meginsiu
00:00:52TheSitchZ go aa levi lesh tri top
00:00:53JasonStatham my - streak will get a win
00:00:55Fxx. zonkas , u playd last game ?
00:00:56JihadKebab aa banned
00:00:56JasonStatham if i get riki
00:00:57Bollitsch against am ?
00:00:59zonskass y
00:00:59JihadKebab u banned aa
00:00:59Bollitsch hf
00:01:04Banana no tri
00:01:04Fxx. what u had ?
00:01:06TheSitchZ ment
00:01:06TheSitchZ am
00:01:06zonskass sd
00:01:09dotahero -clear
00:01:11Fxx. i was tb ?
00:01:12JihadKebab i can mid?
00:01:14zonskass y
00:01:18zonskass and yuo sucked
00:01:19Fxx. and u are rly admin ?
00:01:19zonskass :D
00:01:27zonskass yes
00:01:30TheSitchZ depends on their picks
00:01:30JihadKebab lanes?
00:01:34JihadKebab get support for AM
00:01:34JasonStatham FUCK YOU GERMAN FAV
00:01:35TheSitchZ on last picks
00:01:35JihadKebab for top lane
00:01:35JasonStatham FAG
00:01:35Bct_Murder i with nessaj go down
00:01:41TheSitchZ get levi
00:01:46JihadKebab tide and bane/enigma
00:01:47TheSitchZ and lesh
00:01:49TheSitchZ or visage
00:01:53JihadKebab oh shit
00:01:54TheSitchZ ok
00:01:55TheSitchZ i go mid
00:01:56JihadKebab more melee
00:01:57zonskass 4 melle?
00:01:58TheSitchZ with these shit picks
00:02:03JihadKebab how can u pick so bad
00:02:06Fxx. i , i lost game , but i dont rulebreak , so how strom can ban me ?
00:02:06Bct_Murder tau gerai
00:02:07JihadKebab ITS ALL ABOUT LANING
00:02:09Fxx. y
00:02:09JihadKebab two mellee lane
00:02:10HuaRong i dont play range
00:02:10Fxx. *
00:02:19JihadKebab i am top
00:02:19zonskass he will ban you
00:02:23Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:25Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: You control Ate Dzioni [c,b,k,e]
00:02:27Fxx. cause ?
00:02:29Banana -ma
00:02:29Bollitsch they got 4 melee aswell
00:02:35JihadKebab -ma
00:02:36Banana ouch
00:02:36zonskass yuo dont rulebrake
00:02:36HuaRong fb up?
00:02:44HuaRong ?
00:02:45Banana wtf
00:02:47JihadKebab good riki pick
00:02:47zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:50JihadKebab u fucking pro
00:02:51zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Chaos Knight [c,e,r,t]
00:02:51Fxx. so , why he ban me ?
00:02:56JasonStatham that gay took my heo
00:02:56Bollitsch go fb commander, now !
00:02:57zonskass he will not
00:02:57JasonStatham hero
00:03:00Fxx. aha
00:03:02Bollitsch ^^
00:03:03JasonStatham just get wards fast and gem
00:03:03JihadKebab share
00:03:06JasonStatham so we can rape
00:03:11zonskass i unban you if he bans
00:03:36Banana i in da woods
00:03:44Bollitsch ss
00:04:40Bollitsch ss
00:05:23Bollitsch puck is better then me
00:05:45JihadKebab gj
00:05:46zonskass enigma bitch
00:07:02JihadKebab k
00:07:05JasonStatham gj
00:07:24Bct_Murder krc
00:07:27Bollitsch pff
00:07:27Bct_Murder nei pats farmini ne iman leidi
00:07:32HuaRong b
00:07:36JasonStatham u
00:07:39JihadKebab gj
00:07:45Bollitsch sry guys...but that was axe hasted
00:07:54JihadKebab get a ward for bot lane
00:07:54JasonStatham mid getting fat?
00:08:20dotahero ss bot
00:08:29dotahero re
00:09:12Bollitsch cant do shit top...
00:09:16Bollitsch just saying
00:09:30dotahero regen
00:09:36Bct_Murder legion imba
00:09:37Bct_Murder ...
00:10:02JasonStatham miss bot
00:10:25JihadKebab ss doom with ulti
00:10:26Fxx. miss
00:10:27Fxx. magina
00:10:28Fxx. care
00:11:09JihadKebab ss
00:11:45Bollitsch ss puck
00:12:08HuaRong ss
00:12:11HuaRong ss2
00:12:11dotahero puck
00:12:18Bct_Murder help
00:12:18Bct_Murder dopwn
00:12:20Bct_Murder people
00:12:29HuaRong -afk
00:12:29Bct_Murder eik cia
00:12:33HuaRong ?
00:12:48JihadKebab sick
00:13:00Fxx. i dont have got now skills
00:13:12Bollitsch ulti up
00:13:20HuaRong n
00:13:21HuaRong b
00:13:48HuaRong hlp?
00:13:48Fxx. go towers
00:13:50Fxx. 2. too
00:13:50JihadKebab -ma
00:14:12Fxx. gogogogo
00:14:21Bct_Murder magina
00:14:22Bct_Murder come
00:14:27zonskass b
00:14:28zonskass b
00:14:32Bollitsch luna
00:14:53HuaRong b
00:15:35JihadKebab lvl your heal ocmmander
00:15:36JihadKebab its imba
00:15:38JihadKebab and good for us
00:15:39JasonStatham yy
00:15:41JasonStatham soon
00:15:45JihadKebab and gives attackspeed and removes buffs
00:15:46JihadKebab k
00:15:50JihadKebab imba on aa
00:15:59zonskass b
00:16:23Bollitsch axe dagger
00:16:37Bct_Murder zona
00:16:37Bct_Murder dead
00:16:38Bct_Murder ..
00:16:42Bct_Murder uzmigai?
00:16:49zonskass galvojau boksta eis
00:16:58Bct_Murder krc cia gg :)
00:17:46JihadKebab tp
00:18:07Bollitsch oom
00:18:27JihadKebab gj
00:18:28Bct_Murder nx
00:18:29JasonStatham gj
00:18:34Bct_Murder tas banana visada uz axe vare
00:18:36Bct_Murder varo jabal :D
00:18:46zonskass ;]
00:19:19Bct_Murder suvare mus
00:19:20Bct_Murder ;]
00:19:24Bct_Murder legionas su slardaru
00:19:37Fxx. tower
00:19:37zonskass pasiseke
00:20:05JihadKebab slaradar and commandre
00:20:09TheSitchZ tp top
00:20:09JihadKebab u are supportn
00:20:11JihadKebab picks
00:20:16JihadKebab need flying andwar ds
00:20:24Fxx. b
00:21:26Banana b
00:21:38HuaRong noob
00:21:39Fxx. b
00:21:49Bct_Murder ff
00:22:45JihadKebab riki prob here
00:22:58JihadKebab lets do mid
00:23:05Bollitsch ulti up
00:23:29JihadKebab get nexct
00:23:57Fxx. wake up
00:23:58Fxx. team
00:24:14JihadKebab sick this riki
00:24:19JihadKebab switch him?=
00:24:23Bollitsch :)
00:24:54Fxx. this was duel ? :-)
00:24:57Fxx. shame on u
00:25:13zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:25:16zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Chaos Knight [c,e,t,r]
00:25:45JasonStatham best player failing again?:O
00:26:12Fxx. riki
00:26:13Fxx. please
00:26:16Fxx. go
00:26:20Banana -ma
00:26:21Fxx. and drink coffe
00:26:28JihadKebab nice farm am D:
00:26:46JihadKebab ff new game? look am farm
00:26:48Fxx. enigma items ?
00:26:58Fxx. at mid he had max 10 creep
00:27:05JihadKebab yes that i can see on his items
00:27:12TheSitchZ not true :D
00:27:17JihadKebab wow riki
00:27:23JihadKebab again it must be your team!
00:27:34JihadKebab again it must be your team!
00:27:37TheSitchZ 10 creeps on first 3 waves maybe
00:28:14JasonStatham oom
00:28:14Bollitsch gj team
00:28:38JihadKebab team fl
00:28:51JihadKebab team failing riki?
00:29:02Bollitsch nah..he doesnt flame at all
00:29:07JihadKebab weird
00:29:11Bollitsch ^^
00:29:14JihadKebab maybe idiots DO learn
00:29:45Banana ffs
00:29:47Banana team
00:29:50JihadKebab :D
00:29:52Banana lets end this
00:29:56Banana pointless farming shit
00:30:04Bollitsch gogogogogogog
00:30:27JasonStatham raped and fucked
00:30:28JasonStatham :D:D:D
00:30:31JasonStatham epic
00:30:31HuaRong :D
00:30:44Banana you know guys that we can loose it?
00:30:53TheSitchZ not really
00:30:53Fxx. btw
00:30:55Fxx. enigma
00:30:58Fxx. nice ulty :-)
00:30:59Bct_Murder ka gamint man zona ?:D
00:31:01Bollitsch ^^
00:31:05zonskass difus
00:31:15Bct_Murder per velu jau :D
00:31:16Bct_Murder ar nea ?:d
00:31:18zonskass basheri
00:31:29HuaRong push up?
00:31:36Fxx. luci
00:31:37Fxx. refresher ?
00:31:49Bollitsch if u want me to
00:32:00JihadKebab lothers on mriana
00:32:05Bollitsch but next stop is boots
00:32:20Fxx. manaboots
00:32:23Fxx. will be great
00:32:24JihadKebab kill bot?
00:32:31TheSitchZ ok
00:32:33JihadKebab want alii
00:32:38Bct_Murder puck have gem
00:32:59JasonStatham why u there alone banana
00:33:20JasonStatham AAAH
00:33:23JasonStatham JOPPAS
00:33:29HuaRong i hope we lose
00:34:22zonskass luna manta nned
00:34:35JihadKebab just push mid?
00:34:43zonskass enigma wards/
00:35:05JihadKebab coward
00:35:37Bct_Murder I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:55Fxx. how lucky u must be magina
00:35:56Fxx. ...
00:36:45Banana fxx u see
00:36:46JihadKebab tahnx
00:36:49Banana u not in my team
00:36:59Banana u not in my team
00:37:00Banana i win
00:37:02Fxx. u finnaly learn play 1. hero
00:37:09Fxx. gz
00:37:10Banana i am making progress
00:37:21Fxx. and u dont win :-)
00:37:25Banana :O
00:37:28Fxx. magina is rly hard
00:37:33Fxx. but still not lost
00:37:37Banana i know
00:37:41Bollitsch b
00:37:51dotahero fu riki
00:37:59Bct_Murder no mana
00:38:03Bct_Murder no smoke no blink
00:38:19JihadKebab ups
00:38:24Fxx. :-)
00:38:27Banana :P
00:38:48Fxx. 2: lost , cause of me
00:38:50Fxx. 2.
00:38:58JihadKebab because of picks and bans
00:39:04Fxx. i risk , and dont ban magina , cause i mean , i pick magina :-)
00:39:24JihadKebab go mid finish plz
00:39:26Fxx. enigma , please , your items ?
00:39:27TheSitchZ well, i knew i could counter magina with doom if i had first pick
00:39:32TheSitchZ second pick
00:39:35JasonStatham riki so quiet
00:39:36TheSitchZ but this doom is just a joke
00:39:41JasonStatham mby not so pro afterall
00:39:44JihadKebab come imd
00:39:52Bollitsch thats why u should carry a tp
00:40:00Fxx. HATER PUCK
00:40:01Fxx. :-¨)
00:40:05JihadKebab he hates riki
00:40:14JihadKebab puck vs doom lane :D
00:40:25Fxx. wp guys
00:40:28Fxx. u deserve win
00:40:30Bollitsch didnt bagged for solo
00:40:34Fxx. and enigma
00:40:35Bollitsch ^^
00:40:40Fxx. i rly dont know
00:40:52Bollitsch was is epic bad ?
00:40:54Fxx. what u had , but this marihuana must be strong :)
00:41:02JihadKebab :D yeas you need to lvl your health also
00:41:09JihadKebab i had all farm
00:41:19Fxx. "dotahero" :-)
00:41:25Bollitsch and that had changed if u go fire ?
00:41:29Bollitsch i*
00:41:32dotahero I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:47Bollitsch that axe gank sucked me hard
00:41:51JihadKebab nice riki
00:41:53JihadKebab wp
00:41:55Bct_Murder zasi dar/
00:41:55TheSitchZ is silver skill better in here?
00:42:04zonskass jap
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