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+21 X
-2 TS

93% | 1612 X | 1487 TS

-23 X
-2 TS

85% | 1479 X | 1471 TS

+6 X
-2 TS

71% | 1380 X | 1339 TS

-8 X
-4 TS

66% | 1330 X | 1328 TS

+1 X
-2 TS

51% | 1145 X | 1348 TS

-11 X
+1 TS

87% | 1497 X | 1472 TS

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+3 TS

85% | 1504 X | 1427 TS

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+1 TS

88% | 1432 X | 1496 TS

-6 X
+1 TS

61% | 1204 X | 1386 TS

-13 X
+1 TS

56% | 1219 X | 1340 TS

Chat log

00:00:11Yuriko wishes?
00:00:14Smokeer aa
00:00:14Mercury am
00:00:16Vangelis ban like omni
00:00:16Yuriko any other wishes?
00:00:16Mercury ban am..
00:00:16Mercury omni
00:00:16Smokeer aa
00:00:16Vangelis and we get lyca or am
00:00:16Zajeb nice pool
00:00:16que2stress hm ok
00:00:16que2stress aby
00:00:16que2stress any wishes?
00:00:16Zajeb or ns
00:00:16Vangelis ns
00:00:16Vangelis ye
00:00:16Vangelis ban ns
00:00:16que2stress and what we do
00:00:16Mercury but i pick same time you do so np
00:00:16que2stress with
00:00:16Yuriko ohh theres lycan
00:00:16Vangelis am?
00:00:16Vangelis own
00:00:16que2stress omni/am/lycan?
00:00:16Yuriko so we get either lycan or omni
00:00:16Yuriko or both
00:00:16Yuriko xD
00:00:16Vangelis ye
00:00:16Vangelis we probably get am
00:00:16Momdsiw ban omni
00:00:16Zajeb they will ban lycan
00:00:16Momdsiw you get am or lycan
00:00:16Vangelis ban ns
00:00:16que2stress and
00:00:16que2stress if they dont ban
00:00:16Vangelis .............
00:00:16que2stress they can get
00:00:16que2stress omni
00:00:16que2stress and
00:00:16Vangelis we get lycan
00:00:16que2stress lycan
00:00:16que2stress or
00:00:16Vangelis lycan >>>>> am
00:00:16que2stress omni and am
00:00:16Momdsiw ban omni
00:00:16Momdsiw we get lycan
00:00:16que2stress so
00:00:16que2stress i ban
00:00:16Vangelis just ban
00:00:16que2stress omni
00:00:16que2stress right
00:00:16Yuriko hello
00:00:16que2stress -omni
00:00:16Vangelis ban omni just ban it!
00:00:16Yuriko magina
00:00:16Vangelis gg
00:00:16Momdsiw ^^^
00:00:16Vangelis lycan
00:00:16que2stress who does lycan?
00:00:19Smokeer \lucan>am
00:00:23Yuriko ugh
00:00:25Momdsiw i can if no1 else wants
00:00:26Smokeer ban am wierd
00:00:28Yuriko someone bala?
00:00:33Vangelis who can ns
00:00:33Vangelis ?
00:00:37XXL i can
00:00:39Vangelis xxl plz pick ns
00:00:40Vangelis i go aa
00:00:42XXL sure
00:00:47XXL :D
00:00:48XXL or not
00:00:53que2stress momdisw
00:00:56que2stress plays lycan
00:00:56que2stress y
00:00:58Momdsiw y
00:00:58Vangelis xxl
00:00:59que2stress get bane
00:00:59Vangelis can you play
00:01:01Vangelis lycan
00:01:02Vangelis plz
00:01:02Smokeer well taken aa
00:01:03XXL kk
00:01:04Momdsiw its easy hero
00:01:04Smokeer we lost 100%
00:01:06XXL blue
00:01:06Yuriko i asked
00:01:07XXL what?
00:01:08Yuriko ?
00:01:10que2stress pit
00:01:10Momdsiw i have carried many times with it
00:01:10Yuriko why would we lose
00:01:11Smokeer i said aa
00:01:14que2stress -swap 2
00:01:16Smokeer u pick luna
00:01:16XXL -swap 1
00:01:17Smokeer dumb
00:01:18Momdsiw they wotn gang me that much if im last pick lycan
00:01:18que2stress get plz
00:01:20Yuriko get doom tiny rhasta np
00:01:21Yuriko axe zeus
00:01:22que2stress get plz
00:01:23Yuriko so many good heroes
00:01:24que2stress !!
00:01:24Smokeer i never
00:01:24que2stress listen
00:01:25que2stress get
00:01:28Vangelis veno
00:01:28Yuriko i asked again
00:01:29que2stress rhsata/bane
00:01:29Zajeb veno,
00:01:30Vangelis we need veno now
00:01:31Yuriko you didnt say anything
00:01:33que2stress rhasta/bane
00:01:34Smokeer i did
00:01:34que2stress 1 of those
00:01:35Smokeer f12
00:01:36Smokeer watch
00:01:36que2stress disbale
00:01:37que2stress !
00:01:38Momdsiw what for lycan?
00:01:39Momdsiw ahh
00:01:40Momdsiw you swapped
00:01:41Vangelis veno
00:01:41que2stress play
00:01:42Vangelis veno
00:01:43que2stress BANE
00:01:43Vangelis veno
00:01:44Vangelis get veno
00:01:47que2stress BANE
00:01:54Yuriko well np, lets win
00:01:59Smokeer i thinking
00:02:02Vangelis we have
00:02:03Smokeer how can vs lycan aa
00:02:05Smokeer hero
00:02:06que2stress i go mid
00:02:06Vangelis really good push also now
00:02:07moods outplay
00:02:08Yuriko tiny
00:02:14Momdsiw y
00:02:27que2stress rhasta venom
00:02:30que2stress ur job is ward the shit
00:02:31Yuriko we'll have to gank a lot
00:02:35Zajeb i have
00:02:37Smokeer me top ..
00:02:40que2stress very good
00:02:44que2stress venom
00:02:47que2stress u play half carry
00:02:49Yuriko go top someone
00:02:50que2stress need more dps than lycan
00:02:51Yuriko bala or luci
00:02:51Mercury top
00:02:54Smokeer i go bot?
00:02:55Yuriko luci go top
00:02:55que2stress so
00:02:56DayDream gogogo
00:02:57Smokeer top ill 0 cas
00:02:57que2stress actually
00:02:58DayDream top
00:02:58Smokeer cs
00:02:58Vangelis nope
00:02:59que2stress u wont ward
00:03:00Vangelis he still does
00:03:02que2stress but aa will
00:03:03Vangelis agha
00:03:06Vangelis no i wont
00:03:09Zajeb reg
00:03:11moods bala should be mid
00:03:13Momdsiw veno+aa rapes all
00:03:14Yuriko just dont die
00:03:14Smokeer vs aa and lycan
00:03:20Smokeer i hug towe forever
00:03:23Smokeer noobs cant buy wards
00:03:24Smokeer for pull
00:03:44Vangelis ss 2
00:03:54Vangelis re 1
00:04:22Smokeer doom nuy wards
00:04:23Smokeer asap
00:04:27Vangelis go forest???
00:04:32XXL if u want
00:04:36Vangelis you get more
00:04:38Vangelis farm that way
00:05:01Vangelis you can get like 6 or 7 min vlad
00:06:18que2stress sahre
00:06:20que2stress cchick
00:06:20que2stress man
00:06:41que2stress gangm id
00:06:48Vangelis someone
00:06:49Vangelis from botlane
00:06:56que2stress lina
00:06:57Momdsiw coming mid
00:06:57que2stress goes top
00:06:58que2stress luna
00:06:59que2stress car
00:07:10Zajeb ss
00:07:35Momdsiw Fuck :D
00:07:39Momdsiw i tried hex 2 times
00:08:12que2stress k
00:08:13que2stress i gang otp
00:08:14que2stress aa
00:08:17Vangelis i
00:08:20Vangelis i am bit oom
00:08:20moods go plant?
00:08:25que2stress then get some
00:08:27que2stress fuck
00:08:41Yuriko go
00:08:42moods oom
00:08:47que2stress cmoe
00:09:00que2stress 111
00:09:01Zajeb ss
00:09:02Smokeer oom
00:09:03Momdsiw go l.una
00:09:12Smokeer luna blind?
00:09:18que2stress very nice
00:09:19Zajeb care for ns
00:09:19Vangelis firestorm ? :D
00:09:27Yuriko why dont u follow them
00:09:27Momdsiw who skills firestorm for pit :D
00:09:36moods cause its stupid
00:09:44que2stress someone who wants push?
00:09:49que2stress new wards
00:10:15que2stress new wards
00:10:20Zajeb care for ns guys
00:10:26que2stress new wards
00:10:41que2stress new wards
00:10:42que2stress again i say
00:10:42que2stress ss
00:10:43que2stress care
00:10:44que2stress top
00:10:44Zajeb ns roaming
00:10:45Zajeb care
00:10:51Zajeb no money
00:10:53DayDream ss2
00:11:06que2stress lycan
00:11:08que2stress plant wards
00:11:09que2stress ok=
00:11:16XXL what ever
00:11:18Zajeb care
00:11:21que2stress plabt wards
00:11:23que2stress they are for you
00:11:54que2stress figt
00:12:08DayDream ss2
00:12:14Smokeer b
00:12:14Smokeer b
00:12:40que2stress push it
00:12:58que2stress plabt ur wads
00:12:59XXL stupid
00:13:01XXL virus
00:13:02XXL prg
00:13:05XXL prog*
00:13:15XXL jumped to windons
00:13:17Vangelis how
00:13:19Vangelis do you not
00:13:21Vangelis have vlad
00:13:24Smokeer delete antivirus
00:13:27Smokeer i dont have it
00:13:28XXL who
00:13:29XXL ?
00:13:30Vangelis ah nvm
00:13:30que2stress push top aa
00:13:30XXL dont habe
00:13:31Yuriko someone bot?
00:13:33que2stress venoiom go mid
00:13:38Smokeer i roam i guess
00:13:52que2stress PLABT
00:13:54que2stress UR WARDS
00:13:55que2stress U FUCKER
00:14:08XXL idit
00:14:10XXL no time
00:14:11XXL as u see
00:14:16XXL they came in 15 sec
00:14:17XXL so
00:14:18XXL shut up
00:14:19XXL ?
00:14:29que2stress i see u suck
00:14:31que2stress rhasta
00:14:32que2stress join game plz
00:14:54Zajeb afk bitch
00:15:21que2stress wards
00:15:26que2stress tps
00:15:27que2stress nothing
00:15:28que2stress ...
00:15:29que2stress teamplay
00:15:30que2stress 0
00:15:30Vangelis veno
00:15:31Vangelis rhasta
00:15:33Vangelis where are you
00:15:37Vangelis and what are you doing
00:15:42que2stress and this noob lycan :D
00:15:47XXL noob=?
00:15:48XXL wtf
00:15:51que2stress u go
00:15:51XXL are u talking about
00:15:52que2stress 1v3
00:16:00XXL was not plan
00:16:01que2stress although
00:16:04que2stress u shall
00:16:05que2stress farm
00:16:06que2stress plant wards
00:16:07XXL yea
00:16:08que2stress and farm
00:16:09que2stress its easy
00:16:14que2stress push mid
00:16:17XXL its not
00:16:20XXL ns
00:16:21XXL ds
00:16:32Smokeer why
00:16:33Smokeer ...
00:16:35que2stress get top
00:16:46que2stress farm ur forst
00:16:48que2stress and give me wards
00:16:54que2stress plabnt there
00:17:08que2stress already invis
00:17:08que2stress wtf
00:17:18que2stress buy dusts
00:17:26Momdsiw moar?
00:17:44que2stress wht is this
00:17:46que2stress how u run
00:17:46Yuriko go
00:17:47Yuriko wolf
00:17:47que2stress without wards
00:17:48que2stress ..
00:17:57Zajeb pls sjut up
00:17:59Vangelis this
00:18:01que2stress WARD THERE
00:18:01Vangelis lycan
00:18:01Vangelis takes
00:18:02Zajeb and max explosions
00:18:04Vangelis howl
00:18:04Vangelis :D
00:18:16que2stress god this guys
00:18:34Yuriko UGH
00:18:36XXL heheh
00:18:38XXL smokeer
00:18:40que2stress PLABNT
00:18:41que2stress WARD
00:18:52Vangelis lycan
00:18:54Vangelis you level
00:18:54Vangelis howl
00:18:55Vangelis :D
00:19:00XXL y?
00:19:08que2stress all but lycan
00:19:08que2stress go top
00:19:45Smokeer 50g dagger
00:19:45que2stress we have dusts?
00:19:48Momdsiw y
00:19:49que2stress y
00:19:54que2stress def
00:20:00Vangelis tp cd
00:20:07que2stress aa
00:20:24que2stress k push bot onw
00:20:45que2stress rhsata
00:20:46que2stress bot
00:20:49Momdsiw y
00:21:02Smokeer come bot
00:21:04que2stress ty for this ward
00:21:05Yuriko ye
00:21:10Momdsiw ?
00:21:10Yuriko me
00:21:10que2stress they inc
00:21:11Yuriko dd
00:21:12XXL who did it
00:21:14que2stress its good ward
00:21:15Momdsiw me
00:21:25Momdsiw for lycan
00:21:26que2stress come
00:21:51que2stress ah they invsis
00:21:57que2stress and dagger too
00:21:58que2stress not good
00:22:06que2stress how long for bkb=
00:22:12Zajeb 17-4
00:22:14Zajeb omg
00:22:33Vangelis rhasta and veno lvl 7
00:22:36Vangelis how is it possible
00:22:44Momdsiw we werent solo
00:22:47Smokeer lycan gang?
00:22:49que2stress u had
00:22:51que2stress 2 melee lane
00:22:55que2stress how is it possible
00:22:55Yuriko need smoke
00:23:20que2stress care its night
00:23:40que2stress get tiny
00:24:01que2stress use wolvs
00:24:03que2stress to attack tiny
00:24:17que2stress dust
00:25:03XXL -cs
00:25:16Yuriko -_-
00:25:16que2stress gw
00:25:51que2stress care
00:25:55Momdsiw i go pee
00:25:57que2stress new wards
00:25:59Momdsiw afk 15 sec
00:26:13Smokeer lycan soon bkb
00:26:18que2stress make counter wards
00:26:28que2stress there
00:26:53Yuriko we have to gank
00:26:57Smokeer y
00:26:59Smokeer i waiting
00:27:01Smokeer u guys
00:27:09Yuriko they warded
00:27:54Momdsiw hes oom
00:28:11que2stress anti ward
00:28:12que2stress rhsata
00:28:13que2stress !
00:28:14que2stress important
00:28:16que2stress to save lycan
00:28:33que2stress rhasta
00:28:35que2stress u understand?
00:28:44que2stress rhatsa?
00:28:49Smokeer what items me?
00:28:50Vangelis -afk
00:28:50que2stress rhasta?
00:28:53Smokeer shiva hex ac?
00:28:59Yuriko just go shiva
00:29:04que2stress push at day
00:29:46Yuriko they're so gay
00:29:48que2stress gw
00:29:52que2stress hood
00:29:53Smokeer y bait is bait
00:29:56que2stress ry
00:29:59que2stress pipe soon
00:30:17que2stress lycan get
00:30:18que2stress rosh
00:30:19Momdsiw how long is tp time?
00:30:21que2stress we go pus
00:30:23XXL k
00:30:26Vangelis we
00:30:27Vangelis cant
00:30:28Vangelis push 2nd
00:30:31Vangelis tier towertrs
00:30:38que2stress push top
00:30:39que2stress lycan go
00:30:41Vangelis without lycan
00:30:41que2stress rosh
00:30:43Vangelis it is suicide
00:30:50Vangelis go with smoke
00:30:51Momdsiw lycan smoke rosh
00:30:51Momdsiw idiot
00:31:05que2stress push top
00:31:06Vangelis veno
00:31:08Vangelis .....................
00:31:11Yuriko NEED SMOKE
00:31:13Zajeb aa
00:31:18Smokeer sd?
00:31:22Smokeer ds
00:31:25Smokeer ops
00:31:28Yuriko np
00:31:30DayDream full
00:31:42que2stress lycan
00:31:43que2stress wtf
00:31:43Yuriko team
00:31:44que2stress rosh
00:31:47XXL soon
00:31:50Smokeer tp
00:31:50Smokeer fast
00:31:51que2stress b
00:31:53que2stress camp
00:31:56Smokeer omg
00:32:26Smokeer ulit worst ds
00:32:36Vangelis tp us
00:32:36Vangelis bot
00:32:40que2stress y
00:32:43que2stress arf
00:32:47que2stress ah k
00:32:51Yuriko go bot
00:32:55Yuriko i have ulti
00:33:00Momdsiw lycan come
00:33:06Yuriko fast tp
00:33:07que2stress lycna
00:33:07que2stress farm mid
00:33:12que2stress or venom
00:33:32Vangelis why
00:33:33que2stress ye that wa sdumb
00:33:35Vangelis tell him
00:33:37Vangelis to tp mid
00:33:37Vangelis why
00:33:38Vangelis :D
00:33:44que2stress was better
00:33:46Yuriko ok got bkb
00:33:47Momdsiw 10 second bkb imba
00:33:52que2stress we would have ven lost eagis
00:35:30Momdsiw pit use
00:35:31Momdsiw the heal
00:35:32Momdsiw ?
00:35:43Yuriko doom and bala: you have to gank more
00:35:45Yuriko with the team
00:36:02Yuriko instead of doing that
00:36:10moods true story
00:36:14que2stress lycan devf
00:36:19que2stress b
00:36:20Yuriko gogo
00:36:33que2stress cpome me
00:36:44que2stress rofl
00:36:45que2stress why
00:36:45que2stress doesnt
00:36:45Smokeer ok i go hood
00:36:47que2stress this ult
00:36:47Smokeer not shiva
00:36:47que2stress work
00:36:48que2stress sory
00:36:48Smokeer waste
00:36:52que2stress clicked 4 times ult
00:36:56Zajeb i hoped for tp
00:36:59que2stress me too
00:37:01que2stress 4 times
00:37:02Zajeb buged
00:37:03que2stress i clicked
00:37:10Yuriko we need good teamfight
00:37:12Vangelis lets
00:37:13Yuriko and push
00:37:14que2stress tele bottom
00:37:15Vangelis do smoke gank
00:37:16que2stress when all there
00:37:16Vangelis and go mid
00:37:18Vangelis or pit gank
00:37:18que2stress we do pit gang
00:37:18DayDream got agha
00:37:19Vangelis with pit ult
00:37:59Vangelis go mid
00:38:03que2stress y
00:38:19que2stress mid
00:38:44que2stress that was more than abvous :D
00:38:48Vangelis :D
00:38:53Vangelis lycan
00:38:54Smokeer i think why doom didnt ulit lycan
00:38:54Vangelis mid
00:38:54Yuriko defend
00:38:55Vangelis !
00:38:56Vangelis fast
00:38:57XXL comin
00:38:57Yuriko ye
00:38:59XXL vut fater
00:39:01XXL when tped
00:39:03XXL that tower
00:39:05Vangelis yy
00:39:05Yuriko gogo
00:39:36Smokeer well thx doom
00:39:37Smokeer I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:38que2stress b
00:39:43Smokeer farm
00:39:46Smokeer and hot
00:39:49Momdsiw no help :<
00:39:53Vangelis we got mid rax
00:40:24que2stress back
00:40:24que2stress mid
00:40:29que2stress wp all
00:40:35que2stress all but venom
00:40:36que2stress :D
00:40:47Vangelis i am
00:40:49Vangelis only one
00:40:52Vangelis with positive kdr
00:40:53Vangelis :D
00:40:56Smokeer doom again farm?
00:41:01moods sure
00:41:03moods till all alive
00:41:04Vangelis most assists
00:41:05Vangelis most kills
00:41:06que2stress we had
00:41:06Vangelis :DD
00:41:06moods mb go in with 5
00:41:07que2stress 20:$
00:41:08Yuriko lets go camp their woods
00:41:10que2stress 20:4
00:41:11moods not only with 2
00:41:11que2stress on time
00:41:12que2stress :D
00:41:13Yuriko btw
00:41:15Yuriko doom lycan
00:41:15Vangelis go top
00:41:18que2stress all go top
00:41:34Yuriko come tiny
00:41:35que2stress what is this momdiws
00:41:40que2stress always afkl
00:41:47que2stress wait for all lcan
00:41:47que2stress b
00:41:48Vangelis wait for all!
00:41:52Momdsiw oopz
00:42:10Momdsiw lycna stop chasing like that
00:42:11que2stress AND STOP
00:42:12que2stress FOCUS
00:42:13que2stress DS
00:42:14que2stress U COUNT
00:42:19que2stress hell
00:42:24que2stress we lost gem
00:42:25que2stress cause u
00:42:26que2stress sucker
00:42:26que2stress omg
00:42:28Vangelis why
00:42:28que2stress listen
00:42:29Vangelis not take
00:42:30que2stress teampaly
00:42:30Vangelis it ?
00:42:30que2stress ?
00:42:31Vangelis :D
00:42:31que2stress WHY
00:42:31Vangelis guys
00:42:32que2stress NOT
00:42:33XXL i wont listen u
00:42:34que2stress TEAMPLAY?
00:42:37XXL if u flame some more
00:42:45que2stress then?
00:42:46DayDream rosh up
00:42:48Yuriko ye
00:42:49Yuriko meet
00:42:49XXL then?
00:42:50que2stress u play better?
00:42:51Vangelis lycan
00:42:52Vangelis can you take
00:42:53Vangelis the gem
00:43:14Vangelis new
00:43:15Vangelis rosh
00:43:17Yuriko aegis
00:43:23Vangelis pit
00:43:24Vangelis can you take
00:43:25que2stress y
00:43:25Vangelis gem
00:43:27que2stress vneom
00:43:28que2stress plant
00:43:34Yuriko let me plz
00:43:35que2stress ward
00:43:36que2stress venom
00:43:36moods suer
00:43:39que2stress OMG
00:43:48que2stress why dont they want to use brain
00:43:55que2stress WTF
00:44:36que2stress now
00:44:37que2stress plz
00:44:38que2stress just
00:44:39que2stress gather
00:44:40que2stress ok?=
00:44:44que2stress is that hard?
00:44:48Momdsiw y
00:44:48Yuriko did they rebuy n shit=?
00:44:49Vangelis what
00:44:51Vangelis happened
00:44:51que2stress gather
00:44:51Vangelis to gem
00:44:52Vangelis ?
00:44:52que2stress not run
00:44:55que2stress just gather
00:44:57Zajeb most annoying captain ever
00:45:01XXL yep
00:45:02que2stress rofl
00:45:04que2stress u do shit
00:45:04Yuriko ah
00:45:05Yuriko aa did
00:45:07Zajeb tp us with ulti pit
00:45:08Momdsiw this captain is shit
00:45:08moods y
00:45:13Momdsiw i go ward
00:45:15que2stress well be
00:45:19que2stress captain yourself then
00:45:29que2stress but wait
00:45:30Vangelis lycan
00:45:32Vangelis making sny
00:45:33Momdsiw let vangelis be captain
00:45:37XXL nope
00:45:40Momdsiw wtf
00:45:41Vangelis halberd
00:45:44Vangelis is just as bad
00:45:44Vangelis dude
00:45:45Momdsiw make new basher uitem plz
00:45:49XXL sure
00:45:54XXL but need ac
00:45:54moods -ms
00:45:55XXL also
00:46:00Vangelis what do you need
00:46:01Vangelis sange for
00:46:02Vangelis :D
00:46:49Smokeer night bala farming
00:46:54Smokeer day gang or ?
00:47:09Yuriko b
00:47:12que2stress ward base
00:47:16Momdsiw of coz
00:47:55Momdsiw ops
00:47:58Smokeer focus me 1st ofc
00:48:19Smokeer dark seer
00:48:21Momdsiw why i have to be tank wtih rhasta?
00:48:22Smokeer control ur illu heroes
00:48:23Momdsiw omg guys
00:48:28Smokeer dont afk
00:48:29que2stress u dont have to
00:48:30que2stress but u did
00:48:35Momdsiw well you all stay b?
00:48:38Momdsiw when we have adventage
00:48:44Vangelis i was
00:48:45Vangelis doomed
00:48:46Vangelis 300 hp
00:48:48que2stress we waited
00:48:49que2stress doom
00:48:49que2stress y
00:48:52que2stress top
00:48:58Momdsiw go top and suicide end this
00:49:01que2stress gg
00:49:05Smokeer bg
00:49:08Momdsiw ill buy bots and tele to ulti there
00:49:11Yuriko gg
00:49:35Yuriko I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:01Vangelis most levels, most kills, most assists :D
00:50:03Vangelis i usually
00:50:03DayDream I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:04Vangelis don't brag
00:50:05Vangelis but
00:50:06Vangelis :D
00:50:09Vangelis this game is so frustrating
00:50:12Vangelis so many mistakes
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