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Chat log

00:00:03nigulas -rd
00:00:09Laier so strom why 2mins aint enough? : o
00:00:16nigulas peab ikka ise farmima
00:00:16nigulas et võita
00:00:16Strom take a wild guess
00:00:16WantedZip DONT RAGE QUIT !
00:00:16nigulas -rubik
00:00:16Laier i have no fucking idea
00:00:16nigulas funnyz
00:00:16WantedZip Specter
00:00:19Strom !BANNED: Grand Magus & Spectre
00:00:23nigulas võtme mid keegi
00:00:25nigulas ja mingi
00:00:26Tough zip
00:00:27Tough u get?
00:00:27Laier give rubick
00:00:27WantedZip wishes ?
00:00:28nigulas dazzle mu lanele
00:00:29nigulas or shasta
00:00:31WantedZip banned
00:00:31nigulas suitsule
00:00:31Soulyah ma teen CLOCKI RAISK
00:00:31Tough can i go mid?
00:00:34nigulas k
00:00:34Laier ohh
00:00:34nigulas mrk
00:00:35Laier wtf :D
00:00:36WantedZip yes
00:00:36WantedZip ofc
00:00:38Tough thx
00:00:40Laier gve...... abba
00:00:41nigulas thd/dazzle/rhasta
00:00:49WantedZip for u
00:00:56Laier i wont let you play it
00:00:56Laier :D
00:00:59WantedZip :D
00:01:01WantedZip commandor ?
00:01:02WantedZip or ?
00:01:04Laier hell no
00:01:05WantedZip for me ?
00:01:12Laier pugna?
00:01:15WantedZip gimme clock
00:01:22WantedZip -swap 4
00:01:22Laier -swap 1
00:01:27Tough pls
00:01:29Tough get wards!
00:01:32mrk teed basi?
00:01:40Tough so i can gang early
00:02:00PinaryB nigma?
00:02:02PinaryB or what
00:02:07WantedZip aba
00:02:09Strom rhasta/thd good too
00:02:09PinaryB bat
00:02:12WantedZip cant u go bot with zues ?
00:02:24WantedZip laier ?
00:02:25WantedZip go bot
00:02:27WantedZip with zues
00:02:37nigulas dazzle bot
00:02:40WantedZip omg
00:02:44Laier was afk
00:02:47WantedZip heart atack ? :D
00:02:49WantedZip good
00:02:52nigulas maxi
00:02:54nigulas poision
00:02:55nigulas heal 1
00:02:56mrk mis ma lvl 1 võtan
00:02:58Strom !
00:03:00nigulas poison
00:03:01WantedZip enigma gank
00:03:02Laier tho
00:03:02Strom Laier, 2 min is not enough
00:03:03Tough :o imagine u play with someone
00:03:03WantedZip when lvl 3 or 4
00:03:07Laier this fucking retard didnt buy even wards
00:03:07Tough and he gets an herat attack
00:03:10Strom because a lot of routers restart longer than 2 min
00:03:15nigulas 2 hitti
00:03:16nigulas slow
00:03:17nigulas ja go
00:03:17PinaryB y thats true
00:03:21Strom like my personal router
00:03:25Strom takes about 3min
00:03:30Laier my router restarts in 30sec :/
00:03:33moods take
00:03:35Strom good for you
00:03:57zonskass /w DotaKeys: off
00:04:08zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:04:11zonskass /w DotaKeys: off
00:04:13zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:04:18zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Dark Seer [c,e,r,w]
00:04:23zonskass -afk
00:05:02Soulyah ss
00:05:23Strom can't
00:05:30Laier stop being pussy
00:05:31Laier both oom :/
00:05:44Strom I'm weak
00:05:46Laier could have killed dazzle with 1 your nuke
00:05:54nigulas las shieldib end
00:05:55nigulas siis zeuz
00:06:00Laier nuke dazzle
00:06:01Laier now
00:06:12WantedZip pugna
00:06:29mrk oleks abba saanud
00:06:30mrk läbi shield
00:06:35WantedZip omg
00:06:35WantedZip omg
00:06:36WantedZip omg
00:06:37WantedZip omg
00:06:39WantedZip say something
00:06:53Laier this bottlane is just shit
00:07:06mrk lol bs
00:07:07mrk sk orb
00:07:08mrk maxi
00:07:12mrk n
00:07:16mrk ta ei saa sittagi teha
00:07:16mrk :D
00:07:34Tough ss mid
00:07:36moods gj ds btw
00:07:37moods ^^
00:07:52mrk millal see stunib
00:07:55nigulas 3
00:08:30nigulas tra missclick wardil
00:08:34Strom grave is so annoying
00:08:47mrk ss2
00:09:54Tough fuck u all
00:09:56Tough 3 mid
00:09:59Tough what are u doing?
00:10:09Laier well why would they be top
00:10:15Laier since they took tower 4 mins ago
00:10:26Laier and bot goes now
00:10:50Strom 5 bot
00:11:16Laier gg
00:11:22Strom clock, we kind of need you
00:12:43nigulas vittu
00:12:45nigulas me ronime :D
00:12:48mrk jep
00:13:02Laier this is kinda really sad :D
00:13:04Laier 9 min 4 towers lost
00:13:19Strom yeah and I don't even feel safe next to throne
00:13:22Strom they rushing in :d
00:13:25mrk tulen
00:13:28Laier well
00:13:29Laier shit lanes
00:13:31Laier and shit picks
00:13:33Laier what can we do :/
00:13:34nigulas let me farm
00:13:34nigulas go gank
00:13:56Laier this 1 goes next
00:14:54Laier what
00:14:55Laier :DDD
00:14:59Laier where did my ulti go
00:15:01mrk tp
00:15:02Soulyah ff
00:15:07nigulas cd..
00:15:08Laier had ulti
00:15:11Laier but you killed me?
00:15:15Laier :D wtf is taht
00:15:43zonskass medalion killed you?
00:16:36Laier -ma
00:16:44Soulyah me ei sa ilma carryta kakelda
00:16:51nigulas mul oli cd enne
00:16:52nigulas tpsin alal
00:17:10Laier come
00:17:28Laier go in
00:17:34mrk 3 peab ikka maxima
00:17:54nigulas fffs
00:18:01nigulas how cant
00:18:03nigulas u disable
00:18:04nigulas that enigma?
00:18:10Laier gj
00:18:51nigulas my farm
00:18:53nigulas mul bfury vaja
00:18:56nigulas ei saa enne
00:19:00nigulas ulti tegi 0 dammi
00:19:21Laier ...
00:19:22Laier :<
00:20:16mrk care
00:20:16mrk b
00:20:16mrk b
00:20:17mrk hook
00:21:04Strom warding seer
00:21:05PinaryB illu
00:21:08Strom ah
00:21:29Soulyah cant blame u for tryin
00:22:01Laier ill keep pushing mid tower
00:22:09Soulyah late ju meie
00:22:10Soulyah vist
00:22:12nigulas y
00:22:13mrk zeus maha
00:22:24Soulyah we have time
00:22:34nigulas FFS MA UNUSTASIn
00:22:35nigulas SELLE BS
00:22:36nigulas SITA
00:22:38Tough we as well
00:23:19mrk wtf
00:23:22mrk miks te ta üksi jätsite
00:23:52nigulas oko
00:23:56WantedZip strom is owning
00:24:01Laier and me!
00:24:04WantedZip long time ive seen that :D
00:24:06Laier keeping you bitches alive
00:24:08nigulas ma ei saa täpselt aru mis praegu toimub
00:24:19nigulas pugna
00:24:20nigulas ward vlvl+
00:24:22nigulas ?
00:24:22moods 4
00:24:41Strom someone take obs from chick please
00:24:45Tough souljah
00:24:49Soulyah i hear ya
00:24:54Tough saw my action with force staff?
00:24:55Tough :D
00:24:58Soulyah y:(
00:26:52nigulas ma ei saa farmi nii soulyah
00:26:54nigulas kui sa pushid
00:26:55nigulas lanesid
00:27:01Soulyah ma ei saa yhtegi ultit
00:27:04Soulyah ilma daggerita
00:27:07nigulas mis sa arvad
00:27:09nigulas et zeuzi
00:27:10nigulas ultiga saaD?
00:27:13Soulyah jo
00:27:14Tough b
00:27:15Soulyah see strom
00:27:17Laier nah
00:27:18Laier this is fun :D
00:27:21Tough cmon
00:27:22Tough :D
00:27:23Tough b
00:27:32mrk free kills
00:27:34mrk kedagi pole siin
00:27:42Soulyah sead
00:27:45Soulyah dead
00:27:50mrk ?
00:27:51mrk :D:D
00:28:05nigulas vaikselt
00:28:05nigulas hakkan
00:28:08nigulas närvi minema
00:28:08nigulas np
00:28:11Soulyah sitta keerad ju
00:28:12Soulyah n2gid tlemas
00:28:22nigulas nad olid seal
00:28:25nigulas kui ma backima hakaksin
00:28:30nigulas ja siis wild random hook appears
00:28:36nigulas lothar
00:28:37nigulas kusikul
00:28:42Soulyah 9gag
00:28:43Soulyah :D:D
00:28:45Soulyah wild
00:28:46Soulyah :D:D:D
00:29:12mrk enne ulti
00:29:14mrk siis stunni
00:29:14Strom my bad, sorry
00:29:16mrk oleks gg olnud
00:29:16mrk sk
00:29:17mrk :D
00:29:22nigulas i spin
00:29:24Laier kill him
00:29:25nigulas clock hooks me
00:29:25Soulyah siis oleks ma bs silence
00:29:27Soulyah saand
00:29:27nigulas spin is over
00:29:29nigulas seems legit
00:29:32mrk no zeus enigma dead
00:29:42zonskass :D
00:29:43PinaryB hhaha
00:29:44moods :D
00:30:02nigulas poleks mu ult cd old
00:30:03nigulas oleks ka gg
00:30:15Soulyah would of could of should of
00:30:50mrk team effort
00:30:54Laier dont even think about making radi
00:30:55Laier its mine :D
00:31:02Tough fucktard
00:31:03Tough :D
00:31:08Laier or you can make it
00:31:10Laier but i make too!
00:31:12Tough nah its okay
00:31:20Laier go fight mid?
00:31:24Laier like they can do something :d
00:31:40Tough FUCK U
00:31:42Soulyah xD
00:31:48Tough my sielnce is so slow
00:31:49Strom coming bot with reveal
00:31:58Laier so are they
00:32:00Soulyah or im fast
00:32:10Tough hahah
00:32:13Tough got sacred
00:32:38Soulyah fuck off alrdy
00:32:51Soulyah ahah
00:32:54Laier no hate
00:32:56Soulyah brought ur friends
00:32:57Laier but no love either
00:32:59Tough :D
00:33:15Tough 4,5k
00:33:31Laier i bought relic allready
00:33:33Laier so shutup!
00:33:34nigulas warded
00:33:41Laier :DDD
00:33:43Soulyah lol
00:33:50nigulas care
00:33:56mrk gg seer
00:34:04Soulyah I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:08Laier DONT
00:34:11mrk I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:17Soulyah i used to be an ownder
00:34:24mrk btw pugna
00:34:27mrk ur agha is worthless
00:34:29mrk get meka or something
00:34:30mrk next time
00:34:31Laier wanna tell me what happend?
00:34:32nigulas mis kruadi hook
00:34:34nigulas jälle?
00:34:36nigulas terve map wardeD?
00:34:42Soulyah then i took an arrow to the knee
00:34:43Laier 9 mins you took 4 towers, after that we just made you guys our bitches
00:34:45Tough :D:D
00:34:51WantedZip ^^
00:34:54PinaryB :D
00:34:58Soulyah i blame dazzle
00:35:02Soulyah always sucks this player
00:35:08mrk true
00:35:30Laier almost :p
00:35:35Soulyah im jst kidding
00:35:42Laier well im not
00:35:44nigulas 2 itemit
00:35:47nigulas ja see mäng won
00:35:48nigulas sny
00:35:49nigulas mkb
00:35:50Soulyah :D
00:35:58Soulyah baitid mid
00:36:00Soulyah baitib
00:36:07nigulas ult cd..
00:36:19Soulyah hooked
00:36:20mrk roshivad
00:36:20mrk vms
00:36:22Tough abba
00:36:25Tough mach mal vladi
00:36:27Tough eh
00:36:30Tough do vlads pls
00:36:30Laier dno why ppl wont just make agha refu with darkseer and win games
00:36:44mrk abbat pole
00:36:45mrk go
00:36:45nigulas bfly
00:36:45mrk 5
00:36:46mrk ?
00:36:46nigulas rotil
00:36:53Laier yeeey
00:36:53Soulyah gogogo
00:36:55Laier got my radi xD
00:36:56mrk kus
00:37:02zonskass we 4
00:37:06Tough and now vlads pls
00:37:11Laier no
00:37:14Laier i dont support!
00:37:19Soulyah BOOOORING
00:37:22Laier support for noobs :D
00:37:25Soulyah lets go all kill rosh
00:37:27Soulyah not eachother
00:37:27Laier anyway lets finish this?
00:37:31Strom cool story there
00:37:50Soulyah booyaka
00:37:56Laier come bot after
00:38:00Soulyah killing gems since '88
00:38:02Soulyah i mean wards
00:38:13zonskass i go suicide
00:38:17Soulyah me too
00:38:17nigulas b
00:38:21nigulas BASE
00:38:21nigulas TRA
00:38:31Soulyah lost ju
00:38:33Soulyah vahet sel:d
00:38:35Laier come here
00:38:35nigulas rahu
00:38:40Laier feels kinda lonely here
00:38:59zonskass dead
00:39:01Soulyah xD
00:39:06Tough im such an idiot
00:39:10Strom I agree
00:39:14Tough fucker :D
00:39:27Laier wtf you waiting? :DDDD
00:39:32PinaryB dunno
00:39:57mrk gg sk ulti
00:39:58mrk :D:D
00:40:01nigulas tra
00:40:01mrk miks sa ära jooksid
00:40:02nigulas sa soulyah
00:40:03mrk ulti blink
00:40:03nigulas oli nii halb
00:40:06Soulyah ma ei pandnki ultit
00:40:08nigulas putsi
00:40:09mrk ma räägin
00:40:10nigulas sest sa teed
00:40:12nigulas oma sitast
00:40:12mrk oleks võinud jääda
00:40:13moods I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:13nigulas sandstoorm
00:40:13Soulyah mul oli 15 elu:D
00:40:14nigulas on lane
00:40:15nigulas taktikat
00:40:16mrk savi
00:40:19mrk enigma zeus abba
00:40:20mrk dead
00:40:22mrk koos sinuga
00:40:25mrk :D
00:40:27Soulyah no
00:40:28nigulas tra
00:40:28Laier funny game
00:40:30nigulas ja mai saa aru
00:40:31nigulas kuidas mu ulti
00:40:32Soulyah pole mekat
00:40:32Laier i was ffing @ 9min
00:40:33nigulas cancel tuleb kogua eg
00:40:34nigulas 1 hit
00:40:37nigulas tegin ultiga
00:40:38nigulas ja cancel
00:40:40nigulas the fguq
00:40:48PinaryB seemed pretty bad
00:40:54Laier no kididng?
00:40:56PinaryB but won with 5
00:41:08nigulas tra ärka üles noob
00:41:12Laier just fight
00:41:34Soulyah man
00:41:50WantedZip :D
00:41:51Soulyah hahahahaha
00:41:54Tough suuuuuuuuuck my dick
00:41:54Soulyah man im pissingmyself
00:41:56Soulyah of laugh
00:41:59Tough a bit
00:42:03Soulyah missed the stun even
00:42:05Soulyah last:D
00:42:21Tough I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:42:23Laier go mid
00:42:31Tough dont want to play anymore
00:43:13zonskass -afk
00:43:14Laier ill go in
00:43:15nigulas sup no p
00:43:20Laier you guys do what you want x)
00:43:26Tough xD
00:43:30Tough let him alone pls
00:43:53mrk ggwp
00:43:54mrk I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:00Laier *i kno wi rock!
00:44:10nigulas I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:27Soulyah Lol
00:44:27Laier no then
00:44:29Soulyah clock almost died
00:44:32WantedZip :D
00:44:33Soulyah to illu of bs
00:44:33Tough 87 denies
00:44:47Laier dont be so mean :
00:45:06Soulyah I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:11moods I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:42Soulyah bs wana 1v1?
00:45:42Tough go
00:45:44Tough 1 vs 1
00:45:45Tough :D
00:45:45Tough y
00:45:50Soulyah meet at balti jaam?
00:45:55Laier :D
00:45:56nigulas haha
00:45:59Laier rofl
00:46:06Soulyah :D
00:46:13Tough sorry
00:46:15Tough where?
00:46:16nigulas soulyah is 1.6m tall
00:46:18nigulas and 60 km
00:46:19Soulyah balti jaam
00:46:20nigulas kg
00:46:23Soulyah 60 km
00:46:24Soulyah :D
00:46:25zonskass :D
00:46:31Soulyah my dick is 60km
00:46:31zonskass 60 km dick
00:46:43Soulyah so coming
00:46:44Soulyah bs?
00:46:46Tough y
00:46:48Tough Omw
00:46:52Soulyah :D
00:46:57Laier i can solo your team!
00:46:58Laier np
00:47:00Tough but where is ?
00:47:13Soulyah at estonia
00:47:16Soulyah a trainstation
00:47:25Tough dafuq
00:47:28Tough where are u from? :D
00:47:41Tough GOOOOOO sabba
00:47:49Soulyah WTFING
00:47:50Soulyah chick
00:47:52Soulyah cant die
00:47:55Tough y
00:48:34nigulas see abba
00:48:36nigulas on ikka puudega hero
00:48:38nigulas kuigi
00:48:39nigulas early
00:48:42nigulas nad said nii põske all
00:48:43nigulas mai tea
00:48:44nigulas mis te tegite
00:48:45mrk samamoodi oleks
00:48:45Laier wp laier!
00:48:46mrk dazzle
00:48:46Laier wp
00:48:47mrk jms
00:48:49Laier xD
00:48:50mrk vaata mis farm tal on
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