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Chat log

00:00:00gangstar1990 [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mamyka with 57 seconds.
00:00:18gangstar1990 mamyka you play always with me
00:00:25Tough ban
00:00:25keevin invoker/rubick
00:00:25keevin ;)
00:00:25Tough any hero wishes?
00:00:25mamyka y
00:00:25Tough hero wish or ban wish?
00:00:25gangstar1990 ban meepo
00:00:25keevin no lol
00:00:25HuaRong ban meepo
00:00:25mamyka yes but not bnow
00:00:25keevin dont ban meepo
00:00:25keevin rofl
00:00:25Maier what a pool
00:00:25keevin this is pub
00:00:25Maier am
00:00:25Tough keevin
00:00:25Tough u wanna rubick?
00:00:25keevin ban invoker/rubick
00:00:25keevin noo
00:00:25Maier lich
00:00:25keevin i mean
00:00:25keevin ban them :p
00:00:25Tough i ban am
00:00:25keevin no
00:00:25keevin Rubick better
00:00:25keevin annoying to play against.
00:00:25Maier am
00:00:25keevin AM is np
00:00:25Tough they going to pick am
00:00:25gangstar1990 let m eplay am
00:00:25Maier :D
00:00:25Maier gogo
00:00:25Tough dude? :D
00:00:25keevin k
00:00:25mamyka rubick ?
00:00:25gangstar1990 k too late
00:00:25Tough rubick kay?
00:00:25keevin rub
00:00:25keevin yes
00:00:25keevin go
00:00:25Tough rubick
00:00:25gangstar1990 ban rubisk
00:00:31RumGone may i sk?
00:00:32keevin xD
00:00:32Maier get epic heroes
00:00:35keevin can I go QoP mid?
00:00:35Maier ud + aa or sk
00:00:39Tough nah
00:00:40Tough im mid
00:00:41RumGone y go
00:00:42keevin -clear
00:00:43keevin kk
00:00:44Maier get lich
00:00:46Maier + ud
00:00:46RumGone furion should jungle imo
00:00:47RumGone but ok
00:00:51Tough HAHAHA
00:00:53Tough FURI woods
00:00:56Tough its pub like
00:00:57Tough but okay
00:00:59Maier fucking sick heroes
00:01:00keevin mid is ok too.
00:01:01Maier get ud
00:01:01keevin w/e
00:01:02Maier or aa
00:01:03Maier or sk
00:01:05Tough get sk
00:01:06Maier or invoker
00:01:06keevin and no its not publike ;P
00:01:06Tough ogre
00:01:07RumGone both is good
00:01:08Maier or wr
00:01:09Tough aa
00:01:11gangstar1990 so 2 solo lanes?
00:01:16keevin a lot of competitive teams used to play furi in woodos
00:01:16keevin ;)
00:01:18RumGone ill get sk hopefully
00:01:20Maier lich
00:01:20keevin -clear
00:01:21Maier wanna mid ?
00:01:23Tough get ogre
00:01:24Maier -ii
00:01:25NwC.CooL-T sure
00:01:25Tough or sk
00:01:25RumGone dazzle would own
00:01:26Maier -water red
00:01:27Tough SK
00:01:29Maier -weather rian
00:01:30Tough wel tide
00:01:33Tough last
00:01:35Tough get tazzle
00:01:39Maier get wr
00:01:39Maier UD
00:01:40Maier UD
00:01:41Tough qop
00:01:42Maier GET UD
00:01:43Tough canu handle mid
00:01:45Tough than im woods
00:01:46Maier fucking imbaaaaa
00:01:47Maier UD
00:01:52keevin meh
00:01:53keevin ur sk :<
00:01:55RumGone dazzle or sk
00:01:56RumGone bah
00:01:57Maier -ii
00:01:57Tough dazzle
00:01:58Maier -water red
00:01:58keevin I can mid if u want
00:01:59keevin ?
00:01:59Maier -weather rain
00:02:02Tough yeah
00:02:03keevin furi, u mid or woods?
00:02:05mamyka if he imba why you dont pick him?
00:02:05Tough if u dont fail
00:02:07keevin k
00:02:10keevin brb 10
00:02:10keevin s
00:02:11HuaRong wood sucks
00:02:14Maier cos pudge is better
00:02:14mamyka noob pick wr
00:02:16Tough well yeha
00:02:17Tough okay
00:02:17Maier i wanted invoker
00:02:18Tough let me mid
00:02:18HuaRong they will perma gank
00:02:21Tough or fail lanes
00:02:26Maier invoker is fucking imba
00:02:30Maier but pudge is easier :D
00:02:37RumGone 2 top?
00:02:37Tough let me mid^^
00:02:39RumGone or 2 down?
00:02:46Tough either fail lanes
00:02:46gangstar1990 dazzel up
00:02:53Maier aa
00:02:55Maier let's kill
00:02:55Maier lvl 2
00:02:57Maier u pull
00:03:02Maier and after pull come from forest to kill
00:03:04Tough get wards pls
00:03:12keevin we got better late.
00:03:25RumGone care
00:03:34Maier pull
00:04:32Maier dazzle
00:04:49Tough Y
00:04:50Tough Y
00:04:51Tough Y
00:04:54Maier i said
00:04:55Maier DAZZLE
00:04:56keevin ..
00:04:58keevin furi
00:05:56HuaRong pul
00:05:58HuaRong l
00:05:58NwC.CooL-T ss
00:06:42RumGone ss 2 up
00:06:51Maier they
00:06:52Maier can
00:06:53Maier see you
00:06:54Maier ffs
00:06:55keevin go SK
00:07:11Maier NO
00:07:12Maier DAZZLR
00:07:28Tough QOP
00:07:29Maier u suck
00:07:30Maier primo
00:07:30keevin no hp
00:07:35keevin 1 stun and i die
00:08:05keevin ss lich
00:08:14RumGone shit
00:08:15keevin :DD
00:08:16keevin furi
00:08:16RumGone nice ss
00:08:18keevin dont call mid again
00:08:27Maier gj
00:08:53keevin SHIELD
00:08:53keevin man
00:09:00HuaRong cd
00:09:03keevin i was baiting
00:09:17HuaRong fail bait
00:09:22keevin thought u had shield...
00:09:27HuaRong csd
00:09:29HuaRong cd
00:09:29RumGone tnx
00:09:31HuaRong use it
00:09:33HuaRong on me
00:09:39Tough go
00:09:53RumGone tide?
00:09:56gangstar1990 ?
00:10:00RumGone u get hooked everytiem
00:10:01HuaRong ss2
00:10:05RumGone gank top pls
00:10:11gangstar1990 so`?
00:10:50mamyka go
00:11:12Tough wait
00:11:32RumGone bad
00:11:34gangstar1990 4 top and no one
00:12:05mamyka pudge\
00:12:12Maier want bottle ?
00:12:14Maier sk
00:12:15mamyka y
00:12:23mamyka LOL
00:12:23Maier lich ?
00:12:28mamyka ????? ?? ???
00:12:32RumGone b
00:12:49keevin go
00:12:50keevin abba.
00:12:54keevin furi gank bo
00:12:57Tough y
00:13:00gangstar1990 go
00:13:01Tough can we get fucking wardsP?
00:13:19PriMo po hook
00:13:23PriMo pro
00:13:23Maier was bad
00:13:23RumGone i cant buy all
00:13:37keevin ..
00:13:59PriMo lowbob
00:14:02keevin SHIELD ME
00:14:03keevin JESUS CHRIST
00:14:06keevin im baiting again
00:14:11Maier imba
00:14:11keevin how fucking ignorant are u
00:14:12Maier imba
00:14:14mamyka ???/
00:14:17mamyka ?????
00:14:18keevin i have an abba on lane
00:14:21keevin but i cant play offensively
00:14:23mamyka ?????????? ?? ???????
00:14:37HuaRong i have cd
00:14:38HuaRong man
00:14:43keevin then stop wasitng it
00:14:44keevin all the tiem
00:14:52keevin gush
00:14:52HuaRong did u see that i use it against pudge
00:15:19RumGone bah
00:15:23gangstar1990 go oqpo
00:15:54keevin k
00:15:55keevin gj
00:15:59RumGone gank top
00:16:07Tough cmon
00:16:14RumGone -ii
00:16:27RumGone sk
00:16:50Maier -st
00:17:13RumGone why is noone buying wads?
00:17:16RumGone wards
00:17:18gangstar1990 comign
00:18:08gangstar1990 i didi fly
00:18:23PriMo hahahg
00:18:24RumGone nice
00:18:24PriMo ???
00:18:25keevin seriously
00:18:26PriMo ?????
00:18:29PriMo ??? ???)
00:18:32keevin this platform is a joke
00:18:56keevin ..
00:18:58PriMo ????
00:19:01RumGone nice ulty
00:19:06gangstar1990 thx
00:19:10RumGone :D
00:19:15gangstar1990 buy wards and stfu
00:19:25RumGone there
00:19:30mamyka ????
00:19:36RumGone cmin bot
00:19:38Maier grool
00:19:42Maier u should have fucking moved
00:19:52Maier U SUCK
00:20:11RumGone aa cming
00:20:23RumGone lich agha
00:21:47HuaRong no1 comes
00:21:48gangstar1990 gogo
00:21:56HuaRong noobs
00:22:13keevin ...
00:22:14keevin tide
00:22:29gangstar1990 dazzle lol
00:22:31gangstar1990 nab go die
00:22:34HuaRong w m
00:22:35RumGone !?
00:22:35RumGone wtf
00:22:35gangstar1990 we would kill both
00:22:37gangstar1990 with you nab
00:22:41gangstar1990 why no follow me?
00:23:15RumGone hits invis?
00:23:17keevin yes.
00:23:20RumGone nice
00:23:23Maier -afk
00:23:58gangstar1990 go twr
00:24:13Tough ulti
00:24:17keevin oom
00:24:24Tough i mean tide
00:24:27gangstar1990 cd
00:24:28RumGone min
00:25:08mamyka ?? ??? ?? ??????
00:25:24PriMo z&
00:25:26PriMo ??
00:25:29mamyka ?? ????? ?? ?? ????? ???? ??? ????? ?? ?? ?????
00:25:36mamyka ? ???? ????? ????
00:25:42mamyka ????? ?? ?????????
00:25:50RumGone gg
00:26:02mamyka ?? ?? ???
00:26:09PriMo ? ????
00:26:13PriMo ????? ? 4
00:26:16PriMo ? ????? ????
00:27:31Maier grool
00:27:32Maier what
00:27:32Maier are
00:27:33Maier u doing ?
00:27:38mamyka ??? ????? ? ????? ????????
00:27:42RumGone abadons imba
00:27:43gangstar1990 aba basher?!
00:27:52Tough its okay
00:27:57gangstar1990 its bullshit
00:28:00gangstar1990 whats okey
00:28:13Tough y
00:28:15Tough my greed
00:28:24RumGone lich lvl 18?!
00:28:24RumGone wtf
00:28:30gangstar1990 17
00:28:42gangstar1990 b
00:28:43gangstar1990 b
00:28:44Maier -st
00:28:45gangstar1990 aa
00:28:47Tough b
00:28:48Tough b
00:29:00keevin dead.
00:29:00gangstar1990 go coming
00:29:07keevin cudnt dodge the ulti :p
00:29:36keevin if we only had a usefull abba.
00:29:37Maier ward there
00:29:38keevin And furi
00:29:46keevin the thing why u shouldnt go mid is
00:29:52keevin now the solo mid has freefarm
00:29:52mamyka ???? ?????? ????????????
00:29:54keevin luckily for us
00:29:56keevin its only a lich
00:29:59RumGone b
00:30:02keevin but if , lets say
00:30:04keevin a bala was mid
00:30:06keevin then we were in trouble.
00:30:24RumGone aba on his way
00:30:25RumGone B ALL
00:30:49gangstar1990 we was there why no figth when i ulti?
00:30:53gangstar1990 4*
00:31:40keevin OK
00:32:06RumGone wtF?!
00:32:10gangstar1990 abba no coment
00:32:14RumGone abadon
00:32:16RumGone so good
00:32:22gangstar1990 why you go in vs 4?
00:32:25HuaRong what u want from me
00:32:27RumGone i went to help aba
00:32:28RumGone MEKANSM
00:32:28gangstar1990 5*
00:32:34keevin if u only had let me mid
00:32:35gangstar1990 guys ef it
00:32:37HuaRong i will tank
00:32:37keevin it wudve been over yet
00:32:39gangstar1990 ulti rdy
00:32:41Tough b mid
00:32:43Tough dont
00:32:43HuaRong u do ur job
00:33:35RumGone from 3 2 4
00:33:38RumGone to 3 10 5
00:35:04mamyka ?? ???,
00:35:07mamyka go all?
00:35:11Maier yea
00:35:12Maier all mid
00:35:12RumGone -msa
00:35:15Maier push out lanes
00:35:16Maier and go mid
00:35:42Maier lich
00:35:44Maier make refu
00:35:45Maier :O
00:36:03keevin B FURI
00:36:06keevin man
00:36:06keevin b
00:36:23Tough b
00:36:24Tough all
00:36:28keevin LOL
00:36:31keevin look WR
00:36:31keevin itemes.
00:36:33RumGone b
00:36:44Maier dude
00:36:46Maier fuck off
00:36:54RumGone im b
00:37:03Maier go bot all
00:37:50keevin linkens ready
00:37:51keevin for pudge.
00:37:53keevin and SK
00:38:11gangstar1990 b
00:38:12gangstar1990 b
00:38:12gangstar1990 b
00:38:27gangstar1990 go
00:38:36HuaRong fury play alone
00:38:46mamyka tower
00:39:09RumGone wind? :D
00:39:10keevin i cant die anymore now.
00:39:13keevin yea
00:39:15keevin I said that
00:39:16RumGone thats so 72c :D
00:39:17keevin loko hims
00:39:18keevin items
00:39:19keevin xDDD
00:39:19Maier GO BOT
00:39:20Maier ALL
00:39:21keevin his*
00:39:37RumGone wind thats so 72b
00:39:37keevin WR
00:39:39keevin xDDD
00:39:53Maier -st
00:40:03mamyka buy orhid recipt wr
00:40:25Grool after an atomic winter its easy to say
00:40:29RumGone b
00:40:35Grool that might not have been the best option
00:41:19keevin and thats why
00:41:19Maier guys
00:41:21keevin i bought lineks:)
00:41:23Maier why the fuck wont u listen
00:41:26Maier we need fucking towers
00:41:48Maier blink
00:41:49Maier mamyka
00:41:51Maier blink
00:41:51Maier away
00:41:53Maier blink
00:41:54Maier NOW
00:42:06Maier what a noob
00:42:08keevin soon aghanims
00:42:25Maier your lastpick is good and useful
00:42:27Maier ours is ..
00:42:31mamyka ????? ?? ???? ??? ?????? ?????????
00:42:32keevin dazzle?
00:42:36RumGone same as our abadon
00:42:36PriMo ??
00:42:44mamyka ???? ?????? ???
00:43:27RumGone b
00:43:38keevin Go rosh?
00:43:44keevin or mb
00:43:47keevin thats not agood ide
00:44:07RumGone its like aba is constantly 600 range from me
00:44:11RumGone tide 1000 range
00:44:17RumGone akasha 3000 range
00:44:19RumGone and furion...
00:44:23RumGone other side of the map
00:44:24Maier GATHER
00:44:32RumGone im tailing akasha from now on
00:44:37RumGone hook
00:44:40keevin i know.
00:44:46keevin stop talking as if im a retard
00:44:52gangstar1990 aba lol
00:44:53keevin he just shouldve let me mid
00:44:54RumGone ?
00:44:55RumGone im not
00:44:59gangstar1990 your farming as you will go carry it
00:45:10RumGone he will dun worry
00:45:15Tough y
00:45:17Tough nice warfs
00:45:19Tough warfs
00:45:20Maier go mid
00:45:28Tough now they do rosh
00:45:36keevin got aghanims
00:45:38keevin they cant push now
00:45:39keevin we will win this.
00:45:39RumGone i cant buy more wards
00:45:48gangstar1990 aba support qop
00:45:49keevin we got me+furi
00:45:51gangstar1990 tnen ist gg
00:45:55keevin best antipush ever.
00:45:57gangstar1990 aba only qop
00:46:26Tough DONT FOCUS PUDGE
00:47:06mamyka ???????? ???????? ?? 3 ???? ??????
00:47:30mamyka ???
00:47:32PriMo ???
00:47:37mamyka ??? ???????? ?? 30 ???
00:47:43mamyka ????? ??????
00:47:43PriMo ??? ???
00:47:49mamyka ns ljk,jt,&
00:47:53PriMo ??)
00:47:57mamyka ?? ???????
00:48:10mamyka ? ??? ??? ?????????? ???? ? ?? ?? ????? ????
00:48:17keevin ;x
00:48:19mamyka ??? ????? ????
00:48:22PriMo ? ?????? ?????
00:48:30RumGone furion?
00:48:32mamyka ????? ?? ?????? ?? ????? ??????
00:48:33RumGone wanna come with us?
00:48:33Tough y?
00:48:39PriMo ? ?????? ???)
00:48:42mamyka ? ?? ??? ????
00:48:43Tough and whereß
00:48:48RumGone idk
00:48:50mamyka ?? ?????? ?? ?????? ??
00:48:51RumGone last 5 minutes
00:48:52keevin furi is
00:48:53keevin supposed
00:48:53RumGone u port sie
00:48:54keevin to push solo
00:48:55RumGone you die
00:48:56keevin it doesnt matter
00:48:57PriMo ?????
00:48:57keevin dazzle.
00:49:00mamyka ?1 ????
00:49:01RumGone we get wiped
00:49:02keevin as long as he doesnt get ganked its ok
00:49:08PriMo ?????
00:49:10gangstar1990 go qop
00:49:19mamyka ?????? ? ??????
00:49:24Maier shut
00:49:25Maier up
00:49:30Maier stop talking
00:49:36keevin just need
00:49:37keevin a few obs..
00:49:39gangstar1990 go
00:49:45keevin let him
00:49:46keevin push
00:49:47keevin we fight
00:49:47mamyka ??? ??? ?? ???
00:49:52RumGone tey
00:50:10keevin he got tower
00:50:11keevin bot
00:50:11keevin see?
00:50:13keevin 1 more
00:50:15keevin and rax.
00:51:07PriMo ??? ?? ????
00:51:08RumGone i like how abadon helps
00:51:10PriMo )
00:51:15Maier why do i always get the russian faggots ?
00:51:21PriMo ??? ?????
00:51:22PriMo ????
00:51:27PriMo ????????
00:51:34Maier i can speak russian
00:51:37Tough 7,3k gold
00:51:38Maier no problem
00:51:40HuaRong i cant help u all :DF
00:51:44Maier but i dont wanan write it, it's disgusting
00:51:52NwC.CooL-T ????? ????? ???
00:51:54RumGone u mean u cant help us.
00:52:05RumGone 2 us
00:52:07HuaRong all at one
00:52:18Maier he could have blinked :D
00:52:18HuaRong :D
00:52:21Maier what noobs
00:52:32mamyka ekmnjv uytim&
00:52:46keevin rax
00:52:53gangstar1990 wht naex item?
00:52:53keevin oh cant.
00:52:56HuaRong w m
00:52:56gangstar1990 with 9 k
00:52:56gangstar1990 ?
00:53:09keevin rebuys
00:53:10mamyka ?? ????? ???????
00:53:13PriMo ??
00:53:15PriMo )
00:53:16mamyka ?????
00:53:25NwC.CooL-T ???????
00:53:32PriMo ?????
00:53:43Maier I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:53:47PriMo I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:53:59Maier we should have pushed but they never gathered ..
00:54:05keevin how can u push
00:54:06mamyka ???
00:54:06keevin against
00:54:09keevin me with aghas ?
00:54:11keevin and
00:54:11keevin furi
00:54:16mamyka I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:54:18Maier i mean push before u had it
00:54:18keevin explain?
00:54:20Maier since lvl 7
00:54:21mamyka ????? ???? ????
00:54:21Maier -.-
00:54:29mamyka ?? ???? ? wr
00:54:37RumGone heal pls
00:54:47Grool next time get both mid racks
00:54:51Grool instead of BACK
00:54:51mamyka ????? ?? ?????? ??? ?????? ?? ????
00:54:53Grool .o
00:54:56Grool sry...
00:54:58RumGone gg
00:55:00keevin gg.
00:55:01PriMo z yjhv buhfk
00:55:04Maier nah
00:55:05PriMo ? ???? ?????
00:55:05Grool i forgot logic doesent matter here
00:55:07gangstar1990 haha furis items
00:55:11Grool !ff
00:55:13Grool -ff
00:55:14Grool .ff
00:55:15mamyka 4-8 ?? ?????
00:55:16RumGone lol
00:55:22Grool y tuck urself in
00:55:25Grool im drunk so?
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