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+32 X
+1 TS

95% | 1549 X | 1606 TS

+49 X
+1 TS

84% | 1442 X | 1463 TS

+22 X
+1 TS

82% | 1405 X | 1471 TS

+25 X
+1 TS

65% | 1248 X | 1408 TS

+49 X
+1 TS

51% | 1163 X | 1345 TS

-32 X
-1 TS

87% | 1467 X | 1508 TS

-11 X
-2 TS

85% | 1476 X | 1445 TS

-42 X
-2 TS

84% | 1556 X | 1342 TS

-49 X
+0 TS

78% | 1430 X | 1390 TS

-36 X
-1 TS

49% | 1169 X | 1310 TS

Chat log

00:00:04N2xy tamps tule skypi?
00:00:07svents -ii
00:00:09svents -water red
00:00:10PinaryB ok
00:00:10svents -weather rain
00:00:11TheyCallMeHaci can i wr mid ?
00:00:12Sepetos pick good and we win
00:00:13PinaryB eksam tehtud?
00:00:15N2xy mhm
00:00:17svents -weather snow
00:00:19Flex- jonnija
00:00:20Flex- sup
00:00:20N2xy fail :(
00:00:20Sepetos anyone phoenix?
00:00:21Jonnija flex ill give u hard
00:00:22Flex- :D
00:00:23Jonnija spanking
00:00:23que2stress y
00:00:23Jonnija for last game
00:00:23que2stress phoenix me
00:00:23TheyCallMeHaci lol i dont fail
00:00:23Flex- well
00:00:23Flex- if you werent dumb enuf
00:00:23Flex- and joined the group
00:00:23Flex- it woudl have been fine
00:00:23Flex- but your too effin slow
00:00:23Flex- :D
00:00:23Sepetos taking piss
00:00:23TheyCallMeHaci my x is 100times better then yours
00:00:23TheyCallMeHaci so plz shhh
00:00:23Jonnija my computer was half frozen :D
00:00:23svents get me roof or phoenix
00:00:23Jonnija after tabbing out
00:00:23que2stress dont get him phoenix
00:00:23que2stress get me commaner
00:00:23que2stress !
00:00:23TheyCallMeHaci bans ?
00:00:23Jonnija commander autoloss
00:00:23Jonnija hero
00:00:23que2stress not
00:00:23que2stress :D
00:00:23svents he not in pool ?
00:00:231m4n5h0w antimage and lyca in pool...
00:00:23Flex- can we get on with it?
00:00:23Jonnija + where do u see
00:00:23Jonnija commander+
00:00:23que2stress i dont see pool
00:00:23Flex- they will get one of them
00:00:23Jonnija luckily not here :D
00:00:23Jonnija no new heroes
00:00:23que2stress only black screen
00:00:23Jonnija makes a good game
00:00:23que2stress xin is mega strong
00:00:23TheyCallMeHaci nvm
00:00:23TheyCallMeHaci let them get
00:00:23TheyCallMeHaci lyca
00:00:23svents no shit
00:00:23Sepetos -treant
00:00:23TheyCallMeHaci and we just pick
00:00:23TheyCallMeHaci better
00:00:23N2xy lycan
00:00:23svents am
00:00:23svents get it
00:00:24N2xy am phoenix anyone?
00:00:27Sepetos no
00:00:29Jonnija lol
00:00:30N2xy am anyone?
00:00:31TheyCallMeHaci i can am
00:00:33Sepetos i can carry all with void
00:00:33Flex- i can am
00:00:36TheyCallMeHaci flex
00:00:37Jonnija ah yeah
00:00:37Sepetos u just take some support
00:00:38TheyCallMeHaci not carry
00:00:38Jonnija mort
00:00:39TheyCallMeHaci again
00:00:39Flex- :D
00:00:40Jonnija carries
00:00:411m4n5h0w you dont do carry
00:00:41Flex- dude
00:00:41Jonnija it too
00:00:421m4n5h0w idiiot
00:00:43Jonnija if need be
00:00:44Sepetos void
00:00:44TheyCallMeHaci failed last game
00:00:45Flex- i had to go afk
00:00:46Flex- last time
00:00:49Flex- several times
00:00:50svents haa vlad + styg on mort and rape am
00:00:52TheyCallMeHaci i go am ?
00:00:53Flex- you would have lost so hard
00:00:54Sepetos take thrall
00:00:55TheyCallMeHaci wtf ?
00:00:56Sepetos warlock
00:00:59N2xy anyone swap?
00:01:02Sepetos mby tiny
00:01:03TheyCallMeHaci i want am
00:01:04N2xy or go warlock
00:01:07Flex- jonnija fu :D
00:01:081m4n5h0w and who cares
00:01:08N2xy fuck
00:01:12que2stress svents
00:01:14Jonnija ah ye should have let you
00:01:14N2xy swap anyone?
00:01:141m4n5h0w get higher % and you can have am
00:01:15Jonnija have it
00:01:16que2stress u want trall or phoeix?
00:01:16Jonnija :D
00:01:19svents nah
00:01:20svents im good
00:01:20Jonnija waste of space on you :D
00:01:21Sepetos pick me void
00:01:34svents 'rot get void
00:01:34TheyCallMeHaci last player get lina
00:01:37que2stress i can play phoenix OR thrall
00:01:42que2stress not BOTH
00:01:42Sepetos -swap 5
00:01:44svents -swap 1
00:01:51Sepetos ill go mid
00:01:55Jonnija rly?
00:01:55que2stress phoenix is ok for you svents?
00:02:01Jonnija mid vs wr?
00:02:02svents aye
00:02:04TheyCallMeHaci lina
00:02:10que2stress phoenix top
00:02:12Flex- lol
00:02:13que2stress let me solo mid
00:02:14Flex- :D
00:02:14que2stress void
00:02:15Flex- -hhn
00:02:16TheyCallMeHaci or puck...............
00:02:16TheyCallMeHaci ff
00:02:18Sepetos na
00:02:22Sepetos i get all lasthits mid
00:02:31TheyCallMeHaci sven es
00:02:32TheyCallMeHaci better
00:02:32que2stress if u fail
00:02:37Jonnija smack in hte ballz
00:02:39Jonnija incoming
00:02:43N2xy how so?
00:02:43que2stress big smack
00:02:47TheyCallMeHaci pinary babysit am ?
00:02:48Sepetos well if jonnija
00:02:50Sepetos can harass good
00:02:51PinaryB k
00:02:51Sepetos u can mid
00:02:55TheyCallMeHaci nono
00:02:57TheyCallMeHaci iam not cap
00:03:00Sepetos jonnija let me take all lasthits
00:03:01Jonnija ofc i picked it for babysit
00:03:01N2xy it gonna be hard
00:03:01Jonnija :D
00:03:02N2xy hard
00:03:02TheyCallMeHaci if es say ok
00:03:12TheyCallMeHaci ye iknow
00:03:13N2xy puck isnt good babysit btw
00:03:13N2xy :d
00:03:16TheyCallMeHaci buy holdon
00:03:16Flex- yup
00:03:20svents tuskar lvl 2 kill
00:03:22TheyCallMeHaci but hold on
00:03:26Flex- whos mid ?
00:03:29TheyCallMeHaci ss
00:03:32TheyCallMeHaci trhall
00:03:371m4n5h0w pulling
00:03:38Jonnija not blocked
00:05:21TheyCallMeHaci gj
00:05:44Jonnija sven going mid
00:05:46Sepetos sven inc mid
00:05:55que2stress mb mirror
00:05:57que2stress check it
00:06:03Jonnija got red
00:06:04Jonnija reg
00:06:26svents ROT
00:06:27svents WTF
00:06:30svents ARE U DOING
00:06:31svents IDIOT
00:06:32PinaryB feeling outplayed?
00:06:34Rotkiv why you there
00:06:43svents passive bitch
00:06:46svents go fuck yourself
00:06:52Rotkiv yeye .. suck it
00:06:56svents puck is easy kill
00:06:59svents BE MORE AGGRESSIVE
00:07:01svents tra
00:07:03svents debiilik oled
00:07:16Rotkiv :D
00:07:16N2xy oom
00:07:25TheyCallMeHaci ss
00:07:28N2xy saw
00:07:43N2xy soon
00:07:45N2xy got mana
00:07:54N2xy kill lock
00:07:54Flex- i got dd
00:07:56Flex- wait for it
00:08:02Rotkiv ss
00:08:02Sepetos botmiss
00:08:03que2stress ss mid
00:08:08Flex- go wl
00:08:11Sepetos wohs mid
00:08:12TheyCallMeHaci no
00:08:13svents vaata mis ma teen
00:08:13que2stress wr
00:08:13TheyCallMeHaci void
00:08:16svents kui ma blingin
00:08:18svents siis tapame
00:08:36TheyCallMeHaci ss mid
00:08:38TheyCallMeHaci trhall
00:08:51N2xy b
00:09:12Flex- :D
00:09:18Flex- how about
00:09:18Flex- wr
00:09:19Flex- ganks
00:09:21que2stress ss mid
00:09:22Flex- a double melee lane
00:09:39Flex- wr ?
00:09:55que2stress care top
00:09:57que2stress ss mwr
00:10:00Sepetos bot miss
00:10:18que2stress gang mid
00:10:33que2stress ss wr
00:10:41que2stress wr inc b ot
00:11:06Sepetos flyin wards
00:11:22TheyCallMeHaci aw
00:11:24N2xy stun
00:11:26N2xy them
00:11:29que2stress oops
00:11:31que2stress what u do there
00:11:31N2xy or not
00:11:35N2xy creeps
00:11:36N2xy needed
00:11:55N2xy b
00:11:57N2xy :p
00:12:00N2xy nice
00:12:01Rotkiv ss
00:12:08Sepetos lucker
00:12:10que2stress TOP LANE
00:12:14Flex- go wl
00:12:16que2stress buy wards/chicken
00:12:18que2stress go gang?=
00:12:18que2stress sth
00:12:20TheyCallMeHaci ¨no void
00:12:26Flex- k void
00:12:43N2xy wr :D:D
00:13:16N2xy wr why
00:13:20N2xy you faield your arrow
00:13:21N2xy :D
00:13:23N2xy powershot
00:13:26N2xy w8 it a bit
00:13:27TheyCallMeHaci dont know how it works
00:13:33Flex- lol
00:13:33PinaryB its channeling
00:13:34Flex- k
00:13:42Flex- Yey
00:13:44Flex- LD
00:13:44que2stress rofl
00:13:49que2stress what are u doing htere all
00:13:54Flex- going for the rune
00:13:55Flex- :D
00:13:56svents MISS
00:14:13Sepetos bot easy kills
00:14:33Rotkiv ss
00:14:55TheyCallMeHaci fuck u
00:15:04que2stress i just killed sven at the rune
00:15:18que2stress why u think it is still there
00:15:26Jonnija yeah
00:15:27Jonnija this
00:15:27Jonnija is
00:15:31Jonnija fun
00:16:03Sepetos gj
00:16:03Flex- great fucknig mess
00:16:07Flex- only sentinel
00:16:08Sepetos got my vang
00:16:10Flex- know how to gank
00:16:12Sepetos np now
00:16:12N2xy b
00:16:13Jonnija vang o0
00:16:14N2xy def tower
00:16:15N2xy :p
00:16:18Flex- i blame wr
00:16:23TheyCallMeHaci ye i know
00:16:23TheyCallMeHaci i fail
00:16:26N2xy know your spells
00:17:16Flex- pff
00:17:39que2stress wh yult
00:17:58Jonnija dunno its useless anyways :D
00:18:02que2stress rofl
00:18:03que2stress u are
00:18:07Flex- tnx
00:18:12Flex- for not giving me golem gold :D
00:18:13Jonnija allready did my
00:18:15Jonnija thing
00:18:17Jonnija i can retire now
00:18:47que2stress wards
00:18:56N2xy jsut farm am and tp when they come dive our towers
00:18:581m4n5h0w no flying?
00:19:06Flex- need
00:19:07Flex- help
00:19:07N2xy and steal kills
00:19:07Flex- top
00:19:09N2xy then
00:19:10N2xy :p
00:19:32Flex- \
00:19:32Flex- :D
00:19:381m4n5h0w he is oom
00:20:12que2stress hope i appreciata
00:20:13que2stress that save
00:20:18Sepetos ffs he dont die
00:20:20Flex- pick
00:20:22Flex- wardsd
00:20:22Flex- chick
00:20:241m4n5h0w someone make flying chick
00:20:251m4n5h0w really
00:20:49Sepetos should make hood also?
00:20:54Sepetos or someone going pipe?
00:20:551m4n5h0w FLYING
00:20:551m4n5h0w FFS
00:20:56Jonnija lol
00:21:20Sepetos wards
00:21:25que2stress inc
00:21:43Flex- puckj
00:21:53Flex- we getting owned
00:21:56Flex- cause we fucknig blind
00:22:13Flex- and still no wards
00:22:20N2xy wr go buy wards.. i will buy soon
00:22:22N2xy got dagger
00:22:26N2xy oon
00:22:40que2stress cme
00:23:00Flex- es no stun
00:23:02Flex- :D
00:23:06N2xy used iot?
00:23:11Flex- well
00:23:14Flex- its same problem we lost
00:23:16Flex- puck never got wards
00:23:23Flex- they constantly cast
00:23:24Flex- before we do
00:23:34Sepetos gj
00:23:35que2stress gw
00:23:48svents ill go pipe then
00:23:52que2stress y
00:23:52Jonnija pusht bot now
00:23:53Jonnija i guess
00:23:58Sepetos y
00:24:07Flex- :D
00:24:12N2xy pointless
00:25:23Flex- its lost
00:25:24Flex- ..
00:25:26TheyCallMeHaci ye
00:25:30Flex- why
00:25:32Flex- did you pick
00:25:32Flex- wr
00:25:35Flex- if your clueless
00:25:36que2stress ty
00:25:39Flex- the pool
00:25:40Flex- was so op
00:25:40N2xy and why you went mid
00:25:41N2xy :p
00:25:50Flex- BECaUsE hIs X Is LaRGE
00:25:50TheyCallMeHaci well let me tell you something
00:25:53TheyCallMeHaci you sayed
00:26:02TheyCallMeHaci who wants
00:26:02TheyCallMeHaci am
00:26:04TheyCallMeHaci i sayed me
00:26:08Rotkiv counter wards in base ..
00:26:09N2xy i couldt pick it
00:26:10TheyCallMeHaci and then that cock
00:26:11TheyCallMeHaci fucker
00:26:12TheyCallMeHaci took it
00:26:13Jonnija agha in 600
00:26:18Rotkiv someone with range attack take them
00:26:20TheyCallMeHaci so i could not pick carry
00:26:24TheyCallMeHaci i hate support
00:26:26TheyCallMeHaci i allways fail
00:26:27TheyCallMeHaci with it
00:26:28TheyCallMeHaci so
00:26:28Sepetos damn
00:26:29TheyCallMeHaci stfu
00:26:30Flex- dont care
00:26:30Jonnija def
00:26:31Rotkiv sry
00:26:31Jonnija mid
00:26:32Flex- better let some one
00:26:33que2stress are u crazzy hatesr
00:26:35Flex- who might not fail
00:26:39Flex- than who will deffinetly fail
00:26:50Flex- lol es
00:26:58TheyCallMeHaci noob
00:27:06N2xy just tower
00:27:17que2stress ahah nice
00:27:25que2stress 40 sec
00:27:25Flex- Ff
00:27:26que2stress then ff
00:27:28N2xy we cant go behind their tower
00:27:29TheyCallMeHaci ye
00:27:29TheyCallMeHaci ff
00:27:30Flex- yup
00:27:34que2stress svents owning
00:27:34Rotkiv raxxes?
00:27:36que2stress save repla
00:27:38que2stress Y
00:27:42Sepetos rax
00:27:42Jonnija got agha
00:27:45Flex- No
00:27:48Flex- its ppl picking heroes
00:27:49Sepetos i want chick too
00:27:51Flex- they never played before
00:27:54Sepetos waait up
00:27:55Flex- they never played before
00:27:57Flex- Which is failing
00:28:04TheyCallMeHaci ....
00:28:04que2stress And svents owns
00:28:05TheyCallMeHaci I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:29:35Flex- am
00:29:36Flex- go fast
00:29:37Flex- bot
00:29:54Sepetos could take rosh i think
00:30:171m4n5h0w woop
00:30:221m4n5h0w xD
00:30:24Jonnija antimate instead of farming
00:30:25Jonnija gangs
00:30:30que2stress gang ore
00:30:33Sepetos roshan and end
00:31:12Flex- tp mby?
00:31:24Sepetos mid after
00:31:25Sepetos go
00:31:38TheyCallMeHaci end
00:31:45Sepetos derf top
00:32:02que2stress heal plz
00:32:11Jonnija void?
00:32:12que2stress wait for void
00:32:15TheyCallMeHaci am no attackspeed ff
00:32:17TheyCallMeHaci no vg
00:32:18Sepetos mid?
00:32:19svents nvm
00:32:21svents ye
00:32:21svents go
00:32:221m4n5h0w wind runner no items at all
00:32:231m4n5h0w I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:32:25Jonnija guy hasnt farmed
00:32:26Jonnija just that :D
00:32:26que2stress why even pick am?
00:32:29Jonnija gang am
00:32:36Sepetos bad pick am from that pool
00:33:16que2stress retard
00:33:17que2stress lol
00:33:19que2stress why u ball me i
00:33:31Rotkiv heal
00:33:43Rotkiv heal me wl
00:33:45TheyCallMeHaci I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:33:47TheyCallMeHaci why not ff
00:33:48Flex- I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:33:50TheyCallMeHaci dont waste time
00:33:56PinaryB I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:34:03TheyCallMeHaci n2xy ?
00:34:04TheyCallMeHaci I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:34:14N2xy no.. i must give you some learning time
00:34:20TheyCallMeHaci k
00:34:20TheyCallMeHaci idont
00:34:21TheyCallMeHaci pick
00:34:22TheyCallMeHaci hero
00:34:23TheyCallMeHaci i dont know
00:34:27N2xy now you know
00:34:28N2xy ;)O
00:35:01TheyCallMeHaci aaah fucko ff
00:35:04Jonnija everyone fatalbonded :D
00:35:061m4n5h0w I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:35:18que2stress thats why they call it fatal :D
00:35:22Jonnija :D
00:35:22Sepetos yea
00:35:30Sepetos gj picks guys wp
00:35:33TheyCallMeHaci end
00:35:36que2stress yup
00:35:40Rotkiv gg
00:35:47TheyCallMeHaci wp QUEN
00:35:54que2stress even svents wp
00:36:13que2stress ahah svent n1
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