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Chat log moods is ooooverrated
00:00:21KolleBolle Just pick normaly and its WIN ban lyca or spec gogogo
00:00:21Flex- -lich
00:00:21Flex- su
00:00:21Flex- ) yes sir.
00:00:21geth_prime wl
00:00:21KolleBolle gett spec
00:00:21Flex- :DDD
00:00:21Cookie_MONSTER pick me tiny someone
00:00:21KolleBolle or
00:00:21KolleBolle lyc
00:00:21Flex- i go lyc
00:00:23Cookie_MONSTER oh i get him
00:00:23KolleBolle well spec is better lyc is smarter tbh
00:00:24KolleBolle IMO nop
00:00:27geth_prime -.-
00:00:28geth_prime damn
00:00:31moods y lyca can farm better in woods and faster
00:00:34geth_prime ill go bot lane
00:00:36geth_prime and gank him
00:00:38Flex- what did you ban ? Wl
00:00:45Flex- k
00:00:49Flex- can i count on this team
00:00:57KolleBolle well now
00:00:57Flex- not to fuck up picks and not looses in the first 15 min ?
00:00:58KolleBolle pick
00:01:00KolleBolle lion
00:01:02KolleBolle ffs
00:01:04Cookie_MONSTER i got sleep so i am playing decent
00:01:06Flex- we dont need lion
00:01:08KolleBolle suprt all the way now
00:01:08Flex- we need 2 solo lanes im solo bottom tiny can solo mid tbh very good
00:01:24Flex- hmm
00:01:24Cookie_MONSTER ups get wards for top lane
00:01:25Flex- true
00:01:28Cookie_MONSTER someoen buy wards for top
00:01:30Flex- we need top lane
00:01:32Flex- and last pick combo for top
00:01:43DraineWaker what like tide and
00:01:44DraineWaker to take
00:01:45DraineWaker fast
00:01:46DraineWaker 10
00:01:46DraineWaker 9
00:01:47Bct_Murder we lose ...
00:01:47DraineWaker 8
00:01:48DraineWaker 8
00:01:48Flex- hmm Tide
00:01:49DraineWaker 6
00:01:49Cookie_MONSTER wr take mid? GO TIDE
00:01:52Cookie_MONSTER and lycan woods?
00:01:52Flex- who can play beast master?
00:01:52moods pretty much y TIDE mmm, and
00:01:55Cookie_MONSTER tide good rhasta?
00:01:57Cookie_MONSTER beast okay
00:01:58Cookie_MONSTER nice nice
00:02:01Cookie_MONSTER lion better
00:02:01Flex- beast can you mid ?
00:02:03Flex- and not fail
00:02:06Cookie_MONSTER no let WR mid
00:02:06Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:07geth_prime abba
00:02:07DraineWaker wanna swap?
00:02:08Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: You control Lord of Avernus [d,t,f,b]
00:02:09geth_prime can u come bot? mm
00:02:09DraineWaker tide
00:02:10DraineWaker plz
00:02:11Flex- beast mid
00:02:12KolleBolle i'm up!? id stay bottom and tiny mid
00:02:14DraineWaker im better with tide imo
00:02:14Flex- wr
00:02:15Flex- bottom
00:02:17Flex- su
00:02:20KolleBolle -swap 5 kkk
00:02:23DraineWaker -swap 4
00:02:23Cookie_MONSTER we need good mid
00:02:23Flex- wr can handle vs 2 players
00:02:24Cookie_MONSTER -ma
00:02:24Flex- bm cant
00:02:27geth_prime we need to gang him much
00:02:27Cookie_MONSTER i can go mid vs spec
00:02:33Cookie_MONSTER tiny vs spec is okay
00:02:33Flex- hmm
00:02:35Flex- k
00:02:39Flex- rubic
00:02:40Flex- will be mid
00:02:41Flex- -hhn and monster can play also mmm
00:02:45Cookie_MONSTER especially if i get a good tide and lycan gang
00:02:47moods just ward pull spot
00:02:49moods and tiny spot
00:02:52Cookie_MONSTER :D today he can get wards asap guys
00:02:59Flex- cookie
00:03:00Cookie_MONSTER had no sleep yesterday
00:03:02Flex- you gonna be vs rubic
00:03:04Flex- expect that
00:03:08Flex- bm
00:03:08Cookie_MONSTER then i might be fucked
00:03:09Flex- you top
00:03:14KolleBolle ffs
00:03:16KolleBolle ff
00:03:18Cookie_MONSTER chciken?
00:03:20Cookie_MONSTER we got ciheknP
00:03:20OrokuSaki want me pull? :D
00:03:24Cookie_MONSTER no chicken no mid
00:03:27Banana ok
00:03:29KolleBolle thats tide job
00:03:30KolleBolle not mine
00:03:37Cookie_MONSTER tide chienk
00:03:53Flex- crap
00:04:14Flex- we have no chick ?
00:04:21Cookie_MONSTER no chicken im fucked
00:04:25Flex- k
00:04:26Flex- beast master
00:04:28Flex- you banned
00:04:28Flex- after
00:05:18Cookie_MONSTER shit bottle in base
00:05:19Bct_Murder were lycan?
00:05:22geth_prime dunno
00:05:24Cookie_MONSTER share chicken unclick next in abse
00:05:28geth_prime mb our wood? duh?
00:05:41Flex- RUNE
00:05:50Banana harrass them
00:06:18Cookie_MONSTER shit i could own mid if my bottle was here
00:06:21DraineWaker go magna?
00:06:24DraineWaker 10 mana for gush ned
00:06:26DraineWaker need
00:06:37Cookie_MONSTER coming bot
00:06:49moods ss tiny
00:07:00DraineWaker ;D
00:07:05Cookie_MONSTER go rubik soon ffs
00:07:25Banana lyca our woods?
00:07:26OrokuSaki ;lycan in our wud
00:07:29geth_prime ..
00:07:31geth_prime thought so waited with toss for kill?
00:07:52Cookie_MONSTER shield vwas fast
00:07:54Bct_Murder meybe lycan
00:08:01moods lyca is top moods spec np kinda
00:08:12KolleBolle gushg
00:08:13KolleBolle noob
00:08:15geth_prime miss 2
00:08:27Banana hah
00:08:29Banana :D:D
00:08:29DraineWaker gj :D my farm is tottaly ruined cause of this noob last pick
00:08:37OrokuSaki why didnt you heal with chickennnn
00:08:51Cookie_MONSTER gj
00:08:57Cookie_MONSTER wards last pick for runes fast
00:09:18Cookie_MONSTER and bird at ruens
00:09:22DraineWaker rex
00:09:24DraineWaker i can gush magna
00:09:24Cookie_MONSTER spec is healing
00:09:25Cookie_MONSTER b
00:09:31OrokuSaki get regen?
00:09:35Banana jaj
00:09:36OrokuSaki o_o ss abba re
00:10:08moods ss tiny
00:10:19Flex- KOLLE
00:10:19OrokuSaki lycan ss
00:10:20Flex- GET BIRD
00:10:21Flex- WHEN YOU CAN
00:11:02Cookie_MONSTER flying
00:11:15DraineWaker slow him =(
00:11:21KolleBolle i did
00:11:21Cookie_MONSTER ss
00:11:25KolleBolle but he used his skill
00:11:30geth_prime at 6 i go gank
00:11:49Cookie_MONSTER tide afk
00:11:51Bct_Murder lycan farm
00:11:53geth_prime y
00:11:54Bct_Murder but he 4 lvl
00:11:55geth_prime thats why
00:11:56DraineWaker nopw
00:12:01Flex- we need bird
00:12:02Flex- kolle
00:12:03Cookie_MONSTER upg
00:12:04Flex- plz get it tell tide to buy he fucked up
00:12:11Flex- you got 2 kills
00:12:14Bct_Murder ss down
00:12:16Cookie_MONSTER tide bird
00:12:38Flex- ss bot
00:12:41OrokuSaki beastmasterss
00:12:42geth_prime try mid gang
00:12:43OrokuSaki ss
00:12:53geth_prime when he gets rune
00:13:13moods ss mid
00:13:13Cookie_MONSTER move bird
00:13:24DraineWaker use boar?
00:13:37geth_prime spec
00:13:39geth_prime why u didnt come
00:13:41geth_prime from start?
00:13:45geth_prime pick top rune
00:13:45Cookie_MONSTER scout rune top plz
00:13:46geth_prime speck
00:13:48geth_prime or he will have
00:14:00Cookie_MONSTER ss
00:14:24geth_prime gj come give mana then
00:14:38Banana free
00:14:42Flex- back
00:14:42Flex- tide
00:14:43Flex- back
00:14:45Flex- TIDE BACK
00:14:45Cookie_MONSTER spec b to heal no hp
00:14:52Flex- fuck sakes
00:14:56Flex- tide we have mini maps
00:14:57Cookie_MONSTER b gj guys
00:15:25Bct_Murder this team is fucking noob
00:15:25Cookie_MONSTER same
00:15:30Bct_Murder this team horible ;] Ur in it Obviously it is
00:15:37Cookie_MONSTER spec farming now
00:15:38Bct_Murder lycan farm and endthis :)
00:15:50Flex- rubic smart guy
00:15:59Bct_Murder he noob ;] guys
00:16:05Flex- his warding was nice tio gone for free? the fuck?
00:16:18geth_prime ...
00:16:27geth_prime dude
00:16:28geth_prime rhasta
00:16:31geth_prime get chick and new wards
00:16:34geth_prime upg
00:16:35geth_prime i mean
00:16:40Cookie_MONSTER haha
00:16:42Cookie_MONSTER lvl 1
00:17:19Cookie_MONSTER sec to slow
00:17:21Cookie_MONSTER b
00:17:31Flex- stop feeding
00:17:31geth_prime SPEC
00:17:31Flex- ffs
00:17:46moods totally oom
00:17:48moods so useless
00:17:53KolleBolle b
00:17:53KolleBolle b
00:17:54KolleBolle b
00:17:54KolleBolle b
00:18:22geth_prime care
00:18:30geth_prime u dont need mana
00:18:32geth_prime just attack
00:18:43Flex- ffool
00:18:49geth_prime -.-
00:18:50Bct_Murder lyucan imba
00:18:51Bct_Murder ff
00:18:55geth_prime y was my fauk
00:18:57geth_prime fail
00:19:02Flex- no
00:19:02Flex- ffs
00:19:02Bct_Murder you dont saw lycan or why you not banned lycna/
00:19:02Cookie_MONSTER not much game for us
00:19:02Flex- kolle dont do me any favours bro
00:19:02Bct_Murder lycan?
00:19:02Cookie_MONSTER if he drops give me mana asap
00:19:31geth_prime bot
00:19:55Cookie_MONSTER sick damage rubik
00:20:01geth_prime said tiny
00:20:08Cookie_MONSTER it was my spell
00:20:19Flex- ok
00:20:20Flex- this team
00:20:21Flex- blind
00:20:33Cookie_MONSTER lets not start flaming gonna kill moral and we loose for sure then
00:20:37Cookie_MONSTER good team and we win
00:20:40geth_prime u want to be tossed in?=
00:20:53Flex- tide
00:20:54OrokuSaki 100% no
00:20:55DraineWaker xD
00:20:57OrokuSaki lol
00:20:57Flex- yoy need to read rules
00:20:58geth_prime abba his banned already
00:21:02Flex- not buying chick asa last pick
00:21:06Flex- and stealnig forest creeps
00:21:07DraineWaker why?
00:21:08Flex- both bannable
00:21:10geth_prime take haste
00:21:11Flex- your banned There are rules.
00:21:12Flex- after this game
00:21:12geth_prime and gogo
00:21:14Banana mana polz
00:21:18DraineWaker why dude
00:21:20Banana mana abba
00:21:21Banana fast
00:21:22Flex- read rules
00:21:22DraineWaker i stolen u 23gold lol
00:21:23Banana for ulti
00:21:29DraineWaker not fun
00:21:45geth_prime b
00:21:45geth_prime all
00:21:46Banana mana?
00:21:55Bct_Murder wtf?
00:21:58Bct_Murder sheld?
00:22:04Cookie_MONSTER gj
00:22:06Flex- he has more dps
00:22:29Cookie_MONSTER got dagger now
00:22:37Cookie_MONSTER i focus rubik or rhasta good good
00:22:39Flex- hmm
00:22:40Cookie_MONSTER here he goes again quite soon i have silence stic
00:22:48Flex- Ffs
00:22:48geth_prime wtf not too far from it
00:22:48Cookie_MONSTER he just left last game
00:22:53Cookie_MONSTER why rejoin?
00:22:55Cookie_MONSTER u ruined it for 9
00:22:55Banana infg
00:22:55Cookie_MONSTER now 9 more? This is the most usual and known leaving tactic You alttab until game just throws u out
00:23:11Bct_Murder my internet ............... And u can take print screen of "Disconnect" Right
00:23:22Flex- guyz
00:23:22KolleBolle FFS
00:23:23Flex- this is fucked for me
00:23:25Bct_Murder my internet lost ....
00:23:29geth_prime sure
00:23:31geth_prime lost
00:23:32geth_prime :D
00:23:39Flex- bm
00:23:39Flex- share
00:23:39Flex- kolle
00:23:39geth_prime magnus
00:23:39geth_prime get rosh
00:23:39geth_prime fast
00:23:39Flex- just share plz
00:23:41Banana OMFG BCT
00:23:45geth_prime rosh was
00:23:45geth_prime low on purpose :D
00:23:48Bct_Murder sorry people ;/
00:23:51Bct_Murder my internet I will banreq u
00:24:01moods u cant
00:24:01geth_prime b
00:24:01geth_prime b
00:24:04geth_prime b
00:24:04geth_prime b
00:24:08Bct_Murder why /
00:24:08Flex- ffs
00:24:08geth_prime DUDE
00:24:08Cookie_MONSTER he lagged out last game ruined it
00:24:08KolleBolle FFS LEAVE
00:24:08Flex- Fs
00:24:10Bct_Murder what i can doing?;/
00:24:14Flex- leave
00:24:15Cookie_MONSTER DONT RE JOIN Dont join?
00:24:15Cookie_MONSTER WHEN U DONE
00:24:15Cookie_MONSTER IT ONCE
00:24:15Bct_Murder and ban ?
00:24:17Bct_Murder no thx
00:24:20DraineWaker EUROPEAN RULES AND ETC
00:24:21Flex- i need wards
00:24:22Flex- ffs Draine u have never probably even played in gather Some garena material
00:24:32moods dödö
00:24:36DraineWaker dude
00:24:37KolleBolle horunge sluta lagga
00:24:39DraineWaker im just having fun
00:24:41Flex- can we have
00:24:42DraineWaker wtf is ur problem
00:24:42Flex- wards
00:24:43Flex- ffs
00:24:43Flex- tide
00:24:43DraineWaker bad weed
00:24:43DraineWaker or what? U MUST READ THE RULES u cunt get that?
00:24:55DraineWaker haha
00:24:56DraineWaker no.
00:24:58Flex- no worries
00:24:58Flex- he banned dont rejoin
00:24:58Flex- who cares until u do
00:24:58DraineWaker because True
00:24:58KolleBolle Drainewalker you will be banned!
00:24:58DraineWaker u are so fucking
00:24:58DraineWaker rude
00:24:58DraineWaker etc
00:24:58OrokuSaki this is stupid
00:24:58Flex- we are rude
00:24:58geth_prime and now
00:24:58Flex- cause you dont read rules
00:24:58geth_prime he is gone
00:24:58Flex- and think you dont need too I told u He alttabs
00:24:58Cookie_MONSTER spec so fat
00:24:58geth_prime y
00:24:58DraineWaker ok i will read rules until game kicks him out
00:24:58geth_prime decide your
00:24:58Flex- ofc spec fat
00:24:58Flex- you feed him
00:24:58geth_prime balance leaver
00:24:58DraineWaker -.-
00:24:58Flex- tide balances
00:24:59Cookie_MONSTER fucking hard to walk
00:25:01DraineWaker xD
00:25:01Cookie_MONSTER just leave dude
00:25:06Bct_Murder i dont alttab
00:25:06Bct_Murder my net
00:25:06DraineWaker xD
00:25:08Bct_Murder internet ............
00:25:14Bct_Murder I try
00:25:14geth_prime i died
00:25:16geth_prime cause of you
00:25:16Bct_Murder work
00:25:18geth_prime gj
00:25:29Cookie_MONSTER hard to hit
00:25:30Flex- Annoying
00:25:30KolleBolle unplayable
00:25:32geth_prime vote kick
00:25:33geth_prime plz
00:25:33geth_prime -.-
00:25:41DraineWaker xD
00:25:52Cookie_MONSTER -ma massive how nicely can 1 guy fuck up a game by just lagging
00:25:53Banana LEAVE FFS Just leave the game
00:26:00DraineWaker ok dudes im sorry that i violated ur rules. =(
00:26:00Banana Go plug
00:26:03Flex- new bird
00:26:03Flex- asap And after 1 week of ban
00:26:03Flex- tiny ull get the point
00:26:03Flex- come to rosh
00:26:03Cookie_MONSTER leave dude
00:26:03Flex- asap
00:26:03Cookie_MONSTER its second game
00:26:03Flex- ok ?
00:26:03Flex- need back up
00:26:03Flex- in case some one shows up
00:26:03Flex- ohh
00:26:03Flex- bm you mid /
00:26:03Flex- kolle kolle is there
00:26:03Flex- ? y
00:26:03Flex- kolle
00:26:03Flex- bird me
00:26:03Flex- plz
00:26:03KolleBolle i will butt will fail with this lagg anyz
00:26:03KolleBolle cant do a shit
00:26:03Flex- just summon
00:26:03Flex- and send the bird
00:26:03Flex- so i see
00:26:03Flex- shit
00:26:03Flex- k?
00:26:03KolleBolle you got share
00:26:03KolleBolle ill just summon
00:26:03Flex- kk
00:26:03Flex- kk
00:26:03Flex- stick around that lane though
00:26:03Flex- just in case
00:26:03Flex- push it a bit even
00:26:03moods can some1 ward rosh?
00:26:03DraineWaker guys
00:26:03KolleBolle hope he is gone
00:26:03DraineWaker can we strike five?
00:26:03moods pls
00:26:03Flex- dranewaker
00:26:03Flex- if
00:26:03Flex- he disconnects
00:26:03Flex- you leave also
00:26:03OrokuSaki i will
00:26:03moods kk thx
00:26:03Flex- captain decides balance
00:26:03Flex- :D
00:26:03DraineWaker why?
00:26:03DraineWaker -.-
00:26:03Flex- i balance Must balance games.
00:26:03Flex- 1 person
00:26:03Flex- and you go
00:26:03DraineWaker ...
00:26:03Flex- well
00:26:03Flex- read the rules bro
00:26:03Flex- before playing here
00:26:03Cookie_MONSTER its balance
00:26:03Cookie_MONSTER u still get win
00:26:03Cookie_MONSTER if we win
00:26:03DraineWaker ...
00:26:03DraineWaker ok
00:26:03DraineWaker ..
00:26:03Cookie_MONSTER and wont get ban for leave
00:26:03DraineWaker ...
00:26:03DraineWaker alrright
00:26:03Flex- well
00:26:03DraineWaker allright
00:26:03Flex- not for leaving :D
00:26:03Flex- but
00:26:03OrokuSaki can i have his mana boots
00:26:03Cookie_MONSTER but read the rules
00:26:03Cookie_MONSTER that chicken
00:26:03OrokuSaki boots
00:26:03Cookie_MONSTER cost me alot mid And me
00:26:03Flex- it cost us the game
00:26:03moods +
00:26:03Cookie_MONSTER walking all the way home for
00:26:03Flex- basically
00:26:03Cookie_MONSTER bottle had to walk to base for that chiken lost money etc
00:26:03Flex- so...
00:26:03DraineWaker ok...
00:26:03Cookie_MONSTER game not lost, just fat spec
00:26:03DraineWaker im sorry.
00:26:03Cookie_MONSTER spec
00:26:03Cookie_MONSTER lycan will own
00:26:03Flex- dude
00:26:03Flex- rubic hopefully will
00:26:03Flex- warded
00:26:03Cookie_MONSTER no farm?
00:26:03Flex- 3/5 of the creeps
00:26:03Flex- i had to go scourge forest
00:26:03Flex- with 50% mana
00:26:03Cookie_MONSTER i can eat rubik and rhasta
00:26:03Cookie_MONSTER but spec u have to deal with i can silence rubic soon
00:26:03Flex- ill try
00:26:03Flex- some one will use tide for ulti
00:26:03Cookie_MONSTER just counter spec build
00:26:03Flex- who can ?
00:26:03Cookie_MONSTER maybe that new item we need flex to get tripple or smth :
00:26:03Cookie_MONSTER evasion :p
00:26:03Cookie_MONSTER and maim
00:26:03Cookie_MONSTER and silence on melee
00:26:03Cookie_MONSTER attack
00:26:04Cookie_MONSTER whats the name? thats imba indeed halbert or smth Tide Seeya.
00:26:13Cookie_MONSTER gg tide Gg. Draine Go now Ffs
00:26:48Flex- can iu get
00:26:49geth_prime u hae ulti?
00:26:49Flex- support gere
00:26:50geth_prime rhastA?
00:26:53OrokuSaki yep
00:26:55geth_prime go rosh
00:26:55OrokuSaki wait
00:26:56Flex- tiny
00:26:57OrokuSaki few sec
00:27:02DraineWaker so i can leave
00:27:03Flex- KOLLE
00:27:03DraineWaker or what?
00:27:05Flex- you blind? yes go
00:27:11geth_prime do it
00:27:12geth_prime at rosh
00:27:16Cookie_MONSTER its balance its rules
00:27:17Cookie_MONSTER no ban
00:27:18Cookie_MONSTER 4v4 now
00:27:19DraineWaker k
00:27:20DraineWaker bb
00:27:38Flex- you guyz suck
00:27:44Cookie_MONSTER shit i was talking with leaver
00:27:44Flex- i told you to come
00:27:46Cookie_MONSTER fail fail
00:27:46Flex- tiny goes farm top yeah dare to tell me now that i didint
00:27:52Cookie_MONSTER because we fucking chat try to help u
00:27:58Cookie_MONSTER spec lost aegis
00:28:04Flex- i told you to come ages
00:28:04Flex- ago
00:28:08Flex- we had 2 min
00:28:08Cookie_MONSTER take items lycan
00:28:09Flex- while rhasta
00:28:16geth_prime gj
00:28:35Banana -ma
00:28:37Cookie_MONSTER i ac
00:29:00Cookie_MONSTER lycan move
00:29:01Flex- great
00:29:01Flex- move
00:29:19moods w gj there guys
00:29:23moods wrong shakle :D
00:29:25geth_prime y
00:29:27OrokuSaki eh
00:29:29geth_prime and
00:29:30geth_prime suicid
00:29:32OrokuSaki fast chicken >.<
00:29:36moods cmon guys..
00:29:43Flex- i sety tide tiny
00:29:45Flex- to follow tiny u cant play tide
00:29:49Cookie_MONSTER i saw
00:29:50Cookie_MONSTER D
00:29:51geth_prime sell
00:29:52moods use abas items if the items are sold
00:29:54moods no
00:29:56moods use it to get pipe aint that rule =
00:30:00geth_prime later
00:30:01Flex- no
00:30:02geth_prime first
00:30:03geth_prime eul
00:30:03Cookie_MONSTER no ucan play
00:30:04Flex- we can do w/e we want
00:30:04geth_prime then pipe
00:30:08moods kk thx shiit ive been awway for too long
00:30:13Flex- dude
00:30:15Flex- just remember
00:30:15Cookie_MONSTER just use near base
00:30:17Flex- his ulti
00:30:18Flex- hot key
00:30:24Flex- let him stay
00:30:25Flex- after you
00:30:35Cookie_MONSTER no i mass blink
00:30:41Flex- ill use him
00:30:44Flex- just make sure he is around
00:30:45Flex- while i farm
00:31:16Cookie_MONSTER so bad
00:31:18Cookie_MONSTER why play him
00:31:19Flex- hahaha
00:31:19geth_prime ^^
00:31:19Flex- :D
00:31:20Cookie_MONSTER so we all die ofc its bad
00:31:22Cookie_MONSTER so stupid move
00:31:25Flex- cause
00:31:26Cookie_MONSTER who enganged?
00:31:28Flex- no one pays attention
00:31:29Cookie_MONSTER why not go back
00:31:29Flex- ;D Imo you did
00:31:35Cookie_MONSTER stupid move
00:31:39Flex- well
00:31:40Cookie_MONSTER i was out
00:31:45geth_prime use ulti rhasta
00:31:46Cookie_MONSTER and went back because u enganged supid
00:31:48OrokuSaki at base
00:31:49OrokuSaki ?
00:31:56OrokuSaki we have this tower np ?
00:31:57Cookie_MONSTER radi up wp-d then
00:32:01geth_prime down
00:32:02geth_prime aswel
00:32:36Flex- lool :D
00:32:36moods wth :D
00:32:37Cookie_MONSTER ? seriously?
00:32:47OrokuSaki regen
00:32:49Flex- dude
00:32:50OrokuSaki mag
00:32:53Flex- he had 50 hp
00:32:54Flex- you saw
00:33:14geth_prime pipe rd
00:33:16geth_prime y
00:33:17moods n1
00:33:29geth_prime sry rhasta
00:33:41geth_prime ..
00:33:42geth_prime bad idea
00:33:42Flex- gather
00:33:44moods y
00:33:44geth_prime sry
00:34:09Flex- great..
00:34:10geth_prime mid i fucking silence rhasta nvm gg
00:34:21Flex- to late I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:34:24Flex- after he used his spells it was fast enough
00:34:26Flex- you silenced him no i silenced him way before that
00:34:35moods stop whirling dude
00:34:38OrokuSaki lol if u dont believe me theres replay to prove it.
00:34:52Cookie_MONSTER stop suiciding with im FFS
00:35:01Flex- yes
00:35:05Flex- tnx for typing wp flex
00:35:11Flex- wp what
00:35:17Flex- no wards no back up
00:35:20Flex- i screwed from tyhe start no backup?
00:35:22Flex- you all solo
00:35:24geth_prime why no rax
00:35:25geth_prime ...
00:35:25Flex- yes
00:35:28Flex- i fucking scream my ass of u just solo died to moods
00:35:31Flex- when i went roshan we came so stfu
00:35:40Flex- YEs
00:35:43Cookie_MONSTER dd take
00:35:44Flex- after you farmed top
00:35:49Flex- remember? mmm noo i remember
00:35:55Flex- if you were there before
00:35:55Cookie_MONSTER stop blaming being dead and running there
00:36:02Cookie_MONSTER not a crazy lycan
00:36:06Cookie_MONSTER not a crazy tide
00:36:08Flex- ohh hucsh
00:36:27geth_prime warding
00:36:33Flex- can i farm plz ?
00:36:55Cookie_MONSTER ace soon
00:36:56Cookie_MONSTER ac
00:37:40geth_prime b gang top? or?
00:38:13Cookie_MONSTER or woods
00:38:14Flex- i want to get roshaan actually lets def him at rosh
00:38:27Cookie_MONSTER k
00:38:35Flex- gank]
00:38:36geth_prime rhasta
00:38:37geth_prime come
00:38:38Cookie_MONSTER go
00:39:18KolleBolle ok its lost
00:39:19Flex- this is why we need to take tide with us
00:39:19geth_prime get rosh
00:39:36Cookie_MONSTER fail tiny
00:39:39Cookie_MONSTER so easy to get away
00:39:40Cookie_MONSTER stayed
00:39:58moods sentry wards y lol :D
00:40:06Cookie_MONSTER ^
00:40:09Flex- they get rosh again
00:40:10Cookie_MONSTER so unlucky
00:40:14Cookie_MONSTER ofc
00:40:18OrokuSaki rax mid? actually just stupid.
00:40:27moods y they probably had ward over
00:40:30Cookie_MONSTER lets just keep try, looking bleak but if enough fail we get lycan fat so they saw me getin invi
00:40:37geth_prime come
00:40:37geth_prime then
00:40:42Cookie_MONSTER yeah
00:40:48Flex- not gonna happen i silence rhasta that fucker is worse
00:41:00Banana rhasta give me mana
00:41:50Cookie_MONSTER wtf
00:41:50Cookie_MONSTER :D
00:41:57Flex- rofl
00:42:18moods b
00:42:22Cookie_MONSTER rubik first
00:42:23Cookie_MONSTER always
00:42:27Cookie_MONSTER and rhasta
00:42:31Flex- its lost..
00:42:34Cookie_MONSTER yeah
00:42:35Cookie_MONSTER but i hope
00:42:40Flex- for what
00:42:42Flex- takes ages
00:42:42Cookie_MONSTER we did okay
00:42:46Flex- nop
00:42:48Cookie_MONSTER he just had aegis or we ould have won fight we lsot its not doing alrite true
00:42:56Flex- ofc he had aegis
00:42:58Flex- we gave him that
00:42:59Flex- every time
00:43:00geth_prime disarm works vs bkb?
00:43:04moods dunno
00:43:05Flex- CAUSE PPL GO farming
00:43:07Flex- we got first wards
00:43:08geth_prime well
00:43:09Flex- at 30 min mark
00:43:11geth_prime letz try
00:43:14Flex- and hope lycan was getting easy farm
00:43:15Flex- meanwhile
00:43:42Cookie_MONSTER got ac
00:43:58OrokuSaki spec
00:44:00moods yeeha
00:44:01moods omw
00:44:02Cookie_MONSTER keep bird up
00:44:04Cookie_MONSTER beast master
00:44:07Cookie_MONSTER try and find em all the time
00:44:11moods lets go try finish
00:44:27geth_prime top haha halbert
00:44:33Cookie_MONSTER scout with the bird kolle against blue
00:44:35Cookie_MONSTER all the time
00:44:36Cookie_MONSTER its imba
00:44:37moods all
00:44:53Flex- i tp
00:44:54Flex- stay in base
00:45:04Cookie_MONSTER rhasata first then rubik
00:45:06Cookie_MONSTER wait with spec
00:45:37Flex- Haha
00:45:50Flex- I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel] moods carrys
00:45:52moods gg wp now thats bullshit
00:45:56Cookie_MONSTER gg, no chicken hurts early haha
00:45:57geth_prime gj team
00:45:58KolleBolle mood jisses
00:46:03KolleBolle what a joke! makes me cry
00:46:04moods wp guys indeed
00:46:09moods nice support to me
00:46:09Flex- how do you think moods owns us
00:46:10OrokuSaki u2
00:46:10Flex- i felt
00:46:13Banana gg
00:46:14moods btw spec > lycan
00:46:15Flex- the first 30 min
00:46:26moods so better ban spec :D
00:46:33geth_prime cause we warded
00:46:34Cookie_MONSTER i had him in mid, i our farmed him and hurt him, my bottle would have owned more
00:46:38geth_prime and ganged him at rosh ;)
00:46:50Cookie_MONSTER I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:46:51Flex- well
00:46:56Flex- i was getting stabbed in the back
00:46:58Flex- every 5 minutes
00:47:01Flex- by ppl ignoring me
00:47:37Cookie_MONSTER haha
00:47:39OrokuSaki lol
00:47:41Cookie_MONSTER imba rubik ownage
00:47:41OrokuSaki lol
00:47:48Cookie_MONSTER rubik played really well also
00:47:53geth_prime :)
00:47:54Cookie_MONSTER 11 three!
00:47:57Cookie_MONSTER wp rubik
00:47:58Flex- rubic nice wards at start really
00:47:59geth_prime love this hero
00:48:00geth_prime ty
00:48:06Cookie_MONSTER u do him well
00:48:07geth_prime im support play
00:48:12geth_prime dont like carries ^^
00:48:20Cookie_MONSTER rubik not support
00:48:21Cookie_MONSTER he nuker
00:48:25Cookie_MONSTER damage dealer
00:48:26geth_prime i warded
00:48:31geth_prime and up chig
00:48:31Cookie_MONSTER yeah lycan knows :d
00:48:36geth_prime ^^ Ur lucky U dont get
00:48:47geth_prime y
00:48:51geth_prime good carry spec
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