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-11 X
+2 TS

89% | 1538 X | 1459 TS

+34 X
+14 TS

78% | 1453 X | 1369 TS

+31 X
+2 TS

72% | 1340 X | 1395 TS

+26 X
+6 TS
61% | 1226 X | 1382 TS

+14 X
+2 TS

59% | 1247 X | 1349 TS

-15 X
-2 TS

85% | 1441 X | 1493 TS

-24 X
-2 TS

84% | 1450 X | 1471 TS

-26 X
-2 TS

80% | 1449 X | 1390 TS

-29 X
-5 TS

59% | 1240 X | 1355 TS

+10 X
-2 TS

56% | 1178 X | 1377 TS

Chat log

00:00:03KiG -ii
00:00:07Jonnija firebird
00:00:07Jonnija D:
00:00:20que2stress who had thought this
00:00:20que2stress que2stress
00:00:20Jonnija flex u ud?
00:00:20que2stress highest player in silver game
00:00:20que2stress any wishes?
00:00:20Jonnija np we get right on fixing it
00:00:20fUNCh not that i'd like to play neither of heros
00:00:20fUNCh but
00:00:20Flex- hmm
00:00:20que2stress yep it gets time
00:00:20fUNCh enigm + phonix is kinda imba combo
00:00:20svents and tc
00:00:20Flex- whats banned?
00:00:20Flex- i just came back
00:00:20Flex- ;D
00:00:20que2stress and since i got that svents :D
00:00:20Flex- well
00:00:20que2stress ehm
00:00:20svents ahhhahahahaha
00:00:20Flex- :D
00:00:20Zajeb ban phoenix?
00:00:20que2stress svents is not sven :D
00:00:20zebbelito give ud?
00:00:20zebbelito nah
00:00:20Flex- give ud to me
00:00:20que2stress omni
00:00:20Jonnija ud for flex
00:00:20zebbelito Spec
00:00:20svents well my name is sven so ud or phoenix
00:00:28zebbelito ud ?
00:00:30Flex- yes
00:00:31Flex- for me
00:00:31que2stress #any wants phoenix?
00:00:34zebbelito nice
00:00:34KiG ye
00:00:41Flex- dunno
00:00:44Zajeb doom some1?
00:00:44Flex- why ppl dont like playing him
00:00:45Flex- he's imba
00:00:49Zajeb i go abba
00:00:54KiG what u wish?
00:00:56Flex- zebb
00:00:57que2stress get me
00:00:58Flex- what you want
00:01:05que2stress commander :D
00:01:06zebbelito get me
00:01:07zebbelito eeh
00:01:09KiG :)
00:01:09zebbelito hmm
00:01:12Flex- :D
00:01:14Zajeb viper?
00:01:14que2stress tc get it
00:01:14KiG -swap 1
00:01:16Flex- faster plz
00:01:20Flex- you sure?
00:01:21que2stress -swap 2
00:01:22zebbelito viper
00:01:24svents some body mis v6tad?
00:01:26Flex- -swap 1
00:01:28zebbelito -swap 3
00:01:29KiG not tc
00:01:30svents enigmat tc ei viitsi? mmm võta sa tc
00:01:35Jonnija ffs
00:01:35svents ma v5tan kummagi neist
00:01:35KiG its bad with phoenix
00:01:36Jonnija niacniac ma mõtlesin selle uue hero peale
00:01:41zebbelito moron
00:01:41Flex- what mm
00:01:43Flex- kind of fucknig
00:01:44Flex- idiot
00:01:45Flex- picks
00:01:46Flex- pl
00:01:47svents v6ta enigma
00:01:47Flex- in this pool no võta tc
00:01:49zebbelito pl botlane
00:01:50Flex- -hhn
00:01:55Flex- :D
00:02:00fUNCh FUN FACT: win ration of commander is 31%, lowest of all heros
00:02:07Flex- zebb
00:02:09Jonnija and funch not carry wtf is this?
00:02:10Flex- can me and jonn
00:02:12Flex- go bot
00:02:16que2stress i go mid
00:02:16Jonnija lol
00:02:19Jonnija i am
00:02:21Jonnija doom
00:02:21Flex- i mean
00:02:21Jonnija :D
00:02:21Flex- top
00:02:26que2stress phoenix solo bot
00:02:27que2stress y
00:02:29Flex- send pl bot
00:02:29que2stress u are smart guys
00:02:29Flex- zeb
00:02:30Flex- plz
00:02:30Zajeb lanes?
00:02:31Jonnija ye
00:02:32Jonnija pl
00:02:33Jonnija is bot
00:02:34Jonnija he allready
00:02:36Jonnija told that
00:02:36Jonnija D:
00:02:40Zajeb who top?
00:02:42fUNCh venge is carry
00:02:51Jonnija ah looking foward
00:02:54Jonnija to carry venge
00:02:54Flex- jonn
00:02:55Flex- i pull
00:02:57Jonnija to carry venge
00:02:58Jonnija then
00:02:58Flex- or something like that
00:03:20Flex- if you think
00:03:21Flex- about the loree
00:03:24KiG if u want u can pull
00:03:24Flex- it woudl seem und and doom
00:03:29Flex- should be friends
00:03:31Jonnija :D
00:03:44Zajeb ss
00:03:55Jonnija ah
00:03:56Flex- :D
00:03:56Jonnija yea
00:04:10Jonnija OMFG
00:04:13KiG care
00:04:15Jonnija FF
00:04:20Jonnija flex
00:04:21Jonnija wtf
00:04:22Jonnija are u doing?
00:04:22Flex- stop delaying attacks
00:04:23Flex- bro
00:05:02Flex- :D
00:05:09svents gj
00:05:10Jonnija yueah
00:05:11Jonnija lost
00:05:11Jonnija :D
00:05:14que2stress fyling plz
00:05:19Flex- nah
00:05:19Jonnija laning with melee hero
00:05:21Flex- check this out
00:05:23Flex- what imma do now
00:05:31que2stress get rune enigm lvl 1 stun
00:06:01svents tule funch ananna mana
00:06:15Jonnija FFS
00:06:15Flex- :D
00:06:17Flex- ATTACK
00:06:18que2stress get flying plz
00:06:18Jonnija u runed
00:06:18Flex- dont wait
00:06:19Jonnija like
00:06:21Jonnija 4 creepkills i cant afford to lose money svents got fb
00:06:33que2stress venge
00:06:43que2stress mid gets freefarm
00:06:45que2stress go get flying
00:06:47que2stress damnit
00:06:58que2stress ss mid goe bot
00:07:05que2stress mid has bot rune
00:07:06Zajeb eni woods
00:07:22que2stress ty
00:07:25que2stress for flying and all :D
00:07:48niacniac ss
00:07:52Jonnija never belived
00:07:54Jonnija i could get
00:07:55Jonnija this shit
00:07:56Jonnija farm
00:07:58Flex- :D
00:08:01Jonnija id prefer pl
00:08:02Jonnija on lane
00:08:07Flex- calm down
00:08:08Flex- bro phoeni canu heal me?
00:08:18Jonnija SRSLYT nvm retreating
00:08:47Jonnija ur litterally
00:08:49Jonnija killing me
00:08:50Jonnija over here
00:08:51Flex- dude
00:08:53Flex- i cant hewal
00:08:54svents vittu
00:08:54Flex- you
00:08:58Flex- if you dount make sircles
00:09:04Flex- if you woudl have ran top
00:09:05Jonnija dude i have lost
00:09:06Flex- id heal you
00:09:08Jonnija so much farm
00:09:10Jonnija its pointless
00:09:16Jonnija i am 1.1k
00:09:17Jonnija gold behind
00:09:23que2stress flying?
00:09:23Jonnija we can
00:09:24Jonnija quit yeah i fucked up my farm so no dagger so soon
00:09:55Jonnija ff
00:10:10Flex- doom
00:10:14Flex- is a shitt lane partner
00:10:22Jonnija ofc
00:10:23que2stress guys
00:10:24que2stress ...
00:10:25Jonnija i only need farm
00:10:31Jonnija nothing ,more
00:10:32Flex- well
00:10:34Flex- now i can pull
00:10:40Flex- no mana atropos
00:10:42Flex- coming top
00:10:44Flex- :D
00:10:48que2stress care
00:10:49que2stress tpo
00:10:51que2stress viper
00:10:52que2stress comes
00:10:52que2stress top
00:10:53fUNCh b
00:10:54que2stress viper
00:10:58niacniac help bot
00:10:59que2stress foddamnit
00:11:00niacniac eni push
00:11:11svents vittu
00:11:17svents funch sul mana pole tra
00:11:17niacniac kk
00:11:42Flex- :D
00:11:42zebbelito useless pl
00:11:43svents doom
00:11:44Jonnija so pointless
00:11:44zebbelito quit
00:11:47niacniac ahahha
00:11:50que2stress 28 me
00:11:51niacniac raging nap
00:11:57zebbelito u tell me to come
00:12:00zebbelito u fucktarfd
00:12:05Jonnija doom shouldnt be picked while secondpick
00:12:08Jonnija useless hero without midlane :D
00:12:08niacniac i said help
00:12:10niacniac but
00:12:19Flex- why
00:12:19niacniac you cant go 2 v1
00:12:20Flex- do you
00:12:21Flex- fucknig
00:12:22Flex- pick pl
00:12:24Flex- you stupid cunt
00:12:33Flex- and ruin eveythng
00:12:35Flex- for us
00:12:43svents kill doom
00:12:58Jonnija around 2k behind in farm
00:13:09que2stress b
00:13:10Flex- p\
00:13:18svents ok
00:13:18Flex- yey
00:13:18Flex- pl
00:13:20Flex- oig.
00:13:33que2stress arf
00:13:50que2stress i won the duel or you :D?
00:13:51Zajeb gj zebe
00:13:56Flex- i think you
00:14:04que2stress that viper cunt :D
00:14:09Jonnija gave him 10 dmg
00:14:10Jonnija :D
00:14:29que2stress go
00:14:47zebbelito purpose feed
00:14:48zebbelito nice
00:14:50zebbelito jonnija
00:14:50que2stress gw
00:14:52Jonnija not rly
00:14:55zebbelito u whine
00:15:00zebbelito from min 1§
00:15:03svents hy
00:15:05Jonnija ofcourse
00:15:09zebbelito talking aboiut lost gold
00:15:13Jonnija yes
00:15:13zebbelito thats how games are lost
00:15:16zebbelito we playin vs nuubs
00:15:21Flex- we have
00:15:21Flex- idiot
00:15:22Flex- in team
00:15:24Flex- who picked pl
00:15:31Flex- and they didnt pick stupid
00:15:34Jonnija yeah
00:15:35Jonnija we are
00:15:37Jonnija owned by pics
00:15:43que2stress go mid
00:16:00que2stress i lvoe it phoenix getin radi soon. :P
00:16:33zebbelito FEEL GR8
00:16:40zebbelito fuck U AND UR IRL LIFE UD
00:16:42que2stress gogo
00:16:45que2stress tc
00:16:54KiG nice timing eni :)
00:16:57Flex- so
00:16:59Flex- niacniac
00:17:00zebbelito full frontal game ruin
00:17:01Flex- you supid shit
00:17:02zebbelito on u ud aint my best hero so
00:17:09que2stress wp tc anyway
00:17:11Flex- i cant do sht
00:17:11zebbelito u leave me ti die? giving my best out of it. :P
00:17:19svents yeah but i die all the time :/
00:17:23que2stress np
00:17:27que2stress phoenix fat
00:17:27Flex- i went md to help pl
00:17:31zebbelito ok
00:17:33zebbelito fuck t
00:17:34KiG nice
00:17:36zebbelito me 2 then
00:17:36Flex- this is ruined
00:17:37zebbelito emo
00:17:38Flex- already i so hoped id get the kill. :D
00:17:45zebbelito no it wasnt untill u just killed me
00:17:48zebbelito u FUCKING NEGRO
00:17:52zebbelito die in a gas chamber
00:17:54zebbelito u whore
00:17:55Flex- i klled/
00:18:02Flex- hat?
00:18:11svents i have gem
00:18:20que2stress phoneix owns lane with no items :D
00:18:22Jonnija oh nice
00:18:24Jonnija mp reg aura
00:18:27KiG yep
00:18:29Jonnija on troll they are little afraid of my gang also but yes. :D
00:19:02niacniac tard attack egg
00:19:03KiG nice tc
00:19:04svents gj :D lets finish dagger + mana boots
00:19:26Jonnija 3.8k
00:19:28Jonnija behind
00:19:29Jonnija in farm reg or i take it?
00:19:34zebbelito not rly nvm phoeni come
00:19:40zebbelito u could farm vs creeps only
00:19:40Jonnija from my
00:19:41KiG im base
00:19:42Jonnija average
00:19:42zebbelito 3.8 k
00:19:42Jonnija farm
00:19:43Flex- ahahaha
00:19:44zebbelito in 16 min
00:19:47zebbelito if u where alone
00:19:48zebbelito in game
00:19:51zebbelito vs creeps only
00:19:52Jonnija its
00:19:52Jonnija my
00:19:53Jonnija average
00:19:54Jonnija doom
00:19:55Jonnija farm
00:19:59zebbelito u would die twice in 10 min
00:20:01zebbelito and
00:20:04zebbelito u wouldt lasthit
00:20:08zebbelito vs creeps only
00:20:11Flex- dude
00:20:20zebbelito thats how u are in farm
00:20:20Flex- this is how bad
00:20:23Flex- 1 stupid pick
00:20:25Flex- fucks us up
00:20:27Flex- you dont get it
00:20:29Flex- do you ?
00:20:35Jonnija we had dualmeelee
00:20:36Jonnija top
00:20:39Jonnija i needed range support
00:20:41Flex- and bt
00:20:42KiG tp plz :)
00:20:50que2stress done
00:20:52KiG k
00:21:02KiG just wanted bot farm for one
00:21:04Zajeb gem on tc
00:21:12Jonnija we got invis?
00:21:33svents fck lost gem :D
00:21:36que2stress np
00:21:51que2stress but remember not to go solo with gem
00:21:54svents y
00:21:56svents my bad sry
00:22:03que2stress np we doing gr8
00:22:36Flex- jonnija what a fail
00:22:39Flex- they pushing mid sorry guys
00:22:40Flex- plz
00:22:42Flex- come
00:22:54Flex- why
00:22:55Flex- you no come
00:22:56Flex- ffs
00:22:59Jonnija and do what?
00:23:00que2stress does it seem as we failed it
00:23:02que2stress ?
00:23:04Flex- doom i did
00:23:07Flex- fuckngi tc or something
00:23:08que2stress and u died for that :P
00:23:11Zajeb doom fucking phoenix mby i wouldve died aniway
00:23:16Flex- jeezus viper always counters me
00:23:17Flex- dude
00:23:19Jonnija u werent
00:23:21Jonnija suposed
00:23:22Jonnija to engage
00:23:23Jonnija there
00:23:29que2stress i can heal u
00:23:39que2stress swap doom
00:23:42Jonnija we got 3 hardcarriers
00:24:12que2stress ja this was stupid
00:24:13que2stress :D
00:24:14que2stress np
00:24:14svents y
00:24:26Flex- g to fr
00:24:26que2stress care nigma
00:24:37Jonnija they got
00:24:37Jonnija enigma
00:24:39Jonnija onwtf
00:24:39que2stress go push top after all
00:24:51Zajeb im b
00:25:17que2stress i go ac
00:25:29que2stress go top now all
00:25:31que2stress tc
00:25:33que2stress tele when u can
00:25:35que2stress phoenicx
00:25:37que2stress nigma
00:25:58niacniac 3
00:25:59niacniac 4
00:25:59fUNCh tomb cd now
00:26:00que2stress tc tele now
00:26:04svents y
00:26:04niacniac need all
00:26:05Jonnija b
00:26:07svents had tp cd
00:26:12Jonnija tomb cd
00:26:12Jonnija b
00:26:14Jonnija leave twr
00:26:16que2stress np
00:26:37Flex- come back
00:26:39Flex- viper cant dagger in
00:27:27Flex- lmao
00:27:42Flex- so
00:27:43Flex- niacniac
00:27:46Flex- hows your pl
00:27:47Flex- doing
00:28:01que2stress b
00:28:04que2stress get rosh
00:28:23que2stress ha n1
00:28:24svents gj :D
00:28:32niacniac love suicide players
00:28:33KiG worth it
00:28:36que2stress ye
00:28:37svents ofc it is
00:28:40KiG ur important one of ur team very
00:28:49Flex- no hes not
00:28:51niacniac you aren't ?
00:28:53niacniac ahaha
00:28:57que2stress def bot
00:28:58KiG nope We have every 1 else to fuck u guys up :D
00:29:08que2stress tp
00:29:09fUNCh me bad
00:29:32que2stress told ya to
00:29:33que2stress tp
00:29:42que2stress get rosh
00:29:51Flex- viper come
00:29:54Jonnija inside
00:29:59Jonnija they have enaugh spells and aoe
00:30:03Jonnija to kill anything
00:30:04Jonnija they please
00:30:11que2stress ward here
00:30:13fUNCh ward here
00:30:22Jonnija rosh
00:30:23Jonnija i guess
00:30:28Flex- we need all here
00:30:35Jonnija lol
00:30:37Flex- send illusion
00:30:38Jonnija making lothar on vipre?
00:31:08que2stress ulti faster
00:31:26Flex- fucking viper
00:31:28Flex- cant come on time
00:31:31Flex- and use chick
00:31:32Flex- for item
00:31:36que2stress finish rosh
00:31:37Flex- zebb
00:31:39Flex- your failing nw
00:31:45que2stress not
00:31:48que2stress u cant
00:31:52Jonnija need bkb
00:31:53Jonnija badly
00:32:05que2stress kig faster ulti next time pltz
00:32:09Zajeb we need pipe
00:32:09que2stress when enigma does
00:32:09KiG ye
00:32:12Zajeb ud make it pls What kept me alive so long? :D
00:32:23KiG my ray is also strong vs luci
00:32:25Flex- we need to replace niac with something usefull
00:32:30que2stress my heal
00:32:33que2stress which disables
00:32:35Jonnija cant :D
00:32:42que2stress negative speels
00:32:47que2stress and heals 200 hp mmm nice
00:33:05que2stress go rosh again11 no ulti
00:33:11Flex- is phoenix laser 11
00:33:12Flex- magic/
00:33:14Jonnija ye
00:33:15KiG 300 to linkin
00:33:23fUNCh 300 to scepter
00:33:23Jonnija strong one at that
00:33:24Flex- kk 500 to bkb
00:33:32que2stress go rosh now
00:33:33que2stress all
00:33:35Jonnija cuts me like butter :D
00:33:37Zajeb meka finally rdy
00:33:47que2stress nigma vegne come
00:33:51fUNCh i'm 300 hp
00:33:57Flex- pl
00:33:58Flex- scout
00:34:15que2stress i take im fucked
00:34:15Flex- great
00:34:15Flex- I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:34:15zebbelito I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:34:15fUNCh i can swap save you enigm
00:34:15svents keke
00:34:15que2stress y
00:34:15fUNCh to mid river k
00:34:15que2stress do it do it or i bilink? blink do team i try
00:34:15fUNCh try
00:34:15Flex- Yea
00:34:15KiG i will ray undy
00:34:15Flex- he's out
00:34:15que2stress its only
00:34:15Jonnija lag
00:34:15que2stress faster end ffs Dont lagg
00:34:50svents gg this lagg
00:35:10Flex- asap
00:35:12que2stress imba lag
00:35:13que2stress sry
00:35:19fUNCh deny
00:35:23Jonnija lost connection for a sec
00:35:25Jonnija got dcd
00:35:26Jonnija from irc
00:35:27Jonnija n shit
00:35:33que2stress all def mid
00:35:40que2stress tc
00:35:43que2stress dont risk anything
00:35:51Flex- nice a lot of towers :D
00:35:57que2stress b
00:35:58Zajeb b
00:36:06Zajeb any1 making vlad?
00:36:11Jonnija n
00:36:14Zajeb ok
00:36:15Zajeb i make
00:36:49que2stress get new gme
00:36:54Jonnija 400 to bkb
00:37:03Flex- imma loose so much x
00:37:06Flex- cause every battle
00:37:08Flex- the focus me
00:37:14Jonnija well ur ulty
00:37:15Jonnija rapes :D
00:37:19Flex- no
00:37:20Flex- my team
00:37:23Flex- either dumb or missing
00:37:23que2stress get viper first
00:37:31Flex- cuiras
00:37:35que2stress we got gem?
00:37:36que2stress no
00:37:37que2stress soi gack
00:37:39que2stress back
00:37:40Jonnija on who?
00:37:49zebbelito gem?
00:37:56Flex- new hero
00:38:07niacniac care heal me?
00:38:37Jonnija duel goes through bkb
00:38:39Jonnija kk
00:38:41que2stress ye
00:38:47Flex- more importantly
00:38:48Flex- pl
00:38:50Flex- does no damagge
00:38:53KiG YES
00:38:56niacniac i do dammage,
00:38:59niacniac but perma stun
00:39:17KiG mid
00:39:31Flex- niac
00:39:33Flex- your lost game
00:39:35Flex- really it is..
00:39:44que2stress gg
00:39:45niacniac i dont rly care what you think
00:39:50Flex- its not what i think
00:39:50que2stress u want news
00:39:52Flex- its a fact
00:39:56Flex- your dumb pick well we had allstar heroes also. :D
00:39:57niacniac viper did not a good job too, its all
00:39:58Flex- ruined this
00:40:41que2stress need gem and this was just stupid :D
00:40:46svents i get gem
00:41:00Jonnija pl
00:41:02Jonnija ur pick
00:41:03Jonnija lost it phoenix showing off how rich he is :D
00:41:05Jonnija look at their heroes
00:41:06niacniac fuck you
00:41:09niacniac is it clear ?
00:41:14Flex- dont take it the wrong way
00:41:17Flex- you little dumbass
00:41:22Flex- just saying
00:41:25Flex- you were the problem
00:41:27Flex- in this game
00:41:30que2stress k go top and end it
00:41:32fUNCh -ms
00:41:48KiG hey
00:42:09que2stress top
00:42:20zebbelito last clash
00:42:27Jonnija 2 sides down
00:42:29Jonnija is lost
00:43:06Jonnija I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:43:27Jonnija :D
00:43:38zebbelito I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:43:44que2stress commander has 35% win now
00:43:54Jonnija doesnt make it any better :D
00:44:08que2stress but it makes it more fun
00:44:16fUNCh iz imba hero
00:44:25Jonnija nah worhtless waste of space
00:44:26Jonnija hero
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