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76% | 1434 X | 1362 TS

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50% | 1169 X | 1335 TS

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92% | 1568 X | 1508 TS

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6% | 868 X | 1163 TS

Chat log

00:00:00JasonStatham [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... KolleBolle with 119 seconds.
00:00:03KiG -ii
00:00:16poskus i want krobe!
00:00:16KolleBolle -clear
00:00:16VictoriaJrocks -ud
00:00:16Fxx. victoria
00:00:16RiddimExpress blue ?
00:00:16Fxx. can i go mid ?
00:00:16Aleks875 I want dota2
00:00:16VictoriaJrocks nnno
00:00:16poskus ban legion commander
00:00:16VictoriaJrocks i dont like other lanes but mid
00:00:16RiddimExpress blue .....
00:00:16Aleks875 dont
00:00:16Fxx. k
00:00:16Aleks875 i will atke him
00:00:16Fxx. only question
00:00:16Fxx. cause pick
00:00:16Shiningstone r u actually female?
00:00:16VictoriaJrocks of course not
00:00:16KolleBolle how you do when you play silver then victoria!? =)
00:00:16RiddimExpress he gotta be kidding us
00:00:16VictoriaJrocks the character limit
00:00:16Shiningstone kk :)
00:00:16VictoriaJrocks stops me from using a name i want
00:00:16KiG commander?
00:00:16Aleks875 np
00:00:16VictoriaJrocks i bought name change
00:00:16Aleks875 nessai
00:00:16VictoriaJrocks then noticed 15 letters max
00:00:16VictoriaJrocks FFUUUUUUUUUUU
00:00:16KiG ck
00:00:20VictoriaJrocks type chaos knight
00:00:23VictoriaJrocks please
00:00:23VictoriaJrocks i want everyone to see it up there
00:00:23Aleks875 lol
00:00:23RiddimExpress lol
00:00:23poskus it is
00:00:23poskus lol
00:00:23RiddimExpress it is
00:00:23KiG we see it
00:00:23VictoriaJrocks i dont see it :D
00:00:23VictoriaJrocks lol
00:00:24Fxx. we all see it
00:00:24poskus i see it
00:00:28VictoriaJrocks i dont ;D
00:00:34RiddimExpress pink hacker
00:00:36Aleks875 take glasses
00:00:41VictoriaJrocks its just not there
00:00:43VictoriaJrocks i only have undying there
00:01:02Aleks875 me legion
00:01:23Aleks875 more str
00:01:28RiddimExpress i get alche
00:01:30KiG lets go bot legion
00:01:30VictoriaJrocks legion commander is fun if gank team D:
00:01:31poskus shitttttttttttttt
00:01:32KolleBolle tc/lina/cm
00:01:34VictoriaJrocks +10 dam all the time
00:01:35Fxx. ofc kolle again pick agi
00:01:40poskus i fucked
00:01:42Fxx. he allways pick agi and feed :-)
00:01:50Fxx. his brain still dont understand it
00:01:50VictoriaJrocks well bs is useful for vision at least :D
00:01:55poskus missclick
00:01:56poskus omg
00:02:04poskus fucking blades of attack
00:02:08Fxx. if he skill it :-)
00:02:19VictoriaJrocks we gotta win this for rylai :D
00:02:23Fxx. y
00:02:26VictoriaJrocks rylai gets always so much -x if dont win
00:02:27VictoriaJrocks its not fair
00:02:28Fxx. rylai was nice pick
00:02:29RiddimExpress wtf
00:02:29poskus ?
00:02:37Fxx. rylai
00:02:38Fxx. please
00:02:39PriMo chik
00:02:41RiddimExpress but you can play dota ?
00:02:43RiddimExpress OH
00:02:44Fxx. skill aura
00:02:44RiddimExpress SRY
00:02:45Fxx. max
00:02:46Fxx. fast
00:02:49VictoriaJrocks aura would rock for me too
00:02:50Fxx. its best aura in game
00:02:51RiddimExpress can i buy when im back
00:02:55Shiningstone kk
00:02:56Fxx. at start , not later
00:02:59Aleks875 alchim u need buy chicken
00:03:03RiddimExpress yes i know
00:03:05RiddimExpress i will
00:03:08Aleks875 ok
00:03:09VictoriaJrocks take?
00:03:23KolleBolle stunn lina
00:03:37Aleks875 go line
00:03:43Aleks875 or not
00:03:52PriMo pell
00:03:56PriMo pull
00:04:13KolleBolle harass
00:04:15KolleBolle dont farm
00:04:19KolleBolle get ward niw
00:04:21KolleBolle to
00:04:22KolleBolle for
00:04:24KolleBolle pul spott
00:04:41KolleBolle lina cunt
00:04:46KolleBolle he lose it like always
00:04:53JasonStatham haha says KOLLEBOLLE
00:05:00Fxx. 1. blood is my
00:05:01Fxx. :-)
00:05:08poskus take my bottle pls
00:05:12KolleBolle harass
00:05:13KolleBolle ffs
00:05:14poskus thnx
00:05:15RiddimExpress k
00:05:22RiddimExpress chicken rdy too now
00:05:52Aleks875 nerub
00:05:55Aleks875 atack lina
00:06:03VictoriaJrocks hes invi
00:06:14RiddimExpress gyro miss
00:06:36KiG gang mid
00:06:37Fxx. rune up or picked
00:07:01poskus b
00:07:02poskus alce
00:07:06poskus b
00:07:06poskus b
00:07:07poskus b
00:07:26Fxx. fuck
00:07:30Fxx. of why i go down
00:07:33Fxx. with this 2 tards
00:07:36Fxx. who no react
00:07:45RiddimExpress miss 2
00:07:50RiddimExpress maiden re
00:07:52KolleBolle line
00:07:54KolleBolle banned
00:07:56KolleBolle forever
00:08:03JasonStatham okay noob
00:08:07VictoriaJrocks no hes not
00:08:08VictoriaJrocks :D
00:08:57Aleks875 go lina
00:09:05poskus invoker gang?
00:09:28VictoriaJrocks mid miss
00:09:28RiddimExpress how about miss mid
00:09:29VictoriaJrocks mid miss
00:09:29VictoriaJrocks mid miss
00:09:30Fxx. back
00:09:31Fxx. cm
00:09:39KolleBolle was
00:09:40KolleBolle bott
00:09:41KolleBolle with
00:09:42KolleBolle haste
00:09:45RiddimExpress maiden miss
00:10:20Fxx. nice miss
00:11:04VictoriaJrocks top rune
00:11:07KiG how about gang?
00:11:11VictoriaJrocks kill bot
00:11:15KiG and not stormpush
00:11:37Fxx. this must be fucking joke
00:11:40poskus mid twr
00:11:42Fxx. 3. time ganged
00:11:46Fxx. 3. time no miss
00:12:02Fxx. + 4. die cause i came help them and they fuck me
00:12:08VictoriaJrocks def mid?
00:12:17VictoriaJrocks or not
00:12:53poskus top twr
00:12:57poskus i come with manaboots
00:12:59VictoriaJrocks def top please
00:13:51PriMo b
00:14:19Fxx. 2vs5 dota
00:14:20KiG oom
00:14:26Fxx. kollebolle in team - autolost
00:14:27Fxx. ff
00:14:50PriMo geal
00:14:53PriMo heak
00:15:05Fxx. u extreme lost mid
00:15:06Fxx. ?
00:15:08VictoriaJrocks no
00:15:22PriMo my bad
00:16:27VictoriaJrocks lina??
00:16:59Fxx. OFC
00:17:16poskus bot twr
00:18:50VictoriaJrocks kolle can you start ganking?
00:19:13RiddimExpress haste
00:19:17poskus def not
00:20:34RiddimExpress weaver
00:20:53PriMo my mouse
00:20:58PriMo a very sick
00:21:53VictoriaJrocks why you so rambo
00:21:56KiG rocjet
00:22:15VictoriaJrocks ulti the commander bs
00:23:03KolleBolle ah such a bounvh of napps
00:23:06KolleBolle sad sad
00:23:08VictoriaJrocks yea you :D
00:23:13VictoriaJrocks you dont gank you just go for lasthits
00:23:15JasonStatham -st
00:23:23KolleBolle all my kills is solo kills
00:23:27VictoriaJrocks nope
00:23:28JasonStatham AHAHAHAHA
00:23:36Fxx. OFC
00:23:36KolleBolle they are
00:25:03poskus mana
00:25:31poskus b?
00:25:35RiddimExpress no ?
00:25:38poskus yajhh
00:25:44VictoriaJrocks go with gyhro ulrti
00:25:52VictoriaJrocks we cnat go
00:25:54VictoriaJrocks without gyro
00:26:09poskus bot
00:26:11poskus have ulti
00:26:46VictoriaJrocks why ywould you even try to gank top
00:26:48VictoriaJrocks hes so far
00:27:46VictoriaJrocks blind rylai gyro :D
00:28:11JasonStatham I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:13RiddimExpress you guys get pwnd
00:28:25VictoriaJrocks funny from 1-6 alch
00:28:27Fxx. u are sooo skill alche
00:28:33RiddimExpress i am pro
00:28:37RiddimExpress thats why win
00:28:42Fxx. y
00:28:45Fxx. u are best here
00:28:47Fxx. WP
00:28:48Fxx. .-)
00:28:49poskus b
00:29:02poskus all top
00:29:51KolleBolle ward cm lina
00:29:53KolleBolle gogogo
00:29:55KolleBolle get 1000000
00:30:25Aleks875 all towers alive
00:30:38JasonStatham i surrender!
00:30:48Shiningstone ops
00:31:15Fxx. 2vs5
00:31:17Fxx. another this game
00:31:18VictoriaJrocks can you use ulti gyro sometimes so i can ulti too D:
00:31:21Fxx. dota-gc hate me
00:31:36VictoriaJrocks I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:31:44VictoriaJrocks just ff it
00:31:45VictoriaJrocks lose less x
00:31:57JasonStatham i surrender!
00:33:03PriMo all
00:33:05Fxx. i m lucky 7 :-)
00:33:05PriMo lal
00:33:07Fxx. now
00:33:11Fxx. we win now
00:33:42JasonStatham gank legion
00:33:45JasonStatham he has devine
00:33:50Fxx. rly ?
00:34:06JasonStatham RLY?
00:34:11Fxx. noob with divine win ...
00:34:18Fxx. sooo bad game
00:34:23RiddimExpress owned hardcore style
00:34:29Fxx. by eu :-)
00:34:35Fxx. by u *
00:34:41Shiningstone lolz
00:34:42Fxx. a ure best player ever , alche
00:34:45RiddimExpress ty
00:34:48RiddimExpress but i know alrdy
00:34:51Fxx. 180 gold dust ...
00:35:22Aleks875 2 hiy
00:35:25Aleks875 hit
00:35:40Fxx. U ARE SOOO GOOD
00:35:45Fxx. aplause
00:36:00Aleks875 ty
00:36:45poskus wp alex
00:36:53Aleks875 ty
00:37:10RiddimExpress freaking pro
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