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85% | 1490 X | 1453 TS

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Chat log

00:00:04WANKmaster -ap
00:00:061m4n5h0w terror tusk top
00:00:081m4n5h0w -ap
00:00:111m4n5h0w husk mid
00:00:151m4n5h0w void solo bot
00:00:171m4n5h0w i semi woods
00:00:25Firelord0.1 same lines ?
00:00:31WANKmaster yeah
00:00:381m4n5h0w must be most senseful
00:00:42Kamerplant terror buy chicken
00:00:46WANKmaster cookie monster
00:00:47WANKmaster share
00:00:48slc2 he has
00:00:531m4n5h0w and share
00:00:56Cookie_MONSTER dont flame me when i fail
00:01:05WANKmaster never
00:01:06poskus just be carefull
00:01:07WANKmaster take
00:01:08poskus and say misses
00:01:09Cookie_MONSTER havnt played in more than 8 months... lost everything i did so far
00:01:09WANKmaster poison sting
00:01:11WANKmaster as first
00:01:11poskus and listen misses
00:01:12WANKmaster spell
00:01:14WANKmaster take slow
00:01:251m4n5h0w we will get ripped
00:01:29Aleks875 terror buy for me mask of maddnes
00:01:31Kamerplant \yes, we will
00:01:32Cookie_MONSTER i know how to play, i just forgot how to click
00:01:421m4n5h0w aleks shut up
00:01:43Aleks875 and leave
00:01:44WANKmaster banana
00:01:44Cookie_MONSTER got the theory down and strats... just not the moves
00:01:44poskus i hope u have dotakeys
00:01:451m4n5h0w ur just as bad
00:01:49WANKmaster ära pane wardi nii vara
00:01:49Cookie_MONSTER ofc
00:01:52Aleks875 joke
00:01:571m4n5h0w void was imba tarded pick
00:02:06slc2 furion get good reaction on mid ok?
00:02:161m4n5h0w we will c
00:02:25Banana furi bot
00:02:321m4n5h0w no wards bot at least
00:02:35Cookie_MONSTER -ms
00:02:38Banana teled
00:02:42Banana not
00:02:56Kamerplant ss
00:03:33Aleks875 pull
00:03:421m4n5h0w CANT
00:03:431m4n5h0w WARDED
00:04:01Kamerplant ..
00:04:04poskus lol
00:04:22Aleks875 bad side
00:04:25Aleks875 2 ranged!
00:04:38slc2 ss mid
00:04:47Kamerplant forget about terror
00:04:48slc2 re
00:04:50Kamerplant it's 5v4
00:04:56Aleks875 fury go wood
00:05:041m4n5h0w no treants skilled
00:05:29WANKmaster kill
00:05:30WANKmaster top
00:05:31WANKmaster i got haste
00:05:36slc2 ss mid
00:05:58Kamerplant hasted
00:06:09Kamerplant n
00:06:11Kamerplant n1
00:06:181m4n5h0w HUSK
00:06:20Cookie_MONSTER upg flying plz
00:06:221m4n5h0w fucking
00:06:241m4n5h0w 1 hp naix
00:06:251m4n5h0w walked
00:06:261m4n5h0w there
00:06:311m4n5h0w pay attention
00:06:311m4n5h0w ffs
00:06:36Cookie_MONSTER thanx
00:06:36slc2 srry dude i see nothing
00:06:39Cookie_MONSTER ss
00:06:42Kamerplant LOL
00:06:53Kamerplant where do you think naix goes?
00:07:09poskus take?
00:07:14Firelord0.1 ss 2 top
00:08:05poskus have ukti no mana
00:08:13slc2 void ready?
00:08:13poskus soon go?
00:08:14Kamerplant ss
00:08:27poskus ss furi
00:08:41Cookie_MONSTER three bot
00:08:44poskus rdy
00:09:08Aleks875 atack
00:09:08Cookie_MONSTER ss bot
00:09:08Kamerplant lion top
00:09:35slc2 i come gank top
00:09:38Kamerplant 3 top
00:09:43slc2 furion tp
00:09:46Kamerplant shall i snowball us?
00:09:49slc2 no
00:09:53slc2 u and terro
00:09:53poskus item buil;d?
00:09:59Kamerplant forget terror
00:10:01Kamerplant i tell you
00:10:071m4n5h0w lion bot
00:10:14Kamerplant ss3
00:10:46slc2 tower
00:10:50Firelord0.1 3 top
00:11:34Firelord0.1 4 top
00:11:37Aleks875 mid s
00:11:381m4n5h0w gj
00:11:38poskus help
00:12:03poskus veno b
00:12:03slc2 go lion
00:12:08slc2 tuskar
00:12:37Kamerplant tusk please attack
00:12:47Kamerplant just 1-2 hits is enough
00:12:49poskus ff
00:14:02Kamerplant shit
00:14:04Kamerplant void low farm
00:14:05Kamerplant ;s
00:14:141m4n5h0w he has midas
00:14:15Cookie_MONSTER take bot
00:14:221m4n5h0w thats not bad
00:14:22poskus wtf
00:14:22slc2 hell ya
00:15:05slc2 furion get tower please we need to push
00:15:08Aleks875 I have good ffarm
00:15:17slc2 u have midas?
00:15:22poskus ss furi
00:15:22Aleks875 and pt
00:15:25slc2 that aint good farm
00:15:321m4n5h0w its ok
00:15:40slc2 kill naix
00:15:41Firelord0.1 rune down
00:16:00Firelord0.1 5 top
00:16:30slc2 tower
00:16:58Firelord0.1 5 are all time 3-5
00:17:04Firelord0.1 top i heam
00:17:13Cookie_MONSTER bad roshan
00:17:13Kamerplant ?
00:17:201m4n5h0w low due to snakes
00:17:20Kamerplant tried with wards
00:17:51Kamerplant COME
00:17:52Kamerplant furion!
00:17:59Firelord0.1 lol
00:18:12Kamerplant please farm mid
00:18:19Kamerplant when roshan is at 20%
00:18:21Cookie_MONSTER ah
00:18:541m4n5h0w ffs
00:18:56Kamerplant terror
00:18:57Kamerplant ;s
00:18:571m4n5h0w we lose rosh now
00:19:14Cookie_MONSTER go roshan
00:19:15Firelord0.1 fin
00:19:59Kamerplant atleast i lured him away from void
00:20:00Kamerplant ;s
00:20:47Aleks875 ok me rdy
00:20:49slc2 haha arrow
00:20:49Aleks875 to kill
00:22:25poskus venpo b
00:22:30poskus u idiot
00:22:42poskus u had like 30 % hp?
00:22:43Cookie_MONSTER well
00:22:44poskus ehy u go
00:22:50Cookie_MONSTER like 500 hp
00:22:56poskus so 3 hits from husk
00:23:00Cookie_MONSTER true
00:23:05poskus b
00:23:05poskus b
00:23:06poskus b
00:23:06poskus b
00:23:07Cookie_MONSTER i would make it different if i could
00:23:08poskus b
00:23:271m4n5h0w Haha
00:23:53poskus mirana fuck
00:23:57poskus iudiot
00:23:59poskus gfg
00:24:00poskus ff
00:24:02Kamerplant woods
00:24:08Kamerplant are awesome
00:24:10poskus why u chase him when we could kill husk?
00:24:30poskus veno b
00:24:33Cookie_MONSTER y
00:26:00Kamerplant fuck
00:26:01Kamerplant in base
00:26:20poskus naix hows farm?>
00:26:34poskus me
00:27:111m4n5h0w ^^
00:28:02poskus rambo
00:28:08slc2 mid go
00:28:43WANKmaster lets go
00:28:44WANKmaster with
00:28:45Kamerplant b
00:28:45WANKmaster 5
00:29:13WANKmaster new rosh
00:29:14WANKmaster in sec
00:29:27slc2 kill him
00:29:33slc2 void
00:29:35poskus if they all come
00:29:38poskus mirana ulti
00:29:41slc2 ultiu him
00:29:41Firelord0.1 cd
00:29:42poskus we regroup and attack
00:29:47Firelord0.1 30 sec
00:30:16Cookie_MONSTER let mirana take
00:30:17poskus who takes?
00:30:171m4n5h0w rosh back
00:30:21slc2 get it
00:30:26Firelord0.1 tp
00:30:59poskus mirana fff
00:31:04poskus should let her take it
00:31:15poskus nice jumo
00:31:21slc2 mid go
00:31:30Firelord0.1 why u didt go b veno
00:31:30poskus niax why u did not come to wosh?
00:31:31Firelord0.1 i did ulti
00:31:48Cookie_MONSTER though t
00:31:52Cookie_MONSTER we had more damage
00:31:56poskus dont think react
00:32:14slc2 b
00:32:18poskus ulti
00:33:26Cookie_MONSTER gj
00:33:28Firelord0.1 got u
00:33:32Firelord0.1 2 times
00:33:491m4n5h0w wow you can hit a standing object with arrow?
00:33:571m4n5h0w you must be best dota player in univers
00:33:57Firelord0.1 y
00:34:00Firelord0.1 ty
00:34:04poskus nid care
00:34:10Firelord0.1 i feel pro now
00:34:15Kamerplant oom
00:34:55Cookie_MONSTER who
00:35:07Cookie_MONSTER b
00:35:301m4n5h0w go mid
00:35:33WANKmaster jesus
00:35:34WANKmaster krist
00:35:361m4n5h0w MID
00:35:36slc2 push mid now
00:35:371m4n5h0w ALEKS
00:36:02Kamerplant fuck
00:36:04Kamerplant halberd
00:36:39Aleks875 b
00:37:24WANKmaster DON GIV
00:37:26WANKmaster ENTRIES
00:37:27WANKmaster wtf
00:37:39WANKmaster just move
00:37:39WANKmaster with
00:37:40WANKmaster 5
00:37:41WANKmaster plz
00:37:45Cookie_MONSTER we can push good
00:37:46WANKmaster and focus
00:37:47WANKmaster huskar
00:37:54Cookie_MONSTER huskar he tank
00:38:05Cookie_MONSTER huskar is it
00:38:05WANKmaster ill farm ac
00:38:06WANKmaster then we
00:38:06WANKmaster go
00:38:07Cookie_MONSTER then prophet?
00:38:30Firelord0.1 roshan soon
00:39:24Aleks875 huscar
00:39:27Cookie_MONSTER tower
00:39:27Aleks875 u must run
00:39:30Aleks875 just
00:39:40Aleks875 push
00:39:41Aleks875 fast
00:39:46poskus sef bot
00:39:54slc2 my hands are fucking cold i cant play
00:40:23poskus b
00:40:23poskus b
00:40:24poskus b
00:40:29Cookie_MONSTER oh thanx roof
00:40:51slc2 we gotta let theme push and let furion tp
00:40:54poskus i come
00:40:57slc2 w8 me
00:41:09slc2 dont use ulti on one idioot
00:41:11WANKmaster i take
00:41:14Kamerplant b
00:41:15Cookie_MONSTER ofc
00:41:18Aleks875 stfu idiot
00:41:27Aleks875 i have cd 60 sec
00:41:31slc2 ur to stupid to win
00:41:35Kamerplant back to base!
00:41:43Kamerplant go to base and let furion push
00:41:49Kamerplant thbey go top
00:42:32slc2 warded
00:42:521m4n5h0w push mid
00:43:05Cookie_MONSTER i live forever
00:44:051m4n5h0w void dont do mkb
00:44:081m4n5h0w do crit better
00:44:17Cookie_MONSTER haha
00:44:18Banana aa
00:44:301m4n5h0w if your mkb ministunn proggs same time as ur stunn
00:44:331m4n5h0w it doesnt stunn
00:44:42Cookie_MONSTER lets just push up
00:44:48Kamerplant ;\
00:44:54poskus where is oblivion staff?
00:45:19poskus reuse
00:45:31Kamerplant focus
00:45:32Kamerplant lol
00:45:40Kamerplant void can farm]
00:45:43Kamerplant but nothing else
00:45:57Kamerplant veno
00:45:58Kamerplant next to you
00:46:10takksa noobs tem
00:46:11slc2 fat furion
00:46:12Cookie_MONSTER got it
00:46:38Firelord0.1 shit furi
00:46:40WANKmaster kill
00:46:42WANKmaster creeps
00:46:51poskus where is oblivion stafF?
00:47:08Kamerplant well, we have the towers
00:47:15Aleks875 we need
00:47:16poskus should i go radiance or refresher?
00:47:17slc2 wuhuu
00:47:18Aleks875 fog
00:47:20slc2 rax
00:47:20WANKmaster radi
00:47:23Cookie_MONSTER radi hes
00:47:26Cookie_MONSTER or giunsoo
00:47:31Aleks875 take fog
00:47:33Aleks875 and go
00:47:40Kamerplant we go mid
00:47:42Kamerplant furion goes bot
00:47:43slc2 smoke??
00:47:52Aleks875 stay
00:47:58Kamerplant nothing to gank
00:48:00slc2 use smoke
00:48:141m4n5h0w invis
00:48:15slc2 nice
00:48:18Banana :DD
00:48:20WANKmaster wtf
00:48:21WANKmaster are
00:48:21WANKmaster u
00:48:22WANKmaster doing?
00:48:25Cookie_MONSTER he is warding
00:48:25Banana fuck you fury
00:48:26slc2 mid gogo
00:48:33Cookie_MONSTER its good
00:48:37slc2 void focus naix
00:48:40Banana nah
00:48:40WANKmaster come
00:48:41WANKmaster mid
00:48:41WANKmaster now
00:48:48Banana this wasnt warding
00:48:48Aleks875 k
00:48:54Banana took invis
00:49:24Kamerplant thanks for killing us void
00:49:25Kamerplant epic
00:49:26Kamerplant stun
00:49:29Kamerplant thank void ^^
00:49:35takksa wtf noobs
00:49:36Aleks875 i need bkb
00:50:07slc2 no u need stay in ur fuckin ulti u dumbass and not for fucking mirana
00:50:07takksa nab
00:50:111m4n5h0w y
00:50:151m4n5h0w what shit ulti was that vid
00:50:15slc2 fucking morron
00:50:181m4n5h0w you hit us all
00:50:20Aleks875 i need kill rax
00:50:211m4n5h0w but 1 of them
00:50:22Kamerplant but not them
00:50:23Aleks875 with ult
00:50:251m4n5h0w I KILLED RAX
00:50:28slc2 i killed the rax morron
00:50:35Kamerplant if you use ulti
00:50:38Kamerplant use it on THEM
00:50:41Kamerplant 3 were outside
00:50:43slc2 hehe me and furion killed the rax morron
00:50:43Kamerplant and we were all in
00:51:101m4n5h0w 15 sec
00:51:42WANKmaster b
00:51:42WANKmaster b
00:51:42WANKmaster b
00:51:43WANKmaster b
00:51:46WANKmaster IDIOT
00:51:46WANKmaster PLZ
00:51:48poskus lion gj
00:51:49poskus idiot
00:51:51poskus b
00:51:52slc2 furion top
00:51:541m4n5h0w n
00:51:55poskus b wait all
00:51:59Kamerplant naix rebought
00:51:59poskus just turtle
00:52:14poskus void strong
00:52:20Cookie_MONSTER so are we
00:52:211m4n5h0w hunt
00:52:221m4n5h0w 10 sec
00:52:231m4n5h0w port
00:52:52Kamerplant b
00:52:53poskus cxaare
00:52:53Kamerplant b
00:52:53Kamerplant b
00:53:14Cookie_MONSTER well my life for aegis for naix
00:53:16Cookie_MONSTER is okay
00:54:22Firelord0.1 me
00:54:23Kamerplant care furion
00:55:06poskus why we go
00:55:07poskus fuck
00:55:08poskus naix?
00:55:08Cookie_MONSTER blademail for the win
00:55:09poskus wtf?
00:55:35poskus b and wait all alive
00:55:53Aleks875 got gem
00:55:56Kamerplant ...
00:56:03WANKmaster go with 5
00:56:32WANKmaster come
00:56:33WANKmaster mid
00:56:33WANKmaster all
00:56:36Cookie_MONSTER keep warding lion
00:56:41Cookie_MONSTER just close to base
00:56:45Cookie_MONSTER there
00:56:46Firelord0.1 mid no raxx
00:56:48poskus wait me
00:56:49poskus naix mid
00:56:50Kamerplant wait
00:56:51Kamerplant for all
00:56:57WANKmaster i get
00:56:58WANKmaster hoyt
00:57:05WANKmaster b
00:57:06WANKmaster b
00:57:06WANKmaster b
00:57:06WANKmaster b
00:57:12poskus base
00:57:151m4n5h0w i can rebuy
00:57:251m4n5h0w damn i got rebuy cd
00:57:25slc2 naix cant
00:58:30Kamerplant someone didnt focus naix
00:58:30Kamerplant ..
00:58:35slc2 all did
00:58:41Aleks875 i stoped 3 enemy
00:58:41slc2 but tuskar cant hit him last time
00:58:45WANKmaster leave iot
00:58:47Aleks875 but u cant 4 vs 2
00:58:47Kamerplant lol
00:58:49Kamerplant haha
00:58:531m4n5h0w i will disarm naix
00:58:53Kamerplant i do no melee dmg
00:58:54Kamerplant vs naix
00:58:55Kamerplant xD
00:59:08slc2 they are 2 fat
00:59:29poskus oi kneew that
00:59:37poskus b idiot
00:59:41slc2 veno inc
00:59:44WANKmaster lets go
00:59:45Banana stfu
00:59:45WANKmaster mid
00:59:46WANKmaster with 5
00:59:47WANKmaster now
00:59:50Cookie_MONSTER i have gem btw
00:59:50Firelord0.1 naix take travel boots
00:59:58WANKmaster -ms
01:00:051m4n5h0w but best was aleks again failing ulti
01:00:11WANKmaster come
01:00:12WANKmaster mid
01:00:12poskus naix full build :)(
01:00:12WANKmaster all
01:00:15Aleks875 np
01:00:17poskus me dead
01:00:17slc2 he is just so fuckin bad
01:00:22Aleks875 u failing kills 4vs naix
01:00:25Cookie_MONSTER who can hold gem?
01:00:34slc2 nope
01:00:40Firelord0.1 naix maybe sell armlet
01:00:41Kamerplant come smoke
01:00:53poskus gj veno pushing so far
01:00:55Banana ffs
01:00:57WANKmaster WHY
01:00:58WANKmaster WHY
01:01:11slc2 furion
01:01:38Cookie_MONSTER maybe run tree?
01:01:41poskus for fuck sakes
01:01:42Cookie_MONSTER u can go back
01:01:43takksa noobs
01:01:45slc2 once again void uses ulti on one
01:01:45poskus fuckl
01:01:49poskus it u dont help at all
01:01:52poskus def top
01:01:53takksa noob team
01:01:571m4n5h0w doing hex...
01:01:58Cookie_MONSTER damn u whine roof
01:01:59slc2 noob tb
01:02:09takksa ahhaha
01:02:12takksa nab
01:02:25poskus again
01:02:27Kamerplant they can't push either
01:02:27slc2 mid
01:02:29poskus same place idiotic death
01:02:33Cookie_MONSTER stop whining
01:02:34Cookie_MONSTER dude
01:02:51Cookie_MONSTER now we di alone
01:02:58poskus husk
01:03:14Kamerplant let them push
01:03:19takksa noob
01:03:21Kamerplant let them push
01:03:22poskus go boit
01:03:23takksa hu
01:03:26Kamerplant and furion can backdoor
01:03:37Firelord0.1 we cant goo along fury is live
01:03:491m4n5h0w mouse
01:03:501m4n5h0w stopped
01:03:521m4n5h0w nap
01:03:53WANKmaster wtf
01:03:55WANKmaster u wont
01:03:57WANKmaster pause like that
01:04:011m4n5h0w couldnt move mouse
01:04:02WANKmaster come
01:04:02WANKmaster here
01:04:051m4n5h0w thats why i stopped there
01:04:09Cookie_MONSTER on it
01:04:101m4n5h0w cause i didnt carry on walking
01:04:12WANKmaster treant
01:04:12WANKmaster take
01:04:18WANKmaster TAKE
01:04:19WANKmaster AEGIS
01:04:26Kamerplant void, that won't work
01:04:271m4n5h0w imba void
01:04:52Kamerplant the fuck
01:04:53Kamerplant cant move
01:05:02takksa nope
01:05:03Firelord0.1 ona way
01:05:45Kamerplant I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
01:05:47Cookie_MONSTER I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
01:05:50slc2 I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:05:56takksa mega noobs team
01:06:03poskus wp
01:06:05Kamerplant funny for a 6% to say
01:06:06Kamerplant ;s
01:06:10Cookie_MONSTER well whined and flamed roof
01:06:11slc2 and 8 16
01:06:13takksa pff
01:06:13Cookie_MONSTER so nice with good manners
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