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Chat log

00:00:00Marhalt [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Aleks875 with 264 seconds.
00:00:09Mute_Bitsch 264 sec -.-
00:00:17BACKENiZER- rofl how is it possible
00:00:17moods ban wishes?
00:00:17Mute_Bitsch he is serb
00:00:17moods spec furi?
00:00:17moods furi
00:00:17moods not
00:00:17Marhalt yes
00:00:17BACKENiZER- ofc not
00:00:171m4n5h0w need sight
00:00:171m4n5h0w sec
00:00:17BACKENiZER- sucks like hell
00:00:20Marhalt serbjia rullez
00:00:201m4n5h0w spec
00:00:20moods any wishes?
00:00:20BACKENiZER- me pudge mid solo
00:00:20moods for pick?
00:00:20moods some1 wanna?
00:00:20BACKENiZER- l000000000l
00:00:251m4n5h0w no
00:00:48BACKENiZER- me rylai/ck/leoric
00:00:551m4n5h0w i go mid
00:01:07Mute_Bitsch im top
00:01:09moods get that cm
00:01:11moods ^^
00:01:16Aleks875 can i mid?
00:01:24moods hm
00:01:28Aleks875 i can gang after 6lvl
00:01:29veuncent marshalt getting cm? i'll get trax for silencing (+damage)
00:01:38moods we are only melee
00:01:40moods you got range dmg
00:01:41veuncent hm
00:01:45Aleks875 better stuners
00:01:46veuncent still silence
00:01:55BACKENiZER- mute, ill pull upper line
00:01:55moods chen
00:01:56veuncent what stunners?
00:01:59BACKENiZER- so you can farm
00:01:59Mute_Bitsch k
00:02:00moods chen heal..
00:02:07Aleks875 get shreder
00:02:13veuncent cant play chen, too many units
00:02:161m4n5h0w chen woods?
00:02:19skyZ y
00:02:21veuncent cant multi task
00:02:231m4n5h0w rylai go bot
00:02:25Marhalt build for me?
00:02:26Mute_Bitsch y
00:02:261m4n5h0w pudge cant solo bot
00:02:28Mute_Bitsch rly better
00:02:29veuncent chicken pl
00:02:34moods lol lancer...
00:02:39moods buy chicken
00:02:40Mute_Bitsch chen pull than pls
00:02:42moods go treads
00:02:46moods and go diffu blade
00:02:48skyZ mb
00:03:06Aleks875 care
00:03:09Aleks875 leo with dd
00:03:12moods k
00:03:18Aleks875 ah no
00:03:23Mute_Bitsch gay roof
00:04:01Mute_Bitsch ss
00:04:46Mute_Bitsch PULL OMFG
00:04:47Mute_Bitsch NAP
00:06:10Mute_Bitsch 0 farm -.-
00:07:45Mute_Bitsch fuck off
00:08:18Domess g ob
00:08:19Aleks875 go
00:09:05Domess go
00:09:11BACKENiZER- no mana
00:09:19Mute_Bitsch rylai where is aura ?
00:09:22veuncent ss leo
00:09:24Domess g b
00:09:27Domess NICE MISS
00:09:29Domess !!!
00:09:291m4n5h0w lol
00:09:301m4n5h0w no aura
00:09:38Mute_Bitsch no aura and lvl 4 JOKING ME ?
00:09:39Aleks875 mid ss
00:09:55Domess its joke abadon?
00:10:04veuncent care
00:10:04Mute_Bitsch oom
00:10:08Mute_Bitsch and lwo ahp
00:10:10Domess om fail
00:10:11Domess lol
00:10:15Domess skeleton lol
00:10:19Domess go b
00:10:20Domess idito
00:10:22Domess ?
00:10:24Mute_Bitsch naps
00:10:28Mute_Bitsch rly
00:10:321m4n5h0w tra
00:10:33Mute_Bitsch you lowbirds NO MANA
00:10:331m4n5h0w x
00:10:41Domess go nessaj
00:10:52Domess WTF
00:11:00Domess STUN
00:11:05Mute_Bitsch nice das du mit shield auf dir kommst -.-
00:11:15Mute_Bitsch einer dümmer als der andere im team
00:11:25Domess ty
00:11:271m4n5h0w ss
00:11:33skyZ halt die fresse
00:11:34Mute_Bitsch ss up
00:11:41Domess MISS MiD
00:11:48Mute_Bitsch idiot chen geht los wenn ich sage ich hab kein hp und mana
00:11:50Mute_Bitsch gj noob
00:12:00Domess omg
00:12:01Domess guys
00:12:01veuncent ss top
00:12:06Domess stop to have an argument
00:12:07Domess just play
00:12:08Domess !!!
00:12:09Mute_Bitsch ss up
00:12:11Mute_Bitsch re
00:12:21skyZ push
00:12:23Domess stun
00:12:24Domess and i hook easy
00:12:32Domess GOOG
00:12:46Domess REAL NOOB
00:12:58Domess realy noob
00:13:03Domess skeleton
00:13:04Domess u noob
00:13:05Mute_Bitsch WHY YOU GO VS CREEPWAVE ?
00:13:05Domess sry
00:13:11skyZ tower
00:13:15Domess u are supposed to stun
00:13:19Domess not steal like a bitch
00:13:20Domess ...
00:13:26Mute_Bitsch im supposed to go vs all creeps ?!
00:13:31Mute_Bitsch your so retarded rly
00:13:34Domess lol i was there
00:13:36Domess u tard
00:13:43Domess ok
00:13:44veuncent top ss
00:13:44Mute_Bitsch w8
00:13:49Domess ur stun got a range
00:13:50Domess u bitch
00:13:59Mute_Bitsch you got no brain bitsch
00:14:00Aleks875 go maidne
00:14:01Aleks875 ult
00:14:02Domess wait
00:14:03Aleks875 rdy
00:14:08Domess b
00:14:10Mute_Bitsch ss 2 care
00:14:12skyZ push
00:14:14veuncent top re
00:14:15Mute_Bitsch y
00:14:23Aleks875 shit
00:14:24Firoga ...
00:14:28Domess all
00:14:29Firoga it's ok
00:14:30Domess steal
00:14:32Domess my kills
00:14:32Domess gg
00:14:36Mute_Bitsch your not a carry
00:14:40Domess stfu noob
00:14:51BACKENiZER- rofl domess, ye took 3 on me and im stealer
00:15:03Domess wow
00:15:23Domess ty
00:15:241m4n5h0w ss
00:15:251m4n5h0w dom
00:15:27Mute_Bitsch lol micro
00:15:29Domess stun
00:15:30Marhalt ss
00:15:37Domess gg
00:15:40Domess need dust
00:16:12Domess pff
00:16:15Domess give mana
00:16:30Domess b
00:16:30Domess b
00:16:38Mute_Bitsch LOL YOUR MICRO BROWN
00:16:56Domess i go b
00:17:02Domess wait me
00:17:13Domess treant
00:17:14Domess get radi
00:17:15Domess fast
00:17:24Marhalt ss
00:17:27Mute_Bitsch ss
00:17:28Mute_Bitsch doom
00:17:34Domess gogo
00:17:59veuncent oom
00:18:00skyZ -clear
00:18:28Domess go all top
00:18:30Domess imba gang
00:18:41BACKENiZER- reg
00:18:48Mute_Bitsch kk
00:19:00Domess fix
00:19:09Mute_Bitsch omw
00:19:15Domess ALL B
00:19:19Domess wow leoo
00:19:21Domess wow
00:19:26Mute_Bitsch shit 1 sec
00:19:32Domess death
00:19:41Mute_Bitsch ulti would have been rdy
00:20:00Domess got dust
00:20:01Domess go
00:20:05Domess give mana
00:20:12BACKENiZER- cd
00:20:14Firoga b
00:20:14Firoga b
00:20:15Firoga b
00:20:26Aleks875 go
00:20:33Aleks875 w8
00:20:57skyZ got amnta
00:21:00skyZ ehh meka
00:21:14Domess fast pls
00:21:17Mute_Bitsch omw down
00:21:24skyZ def ftop some1
00:21:38Domess heh
00:21:53Domess leo
00:21:54Domess thanks to me
00:21:58Domess only coz me u got 2 kills
00:22:10Mute_Bitsch your so my hero
00:22:15Domess ofc
00:22:22skyZ we should push
00:22:32Domess they gang care
00:22:51Domess todl ya
00:22:52Domess they
00:22:53Domess gang
00:23:17Domess DIE
00:23:46Aleks875 ok radi rdy
00:23:50Aleks875 go mid all now
00:24:08Mute_Bitsch reg
00:24:10Domess abadon care
00:24:32Aleks875 go mid
00:24:39Domess buy dust someone
00:24:47Domess min 2 in team
00:25:07Domess b
00:25:10moods get mid
00:25:24Domess wow
00:25:261m4n5h0w go base
00:25:27Domess ryal u noob?
00:25:33Domess ok go
00:25:37Domess ryal u rlly noob
00:25:37veuncent halp?
00:25:50Mute_Bitsch ^^
00:25:56skyZ rax
00:25:59Domess rax
00:25:591m4n5h0w haha
00:25:59Domess and b
00:26:31Domess heh
00:26:33Domess we got rax
00:26:38Domess :) leo
00:26:39Domess rock
00:26:39Domess lol
00:26:43Domess b :)
00:26:49Mute_Bitsch b ?
00:26:52Mute_Bitsch where
00:26:52Aleks875 push all mid
00:27:00Domess :D
00:27:09Domess ryal can u play with team now?
00:27:11Mute_Bitsch shit nessaj
00:27:12Domess coz u do big shit actually
00:27:14Aleks875 go
00:27:25veuncent this time carry tps
00:27:46Mute_Bitsch got dust
00:27:47veuncent or not....
00:27:51Domess u get radi now?
00:27:53Domess aba?
00:27:53Domess lol
00:28:01Domess go all
00:28:28Aleks875 hm
00:28:29Domess go
00:28:30Aleks875 ncei
00:29:09Domess g
00:29:10Domess gj
00:29:11skyZ meka rdy
00:29:11Domess tower
00:29:22Domess :)
00:29:23Domess imba heal
00:29:26moods care
00:29:28moods leo dust
00:29:331m4n5h0w dust?
00:30:251m4n5h0w denie
00:30:30Domess fix
00:30:40Domess go b
00:30:41Domess go b
00:30:42Domess now
00:30:45Domess they re alive
00:30:48Domess u death :)
00:31:01veuncent b
00:31:101m4n5h0w also have radi
00:31:11Mute_Bitsch mkb ?=
00:31:23Aleks875 guys
00:31:27Aleks875 we must kill chen
00:31:29Aleks875 fist
00:31:30Mute_Bitsch or miljonir ?
00:31:32Aleks875 first
00:31:361m4n5h0w oder deso
00:31:371m4n5h0w oder bkb
00:31:40Mute_Bitsch deso?
00:31:41Aleks875 doom
00:31:44Aleks875 ur ult on him
00:31:47moods +
00:31:491m4n5h0w standard build
00:31:511m4n5h0w armlet deso ac
00:31:57Aleks875 inbvisu
00:32:00Aleks875 invis
00:32:00Domess get ac
00:32:08Mute_Bitsch gegen die melee wäre doch mijlnoir besserß
00:32:19Aleks875 be ready
00:32:21Aleks875 def
00:32:211m4n5h0w mach was du willlst
00:32:21Aleks875 all
00:32:25Domess b
00:32:28Mute_Bitsch vorallem gegen nessaj
00:32:331m4n5h0w get rosh
00:32:34skyZ ye go rosh
00:32:37Domess gogo
00:32:41Domess can i take?
00:32:43skyZ with ym creeps easy
00:32:541m4n5h0w just need sk aura
00:32:59veuncent come
00:33:03Domess get ac now leo
00:33:031m4n5h0w and ofc pudge does not take
00:33:08Domess what
00:33:11Domess lol
00:33:13Domess who take
00:33:13moods gogo
00:33:13Domess so?
00:33:33Domess leoric rlly?
00:33:39Domess rlly leoric lol
00:33:53Domess yea
00:34:161m4n5h0w ^^
00:34:54Aleks875 just kill chen first
00:34:57moods we did
00:35:17Mute_Bitsch w8 all
00:35:19Mute_Bitsch dont go 2
00:35:41Domess hook
00:36:26Domess :D ty
00:36:36Domess imba
00:36:37Domess ty rlly
00:37:03Mute_Bitsch shit slow -.-
00:37:22Domess b
00:37:30Domess b
00:37:51skyZ -clear
00:38:01skyZ wie aknn ich den scheiß da oben we gmachen
00:38:04skyZ mit banned blabla
00:38:09Aleks875 go fast
00:38:091m4n5h0w haha
00:38:121m4n5h0w des geht normalerweise
00:38:12Mute_Bitsch bkb oder basher ?
00:38:14Aleks875 or chen get new creeps
00:38:151m4n5h0w automatisch weg
00:38:51skyZ go all mid
00:39:06moods dont
00:39:311m4n5h0w komm boris
00:39:32Firoga all
00:39:331m4n5h0w brauch deine aura
00:39:34Mute_Bitsch yy
00:39:341m4n5h0w ^^
00:40:15moods gg
00:40:16moods I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:01Aleks875 chen made win
00:41:49Domess pff
00:42:40skyZ tschüss
00:42:47Domess tchus
00:42:561m4n5h0w you really def?
00:43:19Firoga u just won the most unbalanced game in the history f dota gc
00:43:22Firoga and u ask... are u def?
00:43:34skyZ why unbalanced
00:43:35Domess noob
00:43:41moods just let em finish pls :D
00:44:13veuncent gg
00:44:18Domess Ggg
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