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-49 X
-2 TS

93% | 1479 X | 1571 TS

+21 X
-2 TS

84% | 1403 X | 1504 TS

+7 X
-2 TS

84% | 1502 X | 1392 TS

-24 X
-3 TS

68% | 1266 X | 1423 TS

+5 X
-2 TS

62% | 1257 X | 1367 TS

+24 X
+2 TS

88% | 1491 X | 1485 TS

+1 X
+2 TS

83% | 1441 X | 1453 TS

-7 X
+3 TS

78% | 1373 X | 1468 TS

+15 X
+2 TS

74% | 1334 X | 1448 TS

+15 X
+4 TS

67% | 1357 X | 1316 TS

Chat log

00:00:17curdi sm1 lich?
00:00:17Milky i play the skywrath mage. im imba with it x)
00:00:17Mercury i
00:00:17Flex- please dont
00:00:17Flex- i hear that every time
00:00:17Milky haha
00:00:17Flex- and every time i see some one failing with the new hero
00:00:17curdi ck
00:00:17Milky trust me =)
00:00:17WantedZip Lich
00:00:17curdi meh
00:00:18Flex- and if you fail
00:00:20curdi tide any1
00:00:23Flex- you go to
00:00:27WantedZip :D
00:00:30Flex- and ask storm to ban you for 3 days
00:00:40WantedZip for u milky
00:00:40Flex- whatsbanned?
00:00:41WantedZip :D
00:00:41Milky ok
00:00:42Milky :D
00:00:43Milky ty
00:00:48WantedZip ck and lich
00:00:49WantedZip banned
00:00:51Flex- kk
00:00:51Flex- tnx
00:01:00Milky get some nice team heroes
00:01:10Milky tide and caster
00:01:18Milky what u want
00:01:23Milky wanted
00:01:25WantedZip gimmmmmme shreder
00:01:25curdi u mid mercury?
00:01:29Milky nooop
00:01:33WantedZip YES
00:01:34WantedZip OMG
00:01:35Milky sucks
00:01:36Milky =(
00:01:36WantedZip -swap 4
00:01:36Mercury k
00:01:37Milky -swap 1
00:01:41Inuusini ill come top
00:01:46McNabb kinda need stuns
00:01:46WantedZip milky want mid ?
00:01:50Milky sure!
00:01:50Smokeer my braindead
00:01:51Flex- what does 2 new heores
00:01:53Flex- on 1 team
00:01:55Flex- usually mean?
00:02:00Milky flex su :D
00:02:00Flex- can i mid ?
00:02:01Flex- -hhn
00:02:03Smokeer hero witch better
00:02:09curdi sile can solo top
00:02:14Milky let krobe solo
00:02:14WantedZip k
00:02:15Inuusini k
00:02:16Milky me bot ?
00:02:17WantedZip krobe mid
00:02:19Milky to babysit
00:02:21Inuusini battle hunger / call ?
00:02:25WantedZip np
00:02:27curdi hunger
00:02:29curdi better nowadays
00:02:34Inuusini ok
00:02:39Inuusini havent played in about 6 months :p
00:02:46Milky ooh i love these hero
00:02:54WantedZip weird hero this :D
00:03:12curdi play safe bot
00:03:19que2stress lol im legion commander
00:03:21curdi you most likely got a hard lane
00:04:26WantedZip :D
00:04:33Inuusini cool hero and lane etc
00:04:35Smokeer ^^
00:04:37curdi well y
00:05:04Inuusini thats like, waveform without cd? :p
00:05:11curdi dunno
00:05:13curdi havent played
00:05:23Milky see?
00:05:36Milky shit
00:05:36McNabb lol
00:05:36Inuusini can i swap bot?
00:05:36Milky :D
00:05:39Inuusini im useless top
00:05:42que2stress kkk
00:05:45Milky didnt have mana for both spell fool me
00:05:49Smokeer wanted
00:05:50Smokeer get hex?
00:05:51Smokeer xD
00:05:58WantedZip :D ?
00:06:43Inuusini i need that
00:07:06McNabb ss
00:07:24Milky ss
00:07:44Inuusini axe
00:07:46Milky stun?
00:07:48Milky mass creeps
00:07:51curdi a bit low hp
00:08:05Flex- some one mid?
00:08:22Inuusini soz
00:08:35Milky omw
00:08:48DayDream ss2
00:09:16Milky wait
00:09:18Milky need chick
00:09:20Milky then go sile
00:09:40McNabb cant
00:09:52DayDream re
00:10:06Smokeer ncie wait
00:10:11DayDream ss sk
00:10:13Flex- need mana boots
00:10:13Flex- asap
00:10:16Smokeer next time ill wait
00:10:17Smokeer xD
00:10:21Flex- i know man
00:10:22Flex- needed 200
00:10:23Flex- sorry
00:10:28Smokeer i need boots too
00:10:58Milky wand
00:10:59Milky !
00:11:02Milky and sutn
00:11:04Milky stun
00:11:19que2stress 3 bot
00:11:19DayDream 3 bot
00:11:43Inuusini krobe lvl 9 oO
00:11:45Flex- can you
00:11:47Flex- bring him in ?
00:11:52Inuusini -ms
00:11:57DayDream ss2
00:12:18Flex- WTF ZIP
00:12:19Flex- REALLY ?
00:12:37Flex- how can you miss
00:12:44Flex- 2 300 distance hooks
00:12:47DayDream dont duel like that
00:12:48Flex- amazing
00:12:53que2stress yap
00:13:26Flex- now he hits one..
00:13:31WantedZip stfu
00:13:48Smokeer soon ulit
00:14:00Smokeer g\des
00:14:01Smokeer fg
00:14:02Flex- wtf
00:14:02Flex- .l.
00:14:47Flex- youll miss
00:15:09Flex- 4 mid
00:15:13Inuusini 4 mid
00:15:24Smokeer let me
00:15:32Smokeer wait unit ulit rdy
00:15:39Milky no need
00:15:43Milky go
00:15:44Milky fast
00:16:11Smokeer wtf
00:16:20Inuusini cool misclick
00:16:24Inuusini by me
00:16:34Flex- mana me
00:16:51que2stress in duel mode
00:16:53Flex- fucking waste
00:16:54Inuusini -st
00:16:54que2stress can other heros attack me
00:16:55que2stress ?
00:16:57DayDream y
00:17:00que2stress ah k
00:17:23que2stress go
00:17:48Inuusini b
00:17:56McNabb b
00:18:03Milky go
00:18:18Milky IMBA :D
00:18:34Milky wtf
00:18:37Milky that was like axe spell
00:18:39Inuusini gj
00:18:41Milky on that hero :o
00:18:53Flex- i knew this would happen..
00:19:37curdi sk farm :s?
00:19:47McNabb wards?
00:20:01Flex- we can
00:20:02Flex- push 1 lane
00:20:14Flex- they all top
00:20:29Flex- stun
00:20:30Flex- stun
00:20:31Flex- stun
00:20:55que2stress gogo
00:22:16Flex- man
00:22:17Flex- boots
00:22:57McNabb wards
00:23:28McNabb sky mage wards
00:23:30McNabb comon
00:23:40Flex- what a joke
00:23:41DayDream haste
00:23:41Flex- zip
00:23:45WantedZip true joke
00:23:50Inuusini pick it up
00:24:15curdi nice work
00:24:21que2stress obvious work
00:24:21curdi commander full
00:24:26que2stress what u want me to do
00:24:28que2stress rosh into
00:24:29que2stress tower
00:24:31que2stress with sk
00:24:35que2stress krobe l´ult
00:24:37curdi kill sk
00:24:40curdi how about it
00:24:55Flex- denie
00:24:55Milky i need to go soon
00:24:56Flex- towers?
00:24:56Milky lets push
00:25:37McNabb i dont get it
00:25:43Flex- well
00:25:43Inuusini -st
00:25:45McNabb why u go without me
00:25:47Flex- its simple
00:25:52Flex- technically
00:25:54Flex- what we have
00:25:54DayDream dd
00:25:55Flex- should be enuf
00:25:56Flex- but
00:26:04Flex- 0-7 zip
00:26:04Flex- :D
00:26:06McNabb got bkb
00:26:07WantedZip :D
00:26:08McNabb im ready
00:26:12DayDream dd top
00:26:13Milky let sgo
00:26:13WantedZip i suck with this hero
00:26:15WantedZip soory
00:26:20WantedZip never gonna pick it again
00:26:20Flex- dude
00:26:21curdi gotta farm dagger
00:26:22Flex- the new heores
00:26:24Flex- are a waste
00:26:27Flex- 0 synergy
00:26:32Flex- only skymage
00:26:34Flex- can be usefull
00:26:36Flex- rarelly
00:26:38que2stress -ms
00:26:41Milky imba
00:26:44Milky failed farming
00:26:49McNabb me
00:26:50McNabb ,me
00:26:51Milky cos gave all to sk
00:26:54McNabb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:26:57Smokeer xDDD
00:27:02DayDream no ulti
00:27:21Mercury b
00:27:38DayDream omg why u go in
00:27:41Smokeer wtf
00:27:48DayDream with exorcism
00:27:49Flex- leo
00:27:50Flex- read rules
00:27:58McNabb oh como
00:28:02DayDream got ulti now
00:28:07McNabb dont be ego
00:28:11McNabb its about winning
00:28:28Milky go
00:28:29Milky mid
00:28:30Milky bat
00:28:32Flex- with my ulti
00:28:34Flex- we can do easy mid
00:28:37Flex- i mean
00:28:39Flex- rosh
00:28:57DayDream ward
00:29:03DayDream b
00:29:03DayDream b
00:29:18Flex- almost 16
00:29:24WantedZip almost 11 :D
00:29:29DayDream def mid
00:29:34que2stress base
00:29:37Milky go main
00:29:39curdi we got nothing to beat krobe ulti
00:29:41Milky with krobe ult
00:29:43Flex- wait
00:29:44Inuusini we got no carry
00:29:45Flex- im like
00:29:45Milky im in a rush
00:29:46Flex- 2 %
00:29:47Flex- to 16
00:29:52Milky 1 wave then
00:30:54McNabb :D
00:30:57Flex- really leo
00:31:09Inuusini leoric got jinada in new ver?
00:31:13Inuusini x_X
00:31:20Flex- jnada got him
00:31:28Flex- anyway
00:31:31Flex- nice rebuy tide
00:31:54McNabb go mid all
00:32:55DayDream still wards in our forest
00:32:56Flex- what
00:32:56Smokeer take just
00:32:57Smokeer free
00:32:57Flex- about bot
00:33:00curdi guess so
00:33:04McNabb cant have it
00:33:04Flex- go get rosh
00:33:06Flex- th my ulti
00:33:06Inuusini cant do more than afk near base
00:33:08Milky axe got dagger now
00:33:19Milky leo
00:33:20Milky dont dive
00:33:23curdi can jump now
00:33:24Milky defend the casters
00:33:27Milky and care axe dagger
00:33:28curdi get rdy with sile ulti
00:33:28DayDream k
00:33:29que2stress ill heal u
00:33:38que2stress insta krobe
00:34:13Flex- SMOKEEr
00:34:31Smokeer u think i dont udnerstand
00:34:36Flex- yes
00:34:36Smokeer just move unluck
00:34:42Flex- no
00:34:44Flex- you are not supposed
00:34:45Flex- to be there
00:34:49Flex- you have no tank capobilities
00:34:52curdi 100 off from bb
00:34:57Smokeer axe mark me always
00:35:01Flex- so
00:35:01Inuusini how much from ff?
00:35:03Flex- stay back as fuck
00:35:24McNabb well
00:35:27Flex- come fast
00:35:36que2stress we must go before they reach base
00:35:50Inuusini -int
00:35:52Inuusini -st
00:36:18Flex- SMOKEEER
00:36:21Flex- I ASKED YOU 50 TIMES
00:36:22Flex- COME HERE
00:36:25DayDream b
00:36:26Flex- ffs
00:36:29Flex- why you so dumb always
00:36:30Smokeer ..
00:36:42WantedZip i see dead ppl
00:36:50Smokeer i tank ok
00:37:01Flex- so tired
00:37:03Flex- of this cunt
00:37:11Flex- yes
00:37:13Flex- skywrath
00:37:14que2stress go base
00:37:14Flex- needs
00:37:15que2stress def
00:37:15Flex- aegis
00:37:16que2stress theyll come
00:37:27Milky imo good idea
00:37:28Inuusini or they can just farm 20min
00:37:32Inuusini end with 4x rapier
00:37:35Flex- just
00:37:35Milky after u die no ulti
00:37:36Flex- ..
00:37:37Milky i can still spamm all
00:37:41Inuusini I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:37:46Milky go top
00:37:50Milky and finish theses hit
00:37:51Flex- my ulti
00:37:51Flex- short
00:37:52Flex- cd
00:37:52Milky shit
00:37:53Flex- you know ?
00:38:00Milky not aegis shot
00:38:01Milky rt
00:38:04Flex- actually
00:38:05Flex- it is
00:38:22Flex- revenegher
00:38:29McNabb at least i dont whine
00:38:35Flex- im just tired
00:38:36Flex- of the 50 fails
00:38:38Flex- this game
00:38:40Flex- and playing with smokeer
00:38:42Flex- always frustrating
00:38:46Milky tt
00:38:47Milky so tt
00:38:47Smokeer xD
00:38:51WantedZip ^^
00:39:47WantedZip omg
00:39:48WantedZip krob
00:39:49WantedZip BLOCK !
00:39:51WantedZip GAYU!
00:39:53McNabb arh
00:40:01WantedZip rax
00:40:04WantedZip dobnt chase
00:40:13WantedZip omg
00:40:14WantedZip krob
00:40:15WantedZip rax
00:40:16WantedZip ffs
00:40:19Flex- im trying to spread out
00:40:35Smokeer i knew
00:40:47Smokeer flex will flame again
00:40:50Smokeer i wait
00:40:51Flex- nop
00:40:55Flex- i will not
00:41:02Flex- this game
00:41:03McNabb its not pretty but we win
00:41:04Flex- has been enuf
00:41:05Flex- fucked
00:41:09Flex- its horrible
00:41:13Smokeer i too fucked
00:41:14Flex- fucknig game that shoudl have ended
00:41:19Flex- ages ago
00:41:26Smokeer u wrong
00:41:30Inuusini -st
00:41:34Flex- but ppl cant hook 300 radios and cant come to bnlock rosh for 3 sec
00:41:45Flex- is just a fucking pain
00:41:46McNabb all bot
00:41:48WantedZip u know how my hook works ?
00:41:53Flex- yup
00:41:55Flex- target to target
00:41:57Flex- tre
00:41:58Flex- to tree
00:42:00WantedZip ty
00:42:01Smokeer im nothing vs rosh
00:42:03Smokeer why u need
00:42:04Smokeer im dunno
00:42:07Flex- cause
00:42:09Flex- my ulti kills him
00:42:15Smokeer ofc i tank i forgot
00:42:16Flex- just need you to hold him for 4 hits
00:42:19Flex- only 4 hits
00:42:19Flex- ONLY
00:42:21que2stress need to instant krobe,,
00:42:22Flex- and a little dps
00:42:55que2stress ...
00:43:11Smokeer wtf
00:43:38Smokeer rofl krob
00:43:38McNabb lal
00:43:41Inuusini ohai
00:43:41Smokeer miss spell
00:43:43Inuusini bai
00:45:14Flex- so
00:45:16WantedZip b
00:45:17Flex- new heores
00:45:17WantedZip leo
00:45:18Flex- huh
00:45:18Smokeer i didnt know bat ulit only max 100 range
00:45:18Flex- ..
00:45:22McNabb Zzz
00:45:25Inuusini deny rax?
00:45:26Inuusini >_>
00:45:29curdi YES
00:45:30Flex- just stop picking new heroes
00:45:31curdi GOGGO
00:45:32Flex- ppl plz
00:45:40Milky my bat is ok
00:45:40Smokeer let
00:45:42Smokeer who wants
00:45:43Smokeer then play
00:45:45Milky i mean mage
00:45:51Flex- dude
00:45:54Flex- any half ass disable
00:45:55Flex- is better
00:45:56Flex- than mage
00:46:05Flex- more usefull
00:46:05Milky nah
00:46:07Flex- yea
00:46:09que2stress fight early
00:46:12Smokeer nah
00:46:12Milky lets finish
00:46:16Milky i need to go in a min
00:46:44McNabb ehhhh
00:47:02McNabb could we go 5?
00:47:12Flex- no we cant
00:47:16Flex- zip thinks
00:47:18Flex- he can solo everyone
00:47:20WantedZip lol
00:47:20DayDream gogogogo
00:47:21WantedZip leo
00:47:23WantedZip went it
00:47:24WantedZip omg
00:47:26Flex- no
00:47:28Flex- you did first
00:47:28McNabb i was invis
00:47:29WantedZip he came from behind
00:47:34WantedZip no u wasnt
00:47:35WantedZip nap
00:47:35Flex- you went
00:47:38Flex- for legion commander
00:47:50WantedZip lol
00:47:52WantedZip im not rambo
00:47:55DayDream watch out for goblin
00:48:06que2stress ba fter
00:48:24Flex- thats all skywrath good for
00:48:25McNabb 5 BOT NOW
00:48:27McNabb PLZ
00:48:27Flex- picking off weak heroes
00:48:27Flex- :D
00:48:32Milky MY ULTI COSTS!!!
00:48:35que2stress ward rosh okz
00:48:35Milky 800 !! MANA
00:48:36Milky WTF :D
00:48:39curdi it also does some dmg
00:48:40Flex- exactly
00:48:48Milky 1200
00:48:48Flex- thats all the hero is good for
00:48:50Milky true
00:48:55Flex- picking off
00:49:02Flex- late weaklings
00:49:17Milky kop
00:49:18Milky ok
00:49:20que2stress they gonnar rosh i thnk
00:49:21WantedZip flex
00:49:21Milky go finish now
00:49:22WantedZip u know
00:49:23Mercury il help u
00:49:24Flex- MULTK
00:49:27WantedZip u give me shit in my head
00:49:28Mercury kill em
00:49:29WantedZip can focus
00:49:31WantedZip cus of u
00:49:32Mercury b
00:49:32Mercury b
00:49:33Mercury b
00:49:36Flex- dude
00:49:39Flex- you gave me shit
00:49:39que2stress tid ecome
00:49:40Flex- before that
00:49:47que2stress ...
00:50:06que2stress go fight
00:50:07que2stress gogo
00:50:07que2stress fast
00:50:09que2stress b
00:50:12que2stress before top pushes
00:50:36Flex- so
00:50:37Flex- lets ff
00:50:57McNabb WHY DONT U COME
00:50:57McNabb BOT
00:50:59Inuusini :>
00:51:03Flex- hey
00:51:06Flex- i follow them
00:51:18WantedZip krob
00:51:21WantedZip didnt have ulti
00:51:22WantedZip and leo
00:51:23McNabb 5 BOT HOW HARD CAN IT BE
00:51:23curdi shame we got so little pushing power :s
00:51:24WantedZip solo them all
00:51:27WantedZip when all dead
00:51:27WantedZip gg
00:51:30curdi also lost 3 raxews
00:51:41Inuusini and throne towers
00:51:50Inuusini -st
00:51:54que2stress still if we fight outside base
00:52:03Milky gooo and finish
00:52:04McNabb DONT GO MID
00:52:05Milky together now
00:52:07McNabb GO BOT
00:52:13Inuusini y, creeps in base = we lose the game
00:52:19que2stress push mid
00:52:19WantedZip axe focus krob
00:52:19que2stress all
00:52:21curdi kinda true
00:52:22Inuusini dont
00:52:27Flex- yup
00:52:41DayDream we need to win team fight withy my ulti and i def u push
00:52:46que2stress gather
00:52:47que2stress tide
00:52:54que2stress fight them
00:52:55McNabb let lanes be pushed
00:52:55que2stress before tower
00:52:56que2stress fast
00:53:04Milky blaa
00:53:04que2stress gogo
00:53:43McNabb no help
00:53:45Flex- dude
00:53:49Flex- we have 2 hoeres
00:53:50Flex- that are useless
00:53:52que2stress gw
00:53:52Flex- in team battles
00:54:02Inuusini nice :p
00:54:05Smokeer im useless
00:54:07Flex- and no one belives
00:54:09Smokeer 1 dunno
00:54:10Flex- they are useless
00:54:13Flex- milky is convinced
00:54:15Flex- he's hero
00:54:19Flex- is worth a damn in this game
00:54:34que2stress i cmoe
00:54:52McNabb GO
00:54:55Inuusini leo re in 10
00:54:55Mercury b
00:55:01McNabb milky
00:55:07McNabb afk
00:55:09McNabb great
00:55:09McNabb F
00:55:10curdi btw
00:55:11McNabb I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:55:13curdi save for buybacks
00:55:22que2stress go mid
00:55:25DayDream w8
00:55:26Flex- well
00:55:27DayDream no
00:55:29Flex- im ban requesting him
00:55:31Milky well well
00:55:31DayDream they push'
00:55:35McNabb MILKY WHY AFK
00:55:35Inuusini gather and def again
00:55:35curdi go gang?
00:55:39Milky becouse
00:55:40Milky all dead
00:55:41Milky and waiting
00:55:43Flex- nop
00:55:46McNabb nope
00:55:49Flex- dude
00:55:49McNabb u just gave up rax
00:55:51que2stress gasther
00:55:51Flex- you requsted
00:55:54Flex- for giving up rax
00:55:54Flex- in afk
00:55:55que2stress and intercept bottom
00:55:58DayDream just counter push
00:55:59Flex- fucknig tired
00:56:01Flex- of this game
00:56:12que2stress fight before base
00:56:13curdi krobe always 1st
00:56:14que2stress ok?
00:56:16curdi so we dont lose rax
00:56:26que2stress GOGO
00:56:27que2stress BOTTOM
00:56:34que2stress GO
00:56:36que2stress BEFORE BASE
00:57:12McNabb I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:57:12Milky I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:57:16Smokeer I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:57:21McNabb krob dident even ulti
00:57:24Flex- axe
00:57:25Flex- ultied
00:57:28Flex- i mean
00:57:31Flex- axe blinked to me
00:57:31McNabb THEN STAY B
00:57:32Flex- then silence
00:57:36Flex- I Do sTaY BaCk
00:57:37Flex- you all
00:57:38curdi i go for goblin
00:57:39Flex- fuckbnig cant push
00:57:40Flex- then
00:57:46Flex- cause you pick and play shit
00:57:46Flex- stuff
00:57:48McNabb its over
00:57:49Flex- and then blame me ?
00:57:50Flex- fuck off
00:57:51que2stress go mid
00:57:51McNabb they are over fed
00:58:00WantedZip I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
00:58:03que2stress hehe
00:58:08Smokeer ^^
00:58:10Inuusini -st
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