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89% | 1518 X | 1492 TS

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84% | 1446 X | 1457 TS

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75% | 1291 X | 1446 TS

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Chat log

00:00:03KiG -ii
00:00:19Aleks875 sd
00:00:19yeW- Anyone want anything?
00:00:19Aleks875 ban sd
00:00:19Kastrup i might play meepo
00:00:19DayDream shredder
00:00:19Aleks875 i dotn want himn
00:00:19yeW- I'll Meepo.
00:00:19yeW- But they'll ban him imo.
00:00:19Kastrup ban phonix
00:00:19Kastrup i can't stand that fucking hero
00:00:19Kastrup so fucking tired of him
00:00:19yeW- Well, if that assface
00:00:19yeW- decides not to drop
00:00:19yeW- Picks continue anyways, eh?
00:00:19Aleks875 rmk
00:00:19yeW- ^^
00:00:19creeeeeee yes
00:00:19yeW- Jensefar paid the price xD.
00:00:19Kastrup ^^
00:00:19Steuerfreak sry guys
00:00:19yeW- Phoenix.
00:00:19creeeeeee no meepo for you
00:00:19yeW- Bet you are!
00:00:19yeW- Come on :D.
00:00:19creeeeeee :DD
00:00:19yeW- Furi anyone?
00:00:19yeW- Pussy.
00:00:20Kastrup sur
00:00:23Kastrup e
00:00:33yeW- Ah oops.
00:00:37yeW- Miscliked xD;
00:00:38Kastrup :(
00:00:42yeW- nvm
00:00:44creeeeeee its just crazy how you play with it
00:00:45Steuerfreak someone void?
00:00:46creeeeeee unreal
00:00:46creeeeeee :D
00:00:50yeW- -clear
00:01:09yeW- Still, no fun if I don't Geo at least once in a while!
00:01:12Steuerfreak sven
00:01:19yeW- WL/AA!
00:01:22creeeeeee mby in bronze
00:01:25creeeeeee you could :D
00:01:29Steuerfreak sven tiny
00:01:48yeW- Oddly, I've had my worse games with Geo in bronze XD.
00:01:57creeeeeee hehe xD
00:01:57yeW- Aleks, courier.
00:01:59yeW- -clear
00:02:15creeeeeee well here in silver you get some support from team also
00:02:24creeeeeee :D
00:02:27yeW- Ye, but I just farm.
00:02:34Aleks875 hate this hero why i took him
00:02:36yeW- Don't give a fuck about anyone unti min 30 XD.
00:02:38Steuerfreak magnus top
00:02:39yeW- -clear
00:02:52Steuerfreak magnus top plz
00:02:54creeeeeee magnus top then
00:02:56KiG srsly
00:03:00KiG shreeder bot :)
00:03:01creeeeeee as he requests
00:03:09DayDream inv
00:03:12yeW- kk
00:03:17yeW- sec pls
00:03:19yeW- r
00:03:19yeW- re
00:03:19yeW- thanks.
00:03:38Kastrup ?
00:03:38Aleks875 nice silver laggers
00:03:38Kastrup jew u lagg
00:03:38Aleks875 bronze was better
00:03:44yeW- :D
00:03:44Kastrup REALLY?
00:03:44DayDream wtf
00:03:44yeW- Hahaha ^^.
00:03:44Aleks875 this ..
00:03:44Strom Steuerfreak, you lag
00:04:47Aleks875 nuke void
00:04:51Aleks875 with magic]
00:05:23DayDream brb
00:05:59KiG :)
00:06:04yeW- FURI
00:06:05yeW- SS
00:06:05yeW- CAE
00:06:06yeW- CARE
00:06:08yeW- SS FURI TP
00:06:16DayDream ss magnus
00:07:20KiG lvl 5 :)
00:07:22creeeeeee mid miss
00:07:27yeW- up courier pls venge
00:07:30yeW- ss mid furi
00:07:31yeW- low hp
00:07:37creeeeeee re
00:07:39Kastrup venge
00:07:40Kastrup wjhen u ready
00:07:41Kastrup im ready
00:08:18Kastrup gj
00:08:23yeW- Courier up pls
00:08:23creeeeeee lvl death lvl 2?
00:08:26yeW- ye
00:08:32creeeeeee wtf why :D
00:08:33DayDream aa top
00:08:40yeW- why not? ^^
00:09:08yeW- rue?
00:09:10yeW- rune?
00:09:27creeeeeee tal lvl death
00:09:28creeeeeee tapab mu
00:09:28Strom tra see sd siin
00:09:32Kastrup ?
00:09:52creeeeeee ss
00:10:01yeW- wards pls
00:10:06Strom kill top
00:10:18creeeeeee kill bot
00:10:19Aleks875 b
00:10:24Kastrup -2
00:10:25Kastrup -1
00:10:36DayDream 4 top
00:10:41Aleks875 4 up
00:10:43Aleks875 nice
00:11:07DayDream ss2
00:11:42Strom tp ccreee
00:12:03Strom nvm,
00:12:03yeW- W
00:12:04yeW- A
00:12:04yeW- R
00:12:05yeW- D
00:12:05yeW- S
00:13:02Kastrup tx
00:13:22Aleks875 go aa
00:13:27creeeeeee ss
00:13:34yeW- nuke
00:13:35yeW- VOID
00:13:57Aleks875 venga u noob
00:14:07yeW- lmao
00:14:10yeW- 2 wankers
00:14:29Strom dont scare him
00:15:04yeW- lemme rune
00:15:08yeW- come
00:15:08yeW- bottle
00:16:17Kastrup gj
00:16:26Kastrup tower
00:16:33Strom doom needs gang
00:16:35Aleks875 b
00:16:41Kastrup duration?
00:17:43DayDream 3
00:17:50Shinja lothars, midas, doom
00:17:59yeW- stop takin my runes.
00:18:06DayDream ss3
00:18:57Strom creee, ära tee dagonit
00:19:00Strom sa pead carryma selle mängu
00:19:12creeeeeee arvasin saan kiirmeini
00:19:17Strom ye aga muuda plaani
00:20:42yeW- -ms
00:21:51creeeeeee ohjahh
00:22:43Strom well start was good
00:22:47Strom but just not enough dps to finish it off
00:22:48yeW- zz how u let me die
00:22:50yeW- fascinating
00:22:50Shinja this kig is out of the game
00:22:51Steuerfreak ...
00:22:56Shinja dunno why he´s in here
00:23:29Kastrup whos using chick?
00:23:29Strom we really need towers
00:23:33Strom bottom & top low hp
00:23:34DayDream i
00:23:36Strom lts finish them off
00:23:38Kastrup put towards me plz
00:23:38Kastrup after
00:23:41DayDream k
00:24:59yeW- wap
00:25:18Kastrup !?!?!?
00:25:29Strom going so bad
00:25:29yeW- ?
00:25:40yeW- doh
00:25:47Strom doesn't help that we have shredder
00:25:49Steuerfreak shredder solo
00:25:50Strom that hero is kind of weak
00:26:56Strom void can outcarry in theory
00:26:57Aleks875 we must push
00:26:59Strom but needs a lot mroe items
00:27:02Kastrup why? :)
00:27:04Steuerfreak true
00:27:10Aleks875 if void overfeeded
00:27:11Aleks875 gg
00:27:19Kastrup he isn't :D
00:27:21creeeeeee ikka
00:29:29Mercury go mid
00:29:44DayDream no ulti
00:29:56Strom shredder in action
00:30:33yeW- b
00:30:48Steuerfreak hmh
00:30:51Aleks875 go push
00:31:29Kastrup WTF
00:31:30Kastrup :D
00:31:35Strom magnus needs dagger
00:31:37Shinja this sd walked there to ward btw
00:31:41Shinja give me the money
00:31:41Steuerfreak we need a new game
00:31:49yeW- rosh
00:31:55Aleks875 bad
00:31:58Aleks875 rosh
00:31:58yeW- nope
00:31:59yeW- just go
00:32:18creeeeeee they roshin i think
00:32:24Mercury doom...
00:32:27Mercury can we go mid?
00:32:33Strom basically our battle win chance consists of
00:32:37yeW- ye
00:32:37yeW- k
00:32:38Strom excellent magna ultio
00:32:41Strom shreder ulti on top of it
00:32:45Strom and then void ulti on top if
00:32:47Strom then my ulti on top of it
00:32:47Strom and then furi ulti on top of it
00:32:47Strom and then we'll win
00:32:47Shinja :D:D
00:32:47Strom so
00:32:47Aleks875 dreaming?
00:32:47Strom it's possible
00:32:47Kastrup t_T
00:32:47Strom but highly
00:32:47Strom unlikely
00:33:02Mercury jugger...
00:33:03Aleks875 doom
00:33:04Aleks875 push!
00:33:05DayDream yurnero?????????????
00:33:09yeW- xD
00:33:10Aleks875 lol
00:33:11Kastrup :D
00:33:43yeW- refreshed my midas :D
00:33:44Aleks875 farming good
00:33:47Kastrup :P
00:33:52Aleks875 but not win
00:34:08Kastrup i think it is :)
00:34:13creeeeeee well doom instant kills me anyway
00:34:19DayDream all top
00:34:57Strom ok this is it
00:34:58Strom top
00:34:59Aleks875 dont stay near
00:35:01Strom need 5 ultis ont op of eachother
00:36:52Strom well we almost won fight
00:36:55Strom but aegis fucked it up
00:37:22DayDream reg
00:37:50creeeeeee I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:37:52Kastrup :)
00:37:52Steuerfreak I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:37:53Strom I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:37:53yeW- lmao
00:37:53KiG I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:37:56creeeeeee nothing to do there
00:37:58Shinja I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:38:00Kastrup gg
00:38:00yeW- trippled by kastrup
00:38:03Kastrup :D
00:38:09yeW- dota
00:38:10yeW- for u
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