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-29 X
-1 TS

89% | 1541 X | 1453 TS

+11 X
-5 TS

34% | 1056 X | 1299 TS

+6 X
-3 TS

21% | 981 X | 1240 TS

-9 X
-4 TS

19% | 992 X | 1205 TS

-10 X
-23 TS

NEW | 1007 X | 1160 TS

+16 X
+2 TS

82% | 1398 X | 1481 TS

+11 X
+1 TS

45% | 1138 X | 1305 TS

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+2 TS

29% | 1023 X | 1280 TS

-14 X
+6 TS

18% | 975 X | 1204 TS

+46 X
+95 TS

NEW | 1067 X | 1051 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Banana [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 67 seconds.
00:00:05JasonStatham go play team
00:00:05Stanghorn ban?
00:00:19-.- -aa
00:00:19mrk omni
00:00:19Domess great
00:00:24GuiTaR i wanted both
00:00:26GuiTaR lol
00:00:48Domess wtf im the last all the time :S
00:00:54GuiTaR ure noob
00:01:01mrk läheb
00:01:06GuiTaR me dk
00:01:12Domess can i go mid with styg?
00:01:14mrk no
00:01:22mby_next_time anyone want rubick?
00:01:26Stanghorn y please
00:01:28Stanghorn what u want?
00:01:29mrk oh ur new
00:01:32mrk we have hope
00:01:34mby_next_time hmm
00:01:39JasonStatham lion
00:01:40mby_next_time luna
00:01:42JasonStatham lion ftw
00:01:43JasonStatham NO LUNA
00:01:44mby_next_time luna luna luna :>
00:01:46JasonStatham NOOOO
00:01:47mby_next_time yesluna
00:01:49mby_next_time -swap 5
00:01:50JasonStatham wtf pick dude
00:01:51Stanghorn -swap 3
00:01:58Banana -ma
00:02:03mrk get lesh or lion
00:02:07mrk imo
00:02:08Domess no
00:02:09Domess that sux
00:02:10Domess hard
00:02:16-.- -ma
00:02:19mby_next_time tusk you pull?
00:02:20mby_next_time -hhn
00:02:21mby_next_time -don
00:02:22mby_next_time -clear
00:02:26JasonStatham u pull
00:02:27mrk go bot then
00:02:28mrk bs
00:02:29mrk dk top
00:02:32GuiTaR k
00:02:32mby_next_time rofl you wont handle farming
00:02:40JasonStatham says you?:D
00:02:41Domess cent mid
00:02:41Domess ok
00:02:43Domess ...
00:02:43mrk oh
00:02:44mrk btw
00:02:45GuiTaR me pull weawer ok?
00:02:46mrk u have to buy chicken
00:02:47mrk as last
00:02:48Domess u should let me mid
00:02:51mby_next_time yes i say.
00:02:54mrk get it asap
00:02:55Jerkku gg no courier
00:02:57JasonStatham i say f that:d
00:02:59Domess forgot
00:03:03JasonStatham u noob
00:03:04mrk np
00:03:05mrk just get it
00:03:05Banana frist one who dies buys
00:03:06Stanghorn g hf
00:03:06mby_next_time eh nap
00:03:08Domess ok
00:03:17Domess i ll buy
00:03:22GuiTaR i pull
00:03:25mby_next_time kk i pull and let you die solo
00:03:25mby_next_time glk
00:03:26Jerkku y
00:03:29JasonStatham gl
00:04:38Jerkku need sentrys so bad
00:04:44Jerkku but no courier :S
00:04:45Doomy ss
00:05:18Doomy i lag tt
00:05:44Domess sec
00:05:45Domess shop
00:05:45Domess b
00:05:59mrk ss
00:06:07mrk rly need that chick
00:06:21Domess take
00:06:41JasonStatham easy gank bot
00:06:54mrk getsrune
00:07:02mrk pudge
00:07:02mrk rune
00:07:03mrk bot
00:07:08GuiTaR heal wew
00:07:25mrk open chick
00:07:26mrk banana
00:07:28Jerkku courier
00:07:29Jerkku now
00:07:29Banana ye
00:07:42Domess share
00:07:42Domess so
00:07:45Doomy ss top
00:07:56Stanghorn ss top
00:07:57mrk let it mid
00:07:57mrk first
00:07:58mrk then top
00:08:00Jerkku y
00:08:08Domess extra
00:08:09Domess noob
00:08:09Domess gg
00:08:11JasonStatham n1
00:08:16Domess bad joke
00:08:16Domess omlg
00:08:17Domess ??
00:08:19mrk use chick
00:08:27Domess wtf he failed
00:08:28Domess stun
00:08:35Domess unreal
00:09:02Domess ..
00:09:18Domess ..
00:09:21Stanghorn fuck invis
00:09:24Domess so hard
00:09:24Stanghorn cent top
00:09:25Domess with lina
00:09:26Domess which
00:09:28Domess fails
00:09:31Domess all stuns::
00:09:52Domess need gang down too
00:10:11Jerkku btw ty dk for tangos
00:10:18GuiTaR np
00:10:27GuiTaR i dont need
00:10:28mrk WHY U CHASE
00:10:29mrk :D:D:D
00:10:35mrk wait for them
00:10:36mrk to return lane
00:10:38mrk easy gank
00:10:43Jerkku kill brood
00:11:48Domess gj
00:11:58mrk need wards
00:12:18Domess stun
00:12:20mrk still ss
00:12:28Domess weawer
00:12:29Domess is down
00:12:29Domess now
00:12:39Jerkku u mean
00:12:41Jerkku brood
00:12:44Jerkku im weaver :D
00:12:52Domess y
00:12:54Domess brood :p
00:13:03GuiTaR gang?
00:13:07Domess need dsut
00:13:23GuiTaR lol
00:13:25-.- bugged shit
00:13:48GuiTaR ffs
00:13:50mrk how
00:13:51mrk why
00:13:51GuiTaR fffs
00:13:51GuiTaR sfsf
00:13:52GuiTaR bg
00:13:54GuiTaR vnh
00:13:58GuiTaR shit thats how
00:14:07Domess gogogo
00:14:16Domess wait
00:14:46-.- -afk
00:14:58mrk pudge bot
00:15:31GuiTaR gang
00:15:33mrk lina wards
00:15:33mrk now
00:15:38mrk we coulda easily seen that last
00:15:39mrk fight
00:15:48Banana yeh i am so rich
00:16:13mrk dk why u run
00:16:16mrk ur stun is huge range now
00:16:22Domess heh
00:16:27GuiTaR dont know
00:16:45mrk dk
00:16:46mrk wards
00:16:48GuiTaR ?
00:16:52mrk yes
00:16:52mrk you
00:16:55GuiTaR i buy
00:16:57Banana wards at bird
00:16:59GuiTaR u place o?
00:17:03GuiTaR ok
00:17:05GuiTaR ?
00:17:08mrk we have
00:17:20Domess cent
00:17:32Domess gj
00:17:47Domess they come
00:17:48Domess care
00:17:54Domess b
00:18:10mrk why noone bot
00:18:11mrk line
00:18:12Jerkku let me bot
00:18:12mrk lina
00:18:13mrk 2hit
00:18:15mrk whole lane
00:18:24GuiTaR deny
00:18:25mrk jesus
00:18:35mrk dont let them get free towers
00:18:36mrk buy tps
00:18:48Stanghorn omw bot
00:18:57Domess go b
00:18:58Domess cznt
00:19:05Domess b
00:19:06Domess go mid
00:19:11Doomy mana
00:19:17Stanghorn cd
00:19:25mrk watch hook
00:19:26Domess pudge
00:19:27Domess care
00:19:28GuiTaR get
00:19:36mrk BBBB
00:20:34GuiTaR ffs
00:20:34JasonStatham n1
00:20:34GuiTaR a
00:20:57mby_next_time blah :>
00:21:00Domess :
00:21:34Domess u so bad
00:21:35Domess dk
00:21:37Domess 000
00:21:53-.- lucky dk
00:21:55-.- i missclicked a lot
00:22:02mrk lucky
00:22:05mrk rather ta liiga bad
00:22:06mrk et ette jäi
00:22:07mrk :D
00:22:10-.- seda ka
00:22:15Domess tower
00:22:51Domess gang
00:22:55GuiTaR omw
00:22:57Domess wait
00:23:02Stanghorn check rosh?
00:23:11-.- -st
00:23:14Domess suckers :)
00:23:32Domess gogo
00:23:34Domess all mid
00:23:49Domess lol
00:23:55Domess care
00:23:56mrk new wards please
00:23:58GuiTaR gang
00:23:58mrk i can place
00:24:00Domess whty u stay?
00:24:02Domess why u stay?
00:24:04Domess idiito
00:24:11GuiTaR gang??
00:24:16mrk DK LINA
00:24:17mrk COME
00:24:19mrk DK 1ST
00:24:28Domess wait me
00:24:29Domess naps
00:24:30Doomy we need wards plz
00:24:31Domess i silence
00:24:34Domess i silence
00:24:55-.- why the fuck
00:24:56GuiTaR gj
00:24:56-.- did u ball
00:24:57-.- ?=!?!?
00:25:00-.- i was about to hook lina
00:25:02JasonStatham sorri
00:25:12JasonStatham peaegu
00:25:21Domess where is luna ?
00:25:23mrk ty ill place
00:25:25mrk wards
00:25:27mrk woods most likely
00:25:36-.- ultimate orb?
00:25:37Domess coem gang this bitch
00:25:37GuiTaR omw
00:25:37-.- for what?
00:25:38Domess got dust
00:25:46Stanghorn get bot
00:25:50Domess gogo
00:26:05Domess pff
00:26:07Domess fuck rlly
00:26:11Domess g ob
00:26:11Domess ofc
00:26:15Domess go b
00:26:16Domess now
00:26:21GuiTaR ffs
00:26:25Domess fail gang
00:26:27Domess ...
00:26:30GuiTaR y
00:26:39GuiTaR we need dust
00:26:40Domess coz this fucking pudge..
00:26:41mrk pudge mid
00:26:41GuiTaR ill buy
00:26:43GuiTaR ok
00:26:44GuiTaR ?
00:26:54GuiTaR then gang spider
00:26:56Domess u re alone cent
00:26:56Domess go b
00:27:04Domess gogo
00:27:13GuiTaR whyyyy
00:27:17mrk weaver
00:27:17mrk cmon
00:27:18GuiTaR b
00:27:18Domess b
00:27:22mby_next_time rofl :D
00:27:30Domess :D rofl
00:27:32Domess :D
00:27:37Domess blade mail ?
00:27:39Domess :D?
00:27:40mrk 0.1 sec distraction
00:27:41mby_next_time y i know
00:27:43mrk i coulda suicide kill tusk
00:27:46mby_next_time was just funny for me
00:28:01Domess where is my recipe lol
00:28:21GuiTaR fucking pudge
00:28:38Domess gogo
00:28:50mrk LOL BS
00:28:56mrk u fucking killed me u know:D
00:28:57GuiTaR gj
00:28:59mrk silenced me
00:29:02Domess h
00:29:11mrk i was useless whole fight
00:29:14mrk full hp to 0 hp
00:29:27-.- brood
00:29:30-.- orb for?
00:29:33mrk ://
00:29:36Doomy linken
00:29:41Domess nerub u need some item now
00:29:43mrk dk
00:29:44mrk get bkb
00:29:45mrk next
00:29:47Domess ye
00:29:49-.- kk
00:29:49Domess and lvl 16
00:29:50Domess soon
00:30:00GuiTaR got dust
00:30:02Domess no one dust?
00:30:04Domess ok
00:30:05GuiTaR me
00:30:10Domess i ll buy too
00:30:10mrk and bs
00:30:13mrk try not to silence me
00:30:25-.- IDIOT
00:30:28Domess come with us
00:30:31Doomy get mid
00:31:03-.- attack
00:31:05-.- idiots
00:31:08mby_next_time \b
00:31:12-.- ATTACK HIM
00:31:13-.- U IDIOT
00:31:16JasonStatham lol why run
00:31:16-.- ?!?!?!
00:31:21Doomy silenced
00:31:23Doomy low life
00:31:23-.- so??
00:31:26Doomy no ulti
00:31:26-.- he had 200 hp
00:31:26mrk try to kill
00:31:27mby_next_time your ulti > him.
00:31:28Stanghorn extra damage
00:31:28-.- u had +dmg
00:31:29mrk rubic first
00:31:29-.- from him
00:31:31mrk its 2 hit to everyone
00:31:32-.- 100% kill
00:31:39GuiTaR y
00:31:44-.- so bad
00:31:46GuiTaR what sloud i buy?/
00:31:46Domess ye i can silence
00:31:49mrk bkb
00:31:49GuiTaR pipe
00:31:50GuiTaR ?
00:31:52mrk dk
00:31:53GuiTaR bkb k
00:31:53mrk bkb
00:31:54mrk i said
00:31:57GuiTaR k
00:31:57GuiTaR k
00:31:58GuiTaR k
00:32:03GuiTaR dk bkb :)
00:32:18GuiTaR care
00:32:25GuiTaR got dust
00:32:40Domess i go
00:32:54mrk nvm
00:32:59mby_next_time ^^
00:33:00Domess fu
00:33:02Domess wtf
00:33:04mby_next_time creep block :D
00:33:12mby_next_time got my own guards D:
00:33:12Domess ye :)
00:33:13GuiTaR gang
00:33:25GuiTaR reg
00:33:25Domess go b all
00:33:26mrk he tp
00:33:30mby_next_time anyway you rly hate me
00:33:31mby_next_time :<
00:33:48Domess omg noob !!!!!!
00:33:52Domess ty fucking tards
00:33:53Domess rlly
00:33:56Domess wtf
00:33:59Domess again fail
00:34:04Domess luna u fucking tard JUST ULTy
00:34:12Domess so sux
00:34:16Domess omg ulty nap lina ?
00:34:30Domess pfaa
00:34:31mrk LINA
00:34:33mrk :D:D:D:
00:34:34mby_next_time fu :>
00:34:37Domess this liuna
00:34:40GuiTaR ffs
00:34:41GuiTaR b
00:34:41GuiTaR b
00:34:42GuiTaR b
00:34:42mby_next_time i just wante my stats
00:34:45mby_next_time 6/6/6
00:34:46mby_next_time !
00:34:58Stanghorn puish mid
00:35:06Domess go mid
00:35:13mrk I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:35:14mrk ggwp
00:35:14Stanghorn try to fget mid tower?
00:35:23Domess we win
00:35:36Domess hlep
00:35:41mby_next_time gtfo stop buying dust bs :D
00:35:58Domess waw
00:35:58Domess ty
00:35:59Domess cent
00:36:00JasonStatham ty for saving
00:36:11Domess coz these naps cant do anything
00:36:20Doomy we should rosh
00:36:43Domess i need aegis
00:36:45GuiTaR gogog
00:36:51GuiTaR gang??
00:36:57Domess come
00:36:57Domess lol
00:36:58Domess stun
00:37:00GuiTaR omg
00:37:35Domess nah
00:37:44-.- where the heck is ur bkb
00:37:44GuiTaR teleport?
00:37:45-.- luna
00:37:57-.- why didnt u keep pushing
00:37:58-.- brood
00:38:02GuiTaR b?
00:38:05Domess no
00:38:06Domess no me
00:38:15GuiTaR b
00:38:17Domess no tiem
00:38:17Domess b
00:38:25GuiTaR rosh?
00:38:47Doomy dont take my farm
00:38:49GuiTaR fast gang?
00:38:50Domess ye
00:38:52Domess i take
00:38:55GuiTaR k
00:38:56GuiTaR come
00:39:01GuiTaR fast
00:39:10Domess come
00:39:15-.- rosh
00:39:16-.- i guess
00:39:21Domess gogo
00:39:21Domess fast
00:39:23Domess i take
00:39:35Domess gj
00:39:36Domess go
00:39:36-.- as i said
00:39:48mrk go mid
00:39:48mrk 5
00:39:59Stanghorn def mid?N
00:40:11Domess cmon go all
00:40:13Domess pudge is down
00:40:16-.- def @ base
00:40:28GuiTaR b?
00:40:29mrk 1 must tp
00:40:31Domess no
00:40:32Domess stay
00:40:33mrk lina
00:40:33mrk tp
00:40:43Domess b
00:40:53Domess go all b
00:40:54Domess wtf
00:41:08GuiTaR b
00:41:11GuiTaR b
00:41:28mby_next_time such a gay :D
00:41:30Domess :D
00:41:43-.- srsly
00:41:48-.- i hook cent with 5% hp
00:41:49-.- to our tower
00:41:51-.- u guys do nothing
00:42:04mby_next_time had like 159 hp
00:42:04-.- luna just nearby
00:42:05GuiTaR i need 150 gf
00:42:05-.- lurking
00:42:08-.- so what
00:42:16mby_next_time so nothing i wont die on lina
00:42:22-.- rofl
00:42:24mby_next_time fuck off :D
00:42:27-.- lina was further
00:42:27Domess :D
00:42:31-.- couldve not got you
00:42:33mby_next_time rofl dude you know her spells?
00:42:35mby_next_time and ulti ?
00:42:35Domess te
00:42:36mrk wards
00:42:37mby_next_time and range?
00:42:38Domess they gang
00:42:38mrk please
00:42:48mby_next_time and bs was just about to come from aegis
00:42:51GuiTaR gj
00:42:52Domess :p)
00:42:55Domess all mid
00:42:55mrk all mid
00:42:56mrk now
00:43:02GuiTaR push
00:43:03-.- yeah why do i even bother argueing with 5% players
00:43:12mby_next_time due to you suck that game
00:43:20-.- yeah i obv do.. :D
00:43:24Domess dk
00:43:26-.- mr 6-7-6 luna
00:43:27Domess use
00:43:27mrk focus rax
00:43:28mrk dont dive
00:43:29-.- without bkb
00:43:30Domess ava and go
00:43:37mby_next_time you stopped to do shit after twenty mintues
00:43:44-.- su noob
00:43:44Jerkku :DD:D:D::D
00:43:48mby_next_time yoyo
00:43:52mby_next_time get the truth
00:43:55mrk come
00:43:55mrk come
00:43:56-.- truth is u suck
00:44:00mby_next_time yoyo
00:44:02mby_next_time rofl :D
00:44:09-.- trying to say other?
00:44:24Domess lol
00:44:24Domess ffs
00:44:24Domess no
00:44:24-.- GO
00:44:24-.- ON
00:44:24GuiTaR ffs
00:44:24Domess not him
00:44:24GuiTaR no way
00:44:24Domess mg
00:44:24Doomy cent
00:44:24Doomy low life
00:44:24Domess let me
00:44:24Domess control him
00:44:24-.- go
00:44:24-.- them
00:44:24-.- and luna
00:44:24GuiTaR u cant
00:44:24-.- ur horrible
00:44:24-.- didnt
00:44:24mby_next_time rofl
00:44:24-.- buy
00:44:24-.- bkb
00:44:24-.- what
00:44:24-.- the
00:44:25-.- fuck
00:44:30Domess uff :)
00:44:35Domess good u re here
00:44:36Domess :)
00:44:44GuiTaR thank god
00:44:51Domess gj 2 sides now
00:44:59Domess heh :)
00:45:11mrk pudge just ate me with his ult
00:45:13mrk if id not lagg
00:45:15mrk bmail on
00:45:16mrk both dead
00:45:22-.- never seen u play good mby next time
00:45:24Domess ye
00:45:29-.- and always you argue with superior player
00:45:31mby_next_time cant say so about you:D
00:45:38-.- yeah u cant
00:45:38mrk gem brood btw
00:45:39-.- cuz u have seen
00:45:41-.- me play good
00:45:42GuiTaR y
00:45:44GuiTaR i see
00:45:44mby_next_time hahahah :D
00:45:48-.- and even now im doing better than you
00:45:48Domess butreffly
00:45:48GuiTaR what to buy??
00:45:49-.- kiddo
00:45:50GuiTaR now
00:45:51GuiTaR pipe
00:45:52mrk ac
00:45:53mby_next_time with your X
00:45:53GuiTaR ?
00:45:56GuiTaR ??
00:45:57mby_next_time you dont do great
00:45:58mrk get ac
00:45:59mrk cuirass
00:46:00GuiTaR ac??
00:46:02GuiTaR ahh
00:46:03GuiTaR kk
00:46:05-.- what so good about my x?
00:46:08-.- its low
00:46:10Doomy we need wards
00:46:11Doomy ffsd
00:46:13mby_next_time like you
00:46:14mby_next_time :>
00:46:21mrk i have pipe
00:46:23-.- not as low as you :)
00:46:23GuiTaR k
00:46:26GuiTaR didnt see
00:46:27mrk u get ac
00:46:30mby_next_time :>
00:46:31GuiTaR i will
00:46:47GuiTaR b
00:46:48GuiTaR b
00:46:50GuiTaR b not all 5
00:46:57Domess b
00:46:57Domess b
00:47:28JasonStatham pro luna just watching
00:47:33mby_next_time vs creeps :D
00:47:38mby_next_time so sry :D
00:47:42mrk go bot
00:47:42mrk rax
00:47:43mrk weav
00:47:43mrk bot
00:47:44mrk rax
00:47:45mrk weaver
00:47:46GuiTaR go bot
00:47:50mrk RAX
00:47:51mrk NIOW
00:48:13Domess :D pff
00:48:17Domess wtf
00:48:21Domess u could kill him ?
00:48:41Doomy dont chase
00:48:43Doomy def base
00:48:54Domess bad way
00:48:54Domess :)
00:49:09Doomy idiot
00:49:09Domess waw lina
00:49:10JasonStatham asdasdasdas
00:49:15Domess i saved you :)
00:49:16Banana D:
00:49:20Banana u did
00:49:25Domess stun ye :)
00:49:46Doomy top luna
00:49:51Domess :D this splash :D
00:49:56-.- no bkb no kill
00:50:02mby_next_time so pro D:
00:50:05mby_next_time thx for advantage :D
00:50:09Domess :D
00:50:12-.- advantagE?
00:50:18-.- english much?
00:50:20mby_next_time tfu
00:50:26mby_next_time thanks for advice
00:50:45Doomy gg
00:50:50Stanghorn gg
00:50:52JasonStatham Gg
00:50:52Domess gg
00:50:54GuiTaR gg
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