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-27 X
-3 TS
56% | 1210 X | 1355 TS

-19 X
-6 TS

42% | 1100 X | 1313 TS

-8 X
-2 TS

36% | 1074 X | 1302 TS

-25 X
-16 TS

NEW | 1000 X | 1137 TS

-30 X
-21 TS

NEW | 1029 X | 1036 TS

-36 X
+4 TS

69% | 1251 X | 1437 TS

+31 X
+2 TS

34% | 1082 X | 1271 TS

+42 X
+4 TS

28% | 1005 X | 1283 TS

+52 X
+50 TS

NEW | 1073 X | 1094 TS

+30 X
+69 TS

NEW | 1058 X | 1059 TS

Chat log

00:00:06fjente adoon
00:00:16fjente my internet went down whole last night
00:00:16fjente yesterday
00:00:16fjente fyi
00:00:16NwC.CooL-T sd skywrath Whats that new heros name? Skywrath
00:00:16Kamerplant skywrath mage got it
00:00:16Idioteque rightone
00:00:16Idioteque why him`?
00:00:16Idioteque so mightyß
00:00:16Idioteque ? quite good
00:00:16Kamerplant just played him lycan
00:00:16Kamerplant it is good
00:00:16fjente get morph? mm. :D
00:00:16Kamerplant massive nuke but no farm at all
00:00:16Idioteque better ban lycan imo Lycan Lyca
00:00:16fjente morph I ban lyca instead
00:00:16holostoi banned SD and skywrath? Nop
00:00:16holostoi lol
00:00:16Idioteque strange isnt it? SD and lyca
00:00:16Kamerplant SD and lycan
00:00:16Adoon :< My bad. :D
00:00:17Idioteque dude its to late imo gogog
00:00:19Idioteque or? its not Its not
00:00:22Kamerplant no it's not
00:00:23Idioteque k
00:00:26Idioteque k didnt knew so who we get?
00:00:32fjente morph?
00:00:34Idioteque 5 carrys
00:00:35Idioteque :D i go for huskar maybe?
00:00:40Firoga y
00:00:40Idioteque y
00:00:43fjente get morph imo
00:00:43Firoga i go dazzle
00:00:45Firoga imba shit
00:00:45Idioteque get dazzle
00:00:45Idioteque y pick wl and
00:00:50fjente k, no morph
00:00:52fjente i get wl
00:00:53Idioteque panda maybe 2 try to get tide and Wl
00:00:56Firoga i can panda and win for sure
00:00:58Firoga very well panda is good too
00:01:02fjente i get wl
00:01:03Firoga panda or dazzle
00:01:16Firoga dazzle
00:01:18Idioteque y
00:01:21Idioteque i get
00:01:22Idioteque who?
00:01:26fjente lvei
00:01:28fjente levi? y
00:01:30Idioteque no for sure imba
00:01:33NwC.CooL-T tonyboi chick buy
00:01:35Kamerplant need tide
00:01:36Idioteque h.. kay
00:01:37Kamerplant awesome with wl
00:01:42Idioteque k if u cant get tide then magnus is good also
00:01:50Idioteque then wl you and me lane
00:01:54Idioteque with tidy
00:02:03fjente i get chicken
00:02:06fjente nvm
00:02:07Idioteque i have to
00:02:10Kamerplant up it tide and wl bottom firo + kamer top
00:02:21Firoga yeeee
00:02:22Firoga he used my name
00:02:25Firoga ?_?
00:02:27NwC.CooL-T ?????? ??????? ????? ??????
00:02:28Firoga ahahah
00:02:30NwC.CooL-T ??? ??? ?????? )
00:02:32Idioteque gl hf
00:02:35Kamerplant i will go silence/amp and slow/dmg
00:02:39Firoga k
00:02:41Firoga me basic
00:02:47Idioteque dagger asap y
00:02:51Idioteque refresh
00:02:54Idioteque maybe
00:02:55Kamerplant do you know how it works or should i share?
00:02:58fjente not refresher
00:02:59Firoga me dagger satanic radiance !
00:03:03Idioteque radi
00:03:05Idioteque on dazzle?
00:03:05fjente no
00:03:06fjente ..
00:03:09holostoi ? ???
00:03:10Firoga i'm joking -.-
00:03:12holostoi -??
00:03:13Idioteque :D
00:03:14fjente ty
00:03:14holostoi -ms get fly-ng asap and dont forget wards
00:03:29fjente it is flying
00:03:33fjente but u were ironic?? no just blind
00:03:56Idioteque pull next wavce
00:04:00fjente u pull
00:04:09Kamerplant 1 hp
00:04:10Kamerplant lol gj gj butcher went down care
00:05:02Kamerplant ss butcher re ss mid
00:06:54Idioteque -cs
00:06:55Firoga lucker wards up pls
00:07:21Kamerplant butch lucked the shit out of that
00:07:34Idioteque dumb idewa
00:07:39Idioteque mid
00:07:41Idioteque gang bot asap mid re
00:07:59Idioteque dazzle
00:08:02Idioteque can you go down?
00:08:04mamyka ???? ??? ????? ????????
00:08:08Firoga we are rocking here
00:08:12Firoga wait the tower
00:08:35Idioteque ss
00:08:36mamyka ????
00:08:53Kamerplant eh the fuu
00:08:59mamyka ?????? he had no stick or nothing lol
00:09:02mamyka ??? ??????
00:09:06fjente haste nvm ill go back mid
00:09:10mamyka ????? ??????? ss mid care re
00:09:32fjente gang bot
00:09:38Kamerplant ss
00:09:48Kamerplant ss2
00:09:59fjente -ma ss mid
00:10:19fjente b
00:10:19fjente b
00:10:28NwC.CooL-T ss what a a hook
00:11:06holostoi ss2
00:11:13NwC.CooL-T come
00:11:21Kamerplant go
00:11:32Idioteque bot is lost
00:11:50Kamerplant could have killed
00:11:50Kamerplant ;s
00:12:31Kamerplant oom
00:12:34NwC.CooL-T mp
00:13:08Kamerplant gank bot with 4
00:13:09mamyka ???
00:13:09fjente 3 bot
00:13:09Kamerplant atleast
00:13:11mamyka gang
00:13:14mamyka ekmneq
00:13:47Kamerplant zeus
00:13:48Kamerplant first
00:13:53holostoi ))
00:13:57Idioteque -cs
00:14:00Kamerplant ffs
00:14:02holostoi ??? ????
00:14:07Kamerplant couldnt silence
00:14:08Kamerplant ;s
00:14:08holostoi ?? ??????
00:14:20fjente got ulti now
00:14:35Firoga tide u are noob
00:14:45Idioteque didnt saw it comin
00:14:56mamyka ??? ????
00:16:09fjente bot
00:16:31mamyka ????
00:16:44Kamerplant need wards dazzle
00:16:57fjente tp bot?
00:16:59fjente i got tp
00:17:01fjente +ulti no ankh?
00:17:20Firoga cd guess not
00:17:21Kamerplant ;s
00:17:22Idioteque we get owned hard k
00:17:24fjente fuck we shouldnt be all our ulties etc wtf
00:17:33Firoga ok
00:17:34Idioteque y
00:17:36Firoga FROM NOW
00:17:38Firoga GOOD PLAYING
00:17:41Idioteque we play serious get wards up and play the game
00:17:46Firoga y
00:17:47Kamerplant back top
00:17:49Kamerplant forget first tower i keep dieing thats really bad
00:18:33Kamerplant get 2 bracers
00:18:34mamyka ???? ?? ??????? ????? ?????????
00:18:34Firoga husj farm ill try wards up pls
00:19:01fjente heal levi gj gj
00:19:29Idioteque oom
00:20:06fjente jesus
00:20:06Kamerplant fuck you
00:20:08Kamerplant run my way
00:20:11Kamerplant so stupid
00:20:13Idioteque lol
00:20:15Kamerplant so he can stun us both
00:20:19Kamerplant run the other so i can escape
00:20:20Idioteque you blame me for dying?
00:20:24mamyka ?? ??????? ??? ?????
00:20:26Idioteque you would die anway
00:20:29Kamerplant i blame you for giving sk double stun
00:20:29Kamerplant no
00:20:30Idioteque ..
00:20:34Idioteque well k
00:20:35Idioteque sorry
00:20:40holostoi ???? ??? ???? ?? ???? ?? ???????
00:20:54Firoga LOST
00:20:55Firoga B
00:20:56Firoga B
00:20:56Firoga B
00:20:56Firoga B
00:20:57Firoga B
00:20:57Firoga B
00:21:38Kamerplant focus zeus and crix
00:22:05Kamerplant dazzle buy wards
00:22:06Kamerplant or yellow
00:22:10Firoga i have
00:22:12Firoga 2
00:22:12Idioteque farm
00:22:21Kamerplant dagger
00:23:06Idioteque bad bad bad
00:23:10Idioteque they own us totaly
00:23:12Firoga tide u are a mega noob y
00:23:13Kamerplant dont chase
00:23:18Idioteque dead anyway so massive firepower against me need my gauntlets and bkb
00:23:43Firoga WE have to gank
00:23:58fjente come ward
00:23:59Kamerplant ward this shit
00:23:59fjente with me
00:24:00Firoga k
00:24:34Kamerplant nice gank
00:24:34Idioteque gj
00:24:35mamyka ?????? ? ???? ?????
00:24:39fjente awrd
00:24:41fjente ward
00:25:12Idioteque whoß
00:25:13Idioteque ?
00:25:14fjente reg rune
00:25:15Kamerplant me car emid
00:25:31Idioteque gj b b
00:25:48Idioteque goddamn
00:26:02fjente take farm omw
00:26:32fjente will get meka
00:26:36Adoon ?
00:26:37Kamerplant :-)
00:26:38Idioteque not dazzle?
00:26:40mamyka ??
00:26:41mamyka gj
00:26:42Adoon no heroes there
00:26:42Firoga no
00:26:43Kamerplant i will start building damage now
00:26:54Kamerplant stupid
00:26:55Kamerplant lol get dust also
00:27:20Kamerplant b
00:27:20Kamerplant b
00:27:21Kamerplant b
00:27:31Kamerplant buy 2 bracers tide
00:27:54Idioteque ty made
00:27:55Adoon SILENCED?
00:28:00mamyka yes
00:28:02fjente got ulti
00:28:04Adoon wth
00:28:07Adoon 5 sec silence
00:28:11mamyka yes
00:28:16mamyka this is fuckin bird
00:28:46Idioteque you
00:29:17Idioteque b massive gang b guys
00:29:32Kamerplant b
00:29:35Idioteque i got no ulti ill tele right back
00:29:43Kamerplant wait 20 seconds
00:29:45Kamerplant for his ulti
00:29:56Idioteque rdy b b his lureing B ffffs. i fucking told u guys
00:30:44fjente they charged i said it was a lure
00:31:02Tonyboi ty no we have no ulties so basically if dive im fucked
00:31:19Kamerplant so dont
00:31:28Firoga i grave u
00:31:34mamyka b
00:31:52holostoi ?? ????,
00:31:55holostoi mb rosh?
00:31:59Kamerplant ...
00:32:16Kamerplant new wards
00:32:19fjente ye
00:32:20fjente got 2
00:32:25Idioteque ulties rdy in 30 ill try farming top
00:32:37fjente dd
00:32:49Idioteque ;O
00:33:02Firoga ward here
00:33:04holostoi 100 gold
00:33:07Kamerplant on the hilltop
00:33:12Kamerplant behind tower
00:33:17Kamerplant other way
00:33:18Kamerplant dude
00:33:18Kamerplant ffs
00:33:25Idioteque care
00:33:31holostoi -ms
00:33:38Kamerplant smoke?
00:33:50Adoon me inv
00:33:50Kamerplant incoming!!!
00:33:52Kamerplant b
00:34:10fjente w8
00:34:14fjente ? dont stay near hill pfft
00:34:25holostoi mid?
00:34:29Kamerplant bait
00:34:32Adoon they are all here.. go imo?
00:34:43Kamerplant n
00:34:44mamyka w8 me i come
00:34:48Kamerplant pudge
00:35:01Idioteque i dagger
00:35:05Kamerplant b
00:35:30Kamerplant told you
00:35:31Kamerplant dont go
00:35:34Kamerplant so lame mmm tru
00:35:48Kamerplant but always better to run in
00:35:49Kamerplant ofc alrite
00:36:04Kamerplant they bait with panda now we turtle
00:36:06Kamerplant don't go for it well warlock couldnt ulti thats it basically
00:36:31Idioteque wasted
00:37:11Kamerplant ffs
00:37:20Kamerplant use your infernal u lost there? omg
00:37:29Kamerplant he just left his infernal behind
00:37:30fjente i told him attack panda
00:37:35fjente then he died
00:37:37fjente and i was busy
00:37:41Kamerplant lol
00:37:46Kamerplant grave him
00:37:47Kamerplant and go!
00:38:58Idioteque :(
00:39:20Idioteque turtle
00:39:22Kamerplant atleast get SOME hp tide
00:39:28Idioteque going for
00:39:28Kamerplant bracers or pt b wlock 600 missing from bkb how bad is that
00:39:46fjente too much
00:40:11fjente at base
00:40:18Kamerplant rosh? they just did
00:40:26fjente we cant do anythign bout it
00:40:35Idioteque i dagger in? base
00:40:36Kamerplant BASE stay
00:40:37Kamerplant tide
00:40:37fjente BASE
00:40:40Idioteque kay we failed once goin in ourselves
00:40:49Kamerplant stay back or bat will grab you tide
00:40:56Kamerplant tide
00:40:58Kamerplant dont be stupid try to disable crix
00:41:09Kamerplant io will zeus
00:41:33mamyka b ytrjve nfyrjdfnM&
00:41:38mamyka ? ?????? ?????????? zeus has hex shit
00:41:48Kamerplant some time guys
00:42:05Kamerplant really? im fucked on other side
00:42:05Firoga grave
00:42:05Kamerplant why
00:42:05Adoon him again
00:42:05Kamerplant did you go Why so shit ulti warlock? well its gg
00:42:05Adoon told u he is leaver Wp
00:42:05Kamerplant best if he leaves imo im dead in a sec. : /
00:42:10fjente ffs
00:42:26fjente imba lag
00:42:27Firoga wl "won" this ame
00:42:29Firoga gg idiotic ulti wlock and tide ultied toolate also, but
00:42:52fjente yea, should have waited until i was disabled a good ulti still
00:42:55fjente and dead
00:43:00Idioteque i was disabled
00:43:01Idioteque dazzle
00:43:02Firoga fjenter
00:43:03Firoga u suck
00:43:04Firoga tide
00:43:05Firoga u suck
00:43:10Firoga we playerd 3 vs 5
00:43:12Idioteque well i had a bad game ye new ulti
00:43:47Kamerplant that range already lmao
00:43:48Kamerplant =x nvm I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel] always a new day and a new game
00:44:04Kamerplant I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:06fjente ofc i failed also badly.
00:44:11Idioteque me 2
00:44:17Idioteque most fail from me well, u see thats the case here
00:44:28Firoga at least, tide, u are true
00:44:30Firoga i like u if i fail, i deal dmg etc and tank but ur ultis was the key
00:44:39Idioteque y
00:44:43Idioteque and that was the bad side
00:44:48Idioteque how i ff?
00:44:51Idioteque im kinda new her
00:45:02Idioteque forfeit? just -ff
00:45:09Idioteque -ff without -
00:45:11Idioteque I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:17Idioteque kay
00:45:18Idioteque thx
00:45:22Kamerplant I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:25Firoga I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:37Idioteque who left?
00:45:43fjente firoga
00:45:45fjente i think
00:46:07Idioteque try whatever you want dazzle
00:46:08Idioteque they get
00:46:09Idioteque me
00:46:19mamyka ??????
00:46:24Idioteque but this league is awesome
00:46:30Idioteque good players srsly
00:46:52fjente gg
00:46:55Idioteque gg
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