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-22 X
-2 TS

89% | 1589 X | 1445 TS

-38 X
-2 TS

88% | 1479 X | 1497 TS

+31 X
-2 TS

83% | 1404 X | 1492 TS

+5 X
-11 TS

78% | 1446 X | 1376 TS

-5 X
-2 TS

74% | 1287 X | 1479 TS

-5 X
+2 TS

98% | 1783 X | 1587 TS

+35 X
+2 TS

97% | 1650 X | 1619 TS

+49 X
+2 TS

77% | 1366 X | 1446 TS

-18 X
+4 TS

51% | 1187 X | 1331 TS

-18 X
+2 TS

51% | 1184 X | 1331 TS

Chat log

00:00:02WANKmaster -ap
00:00:03Soulyah -ap
00:00:03WANKmaster ap
00:00:06atte svents we go i pull you solo
00:00:09atte no need to harass that time
00:00:20WANKmaster imo atro is better
00:00:22WANKmaster with you
00:00:23Soulyah lina venge top
00:00:24atte then i come lane lasthit creeps you relax some harass no lasthit
00:00:26Soulyah rape am
00:00:27atte not too much
00:00:28Jonnija sniper vs ogremagi :D
00:00:37atte nono
00:00:41Soulyah xD
00:00:46Jonnija theyll gang
00:00:48atte viper good with me unless we want viper to farm bot
00:00:48Jonnija the shit out of u
00:00:49Jonnija mid
00:00:52Soulyah ye
00:00:53WANKmaster ok
00:00:55yeW- Jesus, I'm orange XD
00:00:56Jonnija + qop owns u mid
00:00:57yeW- -clear
00:00:58que2stress u want me to farm bot?
00:01:00WANKmaster ogre bot
00:01:03Soulyah no he wont
00:01:04WANKmaster sure
00:01:05WANKmaster farm
00:01:06yeW- No wards Lina?
00:01:08yeW- ...........
00:01:25KiG i will up
00:01:27Soulyah mis pickid teil
00:01:28Soulyah Lol
00:01:32Jonnija its lost np :D
00:01:33yeW- Ofc you will.
00:01:35zebbelito should have picked tb
00:01:38Soulyah well
00:01:40yeW- Next round of wards on you as well.
00:01:41Soulyah its never lost
00:01:43Soulyah untll it is
00:01:43zebbelito ive never won whit whiot support
00:01:49yeW- -clear
00:01:49Jonnija it is decided
00:01:49Jonnija :D
00:01:51WANKmaster and if sniper is mid
00:01:53WANKmaster then ogre
00:01:53zebbelito -hhn
00:01:54WANKmaster u can
00:01:54que2stress who goes for pipe?
00:01:55WANKmaster gank
00:01:57WANKmaster him
00:01:58Soulyah have won way more worse games
00:02:10yeW- let it?
00:02:14Soulyah y
00:02:15Jonnija well statisticly
00:02:18Jonnija the change to win
00:02:19Jonnija is so low
00:02:26atte fb 100%
00:02:28que2stress why u dont block spawn
00:02:31Jonnija its poinltess to consider it :D
00:02:39atte ward
00:02:43atte change of plans
00:03:33svents ss
00:03:36svents care mid
00:03:36yeW- lane
00:03:36yeW- mate
00:03:41svents b mid
00:03:47atte he pulling
00:04:05zebbelito share
00:04:17WANKmaster ss
00:04:17WANKmaster mid
00:04:18WANKmaster care
00:04:18WANKmaster top
00:04:19WANKmaster re
00:04:22svents omfg
00:04:32yeW- lmao
00:04:41que2stress block creep swant?
00:04:53atte care
00:05:04svents w
00:05:09svents why u didnt comeP
00:05:12svents venge was oom
00:05:23atte we need to farm
00:05:29WANKmaster gj
00:05:29WANKmaster ogre
00:05:31Soulyah CAN U FUCKING
00:05:33Soulyah TYPE
00:05:36Soulyah TWO LETTERS
00:05:37Soulyah SS
00:05:38Soulyah ````
00:05:45Soulyah so bad players
00:05:47Soulyah srsly
00:05:47Jonnija told u ogremagi will gang u the whole game :D
00:05:53Soulyah tra
00:05:55Soulyah trle lanelt
00:05:56Soulyah missi
00:05:57Soulyah siis
00:05:58Soulyah raske w
00:06:02zebbelito i was woods
00:06:03zebbelito couldt say
00:06:08que2stress ss
00:06:08Jonnija and i dint care :D
00:06:19Soulyah ss
00:06:26WANKmaster coming
00:06:27WANKmaster bot
00:07:05KiG stun viper
00:07:07yeW- go
00:07:09yeW- am
00:07:28yeW- terrific mate
00:07:31zebbelito 'ss mid
00:07:33zebbelito i mean
00:07:34zebbelito bot
00:07:36zebbelito qop
00:07:46svents omfg
00:07:59Jonnija ogre mid
00:08:09zebbelito b
00:08:17yeW- wards lina
00:08:20yeW- ss qop
00:08:30yeW- took rune
00:08:37yeW- go am
00:08:37que2stress k ogre
00:08:39que2stress lets roam
00:08:40svents ss
00:08:42svents re1
00:09:02Soulyah omw top
00:09:22atte nisper
00:09:25que2stress 3 top
00:09:31Soulyah ogre
00:09:33Soulyah b
00:09:36que2stress gogo
00:10:16atte no boots
00:10:17atte me
00:10:18yeW- -ma
00:10:33Soulyah sk
00:10:35Soulyah u can gang too
00:10:40que2stress biper mega items :D
00:10:54svents ididnt farm at all man
00:11:06que2stress i come mi
00:11:25atte why would you think
00:11:26atte :DD
00:11:29atte viper would have items
00:11:31que2stress 4 mid
00:11:31svents got boots now
00:11:35yeW- ss lots
00:11:41svents am u farm here
00:11:42atte if we put him with magina
00:11:43svents i go gank
00:12:01que2stress tele
00:12:03WANKmaster go
00:12:13WANKmaster hell yea
00:12:14Soulyah tra
00:12:17Soulyah see bane seaputs
00:12:40Soulyah need stuns
00:12:42Soulyah on gangs
00:12:42Soulyah :S
00:12:51Jonnija neeeeeed some serious farm :D
00:14:21WANKmaster leave
00:14:27PriMo sory
00:14:32zebbelito b
00:14:50svents haha
00:15:00que2stress u guys D
00:15:13KiG its not lost
00:15:16Soulyah ofc its not
00:15:20que2stress am farms good
00:15:21KiG just gang am now
00:15:23Soulyah y
00:15:24zebbelito we have elo master
00:15:25zebbelito we win
00:15:28Soulyah xDDD
00:15:48atte wait
00:15:53atte all there mb
00:15:54Soulyah btw
00:15:55Soulyah jew
00:15:57yeW- suip
00:15:57Soulyah what happened to stats
00:15:58Soulyah :D
00:16:01yeW- haha
00:16:07zebbelito ok
00:16:09yeW- epic
00:16:11yeW- games
00:16:12yeW- lately
00:16:33Soulyah gather top
00:16:34Soulyah plz
00:16:35que2stress mor wards ogre
00:16:36zebbelito y
00:16:37zebbelito omw
00:16:53Soulyah rambo in
00:17:01que2stress b
00:17:04que2stress farn
00:17:07Soulyah tower
00:17:08que2stress wait here
00:17:09que2stress they push
00:17:56atte i shouldnt join
00:18:03que2stress this gore
00:18:14Soulyah gj
00:18:18que2stress why dont u stun sk ogre?
00:18:35PriMo vision
00:18:35Soulyah leme get sum creeps
00:18:38zebbelito ok
00:18:42que2stress he was at the tower rofl
00:19:04zebbelito omw
00:19:06que2stress viper just get gp
00:19:08que2stress hp
00:19:17atte care
00:19:37atte OMG
00:19:38atte WHY I COME
00:19:42yeW- poor venge
00:19:54yeW- xd
00:20:00Soulyah didnt even see
00:20:01Soulyah that
00:20:04Soulyah qop behind us
00:20:04Soulyah :D
00:20:26zebbelito got dage
00:20:27Soulyah zebbe has dagger
00:20:28atte let me
00:20:30Soulyah go psh towers
00:20:30atte got bf
00:20:36atte from those
00:20:58Soulyah all plz
00:21:05yeW- crazy farm here
00:21:15que2stress 3 inc
00:21:16yeW- got botlte
00:21:17yeW- :(
00:21:21zebbelito let me
00:21:23zebbelito stun
00:21:28que2stress 4 inc top
00:21:29Soulyah rolts
00:21:30Soulyah cu
00:21:34que2stress wtf
00:21:37que2stress are u dubmb?
00:21:44WANKmaster lol
00:21:47WANKmaster was watching
00:21:48WANKmaster my fault
00:21:49WANKmaster sry
00:22:14Soulyah mana
00:22:21atte wtf
00:22:24atte /ping
00:22:33Soulyah no
00:22:34Soulyah stay imo
00:22:59Soulyah b
00:23:15Soulyah need more in ulti than 1
00:23:16Soulyah zebbe
00:23:27atte screams
00:23:36atte dust?
00:23:38que2stress cf
00:23:39que2stress cdf
00:23:54svents fu
00:23:54svents u cant hide from us
00:23:56svents :(
00:24:13yeW- oops
00:24:15yeW- gave u mask
00:24:16yeW- joni
00:24:22Soulyah well
00:24:22Soulyah lets take
00:24:22Soulyah t2 towers then
00:24:22zebbelito jonnija fix pls :(
00:24:26yeW- drop mask
00:24:37Jonnija ye ye my computer is ubershit :D
00:24:40yeW- go farm that
00:24:41Jonnija needed to tab out for a sec
00:24:41yeW- zebbe
00:25:02que2stress ogre i gave u dust
00:25:04Soulyah def top
00:25:06Soulyah and go mid?
00:25:17PriMo i have ping 150
00:25:19PriMo (
00:25:22que2stress np
00:25:26Soulyah come mid pplz
00:25:26que2stress enough for dust
00:25:33zebbelito take wards
00:25:34zebbelito someoen
00:25:37yeW- -ma
00:25:42que2stress sniper soon has mantra
00:25:54Jonnija all ss
00:26:01que2stress ogre be front and stun somone
00:26:08Soulyah hmm
00:26:09WANKmaster -ms
00:26:13Soulyah spooky shit
00:26:22svents sk
00:26:22atte you die
00:26:23atte soon
00:26:23que2stress biper ho
00:27:00WANKmaster atte
00:27:11Soulyah b?
00:27:18Jonnija I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:27:23Jonnija am is
00:27:24Jonnija fat
00:27:26atte venge invis
00:27:33atte dust
00:27:40Jonnija and when qop came out why dint sk blink
00:27:41Jonnija and stun?
00:27:43Soulyah well we have no real tank
00:27:46Jonnija i got silence
00:28:02atte still
00:28:03atte venge
00:28:04atte invis
00:28:07atte dust
00:28:08atte use
00:28:10svents dd top
00:28:11que2stress he is not here
00:28:12Jonnija sk needs to iniciate that ulty isnt as important
00:28:13que2stress anymore
00:28:14que2stress for sure
00:28:14Jonnija just as that
00:28:21svents wank dd topis
00:28:23Soulyah y
00:28:25Soulyah we need to
00:28:26svents tahad?
00:28:28Soulyah push somewhere
00:28:29Soulyah soon
00:28:30Jonnija but
00:28:31Jonnija am is
00:28:32que2stress takje
00:28:33Jonnija manta soon
00:28:34Jonnija +
00:28:35Jonnija bfury
00:28:53yeW- ward n go rosh
00:28:53que2stress b
00:28:54que2stress b
00:28:56atte you alone?
00:28:57que2stress V
00:28:58que2stress B
00:28:59atte lost 400hp
00:29:03que2stress idiot
00:29:08yeW- ward
00:29:11Soulyah who tanks
00:29:12Soulyah lol
00:29:12que2stress how can u go there
00:29:13atte sk no ulti
00:29:14atte :DD
00:29:15svents nah saw only this new bitch
00:29:17zebbelito i come
00:29:20svents all came there
00:29:23que2stress oh rly
00:29:25yeW- gimme tp
00:29:25yeW- snbiper
00:29:30que2stress u think sniper just walks alone there or what?
00:29:32atte omg
00:29:38zebbelito cd ulti
00:29:40Soulyah now we go
00:29:46yeW- medallion ftw
00:29:50Soulyah stun
00:29:50Jonnija STUN
00:29:50Soulyah ffs
00:30:07Jonnija hopeless
00:30:20zebbelito why
00:30:21zebbelito wtg
00:30:28zebbelito wait ulti
00:30:35yeW- make him fly
00:30:35yeW- jonni
00:30:38atte aegis
00:30:44atte THIS QOP
00:30:58atte wanted lasthit
00:30:59atte haha
00:31:00zebbelito dude
00:31:00svents gkj
00:31:04WANKmaster i wanted to give
00:31:04WANKmaster u
00:31:05WANKmaster :D
00:31:08atte aegis..
00:31:11WANKmaster yeah
00:31:12Soulyah we just
00:31:13Soulyah cant get
00:31:14WANKmaster didnt know that ..
00:31:15Soulyah a good
00:31:17Soulyah initiation
00:31:19atte just had it
00:31:20atte 30sec ago
00:31:22atte :D
00:31:34zebbelito lemme
00:31:34Soulyah they start by sleeping stunning us
00:31:36WANKmaster still sleeping i guess ..
00:31:50que2stress go
00:31:50Jonnija well
00:31:52Jonnija its lost
00:31:56Jonnija am manta
00:31:57Jonnija now
00:32:17Jonnija I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:34atte i bait
00:32:34yeW- 400g farm snipoer here
00:32:35zebbelito wait
00:32:36zebbelito got agah
00:32:37zebbelito now
00:32:46Jonnija we dont need agha on u :D
00:32:55zebbelito why
00:33:01Jonnija ur ulty is irrelevant
00:33:02Jonnija well was...
00:33:09Jonnija but now
00:33:10Jonnija its lost
00:33:12Jonnija so doesnt matter
00:33:14Jonnija if u have it
00:33:15Jonnija or not
00:33:16yeW- I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:50WANKmaster damn
00:34:02zebbelito gj jonnjija
00:34:08Jonnija ?
00:34:17zebbelito make him air
00:34:18atte heal
00:34:20zebbelito while i ulti
00:34:23Jonnija who?
00:34:27Jonnija qop had his own
00:34:27zebbelito qop
00:34:27svents rofl
00:34:28Jonnija eul
00:34:29Jonnija dumbass
00:34:32zebbelito ok
00:34:36atte couldnt use my ulti
00:34:48KiG hex in 300
00:34:50que2stress mid farm
00:35:14Soulyah huh
00:35:18yeW- uh uh ^^
00:35:20KiG we are loosing, cause u are ruining the moral of the team, sky
00:35:22yeW- farm that sniper
00:35:33Jonnija u can shove
00:35:34Jonnija ur morale
00:35:35Jonnija up ur ass
00:35:42KiG yep
00:35:42Soulyah he has a point
00:35:44Soulyah that
00:35:44KiG just like that
00:35:45Jonnija u dont need morale
00:35:46Jonnija in
00:35:47Jonnija dota
00:35:52KiG sniper
00:35:53Jonnija just math
00:35:53Soulyah ofc u do
00:35:53Soulyah lol
00:35:55Jonnija nothing more
00:35:57que2stress push mid?
00:35:57Soulyah :DD
00:36:00WANKmaster sec
00:36:00KiG omg
00:36:03KiG fail jonni
00:36:16svents fu
00:36:32Jonnija for now i know we cannot kill am
00:36:33Jonnija for sure
00:36:33Jonnija :D
00:36:39que2stress ogre make jango now plz
00:36:58Soulyah if we
00:36:59Soulyah smokegang
00:37:00Soulyah ?
00:37:11Jonnija bit too late
00:37:12Jonnija to try
00:37:14Jonnija anything
00:37:14WANKmaster care
00:37:17Soulyah STFU
00:37:18Soulyah RLY
00:37:18KiG SU SUNNI
00:37:19yeW- :dd
00:37:24PriMo go smore
00:37:26KiG rly
00:37:27KiG just leave
00:37:29que2stress they push
00:37:30que2stress no need to
00:37:33Jonnija just ff
00:37:35yeW- :dd
00:37:47Jonnija tower lost
00:37:54que2stress now smoke
00:37:59Jonnija could have killed sniper
00:38:01Jonnija if he wanted 2
00:38:06que2stress go smoke
00:38:19zebbelito take smoke?
00:38:21zebbelito and wards?
00:38:23atte smoke got pretty long range
00:38:25atte btw
00:38:33Soulyah y
00:38:35atte and they saw us mb with ward
00:38:37Soulyah gather
00:38:39atte no tower
00:38:53que2stress arf
00:38:54que2stress range
00:38:56que2stress b
00:38:56atte lol
00:39:07que2stress b
00:39:09que2stress dont have ult
00:39:15atte i take top
00:39:16Soulyah smoke us
00:39:18Soulyah and follow
00:39:29que2stress y
00:39:32que2stress wait till butterfly
00:39:37atte rosh up
00:39:39que2stress ward rosh plz
00:39:44WANKmaster ..
00:39:44que2stress damnit
00:39:44WANKmaster :D
00:39:51atte they rosh
00:40:09que2stress get ur eahlehorn
00:40:44Jonnija 12 sec
00:40:45yeW- b?
00:40:46Jonnija he is alive
00:40:48Jonnija pretty much
00:41:26Soulyah well we got the tower
00:41:27Soulyah :D
00:41:34Jonnija am has butter
00:41:39Soulyah we have eyes
00:41:44KiG b
00:42:03yeW- cmon
00:42:04yeW- jesus
00:42:19Soulyah leave it
00:42:42que2stress b
00:42:59svents teen manta eks?
00:43:02WANKmaster tee
00:43:04Jonnija kk doesnt kill creeps
00:43:09KiG yep
00:43:10que2stress get ac and heart
00:43:14KiG its in description
00:43:15zebbelito what to build?
00:43:17Jonnija yeah
00:43:19atte no vladi :E
00:43:20Jonnija just read it
00:43:20zebbelito hex?
00:43:22que2stress we can do that
00:43:24Soulyah y
00:43:28WANKmaster -ms
00:43:54WANKmaster -ms
00:44:01zebbelito gege
00:44:10que2stress k push
00:44:10Soulyah fucking hell
00:44:12yeW- oO
00:44:13Soulyah he came out of nowhere
00:44:14Soulyah :D
00:44:16zebbelito u out alone
00:44:20yeW- he killed u twice?
00:44:21yeW- oO
00:44:24Soulyah i always no fear tac
00:44:25zebbelito in 10
00:44:26Soulyah tacs
00:44:28Soulyah ye
00:44:58KiG just ban am all time
00:45:00zebbelito 6th lose
00:45:02zebbelito new acc coming
00:45:03Soulyah i still say
00:45:05Soulyah naix more imba
00:45:10zebbelito no
00:45:13KiG why no pick then
00:45:20Soulyah they had fp
00:45:24Jonnija naix can be contained
00:45:26Soulyah i will never play vs naix
00:45:55yeW- I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:26que2stress ah rofl
00:46:31que2stress dont shop when u are in the wrong base
00:47:28yeW- XD
00:47:29Jonnija :D
00:47:29svents gj :DDDD
00:47:30Soulyah ahhahaha
00:47:30atte hi
00:47:31Soulyah I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:32Soulyah :D
00:47:44atte fugg
00:47:45svents :DDD
00:47:54yeW- go ff lads
00:48:02zebbelito am is worse then naix soulyah
00:48:05que2stress well wp
00:48:05zebbelito its a fact
00:48:14atte gg
00:48:38atte no
00:48:41atte want 400cs
00:48:43atte -cs
00:48:47atte well actually
00:48:53yeW- :d
00:49:50yeW- jeezbuz
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