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+46 X
+5 TS

79% | 1458 X | 1378 TS

+55 X
+5 TS

79% | 1470 X | 1358 TS

-4 X
+2 TS

75% | 1392 X | 1390 TS

+11 X
+5 TS

56% | 1201 X | 1349 TS

+44 X
+2 TS

13% | 910 X | 1224 TS

-36 X
-1 TS

78% | 1465 X | 1351 TS

+2 X
-2 TS

75% | 1387 X | 1393 TS

-19 X
-5 TS

64% | 1289 X | 1348 TS

-40 X
-2 TS

50% | 1152 X | 1335 TS

-49 X
-2 TS

48% | 1178 X | 1290 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Steuerfreak [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 55 seconds.
00:00:04Flex- yey
00:00:05Flex- we got kolle
00:00:05Flex- ;D
00:00:07slc2 comon
00:00:07Galgar omg
00:00:08Galgar fffs
00:00:11mby_next_time :DD
00:00:11Maier ?_:D
00:00:11Galgar this guy
00:00:14Galgar -hhn
00:00:15mby_next_time gz ban :D
00:00:16slc2 u ban first
00:00:16slc2 maier?
00:00:16Maier ?
00:00:16Galgar ban fuckin meepo
00:00:16TheyCallMeHaci can i od mid or huskar mid ?
00:00:16slc2 what u wanna play
00:00:16Galgar shithero
00:00:16Steuerfreak kk
00:00:16Flex- hmm
00:00:16Steuerfreak i try to get husk
00:00:16Maier bat, skywrath, alche, lesh
00:00:16slc2 od mid?
00:00:16slc2 u bat mid?
00:00:16Steuerfreak void
00:00:16TheyCallMeHaci i rather love od
00:00:16Galgar flex what u take
00:00:16Flex- hmm
00:00:16slc2 doom
00:00:16Flex- dunno
00:00:16Maier see what they pick
00:00:16Flex- mby oblivion
00:00:16TheyCallMeHaci but get me huskar?
00:00:16slc2 ban doom
00:00:16Steuerfreak VOID AND DOOM BANNED
00:00:21TheyCallMeHaci huskar for me
00:00:22TheyCallMeHaci now
00:00:22Galgar ill go bara
00:00:27Flex- hmm
00:00:27TheyCallMeHaci ye
00:00:28TheyCallMeHaci bara
00:00:28Flex- mby dont
00:00:29TheyCallMeHaci good
00:00:32Maier get od
00:00:33Maier go mid
00:00:33KolleBolle ill go snipwe mohahahahahaha
00:00:34Galgar pick it to me
00:00:36slc2 nah
00:00:37TheyCallMeHaci get dazzle
00:00:38Galgar sm1
00:00:42TheyCallMeHaci and tiny or smth
00:00:45Steuerfreak someone dazzle
00:00:46slc2 go mid dude
00:00:48Galgar not me
00:00:50Galgar ill go bara
00:00:52Steuerfreak get me jakiro
00:00:54Steuerfreak resul
00:00:58KolleBolle ill pick sniper fo sure mohahahhaa
00:00:59TheyCallMeHaci -swap 1
00:01:00slc2 get dazzle
00:01:01Steuerfreak -swap 2
00:01:04Galgar kolle
00:01:06Galgar fuck u
00:01:07Maier i dont want mid
00:01:08Maier :D
00:01:08slc2 get dazzle very important
00:01:10IamSoUnluckY i play chen for ulty,ok?
00:01:15Steuerfreak harb top
00:01:16slc2 od aint mid
00:01:17Maier get chen
00:01:21slc2 huskar is mid
00:01:22Galgar 99.9 times u fuck game up
00:01:25Maier i'm still not mid
00:01:27slc2 get dazle
00:01:28Flex- well
00:01:29KolleBolle yes you do
00:01:31Flex- if he gets sniper
00:01:32KolleBolle atfu now
00:01:34Flex- just send him to enemy woods
00:01:35Flex- ahh
00:01:36Flex- lol
00:01:38Flex- much better :D
00:01:38TheyCallMeHaci get dazzle
00:01:42Maier rallebrazil gg
00:01:45Flex- we need dazzle
00:01:45slc2 ralle is bot
00:01:46TheyCallMeHaci kolle
00:01:49TheyCallMeHaci get dazzle
00:01:50TheyCallMeHaci or we lose
00:01:52Maier get tide
00:01:53Maier for last
00:01:54Flex- agreed
00:01:58Maier tide
00:01:58slc2 tiny ur mid
00:01:59Galgar he dont care
00:02:04Flex- he got dazzle
00:02:04Steuerfreak harb can u go top
00:02:05slc2 tiny ur mid against huskar
00:02:05Flex- relax now
00:02:08Steuerfreak with dazzle
00:02:11Steuerfreak bara bot
00:02:11IamSoUnluckY vs husk?
00:02:12Steuerfreak i pull
00:02:14Flex- i want thd here
00:02:15KolleBolle i dont care of a fu game
00:02:17KolleBolle serious
00:02:17TheyCallMeHaci 4pick sniper
00:02:19Maier or nvm actually
00:02:22KolleBolle you all need to get a life
00:02:23Maier i can survive easy
00:02:25Maier -ii
00:02:26TheyCallMeHaci uuuu nice feed
00:02:28Maier -water red
00:02:30Maier -weather rain
00:02:35Steuerfreak mad
00:02:35Steuerfreak ?
00:02:37Steuerfreak guys
00:02:42TheyCallMeHaci no good
00:02:43Galgar share
00:02:53Maier care
00:02:55mby_next_time -hhn
00:02:55IamSoUnluckY sure
00:02:56Galgar ffs
00:02:56mby_next_time -don
00:02:57Galgar tard nab
00:02:58mby_next_time -water red
00:02:59mby_next_time -cleare
00:02:59Flex- -hhn
00:02:59Galgar cant share
00:03:00mby_next_time -clear
00:03:04Galgar coz i say he sucks
00:03:04Maier -
00:03:05Maier -fuckoff
00:03:06TheyCallMeHaci gl have fun ralle
00:03:08KolleBolle all got share oh nor you
00:03:10Maier :D
00:03:11mby_next_time -lick my ass
00:03:13KolleBolle since you are a tard prick
00:03:14Galgar ty
00:03:18Galgar ill go report after
00:03:22KolleBolle go on! :D
00:03:28Galgar 'i will dont worry
00:04:07Flex- go pull
00:04:18Flex- thd
00:04:19Flex- pull
00:05:19Galgar stop
00:05:21Galgar fucking lasthit
00:05:22Galgar tard
00:05:38KolleBolle yopu gott 3214321423 base dmg
00:05:43KolleBolle and cant lasthitt FF
00:05:59Galgar lookmap
00:06:04KolleBolle tryed to block
00:06:10Galgar nicegrave
00:06:11slc2 gjk
00:06:15Galgar flex
00:06:15KolleBolle i writed
00:06:17Galgar isee
00:06:17IamSoUnluckY you are slow :D
00:06:20KolleBolle stop to be a napp
00:06:21Galgar writne if i got 30 hp
00:06:24Galgar well done
00:06:25Galgar ur so good
00:06:27Steuerfreak get
00:06:29Steuerfreak get ammners
00:06:31Steuerfreak ma
00:06:37Galgar this idiot
00:06:47KolleBolle stop flame
00:06:48Maier MISS MID
00:06:53Maier re
00:07:01Galgar stop
00:07:04slc2 chen get mana then we kill
00:07:16KolleBolle go and die again
00:07:18KolleBolle :D
00:08:00Galgar gucki
00:08:00Galgar tar
00:08:01Galgar stip
00:08:02Galgar that
00:08:03Galgar shit
00:08:08Flex- ss
00:08:08Galgar idiot
00:08:09Flex- bot
00:08:25KolleBolle hahhahahahha
00:08:28KolleBolle cant lasthitt with bara
00:08:30KolleBolle hahahhahahhahha
00:08:32Galgar cant
00:08:33Galgar lasthit
00:08:34Galgar yes
00:08:36Galgar if ufuckig heal
00:08:37Galgar creep
00:08:40Flex- thd
00:08:41Flex- let me farm
00:08:42Flex- ever
00:08:42Galgar and take all creepstard
00:08:42KolleBolle sometimes yes
00:08:45Galgar 'f nab
00:08:47mby_next_time thx.
00:08:52KolleBolle and when i dont you cant lasdthitt anyz
00:08:53KolleBolle hahahha
00:09:01Maier 321
00:09:02KolleBolle go wodds
00:09:06Maier pause
00:09:07Maier someone at door
00:09:07IamSoUnluckY ah
00:09:07IamSoUnluckY sec
00:09:07Maier please
00:09:07Galgar go fuckurself nab
00:09:07Galgar dazzel
00:09:07Flex- lmao
00:09:07Galgar carry this game
00:09:07Galgar not me
00:09:07Flex- kolle
00:09:07Galgar i dont smy even
00:09:07Steuerfreak stop that shit at top
00:09:07Steuerfreak wtf
00:09:07Flex- are you fucknig dumb in general
00:09:07Flex- no one wants
00:09:07Galgar he will
00:09:07TheyCallMeHaci ye
00:09:07Steuerfreak want ban?
00:09:07Flex- you in their team
00:09:07Flex- ever
00:09:07Galgar tell
00:09:08Galgar him
00:09:09Galgar to stop
00:09:10Galgar astit
00:09:25Maier reuse
00:09:25Galgar tell him to stop
00:09:29Galgar takeing my creep
00:09:30Galgar then
00:09:42IamSoUnluckY fuck
00:09:44IamSoUnluckY -.-
00:09:46Maier lucky
00:09:52TheyCallMeHaci not really
00:10:01Maier lucky that toss didnt toss u
00:10:05Maier but a creep
00:10:08Steuerfreak haste
00:10:09Steuerfreak bot
00:10:26Maier MISS MID
00:10:33Galgar cant
00:10:34IamSoUnluckY got meka
00:10:35Galgar play top
00:10:38Galgar whit this idiot
00:10:38slc2 good
00:10:44KolleBolle you cant play at all you mean
00:10:52slc2 got some creeps and we push theme
00:10:58IamSoUnluckY need mana
00:11:00Galgar yes i see how pri u ar 13% player
00:11:02Galgar imba
00:11:03Galgar go pro
00:11:06IamSoUnluckY i go reg now
00:11:06Maier MISS MID
00:11:09KolleBolle 13 alighty
00:11:13KolleBolle almighty
00:11:16RalleBrazil care bot
00:11:27IamSoUnluckY needbig troll
00:11:29IamSoUnluckY web
00:11:40Galgar u geturself semy carry dazzel
00:11:56TheyCallMeHaci go
00:11:58mby_next_time blah.
00:12:01RalleBrazil omg mate
00:12:02Maier yea dont use diabolic
00:12:09mby_next_time treds vs no boots
00:12:12slc2 need wards
00:12:20TheyCallMeHaci heal
00:12:24TheyCallMeHaci twr top
00:12:31slc2 lets get some wards
00:12:33slc2 lesh
00:12:42slc2 def top guys
00:12:53Flex- ss
00:12:54Flex- bot
00:12:57TheyCallMeHaci b
00:13:10slc2 hunt theme
00:13:47IamSoUnluckY ah
00:13:50KolleBolle nice sharge! :D
00:13:51IamSoUnluckY fucking bad
00:13:57Galgar nice support
00:14:01Maier cent
00:14:01Steuerfreak guys
00:14:02Galgar tard dumf
00:14:02IamSoUnluckY missed butons
00:14:04KolleBolle im the best i know
00:14:04Steuerfreak can u relax plz
00:14:06Maier chen
00:14:11Maier let me toss ur cents
00:14:15Galgar support have more cs
00:14:17IamSoUnluckY sure
00:14:18Galgar taht semy carry
00:14:27Maier get kobold
00:14:27RalleBrazil bot
00:14:28RalleBrazil help
00:14:30Maier for teamgfights
00:14:31Flex- and what
00:14:34Maier 12%
00:14:40Maier lesh
00:14:42Steuerfreak ss
00:14:43Steuerfreak 4
00:14:47KolleBolle i support them that deserve it
00:14:49KolleBolle end of styory
00:15:10Flex- dazzle
00:15:11Flex- go mid
00:15:11Flex- ffs
00:15:14mby_next_time lol
00:15:15mby_next_time mmt
00:15:16slc2 chen ulti?
00:15:17mby_next_time hotkeys
00:15:18KolleBolle you to
00:15:18Maier lesh
00:15:19Maier u sucjk
00:15:20mby_next_time dont work
00:15:33KolleBolle nice charge again ;D:
00:15:35slc2 chen use ulti?
00:15:53mby_next_time lol my keyboard got fuckign stuck
00:16:31TheyCallMeHaci ulti razor
00:16:37Maier fuck
00:16:38Maier failed
00:16:38slc2 wtf tiny
00:16:38Galgar nice
00:16:40Galgar now ks
00:16:40Galgar kills
00:16:41Galgar 2
00:16:43Galgar fucking nab
00:16:47KolleBolle jesus
00:16:59Galgar u need to heal
00:17:00Galgar after
00:17:04Galgar tiny was lon 50 gp
00:17:07Galgar hp
00:17:15KolleBolle and!??!??!?!??!?!??!??!?!?!??!??!?!??!
00:17:17Galgar and
00:17:18Galgar u ks
00:17:19Galgar kills
00:17:20KolleBolle serious
00:17:22mby_next_time my hotkey on stun dont workk....
00:17:23slc2 i farm top
00:17:28KolleBolle steal dont exist
00:17:31Maier THEN PAUSE
00:17:32KolleBolle in a team game
00:17:33Maier AND GIX
00:17:37Galgar 'and what u call it then
00:17:39KolleBolle leave game and never add again
00:17:40mby_next_time FUCKING TRIED EVERYTHING
00:17:41Galgar carry dazzel?
00:17:49Galgar dumrf
00:17:49Flex- why
00:17:51Flex- o you fucknig
00:17:51Flex- dive
00:17:52TheyCallMeHaci my fuckin bkb
00:17:56TheyCallMeHaci didnt turn on
00:18:03Flex- great
00:18:13Maier use wcIII hotkeys
00:18:17Maier u dont need that shit
00:18:40mby_next_time husk bkb
00:18:44Maier yup
00:18:45Maier we fucked
00:18:50Maier -ms
00:19:02TheyCallMeHaci a
00:19:27slc2 gather
00:19:28Maier HUSKAR
00:20:23mby_next_time k closed my hotkeys
00:20:27mby_next_time it works fine now.
00:20:46Maier sniper why are u always oom
00:20:48Maier GO FARM
00:20:51Maier charged
00:20:52Maier sniper
00:21:18Steuerfreak -afk
00:21:19Flex- :D
00:21:26slc2 u got farmed?
00:21:30TheyCallMeHaci cs +?
00:21:44Flex- i did ?
00:21:46Steuerfreak omw
00:21:46TheyCallMeHaci get bkb
00:21:50slc2 jep
00:22:06Flex- heal me plz
00:22:33KolleBolle omw
00:22:34Flex- b
00:22:34Flex- b
00:22:37TheyCallMeHaci need all
00:22:39Flex- ulti cd
00:22:50TheyCallMeHaci nvm ulti
00:22:55TheyCallMeHaci just your 100dmg
00:23:17Maier slc2
00:23:18Flex- thd
00:23:19Maier why are u poor
00:23:19Flex- very nice..
00:23:20slc2 jep
00:23:25slc2 died 5 times
00:23:26Flex- wait longer
00:23:43TheyCallMeHaci need fuckin all
00:23:45TheyCallMeHaci comen
00:23:48KolleBolle hide
00:23:50KolleBolle and kill
00:23:55TheyCallMeHaci push
00:24:36TheyCallMeHaci i start all ready ?
00:24:44Flex- just go b
00:24:46TheyCallMeHaci no
00:25:21mby_next_time ff
00:25:43TheyCallMeHaci go od
00:25:54KolleBolle why not kill?
00:25:55KolleBolle od
00:25:59Flex- cause
00:26:00TheyCallMeHaci 4v5
00:26:03TheyCallMeHaci 4v
00:26:05TheyCallMeHaci 4v5
00:26:09Galgar ty dazzel
00:26:13TheyCallMeHaci nvm
00:26:14TheyCallMeHaci idiot
00:26:16KolleBolle its galgar wtf you think
00:26:16TheyCallMeHaci join game
00:26:17Flex- dazzle
00:26:18Flex- sux ass
00:26:18Flex- cant
00:26:20Flex- fucknig
00:26:21Flex- rely on him
00:26:23Galgar u takeall my farm top
00:26:26Galgar +2 times ks
00:26:31KolleBolle jesus
00:26:33TheyCallMeHaci ulti sniper
00:26:34Maier stay
00:26:44mby_next_time k
00:26:58TheyCallMeHaci push mid nw
00:27:02Steuerfreak mid and rosh
00:27:04slc2 def at tower
00:27:05TheyCallMeHaci ye
00:28:11Steuerfreak dazzle
00:28:13Steuerfreak instant heal
00:28:13Steuerfreak plz
00:28:24slc2 i take top
00:28:28Steuerfreak fucking dont push
00:28:28TheyCallMeHaci wanne win `?
00:28:29KolleBolle i did
00:28:29Steuerfreak guys
00:28:34Steuerfreak farm
00:28:37Steuerfreak and rosh
00:28:43Flex- i got hex
00:28:44Flex- need bird
00:28:51Maier -ms
00:29:28IamSoUnluckY no mana
00:29:31TheyCallMeHaci push
00:29:32TheyCallMeHaci 60sec
00:29:33Maier how in the hell
00:29:38Maier 967 hp should be instakill
00:29:42TheyCallMeHaci get twr
00:29:43slc2 leave tower
00:29:45TheyCallMeHaci and rosh after
00:29:48TheyCallMeHaci or get mid
00:29:49TheyCallMeHaci go mid
00:29:59KolleBolle Flex HOW many times
00:30:10KolleBolle have you used my hero now!? on games
00:30:15KolleBolle 50?
00:30:29TheyCallMeHaci die for rax
00:30:38TheyCallMeHaci b
00:31:06Maier dazzle fucks everything
00:31:19TheyCallMeHaci b ?
00:31:23TheyCallMeHaci rosh
00:31:25TheyCallMeHaci maaybe ?
00:31:26Flex- ye
00:31:27Flex- go rosh
00:31:29Flex- need wards though
00:31:29Maier sniper
00:31:31Maier u picked shit
00:31:35slc2 jhep
00:31:37slc2 jep
00:31:37Maier we have disadvantage cos of that
00:31:42Steuerfreak WARDED
00:31:43Steuerfreak GOGO
00:31:55slc2 go take it
00:31:55Flex- dazzle
00:31:58Galgar inc
00:31:58Galgar inc
00:31:59slc2 focus od
00:32:00TheyCallMeHaci fight
00:32:10mby_next_time gg
00:32:42Maier and u don't play razor that well
00:32:42RalleBrazil I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:32:48Maier u shouldn't play it
00:32:48TheyCallMeHaci go down
00:32:49TheyCallMeHaci down
00:32:50slc2 well im under farmed
00:32:54IamSoUnluckY I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:32:57slc2 razor is easy to play
00:32:59mby_next_time who the fuc kyou focus?
00:33:00Maier any lvl razor can own
00:33:03mby_next_time why not od?
00:33:06TheyCallMeHaci share chick
00:33:08TheyCallMeHaci for items
00:33:11Steuerfreak share plz
00:33:12slc2 they are fat dude get it!
00:33:23slc2 look at huskar
00:33:27mby_next_time eh nvm failed a lot 2.
00:33:28Flex- b
00:33:29Flex- b
00:33:29slc2 he was mid he is lvl 16
00:33:32slc2 level 17
00:33:34Maier yea
00:33:34Flex- polz go back
00:33:42Maier this chen is
00:33:43Maier ..
00:33:45Maier epic
00:33:51Maier I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:33:53Maier end it
00:33:54mby_next_time sr dont know the reason my hotkeys didnt work propelly.
00:33:55IamSoUnluckY y
00:33:58RalleBrazil I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:34:10IamSoUnluckY I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:34:21Maier this sniper :D:D
00:34:22slc2 I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:34:26Maier just go ff
00:34:27mby_next_time I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:34:29mby_next_time oh
00:34:30mby_next_time ;x
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