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84% | 1465 X | 1443 TS

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82% | 1514 X | 1340 TS

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77% | 1454 X | 1340 TS

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84% | 1427 X | 1472 TS

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78% | 1404 X | 1414 TS

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68% | 1273 X | 1409 TS

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53% | 1207 X | 1319 TS

Chat log

00:00:16TheyCallMeHaci i can weaver od furi mid if you want
00:00:16que2stress hm, hm hm
00:00:16que2stress any wishes?
00:00:16TheyCallMeHaci or void lane
00:00:16Jonnija hmm
00:00:16Jonnija furion
00:00:161m4n5h0w u can go enemy woods with krob if u dont shut up
00:00:16TheyCallMeHaci k
00:00:16que2stress i gonna ban roof or spec
00:00:16TheyCallMeHaci why mad bro ?
00:00:16Shinja relax
00:00:16Laier ohh fuck
00:00:16Firoga k
00:00:161m4n5h0w spec
00:00:16que2stress -roof
00:00:16Laier get me Xin if possible
00:00:18que2stress y
00:00:18Laier im really good with it : p
00:00:21Jonnija :D
00:00:23Jonnija 1man
00:00:24Jonnija plays it
00:00:26Jonnija rly nicely
00:00:27TheyCallMeHaci ........
00:00:30Laier hes shit with it
00:00:31que2stress maier or laier
00:00:32Laier for real
00:00:37TheyCallMeHaci u mid ?
00:00:37que2stress always change those buddies
00:00:501m4n5h0w hmm
00:00:54Laier furion was kinda bad pick against Xin
00:01:01Laier he rapes ur but in seconds
00:01:011m4n5h0w you cna
00:01:04que2stress #any wants puck?
00:01:041m4n5h0w if you want
00:01:06Steuerfreak go weaver
00:01:06TheyCallMeHaci i go void or weaver ?
00:01:101m4n5h0w omg
00:01:10Jensefar i go long lane
00:01:131m4n5h0w no more carries
00:01:13TheyCallMeHaci wtf
00:01:14que2stress rofl
00:01:15TheyCallMeHaci jensefar
00:01:16TheyCallMeHaci ff
00:01:161m4n5h0w OMG
00:01:17Steuerfreak gg
00:01:18Steuerfreak ff
00:01:201m4n5h0w i go mid
00:01:20Jonnija void xin weaver?
00:01:21que2stress get doom y
00:01:23Jonnija i am confused
00:01:24Jonnija :D
00:01:26TheyCallMeHaci he toook fuckin weaver ?
00:01:27que2stress get sven
00:01:29Laier ill go dusa ? its kinda imba
00:01:31que2stress sven
00:01:32que2stress laier
00:01:33que2stress sven
00:01:35que2stress omg
00:01:38que2stress dusa
00:01:39que2stress fail
00:01:40Laier dusa ulti imba
00:01:42que2stress only
00:01:43que2stress 1
00:01:441m4n5h0w gg game again
00:01:46TheyCallMeHaci good
00:01:46Jonnija he
00:01:46Firoga plugger :D
00:01:46Jonnija could just
00:01:46Jonnija have left...
00:01:46TheyCallMeHaci ye
00:01:46Jonnija during picks no ban
00:01:46Jonnija retard makes us wait
00:01:46Jonnija 4 min
00:01:46que2stress 4 min
00:01:46Jonnija also finish
00:01:46que2stress to think about
00:01:46Jonnija picks
00:01:46Shinja cry me a river
00:01:46que2stress ur picks
00:01:51que2stress get sven
00:01:51que2stress arf
00:01:55que2stress we needed sven so hard
00:01:56Firoga axe?
00:01:57TheyCallMeHaci krob
00:01:57que2stress y
00:01:58TheyCallMeHaci come
00:01:58que2stress axe
00:02:02que2stress axe woods
00:02:051m4n5h0w omg he should pick troll not krob
00:02:10Shinja su
00:02:11que2stress dusa solo top
00:02:11Jonnija idd fail
00:02:13que2stress furi mid
00:02:21que2stress me and doom bot
00:02:23que2stress we dont havbe
00:02:281m4n5h0w i should send weaver void sven trilane top
00:02:29que2stress any cool stun
00:02:34Firoga omg forgot chick
00:02:34Jonnija u can always send
00:02:36Jonnija them to jungle
00:02:37Jonnija in revenge
00:02:381m4n5h0w y
00:02:381m4n5h0w ^^
00:02:39Firoga i'm not used to do brown
00:02:39Jonnija for stupid picks
00:02:41Firoga i can sell
00:02:41Jonnija like i do
00:02:42Jonnija D
00:02:44que2stress i do
00:02:45que2stress chick
00:02:451m4n5h0w but it sux
00:02:46Laier ember kinda strong since we got no disable :)
00:02:46que2stress np
00:02:47Firoga ty
00:02:50Firoga really sorry
00:02:52Shinja u shoudl be a better captain and tell more picks, mr. i know everything after D:
00:02:52Jonnija they get nice negative x
00:02:54TheyCallMeHaci Well try it
00:03:01Firoga first time silver :)
00:03:04Firoga let's win ! :D
00:03:08Jonnija weaver enemy woods for example
00:03:08Firoga ty
00:03:12que2stress lets see if u deserve ;)
00:03:131m4n5h0w or void
00:03:18TheyCallMeHaci try it
00:03:19TheyCallMeHaci really
00:03:26Jensefar go lvl 4 sven
00:04:27Jensefar stun once
00:04:38Laier sven miss
00:04:581m4n5h0w ss
00:05:38Jensefar dobnt hit ceeps¨'
00:05:48Jonnija insane harras
00:05:57Steuerfreak ss
00:05:59Steuerfreak re
00:06:10Jensefar dont
00:06:24Jonnija ss
00:06:27Laier pull
00:06:27Laier once
00:06:28Laier axe
00:06:33Firoga k
00:06:40Jensefar fs
00:07:00que2stress ss bot
00:07:31Jensefar we can go so easy sven
00:07:34Laier top ss1
00:07:541m4n5h0w ss
00:08:03Jensefar go?
00:08:06Shinja go
00:08:14que2stress #gw
00:08:15Jensefar omg
00:08:33Jonnija care
00:08:33Jonnija ss
00:08:34Jensefar ss
00:08:34Jonnija mid
00:08:43Jonnija bot
00:08:50TheyCallMeHaci krob
00:08:51TheyCallMeHaci you know
00:08:52TheyCallMeHaci that i need farm
00:09:09Jensefar ss
00:09:10TheyCallMeHaci krob ?
00:09:121m4n5h0w top rune
00:09:121m4n5h0w ss
00:09:141m4n5h0w furi
00:09:21TheyCallMeHaci can you pull
00:09:23TheyCallMeHaci doobel ?
00:09:30que2stress gang bot again fury
00:09:30TheyCallMeHaci plz
00:09:31Steuerfreak k
00:09:32TheyCallMeHaci i need farm
00:09:36que2stress ss mid
00:09:43Jonnija cd
00:09:43Jonnija wait
00:09:511m4n5h0w still ss
00:10:00TheyCallMeHaci go lane
00:10:17Firoga b
00:10:25TheyCallMeHaci salve
00:10:26Steuerfreak ss
00:11:071m4n5h0w re mid
00:11:131m4n5h0w ss mid
00:11:14que2stress oO
00:11:18Steuerfreak doom 6
00:11:18Steuerfreak care
00:11:181m4n5h0w going bot
00:11:39Jensefar sven cvan u gewt new chick?=
00:11:40Rotkiv ss
00:11:44TheyCallMeHaci it come
00:11:45TheyCallMeHaci 60 sec
00:12:181m4n5h0w ss
00:12:201m4n5h0w re
00:12:30Shinja block me w/o shoes :D
00:12:33Shinja gj
00:13:16Jonnija ff
00:13:21Jonnija void had like
00:13:22que2stress holy shjit u suck
00:13:23Jonnija 1 hp left :D
00:13:29Jonnija i suck?
00:13:31TheyCallMeHaci he tped
00:13:34TheyCallMeHaci salve
00:13:37que2stress u do not play good it teams
00:13:45Jonnija ?
00:13:571m4n5h0w still ss
00:14:17Firoga orryy
00:14:20que2stress np
00:14:23Firoga better
00:14:24Firoga be sure
00:14:28que2stress axe get ur dagger fast
00:14:31Firoga kk
00:14:44que2stress wever needs gang
00:14:51que2stress but we don have anyone to gang
00:14:59que2stress doom we have
00:15:00Firoga i need dagger
00:15:09Shinja ss
00:15:30Firoga omw
00:15:32que2stress doom get mana boos
00:16:10que2stress furi not useful
00:16:16que2stress and weaver farms
00:16:20TheyCallMeHaci tp
00:16:21TheyCallMeHaci weaver
00:16:21TheyCallMeHaci and
00:16:41Shinja wtF
00:16:46TheyCallMeHaci wtf can i do
00:16:46que2stress how is farm medusa
00:16:47TheyCallMeHaci with
00:16:49TheyCallMeHaci so noob
00:16:49Laier shit
00:16:50TheyCallMeHaci a team
00:16:52que2stress gj
00:16:54que2stress well picked
00:17:03TheyCallMeHaci weaver farmin"
00:17:08TheyCallMeHaci but still no farm
00:17:14que2stress doom manaboots y?
00:17:17Rotkiv jep
00:17:19Rotkiv got it
00:17:24que2stress come with me
00:17:26que2stress we must gang
00:17:36Jensefar u made retarxded pick
00:17:46que2stress ae
00:17:47que2stress DAGER
00:17:48que2stress AXE
00:17:48TheyCallMeHaci u2
00:17:50Firoga y
00:17:58que2stress no vangueard
00:18:01Jensefar lol
00:18:02Firoga k
00:18:07Jonnija he has allready
00:18:07TheyCallMeHaci you fuckin took
00:18:08TheyCallMeHaci weaver
00:18:09TheyCallMeHaci when
00:18:10TheyCallMeHaci i was
00:18:11TheyCallMeHaci tolking
00:18:13TheyCallMeHaci about
00:18:16TheyCallMeHaci pickin weaver or void
00:18:371m4n5h0w really
00:18:391m4n5h0w ... krob
00:18:411m4n5h0w wave
00:18:421m4n5h0w kill
00:18:58Jonnija wtwd
00:19:01Laier cant hit trees?
00:19:02Laier 2x miss >.<
00:19:04Jonnija gotta start
00:19:08Jonnija using it maually
00:19:09Jonnija on ground
00:19:11Steuerfreak ff
00:19:13Jonnija clicking doesnt work
00:19:19que2stress go mid
00:19:24que2stress doom make windwalk now
00:19:28Jonnija lol
00:19:29que2stress u must entry
00:19:40que2stress understand?
00:19:49Rotkiv jeje
00:20:16que2stress get dagger go farm
00:20:45Jonnija FUCKING WRONG KEY :D
00:20:51Jonnija so much lovely
00:20:51Jonnija fail
00:20:52Jonnija this game
00:21:02Steuerfreak axe
00:21:14que2stress doon
00:21:221m4n5h0w haha
00:21:39Steuerfreak fu
00:21:40Steuerfreak team
00:21:40que2stress gw
00:21:42Laier got dust
00:21:43Shinja they all got farm like hell :D where are ours farmEZ
00:22:02que2stress dusa
00:22:02que2stress farm
00:22:53que2stress come mid all
00:22:59Jonnija dusa making diffus?
00:23:03Laier y
00:23:30que2stress lucky ones
00:23:34Firoga sorry
00:23:37Firoga i died
00:23:39que2stress np
00:23:44Firoga i was close to dagger
00:23:49que2stress go back woods
00:23:52Firoga y
00:23:55Rotkiv windwalk then?
00:23:59que2stress then ac
00:24:11Laier gang top
00:24:14Steuerfreak all ss
00:24:23Laier guys top
00:24:59que2stress lol
00:25:04Firoga u could come before
00:25:06que2stress farm bot
00:25:07que2stress dusa
00:25:13Jonnija used tp on tower
00:25:16Jonnija took bit too much time :D
00:25:23que2stress firog
00:25:25Firoga let me wood now
00:25:26que2stress go woods now
00:25:27que2stress y
00:25:29Jensefar void bf mom ac would rock in this game
00:25:32que2stress and dont come back till
00:25:37Firoga dagger
00:25:39Firoga sweet dagger
00:25:39que2stress y
00:25:41TheyCallMeHaci ye
00:26:31que2stress care
00:26:34Firoga k
00:26:42Laier b
00:26:46Laier def top
00:26:53que2stress i go
00:26:59TheyCallMeHaci need new wards
00:27:35Firoga rdy
00:27:42que2stress k go mid
00:27:42Firoga hood + pipe now?
00:27:45que2stress pipe
00:27:45que2stress y
00:27:52que2stress axe go
00:28:061m4n5h0w dagger
00:28:071m4n5h0w axe
00:28:15que2stress farm dusa
00:28:20Laier hahahah
00:28:35Jonnija woah
00:28:37Jonnija void is fat
00:28:38Jonnija its lost
00:28:44Laier "fat"
00:28:46Laier he got fucking bf
00:28:50Laier you are just weak
00:28:51Firoga oom
00:28:51Jonnija yeah
00:28:54Jonnija thats enaugh
00:28:55Jonnija for him
00:28:58que2stress well
00:29:00que2stress what u expect
00:29:02Laier furi is just weak
00:29:02Jonnija we wont push it before
00:29:02que2stress we got no gang hero
00:29:06Jonnija 40 min
00:29:35que2stress axe better make
00:29:39que2stress blademail
00:29:41Firoga k
00:29:58que2stress -ms
00:30:12que2stress gang
00:30:21Jonnija simply
00:30:22Jonnija push
00:30:24Jonnija ignore gangs
00:30:29Jensefar go?
00:31:13Jensefar omg
00:31:20Jensefar nit a singel D:
00:31:24Laier that cyclone just fucked up axe
00:31:24Laier :D
00:31:30que2stress ye
00:31:36que2stress did it when he jumped
00:31:40TheyCallMeHaci gg guys
00:31:41Jensefar cani farm for radi
00:31:501m4n5h0w you guys farm all game
00:31:511m4n5h0w ...
00:31:55Laier void vs creeps talking whaaat
00:31:551m4n5h0w look at void
00:31:58que2stress actually both sides very poor game
00:32:06TheyCallMeHaci ye me
00:32:18que2stress finally its hero win ;)
00:32:19TheyCallMeHaci bye
00:32:45que2stress k go mid
00:32:53que2stress doom spider
00:32:53Laier go
00:32:54Laier now
00:33:20Steuerfreak lol
00:33:29Jonnija weave relic
00:33:33TheyCallMeHaci why not try
00:33:341m4n5h0w veeery poor
00:33:351m4n5h0w ^^
00:34:18que2stress always doom spider ok?
00:34:22Rotkiv k
00:34:27que2stress windwalk in doom spider
00:34:30que2stress then all focus
00:34:38Jensefar finally
00:34:45que2stress need guinsoo fury
00:34:50que2stress go doom
00:35:04que2stress CANT U WAIT FOOM
00:35:33TheyCallMeHaci he has lothar
00:35:45que2stress back
00:35:46que2stress top
00:35:48que2stress bnack
00:36:19TheyCallMeHaci mine
00:36:29Jonnija I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:36:29que2stress ehehe
00:36:37que2stress medusa pickl lost it ;)
00:36:41Firoga y
00:36:43Laier not really
00:36:46que2stress very reakky
00:36:50que2stress they have 3 carry
00:36:51que2stress and u pick
00:36:53que2stress not the gang hero
00:36:58que2stress but the even more carry
00:37:02Laier and we got doom
00:37:02que2stress and then
00:37:03Laier and axe
00:37:05que2stress they
00:37:05Laier and rest shit :D
00:37:06que2stress can
00:37:07que2stress gang
00:37:08que2stress ?
00:37:11TheyCallMeHaci gj
00:37:22Jonnija there wasnt anything playable
00:37:24Jonnija in the pool :D
00:37:25que2stress sven?
00:37:34Jonnija anything i like playing atlesat
00:37:36Jonnija other than furion
00:37:55que2stress then why u add silver?
00:38:05que2stress if u cant play 25 heros of dota
00:38:08que2stress or even more
00:38:16Jonnija i can play around 60
00:38:18Jensefar gg
00:38:20Jonnija like playing around 20
00:38:22Firoga i'm going back to bronze :(
00:38:221m4n5h0w noooo
00:38:26Laier tbh that furion was shit pick
00:38:271m4n5h0w not gg
00:38:29que2stress and take
00:38:31que2stress medusa with you
00:38:35que2stress to bronze ;)
00:38:39Firoga :D
00:38:42Firoga i deserve silver
00:38:43Laier 3-5 puck talking
00:38:43Laier nice
00:38:47Firoga i know it
00:38:51que2stress what shall we do?
00:38:51Laier you got the gang hero and you did nothing
00:38:55que2stress with our hero pool
00:39:01que2stress puck cant gang void
00:39:03que2stress or spider
00:39:04que2stress or xin
00:39:06que2stress we need
00:39:09que2stress sven for that
00:39:091m4n5h0w my wave plz
00:39:10Laier cangang xineasily
00:39:101m4n5h0w need 400
00:39:15TheyCallMeHaci sry for flame at the start
00:39:18que2stress 11 assist
00:39:26TheyCallMeHaci weaver
00:39:27Jonnija and i dont do gang well :D
00:39:28Jensefar np
00:39:36Jonnija i enjoy farming tho
00:39:37que2stress need disable for gang
00:39:43que2stress and sven was only disabler
00:40:05que2stress doom
00:40:06Laier b
00:40:06que2stress try
00:40:08Laier b
00:40:27Steuerfreak b
00:40:43TheyCallMeHaci gogo
00:41:07Laier I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:41:18Rotkiv I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:41:20que2stress I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:41:23que2stress ff it
00:41:23Firoga I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
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