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Chat log

00:00:03KiG -ii
00:00:05XXL ap
00:00:10Kastrup AP
00:00:10XXL -ap
00:00:10Marhalt OH CMON
00:00:10skyZ BLIE
00:00:10Firoga -ap
00:00:10KiG yep... u are not good at dota...
00:00:10skyZ notgoodatdota -ap
00:00:10-.- -ap
00:00:15skyZ lanes?
00:00:32-.- pit wr top
00:00:42-.- or pit abba top
00:00:43XXL i go carry styl
00:00:44XXL e
00:01:06Adoon can we team
00:01:08Adoon me and tide
00:01:10Marhalt me supp or aggressive mode?
00:01:14mansikka support
00:01:15Kastrup i should be at top
00:01:17Adoon on skype
00:01:19Marhalt oks
00:01:24Kastrup for the tree bonus damage
00:01:25Adoon we'r teaming
00:01:28KiG shredder is better bot
00:01:29XXL not roof with me
00:01:32XXL Pp
00:01:33skyZ i pull
00:01:34Kastrup he is so not..
00:01:36Tonyboi ty
00:01:36XXL kk
00:01:46XXL but let me get creeps then mby we win :DD
00:01:46Kastrup so so so so stupid
00:01:57Kastrup top lane is best for shredder
00:02:02Kastrup both sent/scoruge
00:02:03Kastrup for him
00:02:03mansikka pitlord ei o nykyää ni hyvä
00:02:10XXL oot kertonu jo
00:02:14mansikka aa
00:02:14skyZ need to end this fast
00:02:14mansikka ok
00:02:16XXL ja voittettii viimeeksi
00:02:19XXL kin
00:02:24mansikka ward
00:02:29Firoga roof ill
00:02:37Firoga care mid
00:02:45mansikka nb
00:03:52Kastrup need gank
00:05:16XXL slow him
00:05:21Kastrup mega need gank bot
00:05:30Adoon not a chance
00:05:36skyZ no slow
00:05:41XXL wtf
00:05:47XXL what the fuck
00:05:49XXL i skilling?
00:05:56Kastrup stupid stupid stupid
00:05:59XXL GET IT
00:06:13Kastrup miss
00:06:52Kastrup well
00:06:56Firoga goblin u suck
00:06:57Kastrup u get your fucking lane
00:07:00Kastrup then fucking help us
00:07:01Kastrup i suck?
00:07:04Kastrup u go to sucide?
00:07:09Tonyboi then best lane is bot
00:07:10Firoga bla
00:07:11Tonyboi u know
00:07:13Kastrup no it isn't
00:07:14Kastrup motherfucker
00:07:16Adoon ur the best lane we have
00:07:17Kastrup and fucking support your team
00:07:17Adoon bot
00:07:18Adoon xd
00:07:19Kastrup u fucking idiot
00:07:29Adoon bot lane = our best lane
00:07:36skyZ why
00:07:40XXL u got that slow=
00:07:44XXL u could save me
00:07:45Firoga care mid
00:07:55XXL go
00:07:56skyZ jus todnt stay with 1hp on lane
00:07:57XXL that new
00:08:00XXL hero
00:08:11skyZ oom
00:09:10Kastrup gj
00:09:11XXL huhuh
00:09:14XXL nobot ownaa mua
00:09:15XXL :D
00:09:20mansikka mä ownaan noboi
00:09:23XXL gj
00:09:26mansikka x
00:09:27mansikka D
00:09:42XXL slow
00:09:50Kastrup gj top
00:09:52Kastrup both lvl 4
00:10:00KiG ...
00:10:07KiG u are on skype , for ass fisting?
00:10:14Kastrup seems so
00:10:18Tonyboi su why troll mid
00:10:21mansikka i b
00:10:25Tonyboi when u could have been forest easy
00:10:34Adoon we had bad lanes
00:10:39KiG NO1 wanted mid
00:10:40Adoon but troll mid was most fail imo
00:10:42Marhalt ss
00:10:42KiG tard
00:10:43Firoga STOP TALK
00:10:45Firoga PLAY
00:10:46skyZ ty
00:11:38skyZ no utl
00:12:26skyZ push top or bot
00:12:56Firoga wr oom
00:12:57Firoga go
00:13:01skyZ ult rdy
00:13:27skyZ still hav eult
00:15:08mansikka xD
00:15:09skyZ why the fuck
00:15:11Marhalt ...
00:15:16Marhalt why
00:15:18mansikka i though it was 1 v 5
00:15:26skyZ 1?
00:15:31mansikka 1
00:15:39Firoga 3 nooobs
00:15:41Tonyboi my 90 hp?
00:15:44Adoon u died?
00:15:45Firoga noob
00:15:47Firoga u noob
00:16:02Adoon we have to run coz no maledict on them
00:16:05Firoga gg
00:16:29skyZ got ult
00:16:31skyZ go mid
00:17:43skyZ we could own them with aba
00:17:49Kastrup thanks
00:17:53Firoga buy dust
00:17:54Firoga clock
00:17:55Firoga and tide
00:18:00KiG :)
00:18:05Firoga everyone
00:18:07Firoga DUST
00:18:11KiG u all suck so big
00:18:21Kastrup just better lineup than us
00:19:08skyZ got ult
00:19:13Adoon trying..
00:19:18Adoon almost got killed here
00:19:38Firoga u guys
00:19:40Firoga suck
00:19:44-.- coming
00:19:47-.- lez fight
00:19:47Adoon no we dont
00:19:51Firoga y u do
00:19:57Firoga 0 3 tide
00:20:07Firoga 0 4
00:20:44KiG u guys got your toplane
00:20:52KiG and just nothing out of that
00:20:52Kastrup said it..
00:21:09XXL OMFG
00:21:10XXL BLUE
00:21:12XXL CAN U COME
00:21:33XXL easy rape with u
00:21:35XXL but dont come
00:21:36XXL then
00:21:49Firoga goblin mega noob
00:21:54Kastrup lol
00:21:54Kastrup why?
00:22:00Firoga because u suck
00:22:02Firoga it's simple
00:22:03Kastrup ok
00:22:14Adoon nothing we could do.
00:22:18XXL pelle tuo sininwn
00:22:20Adoon they had better lanes, betetr heroes
00:22:21Firoga u could leave dota 4 ever
00:22:28mansikka ook
00:22:34Adoon i have played 20k dota games
00:22:37Adoon since version 1
00:23:19skyZ coming
00:23:40skyZ b
00:24:36Firoga 0 4 tide
00:24:37Kastrup ff
00:24:43XXL cant yer
00:24:45XXL yet*
00:24:50Kastrup i see..
00:25:46Kastrup mother fucker
00:25:53skyZ ff
00:26:22XXL öö
00:26:44Firoga tide 0 5
00:26:55Adoon we cant stun her "/
00:27:01Firoga u can't play
00:27:01Tonyboi ¨u got 5-6
00:27:03Firoga it's different
00:27:06Firoga 5 6 10
00:27:08Firoga i warded
00:27:12XXL miks trolli ei koskaa yritä lanaajaa
00:27:17-.- huups
00:27:19XXL mut mun kimppuun käy
00:27:20XXL :D
00:27:21Tonyboi wd
00:27:28Tonyboi why do i bother
00:27:28mansikka emt
00:27:31mansikka se o nössö
00:27:33Tonyboi hope ur in the next gasame
00:27:36XXL nii o
00:27:39Tonyboi game*
00:28:42skyZ was stuck
00:28:50Kastrup I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:29:12Firoga 0 6 !
00:29:23Adoon at least we try
00:29:48Adoon u just flame and whine like a child, i surrender"" ))
00:30:14Kastrup dead
00:30:14Firoga late ulti
00:30:18Firoga gj
00:30:19Tonyboi wanted u deaad first
00:30:23Firoga pro
00:30:25Firoga u are so good
00:30:26Tonyboi u2
00:30:47mansikka wind ffs
00:31:09skyZ oom
00:31:11Marhalt what?
00:31:15XXL how about FF
00:32:11mansikka go mid
00:32:22XXL vitut
00:32:25XXL vittu*
00:32:27XXL mun itemi
00:32:27Adoon b now
00:32:28XXL huoh
00:32:30mansikka kanaa
00:32:43Firoga 0 7 !
00:33:16XXL ei huoh
00:33:26Kastrup mwhahah
00:33:28skyZ -.-
00:33:32Firoga y he's noob
00:33:34Firoga sorry
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