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-38 X
-1 TS

90% | 1519 X | 1507 TS

-49 X
-4 TS

58% | 1250 X | 1340 TS

+6 X
-5 TS

40% | 1096 X | 1306 TS

-46 X
-2 TS

34% | 1069 X | 1282 TS

-36 X
-34 TS

NEW | 1000 X | 1000 TS

+31 X
+2 TS

89% | 1445 X | 1571 TS

+25 X
+5 TS

75% | 1380 X | 1403 TS

+20 X
+2 TS

49% | 1149 X | 1335 TS

+45 X
+7 TS

11% | 903 X | 1196 TS

+50 X
+14 TS

4% | 806 X | 1176 TS

Chat log

00:00:04SMEGMAPLEKK jason
00:00:06SMEGMAPLEKK tuu vt
00:00:17WantedZip lycan
00:00:17VictoriaJrocks -lich
00:00:20WantedZip w
00:00:22WantedZip wishes ?
00:00:28Tough naix
00:00:48WantedZip gimme bs
00:00:50Fxx. 2 antinaix picked
00:00:52Tough kay
00:00:55Fxx. STOP pick more carrys
00:00:57WantedZip -swap 2
00:00:58Tough -swap 1
00:01:37RalleBrazil mate i get curior for u
00:01:41RalleBrazil then buy wards ok?
00:02:33Tough i would say tiny bot would be better because mana?
00:02:36WantedZip ye
00:02:36Tough mana of eza
00:02:42WantedZip tuskar top
00:02:43Tough tuskar top^^
00:02:50Tough well hes afk
00:02:53SMEGMAPLEKK no
00:03:23Tough go pull
00:05:00Tough nice
00:05:20Tough i pull
00:05:31Tough +bs
00:05:35Tough do u need help mid?
00:05:44WantedZip nah
00:06:12Doomy ss top
00:06:26Doomy re
00:06:56Pulla lol dota range buffed?
00:07:34Doomy ss
00:07:58Tough gj mid
00:08:08VictoriaJrocks bs going top
00:08:14VictoriaJrocks re
00:08:28SMEGMAPLEKK lol
00:08:49SMEGMAPLEKK phase or arcane boots?:D
00:08:54JasonStatham arva
00:08:55JasonStatham arca
00:08:57Tough midas rdx! :D
00:09:00Tough gj tusk
00:09:00Tough <3
00:09:12SMEGMAPLEKK eza
00:09:36Banana min e
00:09:37Banana go
00:09:44VictoriaJrocks bs going top
00:09:46VictoriaJrocks re
00:10:00Fxx. fuck u all
00:10:05Fxx. who reusing chicks
00:10:14Fxx. i near to die cause of this
00:10:15JasonStatham miss top
00:10:15Fxx. tards !
00:10:27SMEGMAPLEKK ni
00:10:31Tough ss2 top
00:10:59WantedZip ss
00:11:46Pulla mis top
00:12:19SMEGMAPLEKK ez
00:12:20SMEGMAPLEKK kill
00:12:21WantedZip ss
00:12:53VictoriaJrocks mid miss
00:12:55Fxx. guys
00:12:55VictoriaJrocks re
00:12:56Fxx. this is bad
00:12:59Fxx. we loosing all sides
00:13:04Fxx. + naix free farm
00:13:09VictoriaJrocks i just killed naix
00:13:15VictoriaJrocks BS BOT
00:13:17VictoriaJrocks i think
00:13:23JasonStatham who
00:13:39Fxx. hate ezalor
00:13:48Banana wtf
00:13:54Banana who was there+
00:14:12Banana slark i bet you tp'd
00:14:13JasonStatham near me and go
00:14:16Fxx. tiny + ezalor down
00:14:20Fxx. how funny side
00:14:34Fxx. slark never gang
00:14:44Tough gj
00:14:44VictoriaJrocks i was going to
00:14:46VictoriaJrocks but bs went top instead
00:15:54VictoriaJrocks bs going bot
00:16:04Fxx. WP EZA
00:16:05Fxx. :-)
00:16:14Doomy ss naix top
00:16:16Fxx. dont let him kill
00:16:22VictoriaJrocks axe gtfo
00:16:23VictoriaJrocks fuck you
00:16:26Fxx. y
00:16:35VictoriaJrocks you give him speed boost on purpose
00:16:41WantedZip fuck force staff ?
00:16:43Fxx. anyway
00:16:46Fxx. he have got 4. lvl
00:16:47Fxx. this
00:16:49Fxx. so its np
00:16:55Fxx. naix extreme farm
00:17:00Fxx. we lost this , sooo lost
00:17:21VictoriaJrocks nobody forces you to pick shit void
00:17:26Fxx. su
00:17:30Fxx. noob victoria
00:17:41Fxx. u go allways mid
00:17:45Fxx. and allways lost this side !
00:17:53VictoriaJrocks i won mid
00:17:57Fxx. i see
00:18:00VictoriaJrocks ikilled bs
00:18:03Fxx. i see !
00:18:21Fxx. naix midas + armlet now
00:18:37VictoriaJrocks not my fault you second farm hero
00:18:43Banana tp
00:18:48VictoriaJrocks and are unable to farm
00:19:02Fxx. vs tiny + ezalor
00:19:06Fxx. without mid help
00:19:14VictoriaJrocks i went top
00:19:43Banana idiot
00:19:45Fxx. end this shit game please
00:19:46Fxx. fast
00:19:51Banana you are shit
00:20:00Fxx. 15% banana said
00:20:12WantedZip gettin relic
00:20:16Banana you 60%?
00:20:28JasonStatham gather to me and attack
00:20:28Doomy gank top n aix
00:20:55Doomy why no ulti void?
00:21:54JasonStatham :D:D:DDD
00:21:56WantedZip :D
00:21:57WantedZip GREEEEEED !
00:22:51Fxx. ...
00:22:52Tough cmon
00:22:54Tough so much hate?
00:22:59Fxx. what cmon ?
00:23:01Fxx. int steal u
00:23:02Fxx. np
00:23:14Tough GHAHAHA
00:24:21Banana dead
00:24:22JasonStatham mana me
00:24:28Banana idiot
00:24:37Pulla so used to lol 2months since dota lol
00:24:38RalleBrazil omg mate wait for wave
00:25:46Banana gwet wards
00:26:23Fxx. imba farm
00:26:30Fxx. mr allways mid feed captain
00:27:26Doomy i never saw a void ulti
00:27:31Pulla samexD
00:29:00Tough :D
00:29:09Pulla im so bad ..
00:29:23Pulla lol is so easy to this :)
00:30:12Fxx. fucking dont wanna play this game anymore
00:30:20Fxx. 20 min ago came my fucking lowbrain girlfriend
00:30:23Fxx. i m rly angry !
00:30:26Tough :D:D
00:30:32Banana I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:39Banana we can ff
00:30:44Fxx. I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:45Doomy ur lowbrain too :D
00:31:00Tough go end this
00:31:23JasonStatham kmr
00:31:31Tough tiss mne
00:31:37Tough toss
00:32:17Tough i go rosh
00:34:26Banana wards plz
00:34:38Tough end with all 5?
00:35:06JasonStatham mana
00:35:27SMEGMAPLEKK ac or shiva?:O
00:35:33Tough i do ac
00:35:36SMEGMAPLEKK ok
00:36:05Banana go ff
00:36:06Banana I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:14Pulla /ff
00:36:16Pulla -ff
00:36:18Fxx. I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:23Fxx. end ittttttttttt
00:36:25Fxx. cmon
00:36:28Fxx. stop fucking toying
00:36:30Pulla how did u surrender
00:36:42Pulla -ff?
00:36:43Pulla -ff
00:36:47Doomy no
00:36:52VictoriaJrocks just ff
00:36:57Pulla I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:17Doomy void with lothar
00:38:19Doomy funny
00:38:20Doomy xD
00:38:30Tough LOTHARS?!
00:38:36Fxx. :-)
00:38:41Doomy y void got lothar
00:38:42Pulla I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:43Doomy amazing
00:39:05Fxx. finally end this fucking game
00:39:08Fxx. i soooo angry
00:39:12Fxx. i need 5 cigarettes
00:39:19Fxx. or i kill my girlfriend
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