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100% | 1862 X | 1723 TS

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74% | 1359 X | 1403 TS

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+2 TS

20% | 982 X | 1234 TS

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+46 TS

NEW | 1053 X | 1101 TS

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11% | 896 X | 1214 TS

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-1 TS

89% | 1428 X | 1574 TS

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85% | 1464 X | 1457 TS

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-1 TS

43% | 1114 X | 1304 TS

+21 X
-1 TS

37% | 1078 X | 1301 TS

+2 X
-2 TS

16% | 945 X | 1219 TS

Chat log

00:00:15JasonStatham is there a chance to win this?
00:00:15Firoga do we have a chance against a 100% ?
00:00:15WantedZip yes
00:00:15Jaikki yes
00:00:15WantedZip aoe and team work
00:00:15WantedZip will win this
00:00:15Jaikki if we pick correctly
00:00:15Firoga ok
00:00:15WantedZip and 1 super carry
00:00:15Firoga u
00:00:15Firoga carry
00:00:15Firoga pink ?
00:00:15JasonStatham i can play riki good
00:00:15WantedZip jaiki
00:00:15Jaikki biggie plays bad games
00:00:15Firoga it would be great
00:00:15WantedZip wil go carry
00:00:15extremewaari jason u wont play riki
00:00:15Firoga ok
00:00:15Jaikki ok i can
00:00:15Firoga jason u do support
00:00:15WantedZip well
00:00:15Firoga like me
00:00:15Jaikki jason suppo
00:00:15WantedZip i planning
00:00:15JasonStatham again support :D
00:00:15WantedZip on ban weaver
00:00:15Firoga i like tiny / dazzle
00:00:15su_ >
00:00:15Jaikki y ban weaver
00:00:15WantedZip pick bala or lich ?
00:00:15JasonStatham y u no want me play riki
00:00:15Jaikki lich would be nice
00:00:15WantedZip bala pwn
00:00:15Jaikki hmm
00:00:15Jaikki hard choise
00:00:15extremewaari ban ns
00:00:15Jaikki or weaver
00:00:15extremewaari and play weaver or lich
00:00:15Jaikki ban ns and pick lich?
00:00:15Firoga or geo !
00:00:15Jaikki or weaver
00:00:15extremewaari he wont play geo
00:00:15Strom come on, lets get these bans started
00:00:15Jaikki heating ;__;'
00:00:15WantedZip i can pick ns
00:00:15extremewaari true
00:00:15Jaikki y pick ns then
00:00:15su_ this pool is lol
00:00:15Jaikki and ban lich?
00:00:15Firoga and who are u to say sao? an admin??? :D joking
00:00:15WantedZip if they pick lich
00:00:15Jaikki or weaver
00:00:15WantedZip we pwn with ns
00:00:15extremewaari ban waever
00:00:15Jaikki ok
00:00:15Jaikki ban weaver then
00:00:15WantedZip Weaver
00:00:15Biggie we all know you weren't
00:00:15Biggie omni
00:00:22WantedZip so
00:00:25Biggie gay fag
00:00:26Biggie my hero
00:00:26WantedZip who want this .D ?
00:00:31JasonStatham i can play
00:00:31Biggie i go doom
00:00:32Firoga me no
00:00:34extremewaari i can carry this 2
00:00:36Strom carry doom?
00:00:39Firoga jaikki or extreme
00:00:41Biggie yes
00:00:41Firoga imo
00:00:42Jaikki give it to waari
00:00:45Jaikki if he wants it
00:00:45WantedZip k
00:00:52extremewaari i dont like bala
00:00:54WantedZip gimme lich
00:00:56Jaikki ok
00:00:58Jaikki waari
00:00:59Firoga tiny or dazzle?
00:01:01Jaikki ota lich
00:01:01mby_next_time my lesh :<
00:01:02Jaikki lich
00:01:02WantedZip dazzle
00:01:06extremewaari k
00:01:06WantedZip lich waari
00:01:11su_ my dazzle................
00:01:12WantedZip -swap 2
00:01:15extremewaari -swap 1
00:01:18Jaikki waari vaihanko
00:01:20Jaikki vielä
00:01:24extremewaari ju
00:01:27Jaikki oke
00:01:33Jaikki mikä nuke
00:01:34Jaikki hy
00:01:35Jaikki i
00:01:37extremewaari wanted u will carry?
00:01:38Jaikki mitä haluta
00:01:40Firoga und is dangerous
00:01:44extremewaari ota
00:01:50extremewaari dk
00:01:51WantedZip hm
00:01:55WantedZip no
00:01:56extremewaari -swap 4
00:01:57WantedZip 3 str :(
00:01:57Strom krobelus zeus
00:01:59Jaikki -swap 2
00:02:02Strom not luna, jesus
00:02:04mby_next_time come lesh to me <3
00:02:05SMEGMAPLEKK 6igel ajal:D
00:02:05su_ -water 0 0 0
00:02:06su_ -clear
00:02:07su_ -ii
00:02:07mby_next_time let's have sex
00:02:08su_ -hhn
00:02:14WantedZip well
00:02:19Firoga we lost :D
00:02:27extremewaari no
00:02:28WantedZip jaiki can u solo mid ?
00:02:28Biggie arghh
00:02:30Biggie lich mid
00:02:30Jaikki hmm
00:02:32Biggie will be gay
00:02:34Jaikki 7
00:02:36mby_next_time you like it,.
00:02:38WantedZip its doom
00:02:38WantedZip mid
00:02:39WantedZip or dk
00:02:39mby_next_time -hhn
00:02:40WantedZip mid
00:02:41mby_next_time -don
00:02:42mby_next_time -clear
00:02:44Jaikki ok i go then
00:02:50Strom lesh + tiny is good lane
00:02:51Strom but
00:02:51su_ this hero pool
00:02:53Strom we should be top
00:02:53su_ fucking
00:02:54WantedZip dk top
00:02:54su_ sucks
00:02:57WantedZip full free farm
00:03:00mby_next_time true but late :<
00:03:06Firoga tiny
00:03:12Strom they will have DK farming top
00:03:16Strom against our last picks
00:03:17Strom not good
00:03:18WantedZip play safe
00:03:22mby_next_time will try to gang
00:03:24WantedZip and only gank if 3 ppl or more
00:03:25WantedZip not 2
00:03:32mby_next_time undy spam tomb
00:03:45Strom lich + dk top
00:03:47Strom even worse
00:04:40su_ b
00:04:45su_ that was good
00:04:47su_ when they pull
00:04:49su_ ill tomb
00:04:50su_ u nuke
00:04:51SMEGMAPLEKK ok
00:05:24WantedZip b
00:05:26Jaikki ss mid
00:05:26extremewaari y
00:05:27Jaikki care top
00:05:30Jaikki re
00:05:46Jaikki ss
00:05:47Jaikki care top
00:06:04su_ just get last hit
00:06:08SMEGMAPLEKK yy
00:06:12SMEGMAPLEKK lil lgg
00:06:52Jaikki ss doom
00:06:53Jaikki care top
00:07:18Jaikki fag
00:07:46Firoga ss
00:07:51Firoga tiny got reg
00:07:56Firoga re
00:08:18extremewaari bad
00:08:20extremewaari really
00:08:45Strom wtf you guys doing top :D
00:08:46Strom play it safe
00:08:47Biggie miss ns
00:08:48Jaikki -ms
00:09:02mby_next_time hp?
00:09:06SMEGMAPLEKK no mna
00:09:10JasonStatham 150
00:09:14Firoga ss
00:09:23SMEGMAPLEKK gj
00:09:56mby_next_time aba all time missing
00:10:02SMEGMAPLEKK -ma
00:10:25Jaikki care
00:10:27Jaikki all lanes
00:10:29Jaikki doom invi bottle
00:10:31mby_next_time ss 2
00:10:32su_ almost vang
00:10:43extremewaari topss 2
00:10:51mby_next_time still ss
00:10:53Strom ns goes bot rune
00:10:53Strom no
00:10:55Strom he's here
00:11:06su_ lich SS
00:11:28Strom 3 bottom rune
00:11:29Strom :(
00:11:32mby_next_time :<
00:12:17su_ 4 top
00:12:32su_ damnit
00:12:35su_ so close to vang
00:12:43mby_next_time not that easy.
00:13:01SMEGMAPLEKK tp twr low
00:13:19SMEGMAPLEKK lich wd
00:13:25SMEGMAPLEKK gp
00:13:32Jaikki care
00:13:34Jaikki CARE
00:13:37Jaikki inv doom
00:13:45Jaikki -ms
00:13:56mby_next_time ULTI
00:14:01SMEGMAPLEKK wtf tiny
00:14:02SMEGMAPLEKK u doing
00:14:05mby_next_time USE ULTI
00:14:06mby_next_time DUDED
00:14:07mby_next_time solo
00:14:10SMEGMAPLEKK no mana
00:14:10mby_next_time dk
00:14:14extremewaari ty
00:14:14mby_next_time you had full
00:14:19SMEGMAPLEKK lol?
00:14:22SMEGMAPLEKK 2time 1st spell
00:15:01Firoga bala go farm
00:15:05Jaikki jo
00:15:26mby_next_time let me rune ?:<
00:15:37mby_next_time gay.,
00:17:06WantedZip dk
00:17:07WantedZip go top
00:17:13WantedZip take a tp
00:17:32Jaikki bara take that bash too
00:17:38SMEGMAPLEKK heal
00:18:51Firoga we were going
00:19:38Jaikki rahaa ku hevosia
00:21:34mby_next_time blah
00:21:39mby_next_time love tower <#
00:21:43Strom do not throw me like that :S
00:21:50Jaikki gj
00:21:52su_ tiny......
00:21:52mby_next_time i thought you like that <>3
00:21:54su_ luna.........
00:22:01Strom -disablehelp
00:22:04su_ why dive??
00:22:10SMEGMAPLEKK dnno
00:22:28SMEGMAPLEKK hm
00:22:36Jaikki fuu
00:22:36Strom bigge, you lagging
00:22:36SMEGMAPLEKK omg
00:22:46Jaikki strom can u do something?
00:22:46SMEGMAPLEKK last game that mby not me etc always drop:S
00:22:46Biggie ...
00:22:46su_ ...
00:22:46Jaikki lagaat
00:22:50SMEGMAPLEKK wtffff
00:22:50WantedZip WEEEEEEEEEEE
00:22:50Strom close torrent
00:22:50JasonStatham i go if he drops?
00:22:50Biggie wtf is this
00:22:52Jaikki sorcery
00:22:59SMEGMAPLEKK omggg
00:22:59extremewaari :/
00:22:59Jaikki bluggaa tai jotai
00:22:59Jaikki strom ei bannaa
00:22:59Biggie dun have torrents
00:22:59Jaikki pluggaa*
00:23:00WantedZip charge mid
00:23:05su_ plug?
00:23:08su_ hes typing........
00:23:11Strom skype?
00:23:15Strom spotify?
00:23:20Jaikki -.-
00:23:25Jaikki stfu u dont understand :D
00:23:56mby_next_time perfect :>
00:24:02su_ i was typing
00:24:06su_ and they killed me
00:24:11mby_next_time bitches!
00:24:26Jaikki coffee ->
00:24:26Biggie ohh cmon!
00:25:09Jaikki -ms
00:25:12Jaikki chrage
00:25:16SMEGMAPLEKK omgggg
00:25:16JasonStatham who
00:25:16Jaikki tiny
00:25:16Jaikki tiny
00:25:16JasonStatham k
00:25:16Jaikki are u there
00:25:16Jaikki oho
00:25:16Jaikki :DD:D:
00:25:16Jaikki BARA
00:25:16Jaikki charge doom
00:25:16Jaikki asap
00:25:16JasonStatham top?
00:25:16extremewaari he have
00:25:16Jaikki he is bot
00:25:16Biggie who is doing this to me?
00:25:16extremewaari relic now
00:25:23Jaikki charge
00:25:29JasonStatham party time
00:25:42Jaikki dat stun
00:26:19Strom 5 inc bot
00:26:21Strom FIVE
00:26:29Jaikki get doom
00:26:47Firoga sorry
00:26:50Jaikki np
00:26:50Firoga ._.
00:26:57Jaikki illu
00:27:00Jaikki ILLU
00:27:11su_ luna
00:27:13su_ buy TP
00:27:17SMEGMAPLEKK pook
00:27:25JasonStatham gogoog tiny
00:27:31Strom uihm, where did you go tiny? :D
00:27:36mby_next_time hlaf of hp
00:27:39mby_next_time and - ten armor
00:27:46Strom well, perfect for fighting
00:27:50mby_next_time :D
00:28:02Jaikki 300 to bkb
00:28:09JasonStatham go ddoom
00:28:11Jaikki let me farm liuch
00:28:12extremewaari b
00:28:13Jaikki lich
00:28:25mby_next_time OH I M ALONE
00:28:36mby_next_time need to focus -.-
00:28:57Biggie b
00:29:00Jaikki need 100
00:29:02Jaikki buy me salve
00:29:03Jaikki fast
00:29:04su_ get radi
00:29:06su_ and we go
00:29:11Firoga did
00:29:11Jaikki ty
00:29:37SMEGMAPLEKK dd
00:29:49SMEGMAPLEKK les
00:29:51SMEGMAPLEKK let me famr
00:29:52SMEGMAPLEKK -.-
00:30:06mby_next_time GTFO
00:30:07Jaikki b
00:30:10mby_next_time fucking wards
00:30:39Jaikki shallow?
00:30:59Jaikki dont charge
00:30:59Jaikki b
00:31:00Firoga i were bkb
00:31:02Firoga i tried
00:31:10Firoga and then i was oom
00:31:17Jaikki charge now
00:31:23Jaikki :D:D
00:31:24Jaikki nätti
00:31:25WantedZip stupid
00:31:29Biggie wtf is that range of dks stun
00:31:32Jaikki imba
00:31:33Strom 700 I think
00:31:39Biggie didnt know that =/
00:31:40su_ 400 in dragon
00:31:45Strom it's pretty imba
00:31:45WantedZip no hp ? !:
00:31:48su_ 100 human
00:31:53Jaikki got ulti
00:31:58Jaikki charge some1 asaap
00:31:59Jaikki bara
00:32:08JasonStatham go tin
00:32:09JasonStatham tiny
00:32:13Jaikki oscar mike
00:32:18mby_next_time OH OH
00:32:24mby_next_time b
00:32:25su_ b
00:32:39su_ fight at tower
00:32:52Jaikki fu
00:32:59extremewaari bkb <3
00:33:11SMEGMAPLEKK roshn?
00:34:25Firoga sorry dk grave on cd
00:34:26Firoga it was
00:34:28mby_next_time <3
00:34:28extremewaari np
00:34:33su_ i wish luna had some farm
00:34:35mby_next_time OH
00:34:41mby_next_time nasty
00:34:45SMEGMAPLEKK yep
00:35:07Biggie tehy all alive
00:36:18Jaikki oom
00:36:55Strom buugi, get some armor
00:36:57Strom and lets push raxes
00:37:02Biggie i do bkb
00:37:15Strom you think 3 armor is ok vs dk ns sb?
00:37:29Biggie hmm u got a point
00:37:34extremewaari b
00:37:35WantedZip b
00:37:44extremewaari b
00:37:44extremewaari b
00:37:44extremewaari b
00:37:53Jaikki stupid bara :/
00:37:56Biggie i get ac
00:37:58JasonStatham i was dead anyway
00:37:58mby_next_time heal me anyopne ?:>
00:37:59mby_next_time i get ac
00:38:00su_ tiny is
00:38:01JasonStatham look how close i was
00:38:02mby_next_time but k
00:38:02JasonStatham so stfu
00:38:07mby_next_time before i get it
00:38:09mby_next_time it will pass
00:38:15Jaikki i dont blame
00:38:16Jaikki :D
00:38:55Jaikki wp dazzle
00:38:57Jaikki srsly
00:38:58Jaikki nice
00:39:02Jaikki gj
00:39:12Jaikki omw
00:39:47JasonStatham gj
00:39:57su_ this luna makes me sad
00:40:02SMEGMAPLEKK no hp
00:40:08su_ no items?
00:40:41Biggie when i doom dk
00:40:44Biggie focus on him
00:41:20extremewaari reg
00:42:04extremewaari bara
00:42:35mby_next_time FUCK
00:43:06extremewaari bara ffs
00:43:10mby_next_time go on mid
00:43:12extremewaari go heal!
00:43:12mby_next_time i def bot.
00:43:48Jaikki 10 sec
00:43:58Strom thuis luna :D
00:44:13SMEGMAPLEKK tra ma tahtsin asja osta ptsi
00:44:31Jaikki counterpush
00:44:40su_ doom
00:44:42su_ platemail
00:44:42Strom well we got rax
00:44:42su_ please
00:44:44Strom so life is good
00:45:26extremewaari rosh
00:45:29Jaikki take rosh fast
00:45:38su_ doom shivas
00:45:40su_ tiny AC
00:45:41su_ gogogogo
00:45:43Jaikki got wards
00:46:04Jaikki who take
00:46:07WantedZip dk
00:46:10Biggie fuck
00:46:12WantedZip or bala
00:46:14Biggie good
00:47:42Jaikki NO BASH
00:47:46Strom I farm bot
00:47:47Jaikki srsly
00:47:51Jaikki haista pillujuusto jo
00:48:27Biggie b after
00:49:01Jaikki i farm top
00:49:02Jaikki !!
00:49:11Jaikki need sum moni
00:49:16WantedZip b
00:50:43Jaikki abyssal blade
00:50:46Jaikki first time buying
00:50:46Jaikki ebin
00:51:23extremewaari bara dont og
00:51:24Biggie get smoke
00:51:27JasonStatham i wont
00:51:35Biggie b
00:51:40extremewaari def
00:51:46Biggie push top a bit
00:52:22extremewaari go?
00:52:27Biggie smoke
00:52:32Jaikki i think same
00:52:34Jaikki smoke
00:53:08Jaikki SRSLY
00:53:09Jaikki FOG
00:53:18Strom push top
00:53:19WantedZip gg
00:53:25Jaikki we killed doom?
00:53:28JasonStatham y
00:53:28WantedZip y
00:53:31WantedZip only
00:53:33WantedZip buyback
00:53:33Jaikki he buybacked?
00:53:35Jaikki ok
00:53:37Strom dk did
00:53:45mby_next_time heal me?
00:53:56Strom take rax
00:54:16Biggie -ms
00:54:29Strom I'm oom
00:54:48Biggie b
00:55:31JasonStatham final battle ahead:d
00:55:35Biggie new smoke pls
00:55:44mby_next_time i ocme
00:55:45Jaikki try long this to 60 min
00:55:45mby_next_time got ac.
00:55:54Biggie here
00:57:19mby_next_time gg
00:57:32Jaikki gg
00:57:36su_ gg
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