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-2 TS

78% | 1462 X | 1348 TS

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-6 TS

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Chat log

00:00:02Galgar -hhn
00:00:08Wrench nice pewl
00:00:14Maier not rly
00:00:17Wrench :)
00:00:18Maier gl hf
00:00:18Maier -ii
00:00:18Maier -water red
00:00:18Maier -weather rain
00:00:18Maier let's get some good picks now guys
00:00:18slc2 doom
00:00:18Wrench ya man
00:00:18Maier ud
00:00:23Smokeer sepc
00:00:24Smokeer spec
00:00:25Smokeer me
00:00:28keevin can someone reserve me bala?
00:00:30slc2 get me wr
00:00:35Maier get
00:00:36Maier wr
00:00:37Wrench ill go wr/necro/bala most likely
00:00:39PriMo no
00:00:45PriMo bala
00:00:45Wrench i can play wr if u get it
00:00:49keevin bala me.
00:00:54slc2 no bala
00:00:55keevin :X
00:00:56slc2 get me wr
00:00:58Wrench primo gimme bala or play urself ?
00:00:59Smokeer -swap 1
00:01:02slc2 -swap 3
00:01:02Maier hahahaha
00:01:03PriMo im
00:01:05Maier 3 carries already
00:01:05Maier guys
00:01:05slc2 why gondar????
00:01:05Galgar what pause
00:01:05Maier now get tiny
00:01:05Zajeb sry guys
00:01:05Zajeb was afk
00:01:05Wrench if i get tiny ill mid
00:01:05slc2 why do u pick gondar?????
00:01:05Wrench kk ?
00:01:05PriMo venga
00:01:05Maier no
00:01:05Galgar coz i wanna
00:01:05Wrench then i wont go tiny
00:01:05casper i take venge
00:01:05Wrench hate lanetiny
00:01:05slc2 galgar u fucking morron
00:01:05Zajeb doom and und banned?
00:01:05Galgar stfu
00:01:05Maier lane tiny owns
00:01:05keevin Chill...
00:01:05Smokeer yes
00:01:05keevin yes
00:01:06Wrench yeah but i still hate it
00:01:06Zajeb i resume
00:01:06slc2 its fucking gg
00:01:07Maier WTF is this ?
00:01:10Wrench i wanna be fast lvl8 and rape everyone
00:01:10Wrench :)
00:01:13Maier get
00:01:14Maier stuns
00:01:14Maier venge
00:01:16Wrench y
00:01:16slc2 get rylai and venge last
00:01:17Maier venge
00:01:21Galgar its fucking gg if u go tard mode and start rage
00:01:22Maier + sk
00:01:24Maier or that
00:01:25keevin im not going to support
00:01:25Maier GOOD
00:01:25keevin here
00:01:27Maier yes
00:01:30Maier ns and cm boty
00:01:32Maier bot *
00:01:33slc2 get tiny and magnus
00:01:34keevin i can go
00:01:35keevin solo mid
00:01:36Wrench y ns better bot
00:01:38Wrench for roaming mid
00:01:38Maier yea
00:01:42casper can you swap venge with me _
00:01:44Maier and venge + tiny top
00:01:48Zajeb come 3 for fb top?
00:01:50slc2 im mid
00:01:52keevin Leoric
00:01:53keevin chjiek
00:01:53PriMo go
00:01:54Galgar cm vs free kills
00:01:55keevin chick
00:01:56Maier get tiny
00:01:58Maier for last
00:01:59Maier and we win
00:01:59Wrench sure top fb
00:02:13Maier nice
00:02:21casper no really ood with this
00:02:25Wrench wanna cm ?
00:02:27Wrench i can swap
00:02:31casper i want venge
00:02:42Maier tiny go bot
00:02:45slc2 lets go play 40mins and win
00:02:46Maier then
00:02:50Wrench venge 1st stun
00:02:51Wrench i have slow
00:02:52Maier and venge will join u
00:02:53keevin they will rape us earlier
00:02:54keevin =D
00:02:55slc2 sk pulls
00:03:06Galgar tb own 40 min
00:03:07Wrench rune bot
00:03:12slc2 not us
00:03:13keevin and we own tb
00:03:13keevin :D
00:03:15Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: on
00:03:16Maier dont
00:03:16Maier take
00:03:18keevin spectre radi
00:03:18Maier gondar
00:03:18keevin etc.
00:03:19Bct_Murder \king
00:03:20Maier he was ww
00:03:21Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: You control Skeleton King [t,v,c,r]
00:03:23Wrench y
00:03:34Wrench necro
00:03:58Wrench i come bot
00:04:00keevin ffs
00:04:00Wrench or benge
00:04:02Wrench venge u go
00:04:21Zajeb upg chick cm
00:04:55slc2 ss mid
00:05:04Wrench rune bot
00:05:26Smokeer go puoll
00:05:27Zajeb dd
00:05:30PriMo pull
00:05:31Wrench i pull
00:05:38Wrench got sentries for gond
00:06:05keevin ss2 top
00:06:10keevin how is tb
00:06:12keevin attacking creeps
00:06:21slc2 ss venge mid
00:06:38Wrench ss gond top
00:06:45Wrench re
00:06:52keevin Sentries.
00:07:15Smokeer sk?
00:07:31Wrench damage gondar next wave
00:07:38keevin ss top2
00:07:40Wrench or nec
00:07:44Smokeer \SK???
00:07:48Zajeb gang spec fast
00:07:52Bct_Murder no mana?
00:07:58Smokeer u stun creep?
00:07:59Smokeer did?
00:08:45PriMo fucl
00:08:48Wrench idd
00:08:49keevin n1.
00:08:53Maier gj
00:08:54Wrench invi top
00:09:05Zajeb gang spec guys
00:09:06slc2 nee chick
00:09:08Wrench hes top
00:09:09Maier reuse
00:09:10Zajeb or we are fucked
00:09:13Wrench + got ult, hard to gang :)
00:09:13Galgar ss2bot
00:09:18Galgar sstp2
00:09:26Maier MISS MID
00:09:27slc2 need chick guys
00:09:28keevin how is TB farming?
00:09:31keevin really.
00:09:31slc2 bad
00:09:39Maier re
00:10:07Zajeb first toss tthen stun noob
00:10:18Maier no
00:10:19slc2 get wards now
00:10:20Maier stun + toss
00:10:21Maier but insta
00:10:25keevin u shouldve
00:10:26keevin let me mid :)
00:10:28Maier gj
00:10:28Wrench y
00:10:30keevin atleast i wouldve won my lane then
00:10:31Galgar vs own ks lane
00:10:32Galgar wha
00:10:34slc2 maier why do i get all the bobs?
00:10:47Maier no idea
00:10:48Wrench like we dont have em :)
00:11:00Maier MIS SMID
00:12:12keevin didnt have mana
00:12:12Maier take top twr
00:12:13keevin for heal
00:12:14Bct_Murder ok necrolyte
00:12:19keevin u want me to suicide aswell?
00:12:23keevin u were dead obviously.
00:12:38keevin i see our mid did well
00:13:25slc2 get some fucking wards
00:13:28Galgar r u fuckuing blind
00:13:29Maier get more
00:13:30Maier mid
00:13:30Galgar i wink u 3 rtimnes
00:13:31slc2 serius guys get some fucking wards
00:13:31Galgar idiot
00:13:35keevin WR is
00:13:37keevin too bad
00:13:38Galgar ur blind
00:13:38slc2 i dont care get wards
00:13:40Wrench bot twr
00:13:44slc2 that aint hard
00:13:49Galgar b
00:13:51Maier spec has nothing
00:13:54slc2 keevin buy wards
00:13:54Maier i have way better farm
00:13:57Maier 57cs
00:13:58Wrench y
00:13:59keevin no
00:14:00keevin stfu
00:14:02keevin damn pubber
00:14:04slc2 what?
00:14:04keevin not gonna support u lows
00:14:08slc2 puibber+??
00:14:14keevin yeah u heard me well
00:14:36keevin if u only
00:14:38keevin let me have mid
00:14:42Wrench venge buy wards too please
00:14:42Wrench :)
00:14:42Zajeb b
00:14:42slc2 then what??+
00:14:44keevin then TB wouldnt have been farmed by now.
00:14:52Maier go mid all
00:14:54slc2 hes farmed because u guys feed him
00:14:57Maier we dominate
00:14:58Wrench sure
00:15:01keevin xD
00:15:02keevin /facepalm
00:15:06Maier sec
00:15:21keevin WR go ward imo
00:15:26Maier unlucky
00:15:28Wrench :p
00:15:31Wrench idd
00:15:36Galgar bot
00:15:37Galgar go back
00:15:44slc2 def all
00:15:44Galgar or u get rape aagain
00:15:48Galgar b
00:15:55Smokeer 5 mid
00:15:56Smokeer soz
00:15:59Wrench im b
00:16:00Wrench no mana
00:16:01Wrench b
00:16:09Maier bot twr
00:16:11Bct_Murder tb imba
00:16:12Wrench omw
00:16:12Bct_Murder ff
00:16:13Bct_Murder gg
00:16:17slc2 shut up
00:16:21keevin cus wr bad
00:16:24Galgar i told u get rape
00:16:24Maier -st
00:16:26Galgar in 40
00:16:28slc2 u guys did tard picks
00:16:30Galgar that sk got0times
00:16:34Wrench tiny got blink soon too
00:16:37Wrench e-z win :)
00:16:40keevin i told u to pick me balanar.
00:16:42Smokeer i told long ago
00:16:46Galgar he take it tard
00:16:46Smokeer wr isnt good mid laywas
00:16:48Smokeer top best
00:16:53slc2 def all
00:16:58keevin ofc
00:17:00keevin wr better against tri
00:17:02slc2 if he is solo yes
00:17:04keevin and he cant lane anyways
00:17:42Maier tiny..
00:17:43PriMo b
00:17:43PriMo b
00:17:44Wrench :P
00:17:47Maier get top twr
00:17:59casper sry
00:18:06Wrench np
00:18:11Wrench shit happens
00:18:12Maier never run like that against wr -.-
00:18:22Maier try to dodge trees too
00:18:28keevin spec has no farm
00:18:28keevin ;x
00:18:36slc2 do u?
00:18:37casper in woods its easy :D
00:18:38Smokeer y 5 farmers
00:18:40Galgar well terror got sy
00:18:40Wrench top next
00:18:40Maier it is
00:18:41Galgar now
00:18:42Maier actually
00:18:42Wrench ive sentries for gond
00:18:47keevin i was against tri
00:18:48keevin WR :)
00:18:48slc2 so?
00:18:53keevin spec against solo tiny.
00:18:54Wrench or ?
00:18:54PriMo get
00:18:55slc2 ofc u where
00:18:56Wrench top yeah
00:19:01keevin u definately play pub too much
00:19:39Wrench what a fail x(
00:19:45PriMo b
00:19:46Maier focus then
00:19:51Wrench get rosh
00:19:53Wrench they have no ward at bot
00:19:54Wrench they cant see
00:19:54Maier top
00:20:02Wrench omw
00:20:10slc2 def the tower
00:20:19Smokeer look sk
00:20:24Wrench omw bala
00:20:27Wrench go tiny
00:21:01Wrench rosh
00:21:30Maier cm
00:21:32Wrench y
00:21:32Maier get medallion
00:21:34Wrench sure
00:21:39Wrench ive been wardbitching tho
00:21:40Wrench no farm
00:21:40Maier omw
00:21:41slc2 i soon have silence for tb
00:21:43Maier gj
00:21:43Wrench and dont intend to
00:21:44Wrench :)
00:21:52Wrench hardsupport ftw
00:21:58Maier best
00:22:00Maier with cm
00:22:00Galgar why u
00:22:01Galgar urn
00:22:02Galgar tard
00:22:08Galgar this sk
00:22:10Galgar is mega nab
00:22:13Maier top twr
00:22:13Wrench i need to regen first
00:22:13Maier and end
00:22:14Smokeer wtf nerco
00:22:15Wrench i tp top then
00:22:23keevin rather carry myself
00:22:26slc2 b
00:22:27Maier top
00:22:28keevin u guys are bad
00:22:29Maier mid b
00:22:31Wrench y top
00:22:33Wrench i tp for push
00:22:40slc2 necro shut the fuck up
00:22:45Smokeer 3 carry after u pick
00:22:56Wrench dont chase
00:22:57Wrench dome push
00:22:59Wrench come
00:23:02Maier COME HERE
00:23:03Maier FFS
00:23:03keevin i said i wasnt going to play supp here.
00:23:04Wrench COME PUSH TOP :)
00:23:07keevin so ur bad.
00:23:09slc2 if we had venge and rylai we would have won
00:23:13keevin then pick him urself
00:23:14keevin goddamn
00:23:14Galgar 4top
00:23:20Smokeer dude
00:23:23Smokeer 4th u are
00:23:25Wrench NO
00:23:25keevin listen
00:23:26Wrench FOCUS TOP
00:23:26Smokeer its dota gc
00:23:29slc2 def the tower
00:23:31keevin exactly
00:23:32keevin dota gc
00:23:36keevin lowest of the lows
00:23:36Galgar move top
00:23:37Galgar nab
00:23:38Galgar fffs
00:23:40Galgar move top
00:23:45keevin !ff
00:23:46keevin !gg
00:24:02slc2 b
00:24:02slc2 b
00:24:13Wrench gogo
00:24:15Galgar tard
00:24:15Wrench go top
00:24:16Wrench 2dead
00:24:17Maier tp
00:24:17Galgar fucking iidot
00:24:19Wrench kk b
00:24:20Maier tp mid
00:24:22Maier and bot
00:24:28Maier TP
00:24:29Galgar mega skill
00:24:33Maier -ms
00:25:06Smokeer yes u ruin lasthit
00:25:08Smokeer not carry
00:25:10Galgar andthis guy siki bot
00:25:20casper let me
00:25:23Wrench ahh
00:25:23Wrench soz
00:25:26casper np
00:25:35keevin spec
00:25:37keevin i have as much farm as u
00:25:40keevin while u had double kill early
00:25:42Smokeer i dont care
00:25:43keevin and u were againts a solo
00:25:44Smokeer what u said
00:25:44slc2 get b
00:25:47keevin pick support next time if u cant farm
00:25:56Smokeer i play support 90%
00:25:57Smokeer so?
00:26:02keevin make it 100
00:26:08Smokeer no one 100%
00:26:12Maier omw mid
00:26:15slc2 dont push
00:26:24slc2 spec
00:26:28Maier 1k to skadi
00:26:43Maier let me farm it
00:26:46Maier go gan
00:26:46Wrench y
00:26:47Maier gang
00:26:49Galgar this sk just got mad skill
00:26:50Maier smoke with 4
00:26:58Smokeer y
00:27:03Galgar he solo bot
00:27:12Bct_Murder specter solo bot
00:27:12Smokeer sk cant gang bot
00:27:14Bct_Murder i pull all time
00:27:15Smokeer he always oom
00:27:19Smokeer no idea how oom
00:27:28Wrench mid for smoke
00:27:28Wrench come
00:27:35Wrench zajeb has
00:27:37Galgar b
00:27:37slc2 b
00:27:37slc2 b
00:27:39keevin cry
00:27:42slc2 def at tower
00:27:46slc2 get b
00:27:48slc2 def at tower
00:28:03slc2 fucking idiot
00:28:19Maier urn
00:28:20Maier me
00:28:21keevin ..
00:28:34Maier sec
00:28:37Maier item
00:28:40Maier and we get mid
00:28:53Maier stay b all
00:29:06Maier he gets twr
00:29:06Maier npo
00:29:08Wrench y
00:29:16Maier k go mid
00:29:30Bct_Murder omg
00:29:32Bct_Murder skadi ...
00:29:34Bct_Murder 26min
00:29:40Bct_Murder skadi and s&y
00:29:41Bct_Murder nice
00:29:57Wrench gj
00:29:58Wrench push
00:29:59Bct_Murder I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:00keevin GONDAR
00:30:01keevin why do u focus
00:30:02keevin CM?
00:30:04keevin jesus
00:30:04Wrench gg wp
00:30:05keevin 1 hit on bala
00:30:06Galgar didi
00:30:07keevin and he was dead.
00:30:09Galgar i focue him
00:30:12keevin no
00:30:14Galgar i did kill bala
00:30:14keevin u only used
00:30:14Galgar tard
00:30:16Wrench i buy gem for tb
00:30:16keevin toss
00:30:18Galgar yhes
00:30:19keevin no
00:30:20keevin u didnt
00:30:21keevin u kille dcm
00:30:24Galgar so low hp hero die
00:30:24Wrench get at well
00:30:25keevin bala survived with 1 hp
00:30:39Galgar is that my problem
00:30:42Galgar that this idiot
00:30:44Galgar cant stun
00:30:48keevin 1 hit
00:30:49keevin u were invis
00:30:51keevin but u attacked cm
00:30:52Galgar after 10 sec in teamfight and kill sm1
00:31:07Wrench soon new rosh
00:31:11Maier i suicide
00:31:11Wrench get it and finish mid rax
00:31:14Wrench kk
00:31:23keevin b
00:31:23keevin b
00:31:23keevin b
00:31:27Wrench omw
00:31:37keevin k gj
00:31:38Maier ah
00:31:39Maier sile stick
00:31:39slc2 gj guys
00:31:44slc2 get mid tower
00:31:46slc2 we can win
00:31:48PriMo ???)
00:31:48Maier where in the fuck did he get that
00:31:55Wrench get at well
00:31:58Wrench gem*
00:32:12Maier k they get twr
00:32:12Maier np
00:32:15Maier get rosh and end
00:32:16Wrench y
00:32:18keevin b
00:32:19keevin mid
00:32:19keevin b
00:32:20Maier dont die
00:32:20PriMo b
00:32:21slc2 next one fast
00:32:21Maier rylai
00:32:22PriMo v
00:32:22PriMo v
00:32:25Wrench chill :)
00:32:35Galgar go back
00:32:37Smokeer b
00:32:42keevin BACK MID
00:32:42Maier gety wr
00:32:43Maier wr
00:32:44keevin CMON
00:32:46Galgar mid b
00:32:50keevin BACK
00:33:07Wrench rosh
00:33:08Galgar wp
00:33:14keevin well
00:33:15keevin we got tower
00:33:17keevin worth it.
00:33:17slc2 i did get the tower
00:33:24keevin spec
00:33:28Maier someone
00:33:29Maier get vlad
00:33:29keevin buy relic
00:33:31keevin i send courier to shop.
00:33:39Wrench finish mid
00:33:41keevin oh god rosh again.
00:33:45Maier go mid
00:33:45keevin buy relic
00:33:46Maier and end this
00:33:47Maier shit
00:33:52Smokeer rdy
00:33:54keevin ok
00:33:56Maier wait for domi
00:33:57slc2 def mid
00:34:01keevin this is
00:34:02keevin rax..
00:34:03keevin i guess
00:34:10slc2 def in front of rax
00:34:10Maier NO
00:34:11Maier DONT
00:34:25keevin T
00:34:36Bct_Murder all just look
00:34:38Bct_Murder nice team
00:34:41PriMo suka
00:34:44PriMo tine
00:34:47PriMo bitch
00:34:52Wrench tiny ?
00:34:53Wrench help tb ?
00:35:00Wrench let me play u tine
00:35:07Wrench =D
00:35:11Maier FFS
00:35:18Maier u have no dps
00:35:19casper someone used
00:35:20Wrench wouldve raped all if tiny came earlier =p
00:35:21Maier and u die without me
00:35:30Galgar stop
00:35:30Galgar farm
00:35:31Wrench got melee tho
00:35:31Galgar woods
00:35:32Wrench nvm
00:35:33Galgar and go push
00:35:33Galgar nab
00:35:36Galgar fyucking lepo
00:35:36Wrench i get new gem
00:35:37Galgar leo
00:35:39keevin get radi
00:35:40Galgar uir skill -10000
00:35:40keevin already
00:35:41keevin jesus
00:35:43Smokeer 100g
00:35:45Bct_Murder and?
00:35:48Galgar and u suck
00:35:50Maier ac ns
00:35:51Galgar learn to player
00:35:51Bct_Murder i play for fun
00:35:52Maier very nice
00:35:53keevin gondar
00:35:53Maier tp bot
00:35:55Maier go def
00:35:55Galgar u enter
00:35:57Galgar battel
00:35:57keevin u suck just as hard
00:36:00Galgar all time when it to late
00:36:03Galgar and cant stun even
00:36:12slc2 necro get guinso please
00:36:14Zajeb 1
00:36:17slc2 or shiv
00:36:20Galgar bala go
00:36:20keevin yeah because i can farm it.
00:36:20Maier go bot all
00:36:22Maier TOGETHER
00:36:25Maier and dont die
00:36:28Galgar ac
00:36:28Wrench omw
00:36:30slc2 gondar take mid
00:36:35Maier get sentries
00:36:37Wrench any1 have money for gem ?
00:36:40Maier spec radio
00:36:46Maier k we fucked
00:36:49Maier spec has radi
00:36:51keevin mb coming
00:36:51keevin care.
00:36:52Wrench well
00:36:57Wrench we got sum farm too =)
00:36:57Maier TINY
00:36:59Maier with team
00:37:00keevin gank bot.
00:37:03slc2 def bot
00:37:03keevin come
00:37:04keevin guys go
00:37:05slc2 def at base
00:37:05keevin gank them
00:37:06Smokeer no def
00:37:07Smokeer gang
00:37:10keevin gank.
00:37:11slc2 def at base
00:37:26keevin ffs
00:37:27Maier spec no ult
00:37:28Maier GO
00:37:28keevin no spec ulti anymore
00:37:29keevin thats bad
00:37:30slc2 def at fuckin base as i say
00:37:31Wrench y
00:37:34Wrench e-z push
00:37:35PriMo urn
00:37:38slc2 fuckin morrons
00:37:38keevin we couldve killed them so easily
00:37:40Wrench ive sentrie
00:37:40keevin if u can with us
00:37:46slc2 no we could not
00:37:51keevin spec has radi
00:37:52keevin we can
00:37:59slc2 no we cant
00:38:08Wrench chill push
00:38:24keevin need spec ult
00:38:28PriMo sap
00:38:30PriMo swap
00:38:33Maier no shit
00:38:34Maier venge
00:38:42Wrench ..
00:38:58Maier WHAT
00:38:59Maier WHAT
00:39:00Maier FFS
00:39:06Maier first u wait
00:39:09Maier until my meta ends
00:39:10Maier and THEN
00:39:11Wrench :D
00:39:11Maier u swap ?
00:39:11Zajeb tiny fu
00:39:11Wrench ye
00:39:13Maier FUCK YOU
00:39:15Maier FUCKING VENGE
00:39:18Wrench and btw tiny too
00:39:20Maier go shit in your pants
00:39:21Zajeb suck my cock
00:39:22Wrench u have blink = u have to initiate
00:39:30slc2 we make money they loose them
00:39:30Wrench we got 2initiators and both just afk, not good :(
00:39:35keevin y.
00:39:37Maier we will lose this
00:39:38casper you told venge to swap i waited
00:39:42Wrench yy tiny thats fine
00:39:47slc2 u guys get it now?
00:39:54Wrench we need an entry kill before pus
00:39:55Maier you talking about naplets ?
00:39:57Wrench too hard pushing 5v5
00:39:58Maier my team has 2
00:39:59Wrench :)
00:40:08Maier venge and tiny, who cant initiate
00:40:09slc2 my team has improvved a little
00:40:11keevin this whole place is a joke anyways
00:40:14keevin skillevel is worse than RGC pub
00:40:27slc2 lets go be freind so we can be on team together and not with naps
00:40:35Maier done
00:41:06PriMo gj
00:41:07keevin gj
00:41:07slc2 gj
00:41:09Wrench ^^
00:41:10Maier guys
00:41:11Maier focus
00:41:14Wrench just b for now
00:41:14Maier the weak ones first
00:41:24Zajeb where is bkb ns?
00:41:24slc2 def at base
00:41:27Wrench y necro first if possible
00:41:29keevin I got hex soon
00:41:31keevin 1500
00:41:32Wrench if he stays alive he will heal em alot
00:41:32Maier fuck bkb
00:41:33Maier we need agha
00:41:35slc2 nice
00:41:48keevin why dont we
00:41:49keevin go out?
00:41:51keevin we are stronger now
00:41:56keevin and CM dead..
00:42:00slc2 they will kill os one by one
00:42:00keevin just push the lanes.
00:42:02Maier get smoke
00:42:03Maier go gang
00:42:06Maier get entry
00:42:06Maier and win
00:42:11Zajeb gather
00:42:14slc2 spec go bot
00:42:15Galgar they rosh
00:42:27Maier woods
00:42:29Wrench no tp necro
00:42:32keevin 900
00:42:33keevin hex.
00:42:35Wrench nvm
00:42:43keevin b
00:42:46keevin b.
00:42:51slc2 b
00:42:51slc2 b
00:42:52keevin HELP
00:42:52slc2 b
00:42:52slc2 b
00:42:52keevin GO
00:42:57slc2 just go fuckin b
00:43:11Wrench go go
00:43:15Wrench spec sk dead
00:43:30Zajeb u blind fuckers
00:43:39keevin 400
00:43:40Maier get gosu blades
00:43:42Maier shit like that
00:43:45Wrench y
00:43:47Maier learn to counter carries ffs
00:43:51Maier USE YOUR HEAD
00:43:53Smokeer lol galgar
00:43:54keevin WR
00:43:54keevin wtf
00:43:57keevin what are u farming?
00:43:58keevin skadi?
00:44:05slc2 no dude are u crazy?
00:44:09Galgar what lol
00:44:10Galgar ?
00:44:11keevin 2 ultimate orbs
00:44:12Smokeer items fail
00:44:14Galgar y
00:44:18slc2 im not makin skadi
00:44:20keevin what do u need it for
00:44:20Wrench rosh up
00:44:22keevin the 2 orbs
00:44:24keevin get hex already.
00:44:25Wrench get it
00:44:31Wrench we got wards they cant gang
00:44:33keevin 150
00:44:34keevin let me psl
00:44:43Maier we need to kill necro ffs
00:45:13slc2 go
00:45:28Galgar aim
00:45:28Galgar tb
00:45:36keevin oh god
00:45:37Galgar kil
00:45:38keevin what are u doing there
00:45:39Galgar terror
00:45:39keevin really
00:45:40Galgar asap
00:45:41Wrench rosh
00:45:44Wrench 2on2 atm
00:45:44keevin this can be gg
00:45:45Bct_Murder nice
00:45:45Bct_Murder team
00:45:48slc2 he got lothars
00:45:56keevin stela it
00:45:57keevin steal
00:45:57slc2 take it
00:46:05keevin TAKE???
00:46:07Smokeer galgart?
00:46:08Bct_Murder gibdar wtf
00:46:09Bct_Murder ............
00:46:11Bct_Murder gondar
00:46:12Bct_Murder noob
00:46:14Smokeer wrong item taken
00:46:16Maier silence
00:46:32Galgar fucki
00:46:32Bct_Murder omg ............
00:46:32Galgar skae
00:46:33keevin THIS WAS SO OBV
00:46:34Bct_Murder .............
00:46:34keevin jesus christ
00:46:42keevin and u comment on SK
00:46:42Wrench we got gem
00:46:50Galgar and i commant
00:46:51Maier ns will carry
00:46:51Galgar on sk
00:46:51Galgar yes
00:46:52Zajeb go mid and finisj
00:46:55Maier yea
00:46:56keevin u are even worse.
00:46:59Galgar coz hes more carry than i am an
00:47:00Maier we have 40sec
00:47:02Galgar i got better items
00:47:04Galgar thatn him
00:47:05keevin \xD
00:47:06keevin no
00:47:08keevin he's not
00:47:09keevin actually.
00:47:10Galgar look whis farm
00:47:10Maier give ns
00:47:12Galgar armlet
00:47:12Maier gem
00:47:13Galgar and urn
00:47:14Galgar wow
00:47:16Wrench give gem tbn
00:47:17keevin look ur farm
00:47:19keevin u got 20 minutes items
00:47:20Galgar best farm ever whit 44min
00:47:20Wrench ahh no room
00:47:21Maier no
00:47:22Maier im full
00:47:22keevin its min 44 now.
00:47:24Wrench bala has it
00:47:25slc2 smoker get heart
00:47:27Galgar 'i got sy vlad urn
00:47:30Maier NECRO
00:47:30Galgar i think its better
00:47:32Galgar that him
00:47:33slc2 b
00:47:33slc2 b
00:47:39Galgar + i dident get solo farm
00:47:39Galgar bot
00:47:42slc2 gg
00:47:42Galgar first minis
00:47:47keevin fuck this
00:47:50keevin too retarded
00:47:51keevin shit
00:48:00slc2 the come from mid morrons
00:48:11keevin mentally handicapped u guys are.
00:48:16Galgar 1shot
00:48:17Galgar bnice
00:48:24Galgar I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:33Galgar i told tb rapeu half
00:48:34Galgar 40moin
00:48:41keevin TB shouldnt rape us
00:48:45keevin if u can farm
00:48:56Galgar tb
00:48:56Galgar rape
00:48:59Galgar bh
00:49:02Galgar anytime
00:49:03Galgar tard
00:49:10Galgar u play first time
00:49:12Galgar or ur just idiot
00:49:18Galgar tb
00:49:23Galgar one of the most imbas heros ever
00:49:24Wrench gG
00:49:47Maier np reaver
00:49:48Maier :D
00:49:53Galgar my 1800hp when off whit 3 sec
00:49:53Wrench ^_^
00:49:57Wrench re-add ?
00:50:05Maier even od wasn't able to counter me with tb
00:50:37keevin SKADI
00:50:38keevin yeah sure
00:50:43keevin u are too retarded
00:50:44slc2 we have lost dude
00:50:51keevin u were going for skadi anyways
00:50:53Wrench y
00:50:54Smokeer skadi useless wr
00:50:56slc2 nope
00:50:57Maier all
00:50:57Maier gather
00:51:03Wrench omw
00:51:06slc2 i wanted manta and guinso
00:51:07keevin dont call mid anymore please
00:51:11keevin u suck too badly
00:51:27Galgar 3top
00:51:30slc2 def
00:51:34Maier actually i should get butter
00:52:10Bct_Murder no skadi :DD
00:52:13Bct_Murder vindrunner :D
00:52:14Galgar gem
00:52:17PriMo gem
00:52:19keevin glad our wr has so many usefull items.
00:52:29Galgar let them
00:52:31Galgar end its overe
00:52:36Galgar our best carry
00:52:42Galgar is fail
00:52:42Bct_Murder I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:52:48keevin all of u are fail
00:52:50Bct_Murder just ff people
00:52:53Galgar and ur mega
00:53:02Galgar got ur good
00:53:02PriMo gg
00:53:05Maier gg
00:53:17Wrench how many wards placed on cm? =)
00:53:19Wrench BET BET BET
00:53:22Galgar stop
00:53:23Galgar def
00:53:25Galgar its pointelss
00:53:27Wrench i give dota2 to the one who quesses right
00:53:43Wrench BET BET BET BET
00:53:43keevin please dont.
00:53:50keevin dont want d2 to get ruined by these morons
00:54:01Wrench its already ruined by russians
00:54:04Smokeer I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:06Wrench =)
00:54:14Wrench the scene is almost worse than in dota1 and hon
00:54:17Wrench or worse
00:54:25Smokeer argeed
00:54:29Wrench especially the inhouse / gathers
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