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84% | 1442 X | 1455 TS

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78% | 1395 X | 1420 TS

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70% | 1301 X | 1406 TS

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60% | 1273 X | 1331 TS

Chat log

00:00:10XXL uhm
00:00:18BeSt0ned spec^^
00:00:18EyeforanEye gief husk/veno/axe
00:00:18EyeforanEye axe or veno please
00:00:18XXL get spec for me
00:00:18XXL or sf
00:00:18Maier dont ban xin please
00:00:18Mercury Pit
00:00:18Maier i will pick it
00:00:18chodaboy xin sucks
00:00:18Maier ban lyca and go
00:00:18Maier xin rules
00:00:18que2stress any plays wl?
00:00:18Maier dont ban xin
00:00:18Maier ok ?
00:00:18chodaboy have seen u play it
00:00:18Maier ty
00:00:18que2stress any wishes?
00:00:18XXL que`?
00:00:18que2stress yy team
00:00:18XXL ah
00:00:18que2stress does not answer
00:00:18que2stress sec
00:00:18chodaboy ban lycan ffs
00:00:18XXL :D
00:00:18chodaboy ban lycan
00:00:18Shinja whats up with spectre ? go play spec
00:00:18Mercury i play spec myself
00:00:18que2stress i ban spec i think
00:00:18XXL ok
00:00:18EyeforanEye why not ban lycan?
00:00:18Maier k
00:00:18Maier ban spec
00:00:18chodaboy omfg
00:00:18Maier get lyca or xin
00:00:18Maier gg
00:00:18Mercury if they dont ban it
00:00:18que2stress -spec
00:00:18Mercury il pick it
00:00:24Maier i get xin
00:00:24Maier np
00:00:25Maier we win
00:00:27chodaboy now what?
00:00:28chodaboy lost
00:00:32que2stress is xin a carry?
00:00:32XXL someone wl?
00:00:34Maier yes
00:00:35BeSt0ned y
00:00:36BeSt0ned me^^
00:00:36chodaboy its bad
00:00:40XXL kk i pick for y
00:00:41Maier you are just bad
00:00:41que2stress any plays wl?
00:00:42Maier choda
00:00:42XXL u*
00:00:43que2stress plz
00:00:43BeSt0ned thx <3
00:00:45chodaboy haha
00:00:47EyeforanEye lycan ur woods?
00:00:48chodaboy have seen u play that
00:00:49Mercury y
00:00:51chodaboy not impressed
00:00:52BeSt0ned can i solo bot?
00:00:54XXL ah
00:00:59Mercury depends on heros
00:01:00que2stress will you play wl?
00:01:01que2stress anyone?
00:01:07Maier that's your own problem choda
00:01:08Maier -i
00:01:09chodaboy ill go for veno i think
00:01:09Maier -ii
00:01:11Maier -water red
00:01:12Maier -weather rain
00:01:16chodaboy my own problem?
00:01:16chodaboy lol
00:01:21Maier if veno with me, we kick ass since lvl 2
00:01:23XXL ncie random
00:01:23Shinja what 4 wl
00:01:32EyeforanEye soo lanes?
00:01:34chodaboy sf
00:01:36XXL u domid
00:01:36XXL ?
00:01:39Mercury husk mid
00:01:44BeSt0ned krob
00:01:45XXL i solo bot
00:01:46Mercury or no
00:01:46IamSoUnluckY what for me?
00:01:47XXL think
00:01:47BeSt0ned use that chicken^^
00:01:47Maier for last get axe
00:01:52Mercury krobe mid
00:01:53IamSoUnluckY voker?
00:01:54que2stress not axe
00:01:57Maier can u play voker ?
00:01:58chodaboy -hhn
00:01:58chodaboy -di
00:02:00que2stress invoker ok
00:02:01BeSt0ned krob
00:02:01IamSoUnluckY k
00:02:02que2stress if u can play it
00:02:04chodaboy no
00:02:04BeSt0ned plant chicken^^
00:02:05XXL ?
00:02:08que2stress or swap it with me
00:02:09XXL ah
00:02:09Maier veno top with me
00:02:10BeSt0ned in your invetory
00:02:12Maier and let me farm
00:02:14BeSt0ned where me?
00:02:15XXL why
00:02:15Mercury pugna top
00:02:16XXL me
00:02:17XXL :p
00:02:20Mercury with bm
00:02:21BeSt0ned with rexxa?
00:02:23BeSt0ned kk
00:02:25chodaboy ill farm
00:02:27que2stress u play invokerß
00:02:30que2stress -swap 5
00:02:33IamSoUnluckY ill take it
00:02:36que2stress k
00:02:39que2stress u want mid?
00:02:43IamSoUnluckY no
00:02:45IamSoUnluckY ill bot
00:02:46que2stress ok
00:02:53Maier agha asap
00:02:54Maier wl
00:02:56Maier and we wiiiiin
00:03:02IamSoUnluckY y
00:03:13IamSoUnluckY ah
00:03:16IamSoUnluckY warkeys
00:03:17IamSoUnluckY brb
00:03:22Maier u pull
00:03:23Maier veno
00:03:26Maier and after pull we kill
00:03:36chodaboy warded
00:04:55chodaboy be ready mid
00:05:24XXL hi :D
00:05:24chodaboy wt
00:05:33chodaboy STUn
00:05:39DayDream ss veno
00:05:51EyeforanEye veno bot
00:05:58EyeforanEye a bit late miss i must say
00:06:08XXL u ot just brainlag
00:06:09XXL still
00:06:16XXL it was easy to saw
00:06:21XXL when he came
00:06:29EyeforanEye ss NA
00:06:32EyeforanEye re
00:07:02EyeforanEye ss 2 bot
00:07:03EyeforanEye re 1
00:07:04EyeforanEye ss veno
00:07:29XXL lets kill
00:07:35IamSoUnluckY wtf
00:07:37IamSoUnluckY nerub
00:07:50que2stress woiw hoda
00:07:51IamSoUnluckY why stay
00:08:04BeSt0ned n1 krob xD
00:08:10XXL xd
00:08:15EyeforanEye ss 2 bot
00:08:17EyeforanEye RE NA
00:08:28BeSt0ned sry
00:08:42Shinja ss bot
00:08:50chodaboy STUN AND KILL?
00:08:53chodaboy wtf are udoing
00:09:00EyeforanEye ss veno
00:09:01XXL get mid
00:09:05Maier come top
00:09:06chodaboy i come top now
00:09:23chodaboy go kill
00:09:23que2stress flyin gplz
00:09:34EyeforanEye ss 2 bot
00:09:38BeSt0ned thix guy is op
00:09:51DayDream why didnt u watch minimap
00:09:59EyeforanEye re 2 bot
00:10:00DayDream my bird saw him coming
00:10:14Maier MISS
00:10:20EyeforanEye ss 2 bot
00:10:21Maier slow
00:10:22Maier and kill
00:10:25chodaboy wait lock
00:10:47XXL wtf
00:10:51XXL gr8
00:10:59que2stress gang top invoker
00:10:59XXL ss mid 1
00:11:03XXL veno going toop
00:11:06XXL ss mid 2
00:11:06chodaboy rune
00:11:11chodaboy go pugna
00:11:12XXL care
00:11:27EyeforanEye lycan go farm bot some
00:11:43EyeforanEye omw top
00:11:57DayDream pugna wtf
00:12:01XXL omg
00:12:04XXL this noob team
00:12:06que2stress sry for that courir
00:12:08DayDream every1 pings and u still dont b
00:12:10que2stress didn activate shield
00:12:14IamSoUnluckY he gona respawn
00:12:18que2stress y
00:12:18XXL i said
00:12:20XXL many times
00:12:21XXL go b
00:12:25DayDream this pugna
00:12:32DayDream wtf is he doing in silver
00:12:37XXL ult him
00:12:38BeSt0ned chilling^^
00:12:59XXL :D
00:13:04EyeforanEye bot twr
00:13:06XXL my rune
00:13:08XXL omg
00:13:14EyeforanEye sry didnt see bottle
00:13:18Maier top
00:13:18Maier twr
00:13:19Maier def
00:13:49BeSt0ned use heal?
00:13:54Maier MISS 2
00:13:57EyeforanEye only lvl 1
00:14:00que2stress saw that :D
00:14:11XXL wolf
00:14:28chodaboy need to kill that lycan
00:14:47que2stress well u invoker and na go gang
00:14:53que2stress buy wards
00:14:58que2stress find him
00:14:59que2stress kill him
00:15:00XXL we must push top
00:15:01XXL now
00:15:15BeSt0ned no ward -_-
00:15:32Maier b
00:15:32IamSoUnluckY need lvl 7 -.-
00:15:33Maier na
00:15:33que2stress gang mid plz
00:15:46que2stress care
00:15:51que2stress krobe comes top
00:15:55Maier top
00:15:55Maier DEF
00:15:57Maier COME
00:15:58Maier quick
00:16:16Maier gone
00:16:53chodaboy FOCUS LYCAN PLS
00:16:58XXL we lost
00:17:01XXL FF
00:17:19BeSt0ned just need bkb lycan^^
00:17:22XXL uh
00:17:25XXL soon too late
00:17:31que2stress na invoker venom
00:17:37que2stress cn u gang lycan plz?
00:17:39EyeforanEye deff top
00:17:41IamSoUnluckY y
00:18:12IamSoUnluckY veno
00:18:18XXL get
00:18:19XXL tower
00:18:31que2stress venom...
00:18:49que2stress no ult me
00:18:50que2stress back
00:19:01EyeforanEye bot after
00:19:23Mercury b
00:19:23que2stress fast
00:19:25XXL y
00:19:28Mercury no krobe ult
00:19:31XXL yea
00:19:34XXL and oom
00:19:35que2stress push bottom
00:19:47Maier go
00:19:48Maier woods
00:19:48Maier now
00:19:53Shinja ffs
00:19:53chodaboy push
00:20:03XXL b
00:20:04XXL b
00:20:04XXL b
00:20:04XXL b
00:20:10XXL died
00:20:13XXL omfg
00:20:15XXL this pugna
00:20:17BeSt0ned so op
00:20:23XXL u just retard
00:20:34EyeforanEye tp bot all
00:20:40BeSt0ned tahts the axe without dagger
00:20:43BeSt0ned dont like this hero
00:20:48BeSt0ned op like phoenix -.-
00:21:41Shinja ffs
00:21:42XXL rly
00:21:43XXL ok
00:21:51que2stress gw maser
00:21:54XXL pugna no ward?
00:21:58XXL do u know the skill
00:21:59BeSt0ned sure^^
00:22:03Maier need.. more.. charges..
00:22:11que2stress ops
00:22:23que2stress farm top
00:22:32que2stress u need stuff too
00:22:33Maier omw
00:22:41que2stress let panda farm
00:23:07XXL kk
00:23:07chodaboy GO NA FFS
00:23:09XXL got lvl 2 ult
00:23:17XXL lyca
00:23:20XXL do u have bkb?
00:23:28Mercury soon
00:23:31XXL ah
00:23:34XXL :p
00:23:39que2stress take
00:23:48que2stress pus mid
00:23:51Maier sec
00:23:54Maier almost bf
00:23:59que2stress take invis
00:24:00DayDream def
00:24:00XXL all
00:24:01que2stress xin i heal u
00:24:02Maier got bf
00:24:02que2stress come
00:24:03XXL mid
00:24:03que2stress mid
00:24:08EyeforanEye omw
00:24:11Maier wait for bf
00:24:58EyeforanEye gj
00:25:07XXL fuck
00:25:10que2stress n1
00:25:11Maier not impressed ? :D
00:25:12XXL see
00:25:16XXL lyca ur late :(
00:25:16que2stress i am
00:25:25XXL if bkb would be rdy
00:25:28XXL we would wi
00:25:29XXL n
00:25:31que2stress and agha ready
00:25:31XXL but
00:25:32Maier now once i get my mjoll they will fall even faster
00:25:35XXL now thats it
00:25:36XXL we lost
00:25:40EyeforanEye nah
00:25:42EyeforanEye not yet
00:25:46XXL ye we lost :
00:26:03Maier carry venos are useless
00:26:08chodaboy u think?
00:26:09que2stress basically its choda
00:26:11Maier i know
00:26:18chodaboy 10 assists
00:26:21chodaboy to ur 13 kills
00:26:22chodaboy stfu
00:26:24chodaboy pls
00:26:27chodaboy u dont know anything
00:26:29EyeforanEye they warded 100 %
00:26:30que2stress lycan
00:26:32que2stress does rish
00:26:39que2stress invoker
00:26:39que2stress COME
00:26:50EyeforanEye gj
00:26:51que2stress that was dumb
00:26:52chodaboy go
00:26:59Maier bah, wasn't able to dodge it
00:27:08que2stress how bad :D
00:27:21que2stress worst fight evetr
00:27:30Maier hate that silence
00:27:31que2stress EMP
00:27:34chodaboy dont know why panda jumped in alone
00:27:35Maier emp
00:27:36Maier emp
00:27:46que2stress cmon invoker
00:27:47IamSoUnluckY cd
00:27:47IamSoUnluckY cd
00:27:48IamSoUnluckY cd
00:27:48IamSoUnluckY cd
00:27:51BeSt0ned ember is re
00:27:53que2stress wait me
00:27:55XXL np
00:28:02Mercury b
00:28:21XXL ok
00:28:25XXL next bot or top
00:28:25que2stress oush mid
00:28:26que2stress now
00:28:26que2stress all
00:28:30DayDream reg top
00:28:47XXL get it
00:28:51XXL or they get it
00:28:52EyeforanEye take it
00:28:56Maier sec please
00:28:58XXL rex
00:28:58Maier need my mjpoll
00:28:59EyeforanEye TAKE IT
00:29:03que2stress not this fight
00:29:04XXL def mid
00:29:10Maier it makes huge difference
00:29:12EyeforanEye god damn he slow.
00:29:13Maier HUGE
00:29:22XXL top
00:29:33que2stress go mid
00:30:10DayDream pugna why no etheral on me????
00:30:13EyeforanEye gj
00:30:14XXL xD
00:30:15BeSt0ned ^^
00:30:33que2stress why dont u simply stay on lane=?
00:30:34BeSt0ned lycan
00:30:39BeSt0ned get new bash item^^
00:30:46chodaboy it doesnt matter
00:30:50que2stress it does
00:30:54chodaboy why?
00:30:56XXL top
00:31:05chodaboy u see
00:31:06chodaboy lol
00:31:22Maier k go mid once wl gets ulti
00:31:54Mercury b
00:32:08Mercury w8 untilli have new basher
00:32:15Maier ALL DEF
00:32:43EyeforanEye b
00:32:52BeSt0ned -ms
00:33:03Maier go mid ?
00:33:03DayDream pugna new wards
00:33:10chodaboy lock afk
00:33:28Maier get smoke
00:33:37XXL b
00:33:47XXL ok
00:33:50XXL u rdy lycs?
00:33:50que2stress huh sry
00:33:52XXL lyca*
00:34:15XXL lets go
00:34:20XXL -ms
00:34:23que2stress plan=
00:34:31Maier def mid
00:34:31que2stress FIG
00:34:34Maier and push mid
00:34:38chodaboy wait for aegis to go out
00:34:39que2stress def bot
00:35:03que2stress u need liefeleech panda
00:35:08Maier vlad
00:35:09que2stress GO
00:35:10Maier ponly
00:35:13chodaboy base
00:35:21Maier wtf
00:35:22Maier stunned
00:35:29que2stress gg
00:35:30que2stress I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:35:37EyeforanEye see not lost :)
00:35:49XXL uh
00:35:49chodaboy I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:35:50que2stress ff it
00:35:57que2stress na totally useless :D
00:35:58Maier veno na and invoker very weak play
00:36:02que2stress so invoker
00:36:14IamSoUnluckY -.-
00:37:17XXL need just ult
00:37:17que2stress get rosh
00:37:19XXL and top tower
00:37:20XXL is gone
00:37:37que2stress u need bkb
00:37:37que2stress panda
00:37:45Maier working on it now
00:38:02DayDream pugna u bought wards, but who plants them?
00:38:15DayDream take 1
00:38:27que2stress they will rosh
00:38:29que2stress so come
00:38:32que2stress to gang them
00:38:32chodaboy y
00:38:39que2stress panda
00:38:41que2stress stay vclos
00:38:41BeSt0ned fail
00:38:48BeSt0ned they can walk in shadow^^
00:38:48que2stress and focus krobe
00:38:49Maier velso ?
00:38:52que2stress close
00:38:54Maier kk
00:39:04Maier they all target me
00:39:08que2stress NA
00:39:11chodaboy NA
00:39:26que2stress new spy thing
00:39:32XXL enter in
00:39:34XXL ad rax top
00:39:42XXL after rosh
00:40:21XXL it was so trap
00:40:23que2stress def 1
00:40:25XXL why u go
00:40:26XXL :p
00:40:26DayDream o'rly
00:40:31BeSt0ned oh rly?
00:40:35BeSt0ned there was a ember spirit
00:40:39BeSt0ned chilling @ rosh
00:40:43XXL just get top
00:40:45XXL guys
00:40:51XXL no fucking rosh
00:40:57XXL cuz it is warded
00:40:58XXL we cant
00:41:03Maier stop following me like some idiots :D
00:41:07EyeforanEye well now they dont have any ultis
00:41:11que2stress back mid
00:41:16que2stress always go rosh
00:41:20que2stress and fight them there
00:41:24Maier got bkb
00:41:29que2stress go rosh
00:41:31que2stress they will go now
00:41:33XXL yy
00:41:39chodaboy push bot lane
00:41:42XXL come
00:41:44XXL wiith us
00:41:44BeSt0ned rosh?
00:41:50BeSt0ned just kidding^^
00:41:59que2stress nah they push otp
00:42:03que2stress care
00:42:14que2stress fight before the base
00:42:17que2stress ASAP
00:42:17que2stress GO
00:42:21que2stress BEFORE TOER
00:42:25XXL go
00:42:50XXL wtf
00:42:51XXL how
00:42:55que2stress gw
00:42:59XXL thats op?
00:43:08XXL how i died :D
00:43:20que2stress get ur liefeleech now
00:43:23Maier only bcos of my items
00:43:25Mercury ember has so low hp...
00:43:34XXL normal
00:43:37XXL with ember
00:43:38XXL but
00:43:39XXL still
00:43:41XXL :
00:43:54XXL enter mid
00:43:58XXL and try get top
00:44:02que2stress hah lol
00:44:03que2stress bug
00:44:06XXL ?
00:44:06EyeforanEye lets just finish it...
00:44:07que2stress i casted only 1 infernal
00:44:12XXL true
00:44:14que2stress but
00:44:15EyeforanEye y noticed that aswell ^^
00:44:16que2stress cd not gone
00:44:16Maier lol rly ?
00:44:17chodaboy we need to push lanes
00:44:23Mercury gang 1
00:44:28que2stress gather
00:44:33Mercury and take rosh
00:44:41que2stress make ac next
00:44:49que2stress gather
00:44:55que2stress go in
00:45:00que2stress GO
00:45:00Mercury b
00:45:02Mercury pugna dead
00:45:04BeSt0ned xD
00:45:08BeSt0ned no hotkeys -_-
00:45:14que2stress go pugna dea
00:45:39Maier GJ
00:46:06que2stress venom u tele to defend
00:46:28que2stress venom
00:46:31que2stress bsae
00:46:54XXL omg
00:46:55XXL noob
00:46:56XXL pugna
00:46:57XXL totalle
00:46:59XXL shit
00:47:00XXL fuck off
00:47:05BeSt0ned ova^^
00:47:21Maier get bot now
00:47:24Maier ALL B
00:47:38Maier i go crit now
00:47:40Maier dont need ac
00:47:45Maier need much dmg output
00:47:46que2stress k
00:47:58que2stress go rosh
00:48:09que2stress not
00:48:17que2stress wait for my ult
00:48:23Shinja courier?
00:48:24que2stress and fight them outside our abse
00:48:28chodaboy push bot
00:48:36Maier almost buriza
00:48:40chodaboy almost mkb
00:48:44que2stress bvack
00:48:46Maier MID
00:48:55que2stress venom
00:48:56BeSt0ned dust?
00:48:58BeSt0ned some one?
00:49:16chodaboy RAPE
00:49:21chodaboy bait=)
00:49:22BeSt0ned b
00:49:23BeSt0ned b
00:49:23BeSt0ned b
00:49:24BeSt0ned b
00:49:32chodaboy dont forget base
00:49:36BeSt0ned get rosh still they def
00:49:42chodaboy push both
00:49:42EyeforanEye stfu
00:49:43Maier leavebot
00:49:44chodaboy then go bot
00:49:47chodaboy at river
00:49:49XXL pugna
00:49:51BeSt0ned b^^
00:49:53chodaboy hellO?
00:49:53XXL dont say anuthig
00:49:58BeSt0ned anything*
00:49:59Maier sec
00:50:00que2stress xin get rosh
00:50:04Maier sec
00:50:06Maier 150 buri
00:50:15chodaboy wait for me
00:50:16chodaboy then rosh
00:50:42Maier k roshing
00:50:45Maier but i cant take aegis
00:50:52que2stress venom takes
00:50:57Maier quick
00:50:58Maier then
00:51:00Maier come
00:51:03Maier VENO
00:51:05BeSt0ned outch?
00:51:09que2stress get it
00:51:12que2stress then def
00:51:15chodaboy only 4
00:51:37que2stress TOP
00:52:02XXL xS
00:52:04Maier get bot
00:52:05Maier now
00:52:06XXL close
00:52:11chodaboy push top
00:52:12BeSt0ned froce in woods?^^
00:52:13que2stress i get ac
00:52:13XXL this is boring
00:52:13chodaboy then go home
00:52:14XXL shit
00:52:25Maier i will buy travels then
00:52:29chodaboy y
00:52:31que2stress y
00:53:09que2stress venom come top
00:53:12XXL -.-
00:53:14XXL wrong
00:53:15XXL guy
00:53:34DayDream googo
00:53:36Maier that basher sucks balls
00:53:42Maier and i cant bo
00:53:42DayDream care for buyback
00:53:48EyeforanEye he got cash np
00:53:52que2stress ALL
00:53:53que2stress DEF
00:53:53que2stress TOP
00:53:56Maier veno
00:53:56Maier top
00:53:57que2stress OUTSIDE BASE
00:54:06BeSt0ned xD
00:54:07Maier invoker
00:54:07que2stress he has no tp
00:54:08Maier use
00:54:10Maier deafening blast
00:54:16Maier qwe
00:54:16Maier qwe
00:54:23Maier QWE
00:54:33XXL rax
00:54:36XXL omhgh
00:54:39Maier GOOD
00:54:40Maier MORE
00:54:51XXL dont even try hit em
00:54:52XXL huh
00:55:05Maier let's get bot now
00:55:07Maier when i come
00:55:34Maier all
00:55:35Maier bot
00:55:37Maier ah
00:55:39Maier we need to wait
00:55:40Maier wl ulti
00:55:41EyeforanEye deff bot next
00:55:42Maier dont go
00:55:47XXL i try get top
00:55:49Maier B
00:55:50Maier BOT
00:56:00EyeforanEye go with midcreeps then
00:56:02que2stress all have tps?
00:56:02Maier think i gotta sell vladi
00:56:05EyeforanEye n just finish twrs mid
00:56:06Maier and buy hoty
00:56:07que2stress dobt
00:56:12Maier or no, ac
00:56:18Maier B ALL
00:56:20Maier BACK
00:56:21Maier BOTTOM
00:56:22Maier LANE
00:56:23Maier BACK
00:56:24que2stress y
00:56:29Mercury b
00:56:37que2stress best is go top
00:56:49Maier k top all
00:56:50que2stress ult ready
00:56:51Maier go
00:56:52Maier top
00:56:55Maier 2x ulti ?
00:56:57que2stress this venom
00:56:59que2stress y
00:57:00que2stress go top
00:57:12que2stress venom
00:57:13que2stress ..
00:57:19que2stress prepare to def mid
00:57:21que2stress after hthis towre
00:57:22Maier GO
00:57:22Maier GO
00:57:23chodaboy push
00:57:27que2stress ONLY TOER
00:57:28que2stress THEN BASE
00:57:30que2stress ASAP
00:57:33Maier yes
00:57:37chodaboy tp top
00:57:43Mercury b
00:58:05que2stress nerub
00:58:06chodaboy go bot
00:58:07que2stress can u make vlads=
00:58:13chodaboy we have vlads
00:58:14Maier yea make vlads
00:58:18que2stress then ember can sill his
00:58:20Maier im gonna sell it
00:58:20que2stress sell
00:58:31Shinja kk, will need some time
00:58:40que2stress they make 2 side push
00:58:42que2stress venom def bot
00:58:52XXL xaxa
00:58:57Maier need 2k
00:58:58Maier for ac
00:59:00Maier sorry
00:59:01Maier 1k
00:59:04que2stress save buyout
00:59:06Maier will get it from top
00:59:08que2stress more imporatn
00:59:17BeSt0ned come
00:59:17Maier ah yea
00:59:19Maier good idea
00:59:29Mercury w8 for my abissal
00:59:34que2stress ember
00:59:36que2stress fast
00:59:37Maier on it
00:59:38que2stress before tower
00:59:50Maier :O
00:59:52Maier 1k
01:00:01que2stress they get us
01:00:04que2stress we must force fight
01:00:20Mercury b
01:00:25que2stress THIS CHODA
01:00:30que2stress damn solo player
01:00:30chodaboy ppl blind?
01:00:33Mercury k
01:00:34chodaboy why dont u come
01:00:36chodaboy HE WAS ALONE
01:00:41que2stress so were u
01:00:41chodaboy u just idling base
01:00:53que2stress go
01:01:02chodaboy GJ
01:01:06EyeforanEye no buyout money
01:01:07chodaboy NOW UCOME
01:01:20XXL :DD
01:01:22BeSt0ned <3
01:01:22XXL huh
01:01:23XXL n1
01:01:27que2stress as i said
01:01:30que2stress dont g
01:01:30XXL good job
01:01:42XXL now
01:01:44XXL they lose
01:01:45XXL :D
01:01:46XXL well done
01:01:47chodaboy push bot panda
01:01:50Maier sec
01:01:51Maier ac
01:02:08XXL kill creeps
01:02:09XXL :D
01:02:09que2stress what is this
01:02:11Mercury now i take rosh
01:02:16XXL HF
01:02:20BeSt0ned and huskar chees^^
01:02:25que2stress fast
01:02:25que2stress get
01:02:27que2stress it
01:02:29que2stress and destroy
01:02:32que2stress it or anyhg
01:02:33que2stress FST
01:02:34que2stress GET ROSH
01:02:37que2stress BEFORE THE DO
01:02:53que2stress venom tarkes
01:03:44XXL :D
01:03:49XXL creeps pwn
01:04:25que2stress just go mid
01:04:39que2stress venom def
01:04:40que2stress rest go mid
01:04:43Mercury pugna stop deceprifing ember...
01:04:45que2stress venom get bots
01:04:47Mercury saved him atm
01:04:52que2stress VENOM
01:05:01BeSt0ned i never do this^^
01:05:09Mercury def throne
01:05:10EyeforanEye j
01:05:14EyeforanEye just idle ffs :(
01:05:26Mercury k pugan banned for gameruin
01:05:59XXL go on
01:06:02que2stress 11w
01:06:15XXL gg wp
01:06:18que2stress choda lost :D
01:06:25chodaboy U LOST
01:06:26chodaboy napå
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