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Chat log

00:00:17Maier -ii
00:00:17Maier -water red
00:00:17Maier -weather rain
00:00:17Tough rubick
00:00:17FBI -weather blizzard
00:00:17BeSt0ned get lycan
00:00:17Maier ck
00:00:17Tough nah
00:00:21BeSt0ned ofc
00:00:22BeSt0ned wwe swap
00:00:24NwC.CooL-T idiot
00:00:26AliBaba take him
00:00:27NwC.CooL-T lycan...
00:00:280Xxo0_o y
00:00:29BeSt0ned lycan = auto win
00:00:29Maier not really
00:00:31FBI gg
00:00:340Xxo0_o no dude :D
00:00:34BeSt0ned you play lycan or me?^^
00:00:37NwC.CooL-T leave bitch
00:00:41Tough i wanted slark
00:00:45Tough but i think i play him
00:00:48BeSt0ned kk
00:01:01Maier we will own his ass
00:01:04Tough im woods
00:01:08Tough zeus solo topp
00:01:09Tough aka mid?
00:01:11BeSt0ned ye
00:01:16Maier FBI
00:01:20Maier u have to buy chick
00:01:30Tough get magna
00:01:30Maier fbi
00:01:32Tough and rhasta
00:01:35Maier get krobe
00:01:38Maier and buy chick
00:01:39Tough rhasta magna
00:01:41Tough would be awesome
00:01:47Tough last
00:01:48Tough magna
00:01:49Tough MAGNA
00:01:500Xxo0_o y
00:01:53Tough next to luna
00:01:54Tough thx
00:02:01BeSt0ned aoe
00:02:02BeSt0ned ...
00:02:04Maier nice
00:02:110Xxo0_o we lose this xD
00:02:12BeSt0ned we must gang a lot
00:02:18Firoga we are gangalicious
00:02:21Maier nigma woods ?
00:02:26BeSt0ned with bkb lycan we can pick easy enigma out
00:02:31Firoga y
00:02:31NwC.CooL-T ? ?? ????? ??? ??????? ????? ??????
00:02:33BeSt0ned and we got zeus
00:02:34BeSt0ned so
00:02:35Tough first vlads
00:02:36Firoga lycan bkn and it's gg
00:02:39Tough than pt
00:02:39Firoga IT'S ALL OVER
00:02:40Maier zatknis
00:02:41Tough thank bkb
00:02:46FBI lol
00:02:48Firoga tough is my captain
00:02:52NwC.CooL-T ????? ??????
00:02:53Tough ? :D
00:02:53Firoga I DO NOT FEAR
00:02:55Firoga NOTHING
00:02:55mamyka ???? ????
00:02:56Tough :D:D
00:02:57AliBaba -water 233 0 233
00:02:59Tough <3
00:03:17NwC.CooL-T ????? ?? ???????? ??????
00:03:17Tough reg top
00:03:23NwC.CooL-T ? ???? ???? ???? ?????? ?? ??????
00:04:26Tough CMON
00:04:46Firoga ss
00:04:49AliBaba harras
00:04:56Firoga re
00:05:24Maier chick ?
00:05:43Firoga ss
00:05:54AliBaba harras ! omg
00:06:32Maier MISS
00:06:36FBI ss
00:06:41mamyka ??? ???? ????
00:06:51Tough okay
00:06:56Tough i shpuld play slark mid
00:06:56Maier MISS
00:07:07BeSt0ned just dont get that hero
00:07:17BeSt0ned ss
00:07:18Maier care bot
00:07:20Maier MISS
00:07:27Tough ss mid care
00:07:29Maier re
00:07:36BeSt0ned re
00:08:00Tough ffs..
00:08:010Xxo0_o wtf
00:08:01mamyka ????
00:08:01AliBaba ...
00:08:02Tough ff
00:08:02BeSt0ned how long this hild hold?
00:08:05NwC.CooL-T ??
00:08:21AliBaba harras for fucking sake
00:08:21NwC.CooL-T 6 ????
00:08:25mamyka ???
00:08:31mamyka ??? ?????
00:08:32Maier MISS
00:08:39NwC.CooL-T ??
00:08:43NwC.CooL-T ??? ?? ?????????
00:09:13BeSt0ned ss
00:09:23Maier re
00:09:29Firoga ss top
00:09:30NwC.CooL-T ??
00:09:470Xxo0_o omg magnus
00:09:500Xxo0_o total retard
00:09:51AliBaba go b..
00:09:530Xxo0_o no help
00:09:56AliBaba tss
00:10:00BeSt0ned ss 2?
00:10:010Xxo0_o with full hp
00:10:060Xxo0_o fucking noob
00:10:12AliBaba who have full hp ?? :)
00:10:220Xxo0_o u
00:10:23Tough this is so gg
00:10:260Xxo0_o fuckin nab
00:10:310Xxo0_o ff
00:10:37FBI goo hero)
00:10:44Maier yea it is
00:11:100Xxo0_o mid omg
00:11:18Maier MISS
00:11:18FBI twr
00:11:38BeSt0ned use weave
00:11:420Xxo0_o gg
00:11:550Xxo0_o deny
00:11:57BeSt0ned noob magnus
00:12:11FBI (
00:12:36FBI ss
00:13:01BeSt0ned get
00:13:52Tough this was the last time i let someone else mid
00:13:590Xxo0_o fucking shit noob on mid
00:14:01BeSt0ned funny...
00:14:01BeSt0ned farm
00:14:08mamyka go gang lyca
00:14:10BeSt0ned next time if i suck so hard
00:14:11BeSt0ned gang
00:14:12BeSt0ned rly
00:14:15Maier need mana for that
00:14:24AliBaba omg
00:14:28Firoga magnus mega mega mega mega megaaaaaa noob
00:14:33AliBaba ¨
00:14:57Maier krobe ulti
00:14:58Maier top twr
00:15:34Maier hunt
00:15:34Maier lyca
00:16:20Tough dont come to me
00:16:21Firoga noob magnus in
00:16:22Firoga 3
00:16:22Firoga 2
00:16:23Firoga 1
00:17:05Maier krobe ulti
00:17:210Xxo0_o fuck it
00:17:250Xxo0_o fucking pink retard
00:17:28Tough y
00:17:29Tough 2 vs 4
00:17:340Xxo0_o no 2
00:17:450Xxo0_o and retard qop
00:17:46Maier nigma
00:17:46Maier mana
00:17:48Maier give me
00:17:49BeSt0ned <
00:17:53Maier ty
00:18:33Firoga go
00:18:34Firoga go
00:18:42Maier nigma
00:18:43Maier go
00:18:520Xxo0_o :D
00:18:52BeSt0ned -.-
00:18:57BeSt0ned wards
00:18:59AliBaba sillince
00:19:47BeSt0ned zeus...
00:19:48BeSt0ned refresher!
00:19:49BeSt0ned xD
00:19:58Maier np
00:20:01Maier we need krobes ulti
00:20:16Maier tp
00:20:17Maier bot
00:20:52Firoga qop = pure shit
00:20:55BeSt0ned stand and watch
00:20:56BeSt0ned zeus
00:20:56BeSt0ned su
00:21:03Firoga pure.
00:21:04Firoga shit.
00:21:06Maier all
00:21:07Maier come bot
00:21:12NwC.CooL-T ????? ?????
00:21:19Maier :D
00:21:25Maier dude we win
00:21:25BeSt0ned Ü?
00:21:27Maier by a longshot
00:21:34BeSt0ned help top?
00:21:39Maier krobe ulti
00:21:42BeSt0ned GUYS
00:21:45BeSt0ned aawesome
00:21:46BeSt0ned rax down
00:23:050Xxo0_o guys end plz
00:23:09Firoga noob
00:23:12Firoga lycani farming
00:23:15Firoga we have to try
00:23:170Xxo0_o and ?
00:23:22Firoga noob.
00:23:260Xxo0_o hard win this
00:23:32Tough Y
00:23:34Tough STEAL
00:23:36BeSt0ned y
00:23:37BeSt0ned falme me
00:23:38BeSt0ned i steal
00:23:40Tough fucker
00:24:29Maier gogo mid
00:24:31Maier wait for krobes ulti
00:24:34Maier and get rax
00:25:01FBI wtf
00:25:07FBI attack
00:25:18BeSt0ned lycan runs like a chicken^^
00:25:20BeSt0ned first enigma
00:25:21BeSt0ned then tc xD
00:25:24Tough y
00:25:24mamyka y
00:25:26mamyka me
00:25:27Tough because he got dagger
00:25:31Maier sec
00:25:32Maier item
00:25:34Maier then we take twr
00:26:15Maier mana
00:26:24Maier ty
00:26:44Maier gg
00:26:52Firoga qop is gg
00:26:56Tough gg?
00:26:57mamyka lol
00:27:01Tough ur kidding right?
00:27:04mamyka ofc gg lyca picker
00:27:08BeSt0ned im higher as rhstaa and this noob brown
00:27:39Firoga 2 8 2 qop solo mid
00:27:41Firoga u suck.
00:27:46BeSt0ned your creeps zeus?
00:27:50BeSt0ned so help me mid
00:28:01BeSt0ned you are lvl 10
00:28:03BeSt0ned rhasta 9
00:28:06BeSt0ned and amgnus 8
00:28:11Maier umm
00:28:12BeSt0ned 5lvl lower
00:28:13Maier where did chick die ?
00:28:14BeSt0ned ffs
00:28:230Xxo0_o :D
00:28:38Firoga lol
00:28:43BeSt0ned what?
00:28:46BeSt0ned rahsta got 10 deaths
00:28:47Firoga nothing
00:28:48BeSt0ned and 0 kills
00:28:49BeSt0ned ffs
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