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91% | 1556 X | 1487 TS

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Chat log

00:00:04atte R d
00:00:05N2xy -rd
00:00:06WantedZip -rd
00:00:08atte r to the d
00:00:08N2xy dont afk
00:00:08PinaryB -rd new player I ment late as being replaced
00:00:08MariahCarry me?
00:00:08N2xy not again
00:00:08MariahCarry what mode
00:00:08N2xy -rd
00:00:08MariahCarry rd?
00:00:08WantedZip rd
00:00:08MariahCarry -rd
00:00:08atte good thing you trying to behave
00:00:16MariahCarry normally i'd just go ap
00:00:16Norrebro fast bans
00:00:16MariahCarry and pick sf
00:00:16atte tell strom to buy courier
00:00:16MariahCarry ^^
00:00:16Norrebro yeah plz :P
00:00:16MariahCarry wishes?
00:00:16atte want?
00:00:16N2xy xD
00:00:16curdi ban balaaaa
00:00:16infect cant make it anymore
00:00:16N2xy rubick
00:00:16curdi i wanna go lina or clock!
00:00:16infect new rules = chicken pick always buys
00:00:16WantedZip strom afk ?
00:00:16atte lol
00:00:16atte we got best panda eu
00:00:16MariahCarry atte afk?
00:00:16atte wongame
00:00:16atte no
00:00:16MariahCarry ban?
00:00:16atte rubick
00:00:16WantedZip atte dead soon
00:00:16N2xy tahamn
00:00:16infect u go strom ?
00:00:16WantedZip atte dead soon
00:00:16N2xy i wnana
00:00:16atte omg
00:00:16N2xy rubick
00:00:16atte NO
00:00:16atte ROFF
00:00:16MariahCarry ns
00:00:16atte ROOF
00:00:16N2xy halon rubicku
00:00:16atte i ban roof
00:00:16MariahCarry ROOF NS BANNED
00:00:16PinaryB dont ban, just keep the convo up
00:00:16atte we cool?
00:00:16MariahCarry RUBIX
00:00:16MariahCarry RUBIX ROOD BANNED
00:00:16MariahCarry GG
00:00:16atte ok
00:00:16MariahCarry roof rubix
00:00:17atte want something else?
00:00:18atte lich?
00:00:19atte someone?
00:00:22Norrebro ns?
00:00:22N2xy nope
00:00:23infect panda
00:00:24infect me
00:00:25infect :)
00:00:28Strom !BANNED: Treant Protector & Grand Magus
00:00:29curdi so ns not banned q.q?
00:00:29Norrebro NS
00:00:30N2xy norre wants ns
00:00:31Norrebro ???
00:00:32MariahCarry nope
00:00:36curdi sick
00:00:38atte yeah was searching
00:00:39atte :D
00:00:42curdi give lich
00:00:44Norrebro i dont want
00:00:45curdi mad support
00:00:46N2xy i go eza
00:00:47Norrebro just telling
00:00:47infect :D:D
00:00:47N2xy btw
00:00:50MariahCarry !!
00:01:00atte you kiddings`?
00:01:03atte pick me panda
00:01:06atte i swap with infect
00:01:11Norrebro what
00:01:15atte you balanar
00:01:20Norrebro well
00:01:21atte this norrebro fucking joke
00:01:22atte :DDDDDDDDDDDDD
00:01:23Norrebro ffs
00:01:26curdi so
00:01:26Norrebro tell a hero
00:01:28infect norrebro
00:01:28atte telling me he wants balanar
00:01:31atte AHAHA
00:01:31infect you asked for ns
00:01:33atte PANDA GONE ALSO
00:01:33MariahCarry cent
00:01:34atte AHAHAH
00:01:34infect and now you dont want
00:01:36infect atte
00:01:38infect i swap anyways
00:01:40infect what you want
00:01:41atte no need
00:01:42WantedZip he suck
00:01:42atte i play
00:01:43curdi enjoy ur lich slowbie
00:01:44atte this
00:01:47WantedZip ban him atte
00:01:49MariahCarry huh?
00:01:54WantedZip reQ for that
00:02:02atte he tells me he wants ns
00:02:03atte :DD
00:02:05N2xy dk eza top, wd slark bot?
00:02:06atte then picks slark
00:02:07N2xy atte?
00:02:08atte haha
00:02:14atte well
00:02:18atte i see
00:02:19Norrebro i love top :P
00:02:21atte dk eza bot
00:02:27N2xy jesus
00:02:29atte its
00:02:36Norrebro eza always long lane babt
00:02:45atte slark is rly good hero
00:02:49atte share chicken
00:02:57Strom share chicks
00:02:58MariahCarry share
00:02:59MariahCarry chicken
00:03:00atte and dk has mana for spam fire
00:03:11Strom !
00:03:17infect faster...
00:03:18infect stronger
00:03:30N2xy saad haste v dd
00:03:33N2xy saad fb top
00:03:39PinaryB reg
00:03:42PinaryB top
00:03:57atte ahah
00:04:17infect pull warde vaja
00:04:25N2xy ei saime hakakmõ
00:04:27N2xy hakkama
00:04:47infect aga neil oleks 0 farmi
00:04:52atte HAHAHA
00:04:53MariahCarry gg
00:04:55atte kiddings
00:04:56atte ROCKET
00:05:01MariahCarry rocket didn't matter
00:05:02MariahCarry :)
00:05:07atte did
00:05:17MariahCarry nope
00:06:27WantedZip kotl miss
00:06:41WantedZip re
00:06:42curdi ss
00:07:12N2xy stuni
00:07:13curdi ss
00:07:14N2xy jesus
00:07:16infect tahtisn
00:07:17infect range
00:07:17atte toprune
00:07:18N2xy JESUs
00:07:19MariahCarry ss mid
00:07:21MariahCarry care bot
00:07:29MariahCarry re
00:07:37infect range ei olnud
00:07:40N2xy oli korraks
00:07:49MariahCarry =)
00:07:56N2xy take
00:07:57N2xy atte
00:08:01atte share
00:08:02atte courier
00:08:29atte gang mid
00:08:30Norrebro gj
00:08:32atte kinda
00:08:36atte denied me
00:08:45N2xy liigu otse
00:08:47N2xy liigu otse
00:08:48N2xy :D
00:08:49atte he has ulti so
00:08:53N2xy see ie muuuda midaig
00:09:06Norrebro ss
00:09:13atte y
00:09:15atte and wards
00:09:28curdi ss top
00:09:28curdi slark
00:09:31atte rly
00:09:32atte :DD
00:09:34infect ja kui meil oleks pull wardid
00:09:36curdi wd too
00:09:36infect poleks nad lvl 6
00:09:38atte share courier
00:09:46N2xy ei.
00:09:48N2xy nad lvl 6
00:09:49N2xy sest surime
00:09:51atte share
00:09:55PinaryB n2xy sinu kana
00:10:07N2xy on jah
00:10:34MariahCarry ss mid
00:10:35MariahCarry care toip
00:10:35MariahCarry b
00:10:45curdi b
00:10:50N2xy suh fun laneil olla
00:11:12Strom didn't have mana to use dust at first :D :D
00:11:16infect ss bot 2
00:11:21infect re 1
00:11:22atte aha
00:11:22curdi gj
00:11:28N2xy i even blincked
00:11:32atte yeah
00:11:33MariahCarry happy new years atta
00:11:40atte failgame is a failgame
00:12:03curdi sigh
00:12:06curdi could use boots
00:12:27N2xy tubli
00:12:49atte hell yeah
00:12:50atte :DD
00:13:12infect b
00:13:12infect b
00:13:13infect bare
00:13:17atte bait
00:13:17atte him
00:13:21infect oom
00:13:55atte mana
00:14:26atte wd
00:14:27atte heal
00:14:28atte skill
00:14:35atte rofl
00:14:36Strom :D
00:14:37N2xy xDD
00:14:37curdi ????????????????????????
00:14:41atte wd 2nd skill sick
00:14:48curdi what the fuck is that shit
00:15:43atte no can do
00:16:02infect fucking norrebro
00:16:03N2xy tp
00:16:06infect cant pick heroes what needed
00:16:12MariahCarry pretty funny game
00:16:13MariahCarry :D
00:16:13Norrebro come top idiot
00:16:14atte well
00:16:18atte lich best hero ingame
00:16:19Norrebro 4 lowhps
00:16:22curdi mmm
00:16:26PinaryB tra cask mingi 2 sec cd
00:16:29PinaryB ulti ka valmis
00:16:33PinaryB triplle oleks kukund
00:16:36curdi should go pushy pushy soon
00:16:37N2xy xD
00:16:41MariahCarry yea
00:16:43curdi we dont have too good carries
00:16:50MariahCarry im decent carry
00:16:52N2xy saaks su stuni sise 3 ja se eauta ja mu nuke
00:16:52N2xy gg
00:16:53MariahCarry already lothars :P
00:16:53N2xy :D
00:17:04N2xy nuki
00:17:09WantedZip care
00:17:11N2xy pärast
00:17:13N2xy xDD
00:17:18WantedZip rocket
00:17:19infect warde vaja
00:17:25infect andsin sulle selle
00:17:59infect lothars
00:18:02WantedZip i got dust
00:18:05Strom me too
00:18:06infect lich lothars
00:18:07infect fn
00:18:11Strom regen lion
00:18:17curdi ah k
00:18:19curdi ill grab it
00:18:34infect lich here
00:18:36infect somehwere
00:19:18N2xy limo inb
00:19:42atte mnan
00:19:57curdi how did u have vision :O
00:20:05infect dno :D
00:20:08atte eza bomb mb
00:20:11atte or dunno
00:20:11MariahCarry sry didn't see u there muta :P
00:20:13curdi -.-
00:20:14WantedZip :D
00:20:20WantedZip love ur lothars
00:20:27MariahCarry :D:D
00:20:28WantedZip almost to all heros u go lothars :D
00:20:31MariahCarry yea^^
00:20:40MariahCarry i wanna be able to get away
00:20:45MariahCarry so stronk item imo
00:20:59atte got first item
00:21:02atte only 17min
00:21:10atte item worth 900gold
00:21:16infect tp cd
00:21:38MariahCarry oom
00:21:45atte gj btw
00:21:52atte not using 1st skiklö
00:21:56atte to
00:21:58atte kill lich
00:22:00Norrebro dude
00:22:01atte :DDD
00:22:07Norrebro u could save me
00:22:12Norrebro insead of shit talk
00:22:15atte nah
00:22:45Strom ns ports
00:22:52Strom ok not
00:23:03infect mul 2,6k
00:23:06infect teen bkb?
00:23:17atte joo
00:23:21N2xy jojo
00:23:31N2xy inv top
00:23:32atte no dust?
00:23:40Strom 'def top
00:23:45curdi all going top
00:23:49infect use
00:23:51infect again
00:23:54atte bara
00:23:55atte rofl
00:24:06infect got bkb though :D
00:24:40Norrebro lich
00:25:10atte FUCK I FA(IL
00:25:12atte :DDDDDDDDDDD
00:25:22atte didnt silence
00:25:24atte lion
00:25:41atte :P
00:25:45Strom blah
00:25:49atte ok
00:25:51atte this game
00:25:53atte :DD
00:25:53curdi phase > treads :/
00:26:03atte win
00:26:07atte lk
00:26:09N2xy hea et tähele panid et tpesin sind why always team leaves
00:26:39infect nobody dust for lich ????
00:26:52PinaryB farm top
00:27:47Strom -afk
00:28:34atte ainii
00:28:35atte :DDD
00:28:38atte sielt tulee bara
00:28:55atte got tp in 20sec
00:29:04atte dk
00:29:08atte faster
00:29:09atte :S
00:29:12atte lich ulti
00:29:16atte care
00:29:17atte y
00:29:32N2xy lothar
00:29:50N2xy soso fail
00:29:51N2xy :D
00:30:04atte there are
00:30:06atte moments
00:30:18atte when you play heros like bala pl dusa
00:30:40atte and there are moments you shouldnt play them
00:30:52infect but how you failed so bad atte:P ?
00:31:01atte well
00:31:02atte lich
00:31:18MariahCarry wtf stunned me
00:31:21MariahCarry dk?
00:31:22WantedZip leak
00:31:22curdi wd :?
00:31:23WantedZip man
00:31:25curdi dunno
00:31:29MariahCarry sooooo long
00:31:51infect sul euli aja
00:31:54infect vaja*
00:32:03N2xy yup
00:32:05MariahCarry let's take rosh
00:32:08MariahCarry got frost armor
00:32:17N2xy hex aitab kah
00:32:47curdi and slark hunts me :(
00:32:54infect kust nad alati tulevad...
00:33:00atte gem
00:33:06Norrebro no shit
00:33:10infect go slark go !
00:33:27atte we can just ff
00:33:40infect dont wanna lose some x cause of noobero
00:34:30N2xy domi ja hyperstone ja lvl 16
00:34:31N2xy siis hea
00:35:13infect ma ei tee bara vastu enam midagi
00:35:28atte ha ha
00:35:35WantedZip HAHAH
00:36:14WantedZip OMG
00:36:15WantedZip gem
00:36:26MariahCarry b
00:36:28WantedZip gem
00:36:40PinaryB I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:36:41infect ,na
00:36:45WantedZip 'haha
00:36:50infect mana mulle äkki ?
00:36:54infect oleks saand mitu maha
00:36:57curdi didnt even relize it was eza hitting me
00:37:01Norrebro dk
00:37:10atte fire
00:37:20infect kotl blocked
00:37:25atte no
00:37:25atte :d
00:37:30atte you could
00:37:31curdi tp is good item :(
00:37:35atte the range is longer than it looks
00:37:49atte well
00:37:51atte no rax lost
00:37:53atte we have a gem
00:37:58N2xy gem
00:38:00Norrebro co0me on
00:38:14WantedZip ill go lothjarts 2
00:38:19MariahCarry ot
00:38:21MariahCarry it's awesome
00:38:22curdi or bkb -.-?
00:38:27WantedZip nah lothars
00:38:32atte tp me
00:38:37Strom how about we go with 5 and get rax
00:38:38atte if 1 comes
00:39:05N2xy graxy
00:39:06N2xy xDD
00:39:07atte lol
00:39:14N2xy gem is here
00:39:15N2xy base
00:39:22atte FUCK
00:39:24atte misclcik
00:39:36atte get gem imo
00:39:43atte go gank lich
00:39:43infect hyperstone
00:39:44infect jej
00:39:45N2xy destroyed it?
00:39:52PinaryB in base
00:39:53N2xy võta
00:39:53N2xy dk
00:39:56N2xy gem
00:40:00Strom lets take mid rax
00:40:54PinaryB nice forcestaff
00:40:58MariahCarry gem :/
00:40:59PinaryB päästsid mitu
00:41:00atte rofl my kill :(
00:41:04atte wtf
00:41:05atte :DD
00:41:06atte haha
00:41:11atte I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:41:12MariahCarry nice
00:41:15Strom ezalor nii nõrk hero
00:41:29atte what means nörk
00:41:32infect and your panda is just ban
00:41:33infect weak
00:41:37infect bad*
00:41:51atte haha
00:42:03Norrebro jøde
00:42:29atte comeon
00:42:31atte :DDD
00:42:47atte we can
00:42:47atte I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:42:54atte if they would
00:42:55atte for once
00:42:58atte go back to base
00:42:58atte regen
00:43:01atte wait for cd's
00:43:04atte its there
00:43:10Strom I'll take regen
00:43:12infect we know
00:43:19infect still nice to prolong
00:43:25MariahCarry want rosh?
00:43:32Strom lets just ake top rax imo
00:43:34Strom I has ulti
00:43:35MariahCarry kk
00:43:40atte soon daytime
00:43:55atte heh
00:44:10atte dk is strong but
00:44:15atte well
00:44:17atte seems
00:44:19atte too strong
00:44:20curdi b bara
00:44:20atte :DD
00:44:22curdi dont lose gem
00:44:25atte nice
00:44:31atte hit
00:44:32atte hit
00:44:33atte hit
00:44:33atte hit
00:44:35infect he has
00:44:37infect blade mail
00:44:39atte aa
00:44:50infect and bara
00:44:51infect faggot
00:44:55atte use first skill
00:44:56MariahCarry DAYUM
00:44:58infect I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:45:00N2xy xD
00:45:02Strom somebody, in such a situation
00:45:05Strom change your treads to int
00:45:08Strom and fire rocket mhm
00:45:13infect less feed next time atte :P
00:45:19infect loool :D
00:45:21infect 5-16 :P
00:45:24atte yeah
00:45:28atte well didnt want to play this hero
00:45:33N2xy i saw a dream that atte will be full build in this ga,me
00:45:34infect yeha, understand
00:45:36atte and lich
00:45:43infect noobero fucked up
00:45:44atte kinda best hero Headshot. :P
00:46:11PinaryB seems so imba when no1 buys dust
00:46:16infect :D
00:46:17atte lol
00:46:18infect indeed wd
00:46:22atte :DD
00:46:25atte earlygame
00:46:30atte he can deny creeps
00:46:37atte he lvl3 when you lvl1
00:46:37MariahCarry gg
00:46:42atte with hes 3rd skill
00:47:08WantedZip HAHA
00:47:10WantedZip Lucky kotl
00:47:10atte and imba nuke and gets manaback and enemys creeps denied
00:47:13N2xy nope
00:47:15N2xy skill
00:47:19WantedZip D
00:47:20N2xy xD
00:47:45curdi gege
00:47:53N2xy yup
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