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-6 X
-2 TS

97% | 1679 X | 1623 TS

+25 X
-1 TS

80% | 1406 X | 1447 TS

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-2 TS

65% | 1247 X | 1406 TS

-12 X
-2 TS

49% | 1205 X | 1270 TS

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-8 TS

32% | 1057 X | 1270 TS

-31 X
+2 TS

91% | 1527 X | 1521 TS

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+2 TS

83% | 1505 X | 1391 TS

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+6 TS

71% | 1316 X | 1399 TS

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55% | 1169 X | 1382 TS

-11 X
+8 TS

42% | 1101 X | 1310 TS

Chat log

00:00:07Galgar og ap
00:00:08Mercury ap
00:00:08Vangelis flex
00:00:08atte -.ap
00:00:08Vangelis do you not
00:00:08Maier pause 2min after pick please
00:00:08Flex- yea
00:00:09Vangelis like fox news
00:00:14Maier have to take something out of over
00:00:17Maier oven **
00:00:19Maier 321
00:00:19Vangelis tide
00:00:19Vangelis get
00:00:20Vangelis wards
00:00:20Vangelis for bot lane
00:00:20Flex- i like HBO
00:00:20Flex- MKAY ?
00:00:20atte brb
00:00:20Vangelis why not fox news
00:00:20edgarass my god there is like 2 minutes now
00:00:20Vangelis ???
00:00:20Flex- Vang
00:00:20Galgar why not flex news
00:00:20Flex- just say whats on your mind bitch
00:00:20Flex- :D
00:00:20Vangelis well
00:00:20Vangelis i dislike
00:00:20Vangelis "OMG FOX NEWS SO EVIL"
00:00:20Vangelis statements
00:00:20Vangelis tide get us wards
00:00:20Flex- they not evil
00:00:20Vangelis for bot lane
00:00:20Galgar or omg christians are stupid ?
00:00:20Flex- just biased as shit
00:00:20Mercury il be bot with some good babysitter/puller
00:00:20Vangelis so spec can't pull
00:00:20edgarass i c an
00:00:20Vangelis it isn't biased
00:00:20Vangelis at all
00:00:20Zajeb k
00:00:20edgarass bot
00:00:20atte :PPP
00:00:20Vangelis just shows the right wing world view
00:00:20Flex- dude
00:00:20atte what rest heros?
00:00:20Vangelis every channel has one
00:00:20Flex- thats called
00:00:20Flex- biased
00:00:20atte useless like these we have here?
00:00:20Flex- :D
00:00:20Mercury rex and new mage
00:00:20Galgar what about CNN
00:00:20edgarass yeah
00:00:20atte ok
00:00:20Zajeb we are so fucked
00:00:20atte -ma
00:00:20Flex- no one fucknig cares about CNN
00:00:20atte fuck
00:00:20Vangelis CNN - liberal
00:00:20atte :DD
00:00:20Galgar :DDDDDD
00:00:20edgarass -ma
00:00:22edgarass hard fucking game
00:00:22Maier ty
00:00:26Flex- only BBC has standerts it seems
00:00:28Vangelis all news channels present a point of view
00:00:31Vangelis tide
00:00:33Vangelis need wards
00:00:43Maier -ii
00:00:45Vangelis let's go ward
00:00:45Maier -water red
00:00:46atte good thing last was luna
00:00:47Maier -weather rain
00:00:50atte makes us last 10min longer
00:00:51Maier will u pull ?
00:00:52Vangelis trust me
00:00:55XXL naix mid?
00:00:55atte CHICKEN
00:00:57atte why you go
00:00:58Vangelis bbc is a called left wing
00:00:59Vangelis also
00:01:00atte null talisman ´+
00:01:00Vangelis nope
00:01:01Mercury depends on lane
00:01:03Vangelis luna mid
00:01:03atte hahaha
00:01:05Vangelis naix wl top
00:01:06XXL ok
00:01:07Flex- -hhn
00:01:10Vangelis -hhn
00:01:17Maier prolly luna + tide bot
00:01:22atte no bottle on 4cs for me then
00:01:22XXL huoh joku akashaj
00:01:23Maier so we can kill easy luna
00:01:26atte kana-akasha
00:01:32XXL ei mmuute oo eka kerta
00:01:34XXL :D
00:01:36atte rexxari lähtee innoissaan lanelle null talismanin kaa
00:01:37XXL ku luna vs akasha
00:01:42XXL :DD
00:01:43Galgar _DDDDDDDDD
00:01:44atte eikä osta kanaa
00:01:45XXL hehehe
00:01:48Vangelis ward it
00:01:51Vangelis FAST
00:01:52XXL ja sä ostit?
00:01:54atte jep
00:01:54Flex- wait
00:01:55Flex- mby
00:01:55XXL xD
00:01:56Vangelis they
00:01:57Vangelis are coming
00:01:58XXL ei vittu
00:01:59atte ei tuu 4cs bottlee sit
00:02:01Vangelis wait 0:00
00:02:01XXL iha hereil
00:02:02atte tarvii 7
00:02:03XXL kyl pelis
00:02:04Vangelis with pull ward
00:02:08XXL dodi
00:02:13Galgar call me Demnok Lannik
00:02:16XXL jos saat
00:02:17XXL ne 7
00:02:23edgarass noob
00:02:28Vangelis we harass
00:02:30Vangelis spec some more
00:03:04Flex- fatal bonds
00:03:06Flex- lvl 2 and 3
00:03:08atte ^nyt ois bottle
00:03:12XXL :D
00:03:16XXL huoh
00:03:24Vangelis gg 1 hit
00:03:37Galgar you want pull?
00:04:41Vangelis rune top
00:04:54atte ss
00:04:55atte inc top
00:04:59Flex- start fatals
00:05:06Galgar waited lvl 2
00:05:07atte re
00:05:12edgarass b
00:05:21Flex- one them
00:05:32Flex- noy on creeps
00:05:32Flex- ffs
00:05:40Galgar lol just 4 :D linked still kk
00:05:41Maier go spec
00:06:05XXL juhuu
00:06:10atte me
00:06:11XXL ss bara?
00:06:13atte nvm
00:06:17Galgar y
00:06:19Galgar rex too
00:06:25XXL ss 2
00:06:26XXL mid
00:06:37Zajeb why dont attack spec?
00:06:42Vangelis because
00:06:43Vangelis i saw
00:06:44Vangelis qop
00:06:45Vangelis coming
00:06:47Vangelis thougth i go back
00:06:48Vangelis hsuidkphlkjgrnakl
00:06:49Galgar i go pull next
00:06:50Vangelis nothing
00:06:54Galgar or w epush
00:07:07Vangelis flex
00:07:10Vangelis i hope you have good farm
00:07:11Vangelis because
00:07:13Vangelis i fail this game
00:07:14Vangelis hard
00:07:16atte ss
00:07:28edgarass top freefarm
00:07:29Maier soon again
00:07:32Galgar he isnt responding
00:07:33Galgar :D
00:07:34atte hieno dmg hermanni
00:07:37Flex- :D
00:07:37XXL XD
00:07:38Flex- buisy
00:08:01Galgar i go pull
00:08:02Galgar scream
00:08:06Galgar if ya in trouble :D
00:08:09Flex- :D
00:08:09Flex- kk
00:08:10XXL ss
00:08:50Flex- give me salve
00:08:50Flex- bro
00:08:51XXL regepelle
00:08:53atte ss
00:09:04Flex- ME
00:09:05Flex- ffs
00:09:10atte ss
00:09:11Galgar i gave you wtf man
00:09:12Galgar wtf
00:09:18Maier got dagger mana ?
00:09:19atte care
00:09:20XXL go
00:09:22atte luna has ulti
00:09:25Mercury no
00:09:27Galgar have atree ..,.
00:09:30Mercury now have
00:09:31Maier buy stick
00:09:32edgarass akasha gang top
00:09:33Maier ok
00:09:37Maier i slow + ulti
00:09:39Maier and u dagger
00:09:58Galgar i had two salves how you lost one :D
00:10:22XXL eih
00:10:26XXL yks
00:10:26Galgar ou god we so fucked
00:10:27XXL hitti
00:10:39atte failasin ton
00:10:44XXL nii möki
00:10:49atte et ois ees kerinny ultaa
00:10:54XXL voi olla
00:11:03XXL ss mid
00:11:05XXL so care
00:11:06atte ss mid
00:11:08atte has no ulti
00:11:08atte :D
00:11:09Galgar need new wards
00:11:15Vangelis need new wards
00:11:16Vangelis you say
00:11:17Vangelis that with wl
00:11:18Maier tell me when u have mana again
00:11:18Vangelis :D
00:11:34XXL ok
00:11:34Zajeb ss 2
00:11:35XXL need gank
00:11:37XXL totally
00:11:39Galgar i gave all my stuff to naix already what oyyu want
00:11:41Vangelis XXL
00:11:42Vangelis go die
00:11:42Galgar ^^
00:11:43Vangelis in a fire
00:11:44Vangelis really
00:11:46Vangelis you pick luna
00:11:47Maier this game is ours :P
00:11:49Vangelis and ruin lanes
00:11:49XXL yep=
00:11:50Vangelis gg ff
00:11:58atte y
00:12:00XXL what i should pick
00:12:03Mercury have mp
00:12:05XXL i said bara
00:12:08XXL but u said no
00:12:10Maier MISS
00:12:10Maier 2
00:12:12Galgar and you pick luna :D
00:12:12Vangelis i didn't say anything
00:12:15atte need to wl first
00:12:19XXL who ever it was
00:12:19atte bara charge
00:12:21XXL flex then
00:12:22atte spec ulti
00:12:23XXL anyway
00:12:45atte gj
00:12:46atte :D
00:12:50Vangelis btw
00:12:51Vangelis there was
00:12:52Vangelis rexx
00:12:53atte öwned
00:12:54Vangelis you picked luna
00:12:58XXL dont like it
00:13:04atte haha
00:13:05XXL :D
00:13:06Galgar no
00:13:08atte blinkkasin just runelle
00:13:08Galgar thats owned
00:13:09atte :DD
00:13:13XXL :DD
00:13:22atte thats not owned
00:13:25atte thats me playing bad
00:13:34edgarass go viper
00:13:36Mercury mp soon
00:13:37Galgar emm yeh owned
00:13:37edgarass rdy
00:13:42Maier kk
00:13:43Maier rdy
00:14:01atte tide mid
00:14:08Flex- ss top
00:14:08Galgar vang afk too? :D
00:14:12Vangelis nothing
00:14:13Vangelis i can
00:14:14Vangelis doo
00:14:14Maier miss long time ago
00:14:20atte y
00:14:31XXL gank em
00:14:33atte ss
00:14:34Galgar no utljui
00:14:40XXL spexc
00:14:42XXL 1st
00:15:16atte ok
00:15:21atte ulti missas
00:15:23XXL jees
00:15:40edgarass rex rdy?
00:15:41atte ei viittiny heti hyppää suikkaa
00:15:45XXL :D
00:15:47edgarass i run u stun just before
00:15:50atte rexx
00:15:52atte hahahahahah
00:15:52Flex- Wtf
00:15:52Vangelis FLEX
00:15:52atte NAIX
00:15:52Vangelis omg
00:15:52Vangelis get
00:15:52atte NAIX
00:15:52atte :DD
00:15:52Vangelis into a creep
00:15:52atte :DDDDD
00:15:52Vangelis :/
00:15:52XXL aika pro
00:15:52Flex- i spiked like hell
00:15:52Vangelis use your
00:15:52Vangelis ulti
00:15:52Galgar :SSSSSSSSSSSSS
00:15:52Flex- i had ulti
00:15:52Flex- i said
00:15:52Flex- i spiked like hell
00:15:57atte dont
00:15:58atte no
00:15:58Flex- dont what ?
00:15:58atte you dont deserve the kill
00:16:00Maier please stay cool
00:16:01XXL mitöä
00:16:01XXL vittua
00:16:01Maier and dont unpause
00:16:01atte I DIE
00:16:01atte MYSELÖF
00:16:01XXL öö
00:16:01atte YEAH
00:16:01atte THX
00:16:01XXL mik
00:16:01Flex- lol
00:16:01XXL s
00:16:01Flex- vang 1-6 :D
00:16:01Flex- that was fast
00:16:01Vangelis i balance
00:16:01atte yritin contro
00:16:01Vangelis viper
00:16:01XXL aha
00:16:01atte HUOH
00:16:01XXL jo o
00:16:01Maier associated, fix ?
00:16:01XXL dead
00:16:01XXL :D
00:16:01edgarass my got REX fix or leave
00:16:06Flex- hahaha
00:16:07XXL :D
00:16:07atte I TRY CONTROL HIM
00:16:07atte AND NO SHARE
00:16:07Galgar :D
00:16:07Galgar wow
00:16:07Galgar that must suck
00:16:14atte THX BRO
00:16:15atte quit
00:16:15Galgar holy crapõ
00:16:15atte ??
00:16:15edgarass leave
00:16:15Maier FIX IT
00:16:15atte fucking russian
00:16:15atte joo
00:16:17atte rmk
00:16:18Galgar flex hows farm
00:16:21edgarass spec have ulti?
00:16:21Maier lol no
00:16:21Mercury y
00:16:21Flex- not horrible
00:16:21Maier 14min
00:16:21Flex- :D
00:16:21XXL huoh
00:16:21edgarass spec have ulti?
00:16:21XXL cant fix it?
00:16:21Mercury yes
00:16:21Mercury i have
00:16:21atte fucking gg
00:16:21edgarass lets try mid?
00:16:21Maier tide going mid too
00:16:21Maier so care
00:16:21Galgar they shoudl guive me money for denying too :D
00:16:21atte luna freekill
00:16:21edgarass we will se
00:16:21atte cos
00:16:21Mercury go top
00:16:21atte got
00:16:22atte cos rexxar
00:16:23edgarass lets go tide if he goes thrtoyug woods
00:16:23edgarass ok
00:16:23Galgar oh mios
00:16:23edgarass top then
00:16:23Galgar porke hose
00:16:23Galgar PORKE
00:16:23Maier porque, jose
00:16:23Maier *****
00:16:23Maier illiterate fuck
00:16:23atte we just quit
00:16:23Galgar lol
00:16:23atte next time
00:16:23Galgar you can
00:16:23Flex- :D
00:16:23Galgar writte hose like hose
00:16:23edgarass associated leave pls
00:16:23edgarass associated
00:16:23edgarass leave
00:16:23Maier DROP DROP DROP
00:16:23edgarass pls
00:16:23Flex- balance luna plz
00:16:23atte voitas ottaa rmk
00:16:23Vangelis nope
00:16:23Vangelis i balance
00:16:23Galgar and you pronounce jesus in spanish like you read hose
00:16:23atte suosiol
00:16:23Vangelis myself
00:16:23Galgar so su
00:16:23XXL no jaa
00:16:23XXL ja ottaa ult turpii
00:16:23XXL :D
00:16:23XXL sult*
00:16:23XXL vitun rex kyl
00:16:23edgarass balance after
00:16:23Maier can i have treads please ?
00:16:23Vangelis balance
00:16:23XXL pilas
00:16:23Vangelis viper
00:16:23XXL pelin jo
00:16:23edgarass now we have chance!
00:16:23atte pelasin joskus babyknightin qopii vs
00:16:26Galgar o
00:16:28atte en vielkää tajuu miten se teki nii paljo dmg
00:16:29atte :DD
00:16:30Galgar OMGH
00:16:32atte jotenki vaa
00:16:32Flex- fuck sakes
00:16:34XXL jotkut vaa osaa
00:16:34edgarass shit
00:16:34edgarass go?
00:16:34Galgar is rexar even here
00:16:37Mercury y
00:16:40atte :DD
00:16:40atte so
00:16:40edgarass rex
00:16:40edgarass leave
00:16:40XXL amazing
00:16:40atte time to leave?
00:16:40edgarass pls
00:16:40XXL plugin
00:16:40Galgar yeh
00:16:40Galgar were did he get taht
00:16:40Galgar i want on e
00:16:45Flex- pff
00:16:45edgarass go?
00:16:45XXL t.t
00:16:45Mercury y
00:16:45atte i tp
00:16:45Maier oh-my-fucking-god
00:16:45edgarass viper first
00:16:45XXL asso can u talk
00:16:45atte if this lagger
00:16:45atte bad idea
00:16:45atte to fight in lag
00:16:47associated from provider some issues
00:16:52atte :DDD
00:16:52Galgar :D
00:16:52Vangelis got
00:16:52Vangelis ult
00:16:52atte THEN QUIT GAME
00:16:52Vangelis ?
00:16:52XXL miten voi
00:16:52Galgar ye
00:16:52XXL tollee
00:16:52Vangelis hmm
00:16:52Galgar turn around and go?
00:16:52Vangelis don't need
00:16:52Vangelis if
00:16:52Vangelis ye
00:16:52Vangelis i ult him
00:16:52Maier if u have wifi
00:16:52atte mercury you could tell him
00:16:52Galgar we can take tower
00:16:52Maier and wind is 40m/s
00:16:52atte strom will analrape
00:16:52atte hes account
00:16:52Maier THEN DONT PLAY
00:16:52atte if he dont leave
00:16:52Flex- dude
00:16:58Galgar holy shit
00:16:59atte i
00:17:00XXL joo torni
00:17:03Zajeb i hope u get cancer
00:17:04atte joo fragi
00:17:05atte EI
00:17:08XXL xD
00:17:08Flex- ffs
00:17:08edgarass rex leave pls
00:17:08Flex- tide
00:17:08Flex- got ulti ?
00:17:08Zajeb y
00:17:08XXL i come
00:17:08edgarass u will get ban for game ruin
00:17:08XXL also top
00:17:08edgarass leave associated
00:17:08Flex- \you got tp /
00:17:08atte mite jaksaa
00:17:08Flex- spectre has
00:17:08XXL emt
00:17:08edgarass gj top
00:17:08Flex- vang already?
00:17:08atte idlaa ees pelis enemmä ku 5min
00:17:08atte jos lagaa
00:17:08Zajeb go spec
00:17:08XXL :D
00:17:08Vangelis 14 min
00:17:08Vangelis isn't
00:17:08Flex- im asking
00:17:08Vangelis already
00:17:09Vangelis :D
00:17:09Flex- if he does
00:17:14Galgar too far
00:17:14atte huoh
00:17:14edgarass care top
00:17:14XXL rex
00:17:14Flex- tide
00:17:14XXL now
00:17:14Flex- went awesome direction
00:17:14XXL just LEAVE
00:17:14Maier associated
00:17:14XXL this is wasting of time
00:17:15Galgar dont ulti
00:17:15Zajeb i
00:17:15Maier just
00:17:19Maier disconnect
00:17:23Maier renew ipconfig
00:17:24Zajeb i cant control with this shit
00:17:24Maier and rejoin
00:17:24Flex- i cant do shit ppl
00:17:24Vangelis PLEASE
00:17:24atte or just shut down pc
00:17:24Vangelis tell him
00:17:24Galgar i am going to leave
00:17:24Vangelis to leave
00:17:24Galgar ban me or watever
00:17:24atte and throw out from balcony
00:17:24Galgar but this is silly
00:17:24atte window works too
00:17:29XXL go
00:17:29atte LUNA
00:17:29Maier FUCK OFF
00:17:29XXL kill em
00:17:29atte got ulti
00:17:29Maier FUCK YOU
00:17:29Galgar yeh maybe
00:17:29Flex- cant
00:17:29Maier GTFO
00:17:29Flex- dive
00:17:29Maier GO
00:17:29Flex- luna
00:17:29Flex- back off
00:17:29Maier AWAY
00:17:29Maier FAR AWAY
00:17:29edgarass LEAVE!!!!
00:17:29XXL okok
00:17:30Flex- unless they go your way
00:17:36XXL joo o
00:17:36atte WHAT A DUMBFUCK TLY
00:17:36edgarass BAN FOR LIFE PLS
00:17:36atte can we rmk sometime soon
00:17:36atte been 10min
00:17:36XXL vetäis vitun päähän
00:17:52edgarass b
00:18:00Vangelis -afk
00:18:09atte GUYS
00:18:10atte luna..
00:18:16atte -afk
00:18:17edgarass rexar leave
00:18:25atte rexxar
00:18:26atte leave
00:18:46atte mo
00:18:53XXL momo
00:19:30XXL joo mo
00:19:34atte oom
00:19:37atte maier
00:19:38atte omg
00:19:40atte use silence
00:19:47atte and i instakill
00:20:00Vangelis naix
00:20:00Maier not picked it yet =/
00:20:02Vangelis new item
00:20:03edgarass have ulti
00:20:04Vangelis is good for naix
00:20:05Maier should i max it first ?
00:20:09atte dunno
00:20:09edgarass rex go
00:20:09Flex- no shit
00:20:09Vangelis abyssal is pretty nice
00:20:19edgarass b
00:20:27Galgar oom
00:20:27XXL me
00:20:28XXL pls
00:20:34Galgar i tp mid
00:20:35XXL get em
00:20:36XXL soon
00:20:37XXL 1st my ul
00:20:38atte someone
00:20:38edgarass care
00:20:39atte invi
00:20:39XXL t
00:20:53edgarass care
00:21:26edgarass well i knew its trap
00:21:27Galgar qop
00:21:42Vangelis ? :D
00:21:44XXL uh
00:21:45XXL soz
00:21:49XXL stupid creep
00:21:57Vangelis just farm
00:21:59Vangelis naix > spec
00:22:00edgarass they together all the time
00:22:00Vangelis late
00:22:02Vangelis and wl tide
00:22:04XXL mm
00:22:04Vangelis win us fights
00:22:12atte thats dota
00:22:20edgarass illu
00:22:20XXL ye
00:22:20atte teamgame and all
00:22:20atte ok
00:22:20XXL rly=
00:22:20Galgar here we go
00:22:20Flex- there we go again :D
00:22:20atte this is it
00:22:20Vangelis here we go again
00:22:26XXL asso
00:22:26edgarass akasha go luna
00:22:26XXL fix it
00:22:26edgarass no ulti
00:22:27Zajeb hes form albania probably
00:22:28Flex- this is bannable right?
00:22:35Maier weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
00:22:35edgarass yeah it is
00:22:35Vangelis luna
00:22:35Vangelis kill
00:22:35atte rexxar
00:22:35Vangelis qop
00:22:35atte leave
00:22:35XXL kk
00:22:35atte rexxar leave
00:22:36atte now
00:22:38Galgar inc mid
00:22:38Vangelis impossible
00:22:38Maier use
00:22:38Galgar qoo
00:22:38Vangelis with
00:22:38Maier rexx
00:22:38Vangelis this lag
00:22:38Maier to stun
00:22:38Flex- galgar
00:22:38atte mercury
00:22:38Maier tide
00:22:38atte we leave
00:22:38XXL true
00:22:38Maier and i kill
00:22:38Flex- you getting agha?
00:22:38Galgar ye
00:22:38atte ok?
00:22:38Maier no dont
00:22:38Flex- k
00:22:38Galgar well not with this farm
00:22:38atte i dont have time for this
00:22:38Maier autoban
00:22:38XXL lag out
00:22:38Mercury no... we cant löeave
00:22:38Galgar but i can try
00:22:38XXL psl
00:22:38Maier autoban
00:22:38Vangelis just
00:22:38Vangelis try to get it
00:22:38Vangelis if this prolongs
00:22:38Vangelis you can get it
00:22:38Flex- yup
00:22:38Vangelis and they
00:22:38Flex- fatal
00:22:38Vangelis lost their
00:22:38Flex- bonds
00:22:38Vangelis momentum
00:22:38edgarass it looks tyhat he is plugging and unplugging
00:22:38Flex- will solv us the game
00:22:38atte well all reboot pc
00:22:38Mercury no share
00:22:38Maier mid lane
00:22:38atte dunno
00:22:38atte do something
00:22:38Vangelis why would he do that
00:22:38Vangelis ?
00:22:38edgarass retard mby
00:22:39Zajeb hes asshole?
00:22:40atte YES
00:22:43edgarass balance
00:22:43Vangelis hmmm
00:22:43Vangelis wl
00:22:43atte still go on tide
00:22:43Vangelis or
00:22:43atte he no ulti
00:22:43Maier yea
00:22:43Vangelis hmm
00:22:43Maier stunned
00:22:43Maier already
00:22:43Vangelis who do i balance
00:22:43Vangelis :s
00:22:43atte use ur ulti
00:22:43atte :P
00:22:43Flex- its you or luna
00:22:43Vangelis or me?
00:22:43Maier will do
00:22:43XXL i got soon
00:22:43atte but tide shitskill
00:22:43XXL good farm
00:22:43Maier u unpause
00:22:43Maier for me
00:22:43XXL and items
00:22:43atte mb fucks it up
00:22:43XXL man
00:22:43Vangelis luna has nice farm
00:22:43atte no
00:22:43Galgar should i save tide?
00:22:43Flex- then its you man
00:22:43Galgar ^^
00:22:43atte i jump in destroy the motherfucker
00:22:43Vangelis well
00:22:43atte someone else unpause
00:22:43Galgar i think he has no ulti
00:22:43Vangelis wl can be used
00:22:43Vangelis also
00:22:43edgarass balance
00:22:43Galgar ou he has
00:22:43edgarass i will unpause
00:22:43Zajeb i dont have
00:22:43Flex- true
00:22:43Galgar a nvm
00:22:43Vangelis sorry wl
00:22:43Galgar ok your dead
00:22:43edgarass be rdy
00:22:43atte tide goes
00:22:43Vangelis you have to go :>
00:22:43atte he dead already
00:22:43XXL :>
00:22:43Flex- xDDD
00:22:43atte gogog
00:22:43Galgar mm
00:22:43XXL see u
00:22:43Flex- fuck sakes
00:22:43XXL ei vitus
00:22:43XXL ;D
00:22:43XXL wl lähtee
00:22:43Galgar can we solve this mid thingy first
00:22:43atte luna might tp
00:22:43Galgar then i go
00:22:43atte so care
00:22:43Galgar i mean i could die
00:22:43Galgar :D
00:22:43atte go with rexx first
00:22:43Vangelis i use
00:22:43Flex- lol
00:22:43Vangelis your hero
00:22:43Maier use rexx someone
00:22:43atte teleeks midii hakee ilmasii
00:22:43Galgar kkkkkkkkkkkk
00:22:43Maier i got shit to do
00:22:43Flex- pfff
00:22:43Galgar gl
00:22:43atte CAN YOU BALANCE?
00:22:43Flex- so biased
00:22:43Galgar -.-
00:22:43XXL e
00:22:43Galgar YES YES
00:22:43Galgar ITS FOX NEWS
00:22:43atte well leave then
00:22:43Flex- :D
00:22:43Galgar SO WE PROLONGE SHIT
00:22:43Galgar gl
00:22:43atte no you dont
00:22:43Flex- sorry mate
00:22:43Galgar :D
00:22:43Galgar we do
00:23:03Vangelis if
00:23:06Vangelis if he had
00:23:10Vangelis dropped 10 min ago
00:23:13Vangelis i would balance myself
00:23:20Vangelis but now i outlevel wl
00:23:30Maier i took treads
00:23:32Maier from bm
00:23:38Flex- well
00:23:41Flex- you have to control now
00:23:41atte take all
00:23:44atte sopec
00:23:49Maier and sell it
00:23:55Vangelis i will use
00:23:56atte b
00:23:56Vangelis his ult
00:23:56atte b
00:23:56XXL juu
00:23:57atte b
00:23:57Maier b
00:23:58Vangelis when we def
00:23:58XXL tpas mut
00:24:04atte farmasin
00:24:05Vangelis and bonds
00:24:09XXL yes
00:24:14Maier i will make meka
00:24:34atte naix
00:24:35atte gets
00:24:37atte rly fat now
00:24:43atte we need bara fat
00:24:45atte and spec ofc
00:24:53Maier spec halfway radi
00:25:00Maier but naix will destroy spec
00:25:03atte bara goes bkb
00:25:05atte and destroy
00:25:20edgarass nice
00:25:20atte ehm
00:25:27XXL oisko ff
00:25:27XXL ;D
00:25:40Maier cant sell my boots
00:25:41Maier :D
00:25:48atte meni rexxarin aura
00:25:51atte mapcontrol
00:25:51Maier spec 800 relic
00:25:55atte ja pelin paras stunni
00:25:55XXL jeps
00:26:02atte teilt meni wl joka ei tehny mitää
00:26:07atte ja saitte farmii
00:26:08XXL tott
00:26:10XXL a
00:26:21Vangelis leave
00:26:21Vangelis boots
00:26:23Vangelis on warlock
00:26:32Maier sb
00:26:33edgarass care all ss
00:26:35Maier make armlet
00:26:39atte make bkb
00:26:40Maier always first item
00:26:42Maier for sb
00:26:53Zajeb i make pipe
00:26:58XXL coe,
00:27:00atte care
00:27:17XXL omg
00:27:23Maier got the kil
00:27:24Maier :D
00:27:27Maier kill *
00:27:27Vangelis lothar
00:27:29Vangelis a bit stupid item
00:27:32Vangelis vs qop, spec
00:27:32XXL hmm
00:27:36XXL bit
00:27:39XXL i go bkb
00:27:43XXL after yasha
00:27:45Maier wow
00:27:46Maier naix
00:27:47Maier is fastr
00:27:48Maier fatr *
00:27:50Maier fat **
00:27:53XXL then manta
00:27:55XXL and some dmg
00:28:01Vangelis lifesteal
00:28:03Vangelis also nice
00:28:04Vangelis ...
00:28:08XXL yea
00:28:10XXL but later
00:28:35Flex- hmm
00:28:36Maier gather
00:28:37Maier for smoke
00:28:38Maier gang
00:29:08Maier gather
00:29:10XXL naix
00:29:11XXL mid
00:29:12Maier atleast someone
00:29:12Flex- use him
00:29:14Maier i wanna gang
00:29:16Maier got a killer hero
00:29:23Flex- use the wl
00:29:27atte there their ward
00:30:15atte HAHA
00:30:22atte you having ulti
00:30:25edgarass could be worse
00:30:29XXL auch
00:30:37Maier naix kills everyone late
00:30:44atte nah
00:30:53Flex- b
00:30:54Flex- tide
00:31:21Vangelis tide
00:31:22Vangelis omg
00:31:23Vangelis go back
00:31:25Flex- TIDE
00:31:26Flex- wtf
00:31:27Zajeb my bad
00:31:28Flex- is your problem
00:31:32atte rexxar owning
00:31:33Flex- well
00:31:34Flex- atleast
00:31:36Maier got meka
00:31:36Flex- i got spectre
00:31:58edgarass need dusts for luna
00:32:00Flex- always
00:32:01Flex- take wl
00:32:02Flex- with you
00:32:03Flex- plz
00:32:29atte i take invis top
00:32:48XXL after tower
00:32:48edgarass bot
00:32:48XXL b
00:32:56edgarass b
00:33:31atte ehm
00:33:35edgarass I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:33:36XXL to me
00:33:51edgarass maier hows your farm?
00:33:53XXL wot
00:33:55XXL u got hp
00:33:57XXL and lifesteal
00:33:58Vangelis ehm
00:33:59Vangelis he has
00:34:00Vangelis better
00:34:01Vangelis farm
00:34:02atte i go take top tower
00:34:04XXL true
00:34:05Flex- no shit :D
00:34:08atte we wil
00:34:10atte win
00:34:11atte late
00:34:11XXL but
00:34:13XXL what ever
00:34:14Flex- but?
00:34:17edgarass i dont think so
00:34:18XXL u can ult
00:34:19XXL and get hp
00:34:20Maier they have 3 carries
00:34:22Flex- true
00:34:22Maier we have 2
00:34:23Flex- not always though
00:34:27XXL true
00:34:27atte start thinking so
00:34:29Vangelis go 4
00:34:30Vangelis mid
00:34:45atte big
00:34:47edgarass go have dusts
00:34:47atte tower
00:35:06XXL noni
00:35:18atte saved
00:35:19Vangelis use wl
00:36:11Vangelis flex
00:36:11atte fuck me
00:36:12Vangelis :>
00:36:13atte failulti
00:36:13Vangelis dont stay
00:36:14Flex- suop
00:36:15Vangelis and farm
00:36:15Vangelis :>
00:36:16Flex- i got spectre
00:36:19Vangelis yeah
00:36:21Vangelis but too late
00:36:27Flex- was out of position
00:36:27atte we can instakill naix with that imbahero
00:36:30Flex- we were supposed to meet mid
00:36:32Vangelis yes
00:36:33Vangelis because
00:36:35Vangelis you farmed
00:36:37Vangelis that big camp
00:36:40Maier abyssal blade
00:36:41Maier too imba
00:36:42edgarass have bkb
00:36:48edgarass go tide
00:37:11atte wp
00:37:13atte rexx
00:37:16Maier yea
00:37:18Maier fucking lagger
00:37:32Maier get ur agha
00:37:32Maier qop
00:37:40Vangelis remember
00:37:40Mercury well i was dead.. so i played rex
00:37:42Vangelis when you die
00:37:43Vangelis you use wl
00:37:44atte was thinking of necro
00:37:55atte y
00:37:56atte useful
00:37:59atte to have rexx
00:38:18Maier why isn't anybody using rexx's bird ?
00:38:33edgarass \spec have utti?
00:38:37Mercury y
00:38:37Maier ed
00:38:38Maier check
00:38:41Maier screen
00:38:42Flex- bot tower
00:38:43Flex- my tp cd
00:38:44Flex- small
00:38:45Flex- soon come
00:39:04atte or mb i should do agha
00:39:07atte 40sec cd
00:39:08Maier yea
00:39:11Maier imo too
00:39:13Maier 700dmg
00:39:21atte only 100dmg more
00:39:23Vangelis got with
00:39:24Vangelis 4 now
00:39:28Maier but cd is awesome
00:39:29XXL k
00:39:31atte y
00:39:40Mercury b
00:39:45edgarass b
00:39:51Flex- this is fun :D
00:39:51atte 50for agha
00:39:58Maier :D
00:39:59Maier already
00:41:03atte XD
00:41:18Maier ah
00:41:20Maier naix focused me
00:41:23atte omg
00:41:26edgarass I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:41:28Maier no wonder
00:41:28XXL gwr
00:41:37XXL rax
00:41:37XXL it
00:41:39Flex- y
00:41:40atte you have to be more agressive
00:41:44atte with new hero
00:41:49atte use rexx stun
00:41:50atte and ulti
00:41:52atte instakill naix
00:41:54atte e-z
00:42:24XXL let me bot
00:42:25XXL psl
00:42:55atte got smoke
00:42:59atte if wanna try something
00:43:07atte like luna
00:43:10Zajeb come smoke?
00:43:14XXL y
00:43:21XXL sec
00:43:24XXL ah
00:43:26XXL 350
00:43:26atte i can go first
00:43:27XXL to bkb
00:43:32Flex- kk
00:43:49Flex- take it
00:43:52XXL ty
00:44:01Maier fucking stormtrooper :D
00:44:04atte rosh re
00:44:08atte WTF YOU DOING THERE
00:44:14atte you rly
00:44:15Flex- go
00:44:15Flex- fast
00:44:16Flex- bot
00:44:18atte hahah
00:44:21XXL y
00:44:21Maier it's edgarass !
00:44:22Flex- i mean top
00:44:22Vangelis we could
00:44:23Vangelis rosh
00:44:23XXL bkb
00:44:25atte wp
00:44:37atte no we wont
00:44:53edgarass use rex
00:45:51XXL get
00:45:51XXL top
00:46:01Maier gg naix
00:46:16atte hu
00:46:23atte hi*
00:46:49Vangelis into
00:46:50Vangelis their
00:46:51Vangelis creeps
00:46:56Flex- Cya
00:47:05atte new ulti soon
00:47:32Flex- good
00:47:33Flex- team
00:47:36Vangelis dunno
00:47:37Flex- fucknig luna
00:47:37Vangelis why luna
00:47:38Flex- gonig bot
00:47:38Vangelis is bot
00:47:40XXL was dead
00:47:46Flex- why did you go bot anyway
00:47:49edgarass ulti spec?
00:47:57XXL farm
00:47:58Mercury have it
00:48:06Maier spec
00:48:09Maier blademail
00:48:10Zajeb dd
00:48:10Vangelis \take
00:48:10Maier for naix
00:48:11Vangelis rosh
00:48:11Flex- get rosh
00:48:12Vangelis ?
00:48:42atte omg
00:48:44atte ov
00:48:53Maier DEF
00:48:54Maier DEF
00:48:56Maier THEY NO ULTIES
00:49:18Vangelis go from
00:49:19Vangelis mid
00:49:20Vangelis take top
00:49:21Vangelis rax
00:49:22atte tide didnt come
00:49:23atte :e
00:49:29Flex- first this
00:49:32Vangelis enter
00:49:34atte kuoliks :DD
00:49:34Vangelis fro mid lane
00:49:35Vangelis ???
00:49:38XXL e
00:49:42XXL no joo
00:49:46XXL mut oon jumala
00:50:05Maier fiucking luna
00:50:11Vangelis take
00:50:11Vangelis top
00:50:12Vangelis rax
00:50:13Vangelis ?
00:50:15Flex- sure
00:50:27Vangelis naix
00:50:28Vangelis now
00:50:30Vangelis you are farming
00:50:31Vangelis :D
00:50:33Flex- i told you
00:50:38Flex- top was bega pushed
00:50:41Flex- we needed to stop it
00:50:42Vangelis so what
00:50:44Vangelis wl can stop it
00:50:45Zajeb you aare farming all game
00:50:51Flex- XD
00:50:52Zajeb just finish this crap
00:51:27atte care mid soon
00:51:27Vangelis 5
00:51:28Vangelis top
00:51:33Flex- go all 5 top
00:51:37Flex- btw
00:51:38Flex- last item ?
00:51:40Vangelis he tped
00:52:04Flex- get
00:52:05Vangelis just
00:52:05Flex- tp's
00:52:06Vangelis b
00:52:09Vangelis go
00:52:10Vangelis push
00:52:30Flex- wait for tide
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