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-53 X
-2 TS

82% | 1476 X | 1394 TS

-45 X
-2 TS

48% | 1157 X | 1314 TS

-31 X
-3 TS

29% | 1082 X | 1227 TS

-42 X
-2 TS

24% | 938 X | 1327 TS

-17 X
-4 TS

20% | 951 X | 1265 TS

+15 X
+1 TS

92% | 1531 X | 1544 TS

+55 X
+11 TS

46% | 1147 X | 1304 TS

+40 X
+2 TS

38% | 1095 X | 1290 TS

+51 X
+2 TS

16% | 933 X | 1230 TS

+32 X
+5 TS

9% | 907 X | 1170 TS

Chat log

00:00:00JasonStatham [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Marhalt with 80 seconds.
00:00:16Flex- somehow i just know this game is gonna be frustrating :D
00:00:16Marhalt ihihihi
00:00:16Marhalt g
00:00:16KolleBolle Dedu walkk shuld you play/ban?
00:00:16Flex- Dedu go ban something
00:00:16KolleBolle what**
00:00:16Kamerplant think he's afk
00:00:16Kamerplant the bastard
00:00:16Flex- nop
00:00:16Kamerplant :-(
00:00:16Flex- just tabbed out
00:00:16KolleBolle Ban phoenix
00:00:16poskus that means afk
00:00:16poskus irc chat him
00:00:16Flex- afk means he's away from keyboard
00:00:16DeduXserS magina
00:00:16Flex- He is in irc chat
00:00:16DeduXserS XD
00:00:16poskus i want ogre
00:00:16Flex- :D
00:00:16Flex- damn
00:00:16DeduXserS what u guys wat
00:00:16Flex- Sick pool bro
00:00:16poskus i want ogre
00:00:16DeduXserS anyone phoneix?
00:00:16DeduXserS ok ogr ghmm
00:00:16Flex- -aa
00:00:22DeduXserS anyone PHOENIX?
00:00:26Kamerplant no thanks
00:00:30Shiningstone I can play from available Puck Ogree Aba
00:00:31Kamerplant lamest shit ever
00:00:36Kamerplant think i'll go undying
00:00:37Flex- hmm
00:00:44DeduXserS carry ogre of doom
00:00:45DeduXserS inc
00:00:51Flex- cant wait
00:00:53Kamerplant shit.
00:00:54DeduXserS :D
00:00:58poskus what u want?
00:00:59DeduXserS anyone want this?
00:01:02DeduXserS oh u
00:01:03DeduXserS good
00:01:03poskus i want o
00:01:06poskus what u?
00:01:11poskus fast
00:01:13DeduXserS I would like to play invoker or puck
00:01:22DeduXserS -swap 3
00:01:24poskus deduxer omg
00:01:26poskus wtf
00:01:29poskus -swap
00:01:31Kamerplant think i'm going meka forcestaff
00:01:33poskus i randomed
00:01:37Shiningstone I can Puck ogree Aba & tauren
00:01:38DeduXserS i know
00:01:38poskus -swap 1
00:01:40Flex- seee i told you this game will be frustrating :D
00:01:46Flex- -hhn
00:01:46Kamerplant give brown tc
00:01:50DeduXserS And this guy randomed tc for me ;D
00:01:51Kamerplant and let him pick what you want
00:01:52Flex- can we get wd
00:01:57DeduXserS -swapall
00:02:02Shiningstone -swap 1
00:02:07Kamerplant btw
00:02:12KolleBolle --swap 1
00:02:15poskus ;lanes?
00:02:18Kamerplant kollebolle usually plays incredibly bad
00:02:22KolleBolle -swap 1
00:02:23Kamerplant so don't expect an imba ursa
00:02:25DeduXserS ogre + tc down
00:02:29DeduXserS wr solo top ursa jungle
00:02:33Kamerplant k
00:02:35Flex- share
00:02:36Flex- currier
00:02:36Flex- plz
00:02:44poskus kolle dager
00:03:04Kamerplant if ursa can focus tomb
00:03:08Kamerplant =D
00:03:19Marhalt pull?
00:03:22JasonStatham y
00:03:25KolleBolle i bought totalt worng
00:03:27DeduXserS GRRRRRRRR
00:03:31KolleBolle for woods but
00:03:42DeduXserS not fun
00:03:44DeduXserS to gank like that
00:03:50Firoga is funny
00:03:52KolleBolle well warded wood
00:03:53Marhalt sry bro
00:03:58DeduXserS pro*
00:04:03Firoga touch?
00:05:01poskus ff
00:05:04Flex- ":D
00:05:04DeduXserS n1 block :D
00:05:06DeduXserS :D:D:D
00:05:06Flex- ofc i get surrounded
00:05:09DeduXserS :DDD
00:05:17DeduXserS that was mega lame tbh
00:05:22Flex- idd
00:05:51Flex- You
00:05:58Flex- got the mana
00:05:58Flex- :D
00:05:58DeduXserS :DD
00:05:59Kamerplant n1
00:06:07DeduXserS i can feel
00:06:07Flex- i was hopnig you ogre
00:06:23KolleBolle stunn?
00:06:25Kamerplant ss
00:06:28DeduXserS Actually ogre is my fav
00:06:34Kamerplant no creeps in line
00:06:34DeduXserS but i cant make so much mc's
00:06:34Flex- Why not play him ? :D
00:06:44DeduXserS coz someone else said "I want ogre"
00:06:50poskus need help bot
00:07:03DeduXserS i can gank if rune
00:07:10Kamerplant ss uyndy
00:07:12DeduXserS omw down
00:07:23DeduXserS :D
00:07:27Flex- oh fuck that really creeeps now
00:07:41Flex- back
00:08:02Kamerplant nice
00:08:11Marhalt dedu my hero *_*
00:08:21poskus regen
00:08:24Krisss ss2
00:08:25Shiningstone y
00:08:35poskus ss2
00:08:55DeduXserS U CAMP TOP SURE
00:09:00Flex- :LD
00:09:05DeduXserS :D:D:D
00:09:07DeduXserS D:D:D:D:D:D
00:09:07Flex- ohh cmon
00:09:07Kamerplant LOL
00:09:07DeduXserS D:D:D:D:D
00:09:08KolleBolle haha
00:09:22DeduXserS u are my new fav
00:09:35KolleBolle dedu kill topp
00:09:44Kamerplant care
00:09:58DeduXserS where is top?
00:10:18KolleBolle jesus
00:10:33Firoga "ss"
00:10:36KolleBolle UD nice heal
00:10:39Krisss miv?
00:10:43Shiningstone ops
00:10:55poskus gj
00:11:01DeduXserS skele where are u?
00:11:06DeduXserS i camp top
00:11:06Flex- Chillin
00:11:08Firoga top bot mid
00:11:18Flex- to many runes huh :D
00:11:28Kamerplant such a boon
00:11:52DeduXserS kill?
00:12:14Flex- Yey multi :D
00:12:16Kamerplant the fuck is crow
00:12:26Kamerplant the recipe
00:12:43Krisss ss
00:12:51Flex- come here
00:13:02DeduXserS i take rune
00:13:03Kamerplant meka ready
00:13:04Kamerplant ^
00:13:12Flex- c,mon wd
00:13:12Flex- wtf
00:13:17poskus me regen
00:13:18Shiningstone go market for arcane
00:13:19Flex- why
00:13:23Flex- do you go out of range
00:13:25DeduXserS _
00:13:29DeduXserS damn u camp with 4 there
00:13:32JasonStatham puk there
00:13:33Flex- i dunno why wd went out of range
00:13:35poskus help mid
00:13:38JasonStatham dont be together
00:13:49DeduXserS give mana?
00:14:04DeduXserS skele no ulti
00:14:09Kamerplant omw low mana
00:14:24Flex- UNDY HEAL ME ?
00:14:27Firoga cd
00:14:33DeduXserS stun go?
00:14:34Flex- wd has full mana
00:14:35Flex- wtf
00:14:37Flex- use spells
00:14:37Flex- insta
00:14:42Marhalt idiot
00:14:43Kamerplant oom
00:14:52Flex- we went for it
00:14:52DeduXserS i got relic in 200
00:14:54Flex- use stun instantly
00:14:55Flex- always
00:15:00Marhalt idiot
00:15:01Kamerplant or dagger?
00:15:03Flex- ,,
00:15:05DeduXserS dagger :)
00:15:12DeduXserS or relic hmm
00:15:18DeduXserS I almost got ulti
00:15:22DeduXserS 10sec
00:15:23DeduXserS and go
00:15:29Kamerplant dagger is just the funiest shit
00:15:29DeduXserS 5
00:15:29Kamerplant ever
00:15:30DeduXserS 4
00:15:31Kamerplant on puck
00:15:53DeduXserS ogre try stun now
00:15:53Marhalt wow mid
00:17:00Flex- b
00:17:07JasonStatham fucking help
00:17:08JasonStatham rets
00:17:18Flex- the guy holds his stuff
00:17:21Flex- untill its too late
00:17:29Marhalt u are retarted fuckin useless mid
00:17:32Kamerplant that was 5v4
00:17:33Marhalt look pink
00:17:36DeduXserS b
00:17:38poskus b
00:17:42Marhalt u have 1 spell and u cant use it
00:17:53Flex- he evades it weasty
00:17:58Kamerplant mana
00:17:59Marhalt not my problem
00:18:08Marhalt evades mine too
00:18:13Flex- so cast
00:18:14poskus go?
00:18:16Flex- whjen multiple
00:18:50Kamerplant fail
00:18:59poskus that was fail
00:19:11Krisss ffg
00:19:13Krisss ff
00:19:28poskus ursa go rosh
00:19:52Flex- hi dedu
00:19:57Kamerplant get lothars
00:19:57Kamerplant -D
00:20:34DeduXserS Radi puck fun eh?
00:20:36JasonStatham omg what a lose
00:20:42DeduXserS too bad i was on phone coulnt use ulti :S
00:21:00Krisss finish it
00:21:22Flex- come
00:21:24poskus gathjer and finish mid?
00:21:33Marhalt stun!!!
00:21:34Flex- yup
00:21:36DeduXserS u havwe wards....
00:21:38Flex- silence dumb ass
00:21:48Flex- learn to stay in range
00:22:03DeduXserS go
00:22:05Kamerplant havent been base this game
00:22:08Kamerplant :F
00:22:09DeduXserS :D
00:22:42Marhalt u didnt stay in range
00:22:43JasonStatham ff at 25
00:22:47Flex- ofc i didnt
00:22:51Flex- they out stun us
00:22:52Flex- dumb ass
00:22:54Flex- 3 vs 5
00:23:28Flex- you can heal tomb
00:23:35Firoga OH RLY
00:23:40Flex- so do it ?
00:23:44Firoga oh rly
00:24:04JasonStatham OMFG
00:24:07JasonStatham usless wd
00:24:24Shiningstone uff
00:24:29DeduXserS :D
00:24:31Firoga game very balanced
00:24:36Firoga 16 0 7
00:24:38DeduXserS :DDDD
00:24:39Firoga vs
00:24:41Firoga 0 5 1
00:24:42DeduXserS noob mid !
00:24:46Flex- true dat :D
00:24:49Firoga i KNOW
00:24:52JasonStatham wd stuim
00:24:52DeduXserS :P second radiance ready
00:24:52Kamerplant mana
00:24:53JasonStatham stun
00:24:53Flex- cant do shit vs puck
00:25:08Firoga why u hgo mid
00:25:10Firoga so=?
00:25:12Firoga with SK !
00:25:16Flex- cause he picked ogre
00:25:19Flex- + you suck to much
00:25:24Firoga we suck ?
00:25:27Firoga u did nothing
00:25:53Kamerplant NOOO
00:25:59Marhalt u like running around the map flex?
00:26:10DeduXserS from that side
00:26:11Kamerplant tomb is just useless against ursa
00:26:12Kamerplant haha
00:26:18Flex- :D
00:26:20Flex- sux to be you
00:27:12poskus 0-1
00:27:15DeduXserS SHJDfgfsdjkgfdkjgfkdjgfkdjgfkdj
00:27:18Flex- :D
00:27:21DeduXserS ff
00:27:31Firoga noob
00:27:35Firoga omg pink
00:27:37Firoga 0 17
00:27:41Firoga worst pik ever !
00:28:09JasonStatham i surrender!
00:28:32KolleBolle WD can suck my balls
00:28:39poskus no mana could not helkp
00:28:52KolleBolle dident have mana for skills! :(
00:29:26Flex- why ..
00:29:41Kamerplant oom
00:29:45JasonStatham I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:46poskus coming
00:29:46JasonStatham please
00:29:48JasonStatham u fail
00:30:01poskus go go
00:30:01Flex- i did
00:30:01Krisss gff
00:30:03Krisss I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:05Flex- but so did the rest later on
00:30:21DeduXserS fuck u
00:30:25Firoga fuck u !
00:30:25Flex- ]
00:30:26DeduXserS buyback in cooldown
00:30:30Firoga u suicided just to kill me? noob
00:30:31JasonStatham i surrender!
00:30:33JasonStatham FF all
00:30:37Marhalt why do u steal always flex
00:30:37Krisss I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:39DeduXserS 5 died and 1 died
00:30:40DeduXserS np
00:30:42Flex- i dont steal
00:30:44Flex- i attacked
00:30:45JasonStatham I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:45Marhalt u do
00:30:47Flex- dude
00:30:47JasonStatham wd ff
00:30:49Flex- steal would be
00:30:50Flex- if i
00:30:50JasonStatham flex ff
00:30:53Flex- would have
00:30:55Flex- stunned
00:30:55Firoga I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:56Flex- last sec
00:30:56Marhalt zzzz
00:30:57Flex- i just attacked
00:31:02Marhalt indeed u did
00:31:03JasonStatham firoga main whiner ff
00:31:05Marhalt did did
00:31:18Flex- hahaha
00:31:21Firoga jason
00:31:26JasonStatham fffffff
00:31:27Firoga u are the worst player ever
00:31:31Firoga in history
00:31:35Firoga of all the games
00:31:35JasonStatham still got better play than you noob
00:31:36Flex- I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:39JasonStatham im better than you
00:31:40JasonStatham for sure
00:31:41Marhalt I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:43Firoga since olimpics game
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