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-13 X
-1 TS

72% | 1326 X | 1408 TS

+5 X
-3 TS

63% | 1201 X | 1437 TS

+12 X
-2 TS

29% | 1035 X | 1271 TS

+21 X
-4 TS

25% | 983 X | 1284 TS

-37 X
-17 TS

NEW | 1037 X | 1154 TS

+27 X
+1 TS

92% | 1541 X | 1507 TS

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+10 TS

45% | 1150 X | 1295 TS

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+3 TS

22% | 909 X | 1327 TS

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20% | 999 X | 1218 TS

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+76 TS

NEW | 1022 X | 1118 TS

Chat log

00:00:15EyeforanEye ill pick naix or spectre
00:00:150Xxo0_o -clear
00:00:18fjente anyone of u tried weed?
00:00:19EyeforanEye spectre
00:00:19VictoriaJrocks -riki
00:00:350Xxo0_o -clear
00:00:36EyeforanEye try n get AA lesh
00:00:40EyeforanEye cent
00:00:43EyeforanEye mb veno
00:01:10fjente what about rubick?
00:01:13fjente anyone good with him?
00:01:21EyeforanEye get cent
00:01:25fjente ill get cent
00:01:27EyeforanEye mb bat if good with him
00:01:31fjente im good with bat
00:01:33Kamerplant need something fat
00:01:35fjente mostly
00:01:37EyeforanEye hehe
00:01:38VictoriaJrocks leo is
00:01:40fjente cent?
00:01:400Xxo0_o i can top ?
00:01:42Kamerplant fatter
00:01:44Kamerplant vs veno
00:01:490Xxo0_o pink?
00:01:510Xxo0_o can up ?
00:01:54fjente stun is always nice
00:01:57EyeforanEye holostoi u retard
00:01:59VictoriaJrocks whateverrrrrrrrrrrr
00:02:00Kamerplant best if you go down
00:02:01EyeforanEye u will cost us the game.
00:02:06VictoriaJrocks i think krobe needs farm
00:02:08EyeforanEye cent bot lane
00:02:09NwC.CooL-T +1 retard
00:02:22EyeforanEye stryg top
00:02:32EyeforanEye chicken.....
00:02:36Kamerplant i'm too vulnarable down
00:02:37fjente wtf
00:02:40fjente sry man
00:02:49fjente totally thought i was 4:th
00:02:49VictoriaJrocks ye
00:02:50Kamerplant veno+naix is an evil gank there
00:02:510Xxo0_o som i pull M?
00:02:54fjente ill buy asap
00:02:570Xxo0_o so
00:03:00EyeforanEye good
00:03:00Kamerplant yes please
00:03:030Xxo0_o kk
00:03:14Kamerplant beware gank down
00:03:17Zozie rune top
00:03:19Kamerplant probably immediately
00:03:32mamyka cent go sell ur iteams and buy chick
00:03:38Kamerplant 1 top
00:03:41Kamerplant 2
00:03:430Xxo0_o ward
00:03:49fjente kl..
00:03:59fjente after neuts
00:04:49Kamerplant passive bs
00:04:49Kamerplant nice
00:05:21VictoriaJrocks do we have chick
00:05:22VictoriaJrocks yea
00:06:18fjente amg
00:06:30NwC.CooL-T lowbob
00:06:39NwC.CooL-T go
00:07:18Kamerplant shoot ^^
00:07:18VictoriaJrocks share chick
00:07:33Zozie eat trees
00:07:38Krisss ty
00:07:38Zozie rune top
00:07:51Zozie keep it
00:07:510Xxo0_o ss
00:07:58mamyka care MID
00:08:02Zozie ss bot
00:08:06EyeforanEye y
00:08:20Kamerplant scouted :(
00:08:30Zozie :(
00:08:32Zozie sorry man
00:08:42Krisss np
00:08:45Kamerplant ss
00:08:500Xxo0_o re
00:09:30VictoriaJrocks mdm iss
00:09:32VictoriaJrocks 'mid
00:09:42Zozie ss 2 bot
00:10:00holostoi ss2
00:10:03holostoi care mid
00:10:14EyeforanEye ss mid
00:10:16EyeforanEye late
00:10:16EyeforanEye sry
00:10:44Kamerplant nice
00:11:06mamyka w8
00:11:06NwC.CooL-T go
00:11:24VictoriaJrocks mid miss
00:11:30Krisss too late
00:11:33EyeforanEye re mid
00:11:34Zozie nvm
00:11:39Zozie ss veno
00:11:46EyeforanEye ss mid
00:12:01fjente omw top
00:12:06EyeforanEye ss mid
00:12:08fjente nvm
00:12:17fjente come gank top
00:12:35EyeforanEye rubick mid
00:12:37VictoriaJrocks got salve wait
00:12:37Kamerplant cant run from him
00:12:38Kamerplant ^^
00:12:39VictoriaJrocks GOT SALVE
00:12:40VictoriaJrocks awit
00:12:44Zozie sry
00:12:44Zozie ty
00:13:01EyeforanEye SS LANAYA
00:13:04VictoriaJrocks leoo
00:13:13VictoriaJrocks mid miss naix
00:13:20Kamerplant soon 6
00:13:20fjente tp bot?
00:13:200Xxo0_o up help
00:13:26EyeforanEye try twr
00:13:43fjente disable him
00:13:55Kamerplant cd
00:14:20holostoi b
00:14:22EyeforanEye omw top
00:14:23Zozie care
00:14:47mamyka ????? ??? ??? ???? ?????????
00:14:57fjente dont fckn silence him stryg..
00:15:000Xxo0_o ...
00:15:04fjente MEÄ
00:15:08fjente dont silence me
00:15:14holostoi lol
00:15:15holostoi bob
00:15:22holostoi krobe sili u
00:15:53VictoriaJrocks phone
00:16:01fjente wards
00:16:22Kamerplant low mana
00:16:28Kamerplant b
00:16:29Kamerplant b
00:16:29Kamerplant b
00:16:35Zozie he can see you
00:16:50EyeforanEye get twr
00:16:55VictoriaJrocks back
00:17:17EyeforanEye b
00:17:26EyeforanEye vfeno join
00:17:55Kamerplant fucking
00:17:56Kamerplant lol
00:18:12Kamerplant tower just went for me ;\
00:18:45Kamerplant bs is on you
00:18:58VictoriaJrocks b top
00:19:29Zozie ss top
00:19:32Zozie care mid
00:19:47Kamerplant dodge right or left
00:19:54VictoriaJrocks :D nänänään
00:20:58VictoriaJrocks level 9 krobe :DASd
00:21:04Kamerplant yes
00:21:04Kamerplant l]
00:21:06VictoriaJrocks hwo the fuck all of you have so little levels :D
00:21:25Kamerplant got ganked silly
00:21:290Xxo0_o wtf leo ?
00:21:42Kamerplant -ma
00:21:48Kamerplant they don't have higher lvls
00:21:53fjente take tower
00:22:18Kamerplant def
00:22:21Kamerplant need all
00:22:26VictoriaJrocks will if tp not cd
00:22:31VictoriaJrocks tp cd
00:22:35VictoriaJrocks leave it?
00:22:44VictoriaJrocks cd soon
00:23:15Kamerplant never see how sk dies
00:23:16Kamerplant lol
00:23:180Xxo0_o gank mid
00:24:04EyeforanEye deff
00:24:05Kamerplant ulti cd
00:24:06Kamerplant little
00:24:18holostoi b
00:24:35VictoriaJrocks b
00:25:56VictoriaJrocks why you move?
00:26:02VictoriaJrocks that long
00:26:030Xxo0_o too same
00:26:090Xxo0_o vs 3
00:26:41VictoriaJrocks none of you can go b?
00:26:420Xxo0_o pink ?
00:26:46VictoriaJrocks what?
00:26:52VictoriaJrocks i cant kill them alone
00:26:57VictoriaJrocks none of you had anything to give
00:26:57EyeforanEye push top
00:26:59fjente need tower
00:27:010Xxo0_o 4 ?
00:27:030Xxo0_o alone
00:27:060Xxo0_o ok
00:27:21VictoriaJrocks you were just gonna die in 1s
00:27:23Kamerplant i had everything
00:27:24Kamerplant ^
00:27:28VictoriaJrocks nothing to give
00:27:30VictoriaJrocks cause all target to you
00:27:36VictoriaJrocks youre dead before you can do anything
00:27:45EyeforanEye try next
00:27:51VictoriaJrocks stop going with less than 5
00:28:01VictoriaJrocks wtf
00:28:02Kamerplant really
00:28:04Kamerplant fucking
00:28:07Kamerplant 6 bash
00:28:20VictoriaJrocks why the fuck you go like that
00:28:39fjente 2 lives
00:28:50VictoriaJrocks RUBICK stop doing that shit all over again
00:28:59Kamerplant press hold
00:29:010Xxo0_o lol
00:29:05Zozie yea, im pressing
00:29:08Zozie and it keeps going
00:29:11VictoriaJrocks not it doesnt
00:29:17Zozie h
00:29:19Zozie hold position
00:29:21Kamerplant you strafed
00:29:21Zozie and it goes
00:29:25Kamerplant manually
00:30:11EyeforanEye b
00:30:32EyeforanEye u dead
00:30:37EyeforanEye or not :D
00:31:06VictoriaJrocks b
00:31:12Kamerplant lol
00:31:16Kamerplant best hider
00:31:17Kamerplant ever
00:31:28EyeforanEye y go
00:31:54VictoriaJrocks theyre smoked b mid
00:32:04Kamerplant veno lothar
00:32:12VictoriaJrocks been for like 10min
00:32:17mamyka LOL
00:32:25VictoriaJrocks wait for all
00:32:25mamyka go b
00:32:29mamyka bs need farm
00:32:54fjente wtf
00:33:34mamyka come smoke
00:33:35fjente smoke
00:34:17Kamerplant gogo
00:34:19Kamerplant they failed
00:34:30mamyka gg
00:34:30Zozie there
00:34:31Kamerplant worth it?
00:34:34EyeforanEye not gg
00:34:39mamyka ofc it gg
00:34:40Krisss ac?
00:34:44EyeforanEye lol
00:34:45VictoriaJrocks you or me?
00:34:51Krisss ne
00:34:51VictoriaJrocks both is fine with me
00:34:55Krisss me
00:34:57VictoriaJrocks ok
00:34:58EyeforanEye if cent stun n veno poison its gg
00:35:13mamyka cent did good stun
00:35:16Zozie bs keeps targeting me
00:35:19mamyka he stun krob
00:35:21Kamerplant and naix me
00:35:21EyeforanEye only hit 1 :(
00:35:24Kamerplant they figured that one out
00:35:25Kamerplant ^^
00:35:26fjente my bad
00:35:27EyeforanEye and krob died
00:35:32mamyka coz no sile on rubick
00:35:38Zozie :)
00:35:42holostoi sile was on krobw
00:35:44holostoi stfu
00:35:46Kamerplant time for ghost i guess
00:35:49EyeforanEye cent get hood n pipe next
00:35:57VictoriaJrocks mid is bait
00:36:06VictoriaJrocks mid go
00:36:06mamyka ????? ??????? ?? ???? ???? ?? ??????
00:36:09Zozie omw
00:36:46VictoriaJrocks my bad
00:37:12VictoriaJrocks all b
00:37:13EyeforanEye missing 100
00:37:15VictoriaJrocks stay close to base
00:37:16VictoriaJrocks so they cant get entry
00:37:26EyeforanEye dont go....
00:37:30EyeforanEye b
00:38:09VictoriaJrocks good idea
00:38:16VictoriaJrocks wr wait
00:38:25VictoriaJrocks use the?
00:38:43Kamerplant 2
00:38:46VictoriaJrocks 3-4
00:39:12Kamerplant nice
00:39:14Kamerplant lol
00:39:18Zozie gj
00:39:20Kamerplant they forget WR every time
00:39:24Kamerplant fucks them up
00:39:26Zozie sry about veno
00:39:27VictoriaJrocks push
00:39:27VictoriaJrocks leo
00:39:32VictoriaJrocks gjgj
00:39:33EyeforanEye stryg silence windrunner
00:39:34mamyka ???? ? ????
00:39:40mamyka like i said
00:39:51VictoriaJrocks get rax no matter what
00:40:12NwC.CooL-T lanaya win this fucking game wp
00:40:30VictoriaJrocks im the only wards we got :D
00:40:33VictoriaJrocks "wards"
00:40:43Kamerplant works fine
00:40:55Kamerplant i can buy regular ones if you want
00:40:560Xxo0_o sry :D
00:40:59EyeforanEye cent
00:41:04Zozie np :)
00:41:06mamyka go
00:41:14fjente they know
00:41:14VictoriaJrocks go b bot
00:41:17EyeforanEye y
00:41:18VictoriaJrocks im rgeinng
00:41:20VictoriaJrocks regenign
00:41:31fjente lanaya has slow here
00:41:35fjente i saw
00:41:50Zozie we could rosh
00:41:55VictoriaJrocks when mid pushes little more
00:42:19mamyka I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:24VictoriaJrocks not that far
00:43:27VictoriaJrocks dont go different directions
00:43:58Zozie there :)
00:44:10EyeforanEye blade
00:44:15mamyka ???
00:44:18VictoriaJrocks mid to bot
00:44:26mamyka ????? ? ???? ???????
00:44:27VictoriaJrocks :(
00:44:28VictoriaJrocks or not
00:44:30VictoriaJrocks def top
00:44:31mamyka ?? ?? ????????
00:44:40Zozie i def top
00:44:53EyeforanEye veno try n farm diff blade
00:45:07EyeforanEye veno or stryg.
00:45:170Xxo0_o x
00:45:17Zozie lol
00:45:180Xxo0_o XD
00:45:23VictoriaJrocks fucing creeps
00:45:350Xxo0_o go all mid
00:45:49EyeforanEye shop
00:45:50Kamerplant get your scepter
00:45:53Kamerplant whoevers it is
00:45:57Zozie mine
00:46:07VictoriaJrocks go all bot is better
00:46:07NwC.CooL-T fu bitch
00:46:11Zozie gogo
00:47:170Xxo0_o fucking shit spell
00:47:25NwC.CooL-T I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:26EyeforanEye I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:29holostoi ??
00:47:32holostoi I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:35Kamerplant i managed to ghost the fuck out
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