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-3 TS

94% | 1514 X | 1580 TS

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-20 TS

35% | 1163 X | 1243 TS

-17 X
-45 TS

NEW | 1042 X | 1205 TS

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-3 TS

16% | 966 X | 1231 TS

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-44 TS

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+7 TS

63% | 1260 X | 1343 TS

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50% | 1149 X | 1342 TS

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29% | 959 X | 1354 TS

+17 X
+12 TS

12% | 886 X | 1214 TS

Chat log

00:00:18Netukka ban antimage
00:00:18Bollitsch naix
00:00:18Netukka naix so boring
00:00:18Netukka any1 want to play it
00:00:18Netukka if i pick it
00:00:18Bollitsch i wouzld
00:00:18Fxx. ah
00:00:18Fxx. i m pink
00:00:18Fxx. sry
00:00:18xenix- well ban this new hero
00:00:18Fxx. i was afk
00:00:18Bollitsch :-P
00:00:18xenix- beside antimage
00:00:18Netukka nah
00:00:18Fxx. naix
00:00:18xenix- u take it ?
00:00:18Fxx. naix
00:00:18xenix- hes imba
00:00:19Bollitsch ^^
00:00:21Netukka i dont
00:00:22Netukka take him
00:00:24Netukka it sucks
00:00:24Netukka kinda
00:00:28Netukka some1
00:00:29Netukka want
00:00:29Netukka i
00:00:33moods -
00:00:37Netukka too late
00:01:13Bollitsch woody wood woodersen
00:01:15Bollitsch ^^
00:01:15Fxx. razor
00:01:21Fxx. vanna mid vs veno
00:01:22Fxx. ?
00:01:29Multi_Ljep y
00:01:36Fxx. but he is rly good player
00:01:38Fxx. care !
00:01:42Multi_Ljep k
00:01:48Netukka k
00:01:49Multi_Ljep can i get some ganks
00:01:50Multi_Ljep pls
00:01:51Netukka im going carrymode
00:01:56Bollitsch do it
00:02:10Netukka mid ez gang
00:02:13Netukka if luna
00:02:21Netukka or rubix
00:02:25Netukka or razor
00:02:25Netukka :D
00:02:27Multi_Ljep -ms
00:02:28Bollitsch ^^
00:02:29xenix- lol
00:02:41Netukka share
00:02:41Bollitsch venge can solo ?
00:02:48Netukka ememmmm
00:02:50moods would prefer lion solo
00:02:51Netukka well
00:02:52moods and pit with me
00:02:55Netukka ye
00:02:57Netukka pit
00:02:57Nickless casberry will u go arcane?
00:02:58Netukka go top
00:03:02Casberry y
00:03:07Nickless gr8
00:03:12xenix- k
00:03:20Netukka .D
00:03:21Netukka thanks
00:03:22Fxx. 1. item gloves
00:03:23Fxx. razor
00:03:25Fxx. vs this player ?
00:03:26Bollitsch :)
00:03:27Fxx. rly bad idea
00:05:56Bollitsch i am invis
00:06:02Netukka and im oom
00:06:08Bollitsch damn ^^
00:06:11Netukka im pushing
00:06:22Multi_Ljep MISS MID
00:06:32Nickless b
00:06:38FBI ss
00:06:40Bollitsch what a gank ^^
00:07:16Bollitsch raz got no more heals
00:07:54Bollitsch kk
00:08:02Bollitsch u need reg ?
00:08:04FBI ss
00:08:06Netukka ye
00:08:21Bollitsch perfect camps
00:08:23JasonStatham gank top
00:08:26Bollitsch 5th satyrs
00:09:16Casberry s
00:09:20Casberry ss
00:09:21Nickless ss lion
00:09:35Nickless lion axe miss
00:09:38Fxx. ss 2
00:09:39Multi_Ljep can anybody gank somewhere
00:09:39Fxx. up
00:09:40Nickless re
00:09:41Multi_Ljep mid
00:09:42Multi_Ljep mby
00:10:02FBI ss
00:10:31Netukka huh
00:10:33Netukka lost 50g
00:10:34Bollitsch coming top
00:10:34Netukka only
00:10:35Netukka :)
00:11:08Netukka ss
00:11:08Nickless rubick we havt to take the tower
00:11:08Netukka 2
00:11:09Netukka mid
00:11:15Bollitsch -.-
00:11:21Bollitsch o gank needed huh ?
00:11:25Fxx. 3 up
00:11:26moods ^^
00:11:40Casberry ss lion
00:12:05JasonStatham rets
00:12:13Multi_Ljep wards
00:12:14Multi_Ljep fucker
00:12:15Multi_Ljep stfu
00:12:24JasonStatham buy them if u got the gold
00:12:30Fxx. defe
00:12:31Fxx. all
00:12:32Fxx. come
00:12:39FBI ss
00:12:45JasonStatham razor to pro to def
00:13:27moods dd
00:13:44moods me jangos
00:15:19Bollitsch sometimes..i dont see the respawn time...what bug is it ?
00:15:42FBI oom
00:16:09Nickless b
00:16:16FBI 3
00:16:35Netukka make urn
00:16:36Netukka some1
00:16:54Bollitsch stay bot !!!!
00:17:08FBI wanted to place wards(
00:17:17FBI beter b
00:17:28Netukka jesus
00:17:36xenix- y
00:17:45Nickless tp up 1
00:17:48Netukka pit dont have eplosion?!
00:17:51Netukka best pits skill
00:17:52Fxx. i go
00:17:53xenix- i hadf
00:17:54Fxx. let me
00:18:02Netukka maxe?
00:18:03xenix- but was flying
00:18:04Netukka maxed
00:18:10xenix- lv1#
00:18:12Netukka ...
00:18:17Netukka it should be maxed lvl 7
00:18:33Bollitsch lets all farm bot
00:18:35FBI go wth me
00:18:41Nickless il go pipe
00:18:42xenix- 4 bot
00:18:45xenix- i def lanes
00:18:59Multi_Ljep 150 gold
00:19:00Multi_Ljep meal
00:19:06Multi_Ljep dont go
00:20:08Fxx. reuse chick
00:20:29Nickless -ms
00:21:02Multi_Ljep RETARDED
00:21:27Bollitsch i dont get it
00:21:38Bollitsch how can pit miss that fight ?
00:22:43FBI whos
00:23:19FBI omg
00:23:22moods -.-
00:23:39Fxx. mid tower
00:24:16FBI b
00:24:21Multi_Ljep b
00:25:37Nickless b
00:26:14FBI go 6 gank
00:26:31Nickless omw up tower
00:26:39FBI lol axe
00:26:43xenix- tp ?
00:26:48Bollitsch what ?
00:27:01Nickless go
00:27:32FBI wht
00:27:36FBI why
00:27:37Casberry axe has invis
00:27:39moods all top
00:28:03Multi_Ljep !??"!#)"=("
00:28:05Multi_Ljep SFASOJFA
00:29:13FBI dying 1by1
00:29:20Nickless b
00:29:21Nickless b
00:29:21Nickless b
00:29:29Netukka axe needs blademail
00:29:31Netukka and blink
00:29:32Netukka :/
00:29:41Bollitsch y...but unfortunately axe gets no farm
00:30:02Fxx. let me
00:30:09Multi_Ljep y
00:31:03Netukka u all dievs him
00:31:29Nickless push a bit
00:31:32Multi_Ljep bas steta sto si umra
00:31:36Multi_Ljep glupi su ka kurac
00:31:37Nickless push both lanes are pushed
00:32:00xenix- k
00:32:20Nickless ill make vladimirs for support + pipe
00:32:21xenix- axe blink soon rdy ?
00:32:26Bollitsch nah
00:32:43Multi_Ljep gj
00:32:45Bollitsch see ?
00:32:55Nickless someone ward ps
00:32:58Multi_Ljep i will
00:32:59Bollitsch everyone keeps taking my farm
00:33:02Bollitsch so dont flame me
00:33:21Nickless -ms
00:33:47FBI venge get wards too
00:34:03Multi_Ljep support
00:34:14Multi_Ljep support?
00:34:17Multi_Ljep warding
00:34:22Multi_Ljep god damn it
00:34:23Multi_Ljep jason
00:34:29Fxx. let me farm
00:34:40Fxx. dont steal me forest
00:34:42Fxx. ...
00:34:50Bollitsch dagger up
00:35:03Fxx. vrrrrrr
00:35:16FBI b
00:36:08xenix- go mid ?
00:36:09Nickless 3
00:36:11Fxx. buter rdy
00:36:11Nickless assemble mid
00:36:14Bollitsch gank !
00:36:18Fxx. + lothar
00:36:24Nickless good
00:36:41Nickless b
00:36:41Nickless b
00:36:49FBI bio
00:36:51FBI no
00:37:06Multi_Ljep here
00:37:08Multi_Ljep not there
00:37:09Multi_Ljep plS!
00:37:09Fxx. rosh
00:37:16moods nah
00:37:16Bollitsch go fast
00:37:28Multi_Ljep GO IN
00:37:29Multi_Ljep JASON
00:37:30Multi_Ljep NOOB
00:37:41xenix- gg
00:37:50Multi_Ljep GO
00:37:50Multi_Ljep IN"
00:37:58Netukka GO
00:38:34Bollitsch sure bro...."Go !" they said...i jump...all b...nice trick
00:39:09Fxx. jason
00:39:10Bollitsch go them now !
00:39:11Fxx. come help me with rosh
00:39:24Multi_Ljep FU!
00:39:32Fxx. and let me eagis
00:39:41Fxx. i cant tank
00:39:41Multi_Ljep where are u when we can finish game
00:39:46Fxx. can
00:39:47Fxx. *
00:40:36Nickless get it before they do
00:40:54moods axe blademail next pls
00:41:04Bollitsch nah
00:41:05Bollitsch no need
00:41:09moods oO
00:41:19Multi_Ljep moine
00:41:22Netukka GATHER
00:41:35Fxx. i m rdy to finish this game
00:41:40moods i know
00:41:52Fxx. oh , sry , no teamchat
00:42:01Bollitsch u mean, u are ready to finally win a game today ?
00:42:24Fxx. i play this game solo
00:42:29Fxx. Cause i dont belive in team today :-)
00:42:32Bollitsch sure
00:42:42Multi_Ljep we won this game without luna
00:42:45Multi_Ljep I can say
00:43:14Fxx. my ulty dont work
00:43:15Fxx. funny
00:43:21Multi_Ljep FFS
00:43:23Multi_Ljep LAGGS
00:43:30Fxx. i used my ulty minimal 20 time
00:43:33Bollitsch my dagger didnt work either
00:43:39Bollitsch my dagger didnt workl either
00:43:46Fxx. guys
00:43:50Fxx. w8 for me and razor
00:43:52Fxx. and go end this
00:43:55Fxx. they cant stop us
00:44:02Fxx. dont die now
00:44:31Fxx. DONT DIE
00:44:33Fxx. NOW
00:44:35Fxx. we need all
00:44:36Bollitsch all b ?
00:44:44Fxx. MAN
00:44:45Fxx. AT MID
00:44:52Fxx. go mid now
00:45:04Multi_Ljep -ms
00:46:35Fxx. i pushed top
00:48:13moods lal pit cmon
00:48:36Fxx. gg
00:49:04Bollitsch worst pit ever
00:49:17Fxx. same axe
00:49:23Bollitsch nah
00:49:25Netukka team
00:49:26Netukka so ggd
00:49:31Netukka this game wouldbeen won
00:49:34Netukka so easily
00:49:47Netukka axe still no bm
00:49:50Netukka dunno why
00:50:06Bollitsch dude...cause i am dying in fights...cause expect you..theres is no damage
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