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-17 X
-2 TS

98% | 1790 X | 1590 TS

-33 X
-2 TS

87% | 1465 X | 1504 TS

-51 X
-2 TS

80% | 1417 X | 1428 TS

-23 X
-2 TS

62% | 1244 X | 1379 TS

+24 X
-7 TS
48% | 1135 X | 1345 TS

+20 X
+2 TS

94% | 1643 X | 1505 TS

+35 X
+2 TS

91% | 1593 X | 1456 TS

-9 X
+2 TS

90% | 1527 X | 1507 TS

+17 X
+3 TS

57% | 1180 X | 1393 TS

+51 X
+4 TS

51% | 1162 X | 1351 TS

Chat log

00:00:21Norrebro anyone wants neew panda`?
00:00:21-.- not meh
00:00:21Casberry me neither
00:00:21Norrebro -xin
00:00:21Norrebro any wishes?
00:00:21Norrebro who want what
00:00:21VictoriaJrocks naix
00:00:21-.- think im going sk naix or es?
00:00:21VictoriaJrocks why you ban xin : ()
00:00:21-.- or potm
00:00:21Timu can't see board
00:00:21VictoriaJrocks :()
00:00:21Norrebro es anyone
00:00:21-.- timu wants es or cm
00:00:21-.- ;) ;)
00:00:21-.- :D
00:00:21VictoriaJrocks :(
00:00:21Norrebro timu es?
00:00:21VictoriaJrocks BAN
00:00:21VictoriaJrocks BANN
00:00:22Casberry i can cm
00:00:24WANKmaster es
00:00:28-.- get him cm then :o
00:00:35WANKmaster any1 wants
00:00:37WANKmaster something? take naix imo guys 1 of u carry the game
00:00:45WANKmaster any1 id play tiny
00:00:46WANKmaster wants
00:00:47WANKmaster something
00:00:47WANKmaster ?
00:00:48Norrebro new cm looks sarxiih tinyy
00:00:54Casberry tell me what to pick when its my turn
00:01:01Norrebro yy
00:01:06WANKmaster good
00:01:07WANKmaster random
00:01:10WANKmaster there
00:01:12zebbelito :(
00:01:14zebbelito was tabbed
00:01:33Norrebro give me slith
00:01:35-.- u looking for mid norre?
00:01:38Norrebro no
00:01:41Timu :D
00:01:41Norrebro -swap 5
00:01:42Casberry -swap 1 what i pick for u?
00:01:43-.- roger
00:01:47WANKmaster take me pa
00:01:51WANKmaster or
00:01:54WANKmaster take me krobe -swap 1
00:02:02WANKmaster -swap 5 lanes?
00:02:24Norrebro naix u pull?
00:02:26zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:29zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Shudo Brolis [r,d,e,w]
00:02:47Timu rapuska is victoria?
00:02:50VictoriaJrocks yes
00:02:53Timu k we are so gonna get raped. :D
00:03:01zonskass no
00:03:03-.- who is victoriaJ
00:03:04-.- :D
00:03:08VictoriaJrocks google victoria justice
00:03:09zonskass now i got good hero
00:03:14-.- will do
00:03:17Timu some victoria's secret girl?
00:03:19VictoriaJrocks nno
00:03:23Norrebro pornstart?
00:03:25VictoriaJrocks :OO no
00:03:26-.- fu
00:03:29Timu disneystar?
00:03:30VictoriaJrocks no
00:03:33VictoriaJrocks nickeledeon
00:03:37VictoriaJrocks lodeon
00:03:44-.- dd trax top
00:04:18GottHasstMich go farm
00:04:58GottHasstMich share
00:05:15zonskass tiny pull? k
00:05:24Norrebro wtf naix
00:05:24zonskass you cant do anything in line
00:05:33VictoriaJrocks i wouldnt have had slow nayways
00:05:41VictoriaJrocks 24s cd on level 1 finish this 1
00:05:48zonskass k
00:05:55Norrebro i had net
00:05:59Norrebro just u came and hit
00:06:01Norrebro gg
00:06:03Norrebro fb
00:06:03zonskass go
00:06:09GottHasstMich wonderful..
00:06:10zonskass go pull
00:06:31Timu tra
00:06:40Casberry omfg thought u ment
00:06:50zonskass welcome to my world attack :D
00:06:55GottHasstMich pro block
00:07:00WANKmaster b
00:07:16GottHasstMich grab my b#
00:07:22GottHasstMich bottle
00:07:23GottHasstMich TRAX
00:07:26GottHasstMich y3
00:07:27GottHasstMich <3
00:07:45Norrebro cm
00:07:48Norrebro can u gang top
00:07:51Norrebro 2 freekils
00:08:09WANKmaster you
00:08:15-.- ta nägi sind
00:08:16-.- toweri all
00:08:16Norrebro ss
00:08:18Timu türa
00:08:19zonskass ss
00:08:19zonskass 1
00:08:20Norrebro krob
00:08:22GottHasstMich sk is mid
00:08:23zonskass crix
00:08:23GottHasstMich was
00:08:28GottHasstMich ?
00:08:31Norrebro w8 pls walk near to me so i can toss u
00:09:14WANKmaster b
00:09:41Casberry ss
00:09:48Timu wtf
00:09:50-.- WTF
00:09:55-.- sa teed
00:09:58Timu täiesti metsas
00:10:00Timu ei stunni lithsalt
00:10:02Timu kõnnib tagasi
00:10:03Timu :S such a fail
00:10:28GottHasstMich your stun yes how many times u kill my courier
00:10:29GottHasstMich :S mid needs it.
00:10:31-.- 2nd courier :D yes my stun was fail
00:10:44Norrebro come naix
00:10:48VictoriaJrocks ok
00:10:48Norrebro krob
00:11:02-.- ofc kui sa targetid nii kaugelt kui sa oled lvl4
00:11:06-.- ei tohi targetida nii
00:11:07Timu nojah
00:11:12Timu ma pole harjunud
00:11:15-.- np
00:11:16Timu et sk nii töötab
00:11:18GottHasstMich already gg...
00:11:24GottHasstMich naix free farms
00:11:27-.- tule
00:11:29GottHasstMich + kils
00:11:31zebbelito naga too
00:11:38zonskass mirana yuo took my item?
00:11:47GottHasstMich rhasta
00:11:52GottHasstMich courier will respawn in 80 secs
00:11:53GottHasstMich as you can see
00:11:54GottHasstMich with items
00:11:55GottHasstMich ....
00:11:55-.- no
00:11:57GottHasstMich they changed it
00:12:35Norrebro ..
00:12:37GottHasstMich gj
00:12:41Norrebro stun lvl 1 sk? lucky
00:12:44Timu lvl 3
00:12:45zebbelito rhasta????????????????
00:12:48Norrebro :D
00:12:56Timu was wondering as well how so few dmg
00:13:25Norrebro cm?
00:13:26GottHasstMich ._.
00:13:36Casberry sry didnt lok aint ur day
00:13:42-.- def top
00:13:43-.- towr cearly
00:13:44WANKmaster next
00:13:45WANKmaster also
00:13:46-.- taken
00:13:47zonskass no items in chicken
00:13:48-.- go take bot
00:14:08VictoriaJrocks but
00:14:58Norrebro .. need my mana boots
00:15:17Norrebro wow
00:15:37WANKmaster we
00:15:39WANKmaster need to push
00:15:40WANKmaster kinda
00:15:50zebbelito rhasyta?
00:15:53zebbelito why u dont have cd?
00:15:54zebbelito ulti
00:15:58zebbelito allways go to a tower
00:16:00zebbelito when cd is done
00:16:09GottHasstMich g
00:16:09WANKmaster NICe
00:16:10WANKmaster WARDS
00:16:10GottHasstMich good ulti
00:16:11GottHasstMich :)
00:16:15zebbelito retard
00:16:15zonskass stuned 2 times
00:16:18-.- 5 mid
00:16:18zonskass asshole
00:16:28-.- go
00:16:58-.- how the hell did that arrow miss u tiny :D dno. :D
00:17:09-.- right on spot
00:17:10GottHasstMich got dd
00:17:30WANKmaster ill get meka
00:17:49GottHasstMich nice block wank ooow
00:17:50GottHasstMich ._...........
00:18:06Timu -II ill go for jango
00:18:07WANKmaster push bottom or jargo
00:18:08WANKmaster now r w/e def mid first? dont ask guys, wont comment. :D go mid again?
00:19:46WANKmaster come
00:19:47WANKmaster all
00:20:14zonskass save krober
00:20:42WANKmaster i guess trax dont want to come
00:21:13-.- :(
00:21:29Norrebro cm?
00:21:31Casberry sry+
00:21:39-.- fight
00:21:40-.- i ulti
00:21:41-.- gogogo
00:22:15WANKmaster so we push or we ff ? ff i guess
00:23:18zebbelito ¨rhatsa
00:24:05Norrebro def mid
00:25:28Norrebro lol
00:25:33-.- sul polnud daggerit :(
00:25:38-.- mõtlesin, et dagger olemas
00:25:38Timu No shit :D
00:26:18GottHasstMich naix
00:26:39WANKmaster go
00:26:40WANKmaster mid
00:26:42WANKmaster push
00:26:48GottHasstMich 2 times t1 chick
00:26:48Norrebro perhaps some wards
00:26:49GottHasstMich :D
00:26:54-.- def mid
00:27:44Timu ok
00:27:48zonskass tp guess its gg
00:29:48WANKmaster wtf
00:29:57GottHasstMich thought the same
00:30:24zonskass what a rat
00:31:07Casberry wards in bird, got no space is there any way that trax can carry this?
00:31:18zebbelito tiny get dagger?
00:31:19Casberry someone else can plant em
00:31:23zebbelito no if i wouldnt die every time
00:31:53Norrebro gogo
00:32:29Norrebro gj sk
00:32:37Timu it was in me zebbe if u knew from start that you arent going to carry this game why didint u push with us your silence wouldve been awesome
00:32:54WANKmaster I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:22WANKmaster _d_D_D_d
00:33:37GottHasstMich OMG
00:33:39GottHasstMich TINY U SUCK SO HARD
00:33:49GottHasstMich ._....... lmao Put the blame on me ofc now
00:33:58Norrebro my phail
00:34:02GottHasstMich 3rd stun
00:34:03GottHasstMich u fucked up
00:34:10GottHasstMich and the person was directly in front of u look how u fuck up yourself
00:34:18WANKmaster true
00:35:03zebbelito b?
00:35:24zebbelito why u go 3
00:35:25zebbelito mid
00:35:25VictoriaJrocks ... :DASd
00:35:28VictoriaJrocks why am i soo stupid so we could ff it faster
00:35:46zebbelito u cant
00:35:46zonskass I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:58WANKmaster pointless
00:36:07WANKmaster rettidega ei ole võimalik pushida :D :D
00:36:16-.- hea selle akasha said
00:36:20-.- alati sakib :D :D
00:36:27WANKmaster see vend ongi üüber ret Süüdi olen ikka mina Np
00:36:49Timu rege
00:37:24WANKmaster -ms
00:38:03GottHasstMich where is courier?
00:38:08zebbelito base
00:38:11GottHasstMich share
00:38:12GottHasstMich pls
00:38:13GottHasstMich ...
00:38:15GottHasstMich he unshared :]
00:38:20GottHasstMich ty
00:38:25zonskass we have 2
00:38:28GottHasstMich ah kk
00:38:31Timu 40s to ulti
00:38:31GottHasstMich didnt saw 2.d
00:39:19Casberry crap
00:39:24zonskass silence
00:40:19Norrebro lets go togther and end
00:40:23WANKmaster miks sa daggerit ei te
00:40:24WANKmaster e
00:40:26WANKmaster ei mõista
00:40:28VictoriaJrocks dd bot pole raha vaat amu surmasi igakord surin mina maha
00:40:42-.- take rosh
00:40:44-.- i take dd
00:41:05-.- oh
00:41:07-.- goes off with manta
00:41:08-.- :D
00:41:08zebbelito safsaf
00:41:08Norrebro y
00:42:28WANKmaster nice
00:42:29WANKmaster y
00:42:30WANKmaster go
00:42:31WANKmaster there
00:42:31WANKmaster nice
00:42:32WANKmaster gj
00:42:35WANKmaster :D:D:d
00:42:38WANKmaster how stupid
00:42:39zebbelito everttime
00:42:40WANKmaster can u be
00:42:41WANKmaster rhadsta?
00:42:46zonskass y y
00:42:46WANKmaster how fucking
00:42:47WANKmaster noob
00:42:49WANKmaster can u be?
00:42:53WANKmaster u are lvl 13
00:42:57WANKmaster and u want to go 1on1
00:42:58WANKmaster with naix
00:43:13zonskass yuo brain cant understand this
00:43:13GottHasstMich I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:17zonskass never
00:43:18GottHasstMich :D
00:43:24GottHasstMich :D:D:D:D:D::D:D:D:D::D:D i so fucking hate this when i help, i die and when i dont i get whined at
00:43:55-.- :_( = )
00:44:28GottHasstMich I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:29-.- kena
00:44:32WANKmaster I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:32Norrebro gj Wp
00:44:32zebbelito I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel] I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
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