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85% | 1487 X | 1440 TS

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82% | 1401 X | 1488 TS

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82% | 1476 X | 1402 TS

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57% | 1208 X | 1375 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Steuerfreak [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... DeduXserS with 120 seconds.
00:00:26yeW- -clear
00:00:26Idx dont ban pheonix
00:00:26Idx pelase
00:00:26Soulyah any wishes?
00:00:26Soulyah like
00:00:26Idx phoenix
00:00:26Idx :o
00:00:26Soulyah lyca or am
00:00:26N2xy dont van lycan and phoenix
00:00:26N2xy :p
00:00:26Soulyah -am
00:00:26DeduXserS lyca
00:00:28yeW- I can Furi or Omni.
00:00:30Idx phoenix please
00:00:34Idx goodos
00:00:38Soulyah idx is imba phoenix
00:00:47Idx sure thing
00:00:57Soulyah i want furi
00:01:05N2xy gimme tree
00:01:06Soulyah -swap 3
00:01:08Idx -swap 1
00:01:18PinaryB lasjdfölajdsf
00:01:19N2xy nice pick
00:01:19Soulyah "give him tree"
00:01:19Steuerfreak -swap 3
00:01:20N2xy retard
00:01:20Idx shouldve gotten tree imo
00:01:21Shinja -swap 2
00:01:23PinaryB so fuckint idiotic
00:01:24N2xy RETARD
00:01:27Soulyah ffs
00:01:29Steuerfreak top
00:01:30Idx just read the chat
00:01:32Soulyah cant pick for team
00:01:36Soulyah so hard
00:01:42yeW- -clear
00:01:43yeW- eat shit lads
00:01:47Soulyah clear urself
00:01:50Soulyah no1 wants ur sk
00:01:56yeW- im playin for myself
00:01:57yeW- not for uy
00:01:59yeW- cuntface
00:02:06Soulyah okay
00:02:07N2xy send him towoods
00:02:10Soulyah phoenix and
00:02:12Soulyah someone mid
00:02:14Soulyah 2 mid
00:02:21Soulyah i cant go mid
00:02:29Soulyah and we need 2 mid
00:02:39zonskass /w DotaKeys: off
00:02:41zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:42Soulyah pit mid
00:02:43zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Tauras [t,c,e,n]
00:02:43N2xy i can gank
00:02:43N2xy it
00:02:44Shinja -share
00:02:45Soulyah with that
00:02:45N2xy imnop
00:02:47yeW- -clear
00:02:53Soulyah let sk imbafarm
00:02:57PinaryB dedu gets more exp and still kills us
00:03:10zonskass ward
00:03:32PinaryB ss car
00:03:44Shinja ss top
00:03:48Soulyah why im alone
00:03:49zonskass ogg milky with me
00:03:50Soulyah top
00:03:51Soulyah rly
00:03:58yeW- ask es
00:03:59N2xy what
00:04:03N2xy you said i go top?
00:04:05Soulyah sa pead siin olema
00:04:09yeW- u said
00:04:11yeW- let sk imba farm
00:04:13yeW- means someoine wid me
00:04:16yeW- + 21 mid
00:04:19yeW- 2*
00:04:21yeW- = u solo top
00:04:23yeW- einstein
00:04:47Soulyah forgot to
00:04:48Soulyah buy
00:04:49Soulyah items
00:04:50Soulyah :D:D:D
00:04:51Soulyah ahahaha
00:04:54Soulyah best caot
00:04:56Idx wut
00:05:34Milky leave my friend alone
00:05:50zonskass no no no
00:05:59N2xy furi top
00:06:04DeduXserS invis down
00:06:05DeduXserS take it off
00:06:47yeW- ss tc
00:07:10yeW- cancer.
00:07:24N2xy why you dindt stn=?
00:07:27yeW- LOL
00:07:33N2xy ?
00:07:52N2xy why lol?
00:07:54Milky wp bro
00:07:55DeduXserS .. this milky
00:07:56Milky i like u
00:07:56yeW- why dont u stun first?
00:07:56DeduXserS kill steal
00:08:00N2xy you stun 1... then i can put better stun
00:08:00yeW- i had no mana
00:08:01yeW- at that time
00:08:02Milky :o
00:08:02Milky no
00:08:03N2xy you had
00:08:04N2xy i saw
00:08:05zonskass y
00:08:06yeW- i barely
00:08:06N2xy ytou ahd 144 mana
00:08:07yeW- got it
00:08:10zonskass but i let him
00:08:10yeW- when u failed to stun
00:08:13Milky ty bro
00:08:14DeduXserS kk :P
00:08:14Milky i like u
00:08:17DeduXserS me2
00:08:19zonskass he is my internet friend
00:08:20N2xy nope
00:08:21N2xy i didnt
00:08:25DeduXserS jew.....
00:08:25yeW- yes u did
00:08:26zonskass virtual
00:08:28zonskass :D
00:08:29yeW- u clicked on it
00:08:31yeW- n canceled
00:08:33N2xy ye
00:08:36Milky virtual sex friend
00:08:39N2xy or it would be fail stun
00:08:40zonskass i hate him, but i let
00:08:45Soulyah sga
00:08:47yeW- furio
00:08:47Soulyah share
00:08:48Soulyah chicken
00:08:48yeW- bot
00:08:48yeW- tp
00:08:49Soulyah share
00:08:50Idx furi you gotta gank
00:08:51yeW- furi go
00:09:16Milky sooo close
00:09:18zonskass zeusulti!
00:09:20Milky for ulti mana
00:09:21Milky :D
00:09:50zonskass i got boots!
00:09:55zonskass now yuo all dead
00:10:49zonskass cuming mid
00:11:00Milky on face?
00:11:09Milky sry
00:11:52Soulyah that heal what they have
00:11:53Soulyah lol
00:12:05Milky ty bro
00:12:06Milky i like u
00:12:10Milky 15 sec cd
00:12:11Milky ulti
00:12:18zonskass w8 my ulti
00:12:24DeduXserS got ulti
00:12:27Milky rdy
00:12:28zonskass 20 s
00:12:28Milky wait tc
00:12:31DeduXserS wait 20sec
00:12:35DeduXserS 15
00:12:37Milky obsidian starts
00:12:37DeduXserS 10
00:12:38zonskass 10
00:12:40zonskass !
00:12:41Milky with undergroudnd spell
00:12:43Milky hen tc
00:12:45DeduXserS -.-
00:12:59yeW- upc uroiker lps
00:13:02yeW- up*
00:13:32Idx hows freefarm sk
00:13:49Soulyah kuhu sa jooksed
00:14:37zonskass milky, my friend, heal
00:14:41Milky np bro
00:16:42N2xy ;)
00:16:45zonskass b
00:16:46DeduXserS treant afk mid
00:16:48DeduXserS wont join
00:17:00Soulyah nice tiwer
00:17:02Soulyah tower
00:17:02Steuerfreak dd bot
00:17:07Soulyah attacking all but u
00:17:09Soulyah even roshan
00:17:11yeW- :(
00:17:41Soulyah wish we had treant
00:17:43Soulyah :S
00:17:45PinaryB ye
00:17:46Idx idd
00:18:42DeduXserS treant why u famr radi?
00:18:44DeduXserS we got tc............
00:18:47DeduXserS radi sucks with him
00:19:35Soulyah ?
00:20:05DeduXserS :D
00:20:08N2xy O.o
00:20:16Soulyah 0 tps
00:20:16Soulyah 0
00:20:17Soulyah 0
00:20:18Soulyah 0
00:20:23DeduXserS dont whine
00:20:27Soulyah I WANT TO
00:20:30DeduXserS our treant making radi when we got tc
00:20:31DeduXserS so ff
00:20:34Steuerfreak np :)
00:20:36Soulyah u small piece of shit dont tell me what i do!
00:20:52Milky eat snickers!"
00:20:55Milky NOW
00:21:04Soulyah care
00:21:19Soulyah int0 gg
00:22:14zonskass my next item?
00:22:43yeW- get tc fyru
00:22:56Soulyah no wai
00:23:04yeW- up courier any time soon
00:23:45zonskass ;]
00:24:01zonskass what should i make?
00:24:10DeduXserS make bkb vs them
00:24:15DeduXserS u just need that nothing else
00:24:19Milky so
00:24:20Milky friends
00:24:25Milky fancy to help ??
00:24:27Soulyah u dnt
00:24:31Soulyah get that alot
00:24:34Soulyah that ppl
00:24:35Soulyah understand
00:24:37Soulyah to go close
00:24:38yeW- quellin
00:24:39Soulyah so i can tree
00:24:41yeW- ioh
00:25:06Soulyah b
00:25:12Soulyah :
00:25:13Soulyah :D
00:25:16yeW- ty
00:25:18yeW- lol
00:25:20yeW- -clear
00:25:21Soulyah soz:D
00:25:49Milky treant
00:25:49Milky ...
00:25:57Milky gg treant
00:26:08DeduXserS blink dagger mana boots + refu
00:26:10DeduXserS gg -.- but no
00:26:11DeduXserS radi.....
00:26:18Soulyah we fought so bad
00:26:20Soulyah still did so good
00:26:21Soulyah :D
00:26:37zonskass get dust
00:27:11zonskass new item
00:27:13zonskass nice
00:27:19DeduXserS best for this hero
00:27:21DeduXserS hp + 25int
00:27:23zonskass heh
00:27:28zonskass guioneso beter
00:27:29Soulyah i can to
00:27:31yeW- furi
00:27:39DeduXserS too much for first item
00:27:44zonskass ;]
00:27:47DeduXserS this is 50% of it
00:28:05zonskass wa5rded
00:28:36zonskass heal!
00:28:37yeW- oO
00:28:52Milky treant
00:28:53Milky let me
00:28:55Milky finish agha
00:29:39Soulyah wtf
00:29:40Soulyah wheres
00:29:40Milky me
00:29:42Milky for agha
00:29:42Milky pls
00:29:43Soulyah orhchid
00:29:44Soulyah :DDDDddd
00:29:47Soulyah WHERES ORCHID???
00:29:48yeW- *xddd
00:29:51Soulyah :DDDDDDDDDDDDDdd
00:29:56Idx new recipe
00:29:56Steuerfreak ulti rdy
00:29:56zonskass ?
00:29:57Idx rofl
00:29:59Milky brb
00:30:01Milky getting my agha
00:30:02N2xy lol
00:30:02yeW- 2
00:30:03N2xy xD
00:30:03Milky hf
00:30:05yeW- *
00:30:08yeW- oblivion
00:30:10yeW- + receipt
00:30:10Idx 2x and recipe
00:30:22Soulyah wheres recipe
00:30:31yeW- dagon
00:30:32yeW- shop
00:30:47Steuerfreak b
00:30:47Steuerfreak b
00:31:11zonskass nice assists :D
00:31:15Soulyah y brb
00:31:21Soulyah fucking
00:31:22Soulyah now what
00:31:23Soulyah refu
00:31:24Soulyah xD
00:31:34zonskass like all team
00:32:05Soulyah tree invi
00:32:21Soulyah so keer
00:32:26Steuerfreak smokegang?
00:32:38Soulyah top dead
00:32:38zonskass go smoke weed
00:32:39Soulyah cu
00:32:50Milky rosh dead cu
00:32:54Milky :o)
00:32:55Soulyah we care cu
00:33:02Milky i know cy
00:33:15Milky Got u cu
00:33:17Soulyah aha
00:33:17yeW- lol
00:33:17Shinja cu
00:33:19Soulyah :D
00:33:20zonskass hi
00:33:22zonskass !
00:33:31Soulyah was checking od-s items tbh:D
00:34:34Steuerfreak fgkhjl
00:34:34Soulyah kill
00:34:34zonskass oh you
00:34:34DeduXserS ee interwebs
00:34:34yeW- wheres
00:34:34yeW- od?
00:34:35zonskass chicken!
00:34:54Shinja rofl
00:34:55Soulyah WTF
00:34:55Milky CU
00:34:55Soulyah :D
00:34:56zonskass tp milky
00:34:57yeW- xd
00:34:57PinaryB !ff
00:34:59PinaryB I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:01Milky never
00:35:02Soulyah how
00:35:03Soulyah such dmg
00:35:09Milky its milkys golem
00:35:13Milky cu
00:35:31N2xy hea et sticki ka kasutad
00:35:39Soulyah :D
00:35:43zonskass i buy gem for you
00:35:49Soulyah u do that
00:35:51zonskass already got it
00:35:54Soulyah nice
00:35:57zonskass now you dead
00:35:59Milky roshan?
00:35:59zonskass :/
00:36:00Soulyah shit
00:36:13zonskass care furion
00:36:16Soulyah k
00:36:36yeW- -m
00:36:37yeW- -ma
00:36:42DeduXserS we go rosh soon
00:36:48yeW- /time
00:36:49Milky turn radi off
00:36:51Milky for tc
00:36:52Milky stun
00:36:56Milky or dont
00:37:01Milky care
00:37:22DeduXserS repel me
00:37:22Soulyah b
00:37:36DeduXserS rosh
00:37:37DeduXserS come
00:37:38DeduXserS 2 of u
00:38:41DeduXserS w/e doesnt matter
00:38:43Soulyah where di the aegis go
00:38:43Soulyah lol
00:38:47yeW- denied
00:38:47DeduXserS no ward's and stupid tp to top =D
00:38:48yeW- i thinki
00:38:51yeW- by golems
00:38:52DeduXserS atleast enemies sucks enough
00:39:21DeduXserS and now u farm my top lane
00:39:22DeduXserS wuhuuu
00:39:24DeduXserS nice teamplay
00:39:38DeduXserS 0 wards whole game smart
00:39:46DeduXserS should have wont this like
00:39:47DeduXserS 15min ago
00:39:50Shinja lets go and gank
00:39:58DeduXserS im not going anywhere
00:39:59DeduXserS until hex
00:40:07DeduXserS and treant need dagger
00:40:21zonskass :D
00:40:23yeW- furi
00:40:28zonskass dont do that
00:40:36Idx refu
00:40:37Idx gg
00:40:41Soulyah :D
00:40:46Soulyah had xtra obvilion
00:40:46Milky ulti rdy
00:40:49Steuerfreak same
00:40:52zonskass go
00:40:55Milky soon ref
00:40:56yeW- ah
00:40:58yeW- soz
00:41:05Milky altho dont have mana for double i think
00:41:06Milky or maybe
00:41:40zonskass more
00:41:44Soulyah D:D::Dd
00:41:47zonskass :D
00:41:48Soulyah refu ulti
00:41:48Soulyah :D
00:42:03Idx imba
00:42:03Soulyah caaare
00:42:05Idx too much damage
00:42:26yeW- yeye
00:42:29yeW- that hurts
00:42:29Idx gogog
00:42:32yeW- almost
00:42:44Milky woow
00:42:49Milky pretty fly boy
00:42:53N2xy push?
00:43:00DeduXserS no dagger
00:43:00Milky smoke and booom
00:43:02DeduXserS cant initiate
00:43:04Soulyah b
00:43:05Soulyah ...
00:43:22yeW- lol
00:43:32yeW- dtt
00:44:04Milky wp
00:44:09yeW- why did u engage
00:44:11yeW- u said b
00:44:13zonskass push
00:44:18N2xy leoric couldnt decide?
00:44:19zonskass fast
00:44:22yeW- i didnt go
00:44:24yeW- i was invis
00:44:35yeW- blue said b
00:44:48yeW- pit died
00:44:51yeW- es blinked out
00:44:54yeW- n then u still went in
00:45:20Soulyah why u guys wana fight
00:45:21Soulyah uphill
00:45:22Milky finishing refu and go
00:45:33zonskass its msels guineso
00:45:36zonskass smels
00:45:43Soulyah we need to smokegang
00:45:45Soulyah TEE BEE EH
00:46:26Soulyah at base
00:46:28Soulyah we def
00:46:55DeduXserS 3100 mana pool -.-
00:47:00Soulyah :S
00:47:02zonskass lol
00:47:17yeW- b
00:47:18yeW- bot
00:47:27DeduXserS TREANT RADI OFF
00:47:29DeduXserS RADI OFF
00:47:31Idx sk no tp
00:47:33Idx gg
00:47:35yeW- im there
00:47:36yeW- chill
00:47:36DeduXserS thx
00:47:56Soulyah go
00:47:56yeW- GHO
00:47:57yeW- FURI
00:47:59DeduXserS we b
00:48:00DeduXserS and rosh
00:48:05yeW- ERS
00:48:05yeW- GO
00:48:14zonskass hahaha
00:48:24yeW- es
00:48:26yeW- the fuck u at?
00:48:30Soulyah mid
00:48:30Soulyah go
00:48:41N2xy blablalba
00:49:00Soulyah mid
00:49:10Milky legendary
00:49:29DeduXserS let's go
00:49:30Milky dont die
00:49:42Milky 25 sec
00:49:58N2xy furi?
00:50:08N2xy wtf
00:50:09N2xy :D:D
00:50:12N2xy frui
00:50:12N2xy :D:D
00:50:14yeW- xD
00:50:16N2xy oleksid saanud raxi maha
00:50:17yeW- sthats
00:50:18yeW- thats
00:50:21yeW- soulyah
00:50:21zonskass treee
00:50:21yeW- for u
00:50:22yeW- -clear
00:50:24zonskass blind?
00:50:27N2xy 100% rax
00:50:28N2xy läks
00:50:40Soulyah TRA
00:50:43Soulyah MUL SITT PC
00:50:45Soulyah LAGG
00:50:47Soulyah PANNIMAJU=
00:50:51yeW- get hex
00:50:59zonskass deny
00:51:00Soulyah ofc
00:51:20DeduXserS ward's rosh area
00:51:25zonskass no money
00:51:29Soulyah def rosh...
00:51:33Soulyah chees eand aegis
00:51:34yeW- ye
00:51:36yeW- or go farm
00:51:37yeW- woiods
00:52:15Soulyah stand here
00:52:16Soulyah imo
00:52:17Soulyah smoke us
00:52:18Soulyah and mid
00:53:05yeW- get a tower
00:53:13yeW- so i can rebuy
00:53:13yeW- goi
00:53:18yeW- jesus
00:53:42Soulyah jeeeeeeeeeezus
00:54:15Soulyah pit
00:54:16Soulyah tp us
00:54:17Soulyah to gang
00:54:19Shinja ty good idea
00:54:21yeW- he did that once?
00:54:22yeW- lol
00:54:23Soulyah gather
00:54:24DeduXserS 240 int hmmmm
00:54:26yeW- seen 0 gangs
00:54:32N2xy w8 leoric?
00:54:32zonskass 8 int
00:54:33Soulyah rdy on TOP
00:54:35Idx top?
00:54:35Soulyah y
00:54:36PinaryB bing
00:54:37Soulyah w9 for leo
00:54:37PinaryB ping
00:54:45yeW- go top
00:54:47zonskass mid
00:54:51Steuerfreak got smoke
00:54:52Shinja ><
00:54:55zonskass or w8 all ultys?
00:54:55Soulyah patience
00:54:56Milky cd
00:55:00Milky 25 sec
00:55:14yeW- b
00:56:16Shinja tc def top
00:56:51yeW- keep it bronze pinary
00:56:54Milky stunned?
00:56:56Milky furi?
00:56:57zonskass i know you want me
00:56:59Soulyah y:D
00:57:02Milky lol
00:57:06Soulyah wtf lucky stun
00:57:06Milky wp tc
00:57:09zonskass :D
00:57:18zonskass you did clasic move
00:57:24zonskass thats all
00:57:35DeduXserS blah
00:57:37DeduXserS 31 frags
00:57:42Idx tree wouldve won us many teambattles
00:57:44Idx just sayin
00:57:54yeW- 3-17 pit
00:57:54Soulyah yea
00:57:55Soulyah would of
00:57:57yeW- no hero in the world
00:57:59N2xy yup.. wp yew
00:58:03yeW- wp es
00:58:06zonskass 15x more frags then Shinja :D
00:58:14N2xy ty
00:58:45zonskass rat :D
00:58:48zonskass i know that
00:59:04N2xy nolob
00:59:39zonskass faster push or def
00:59:43yeW- 10k gold pink?
00:59:59zonskass rebuy
01:00:11Milky :D
01:00:14Milky Siika
01:00:18yeW- pit?
01:00:19yeW- lol
01:00:28zonskass siika means bitcH?
01:00:33Milky google
01:00:34Milky siika
01:00:37Milky i mean
01:00:38DeduXserS its fish
01:00:39Milky youtube
01:00:42Milky siika
01:00:44Milky and u see :)
01:00:47zonskass ohh
01:00:57Idx get crista or buriza
01:01:05Milky the uppest link
01:01:20Shinja divine by furi
01:01:28Idx just need a few more of those
01:01:30yeW- xD
01:01:42zonskass furi, i will do surprise for you
01:01:43yeW- tp
01:01:44yeW- TYOP
01:01:47yeW- tp us top
01:02:01Soulyah wow
01:02:02yeW- u for real
01:02:02yeW- lol
01:02:02Milky What?
01:02:03Soulyah fast reactions
01:02:05Milky wl rapier?
01:02:08Soulyah xD
01:02:11Milky u mean ?
01:02:14Milky 2 kilon siika
01:02:16zonskass wl with rapie, rembo
01:02:21Milky y had ward on ground
01:02:29Milky waiting for u=)
01:02:35Soulyah biatches
01:02:38yeW- wp es.
01:02:39yeW- again
01:02:40Milky BITCHOOSSS
01:02:56zonskass destroyer having fun time?
01:02:56N2xy you are so retard player jsut stfu
01:03:02yeW- ur worse
01:03:05yeW- than a french
01:03:05N2xy noe
01:03:06yeW- pubber
01:03:06Soulyah GGGGGGG
01:03:07Soulyah I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:03:07yeW- mate
01:03:09yeW- -clera
01:03:10yeW- tard
01:03:11yeW- nap
01:03:13yeW- go pub
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