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Chat log

00:00:00atte [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... infect with 49 seconds.
00:00:13atte sister nancy she a one inna 3 million
00:00:16atte ban
00:00:16atte ban
00:00:16atte ban
00:00:16atte ban
00:00:16TakinBackMyLove xin
00:00:16atte lyca
00:00:16TakinBackMyLove ember spirit
00:00:22c-yanker get cm
00:00:24c-yanker aswell
00:00:25atte want sandking?
00:00:29c-yanker any1 cm?
00:00:33extremewaari en jaksa tällä kertaa :P
00:00:34dmitriybog ill
00:00:35dmitriybog pick
00:00:37dmitriybog her
00:00:40atte someone else want ?
00:00:42c-yanker ill pick her for u
00:00:44Rotkiv aa me
00:00:46creeeeeee get legion
00:00:50dmitriybog ok
00:00:55infect no legion bullshit
00:01:04dmitriybog what u want?
00:01:04c-yanker -swap
00:01:04atte swap me zeus = )
00:01:05c-yanker -swap 1
00:01:06atte we rape
00:01:06TakinBackMyLove -swap 2
00:01:07creeeeeee aa better true
00:01:12c-yanker u gonna give a hero to kong kat
00:01:14TakinBackMyLove dunno
00:01:16TakinBackMyLove yet
00:01:17creeeeeee i think i go obsi
00:01:18Rotkiv you want zeus?
00:01:20dmitriybog ok
00:01:20atte -swap 3
00:01:21atte y
00:01:22atte Y
00:01:24atte OBSi
00:01:25atte take
00:01:26Rotkiv -swap 1
00:01:26atte -swap 3
00:01:39mansikka sk or tide?
00:01:40extremewaari take obs for bot
00:01:42extremewaari top
00:01:43dmitriybog sk
00:01:44mansikka ok
00:01:50creeeeeee why top?
00:01:50atte if infect went for ds
00:01:52TakinBackMyLove -swap 5
00:01:55atte it would be perfect
00:01:59infect i cant play
00:01:59infect ds
00:02:00dmitriybog -swap 1
00:02:04TakinBackMyLove -swap 5
00:02:04atte what you planning
00:02:06TakinBackMyLove fuck it
00:02:07TakinBackMyLove i play
00:02:07TakinBackMyLove cm
00:02:07atte you dont have to then
00:02:08atte :E
00:02:10infect rexxar dk
00:02:13dmitriybog -swap 1
00:02:14atte well
00:02:15c-yanker i mid
00:02:18c-yanker for better lanes
00:02:19dmitriybog ??
00:02:21dmitriybog ??
00:02:23dmitriybog np
00:02:24creeeeeee so lanes
00:02:25atte ds forest obsi mid me bot
00:02:26atte ?
00:02:28GottHasstMich me semiwooods
00:02:29atte or obsi bot?
00:02:34atte obsi solo vs 2
00:02:35creeeeeee dont care
00:02:37atte i am pussy
00:02:40creeeeeee k :D
00:02:47dmitriybog semiwoods dont unerstand
00:02:51creeeeeee they got 4 melee
00:02:51dmitriybog what this meen
00:02:54GottHasstMich kongo u could take semi top
00:02:56creeeeeee so top should be quite easy
00:02:56GottHasstMich solo*
00:02:58creeeeeee i think cm bot
00:02:59dmitriybog ok
00:03:04infect void is mid
00:03:06infect i guess
00:03:28atte es
00:03:36atte mid
00:04:50dmitriybog -_-
00:05:05creeeeeee ss
00:05:07infect ss cm
00:05:18atte here
00:05:19atte cm
00:06:01GottHasstMich wtf was that stun
00:06:06dmitriybog some
00:06:09dmitriybog lags sry
00:06:15GottHasstMich o.O
00:06:17dmitriybog omg
00:06:17atte could someone get me tp
00:06:18dmitriybog =\
00:06:21GottHasstMich i fucking dreamed
00:06:23GottHasstMich epic lol
00:06:25infect cm tuleb
00:06:27infect selga sulle
00:06:36infect b
00:06:37infect bot
00:06:42dmitriybog wtf
00:06:43dmitriybog where
00:06:44dmitriybog is
00:06:46dmitriybog creeps
00:06:53extremewaari top ss 2
00:06:55GottHasstMich they warded?
00:06:56GottHasstMich ..
00:07:19GottHasstMich bad..
00:07:24dmitriybog sry
00:07:28dmitriybog new year
00:07:28dmitriybog :D
00:07:37dmitriybog drank
00:07:42mansikka ty
00:07:46atte b top
00:07:47Rotkiv b
00:07:57GottHasstMich GO
00:08:04GottHasstMich WHY NO STUN
00:08:05GottHasstMich ????
00:08:13creeeeeee cmss
00:08:14creeeeeee re
00:08:26dmitriybog waiting
00:08:27dmitriybog gang
00:08:29dmitriybog from mid
00:08:39infect care
00:08:43dmitriybog farm
00:08:45atte y
00:08:56TakinBackMyLove omw
00:08:57TakinBackMyLove top
00:09:09GottHasstMich ss
00:09:24Rotkiv gj
00:09:45GottHasstMich LOL
00:10:13Rotkiv going base
00:10:59GottHasstMich ss top
00:11:02dmitriybog 2
00:11:03GottHasstMich re
00:11:04GottHasstMich 1
00:11:05extremewaari cm
00:11:11GottHasstMich 2
00:11:45atte 0 runee mulle
00:11:47creeeeeee 0 ss
00:11:49creeeeeee 2 ss
00:11:50creeeeeee i mean
00:11:51creeeeeee :D
00:11:56extremewaari b
00:12:04atte es blink soon
00:12:07atte farming with fissure
00:12:57infect es top
00:13:30atte heal
00:13:40extremewaari annoin ekana sulle healin
00:13:42extremewaari niin cd
00:13:44extremewaari ja stun
00:13:46atte joo
00:13:48creeeeeee sand bot
00:13:49atte vittuku ei osunu vihuu
00:13:51atte ;E
00:13:51extremewaari jep'
00:13:52extremewaari :&
00:15:01atte void ss
00:15:15GottHasstMich zes inc
00:16:12atte grave
00:16:19extremewaari ei yltäny
00:16:21atte juokse lähemmäs ja grave oisin tappanu kaikki
00:16:30c-yanker ffs tide
00:16:32atte wp
00:16:33atte :DD
00:16:37c-yanker freaking tard
00:16:46atte go for that dazzle with all ultis and die
00:16:47creeeeeee low
00:16:49creeeeeee levi no ult
00:16:50creeeeeee tele
00:16:52c-yanker cause tide
00:16:55c-yanker choose to block me
00:17:18mansikka why
00:17:19mansikka u
00:17:19mansikka fi
00:17:20mansikka go
00:17:33extremewaari atte mana
00:17:36TakinBackMyLove nice farm
00:17:37TakinBackMyLove void
00:17:39GottHasstMich yoo
00:17:40GottHasstMich thx bro
00:17:42atte otan toprune
00:18:12TakinBackMyLove guys
00:18:13TakinBackMyLove wtf
00:18:14TakinBackMyLove tp _
00:18:19mansikka cd
00:18:23c-yanker cd
00:18:48atte i want manaboots
00:18:50atte push tower
00:19:08atte b
00:19:09extremewaari top rune
00:19:18atte od
00:19:19atte :D
00:19:21atte sick this aura
00:19:28creeeeeee y
00:19:30atte but
00:19:49atte i was gonna bolt cm
00:19:52atte then my hero run there
00:20:01atte best position for zeus
00:20:16creeeeeee we just need to survive longer
00:20:18atte es blink
00:20:24creeeeeee need to survive all those ultis
00:22:07atte ha ha
00:22:29atte zeus without items fucking joke
00:22:50TakinBackMyLove buy
00:22:50TakinBackMyLove tps
00:23:01atte go 5v5
00:23:07atte try avoid ultis
00:23:35TakinBackMyLove stay
00:23:36TakinBackMyLove here
00:23:39TakinBackMyLove void
00:23:40Rotkiv where are they
00:23:41TakinBackMyLove infront
00:23:44creeeeeee went b
00:24:06atte heal
00:24:13TakinBackMyLove GG WP DS
00:24:13atte es wasnt there
00:24:15atte if es
00:24:17atte :DD
00:24:21atte all instadead
00:24:23atte with sk
00:24:24infect yeah :D
00:24:58TakinBackMyLove get
00:24:59TakinBackMyLove mid
00:25:01TakinBackMyLove tower
00:25:02dmitriybog go
00:25:17c-yanker invis dazzle
00:25:22Rotkiv dont
00:25:30Rotkiv wait me
00:25:53TakinBackMyLove void
00:25:55TakinBackMyLove ulti mby ?
00:25:57GottHasstMich had cd
00:26:04atte sick od aura
00:26:17c-yanker go tide
00:26:18mansikka son ulti
00:26:32c-yanker lol
00:26:36GottHasstMich wth
00:26:37GottHasstMich u go ?
00:26:40atte i make meka
00:26:45c-yanker why u suck?
00:26:52c-yanker void
00:26:53c-yanker stop farm
00:26:53c-yanker ffs
00:26:54c-yanker look miod
00:26:55atte spam heal :D
00:27:19c-yanker fucking joke
00:27:20c-yanker team
00:27:35atte care
00:27:37Rotkiv b
00:27:47TakinBackMyLove THIS VOID
00:27:52creeeeeee so slow
00:27:54atte so
00:27:56atte someone has meka?
00:28:00Rotkiv nop
00:28:04TakinBackMyLove unbelivble
00:28:09infect made pipe
00:28:10atte hmm meka or forcestaff
00:28:11Rotkiv gj team
00:28:11atte mb force
00:28:15Rotkiv mekka
00:28:17creeeeeee i think meka
00:28:19creeeeeee needed
00:28:21Rotkiv i have ft
00:28:22atte well with force
00:28:24atte wont die to ultis
00:28:39Rotkiv or make cripple
00:28:41TakinBackMyLove utli
00:28:58atte sleep me
00:28:58creeeeeee BOOM
00:28:58infect :D
00:28:59creeeeeee dead
00:29:00TakinBackMyLove sk not
00:29:01atte HAHA
00:29:13atte dmg
00:29:30creeeeeee this es is so sick 1 v 1 :D
00:30:20atte with 5
00:30:42mansikka b
00:30:50c-yanker u make mom
00:30:51c-yanker vs that team?=
00:30:59TakinBackMyLove his
00:31:00TakinBackMyLove nwehb
00:31:17dmitriybog omg
00:31:52c-yanker serisly
00:31:53c-yanker lol
00:32:02c-yanker gg this void
00:32:16atte cm pushing top
00:32:22infect we take rax
00:32:28atte "gg void"
00:32:45TakinBackMyLove why not push when we lost the fight _ newb atte
00:33:07atte why not tp earlier and win fight
00:33:31GottHasstMich I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:33:33dmitriybog .ff
00:33:34dmitriybog -ff
00:33:36c-yanker I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:33:36dmitriybog /ff
00:33:38dmitriybog /ff
00:33:39TakinBackMyLove I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:33:48dmitriybog I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:33:50mansikka I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:33:52infect ty
00:33:54infect i owned
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