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Chat log

00:00:09Bollitsch what a luck i checked again
00:00:16Bollitsch was about to go eating something
00:00:16zonskass -veawer
00:00:16PinaryB riddim you have to buy chicken you know?
00:00:16Firoga unbalanced teams...
00:00:16RiddimExpress yes
00:00:16zonskass y
00:00:16RiddimExpress i know
00:00:16Bollitsch ban lycan ?
00:00:16Bollitsch argh^^
00:00:16Idx -sd
00:00:16Bollitsch its not him, right ?
00:00:16Idx too bad theres no lyca mmm
00:00:30KolleBolle krob is awsome! =)
00:00:32KolleBolle sad sad
00:00:33Firoga try push strat?
00:00:39zonskass no
00:00:45Firoga not 100% wont work with low % players
00:00:53zonskass take gondar and slardar now
00:00:57BACKENiZER- bite me
00:01:00zonskass GONDAR ANS SLARDAR
00:01:07zonskass -swap 2
00:01:08BACKENiZER- me viper mid lmaaaaooo
00:01:13zonskass no viper
00:01:24BACKENiZER- okay me weaver solo!
00:01:26Idx wl veno rhasta im not going to play your krobelus
00:01:26zonskass wl
00:01:27Idx venge no way
00:01:29Idx all nice picks
00:01:30zonskass warlock
00:01:35PinaryB viper good too
00:01:38KolleBolle ffs
00:01:39KolleBolle ffs
00:01:40KolleBolle ffs
00:01:46RiddimExpress troll is good
00:01:47Idx why did you pick troll
00:01:48RiddimExpress we can use it
00:01:48zonskass wl doctor
00:01:52zonskass good
00:01:56KolleBolle took my rhasta! and then ove got confused
00:01:59KolleBolle dident find venge
00:02:02KolleBolle and random
00:02:03Bollitsch oh sry
00:02:06zonskass gondar and wl bot
00:02:12RiddimExpress troll top
00:02:45Firoga let me farm wd
00:02:45zonskass check rune wl u know how to pull or i do it?
00:03:01zonskass wl just heal gondar
00:03:02FeeliXi no i dont block creeps i pull
00:03:11FeeliXi what is "pull" :D:ASD:;FASD:XCZ
00:03:14Bollitsch ?
00:03:18PinaryB checking rune your %
00:03:20Bollitsch kk talks for yourself just being nice and asking fucking kid
00:03:37Bollitsch u cant read guys
00:03:40Bollitsch he checked rune
00:03:43FeeliXi il bet i could be ur father
00:03:46Firoga LET ME FARM
00:03:49Bollitsch warded pull spot age? 20+`?
00:03:56FeeliXi 27 u couldnt be my father but not far indeed
00:04:25BACKENiZER- haste on the river
00:04:30BACKENiZER- oh some1 took it
00:04:31BACKENiZER- xD hey daddy go pull now
00:05:20RiddimExpress slow lvl 2 go
00:05:24FeeliXi u show the daddy how the fuck
00:05:28FeeliXi to** ill give my best
00:06:00KolleBolle go?
00:06:00KolleBolle a
00:06:03KolleBolle gj
00:06:08Bollitsch ?
00:06:17zonskass gj
00:06:38FeeliXi lol yeah daddy needs to learn how to fuck indeed
00:06:45FeeliXi :D
00:07:36KolleBolle once again
00:07:38KolleBolle rhasta
00:07:39KolleBolle jesus
00:07:43KolleBolle mother fucking wanker
00:07:45Bollitsch sure its me
00:07:50Bollitsch u got stunned
00:07:52Firoga gj ss down 2
00:07:52Bollitsch i got killed care mid
00:07:53BACKENiZER- didnt have mana sox
00:07:54Bollitsch so easy
00:07:55BACKENiZER- soz
00:07:58Idx ss mid
00:07:58Idx care 1 re
00:08:04Bollitsch dont offend me pls
00:09:03Firoga upgrade
00:09:16zonskass car etop
00:09:20zonskass ss mid
00:09:21Bollitsch ss 2
00:09:25BACKENiZER- y they went pretty agressive
00:09:32zonskass re
00:09:42FeeliXi fuck sake penis cock fuck looool
00:10:00KolleBolle ok
00:10:04KolleBolle change lane wirh me some1
00:10:12Bollitsch hf with him
00:10:22RiddimExpress acient ult them
00:10:25zonskass ss mid
00:10:28RiddimExpress gond and wl
00:10:31KolleBolle rhasta pull harass
00:10:33KolleBolle get wards
00:10:36zonskass re
00:10:38KolleBolle nothing of that ove you fone
00:10:39KolleBolle done
00:10:46KolleBolle crappy useless whore
00:11:00RiddimExpress acient rdy ?
00:11:09Idx ss mid
00:11:10Idx care
00:11:10Bollitsch ss 2 omfg this now is cock dick shit fuck
00:11:43FeeliXi :D
00:12:01Bollitsch krob top...thx buddies
00:12:08Idx totally said hes miss
00:12:12Firoga upgrade the chicken
00:12:13zonskass /w DotaKeys: off
00:12:14zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:12:15Bollitsch ok...sorry then
00:12:30KolleBolle its kinda lost anyz
00:12:31zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:12:33zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Death Prophet [r,e,x,c]
00:12:37PinaryB y cuz you picked troll
00:12:39RiddimExpress acient
00:12:47RiddimExpress cast ur ulties hidden
00:12:47KolleBolle not rly!
00:12:50Bollitsch no..its cuz he suxx at troll
00:12:51RiddimExpress not when they see you
00:12:52Firoga ty
00:12:57RiddimExpress if you hit them + my ult
00:13:01KolleBolle rhasta havent done a singel shit
00:13:15Bollitsch yeah..lets see how my shakle works against wd
00:13:16RiddimExpress acient
00:13:50KolleBolle well dne rhasta
00:13:52KolleBolle like always
00:13:55Bollitsch me again ?=
00:13:59KolleBolle yepp!
00:14:02Bollitsch tell me what to do better mister
00:14:13KolleBolle dont be a such if dickhole
00:14:18Bollitsch dude
00:14:20Bollitsch stop this
00:14:20zonskass b
00:14:20Idx scream is ur best skill
00:14:21KolleBolle rush! hex and grip em
00:14:25Idx better make it lvl 4
00:14:37KolleBolle we have missed 4 5 kills topp!
00:14:47zonskass ?
00:14:48Bollitsch cuz of what ß
00:14:51KolleBolle and you havent suorted me for 1 sec
00:14:58Bollitsch supported ? just heal urself mate lol
00:15:02KolleBolle yepp
00:15:02Bollitsch i didnt kill creeps
00:15:04Bollitsch i harras
00:15:06Bollitsch i tried deny
00:15:08KolleBolle you did all tyhe time
00:15:12Bollitsch sure bro
00:15:16RiddimExpress gj
00:15:37Bollitsch u are flamer kiddo
00:15:41Bollitsch and thats finde
00:15:44Bollitsch but dont feed moire pls
00:16:05KolleBolle and where is wards
00:16:08KolleBolle and why was you top
00:16:10KolleBolle and farmed
00:16:13KolleBolle when all was mi?
00:16:14KolleBolle d wlock
00:17:10zonskass omg loxi why are you just walking around?
00:17:23RiddimExpress care gond
00:18:03Idx troll farm
00:19:02zonskass me shop
00:19:11RiddimExpress pla defence
00:19:57FeeliXi heal
00:20:06Bollitsch ss mid nice zons gj feelixi also
00:21:11zonskass ^^
00:22:11KolleBolle wqefd
00:22:12KolleBolle few
00:22:12KolleBolle we
00:22:13KolleBolle wefew
00:22:16KolleBolle kines eyes?
00:22:25KolleBolle rhasta get 4 wards now
00:22:26KolleBolle ffs
00:22:30Bollitsch su bro
00:22:37KolleBolle wtf is su?
00:22:40KolleBolle russian whore?
00:22:41Bollitsch shut up
00:22:50KolleBolle never play again
00:22:50Bollitsch dont talk like that
00:22:57KolleBolle you shuld suport
00:23:05KolleBolle learn to find the buttons plz
00:23:08Firoga def
00:23:11Firoga def
00:23:12Firoga .
00:23:16Bollitsch :-*
00:23:20KolleBolle <3
00:23:32KolleBolle no but plz get some wards
00:23:55FeeliXi someone used my hero??
00:23:59FeeliXi BAN
00:24:04PinaryB b
00:24:05zonskass no
00:24:08KolleBolle hes
00:24:09zonskass not me
00:24:10Firoga i was with u
00:24:11KolleBolle alone
00:24:13KolleBolle wardinbg
00:24:33FeeliXi lol
00:24:34Firoga gank + tower
00:24:35Firoga i say
00:24:37KolleBolle need to counter ward soon
00:24:37FeeliXi i misscliked
00:25:01PinaryB b
00:25:01PinaryB b
00:25:07Bollitsch outa range
00:25:56zonskass b
00:26:09zonskass b
00:26:09zonskass b
00:26:10zonskass b
00:26:10zonskass b
00:26:11zonskass b
00:26:17zonskass GJ
00:26:21zonskass very big GJ
00:26:44RiddimExpress troll get some usefull items ?
00:27:10RiddimExpress and no one buys dust
00:27:48RiddimExpress -.-.-.
00:28:04zonskass go mid all
00:28:08zonskass take tower
00:28:41FeeliXi stun
00:28:57FeeliXi gays
00:29:02Idx b
00:29:29Idx b
00:29:30Idx b
00:29:30Idx b
00:29:37KolleBolle ok
00:29:39KolleBolle opk
00:29:40Idx didnt say it enought
00:29:40KolleBolle pk
00:29:41Idx ffs
00:30:06RiddimExpress well i buy gem now
00:30:08RiddimExpress and we win
00:30:18Idx come mid
00:30:19Idx all
00:30:32RiddimExpress acient
00:30:35RiddimExpress we need to combine
00:30:37RiddimExpress our ultis
00:30:40KolleBolle gondar isnt a problem! the problem is that all splitt and all are pussie and are to scared for atack
00:30:57KolleBolle wd gj gj they aim for me. :P
00:31:39Idx we will never win them 5v5
00:31:44zonskass unbalanced teams?
00:31:44RiddimExpress oh yes
00:31:45zonskass ;d
00:31:47KolleBolle ofc we will!
00:31:47RiddimExpress we have imba aoe
00:31:49RiddimExpress but acient not really
00:31:56zonskass :D they all just thought that we all are noobs
00:32:06Idx well they got wd's ult and krobes ult and wl's ult
00:32:06RiddimExpress another useless ulti
00:32:08Idx too imba
00:32:08RiddimExpress acient
00:32:10RiddimExpress dont you listen
00:32:14RiddimExpress wait for the team
00:32:15zonskass they got bad heroes exactly
00:33:25Bollitsch omg
00:33:30Bollitsch why turn ? ty feelixi
00:34:44RiddimExpress i dont want to carry it
00:34:46RiddimExpress who takes
00:34:47zonskass go?
00:34:49Firoga y
00:34:53FeeliXi all cd
00:34:54Idx i will then
00:34:54RiddimExpress give me dust
00:34:58KolleBolle you have the best
00:35:01KolleBolle espace that cunt lol rhasta dead aniways
00:35:52Bollitsch gj troll
00:35:53RiddimExpress lol troll
00:35:56Bollitsch blind as fuck
00:35:58RiddimExpress hahha
00:36:01KolleBolle tabbed soz
00:36:02KolleBolle :P
00:36:05zonskass go
00:36:17RiddimExpress u know
00:36:19RiddimExpress this was
00:36:22RiddimExpress the key
00:36:24RiddimExpress time
00:37:08BACKENiZER- reg
00:37:16Bollitsch qop..can u ward rosh
00:37:18Bollitsch with my ward ?
00:37:24zonskass go mid all
00:37:29zonskass all mid 400 g to bkb
00:37:31Firoga k
00:37:38zonskass we dont need items
00:38:57BACKENiZER- ldx failx3?
00:39:08PinaryB its kollebolle
00:39:13Idx just looking for a fuck to give
00:39:37RiddimExpress !ff
00:39:38RiddimExpress I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:39:43RiddimExpress how can youff ?
00:39:55RiddimExpress how do you forfait ?
00:39:57PinaryB I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:40:03FeeliXi write -ff
00:40:06RiddimExpress -ff
00:40:11FeeliXi or is it jsut ff just imo
00:40:44FeeliXi where did i get gem D::D:D
00:41:09Bollitsch well failed troll
00:42:00Idx I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:42:05PinaryB type ff
00:42:06PinaryB I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:42:49FeeliXi hihihi
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