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Chat log

00:00:08Norrebro yew
00:00:11Norrebro mneen enta
00:00:19PinaryB ban treecutter
00:00:19Idx go shredder
00:00:19Idx nah just kidding
00:00:19N2xy just ban tree
00:00:19N2xy :p
00:00:19PinaryB and get phoenix
00:00:19yeW- tree?
00:00:19yeW- hm
00:00:19geth_prime roof
00:00:19PinaryB ban treant
00:00:19N2xy oror aA?
00:00:19geth_prime and phoenix
00:00:19Idx let me play phoenix
00:00:19yeW- i go furi
00:00:19N2xy oror tide?
00:00:19ForbeateN can u stf
00:00:19infect ldx is nice phoenix
00:00:19N2xy yeye
00:00:19N2xy you get furi 100%
00:00:19PinaryB if you fp furi
00:00:19N2xy nice
00:00:19PinaryB we dont get phoenix or tree
00:00:19geth_prime nope
00:00:19yeW- roof
00:00:19geth_prime cant
00:00:19geth_prime tourette
00:00:19geth_prime writing touret
00:00:19Norrebro phoenix
00:00:19geth_prime ASSHOLE
00:00:19infect phoenix or furi
00:00:31yeW- he goes lich
00:00:31yeW- mb
00:00:33yeW- -clear
00:00:39yeW- lich n aa
00:00:41yeW- they pick
00:00:43yeW- -clear
00:00:51yeW- xd
00:00:57yeW- HE JUST HAD TO PICK IT!
00:01:01geth_prime more carries
00:01:01geth_prime pl
00:01:03geth_prime z
00:01:21yeW- get dmg
00:01:21yeW- oO
00:01:23yeW- tb
00:01:26N2xy i take kunkka
00:01:29yeW- -clear
00:01:35N2xy -swap 4
00:01:42geth_prime someone get chick
00:01:43N2xy -swap 4
00:01:46PinaryB -swap 2
00:01:48ForbeateN take krobel
00:01:54yeW- xD
00:01:59yeW- triple ice
00:02:00yeW- lol
00:02:04Idx bought you guys wards
00:02:04ForbeateN swap?
00:02:05yeW- just tuskar left
00:02:06Idx for top
00:02:07yeW- -clear
00:02:11chodaboy sure
00:02:11Idx -clear
00:02:12ForbeateN -swap 5
00:02:15chodaboy -swap 4
00:02:18N2xy they have ice.. i have water
00:02:20N2xy almost same
00:02:23Norrebro aha
00:02:24Norrebro enta
00:02:26Norrebro mneeen
00:02:29chodaboy -hhn
00:02:29chodaboy -di
00:02:34yeW- asli men soussa
00:02:40Norrebro taw
00:02:41geth_prime dusa
00:02:41geth_prime go
00:02:42geth_prime top
00:02:42Norrebro wen saken
00:02:45yeW- 3ayech fi barize tawa
00:02:47geth_prime and tide bot
00:02:48yeW- 14?me
00:02:49geth_prime tide
00:02:49geth_prime bot
00:02:54geth_prime >_>
00:02:56geth_prime FOOLS
00:02:58geth_prime no 2 melee
00:03:00geth_prime *now
00:03:07ForbeateN we can teleport
00:03:11geth_prime i wont
00:03:16ForbeateN i will u nab
00:03:23geth_prime top wont
00:03:32geth_prime b
00:03:33geth_prime krobe
00:05:57yeW- sec ^ms
00:05:58yeW- ls
00:05:59ForbeateN .who makes yangoo
00:05:59infect we got cm aura as well,
00:05:59ForbeateN pl or me?
00:05:59geth_prime me
00:05:59yeW- re
00:05:59yeW- gang mid aa if u can
00:05:59infect späm pl only or both?
00:05:59yeW- or cm
00:05:59ForbeateN pugna
00:05:59ForbeateN xD
00:05:59geth_prime pl vladi
00:06:10geth_prime be rdy
00:06:11geth_prime for maiden
00:06:25ForbeateN ss
00:06:41yeW- nuke
00:06:42yeW- tide
00:06:42ForbeateN n1 decre
00:06:43ForbeateN u noob
00:06:45geth_prime saved my ass
00:06:45yeW- wtf
00:07:17infect lool
00:07:18infect :d
00:07:19yeW- lo
00:07:31infect so random :d
00:07:49yeW- s
00:07:50chodaboy kill
00:07:52chodaboy aa
00:07:55geth_prime bot lane is boring
00:07:56Smell.this.ass oom
00:07:56geth_prime -.-
00:07:57chodaboy come
00:07:58Idx ss 2
00:08:01chodaboy COME
00:08:18infect some1
00:08:18chodaboy FFS
00:08:18yeW- pikn yo
00:08:18infect teled
00:08:18Idx -ms
00:08:18geth_prime ...
00:08:18ForbeateN manaboots pugna
00:08:18infect lets
00:08:18infect b
00:08:18infect lich
00:08:18Idx sup
00:08:19chodaboy russians
00:08:37infect b
00:08:38infect lich
00:08:57infect u didnt hear tp sound or dont read chat?
00:09:09PinaryB wasn
00:09:15geth_prime miss kunkka
00:09:26geth_prime dude
00:09:26geth_prime nuke
00:09:31geth_prime u know my spell?
00:09:33geth_prime amplifies
00:09:34geth_prime magic
00:09:35geth_prime dmg?
00:09:36ForbeateN yes!
00:09:51chodaboy eey
00:09:52chodaboy nuke lich
00:09:52ForbeateN g
00:09:52Smell.this.ass k
00:09:52chodaboy gush and slow
00:09:54chodaboy dead
00:09:58Idx ffs
00:10:05geth_prime jesus
00:10:06geth_prime krobe
00:10:12geth_prime wait for my spells
00:10:14geth_prime then use urs
00:10:15geth_prime so hard?
00:10:37N2xy how pl got 2kills?
00:10:40geth_prime KROBE
00:10:41infect lich afks
00:11:01geth_prime dude
00:11:05chodaboy soon ulti
00:11:05geth_prime ill leave lane
00:11:07geth_prime have fun
00:11:13geth_prime as soon as i have boots
00:11:13yeW- cm
00:11:13yeW- aa
00:11:14yeW- gang
00:11:15ForbeateN ok
00:11:15yeW- stop farmin
00:11:17yeW- u cunts
00:11:21chodaboy i pull
00:11:22chodaboy dont die
00:11:25yeW- ss pala
00:11:26chodaboy then kill
00:11:26Smell.this.ass tango
00:11:32infect pl the only real carry
00:11:34infect is tio
00:11:43ForbeateN can u suck more?
00:11:44Smell.this.ass gogo
00:11:47Norrebro gogo
00:11:55chodaboy wait
00:12:06geth_prime mid miss
00:12:18ForbeateN nice miss
00:12:21ForbeateN late
00:12:22geth_prime wasnt my lane
00:12:24geth_prime i tped there
00:12:26Idx yay got my boots
00:12:29geth_prime then i told miss
00:12:30Idx ill stop farming now
00:12:32ForbeateN u should be here
00:12:35ForbeateN i wouldnt be dead
00:12:38infect 3 top
00:12:38geth_prime wont go with u noob
00:12:46ForbeateN lol
00:12:54ForbeateN pro xD
00:12:54geth_prime mid mis 22
00:13:00ForbeateN help herew
00:13:13ForbeateN bann pugna
00:13:25yeW- ............;;
00:13:25N2xy cd
00:13:28yeW- ofc
00:13:29ForbeateN ss
00:13:36Idx got 2 ulties on my
00:13:37Idx me
00:13:39Idx what can i do
00:13:51yeW- get
00:13:52yeW- pala
00:13:52ForbeateN free farm
00:13:55yeW- buke
00:13:59yeW- oh cmo
00:14:24geth_prime heal me?
00:14:25geth_prime ...
00:14:28Norrebro tried
00:14:31geth_prime k
00:14:43chodaboy i pull
00:14:43Smell.this.ass ss
00:15:03Norrebro why
00:15:16yeW- blah
00:15:18yeW- wtf speed
00:15:22Norrebro and again
00:15:27chodaboy got ulti
00:15:29yeW- wow c
00:15:33Norrebro krob
00:15:34yeW- just stay there.
00:15:37Norrebro dont steal with wave plz
00:15:38ForbeateN ?
00:15:43ForbeateN ok srt..
00:15:50ForbeateN sry,, just wanna make vang
00:15:52ForbeateN and im done
00:15:54infect lets go gank that pl :)
00:16:25yeW- wards
00:16:27yeW- 3 support
00:16:29yeW- no1..
00:16:36yeW- cm
00:16:37yeW- wards
00:16:41Idx 4 cs
00:16:43Idx not gonna happen
00:16:44geth_prime 3 bot
00:16:50yeW- ult
00:17:10yeW- CMON
00:17:12yeW- U ASSHOLES
00:17:18yeW- kunkka jesus
00:17:37ForbeateN ss
00:17:40yeW- mala mwabna
00:17:40Norrebro lol pugna
00:17:44geth_prime watched mm
00:17:46geth_prime :(
00:17:46yeW- ma ta3rafch tel3ab
00:17:47Norrebro haha
00:19:12Idx nice going furi
00:19:23yeW- where were u?
00:19:44yeW- why do i always end up with the team fingerin its ass
00:19:53ForbeateN b
00:20:08Norrebro all top?
00:20:12ForbeateN b
00:20:19geth_prime try?
00:20:19chodaboy got ulti
00:20:49chodaboy go ffs
00:21:03ForbeateN NICE ULTI TIDE!
00:21:04ForbeateN gj!
00:21:44infect and some1 else can buy dust too
00:21:46infect so when i die
00:21:50infect u can still kill
00:22:27chodaboy tower top
00:22:27Norrebro pugna make meka
00:22:42geth_prime they go mid
00:22:59yeW- b
00:23:06chodaboy get top
00:23:15Idx dd
00:23:19yeW- omw
00:24:02yeW- ..kunkka
00:24:03infect lich, u had ulti
00:24:06N2xy what
00:24:06yeW- where the fuck u at..
00:24:11N2xy lol
00:24:18infect lich had ulti and didnt use...
00:24:31yeW- thats pinaryb
00:24:32yeW- for u
00:24:36PinaryB ?
00:24:40infect use ur ulti
00:25:22geth_prime -m
00:25:22ForbeateN ss all
00:25:24geth_prime -ms
00:25:33infect wards :(
00:25:35ForbeateN top
00:26:49yeW- wow
00:26:53yeW- and he ulties
00:26:54yeW- finally
00:27:06infect pinary, going for kills only ?
00:27:13PinaryB y
00:27:23PinaryB i want my x to rise
00:27:40infect doesnt rise when you get random 1 kill
00:28:11yeW- -ma
00:28:30infect wont ward their forest?
00:29:36yeW- ight
00:29:38yeW- go that way
00:29:46infect cm lich ?
00:29:55Idx youd better stfu now
00:30:05infect youd better start playing cm
00:30:12Idx --
00:30:15Idx fine
00:30:17chodaboy go top
00:30:18infect wards
00:30:19chodaboy got ulti
00:30:26ForbeateN just to get pipe
00:30:28yeW- -ma
00:30:41yeW- dust n go bot
00:30:50infect ward their forest
00:30:52infect lich
00:30:59ForbeateN b
00:31:04geth_prime push bot?
00:31:18ForbeateN b
00:31:25chodaboy TP
00:31:26ForbeateN defffffffff
00:31:32geth_prime let them
00:31:33geth_prime we get bot
00:31:38yeW- b
00:31:39yeW- dont engage
00:32:00geth_prime ill get dust
00:32:35geth_prime mecka
00:32:53Norrebro -ms
00:33:03N2xy 'cd
00:33:04N2xy :S
00:33:10ForbeateN go
00:33:16yeW- b
00:33:17yeW- b
00:33:17yeW- b
00:33:17yeW- b
00:33:52ForbeateN pugna
00:34:10yeW- b
00:34:13yeW- B
00:34:15yeW- UTI KROBE
00:34:15yeW- B
00:34:15chodaboy krob cant use silence?
00:34:16yeW- JESUS
00:34:34chodaboy wo
00:34:35chodaboy wp
00:34:36chodaboy pugna
00:35:09ForbeateN pugna nab
00:35:28ForbeateN feed + bullshit
00:35:35yeW- ulti aa
00:35:47Idx dafuck
00:35:53geth_prime and supporting the whole game
00:35:55geth_prime fucking noob
00:36:00infect mana
00:36:04Norrebro just go with team
00:36:04ForbeateN lol
00:36:10geth_prime u just steal kills and press ulti
00:36:14ForbeateN go take rosh
00:36:33geth_prime illu
00:36:48yeW- get eul
00:36:48ForbeateN rly?
00:36:48yeW- asap
00:36:52infect trying to
00:36:54yeW- b bot
00:36:57geth_prime mb illu
00:37:07yeW- or just stay there
00:37:10yeW- and die like shits..
00:37:14yeW- good lord
00:37:21yeW- its like u have braincancer
00:37:59infect we had early game heroes
00:37:59PinaryB I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:04infect but they have more kills and more farm
00:38:04PinaryB we had shit picks
00:38:08N2xy lol
00:38:08infect thank you lich and cm
00:38:11Idx you fed pl like hell
00:38:13yeW- how can u fail with lich at start
00:38:14yeW- its unreal
00:38:17ForbeateN go push cmon
00:38:22PinaryB ask infect
00:38:24infect ?
00:38:27infect you failed lich
00:38:28infect not me
00:38:29infect idiot
00:38:30PinaryB lol
00:38:34infect u cant control lane
00:39:18Norrebro let me solo
00:39:43ForbeateN b
00:40:23ForbeateN go mid
00:40:24ForbeateN come
00:41:32Norrebro krobe
00:41:33infect I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:34Norrebro u suck
00:41:36yeW- ye
00:41:39Idx I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:40yeW- thats all ur good at
00:41:40ForbeateN u wouldnt kill him
00:41:40geth_prime ty
00:41:56geth_prime oom
00:42:10geth_prime sry
00:42:40ForbeateN dead
00:42:47ForbeateN hehe
00:42:54Smell.this.ass nice
00:42:56ForbeateN saved ur ass
00:42:58Norrebro close
00:43:00yeW- asba fi sormek
00:43:03yeW- :d
00:44:24ForbeateN go mid
00:44:33chodaboy pl farming woods
00:44:34chodaboy wtf
00:44:39yeW- B
00:44:39yeW- B
00:44:40yeW- B
00:44:40yeW- B
00:44:40yeW- B
00:44:41yeW- B
00:45:34ForbeateN ty
00:45:42geth_prime -ms
00:45:48ForbeateN go push end this
00:45:54ForbeateN or furi becomes too strong
00:45:57ForbeateN come mid
00:46:53chodaboy noob
00:46:57chodaboy wtf u doing
00:46:59chodaboy GO WITH TEAM
00:47:14yeW- GET MID
00:48:17chodaboy pl
00:48:22chodaboy if u go with us one time
00:48:23chodaboy we win
00:48:52chodaboy really
00:48:53geth_prime tried to tp
00:48:54chodaboy pugna farming
00:48:57geth_prime fool
00:48:59geth_prime i walked to you
00:49:02ForbeateN GO MID
00:49:10chodaboy come
00:49:13geth_prime haste
00:49:14ForbeateN wheb revive go mid please~!
00:49:21ForbeateN i take it
00:49:22ForbeateN and win
00:49:23ForbeateN this
00:49:33yeW- wards
00:49:37ForbeateN g
00:49:38ForbeateN b
00:49:46Norrebro w8 us
00:49:55ForbeateN look ate furi omg
00:50:11Norrebro they wanna rosh
00:50:12ForbeateN pugna push inmd
00:50:13ForbeateN go
00:50:21Norrebro all
00:50:22Norrebro gogo
00:50:23ForbeateN all gooo
00:50:32Norrebro gogogo
00:50:57chodaboy rosh
00:51:36Norrebro all mid
00:51:44geth_prime will tp
00:51:59yeW- f
00:52:00yeW- I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:52:05ForbeateN MVO
00:52:09ForbeateN MVP
00:52:14yeW- ye
00:52:18yeW- 4 bobs
00:52:29yeW- go ff
00:52:33N2xy lol .. you sucked
00:52:34Idx I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:52:43yeW- u hit one ship right mate?
00:52:43ForbeateN y
00:52:48N2xy yup
00:52:48ForbeateN u owned us
00:53:06PinaryB I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
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