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-29 X
-1 TS

68% | 1266 X | 1412 TS

-46 X
-1 TS

57% | 1185 X | 1384 TS

-35 X
-1 TS

56% | 1190 X | 1374 TS

-42 X
-1 TS

50% | 1201 X | 1280 TS

-17 X
-1 TS

34% | 1099 X | 1301 TS

+41 X
+1 TS

95% | 1536 X | 1607 TS

+37 X
+7 TS

48% | 1142 X | 1273 TS

+40 X
+1 TS

47% | 1099 X | 1319 TS

+26 X
+2 TS

35% | 1106 X | 1249 TS

+33 X
+11 TS

31% | 1078 X | 1240 TS

Chat log

00:00:19Wrench -di
00:00:19Maier wtf teams
00:00:19Maier ...
00:00:19Maier phoenix
00:00:19Wrench 666
00:00:19PinaryB miks phoenix ban
00:00:19Maier rõve hero
00:00:19PinaryB oleks endale saanud
00:00:19Jaikki to teach world, my supernatural art!
00:00:19PinaryB või vastased oleks bvannind
00:00:19TOo_LaZy swx
00:00:19Jaikki ban and hoho
00:00:19Jaikki gogo
00:00:19Jaikki stop writing dat ebin language and write english
00:00:19robobob cmon
00:00:19atte spec
00:00:32PinaryB metsa?
00:00:40Maier debiil oled ?
00:00:43Maier Ma lähen midi
00:00:52PinaryB ok
00:01:01PinaryB kuri mees
00:01:03PinaryB maverick
00:01:11TOo_LaZy who want this
00:01:21atte -swap 3
00:01:22PinaryB i go cm anyways
00:01:23Elderi -SWAP 1
00:01:25robobob they have farmers
00:01:31TOo_LaZy can i solo mid ?
00:01:34PinaryB no
00:01:44TOo_LaZy cap ?
00:01:47robobob hmm abba or ryl
00:01:47PinaryB get nigma
00:01:50PinaryB or aba
00:01:54robobob fuck
00:01:55Jaikki abaa is mine
00:01:59PinaryB maverick is mid
00:02:11zonskass /w DotaKeys: off
00:02:11atte chicken magna
00:02:13zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:19Jaikki lanes?
00:02:28zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:32zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Pit Lord [f,t,e,d]
00:02:49Maier gtfo mid
00:02:54TOo_LaZy /w DotaKeys: You control Doom Bringer [e,t,v,d]
00:02:58PinaryB :(
00:03:01Jaikki cm doom top
00:03:11PinaryB smells like fb mid
00:03:13Maier -ii
00:03:14Maier -water red
00:03:16Maier -weather rain
00:03:19Maier ei saa
00:03:21Maier tal leap
00:03:27PinaryB ei koti
00:04:14atte cm ss
00:05:03Multi_Ljep NICE
00:07:15atte heh?
00:07:23Jaikki _DD
00:07:30Maier *fucking friend disturbed me
00:07:39Jaikki friends are overrated
00:07:54Maier MISS MID
00:07:55Maier CARE TOP
00:07:59Maier inc WITH RUNE
00:08:00Maier BACK
00:08:06zonskass rylai where mana?
00:08:12Jaikki yeah
00:08:14Jaikki we need
00:08:22PinaryB I JUST GOT LVL 3
00:09:07zonskass warded
00:09:12zonskass they saw you
00:09:45TOo_LaZy rylai
00:09:46TOo_LaZy .
00:09:49Wrench ss cm top
00:09:59Maier MISS MID
00:09:59robobob was bot
00:10:02robobob killed
00:10:04robobob us
00:10:37Jaikki srsly?
00:11:07atte ss
00:11:53Multi_Ljep NVM
00:12:14zonskass abadon come
00:12:28zonskass i ulti
00:12:39Elderi SS
00:13:04atte doom mid
00:13:05Jaikki fail :D
00:13:07zonskass omg
00:13:10zonskass fail
00:13:12zonskass yeah
00:13:19Maier doom
00:13:20zonskass all was here
00:13:21Maier doom him
00:13:23Maier and kill
00:13:27Multi_Ljep am b
00:13:28TOo_LaZy lvl 6
00:13:42atte bait
00:13:43atte magnus
00:14:10TOo_LaZy ateinu
00:14:10Wrench ss top
00:15:42Maier 0:5 juba
00:15:44Maier mida vittu sa teed
00:15:58robobob go
00:15:58PinaryB ära nut
00:16:00PinaryB nuta
00:16:24TOo_LaZy sorry
00:16:27zonskass px
00:16:30Jaikki tp bot
00:16:31TOo_LaZy :D
00:16:36zonskass naixas laimes
00:16:50atte cm mid
00:17:09atte cm inc biot
00:17:10atte b
00:17:15Wrench omw
00:17:22Maier STUN ?=
00:17:27zonskass cd
00:17:29Maier k
00:17:58Jaikki D:D:D:D:
00:18:00Jaikki and multicast
00:18:03Jaikki suck my dick
00:18:07Elderi LÖOL
00:18:09Elderi U SUCK MINE
00:18:24Jaikki lol i wont, fucking gayfag
00:18:27Jaikki :<
00:18:44Jaikki cm no boots
00:18:45Jaikki 16 min
00:18:46zonskass abadon yuo vladi?
00:18:46Jaikki :D
00:19:00zonskass abadon
00:19:05Jaikki dont know
00:19:06Jaikki not yet
00:19:24atte naix invis
00:19:26Multi_Ljep y
00:19:52Wrench NAIX
00:20:25robobob oom
00:20:55atte ..
00:21:12Jaikki SHACKLE WITH???
00:21:15Jaikki what the fuck dota
00:22:00atte -st
00:22:10Maier see gg ka
00:22:27Maier they have warded everything in our forest
00:22:39zonskass only mirana know everything
00:22:57zonskass going naix mid, was the worst variant
00:23:11Maier couldnt let him have it
00:23:22Jaikki hey yo lets play tycoon
00:24:24Maier go pit
00:24:51TOo_LaZy koks ten geras filmas sakei
00:25:17Elderi :D
00:25:31Jaikki XAS:DAS_D:
00:25:35zonskass wrds here? :D
00:25:56Jaikki 23 min cm has no boots
00:25:58Jaikki pretty ebin imo
00:26:16PinaryB some people just dont get skilled
00:26:22Jaikki indeed
00:26:26PinaryB but one game i got them
00:26:31TOo_LaZy skilled :D
00:26:56zonskass ff
00:30:41Maier I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:46atte b
00:30:46TOo_LaZy I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:48robobob go
00:30:50zonskass I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:51Wrench b
00:31:11Jaikki push?
00:31:15atte nah
00:32:07atte ,,,,
00:32:10Wrench wtf
00:32:12robobob im tank
00:32:15atte :D:D:Dd
00:32:17Wrench ok
00:32:18Wrench :D
00:32:31Wrench tanks arent their main targets but whatevs ;>
00:32:57Multi_Ljep sry
00:33:10atte care
00:33:30robobob team?
00:33:34atte YOU STEAL AEGIS
00:33:39Wrench :d
00:33:39Jaikki we turtle this
00:33:41atte and suicide
00:33:41Wrench haha
00:33:43robobob just go
00:33:46Jaikki just dont give up
00:33:46atte worst fucking
00:33:49atte HAHAHHAHA
00:33:53atte yeah just go suicide
00:33:55atte nice plan
00:34:02Wrench THEYVE only like 100 heals
00:34:10Wrench smart going at their tower
00:34:12TOo_LaZy what is this
00:34:13TOo_LaZy ward
00:34:15Jaikki dunno xDDD
00:34:19Jaikki its mine
00:34:20Jaikki :D:D
00:34:29TOo_LaZy buy wards i show u
00:34:31TOo_LaZy how to plant
00:34:34Jaikki nah
00:34:38Maier doom
00:34:45TOo_LaZy cd
00:34:57TOo_LaZy b
00:35:00Maier dont doom illu
00:35:29Jaikki :D
00:36:03robobob omg
00:36:44Multi_Ljep i make he
00:36:45Multi_Ljep x
00:37:00Maier B
00:37:08Jaikki oom
00:37:12Maier go reg
00:37:13Maier get mana
00:37:14Wrench b
00:37:15Jaikki yap
00:37:26Jaikki i am satan
00:38:49Jaikki WR
00:39:05TOo_LaZy ffs
00:39:34TOo_LaZy I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:40PinaryB !ff
00:40:19atte rax
00:40:20atte and b
00:40:33TOo_LaZy aba ff
00:41:06Jaikki your pussy your boobies
00:41:31TOo_LaZy koki filma siulai paziet
00:41:49TOo_LaZy girdi
00:41:52zonskass ?
00:41:59TOo_LaZy koki filma siulei paziet
00:42:07zonskass kravavij cetverg
00:43:03Jaikki you shall not pass!
00:43:41Jaikki I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:44PinaryB !ff
00:43:47PinaryB I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:48Jaikki just ff
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