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81% | 1365 X | 1432 TS

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55% | 1181 X | 1361 TS

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-24 TS

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Chat log

00:00:00SMEGMAPLEKK [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 72 seconds.
00:00:12Hexar -hhn
00:00:19GottHasstMich potm is out
00:00:19Hexar mis sa pickid?
00:00:19zonskass carry game
00:00:19TakinBackMyLove naix
00:00:19Galgar mm ma ei tea
00:00:19TakinBackMyLove Niax
00:00:19Galgar aega on
00:00:19TakinBackMyLove naix
00:00:19Galgar ma viimane :D
00:00:19Hexar -naix
00:00:19c-yanker naix
00:00:26mby_next_time spec :>
00:00:29mby_next_time oh weaver?
00:00:32TakinBackMyLove bh
00:00:39mby_next_time a lot of shiet carries i see.
00:00:40zonskass let me bh
00:00:40Galgar kui zeusi saaks oleks ka hea i guess
00:00:45GottHasstMich useful picks pls
00:00:45Hexar :D
00:00:53GottHasstMich veno aa
00:00:55GottHasstMich tc
00:00:55GottHasstMich sk
00:00:56Galgar tavaliselt crap jääb alles ainult
00:00:57GottHasstMich magnus
00:01:05GottHasstMich srsly
00:01:06GottHasstMich wtf gondar
00:01:06Rotkiv gondar :D
00:01:08GottHasstMich ............................
00:01:09TakinBackMyLove get
00:01:10TakinBackMyLove aa
00:01:12TakinBackMyLove veno
00:01:24Galgar -.-
00:01:24TakinBackMyLove are you serious
00:01:25Galgar ok
00:01:26GottHasstMich aa
00:01:27GottHasstMich get
00:01:27Galgar silencer
00:01:27GottHasstMich aa
00:01:27TakinBackMyLove so bad
00:01:29GottHasstMich veno
00:01:32mby_next_time ya n ort is so bad
00:01:33GottHasstMich AA VENO
00:01:34TakinBackMyLove worst picks
00:01:35Galgar i dont play aa
00:01:35TakinBackMyLove ever
00:01:42SMEGMAPLEKK hmm
00:01:48mby_next_time i forfot nortom sucks so hard-.-
00:01:50TakinBackMyLove zeus
00:01:51TakinBackMyLove last
00:01:52TakinBackMyLove or
00:01:53TakinBackMyLove ench
00:01:54dmitriybog gondar
00:01:55dmitriybog top
00:01:58GottHasstMich sk
00:01:59GottHasstMich veno
00:01:59GottHasstMich bot
00:02:01GottHasstMich gondar aa top
00:02:08TakinBackMyLove hmm
00:02:09GottHasstMich or u wanna aa?
00:02:10GottHasstMich sk?
00:02:11TakinBackMyLove nortem
00:02:13TakinBackMyLove nortom
00:02:14GottHasstMich choose your lane partner#
00:02:15TakinBackMyLove tb
00:02:16GottHasstMich idc
00:02:16Rotkiv veno is ok
00:02:17TakinBackMyLove bot
00:02:20zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:21TakinBackMyLove i solo
00:02:22TakinBackMyLove top
00:02:23zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Soul Keeper [c,t,r,g]
00:02:24mby_next_time you're not pink.
00:02:25TakinBackMyLove ench
00:02:25TakinBackMyLove woods
00:02:29GottHasstMich veno let sk farm
00:02:29zonskass let me top
00:02:29c-yanker -clear
00:02:31GottHasstMich and harrase/pulls
00:02:33c-yanker do as he says
00:02:35Galgar obviously
00:02:36zonskass captain let me top
00:02:41GottHasstMich well its bronze and your last pick
00:02:42TakinBackMyLove nope
00:02:43GottHasstMich nothing is obv
00:02:44mby_next_time k let's lose it.
00:02:44GottHasstMich ;)
00:02:45TakinBackMyLove we are mates
00:02:49TakinBackMyLove and we tell you to go
00:02:49TakinBackMyLove bot
00:02:51Galgar ehh obviously
00:02:52TakinBackMyLove ecnh
00:02:52TakinBackMyLove woods
00:02:55zonskass fucking mates !
00:03:04mby_next_time np they will play solo it.
00:03:05mby_next_time -hhn
00:03:06mby_next_time -don
00:03:07mby_next_time -clear
00:03:09SMEGMAPLEKK what i make enc?:D
00:03:12SMEGMAPLEKK male?
00:03:23TakinBackMyLove meka
00:03:54zonskass dont autoatack
00:04:00mby_next_time rofl autoatack
00:04:03zonskass drain mana
00:04:14mby_next_time rly look what i do and SU
00:04:33dmitriybog ???
00:04:35Galgar -.-
00:04:35dmitriybog wtf
00:04:38Hexar idident use
00:05:52Rotkiv gj
00:06:03Galgar i cant even get staff here
00:06:06Galgar coz courier dead -.-
00:06:12Rotkiv its hard with that norton
00:06:24Rotkiv ss
00:06:44Rotkiv pull ?
00:06:50Galgar next wave ye
00:06:53Rotkiv k
00:07:40TakinBackMyLove ench
00:07:41TakinBackMyLove gang
00:07:59c-yanker ss
00:08:12TakinBackMyLove ench
00:08:13TakinBackMyLove come
00:08:14TakinBackMyLove gang
00:08:20GottHasstMich reuse
00:08:21GottHasstMich courier
00:08:23TakinBackMyLove with
00:08:23TakinBackMyLove creep
00:08:25zonskass drain
00:08:33mby_next_time lick my ass
00:08:38TakinBackMyLove lol
00:08:39TakinBackMyLove ench
00:08:42TakinBackMyLove you havent
00:08:43TakinBackMyLove skilled
00:08:44TakinBackMyLove slow_
00:08:48SMEGMAPLEKK i take next
00:08:49SMEGMAPLEKK slow
00:08:50TakinBackMyLove so you can take crepps?
00:08:57TakinBackMyLove omfg
00:09:15GottHasstMich gang mid
00:09:17GottHasstMich asap
00:09:19TakinBackMyLove ench
00:09:22TakinBackMyLove when you woods
00:09:24TakinBackMyLove you skill
00:09:25TakinBackMyLove slow
00:09:25TakinBackMyLove first
00:09:27TakinBackMyLove so you can
00:09:27GottHasstMich veno
00:09:28SMEGMAPLEKK ok
00:09:28GottHasstMich come mid
00:09:30Galgar omw
00:09:30TakinBackMyLove take a creep
00:09:31TakinBackMyLove jeez
00:09:33Galgar i need to get boots
00:09:44Galgar but courier is uin use 24/7
00:09:59zonskass ss 1
00:10:11GottHasstMich oh god
00:10:11GottHasstMich veno
00:10:14c-yanker niec gank
00:10:17GottHasstMich epic one
00:10:19Galgar like i said
00:10:24SMEGMAPLEKK slow
00:10:25Galgar i need boots -.- wtf you expect
00:10:37GottHasstMich that ur hit ur venon?=
00:10:47Hexar ss2
00:10:50Galgar emm that was a try from max range jeez
00:10:51Hexar re
00:11:11TakinBackMyLove go
00:11:11TakinBackMyLove woods
00:11:12TakinBackMyLove ench
00:11:13TakinBackMyLove and
00:11:13Rotkiv cant farm against norton :(
00:11:17TakinBackMyLove slow the creep
00:11:19TakinBackMyLove you want
00:11:20TakinBackMyLove to take
00:11:21GottHasstMich omw soon
00:11:23zonskass get wards
00:11:33SMEGMAPLEKK ook
00:11:34SMEGMAPLEKK ty
00:12:01Rotkiv try?
00:12:01GottHasstMich omw bot
00:12:05Galgar y
00:12:08Rotkiv ss
00:12:09c-yanker come gank me
00:12:13c-yanker ss
00:12:28GottHasstMich go
00:12:53c-yanker up chick
00:12:56Hexar ssmid
00:12:56GottHasstMich need to kill mid
00:12:58GottHasstMich ss
00:12:58Hexar sstop2
00:13:02GottHasstMich re mid
00:13:07Hexar remid
00:13:10GottHasstMich we need magic against mid
00:13:59Galgar omw
00:15:08GottHasstMich again gang him
00:15:12GottHasstMich need aa
00:15:21SMEGMAPLEKK sec
00:15:24GottHasstMich aa
00:15:25GottHasstMich come mid
00:15:29TakinBackMyLove ench
00:15:31TakinBackMyLove upgrade
00:15:44GottHasstMich come here
00:16:02Rotkiv gj
00:16:23c-yanker lol
00:16:25zonskass wand
00:16:26zonskass use
00:16:45Hexar fucking shit hero
00:16:49Galgar your kidding me
00:16:50c-yanker nabs
00:16:50GottHasstMich wtf is that hero
00:16:50GottHasstMich o.O
00:16:57Hexar that hero is fucking imbna
00:16:59Hexar imba
00:17:14Galgar 3 heros poundin on it at 14 min and not dying
00:17:15Galgar balance ?
00:17:55Rotkiv gonar doo someting
00:20:29Hexar t2iest pede hero
00:20:33Hexar on see
00:20:35Galgar no shit
00:21:51TakinBackMyLove b
00:22:00SMEGMAPLEKK ty
00:23:04Galgar selline tunne et see mäng ka putsis :
00:23:16GottHasstMich all
00:23:19GottHasstMich aa
00:23:22GottHasstMich WHERE IS YOUR TP
00:23:28c-yanker give me gem+
00:23:30c-yanker ?
00:24:35GottHasstMich sk ..
00:24:41Rotkiv i was in the air
00:25:03c-yanker 0 wrds
00:25:04c-yanker wards
00:25:06c-yanker shole game
00:25:06c-yanker ???
00:25:08c-yanker whole
00:25:11mby_next_time idc
00:25:22TakinBackMyLove nortom
00:25:23TakinBackMyLove you
00:25:23TakinBackMyLove dont
00:25:25TakinBackMyLove need
00:25:25TakinBackMyLove int
00:25:27TakinBackMyLove itmes
00:25:28TakinBackMyLove you need
00:25:29TakinBackMyLove hp
00:25:31TakinBackMyLove like vg
00:25:32TakinBackMyLove and
00:25:33TakinBackMyLove hood
00:25:34TakinBackMyLove hot
00:25:35mby_next_time o rly?
00:25:37TakinBackMyLove rly
00:25:38mby_next_time what im going?
00:25:38TakinBackMyLove why
00:25:46TakinBackMyLove you are doing mass talisman
00:25:50TakinBackMyLove its
00:25:51TakinBackMyLove newbish
00:25:53GottHasstMich go all
00:25:57mby_next_time ya and theserings are for ass
00:26:09mby_next_time sr fortgot it's gc
00:26:12mby_next_time need to explain all
00:26:21GottHasstMich what a hero
00:26:21GottHasstMich ..
00:26:32Hexar tower
00:26:33Hexar take it
00:26:39TakinBackMyLove its
00:26:44TakinBackMyLove newbish and useless
00:26:46TakinBackMyLove so yeah
00:26:50TakinBackMyLove you need to explain
00:26:58mby_next_time go play somewhere else
00:27:01mby_next_time not gc
00:27:03TakinBackMyLove with all thouse talismen
00:27:05Galgar he just doesnt dye
00:27:08Galgar die*
00:27:09mby_next_time let's see how you make it
00:27:11GottHasstMich because he gets 200000 armor
00:27:16TakinBackMyLove nah i just dont play in broze games
00:27:17TakinBackMyLove aymore
00:27:22mby_next_time good
00:27:34mby_next_time will be upset not seeing you.
00:27:34TakinBackMyLove newbs like you destroy the games
00:27:40GottHasstMich dont chase him so much
00:27:49mby_next_time ya sr im noob and fuck you r games
00:27:52mby_next_time i did that ench sucks
00:27:59mby_next_time i did that you cant farm
00:29:14Hexar reuse
00:29:26Hexar chiken
00:29:26Hexar reuse
00:29:27Hexar it
00:29:48GottHasstMich go
00:29:48GottHasstMich all
00:30:42c-yanker ^
00:30:44c-yanker WTF
00:30:46GottHasstMich gg
00:30:47Hexar sm1 go
00:30:48Hexar top
00:30:49Hexar tower
00:30:50c-yanker why dint it fucking hook
00:30:56GottHasstMich cause suck hero
00:31:10GottHasstMich go
00:31:10GottHasstMich fast
00:31:13GottHasstMich need al towers
00:32:32TakinBackMyLove sileneer
00:32:33TakinBackMyLove change
00:32:35TakinBackMyLove your treads
00:32:40TakinBackMyLove to
00:32:40mby_next_time TA
00:32:41TakinBackMyLove str.
00:32:47GottHasstMich gem
00:32:47GottHasstMich tb
00:32:51mby_next_time let's have zero int
00:32:55mby_next_time it will help a lot
00:32:56Galgar i guess he had enough
00:33:12TakinBackMyLove its
00:33:13TakinBackMyLove gives
00:33:16TakinBackMyLove you 150 extra
00:33:17TakinBackMyLove hp
00:33:18TakinBackMyLove newb
00:33:22mby_next_time o rly?
00:33:26mby_next_time thanks for info newb
00:33:30GottHasstMich get tb down
00:33:31TakinBackMyLove ¨
00:33:31GottHasstMich first pls
00:33:35GottHasstMich and get wards ppl
00:33:36GottHasstMich veno
00:33:37TakinBackMyLove im newb look at your stats
00:33:37GottHasstMich we need it
00:33:43mby_next_time i rly neeeded to see it.
00:33:53Galgar aa you making hex?
00:34:01TakinBackMyLove just like your ember spirit ?
00:34:02Hexar they rosh
00:34:03mby_next_time what i see
00:34:04Hexar iam sure
00:34:07TakinBackMyLove 0-13?
00:34:08mby_next_time is like
00:34:09mby_next_time hmmm
00:34:13mby_next_time solo panda
00:34:15mby_next_time cant end agha
00:34:18c-yanker make
00:34:19c-yanker diff
00:34:20c-yanker terror
00:34:22TakinBackMyLove i have it now ?
00:34:23zonskass k
00:34:29mby_next_time kk pro at thirty.
00:34:32mby_next_time im proud of you.
00:35:11GottHasstMich veno
00:35:13GottHasstMich get that wards pls
00:35:14GottHasstMich or aa
00:35:15GottHasstMich ...
00:35:20Galgar planting
00:35:27GottHasstMich aa 0 items?
00:35:28GottHasstMich -afk
00:35:31GottHasstMich ...
00:35:45GottHasstMich b
00:35:46GottHasstMich tb inc
00:35:51Hexar isee
00:35:52Hexar fuck
00:35:52TakinBackMyLove get
00:35:53Hexar i track
00:35:53TakinBackMyLove some
00:35:54Hexar thwem
00:35:54TakinBackMyLove hp
00:35:55Hexar omg
00:35:55TakinBackMyLove ench
00:35:56GottHasstMich and ?
00:35:58SMEGMAPLEKK trreads
00:35:59GottHasstMich u tracked tb ?
00:35:59TakinBackMyLove treads
00:36:01Hexar and i got eyes
00:36:02Hexar so i see
00:36:09GottHasstMich y if tb comes from behind ur dead
00:36:11GottHasstMich with your eyes
00:36:12Galgar nice aa afk
00:36:14mby_next_time you are so lovely. you try to help all.
00:36:18GottHasstMich can we pause?
00:36:20GottHasstMich aa ultra afk
00:36:23GottHasstMich or booted in 1min
00:36:23GottHasstMich -afk
00:36:24zonskass ward rosan
00:36:27TakinBackMyLove nah
00:36:31TakinBackMyLove not our prob
00:36:34mby_next_time np i can go balance
00:36:36GottHasstMich very mannered
00:36:37mby_next_time it fits me.
00:36:48GottHasstMich didnt expect anything else from a player called KONGKAT
00:36:54GottHasstMich -afk
00:37:02TakinBackMyLove dont care
00:37:25GottHasstMich -afk
00:37:29Hexar awrd
00:37:42Hexar vistka
00:37:55Rotkiv -kickafk 4
00:37:55dmitriybog ??
00:37:58TakinBackMyLove ench
00:38:00TakinBackMyLove leaves
00:38:01mby_next_time pause.
00:38:02TakinBackMyLove nortom
00:38:03TakinBackMyLove take
00:38:03TakinBackMyLove meka
00:38:03mby_next_time come on
00:38:03mby_next_time i want to leave.
00:38:03GottHasstMich bullcrap
00:38:03GottHasstMich rly
00:38:03GottHasstMich ...
00:38:03Galgar aa was important in our team
00:38:03mby_next_time let me not her
00:38:03c-yanker ench
00:38:03GottHasstMich aa ulti needed to hard
00:38:03c-yanker no
00:38:03c-yanker u stay
00:38:03mby_next_time gays.
00:38:03GottHasstMich and now ench feeder is balancing
00:38:03SMEGMAPLEKK me?
00:38:03Hexar well we can still use it
00:38:03zonskass qho balance?
00:38:03c-yanker u leave y
00:38:03mby_next_time yes you go balance.
00:38:03SMEGMAPLEKK ok
00:38:03mby_next_time fucking unfair.
00:38:03TakinBackMyLove sry ench
00:38:03Galgar ye
00:38:04Galgar we fucked now
00:38:07mby_next_time rather sr noty-.-
00:38:11TakinBackMyLove take
00:38:17TakinBackMyLove nortom
00:38:18TakinBackMyLove take
00:38:19TakinBackMyLove the
00:38:19TakinBackMyLove meika
00:38:25c-yanker i take treads
00:38:43GottHasstMich we need more wards
00:39:01Hexar place them then
00:39:04zonskass next hot?
00:39:11TakinBackMyLove just
00:39:12TakinBackMyLove damage
00:39:13mby_next_time rather buter.
00:39:13TakinBackMyLove items
00:39:13c-yanker got pipe
00:39:17mby_next_time pink
00:39:20mby_next_time are you serious?
00:39:21TakinBackMyLove buter
00:39:22TakinBackMyLove fine
00:39:29mby_next_time 2 pipes
00:39:31mby_next_time how perfect
00:39:34TakinBackMyLove its
00:39:35TakinBackMyLove work
00:39:38TakinBackMyLove wokrs
00:39:38TakinBackMyLove so
00:39:39TakinBackMyLove its
00:39:39TakinBackMyLove np
00:39:39mby_next_time it doenst
00:39:43mby_next_time look at pip
00:39:43TakinBackMyLove it does
00:39:49TakinBackMyLove when
00:39:50TakinBackMyLove the
00:39:52mby_next_time HEROES CANT REGAIN BUFF
00:40:02mby_next_time 'before fifty have elapsed
00:40:06mby_next_time need to explain it?
00:40:12mby_next_time look pipe last sentense
00:40:12TakinBackMyLove not
00:40:13TakinBackMyLove rly
00:40:14TakinBackMyLove pro
00:40:21GottHasstMich #b
00:40:22GottHasstMich b
00:40:24Galgar y
00:40:26mby_next_time we will see nasty
00:40:29TakinBackMyLove coem
00:40:48Hexar gem
00:40:52Galgar ofc
00:40:52GottHasstMich i told u
00:40:53GottHasstMich ...........
00:40:57GottHasstMich thats why i said fear tb
00:40:59GottHasstMich imo
00:41:09zonskass stay all
00:41:20GottHasstMich ..
00:41:28Galgar mine tagasi neil gem
00:41:28TakinBackMyLove taek
00:41:29TakinBackMyLove it
00:41:31Galgar sa ei tee midagi seal ju
00:41:31TakinBackMyLove lol
00:41:42c-yanker push
00:42:03Rotkiv def?
00:42:06GottHasstMich y
00:42:09TakinBackMyLove get
00:42:10TakinBackMyLove rax
00:42:16GottHasstMich gr8 tp
00:42:17GottHasstMich ..........
00:43:25zonskass rax
00:44:02zonskass buterfly or yasha?
00:44:06c-yanker buter
00:44:07TakinBackMyLove butter
00:44:07mby_next_time buterflyt.
00:44:09GottHasstMich ofc he gets fucking haste rune
00:44:22TakinBackMyLove go
00:44:24TakinBackMyLove mid again
00:44:51GottHasstMich gem again
00:44:51mby_next_time necro book?
00:44:52GottHasstMich on tb
00:44:58TakinBackMyLove ah
00:44:59TakinBackMyLove nah
00:45:00TakinBackMyLove just
00:45:01mby_next_time or force staff.
00:45:01TakinBackMyLove hp
00:45:02TakinBackMyLove items
00:45:04mby_next_time just hp
00:45:08mby_next_time eh boring as shiet
00:45:09GottHasstMich go
00:45:10GottHasstMich gondar
00:45:28GottHasstMich b
00:45:34GottHasstMich sk ?
00:45:37Hexar why u told me
00:45:38Hexar go
00:45:41GottHasstMich well
00:45:43GottHasstMich i didnt told u
00:45:43Hexar if u run back on 3 sec
00:45:45GottHasstMich chase into town
00:45:48TakinBackMyLove rosh
00:45:49TakinBackMyLove first
00:45:50TakinBackMyLove tb
00:45:51TakinBackMyLove take it
00:45:55c-yanker i make ac
00:45:55GottHasstMich go base
00:45:56c-yanker btw
00:45:56GottHasstMich NOW
00:46:05GottHasstMich they rosh
00:46:06GottHasstMich ..
00:46:16zonskass me ok?
00:46:19TakinBackMyLove y
00:46:19c-yanker y
00:46:19mby_next_time yup
00:46:26TakinBackMyLove go
00:46:27TakinBackMyLove mid
00:46:27TakinBackMyLove rax
00:46:58TakinBackMyLove bot
00:47:00TakinBackMyLove after
00:48:10Galgar aa would have helped a lot :S
00:48:34GottHasstMich focus tb down
00:48:37Galgar kk
00:48:38Rotkiv how
00:48:43Rotkiv hes like 6
00:49:10c-yanker gg
00:49:25Rotkiv I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:49:34Galgar I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:49:34Hexar I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:50:17GottHasstMich gondar pick was just gg
00:50:18GottHasstMich ...
00:50:21Hexar selle geil herolö on armor t6esti kuradi 5000 +
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