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93% | 1580 X | 1509 TS

-11 X
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89% | 1518 X | 1493 TS

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81% | 1439 X | 1408 TS

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50% | 1179 X | 1281 TS

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70% | 1313 X | 1400 TS

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44% | 1109 X | 1320 TS

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44% | 1148 X | 1274 TS

Chat log

00:00:12EyeforanEye gief lesh plz
00:00:12atte vuode ekat dotat
00:00:17atte wantedzip want something?
00:00:17EyeforanEye give me lesh please
00:00:17WantedZip gimme es
00:00:17atte ck
00:00:17BoNeshaw axe
00:00:31BoNeshaw what u pickin?
00:00:38EyeforanEye lesh please
00:00:38PinaryB invoker
00:00:44EyeforanEye for me?
00:00:51yeW- Ye.
00:00:54EyeforanEye awesome
00:00:54atte invoker
00:00:59atte -swap 2
00:00:59BoNeshaw lesh u can be mid
00:01:00WantedZip -swa 1
00:01:01EyeforanEye what can i get u?
00:01:03WantedZip -swap 1
00:01:09yeW- Sylla!
00:01:22EyeforanEye -swap 2
00:01:32yeW- -swap 3
00:01:41yeW- VajCoo =
00:01:50VajcoO ye ^^
00:01:51PinaryB lanes?
00:01:56PinaryB k
00:01:57BoNeshaw rhasta ur top
00:01:59BoNeshaw sylla jungle
00:02:00yeW- Strom didn't say anything for having two accs?
00:02:01BoNeshaw lesh mid
00:02:01yeW- -clear
00:02:02Wrench -swap 4
00:02:06Elderi -SWAP 5
00:02:16Rotkiv enigma i gonna make mekka soo you know
00:02:23atte -ma
00:02:25atte 5
00:02:27atte rage
00:02:28atte rtange
00:02:39atte es bot
00:02:42yeW- :/
00:02:44yeW- shudda gotten wards
00:02:45atte cover necro up
00:02:46yeW- rhasta
00:02:48BoNeshaw share chick
00:02:58PinaryB i cant, im lvl 1
00:03:02yeW- lol
00:03:05EyeforanEye xD
00:03:08yeW- ^^
00:03:14yeW- -ma
00:03:15yeW- well
00:03:20yeW- hf with a soloig jugger
00:03:52yeW- slow lesh :p
00:03:54atte dd rhasta mid
00:03:57VajcoO wp
00:03:58EyeforanEye im a sleep :(
00:04:11yeW- WTF
00:04:35PinaryB vll2
00:04:44VajcoO let me farm
00:05:03Rotkiv tra noh :P
00:05:29EyeforanEye 'ss mid
00:05:30VajcoO omg
00:05:37VajcoO fucking mouse
00:05:40atte rune bot
00:06:00yeW- ES
00:06:01yeW- GOING MID
00:06:08yeW- re
00:06:10VajcoO rhasta
00:06:11VajcoO ffs
00:06:11yeW- i think
00:06:13VajcoO let me farm
00:06:49EyeforanEye ss es mid
00:07:00atte ainii
00:07:34yeW- midas :d
00:07:47VajcoO ty
00:07:59atte ok
00:08:00atte rdy
00:08:13atte FUCKING
00:08:15atte :DDDD
00:08:15EyeforanEye es mid again
00:08:16atte lol
00:08:26VajcoO gj
00:08:31PinaryB gj
00:10:12Rotkiv ss
00:11:57BoNeshaw no
00:11:58BoNeshaw go farm
00:12:27BoNeshaw ult?
00:12:31PinaryB cd
00:12:44PinaryB es
00:12:48VajcoO b
00:12:51PinaryB inc mid
00:12:53Wrench sylla top
00:12:55Wrench ss 2
00:12:57VajcoO with dd
00:13:19EyeforanEye let me farm
00:13:27yeW- hm
00:13:30VajcoO sry
00:13:33VajcoO didn t want
00:13:34yeW- lmao
00:13:57yeW- blah
00:13:58EyeforanEye JUGGER TY :D
00:14:00BoNeshaw yew go farm
00:14:00yeW- ill go our woods
00:14:01BoNeshaw ffs
00:14:11Wrench np i wanted sylla
00:14:16Wrench im bearhunter
00:14:20EyeforanEye ;)
00:14:33Wrench vodka n bearhuntin
00:16:00yeW- up courier rhasta
00:16:32Rotkiv ffs
00:16:35EyeforanEye gj
00:17:27yeW- hm
00:17:30Wrench can someone upg chick
00:17:37Wrench nvm
00:17:51yeW- rahsta
00:17:52yeW- courier
00:17:57yeW- pls.
00:18:05yeW- idiot
00:18:05yeW- zz
00:18:10PinaryB lol
00:18:11VajcoO upgrade
00:18:12yeW- i pull
00:18:16yeW- n he goes
00:18:16yeW- there
00:18:18yeW- n shares
00:18:19yeW- units
00:18:20yeW- lol
00:18:26PinaryB ARE YOU BLIND?
00:18:30Wrench SS TOP
00:18:31yeW- ?
00:18:36PinaryB invoker was chasing me?
00:18:41yeW- u went
00:18:43yeW- where i pulled
00:19:18atte i dont know why you wanna fight in this game
00:19:22atte like that
00:19:25atte go farm blink in forest
00:19:30atte and wait their push
00:19:33atte def and win
00:19:44atte es
00:19:59yeW- up courier
00:20:00yeW- rhasta
00:20:45PinaryB wtf
00:20:49PinaryB i dont find
00:20:56yeW- ll
00:21:02yeW- ur brains?
00:21:54VajcoO nice
00:21:57WantedZip tornado ?
00:22:01WantedZip cold snap ?
00:22:03atte cd
00:22:03WantedZip something !?
00:22:05Wrench X
00:22:07Wrench d
00:22:26yeW- -ma
00:22:35VajcoO me
00:22:40VajcoO ..
00:22:41EyeforanEye sry
00:23:01yeW- RHASTA.
00:23:08yeW- up courier is where u buy salves
00:23:09PinaryB STFU IDIOT
00:23:40EyeforanEye lol rambo rhasta :D
00:24:02WantedZip let me
00:24:03WantedZip dagger
00:25:08EyeforanEye lets finish it
00:26:23BoNeshaw def mid
00:26:28BoNeshaw come bear
00:26:29BoNeshaw fast
00:27:45Rotkiv stupid deaths
00:27:48Wrench idd
00:28:35yeW- -a
00:28:36yeW- -ma
00:30:14WantedZip wtf
00:30:27atte ehm
00:30:29atte necro
00:30:30atte ??
00:30:35Rotkiv hotkeys sry
00:30:57BoNeshaw top twr
00:31:31Rotkiv def top
00:32:38yeW- :'(
00:32:53atte b
00:33:38atte b
00:34:38EyeforanEye more slashes please.
00:35:05Rotkiv def top
00:36:10VajcoO wards
00:36:24BoNeshaw yew get orb of venom to bear
00:36:34yeW- yeh
00:36:48PinaryB sometimes they get boots too
00:36:56yeW- overrated
00:37:14VajcoO i farm mid
00:37:41Wrench omw
00:38:17EyeforanEye good push
00:38:57Rotkiv go def atte
00:39:13Wrench 15sec
00:40:02VajcoO me
00:40:06yeW- so close ^^
00:40:12VajcoO ^^
00:40:28BoNeshaw need 5
00:40:31EyeforanEye y
00:40:46Rotkiv at base
00:41:40Elderi es take wards
00:41:49VajcoO lesh come
00:41:50VajcoO god
00:42:23BoNeshaw ffs come
00:42:31EyeforanEye mmm
00:43:00VajcoO lesh
00:43:01VajcoO ffs
00:43:06VajcoO so late
00:43:15EyeforanEye stfu
00:43:22Rotkiv stay at base dont chase
00:44:11EyeforanEye b
00:44:51Rotkiv coming
00:45:23Rotkiv b
00:45:23atte NECRO
00:45:28Rotkiv what
00:45:31atte :DDDDDDDDD
00:45:33Wrench xD
00:45:33Rotkiv too far
00:45:36atte SURE
00:45:37WantedZip lol
00:45:40Rotkiv itryed like 1++ times
00:45:40WantedZip liar bittch
00:45:40atte i did
00:45:45atte tornado
00:45:48atte and you just run
00:45:49atte and
00:45:51atte ohh too far
00:45:52atte :DD
00:46:04Elderi ON ULTI
00:46:04atte ofc too far if reaction time over 3min
00:46:06EyeforanEye need all
00:46:08Elderi deffa
00:46:10yeW- lol
00:46:48Elderi leffaulti
00:46:48yeW- oO
00:47:16atte go on
00:47:40atte soon b
00:47:43Wrench Y
00:47:51atte b
00:47:56Wrench b
00:48:27yeW- -m
00:48:29yeW- -ms
00:48:30BoNeshaw buy the boots
00:48:31BoNeshaw moron
00:48:37yeW- hm
00:48:37yeW- :(
00:49:20atte and necro goes deso
00:49:24WantedZip ^^
00:49:24atte :D
00:49:26atte another deso
00:49:29atte and for necro
00:49:31Wrench YESPLZ
00:49:32Wrench :d
00:49:36atte well dunno
00:49:38EyeforanEye reg
00:49:41BoNeshaw i get
00:50:00EyeforanEye shall i do hex or shivas?
00:50:02VajcoO gj
00:50:09VajcoO who used it?
00:50:10PinaryB u should join us
00:51:10atte i just bait
00:51:13atte little earlier
00:51:14atte :S
00:51:46atte take rosh
00:51:47yeW- stygian fever?
00:52:05BoNeshaw they roshin
00:52:08atte actually not too bad item vs you
00:52:08VajcoO y
00:52:09BoNeshaw cant sotp
00:53:11EyeforanEye hex or shivas?
00:53:15yeW- hex
00:53:22VajcoO run
00:53:44yeW- -cs
00:54:17EyeforanEye b
00:55:21Wrench heal
00:55:42atte lael
00:55:48BoNeshaw go
00:56:05Rotkiv i go ac
00:56:16Rotkiv k?
00:56:29atte y
00:57:53BoNeshaw just get hex
00:57:54BoNeshaw ts
00:57:56BoNeshaw we need it
00:58:31Rotkiv b
00:58:34Rotkiv stay in base
00:59:03VajcoO go
00:59:05VajcoO eni dead
00:59:12EyeforanEye hex inc
00:59:16BoNeshaw go rax
00:59:19VajcoO care for es
00:59:54VajcoO sylla
00:59:55VajcoO :D
00:59:59yeW- sup
01:00:02BoNeshaw get bkb
01:00:04WantedZip try not to tornado
01:00:05yeW- i have
01:00:07VajcoO u can get rax in 2 seconds
01:00:07WantedZip when i blink
01:00:13yeW- some shithead
01:00:13WantedZip omg
01:00:13BoNeshaw lag
01:00:13yeW- used
01:00:13yeW- chick
01:00:13atte was shopping
01:00:13yeW- to get
01:00:13yeW- his ulti orb
01:00:13yeW- im guessin
01:00:13yeW- lesh
01:00:13yeW- xD
01:00:13yeW- hard to get rax in 2s
01:00:13Rotkiv ..
01:00:13yeW- lotsa disable
01:00:13VajcoO bkb gg
01:00:13VajcoO :D
01:00:13yeW- ye
01:00:13VajcoO i will try focus eni
01:00:13yeW- i goti t
01:00:13VajcoO before fight
01:00:13Wrench EGO?!?
01:00:13Wrench o_O
01:00:13yeW- How do you mean?
01:00:13Wrench kiddin
01:00:13Rotkiv because you loosing :P
01:00:13PinaryB ofc, he was typing during the lag
01:00:13yeW- Because we're losing?
01:00:13yeW- ^^
01:00:13yeW- Game's been over
01:00:13yeW- for a while mate
01:00:13yeW- i dont
01:00:13yeW- understand
01:00:13yeW- how people
01:00:13yeW- can actually disc
01:00:13yeW- with repel
01:00:13VajcoO well
01:00:13VajcoO i got ban for 11 days
01:00:13VajcoO cos disc
01:00:13WantedZip atte
01:00:13yeW- did u talk
01:00:13atte y?
01:00:13VajcoO my PC crashed
01:00:13yeW- to strom?
01:00:13WantedZip its gonna be hard to some1 to balance
01:00:13VajcoO not
01:00:13yeW- why not
01:00:13atte y
01:00:13WantedZip but
01:00:13yeW- i've once
01:00:13yeW- i was laggin
01:00:13VajcoO how can u write him?
01:00:13WantedZip omg
01:00:13yeW- n when i do
01:00:13atte i should balance myself mb
01:00:13yeW- i disc
01:00:13yeW- my wifi
01:00:13PinaryB syllla
01:00:13yeW- n reconnect it
01:00:13PinaryB you
01:00:13yeW- but once
01:00:13PinaryB take
01:00:13yeW- i did too late
01:00:13PinaryB tiems?
01:00:13yeW- so
01:00:13PinaryB itmes?
01:00:13atte well the hero who balances
01:00:13yeW- it was considered
01:00:13PinaryB or some1 plays with him?
01:00:13yeW- like leain
01:00:13yeW- leavin
01:00:13atte needed in pushing
01:00:13yeW- or smtg
01:00:13atte so no sell
01:00:13yeW- i talked to strom
01:00:13yeW- he checked log
01:00:26yeW- -ma
01:00:26VajcoO es goes pls :D
01:00:26yeW- invo should imo xD
01:00:26Wrench atte can play elderi
01:00:26WantedZip :(
01:00:27Wrench we're on mumble
01:00:30VajcoO well eni
01:00:38PinaryB not often you see full build sylla
01:00:57VajcoO he is not full :D
01:00:59EyeforanEye go sell midas n get crit for u
01:01:03yeW- ^^
01:01:04yeW- ye
01:01:10yeW- ac up xD
01:01:29WantedZip so ?
01:01:32WantedZip smoke something ?
01:01:32PinaryB 5 more slots
01:01:35WantedZip wards something `?
01:01:35atte y
01:01:39PinaryB to upgarde
01:01:40Wrench y gonna need wards
01:01:55yeW- try going?
01:01:55Wrench stack
01:01:57yeW- wait
01:01:59Wrench nvm 2 late
01:01:59atte all
01:01:59yeW- i have bkb too!
01:02:00yeW- XD
01:02:00atte now
01:02:01atte gather
01:02:14yeW- scary shit
01:02:22Rotkiv rosh
01:02:24PinaryB whos ac?
01:02:29yeW- mine
01:02:29yeW- lol
01:02:33VajcoO :D
01:02:33PinaryB :D:D
01:02:34yeW- wtf
01:02:35atte take rosh
01:02:36yeW- lmao
01:02:45VajcoO u dont know what u farm :D
01:02:48yeW- xDD
01:02:53yeW- OMG
01:02:54yeW- BOUGHT TWO
01:02:55Wrench ive eye
01:03:22Rotkiv no tp
01:03:23atte i can def if needed
01:03:29atte i go
01:03:39Wrench necro use temp
01:03:42Wrench enigma*
01:03:45atte i use
01:03:47Wrench k
01:03:49yeW- DENY,
01:03:50yeW- ?
01:04:30yeW- strom where u r
01:04:31yeW- :-
01:05:11VajcoO god
01:05:26Wrench 8k money
01:05:27atte pro enigma
01:05:27Wrench bling bling
01:05:27VajcoO we lost it
01:05:30atte :DD
01:05:31yeW- fuckin leaver
01:05:31yeW- xD
01:05:33Wrench 7k*
01:05:37VajcoO u rock
01:05:41Wrench nono
01:05:44Wrench i money
01:05:46VajcoO go 1v1?
01:05:54Wrench Yes ippw
01:05:58Wrench quakelive ?
01:06:01atte gg
01:06:03Wrench this aint good 1on1 game
01:06:03yeW- hm
01:06:05yeW- lucky u
01:06:11VajcoO ye
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