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-28 X
-1 TS

74% | 1399 X | 1404 TS

-4 X
-1 TS

51% | 1157 X | 1319 TS

-20 X
+0 TS

36% | 1070 X | 1294 TS

-33 X
-2 TS

14% | 916 X | 1232 TS

-38 X
-5 TS

NEW | 1047 X | 1069 TS

+5 X
+0 TS

87% | 1464 X | 1521 TS

-12 X
+2 TS

60% | 1293 X | 1335 TS

+48 X
+25 TS

NEW | 1039 X | 1269 TS

+33 X
+33 TS

NEW | 1095 X | 1160 TS

+54 X
+12 TS

1% | 803 X | 904 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Fxx. [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 97 seconds.
00:00:12Fxx. 2. time today this 1% player in my team :-)
00:00:15Vangelis is
00:00:15Vangelis he
00:00:15Vangelis bad
00:00:15Vangelis ?
00:00:15Firoga mother of god
00:00:15Vangelis ban lich
00:00:15inteC nop
00:00:15Fxx. extremly :-)
00:00:15Vangelis who
00:00:15Vangelis can
00:00:15Vangelis phoenix
00:00:15mansikka anyone want something?
00:00:15Vangelis ?
00:00:15DotaSaban i can
00:00:15Vangelis ok, good
00:00:15slc2 i want gyro
00:00:15mansikka like omni or phoenix
00:00:15slc2 just ban bala
00:00:15Vangelis go ban
00:00:15Vangelis anyone can ns
00:00:15Vangelis ?
00:00:15Fxx. vange , pick meepo , if u can , and pown this game
00:00:15Fxx. vange *
00:00:15Vangelis i never play meepo
00:00:15mansikka omni
00:00:15Fxx. aha
00:00:19slc2 go bala mid
00:00:20Vangelis phoenix
00:00:23mansikka y
00:00:27Vangelis one of the strongest heroes in game
00:00:30slc2 any one rubick?
00:00:31Vangelis try to get night stalker
00:00:31mansikka rubic is good
00:00:41mansikka someone get rubic pls
00:00:42mby_next_time i can if you dont wannt.
00:00:49slc2 get me gyro
00:00:56Vangelis i swap you
00:01:00Vangelis don't get
00:01:01Vangelis jugger
00:01:02Vangelis ???
00:01:07Vangelis :/
00:01:14mby_next_time what ?
00:01:17DotaSaban u play phoenix or shall i?
00:01:19Vangelis dotasaban, get me
00:01:20Vangelis bs
00:01:20mby_next_time to get?
00:01:20Vangelis bloodseeker
00:01:22DotaSaban ok
00:01:22mby_next_time RUBICK
00:01:23mby_next_time NO GYRO
00:01:24mby_next_time !
00:01:27Fxx. mab
00:01:27mansikka smokeer afk?
00:01:27mby_next_time RUBICK
00:01:27Fxx. dont bs
00:01:27Fxx. please
00:01:27Fxx. !
00:01:27slc2 get me bs
00:01:27mansikka slc2
00:01:27mansikka xd
00:01:27Firelord0.1 no more cary
00:01:27mby_next_time kk
00:01:28Vangelis please don't pick jugger
00:01:28Vangelis ?
00:01:29Vangelis either
00:01:30Vangelis ?
00:01:32mby_next_time -swap 2
00:01:32slc2 -swap 4
00:01:33Vangelis ok, get me slardar
00:01:38slc2 me rubick bot
00:01:40DotaSaban -swap 1
00:01:41Vangelis -swap 4
00:01:43mby_next_time true
00:01:44mansikka yes
00:01:45Vangelis jugger
00:01:47Vangelis you are not top
00:01:55mby_next_time i pull you get lvl and have fun
00:01:59slc2 get tuskar
00:02:00Fxx. u do this purpose ?
00:02:06Fxx. u dont wanna win this game ?
00:02:07Vangelis you pick jugger on purpose
00:02:08Vangelis ?
00:02:08mansikka or
00:02:12mansikka axe want woods?
00:02:12mby_next_time get chik
00:02:13mby_next_time axe
00:02:16Fxx. i m good player
00:02:19Fxx. mb best here
00:02:19Vangelis sorry, but if you pick jugger, i sort of don't care
00:02:25mby_next_time aaxe you woods or not?
00:02:26Im_noob_sry no i go up
00:02:28mansikka ok
00:02:28Vangelis trust me, you aren't
00:02:29mby_next_time kk
00:02:38Firoga share :)
00:02:38mby_next_time stay care top lane
00:02:40Fxx. ok
00:02:43Fxx. if u think
00:02:43mby_next_time they try fb
00:02:45mby_next_time for sure
00:02:46slc2 well i can solo???
00:02:46Vangelis your pick is bad
00:02:49DotaSaban do u 2 dual mid :D
00:02:53slc2 or not...
00:02:53Fxx. i played minimal 5-6k dotas
00:02:53mby_next_time i pull
00:02:54mby_next_time let you
00:02:56slc2 wl and slardar
00:02:57mby_next_time farm etc
00:03:08Vangelis yet you can't do better than 60% rating on dota.gc?
00:03:22slc2 just remember guys when egg is up destroy iy
00:03:28DotaSaban they got inv
00:03:29DotaSaban care
00:03:29Vangelis can you pull
00:03:30Vangelis ?
00:03:33inteC y
00:03:39mby_next_time cant pull :<
00:04:10inteC stunned and went b
00:04:14Vangelis heal me
00:05:12Fxx. WHAAAAAAAT ?
00:05:19mby_next_time SPARTA
00:05:20Fxx. so fucking lag
00:05:25mansikka miss mid
00:06:26Vangelis b
00:06:41Fxx. only me lags ?
00:07:04Firelord0.1 miss mid
00:07:14mansikka still miss
00:07:16Firelord0.1 me rune
00:07:18DotaSaban yy
00:07:21mby_next_time PHO GOT INVIS!
00:07:32mansikka gyro invis
00:07:38mby_next_time b
00:07:41mby_next_time -hhn
00:07:43Firoga ss
00:08:06DotaSaban ss
00:08:07inteC ss2
00:08:18Vangelis heal me
00:08:20Fxx. fucking lags ...
00:08:23Vangelis dont keep full mana
00:08:40Firelord0.1 4
00:08:59Vangelis dont dive like that
00:09:00Vangelis :D
00:09:00Vangelis tower
00:09:00Vangelis aggro
00:09:00inteC y
00:09:00Vangelis you
00:09:00mby_next_time rofl plugger
00:09:02inteC i noticed a little too late
00:09:09slc2 fuck of from lane
00:09:14mby_next_time pugna awat
00:09:14mby_next_time away
00:09:14Firoga we saved your life
00:09:14inteC stun
00:09:14Firoga u noob
00:09:14Vangelis dont
00:09:14mby_next_time we need fucking bs farming
00:09:14Vangelis think
00:09:14slc2 no u didnt
00:09:14Vangelis we can kill
00:09:14Firoga now i push a little then i ogo back
00:09:14mby_next_time not you fucking trying to push
00:09:14mansikka stryg needs*
00:09:14Vangelis dont have
00:09:14inteC we can
00:09:14Vangelis boots yet
00:09:14inteC k
00:09:14mby_next_time DONT FUCKING PUSH
00:09:14mby_next_time little bastrad.
00:09:14Vangelis just harass
00:09:14Firoga i do it
00:09:14mby_next_time we dont fucking need it.
00:09:14Vangelis if
00:09:14Vangelis he stays
00:09:14Vangelis i stun
00:09:14mansikka pugna come top
00:09:14mby_next_time sr srly pugna go play tetris
00:09:14mansikka go kill
00:09:14mby_next_time you dont get dota.
00:09:14Firoga k
00:09:14Firoga u don't get dota
00:09:14mansikka ffs
00:09:14slc2 the game will be rmk
00:09:19mansikka :o
00:09:22Firoga i'm oom
00:09:25mby_next_time ya nice argument.
00:09:37mansikka decre
00:09:38Vangelis ok i got
00:09:39Vangelis boots
00:09:42Fxx. me lags ?
00:10:02Firelord0.1 ss
00:10:04Firelord0.1 care top
00:10:05Firelord0.1 b
00:10:08Vangelis b
00:10:26Vangelis hmm
00:10:28Vangelis night time ns
00:10:36Fxx. we need help down
00:10:39inteC ns?
00:10:42Vangelis 3 top
00:10:44Fxx. i had unplayable lags
00:11:01mby_next_time ss bot
00:11:33Firelord0.1 ssmid
00:11:38DotaSaban care top
00:12:19slc2 come kill
00:12:26Fxx. ss
00:12:41slc2 damn slardar is yugly with santa
00:12:41Vangelis need
00:12:42Vangelis mana boots
00:12:55Fxx. ah
00:12:59slc2 gj
00:12:59Fxx. ty for totaly ignoring me
00:13:19Firoga aze is so noob
00:13:21mby_next_time whut?
00:13:22Firoga axe
00:13:26Vangelis warlock
00:13:28mby_next_time teal what you wanted
00:13:29Vangelis next item
00:13:30Vangelis agha
00:13:32Fxx. bs totaly free farm down
00:13:34inteC noshit
00:13:35Fxx. rubick babysit hiom
00:13:40Fxx. and u all ignore it
00:13:42Vangelis dunno why you pick
00:13:43Fxx. WAKE UP
00:13:44Vangelis jugger then
00:13:47Fxx. su fucker !
00:14:18mansikka rofl
00:14:20Vangelis really
00:14:21Vangelis useful
00:14:22Fxx. was imba help ....
00:14:22Vangelis jugger
00:14:23Firoga he tried
00:14:26mansikka y
00:14:28Vangelis was imba hero
00:14:42Fxx. so fucking team
00:14:48Vangelis DONT PIKC JUGGER
00:14:50Vangelis pointless hero
00:14:55Fxx. SU
00:14:59Fxx. "captain"
00:15:00Fxx. su !
00:15:14Vangelis wl help team
00:15:15Vangelis dont farm
00:15:33slc2 not cool
00:15:36Vangelis ?
00:16:03slc2 tp guys
00:16:03Firoga i cant' remember
00:16:04slc2 fast
00:16:07slc2 tp guys fast
00:16:41slc2 fuckin tp u fuckin idiot
00:16:47mansikka riofl
00:16:54slc2 axe
00:17:09mby_next_time you fucking suck
00:17:10mby_next_time seriously
00:17:31slc2 fuck off from lane
00:17:43Firoga u can't play carry
00:17:55mby_next_time pugna str boots said so.
00:18:01DotaSaban want me to go meka?
00:18:02mansikka ofc str
00:18:05Vangelis sure
00:18:09Firoga i say nothing
00:18:10Fxx. mid help !
00:18:10mby_next_time why treds.
00:18:11slc2 he shuold mana boost for pushing
00:18:12inteC give
00:18:14Vangelis cd
00:18:15inteC sry
00:18:15Vangelis tp
00:18:15Firoga SURE !
00:18:20Firoga u know everything
00:18:27Firelord0.1 b
00:18:37mansikka XD
00:18:37slc2 i dont know everything but i know more stuff than u do
00:19:08Vangelis care
00:19:09Vangelis i cant
00:19:10Vangelis help you
00:19:11Vangelis mid
00:19:30Vangelis coming
00:20:40Firelord0.1 shop
00:20:48Vangelis i will make
00:20:48Vangelis vlad
00:20:50Vangelis for team
00:21:31Firoga motherfucking blind !
00:21:35slc2 no
00:21:44Firoga y
00:21:55Firelord0.1 stay mid
00:22:05Firelord0.1 3 mid
00:22:16Firelord0.1 ss
00:22:46mansikka ..
00:22:56DotaSaban meka come
00:23:11mansikka kill rocket
00:25:14mby_next_time go buy items
00:25:17mby_next_time with crow
00:25:18mby_next_time bs
00:25:30Fxx. why the hell allways after i use 1. spell , my hero stay at 1 place 1 sec ?
00:25:59slc2 comon dude
00:26:11mby_next_time ff
00:26:22Fxx. i have got rly extreme lags / delay this game
00:26:31Firoga can u shut up?^
00:26:35Firoga ops
00:26:41Firoga can u shut up?
00:26:42Firelord0.1 mana
00:26:45DotaSaban cd
00:26:48Fxx. no , i cant , can u ?
00:26:53Firoga y
00:26:55Firoga i can
00:26:58Vangelis b
00:28:03slc2 mega slow
00:29:21Vangelis shiva
00:29:23Vangelis is nice item
00:29:24Vangelis on phoenix
00:29:32DotaSaban ok
00:29:48DotaSaban bs relic
00:30:31Vangelis heal
00:30:38Vangelis lets
00:30:40Vangelis go 5 mid
00:30:41Vangelis and push
00:30:56Vangelis jugger
00:30:57Vangelis ?
00:30:59Fxx. ?
00:31:01Vangelis come
00:31:03Vangelis lets push
00:31:06slc2 base
00:31:09slc2 base
00:31:15mby_next_time o rly?
00:31:17slc2 jug dd
00:31:20DotaSaban go rosh first?
00:31:24Vangelis ok
00:31:25Vangelis go rosh
00:31:36Vangelis someone
00:31:36Vangelis cast
00:31:38Vangelis spell on rosh
00:31:43mby_next_time rosh dead.
00:31:59Vangelis jugger
00:32:00Vangelis ?
00:32:02Vangelis are you
00:32:04Vangelis a noob?
00:32:05Fxx. y
00:32:06Fxx. totaly
00:32:10Vangelis i can see
00:32:27Vangelis fxx. best player dota.gc
00:32:31Fxx. Y
00:32:36Fxx. agree
00:33:06Vangelis heral
00:33:11slc2 get b
00:33:29slc2 comon duie
00:33:56mby_next_time I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:10Vangelis b
00:34:15Vangelis go back
00:34:16Vangelis wl
00:34:18Vangelis phoenix
00:35:48Fxx. what now ?
00:35:50Fxx. finish ?
00:35:52inteC y
00:35:53Vangelis y
00:36:08DotaSaban yunero wheres your dmg?
00:36:10Vangelis i go
00:36:10Vangelis shop
00:36:18Vangelis he makes
00:36:21Vangelis manta and sny
00:36:23Vangelis true sign
00:36:24Fxx. i have got good dmg
00:36:25Vangelis of a pro player
00:36:33slc2 leave it
00:36:57mansikka ._.
00:37:08mansikka ·.·
00:37:24Vangelis :DD
00:37:26inteC lol
00:37:31mansikka XD
00:37:32slc2 ncie
00:37:44mby_next_time LET ME USE ULTI MADA FAKA
00:38:15mby_next_time you deserve it!
00:38:18Vangelis ?
00:38:26mby_next_time killing me:<
00:38:29Vangelis well
00:38:32Vangelis i killed you because
00:38:35Vangelis you got wl ult
00:38:36Vangelis :D
00:38:44mby_next_time yes i wanted to use that shiet
00:38:45mby_next_time :D
00:38:55mby_next_time d
00:38:58mby_next_time dudes let them end come on.
00:40:06mansikka I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:23mby_next_time ah it's only mega
00:40:26DotaSaban think u can def it?
00:40:26mby_next_time we can still win.
00:40:31mby_next_time easy
00:40:33Fxx. :-)
00:40:38mby_next_time FUCK END THAT SHIET
00:40:43Firoga I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:45Fxx. u can write on your wood pc without lags ? :-)
00:41:01mby_next_time well you can look at the mirror with your wood face?
00:41:15mby_next_time so both of us got imba skills.
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